"Women Rule the Amazon"
Amazon Ep 13
Season Survivor: The Amazon
Episode Number 13/13 (078)
First Broadcast May 15, 2018
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Women Rule the Amazon is the season finale of Survivor: The Amazon.


Day 36 (Night)

As the final four walk back into camp, thunder and a heavy downpour appear overhead. Isaiah stands and glares at Fredrick, before going off on a tirade, scorning Fredrick for his "dishonesty".

Sheamus going home was the best result I've seen in this game so far. Better than voting off Veronica, better than voting off Delma... it topped all of them. It not only opened up the playing field for all of us left to have a chance to win, but confirmed that myself and Jenn pretty much had Fredrick under our control now. Then when we got back we just saw Isaiah lose his cool, and almost in a case of pathetic fallacy we had the weather to match his psychotic anger.


Quote1You really are a complete scumbag...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1(sighs)Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1He trusted you! I trusted you! You screwed both of us! For what?! To get third place guaranteed? You make it to the end you ain't even winning now, stupid ass! Should've known that when I saw your fat pasty ass pull up on the boat that you'd be as useless as we all thought... but instead the one person to trust you and pull you in, is the same person you just f***ed over! I swear if these cameras weren't here right now you'd be a dead man...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1(says nothing, puts his head down)Quote2- Fredrick
The decision tonight wasn't something that I took lightly, and it hurt to have to vote out my closest friend in this game. Isaiah's response was to be expected, because we knew he wasn't the most stable person from the beginning on Tambaqui. I knew I'd get criticised... but I didn't think it would be so personal and threatening.


Quote1Sit around having people do everything for you and then you show your true self at the end... You're disgusting. Don't even sit near me. Don't speak to me. I don't want to see your face around here...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Alright that's enough! For f**k sake... He betrayed you get over it. It's a game! Don't go outside the game in your insults here because you're just making yourself look pathetic now!Quote2- Neasa
Quote1It's fine... honestly...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1No! It's not. I understand why he's mad but if he wants to become a bully I'm not going to tolerate it. I don't care that we're all still playing... I'm not going to allow anyone to be spoken to like this regardless of what they did in a game about beating the competition. If you don't want to be around him Isaiah then I'd suggest you go and sleep in the wood shelter tonight because you're not kicking him out just because he burned you!Quote2- Neasa

Isaiah fails to respond to Neasa, knowing that if he was to it would likely further escalate the arguments between the pair. Jenn remains silent, looking back and forth at each individual unsure what she should say. Eventually, Jenn, Neasa and Fredrick go to sleep in the shelter, trying to keep themselves dry from the rain. Isaiah sits on the edge alone, unable to sleep due to his anger over being blindsided by Sheamus' elimination.

Thirty-six days I've been in this game without a single moment that I was outside of the plan. Tonight I got the first taste of what the eliminated players all must've felt at some point. I feel sick. I can't even look at Fredrick right now for what he done. He's despicable and I feel nothing but hatred for him. He sank his own chances right here, not that anyone respected him to begin with. He was a pathetically lovable before... now he's disgustingly despicable. These three want me gone next, and all the friendships I had with them are finished. I'm fighting as hard as I need to in the next challenge, and I'm getting that necklace. Then I'll laugh as they start scrambling to turn on each other. They took out my boy, but they're not getting me out just yet.


Day 37

Fredrick and Jenn sit inside the shelter, keeping dry from the rain that has refused to lighten overnight. Neasa goes out in her rain coat in order to bring some dry wood over to the shelter, wanting to protect it so that a fire can be made upon their return.

Quote1Immunity again today...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Yeah... I just hope he doesn't win.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1If he does, it'll be me... Ugh, maybe I didn't make the right call.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Uh, no. Don't worry. You made the right call, because it gives us three a shot.Quote2- Jenn
I do feel somewhat bad for Fredrick, because I think he went through this game thinking he was a lot smarter than he really was. I don't know. Like, he always acts like he's this secretive mastermind... but he's kind of been a follower that no one really credited because he's not threatening. Maybe that's his plan, but I don't think it was intentional. He definitely got played by both pairs to a degree... I just think Neasa and I played him better.


Isaiah continues to sit alone away from his tribe mates, not wanting to interact with any of them after the actions taken at the previous tribal council. He sits in the rain, trying to gain peace of mind before competing in the most important challenge of his Survivor career.

I didn't sleep great last night, and I don't feel rested today at all. I think physically I'm much stronger than these other three, and I'm smarter than them too. I just hope the rain screwed with them all, and they don't have the mindset to beat me today. If I lose I know I'm probably gone, and that'll be embarrassing. Saying that Jenn beat me... Fredrick beat me... Ugh. I hate these people. I genuinely just hate them. They're cold, they're malicious... they have no sense of honour or friendship.


Neasa looks over at Isaiah as she walks back to the shelter, although he makes no attempt at responding to her smile. Neasa laughs, sitting in the shelter next to her two allies.

Quote1I think we broke him.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1That's a shame...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Do you think I should talk to him?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1No! That'll either cause another blowout or give him a boost in the challenge. Let him sit out there and get sick... it'll be easier to beat him then.Quote2- Neasa
I don't feel sorry for Isaiah at all. He's been mean to countless people in this game, and from what I heard back on Tambaqui he was considered the village crazy person. He talks about honour and integrity, but fails to understand that in his world the three people he is criticising were the three he was going to vote out next. He lacks the ability of self-assessment and rational thinking, which is why he's now losing this game.


The final four reach their next individual immunity challenge, knowing that whoever wins will earn the right to compete in the final immunity challenge of the season. Despite the rain, the contestants take their place to compete in the challenge, in which they must navigate around a maze collecting medallions whilst blindfolded. During the challenge, Isaiah begins with lots of energy, which proves to be a dangerous strategy, with his fast movements sending him crashing into the walls of the maze several times. Despite his desperation, Isaiah is unable to finish first, with Neasa instead winning immunity for the fourth straight time. After Neasa's win, Isaiah rips off his blindfold and slams his fist against the ground, clearly heartbroken over what he assumes will be his certain elimination from the game. Fredrick and Jenn hesitantly congratulate Neasa, before the four head back to camp to determine which of them will become the penultimate jury member.

Quote1Neasa, congratulations. For the fourth straight time you wear the immunity necklace and cannot be voted out tonight. As for the rest of you, somebody will become the sixth member of our jury tonight. You have the afternoon to figure out who that'll be... Good luck.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(mumbles) Great...Quote2- Isaiah

Challenge: Braille Maze
Blindfolded, the final four must move through a maze using guideposts for assistance, searching for four medallions representing earth, air, fire, and water. First to get all four medallions and return to the center wins.
Winner: Neasa

Immunity Challenge: Braille Maze
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway Neasa Amazon
Fredrick AmazonIsaiah AmazonJenn Amazon
Fredrick, Isaiah, Jenn

The final four return to camp with Neasa once again safe from tribal council, leaving the other three vulnerable at the vote. Despite the possibilities, all four members seem to be certain on the idea that Isaiah will be the one voted out of the game.

(sighs) I couldn't pull it out of the bag today, and now I'm heading home. It destroys me inside to know that I dropped the ball today, and that I allowed myself to get fooled by such stupid people. I know I played this game the best I could, and I feel I'm proud of myself regardless. I don't want to say that I'm giving up, but I know when to accept the writing on the wall.


Isaiah lays down in the shelter, deflated after losing the immunity challenge. Jenn sits parallel to Isaiah, once again congratulating Neasa on her record number of wins for a female contestant. Fredrick and Neasa set off in order to check the fishing net, with Neasa mouthing "watch him (Isaiah)" to Jenn before leaving camp.

I don't think that Isaiah has the charm or intelligence to finesse a plan where he somehow stays tonight. But; and this is a big but... I don't want to take any chances. So Jenn and I agreed to keep the boys apart this afternoon, giving them zero seconds to even consider voting together and forcing a tie tonight. Fredrick is unpredictable at times, and I don't want to give him a chance to make more enemies in this game.


Isaiah leans over to begin speaking with Jenn, wanting to make one last effort at saving himself in this game.

Quote1So this is really it for me...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Unfortunately.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Our connection don't mean nothing to you?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1(laughs) What do you mean?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I just thought you and I had a good thing going, girl...Quote2- Isaiah
Oh God... I don't know if he thinks I'm like really stupid... Isaiah, you wrote my name down last night! I'm the wrong person to be trying this strategy on!


Quote1You girls wouldn't vote Fred tonight? I just don't want him to beat me... Come on... I always watched your back, please just give me this.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1(laughs) It's not happening. I'm going to be honest... We're voting for you, and you're going. It's because you're better than Fredrick in the challenges... So don't see it as a complete negative.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Ugh, whatever man. You're being weak... Don't know why I even bothered.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1If you wanted me to take this pitch more seriously then please find a way to change the vote you made last night.Quote2- Jenn

Jenn stands and moves away from Isaiah, not wanting to spend any further time alongside him. Over by the tribe's canoe, Neasa and Fredrick haul in the fishing net, grabbing the two fish for the four to eat before tribal council. Neasa and Fredrick confirm to one another that the vote will be against Isaiah, before calmly returning to camp and preparing the group meal.

On a personal level I would like to vote Isaiah off, because the way he spoke to me last night was above and beyond a personal attack. He's not a good guy. However... I'm seeing Neasa is beginning to become the real threat in this game, and maybe in his desperation Isaiah would be the better player to work with. I could offer him a way to vote off Jenn... and if there's a tiebreaker then he could beat her. Uh, there's a lot of variables I need to think over, and at this point I'm not afraid to mess up people's plans again.


At tribal council, Fredrick avoids all eye contact with the jury, unable to look Sheamus in the face after his betrayal the previous night. The first portion of tribal council is spent talking over Neasa's impressive showings in challenges, which everyone admits paints her as one of the biggest targets in the game. When asked about the vote, Isaiah claims to know that he is going home, before criticising Fredrick for his decision, telling him that he "will regret" helping the girls. Fredrick attempts to justify his game move, but Isaiah continues to berate him, begging Jeff to get to the vote so that he can be put out of his misery. Before the vote, Isaiah warns the final three to not hide behind falsehoods, and to own up to their deceitful game play once they make the final tribal council. Isaiah commences the voting, and is followed by the others, each of whom are shown to be writing down his name, sticking to their plan of going to the final three.

You didn't have my back when I needed you to. This is just payback for that...


(for Isaiah) I'll apologise for turning on you, but not for voting you out. You made things personal when they never needed to be.


(for Isaiah) Love you lots... kind of.


(for Isaiah) I hope you grow from this experience and see the faults of your character. You can be a nice guy when you want to be... I promise I'll own up to my game if I make the end, so don't worry about that.


Jeff brings back the votes, with Isaiah placing his packed bag on his back before Jeff has a chance to open the urn, aware that his time in the game is over.

Quote1First vote... Isaiah.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Isaiah. That's two votes Isaiah.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(stands and collects his torch, causing several jury members to laugh)Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Third vote... Jenn. That's two votes Isaiah, one vote Jenn. One vote left.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Don't even bother, I'm here...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Last vote... Isaiah. You've already brought me your torch...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yep... lets get it over with.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Isaiah, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Isaiah quickly walks from the tribal council area, not wishing to say goodbye to his remaining tribe members. Jeff shakes his head in amazement, clearly holding back a smile as he turns to the final three players. He informs the group that tomorrow they will face a final immunity challenge which will determine who earns the right to decide which individual to take with them to the final tribal council, and who will become the last member of the jury.

Tribal Council 12:
Isaiah Amazon
Isaiah (3 votes)
Fredrick AmazonJenn AmazonNeasa Amazon
Fredrick, Jenn, Neasa
Jenn Amazon
Jenn (1 vote)
Isaiah Amazon
Isaiah Amazon Eliminated

As I expected, I'm out of the game because I got duped by a bunch of immoral idiots. I don't want to see any of them win, because I don't think any of them deserve it. Sheamus and I were the true players out there, and these three tag alongs got lucky. We should've known better, but that's the game. I just want these next few days to hurry up so I can avoid having to see them again... at least now I get to spend time with the people I truly liked... but on the jury.


Day 38

The final three walk over to tree mail together, somewhat tired after another restless night. They gather around the mail, taking turns reading the message out loud.

I don't know what it was, but all through the night we had these moths swarming us as we slept. It was crazy. I thought maybe it was the spirits of those we've voted out coming back to punish us for our wrongdoings... (laughs)


Quote1It's not a challenge...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Just fun to do...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1So step on up...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1See what's left of you.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1It's a scale I think?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Oh my gosh... I've been saying how much I want to weigh myself this whole time!Quote2- Jenn

The group rush back to camp, taking turns weighing themselves on the scales, shocked to see how much weight they have individually lost. Fredrick is shown to have lost the most weight, although he claims that "a lot of it was needed", admitting that he feels somewhat healthier having shed much of his body fat.

Being girls... both Jenn and I were secretly kind of happy seeing that we were lighter. I think that's just the natural reaction girls have to these things. Fredrick too though! He came into this game a guy who was carrying a few extra pounds, and he said today he likes how he looks... so I guess going through these horrendously unhealthy crash diets wasn't so bad for the three of us.


Suddenly, Jeff walks into camp as the three tribe members sit around talking, gathering them over by the fire to provide them with their instructions for the day ahead.

Quote1Okay, thirty-eight days you've been surviving in the Amazon. You've been living off this land, utilising its resources when you were able to. Definitely fighting the elements when you had to. So I thought it might be fun; because your time here is almost over, to take one last look at the Amazon from a slightly different view... from up above.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Wow...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1So we have a sea-plane ride scheduled for you... give you a tour of this area that you've been calling home. I suggest if you can... put the game on hold for a few minutes and take it in. Really take it in... because you're never coming back here again. When the ride is over the pilot will drop you off at a new canoe... smaller than the boat you already have. You'll take this map, which I'll give to you Neasa.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Thank you...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Follow this map to your new destination. You will find beads, paint, feathers and one headdress for each of you. You are going to decorate and adorn your body just like the Amazon warriors did when they prepared for battle, because in a sense that is what you are doing... you are preparing for your final immunity challenge. When you're done, you will get in your new boat and you will head to tribal council. I'll see you guys tonight...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Awesome...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1See you tonight.Quote2- Neasa

The group take their boat over to the sea-plane, boarding it to begin their aerial tour of the Amazon. As the plane takes the group around the jungle and river, the final three sit silently, reflecting on their thirty-eight day journey.

When playing the game it's easy to forget just how vast and powerful this place is. It's a humbling experience to see it all from above, because it reminds you just how very small we all are. We really were at mother natures mercy in this game, and even if we don't win, we can be thankful to have conquered that alone. I don't usually like to show emotion, but it brought tears to my eyes... it's beautiful. We're blessed to have been apart of this. All sixteen of us.


The sea-plane eventually lands over by a second canoe, allowing the contestants to board it and paddle down a small creek where they can find the shack containing their decorative materials.

We went through this really narrow and weedy area, and then found these amazing feathers, beads and paints and we just went crazy. The only colour we've seen on our skin for thirty-eight days was black and brown dirt... just to see these bright happy colours is refreshing.


The trio each spend time decorating themselves in their own personal way, laughing as they see what the others have chosen to do to 'prepare' for their final immunity challenge.

Quote1I'm going heavy on the red...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1It looks good!Quote2- Jenn
Quote1In the best way heaps of paint on my face can look good... then yeah, I guess... (laughs)Quote2- Neasa
Whilst we were preparing ourselves, I'm sure we were all thinking ahead to the challenge and what we'd do if we won, and who we thought would be taking us to the end. It sucks that we're not going to have a chance to really deliberate after the challenge, because I think if I had the opportunity I could maybe convince one of the girls to vote against the other. Someone isn't going back to camp tonight... and I'm worried that if I don't win my first individual challenge then tonight it'll be me. If I'm able to win I think I'll definitely be voting against Neasa... between her and Jenn there isn't much of a competition as to who is the stronger player. I just hope that Jenn can also sense this, and feels she has a better chance going against me.


Quote1All right guy and girl.... you ready?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Yep...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Lets go.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1To whoever doesn't make it out of this tribal... at least you they'll look nice...Quote2- Neasa
This challenge is really nerve wracking, because it's now up to myself and Jenn to win and prevent Fredrick from having the chance to take either of us out. She and I have come through so much together, and to be the last two in the game would be incredible. If Fredrick does win I'll give my plea that Jenn has made less enemies, but I don't know what good it'll do when she can easily point out my four consecutive immunity wins. I haven't even considered that Jenn could win and vote me out... it's possible! But, I'd like to think that after all this time she and I are the only pair who don't turn on one another and reach the final.


The group arrive at tribal council, where they are joined by the six members of the jury, with the seventh and final slot about to be filled. Jeff informs the players that for their final immunity challenge, they must stand on a narrow perch whilst holding their tribal headdress above their heads, with the last person standing winning immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final two, ultimately deciding who between the other two joins them. The trio take their places, wishing one another luck as the challenge begins. Almost immediately all three display discomfort, complaining that keeping their balance will be difficult. Fredrick begins to wobble several minutes into the challenge, eventually slipping off his perch, much to the delight of several jury members.

Quote1Damn it...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Fredrick, first person out of this challenge... no shot at immunity. Take a seat over on the stools. It comes down to Neasa versus Jenn... for Jenn this would be her first individual win... for Neasa, this would be five consecutive wins and a record in this game.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1You want to step down and let me have the record?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1No! Lets just... fight it out...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Can I just ask, are you girls both taking the other?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Yes...Quote2- Nesasa
Quote1... Jenn? Don't answer actually and just think... I'll be bold here and say if you go with Neasa she will win because of her challenge wins. Take me and you'll probably win... I think the smirks from the jury when I fell gave that away.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Fredrick, are you trying to make a deal?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I'm still fighting even though I'm out of the challenge, yeah.Quote2- Fredrick

Delma is shown rolling her eyes at Neasa's comment. The challenge continues for several more minutes, as both the girls are showing signs of falling. Much to the surprise of everyone, it is Neasa who falls first, giving Jenn her first and most important immunity win of the season. Jenn jumps from the perch, hugging Neasa and Fredrick as she thanks them for their words of encouragement.
Challenge: Will Power
Prior to the challenge, the three remaining contestants must build and decorate a headdress for themselves. At Tribal Council, they have to stand on a tiny plank holding the headdress (now attached by beads to a collar around their necks) above their head for as long as possible.
Winner: Jenn

Immunity Challenge: Will Power
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway Jenn Amazon
Fredrick AmazonNeasa Amazon
Fredrick, Neasa

The final three take their seats on the stools, with Jenn now wearing individual immunity and holding the sole vote in deciding who will become the final member of the jury. Jenn admits that the decision should be straight forward in sticking to her alliance with Neasa, but that she will ultimately do what she feels is best for her own position. Fredrick openly talks about Neasa being the biggest competition of the three, warning Jenn that she will have wasted her time in the game if she picks her friendship over playing the game.

Quote1But you picked the game over friendship, and it lost you respect in the eyes of a lot of people.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1You were one of the people supporting me in that decision!Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Well yeah... of course... it benefited me so I'd say whatever I needed to.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(sighs) I just can't believe that you would sit here and say that keeping you around is good for Jenn's game. As you just said... it's good for YOU, not her.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Jenn and I have a friendship that we've kept since day one. The difference between that and the friendship you had with Sheamus is that you were planning on voting him out long before you did it... neither I nor I have spoken to anyone about voting the other.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1That is true...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1So I come back to my question. Jenn, is this an easy decision for you tonight?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Uh, no. I hate to say it... but I'm going between names in my head and hoping the one I've settled on is the right choice. I honestly like both Neasa and Fredrick... and I don't want to have either of them mad at me. But that's the price I'll pay for winning today.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Alright, well Jenn... you are simultaneously voting out the thirteenth member and deciding who will join you in the final two. It is time to vote... Jenn, you're up.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Jenn walks up to vote, leaving Neasa and Fredrick reassuringly shaking each others hands, understanding that their pleas although heated were just part of the game. Jeff collects the vote, pulling out the single vote for reading.

Quote1I'll read the vote... Thirteenth person voted out of Survivor The Amazon and the seventh and final member of our jury... Fredrick, you'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(sighs and smiles) Good luck girls... you did awesome.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Sorry Fred...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Good game, Fred...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Fredrick, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go...Quote2- Jeff Probst

Fredrick leaves the tribal council area, leaving both Jenn and Neasa as the final two in the game. All the men on the jury seem particularly pleased with the result, glad to see Fredrick ousted from the game without the chance to win.

Quote1(mouths) We did it!Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(smiles and hugs her friend)Quote2- Jenn
Quote1And as history would have it... the women rule the Amazon. Jenn and Neasa... congratulations. You've worked hard to get here and have gone as far as you can go in this game. But now the power will shift to the jury. Tomorrow you will have your chance to state your case to the jury on why you think you deserve the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar reward that goes with it. Grab your torches and head back to camp, goodnight!Quote2- Jeff Probst

Tribal Council 13:
Fredrick Amazon
Fredrick (1 vote)
Jenn Amazon
Fredrick Amazon Eliminated

Thirty-eight days ago a chubby, nervous, ginger turned up on a boat in the middle of the Amazon, surrounded by fifteen others who were ready to write him off as an easy target. Now, I'm leaving the game as someone who was influential in how it turned out, and maybe rightfully hated by nearly everyone I came into contact with. This game may have not turned out how I planned, and my mistakes will eat me up for years to come... but I gave it a shot. I'd say to anyone who was like me, sitting at home unsure whether or not to throw yourself out there... do it! No matter what it'll leave you off a better and more confident person.


Day 39

Jenn and Neasa awaken on the final day of the season, marking it off on their tree tally before sitting by the fire as the rain once again comes down. The girls agree to write down the names of their fallen comrades on the side of the crate, paying tribute to those who fell before them in the game.

Quote1The rain can be their bitter tears... (laughs)Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Jody... we didn't know him, but he seemed sweet. Karyn... she's someone who could've done better, but just didn't have the mental strength to keep going.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1And she voted you when she left... Subira! Our bestie! I wish she could've got further because she was so tough, and had so much more game in her.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1I really missed her when she went. I think had it been you or I that left that night she'd be sat here now with a good shot to win.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Absolutely. Kennedy... uh, I expected him to go fast, and it sucks that he apparently didn't enjoy being out here that much. Jayla... I respected her for all the stuff she did outside the game... but in the game she was a thorn in our side.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Yeah... Ceri... your date! (laughs)Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Ceri was adorable! Honestly, I think had he made it to the merge he'd have been dangerous. He was the smartest of all the guys, and I think if he made it to Jacaré, we'd have not been able to manipulate the guys so easily.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Veronica... she didn't like us at all, and she's the only Jaburu to not get to the top five... so ha. Edweena... out of the older women she was probably the nicest.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Yeah, and she was amazing around camp, a real workhorse. Delma... our adversary... I think no matter how we felt about her in the game or she felt about us... I can really respect her as a strong woman, and someone who showed how much hard work can pay off in life.Quote2- Neasa
Starting and finishing this game with Neasa is like a dream come true. Tonight, one of us is going to win a million dollars! But what is more powerful is a friendship that can't be broken, and I hope to keep until my last days in life. She's been my rock and I couldn't have done this without her, and I hope she couldn't have done it without me. If the jury want to try and make me bad mouth her tonight, I'm not going to do it... We both want to win, but there's no need to get catty now that we've defeated the competition. We're setting an example I think to girls everywhere, and said it best with 'sisterhood' being the strongest force of this season. It's time girls stopped turning on one another for no reason and started working together, because when we do we can beat the big guys... and we can be the top two in a game that started as 'battle of the sexes'. Most people didn't see us as surviving Jaburu... but here we are thirty-nine days later as the only people with a shot to win the million dollars.


Quote1Hall... I know we all found him annoying. Like, really annoying. But uh, he wasn't such a bad guy. He didn't deserve to go out how he did.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I agree... a good heart was in there somewhere. Mayson... uh, where do I begin. He's still an enigma to me. I feel like he's really intelligent whilst coming off as totally clueless... I'll say it was the elements getting to him. But he was always nice to us, and he did want to make a move but just came about it too late.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Sheamus... your boyfriend!Quote2- Jenn
Quote1He is not my boyfriend... he's my jungle fling. Isaiah is your fling too... Together they're good guys, and I hate that they took it so badly that they got outwitted by their 'girls'. Hopefully we see them after...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Finally... Fredrick... I think Fredrick wanted to prove something to himself out here, and he definitely did it. He was by far one of the more unpredictable players, and he managed to outlast all the big guys who thought he'd be gone first.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I like Fred... I hope they haven't been too harsh on him on the jury... he just needs to get more confidence and be clearer about who he is, and I think he'll be okay.Quote2- Neasa

After the rain dies down, the girls begin disassembling their shelter, placing the pieces inside their spare canoe, before setting it alight and pushing it out into the river.

When I started this game I swore to myself I'd play as hard as I needed to, and I never expected to make any connections and that voting people out would be an easy task. I really was surprised at how much I grew to love the people around me... and alternatively how much I grew to hate some of them. I'm going to learn to forgive and move on, and I just hope the jury can do the same tonight. I don't want any animosity now this game is over. Taking apart the shelter and setting it alight was me washing away the harsh words and moves people made in this game, and soon we can all start fresh. Being here with Jenn is the best ending to the adventure that I could've hoped for. We're the only girls that I know of who started this game together and finished it together, and I think we should both be proud no matter what happens. I like my chances going into final tribal council because of my strengths... but I know a lot of the time women who are strong minded are painted badly, and lots of guys prefer the girls who say less and follow orders. That's not me. I'm not going to apologise for not being the ideal woman to these people... and I'm going to sit there and lay out exactly what I did and why I did it better than anyone... if that doesn't win me a million dollars than I hope it at least earns me the respect of the millions of young girls watching.


Quote1There it goes...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Thirty-nine days... all burning away. Love you... (puts her arm around Jenn)Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Love you too...Quote2- Jenn

Jenn and Neasa gather their things, taking the canoe to final tribal council, with thoughts from the jury being shown as they make their final journey from the Jacaré camp.

Seeing the final decision come down to two people I don't particularly like is tough. Neither of the girls were nice to me during the game, and I'm sure they feel I wasn't nice to them. Nothing separates them in terms of personality, and how they carry themselves will determine my vote this evening.


Going out due to an injury definitely helped a lot of people in the game, and the final two are part of that group. Neasa and Jenn to me played similar games, but Neasa definitely stuck her neck out more. I don't know if that will help her much tonight though... because people hold her responsible for the feelings that got hurt.


I don't care who wins. I don't know who I'm gonna vote for. Both of these girls lied and manipulated. Neasa is the better player. Jenn is the better person. As much as I'm glad Fred didn't make the top two... him being there would have made this an easy decision.


Walking into the vote tonight I feel as though I'm going to write down Jenn's name. She outplayed everyone here, and unless something comes to light to make me truly despise her... then there's no way Jenn will receive my vote.


I spent the early portion of my time with both these girls, but I still feel I know nothing about them. I'll ask a simple question tonight and I want a simple answer. If any of them attempt to lie or go over the top in their response they'll lose my vote.


It feels odd to know I've only had twenty-four hours outside of the game to decide between these two girls. I still don't even know if they played me... but I'll find out tonight. I think Jenn made a poor choice last night, but I'll be interested to see if she can justify that decision to get my vote.


A lot of people assume that my support for Neasa isn't going to waver at all through the night. That's not completely true. I'd agree she played this game extremely well... but I can't reward someone who showed no genuine emotion or connected truly with others. If Neasa gives me any indication that our bond, or the bonds she had with others were fake... then I'll be voting against her. This is a game about advancing forward... but you can make true friendships along the way.


Final Tribal Council

Jenn and Neasa take their spots at tribal council, looking over as the seven members of the jury enter and take their spots opposite them. The girls both can't help but smile as they see the familiar faces, eventually composing themselves when they are reminded of the seriousness of the evening. Jeff gives the nine members present a rundown of the evenings events, which will begin with an opening statement given by the final two, followed by questions or statements by the seven jury members. Once every jury member has spoken, they will cast their votes for who they want to win the game, deciding which of the girls will become the Sole Survivor.

Quote1Okay, Jenn... you're first.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Hey guys, uh... So I'd like to start by saying I know a lot of people underestimated me in this game. They thought I was weak, couldn't hack the environment... and I'll admit that I too wondered if I could. I hope you can see by me sitting here that I did in fact beat those expectations. I won the last and most important challenge, and I was apart of the strongest pair in the game. Um, I don't know what else to say other than please ask me whatever you want and I'll do my best to answer.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Okay, Neasa...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1When we began this game as boys versus girls I was honestly terrified. My strategy coming in was to use my looks and my supposed 'seductive charm' to my advantage. I don't pretend to live in any other world than the one I'm in... and I know that when you look a certain way men will naturally gravitate towards you more. But, because of how things were separated I had to completely rethink my plan... and to no ones surprise I didn't mesh well with my tribe. I found two friends in a group of seven... and lost one of them early on... despite my bad position I never gave up and I worked my way forward to make sure I was never the next on someone's hit list. That took a lot of social work, and a lot of physical work to prove I was an asset around camp. Fortunately the swap favoured me massively, and luck was on my side when we had the boys join us. Through my game play I was able to help put together a strong alliance with four others, and together we ran this game. There were multiple times when I saw dangers ahead for myself and Jenn, so I laid the ground work to make sure that the three other Jaburu women would be the first to go, followed by Mayson and Hall... This still left me with the biggest issue... overcoming a three to two numbers disadvantage in our alliance. Before Mayson had even left the game I reached out to Fredrick, and helped steer him into a new group of three that got me to this spot I'm in now. I relied on others to advance in the game, but I relied on myself to get them to help me... On top of my strong social and strategic plays I've also excelled in challenges, winning four in a row and I believe setting a new record for women. In my mind I am the most impressive person sat here tonight... and I hope you guys think that too, or will think it by the end of the night.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Thanks girls. Okay jury, I'll give you a moment to process all that... and then we'll begin.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Fredrick's question

Quote1Fredrick, please start us off.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Right, girls first of all I want to say congratulations. You played us all. Neasa you just briefly summarised it for all of us... you made sure to play people off on each other until you were the last ones left. You had us all go after the "older women", and then the other guys... and then you used me to take out Sheamus and Isaiah. My first question is for you Neasa, because you were the person who really spoke to me about strategy... when you told me to vote out Sheamus, saying it was genuinely the best chance I had... was that honest?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1I uh, I think sadly your position at the top five was pretty awful. By that I mean I don't think you had forward thought enough to realise at the top five you were screwed no matter where you went. If you stuck with the guys you would likely struggle to get to the end, and if you came with us you had to become a traitor. I do think had you got to the end with... Isaiah... or even Jenn... you'd have a chance, but it majorly depends on how you got there. So I wasn't outright lying to you, but I was certainly stretching the truth to make it sound more attractive.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Right, so you're saying in that answer you think had you and I been in the top two you'd beat me? Say I didn't betray the guys...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1It's impossible for me to answer that because I don't think you or I reach the end together UNLESS you betray them. But had you won immunity yesterday and brought me, I believe I'd have won... yes.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Okay... confident... but... okay. Jenn. Jenn. Jenn. Ugh, where do I begin here. I think others will cover the issues I have with how you played your game, so what I want to know is this... Why in the hell would you vote the most hated person in the game out in favour of bringing someone like Neasa to the end?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Because she and I have the most amazing bond, and I wanted to honour that. She'd have kept me in the game no matter what, and I'd do the same for her.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Really? Even if it costs you nine-hundred thousand dollars tonight? I think that is delusional.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Perhaps... or maybe friendship just means more to me than it did to you... (laughs)Quote2- Jenn

Fredrick is stunned into silence, with Isaiah and Hall laughing loudly behind him. Fredrick smiles, wishing the girls luck before he returns to his seat.

Edweena's question

Quote1Edweena, you're next.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1So... girls. Congratulations. I'm honestly happy for you both regardless of how we may have interacted in the game. But that's just my issue... because as a threesome we never really had interactions. What I saw was a lot of bitchiness, and a lot of high-school cliquey behaviour. So I'm going to look past social bonds and strategy, because neither of that really matters to me at this stage. What I want to know is how you both feel you grew as individuals in this game?Quote2- Edweena
Quote1I think for me it was believing there is more to me than just an attractive girl that uses charm to get what she wants off guys. We're conditioned to think that's just the one thing we can offer the world... but instead I won the most immunity challenges... I slept in horrible conditions... I worked hard around camp. I kept up with the people who had ten times more experience than I did. So that's how I grew.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Thanks... Jenn?Quote2- Edweena
Quote1Um... gosh. I think just like Neasa I realised how much I could put up with. On our tribe Karyn gave up quite fast when she got sick, and she didn't want to play out here. There were so many times when I felt the same... but I stayed... and I pulled through. I impressed myself there.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Okay... I'm satisfied. Good luck.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1Thanks Edweena...Quote2- Jeff Probst

Isaiah's question

Quote1Isaiah, you're up.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Okay. Jenn... Neasa... I didn't want to vote either of y'all tonight. I was fed up with you both, and I would rather not be here. But Jenn, you got me laughing just now with that put down so good on you... I hope we get some more truths from you tonight like that. I haven't got any questions... I just want to say... Neasa, you played a strong game, good job! In doing so you looked like a huge bitch, and will make it hard for anyone to trust you in friendships and relationships going forward. You're a typical attractive girl... manipulative... I hope guys watching know to stay clear and not let you ride them forward to success. Jenn... you sometimes come off as dumb as a bag of rocks... and I think that's unfair on the bag of rocks. You made a terrible decision voting Fredrick out, because you'd have got at least three votes coming your way and probably could've won over a fourth. You'd be a millionaire if you didn't let Neasa trick you into believing she was your friend. I don't know who I'm voting for, but it'll probably be you Jenn... because you gave me more pleasure in keeping me warm at night. That's all I got for you both. Peace.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Can uh... Can I actually respond?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1... Sure. Go for it.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Firstly, I'm just going to say this because never in my life will I let anyone belittle me or my friend publicly. You're bitter about the game, and I understand that. But calling me a "bitch" and running with the insinuations you made are in my view completely unnecessary. No 'man' carried me to this stage, especially when you 'men' couldn't win the same amount of consecutive challenges that I did... and you couldn't keep your friendships together like I could. You're calling Jenn dumb and making me out to be some sort of leech is unjustified... and if you want to believe that then fine. You can say 'I got outsmarted on television by a leech and an idiot'. It's that kind of attitude from men that I think a lot of us are tired of... and it makes me so mad that you're going to act like it's some sort of truth tonight of all nights. Don't give me your vote... I don't want it. I just have to speak up on this.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(shrugs) ... I say what I see.Quote2- Isaiah

Hall's question

Quote1What's up ladies... I'm honestly proud of you both. You surprised me, because I thought Sheamus had this in the bag. But you showed us that you had the brains and in some cases the muscle. You taught me a lot there. You've got my respect. What I want to know is if I wasn't pulled out of the game for my injury, do you think that you'd be there right now?Quote2- Hall
Quote1I think so... I mean you and Mayson would likely have been the next two voted out anyway. So I don't think it changed too much.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I'd agree with Jenn. Unfortunate as your accident was, it only sped up what was likely the inevitable, because the other guys had voiced wanting to vote you out. I think though had you stuck around after Mayson, there would be more of a chance that we would approach you with Fredrick to make a move... So it might have been a situation where you were in the top four, but I can't say for certain.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Cool, I like the honesty from you both... keep it up. May the best woman win.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Thanks Hall...Quote2- Jeff Probst

Sheamus' question

Quote1Sheamus, you're up.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(sighs) Good job girls. You did what I didn't think you would, and you're sat where I was planning to with the very person that stabbed me in the back. I can't blame you both for what happened, because I know I didn't really give you any other choice. Jenn, you and I didn't really hang out too much one on one... and I only have a question for Neasa tonight if that's okay. Neasa, depending on how you answer this I'll either be voting for you to win, or against you... I can't say that Jenn has done anything for me to want her to win, so if I vote for her it'll simply be a case of me not wanting to see you rewarded for what work you put into this game.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Okay?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1We grew close. Surprisingly close considering how tired and dirty we both were... I thought we had a connection, and I genuinely think I developed feelings towards you. Your answers at the last few tribal councils have put all of this doubt in my mind. I don't feel I know what is genuine and what was just game play on your part. I want to know... was our connection on your part genuine, or just very clever strategy that successfully got you to where you are now?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1(whilst tearing up slightly) ... I hate talking about my feelings, and you know this! Ugh, so damn you... (laughs) What we shared in the game was initially strategy, and it helped that I found you extremely attractive and charming. As time went on it wasn't about making an alliance... we already had our Jaburu five together... I didn't need to keep sleeping by you and spending time with you... I did it because I wanted to, and because my feelings were completely genuine too. I hate that I've even given you doubt over it, because that's not just the game to me... it's a real life connection that I want to continue out of this game. That's all I have.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(nods) ... Thank you. After this... I hope we can go for that drink still... but uh, if you win tonight then you're buying... (laughs).Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Thanks Sheamus.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Mayson's question

Quote1Mayson, you're next.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Alright, congratulations girls on getting this far. I was mad when I left, and I said how you made such a terrible decision because Sheamus was now the rightful and obvious winner of the game. Little did I know you were both two steps ahead of me... I don't have a question tonight. I don't really have much to say that hasn't already been covered. You both showed how anyone can come into this game and find a way to conquer it, and I think you'll be remembered as paving the way for other girls like yourselves for many years to come. Jenn, I get the feeling that you're more genuine than Neasa. That may not be true, but I think most of us would agree that we saw the real you at all times, and that itself is a strength because you didn't hide behind any facade. Neasa, you are clearly someone who deserves a lot of credit, and I think you probably did control most of this game. My only issue is that you could often come off as unlikable... tonight you're showing a new side though, a more mature and aware individual who I didn't get to really meet during the game. Is this the real you? Or was the other Neasa you? Maybe you're a bit of both... my mind isn't yet made up, but I think one of you is easier to vote for... That's all I have to say. I said it wouldn't be too much... but good luck.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Thanks Mayson.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Delma's question

Quote1Delma, close it off.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Alright, girls well done. No need to s**t your pants, I'm going to go as easy as I possibly can given the circumstances. I'll get the negatives out the way first. Both of your personalities are pretty horrific. You hated me in this game, and I hated you both back. We had nothing in common, and we wanted each other gone for the twenty-seven days I was around. Jenn, you didn't help at camp, weren't that great in challenges, and I struggle to see what you really did outside of following Neasa. As for you Neasa, you're calculated, behaved very two-faced and definitely strike up more anger and bitterness inside me than Jenn ever could. I said it time and time over that I didn't want to vote for either of you tonight. However, this all changed for me the second you began speaking here tonight, Neasa. You've sat there and owned every single aspect of your game, and going through your path here now I can see the highs and lows you've endured... and just how difficult it was for you as a young woman to overcome all the negative stereotypes girls get when they go hard in a man's world. Each and every person sat on this jury is here because of YOU. You decided in which order they left, and did so with the sole purpose of getting yourself to that spot you're in now. Then, when I heard your response to a certain jury member who I have lost nearly all respect for after tonight... I wanted to stand up and cheer your name. You displayed such a maturity and intelligence that I didn't get to see when we played with... or rather against each other. I want to say as an older woman to a younger woman... I'm extremely proud of you. You fought harder than anyone here, and I think the results should fall in your favour. Thank you for this, because I feel that it has almost been a mending process for me tonight, and all the pain I was harbouring from this game. You've got my vote, and I hope you get the other six... because you've earned them.Quote2- Delma
Quote1Thank you... I uh... I-...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1It's fine. We'll talk over coffee sometime... or maybe something stronger.Quote2- Delma
Quote1(laughs) Okay...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Neasa... Jenn... good luck to both of you. Well done!Quote2- Delma
Quote1Thanks Delma.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Jeff thanks the jury for yet another strong final tribal council, allowing the jury a minute to gather their thoughts before making a million dollar decision. Sheamus is selected to begin the voting, with each juror walking up on by one to cast a vote for either Jenn or Neasa.

Neasa, you won a lot in this game. It seems only fair you take the grand prize too. Good job.


(confessional not shown, instead seen writing on parchment)


(for Neasa) You've been strong consistently, and I'm surprisingly pleased to be granting you my support. An Amazonian woman for sure.


The hottest winner this show has seen, man. Good work.


(for Jenn) You talked less s**t tonight. Your honesty is appreciated, girl. See you some other time.


You answered my question better... that's all it took. Well done, and I hope you use the money well.


I'm glad you made this easier than I thought it was going to be. You are the Sole Survivor.


After Mayson sits down, Jeff goes to collect the urn, telling the group that they will find out the results when back in the United States. Jeff leaves the tribal council area via jet-ski, beginning his long journey back to New York with the urn in hand.


Jeff enters the live studio, standing in front of a now glamorous Jenn and Neasa, alongside the seven members of the jury. After brief introductions to the final two are made, Jeff lifts the lid of the urn, ready to reveal the results of the final vote of the season. Jenn and Neasa hug one another, showing that their friendship has remained strong well after leaving the Amazon.

Quote1For the last time this season... I'll read the votes. First vote... Neasa.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Neasa. That's two votes Neasa.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Neasa. That's three votes Neasa, no votes Jenn.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Jenn. That's three votes Neasa, one vote Jenn.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... and the Winner of Survivor The Amazon... Neasa!Quote2- Jeff Probst

Neasa and Jenn scream and hug one another, continuing to celebrate their joint achievement alongside Neasa's overall victory. Neasa thanks the jury before heading down to her friends in the audience, having secured herself a spot as one of the most dominant Sole Survivors in the history of the game.

Tribal Council 14:
Neasa Amazon
Neasa (6 votes)
Delma AmazonEdweena AmazonFredrick Amazon
Hall AmazonMayson AmazonSheamus Amazon
Delma, Edweena, Fredrick,
Hall, Mayson, Sheamus
Jenn Amazon
Jenn (1 vote)
Isaiah Amazon
Jenn Amazon Eliminated
Neasa Amazon

Reunion Notes

  • Neasa admits to having expected to win due to the impression she was given at the final tribal council, where she was "confident" that Sheamus, Delma, Mayson and Fredrick would be voting for her. She claims to have been successful in her overall mission, believing that "all the women" this season opened up the playing field for future seasons of the game.
  • Jenn talks over her decision at the final three, claiming not to feel any regret over her decision to bring Neasa to the end, citing it as keeping their friendship at providing "an amazing winner" to the season.
  • Hall talks about being the first person ever forcefully removed from the game due to his injury. He admits to feeling cheated out of finishing his game, but notes that it was "unlikely" he'd get much further due to the strategic prowess of Neasa and Jenn. He states that the experience has allowed him to grow, and that he is thankful for it regardless of how his time in the game ended.
  • Mayson and Fredrick are asked why as players they never came together to make a move, which both admit is down to "poor planning". The pair continue to speak over how had they pushed to vote Sheamus out at the final six, it is likely that they could have reached the final two together.
  • Sheamus and Neasa are asked about their relationship status, which they claim is "complicated", although they later admit that they have gone on several "dates" since being back in the United States. Hall jokes that they will produce the first "Survivor baby".
  • Jeff begins to check on the relationships between those who had feuds throughout the series, starting with Isaiah and Jody, with the audience somewhat booing Isaiah. Jody states that although they will never spend much time together, that he forgives Isaiah for his "wrong assumptions". Isaiah stands by his decisions in the game, feeling as though everything he did was justified. However, he apologises to Neasa and Jenn for any comments that "went outside the game". Ceri claims to have "avoided" contact with Hall, feeling there is no use in the two of them talking.
  • Delma talks about her role as a strong women coming across other strong women, noting regret over how she and the Jaburu girls interacted. The girls reveal that as a tribe (with the exception of Karyn) they all met up, having bonded better outside of the game, with Subira and Delma overcoming their early issues.
  • Sheamus and Fredrick are asked about their friendship, which to Jeff's disappointment has "ceased to exist" since filming ended. Sheamus claims that he struggles to completely forgive Fredrick, but promises that they will "talk again soon". Fredrick stands by his decision to vote Sheamus out, feeling as though he was "going for the win" regardless of consequences.
  • Edweena is asked about the decision to side with Hall and Mayson over Jayla and Ceri on new-Tambaqui, which ultimately cost both her and Delma the game. Edweena jokes that the decision keeps her up at night, wishing she could go back and change who they voted out. Jayla confirms that had the women stuck by her that she would have stayed loyal throughout the merge, with Ceri supporting this, reiterating his comments that after his elimination no one from Tambaqui had a chance to win the game.
  • The final few members of the cast are spoken to. Karyn talks about her enjoyment of the experience despite asking to leave early, having no regrets over signing up or "essentially quitting". Veronica mentions her happiness over seeing the women reconcile both at the final tribal council and after the game, calling Neasa "the best winner Survivor has seen". Finally, Kennedy exclaims that he wishes he had lasted one more round, feeling if he made it to the swap he'd have been able to go deep in the game after getting the women's sympathies. He also jokes that "unlike Ceri" he would have been successful in getting Hall out of the game.
  • To end the reunion, Jeff gathers the results of the "Player of the Season" poll, in which the winner will receive $100,000. The top three are revealed to be Ceri, Neasa and Sheamus. Ceri is announced to have finished in third place, with Neasa coming in second. The group congratulate Sheamus, feeling it only fair that "Captain America" should win something after being booted at the final five.

Still In The Running

Delma Amazon Eliminated
Edweena Amazon Eliminated
Jayla Amazon Eliminated
Jenn Amazon Eliminated
Karyn Amazon Eliminated
Neasa Amazon
Subira Amazon Eliminated
Veronica Amazon Eliminated
Ceri Amazon Eliminated
Fredrick Amazon Eliminated
Hall Amazon Eliminated
Isaiah Amazon Eliminated
Jody Amazon Eliminated
Kennedy Amazon Eliminated
Mayson Amazon Eliminated
Sheamus Amazon Eliminated