"Whichever Way the Wind Goes"
Amazon Ep 9
Season Survivor: The Amazon
Episode Number 9/13 (074)
First Broadcast April 21, 2018
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Whichever Way the Wind Goes is the ninth episode of Survivor: The Amazon.


Day 24 (Night)

The final eight return to camp having just voted Edweena from the game, seeing her officially become the first member of the jury. A majority of the tribe seem in high spirits, knowing that regardless of how they place now they will have an influence on the final tribal council in some capacity.

I think we're all happy knowing that we made it to the jury at least, and that the worst result for us now is to be deciding who wins the game.


Quote1Well, good job everyone on making it this far.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1We all knew it would start tonight... but the confirmation is just a huge weight off our shoulders.Quote2- Neasa
Seeing Edweena go was one of the tougher votes I've had to make so far. Probably the toughest vote so far, because she was a cool person to talk to out here. Neasa was the person really pushing to change the vote, and I'm seeing that she likes to try and call the shots around here. My allegiance right now is to the Jaburu group, but most of all it's to the men of Jaburu. Myself, Sheamus and Fred need to rethink our allegiance to the two girls... because they're getting too comfortable telling us what to do and when to do it.


Quote1I can't say I expected to still be here after that vote... So I suppose I want to say thank you.Quote2- Delma
Quote1You're the cat with nine lives out here.Quote2- Hall
Quote1I certainly am. I hope that means I've got a few more tribals until I'm finally put down.Quote2- Delma
I'm absolutely stunned to still be here. I expected that the group wouldn't vote for Mayson as some suggested, and that they'd take the easy route and vote myself out. Instead, Edweena is now gone... and I'm friendless out here. I don't know if it'll be a simple case of me being next, or if I was kept to fulfil a purpose...


Day 25

The group receive tree mail informing them that they will be competing in their next reward challenge, with the group aware that the competition will involve using traditional Amazonian tribal weapons.

Quote1Maybe we'll get to take our built up anger out on each other...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1I'm sure there's a few people who want to bash in my head.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Me too brother...Quote2- Isaiah
Winning rewards is always risky business, because people get jealous when they ain't done nothing and you're out enjoying yourself. After the last reward, Mayson decided to flip out and cause tension between me and him... so I'm thinking for my game it might be best not to win today.


Quote1How are the girls meant to stand a chance with this one. We're not warriors.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Aren't you forgetting that the Amazon was named after a tribe of strong female warriors?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Aren't you forgetting I'm 5'7" and just over a hundred and five pounds... at least I was before I got out here.Quote2- Neasa
It does suck to go from a tribe that won everything to coming into an individual game where you're not having the most luck in challenges. We're competing against three pretty athletic guys, and even Hall is somewhat of a physical threat even if he can't properly walk. Myself and Jenn were joking saying the only chance we've got to go on a reward is if Sheamus or Isaiah mistakenly think taking us will give them some jungle action.



Challenge: Weapons
The first eight will try to hit a target with a blowdart. The four players closest to the center move onto the second round, throwing spears. The two closest climb a tower for the final round, trying to hit the target with a bow and arrow. The player closest to the center wins.
Reward: Afternoon at a makeshift coffee bar.
Winner: Sheamus (shared with Fredrick)

Reward Challenge: Weapons
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th
Castaway Sheamus Amazon
Mayson Amazon
Hall Amazon
Neasa Amazon
Delma Amazon
Fredrick Amazon
Isaiah Amazon
Jenn Amazon

Sheamus and Fredrick arrive alongside Jeff at a small shack, with countless pastries and coffee-based beverages awaiting them. Jeff prepares iced coffees for the pair, before wishing them well on the reward, leaving them to enjoy themselves for the afternoon.

I was really glad for Sheamus to bring me along with him on the reward. He was one of the first allies I made out here, and recently there's been a lack of communication between us because of how fortunate we've been to stay in power positions. This afternoon gives us the chance to enjoy ourselves, and work out where both our heads are at after drifting these last few days.


Quote1Well, cheers... here's to twenty-five days of friendship.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1And hopefully fourteen more...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Absolutely!Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1... I forgot how good it was to drink something other than boiled water.Quote2- Fredrick
This is my second straight reward that I've won, and both times I've managed to bring someone along who I can effectively be like... look what I've done for you here, now you owe me. It's horrible, because I don't like to do favours just to get something back. But, this game is about positioning yourself further up, and these rewards give me the chance to do that.


The duo spend a large amount of their time gorging on the vast display of pastries and beverages, laughing as they realise they will likely feel sick later in the day due to the sugar-crash. Once they settle down, the pair decide to discuss their thoughts for the remaining two weeks of gameplay, wanting to ensure they have the upper hand over the other six back at camp.

Quote1I'm still completely on board with us going to the top five.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Same... I think we should definitely do Mayson and Delma next, and then Hall if we think we can keep Isaiah.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1We can definitely keep Isaiah with us. He spoke to me at the last reward and said he's happy for it to be me, you and him as the top three.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Then I'm good with that. I can give you my word.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1I love Neasa and Jenn... but we want to end this how we started it. So I'm swearing right now, hand on heart... that I'm sticking with you and Isaiah until the end.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1I appreciate that. On my mothers eyes... my dads eyes... my eyes! (laughs)... I want us to get to that top three.Quote2- Fredrick
Today couldn't have gone any better for us. It gave me and Sheamus a chance to just hang out without anyone interrupting, and it felt like old times on Tambaqui. We've sold ourselves into this final three deal between the two of us and Isaiah, and I'm completely okay with that. I am thinking what if they decide to take one another to the end, and is it really possible I could win that final challenge... I don't know, but I think when the time comes I can make a strong enough argument to get them to vote one another. It's down to whichever way the wind goes.



Back at camp, the other six members of Jacaré get ready for a day of work. Hall voices his frustration at losing yet another reward, wanting to finally get the chance to enjoy one after a consistent losing streak.

Sheamus has won more than anyone else out here. The guy gets soda, the best fishing gear, ice cream, baths and now coffee and more food. It's annoying because I'm starvin' out here man... and we've got one person taking all the spoils. I kinda wish it was him that busted up his leg and not me...


Hall lays down in the shelter, asking Delma to fetch him some water. Delma tells Hall to "do it himself", reminding him that no one is anyone else's servant during the game. Hall becomes annoyed with this, using his leg injury as an excuse as to why he is doing very little work around camp, and asking others to do his tasks for him.

Quote1If you can't walk around why not volunteer to sit by the fire. Keep it going and break up the wood. You're just laying in the shelter... if you wanted someone to wait on you then you should have kept Edweena around.Quote2- Delma
Quote1Yeah, I should've. But you know don't thank me for wanting to keep you here 'cos I owe you...Quote2- Hall
Quote1Remind me to send you a thank you card when I get home.Quote2- Delma
Quote1Oh quiet down, man...Quote2- Hall
Quote1Yeah... "calm it bro, chill out man"... keep using your go to lines and we'll all work around you for the day.Quote2- Delma
I'm at the end of my rope out here. I'm without company I enjoy, and Hall just knows how to press my buttons. I can't stand his laziness, or his constant high levels of irritability. I had to remove myself from his presence today and took off to go fishing alone. I'd much rather be surrounded by the carnivorous piranha than the blood sucking leeches in my camp.


Jenn, Mayson, Neasa and Isaiah stand and watch the argument unfold, saying nothing as Delma leaves camp alone to fish. Jenn and Isaiah stay by the fire, whilst Neasa and Mayson work around camp to ensure that their daily tasks are done before sundown. Hall continues ranting to himself about Delma's "inconsiderate" attitude, although no one seems to acknowledge his complaints.

I do feel bad for Hall, seeing as his leg is in such a bad state. It's swollen up and he does look to be in pain each time he moves. But, to say that before this he was a hard worker who contributed and didn't order people to do things for him... wouldn't be exactly true. Apart of him might be happy with the injury because it allows him to be more lazy, but with less guilt over the whole thing. That is, if Hall as an individual is capable of feeling guilt for his behaviour at all; which I'm not so sure he is.


The tribe spend the rest of the day conflict free, welcoming Fredrick and Sheamus back from their reward, before all sitting down to a meal of three fish caught by Delma during the day. Both Fredrick and Sheamus take very little food, not wanting to cause friction after the blowup between Mayson and Isaiah at the previous post-reward dinner.

Day 26

During the afternoon, Fredrick, Delma and Isaiah stand by the rivers edge together, casting off the tribes fishing net in order to catch the group dinner. The trio discuss the upcoming immunity challenge, with Delma talking about her apparent certain elimination.

Quote1I know I've got to win, or else it's me.Quote2- Delma
Quote1It looks that way.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Never quit though, right?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Right. Although I'm not sure how much good optimism will do me.Quote2- Delma
These past few days I've not had any hope of getting out of my precarious position. The younger crowd have clearly aligned themselves together, and Hall and Mayson have both sold themselves into their servitude until they'll be discarded of. I don't think there could be a more difficult group to find cracks with, because it's hard to know what exactly the end game is for these people.


Quote1Is there anything I can offer you two, or say to at least have you consider voting someone else? I mean, either those two young girls hold a lot of say over you guys, or you can start working on how to take back your own control. Mayson and Hall are two votes that are far more dangerous than me on my own... and Sheamus has quickly established himself as the one with the impressive track record so far.Quote2- Delma
Quote1You're public enemy number one. Saving you is like trying to save Malcolm X at a Klan rally.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1(laughs) But wouldn't you want to save Malcolm X at a Klan rally? I would! Do you want me to beg because I'll beg... I've lost all sense of pride out here.Quote2- Delma
Quote1I think we're thinking more about what is the right move that also keeps us safe long term. Would we be your first choice of who you'd want to work with... or will you "beg" to everyone else?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Honestly? You're my preference, but if someone else offers me something first I'll jump on it... I'm not going to pretend that I'm banking it all on you two.Quote2- Delma
Quote1This is why I like you. You're honest and don't bulls**t in the game full of bulls******s.Quote2- Isaiah
I feel sorry for Delma because she wants to play this game so, so badly... But there's no real avenue for her to work through. No one is willing to give her anything, because everyone is convinced they're in a great position. Mayson and Hall should never have ditched their group of five, because from my version of the truth they've got no route to the end. I could be wrong, and it might be me that needed to have made the move. I don't think it's me... but just in case I'm going to keep observing everything, and if I get the impression that my final three deal with Sheamus and Isaiah isn't going to work, then Delma might have found herself a new ally.


Back at the shelter, Sheamus and Neasa lay together next to Hall. As Sheamus and Neasa flirt together, Hall begins to pester the pair over their apparent closeness. At first the duo ignore Hall, instead focusing on one another.

Quote1You taking Neasa on your next reward? I mean you keep winning them all, bro... If you're making it official then you're gonna take her next right?Quote2- Hall
Quote1... (sighs)Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1I'm just saying, man. You act like this is real and not just for the show...Quote2- Hall
Quote1Act like what is real? We're talking...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(laughs) Course you are...Quote2- Hall
Since his injury I think Hall has had some sort of mental slip from reality. He's become extremely bitter, and takes every chance he can to have a go at someone. He's upset because he can barely compete, and that no one wants to spend their time with him. We keep saying how Hall's injury means he's not a threat, but the annoyance he causes around camp is starting to get so excessive that a few of us have said we'd vote him out next. He can get the food he wants, get his leg fully treated... and we can all have peace of mind during the day.


Quote1What's up with you? You really don't have anything to do but keep making jibes?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Why you getting mad, bro? I'm just passing the time. Saying what I see...Quote2- Hall
Quote1Well, why don't you stop seeing and start minding your own business.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Now the attitude starts...Quote2- Hall
Quote1Yep, such an attitude. Irish temper. Whatever you want to call it. Keep quiet and please don't speak to us unless you're saying something of meaning.Quote2- Neasa

Hall laughs, clearly enjoying that he is getting a rise out of the pair. The pair continue to ignore him, wondering whether keeping Hall around is worth it any longer. Further away in the woods, Mayson and Jenn start walking back to camp with a pile of wood.

Our goal right now is to continue eliminating the older women, and right now our last target is Delma. I'm not totally convinced that voting Delma out next is right... and that's because I don't know where Jenn and Neasa's heads are at. Are they two floating votes, or are they in some sort of agreement to go to the end with some of the other guys?


Quote1So, have you and Neasa thought about what you'll do after Delma goes?Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Uh, kinda.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Do you mind if I ask what you're planning?Quote2- Mayson
Quote1... for my game?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1For after Delma leaves.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Well, I guess it would be to vote for Hall because he can't stay out here for too much longer.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1How would you both feel when it comes to Isaiah and Sheamus? Because you four are kinda tight, and I don't know if you'd be able to do that.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Uh, I wouldn't let a short-term friendship effect my chance of winning this game.Quote2- Jenn
I find Mayson really annoying. Like, really annoying. He orders people around, talks in a condescending manner all the time, and tries getting information in the least subtle way possible. I'm not so sure he even realises how close he is to going home, but if Delma wins immunity tomorrow then he will be getting my alliance's votes. Even if Delma doesn't win, there's a chance he could go... and I'm not going to object to it. Between him and Delma is just a tiny smidgen of being the most annoying person out here.


Quote1I'd like to have a deeper conversation about this with you girls.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1I'm not so sure we've thought that far ahead though. I mean, would you not vote Hall out?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1... I think there's smarter moves we can make, and a big worry we've got is that the four of you will try and take control after Delma goes.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Then... don't vote Delma. I can't tell you what to do, but assume what you want I guess. There's no final agreement between us, and I can see that certain people are more threatening than others.Quote2- Jenn

The pair reach the shelter, dropping their wood off by the fire. Jenn walks over to Sheamus and Neasa, rolling her eyes as they ask her how she's feeling. The three begin whispering, joking about their frustration at being left alone with Hall and Mayson.

Quote1Somehow... Delma doesn't seem so bad to live around anymore.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1I know... at least she leaves us alone.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I wouldn't mind keeping Delma. I mean, Mayson does better in the challenges... so if he goes we can keep the rewards between us.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1We're actually such jerks... but I can't even play nice around some of these people.Quote2- Neasa

The fishing trio return with a large haul, preparing the meal for the tribes dinner. The group sit around talking, looking forward to the next immunity challenge, knowing there are several ways the vote could go depending on the result.

Day 27

In the early hours of the morning, Sheamus and Neasa collect tree mail, reading the information for their upcoming individual immunity challenge. Sheamus laughs as he reads the mail, speculating that the challenge will involve eating undesirable foods and drinks.

Quote1Well, at least Hall finally gets to eat his food.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(laughs) You can tell him the good news.Quote2- Sheamus
Eating disgusting things isn’t exactly my… preferential challenge. I don’t think I need immunity today, so I’m not going to be too fussed if I end up losing. My group of five hold all the power right now, and any of the other three could be going today. It’s relaxing to know that we’re heading into a challenge again without needing to prevent anyone from winning. It’s almost become too easy for us…


Upon return to camp, the pair take turns reading the tree mail to the tribe, with several tribe members screaming as they catch onto the belief that it will be a food eating challenge.

Quote1You know it ain’t gonna be nothing good.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Didn’t you say you were hungry today?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I’m good now…Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Hall, you’re gonna win this one right?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1I’ve had some pretty bad things in my mouth through life, so this shouldn’t be a challenge for me.Quote2- Hall
When it comes down to deciding between Mayson, Delma and Hall… I’m tempted to get them to draw straws, or maybe each guess a number and whoever is furthest away goes. Make a game out of it for them… Delma seemed like the obvious choice for all of us, but I get that Mayson is the bigger physical threat… and Hall is quickly becoming the most annoying. Sheamus’ reasoning for keeping Delma… saying that it would benefit his chances of winning, does raise red flags in my head. It’s getting to the point that we need to start building an impressive track record throughout the game, and if we make it easier for Sheamus to win then he won’t have anyone left to really compete against him. I like him a lot, and it’s great having him here to hold onto me, but I don’t intend to let him win the million dollars.


The final eight arrive at their next immunity challenge, where their fears are confirmed to be true, with the contestants undergoing an elimination style food eating challenge.
Challenge: Amazon Menu
For the first round, the castaways must eat an Amazonian grasshopper. First six to finish move on. Second round, they eat 10 live coconut worms. First four move on. Third round, five beetles. First two move on. For the final round, they must eat live Amazonian beetle larva. The first to finish wins Immunity.
Winner: Mayson

Immunity Challenge: Amazon Menu
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Castaway Mayson Amazon
Fredrick Amazon
Neasa Amazon
Sheamus Amazon
Hall Amazon
Jenn Amazon
Delma Amazon
Isaiah Amazon

The group return to camp with Mayson now wearing the individual immunity necklace, granting him a spot at the final seven. Hall congratulates his friend, but laments over his own inability to win an individual competition.

It’s annoying me now man, that I’m one of the biggest guys out here, and I’m the only one who hasn’t won a single thing or gotten to go on a reward. Every single other guy has, and it’s just not fair anymore. I blame my leg, and even though eating doesn’t really require my leg, I think that the physical pain is just getting to me and effecting my performances, y’know? Either way, tonight I want an easy vote and think it’ll be Delma. She’s become pretty tired these last few days, and she knows her time here is done. But if for whatever reason a better plan is suggested, I’m happy to take a swing at Sheamus or Neasa, because I’m bored of hearing them making out at night. It’s gross, man. We’re less hygienic than a Boston-based prostitute and they’re out here going first base.


Knowing she is in danger, Delma decides to immediately begin campaigning, not wanting to lay down and accept her seemingly cemented fate. Delma approaches Isaiah, Fredrick and Sheamus as a group, asking them if they have considered voting anyone other than herself. The three men answer honestly, telling her that with Mayson immune it seems unlikely that she'll have any escape from the vote.

The worst outcome possible for me was Mayson winning immunity, and unfortunately that's exactly what happened today. I gave a terrible performance, and once again couldn't do anything to change my fate out here. If anyone needs to try and change the vote right now it would be Mayson and Hall, but the pair of them are playing so poorly that they wouldn't even consider doing so. My only shot tonight is to try and pitch something to the other three boys, and convince them that Neasa and Jenn might use Mayson and Hall at the next vote to even out numbers. It'll be difficult to get peoples heads out of their asses, but if I can put it well enough then I think I might just have another few days left in me.


Quote1My argument tonight is that you all say you want to play it safe, and that is fine. I completely understand that. But voting me out isn't the safest move for you three...Quote2- Delma
Quote1How so?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Look at the numbers. You've got three, the girls are two, the other boys are two. The girls both want to have control here, and if they catch onto the fact that you will hold all the power if they continue following you... which they will... then you're in trouble. They'll simply put two and two together and make it four votes versus three.Quote2- Delma
Quote1Wait, what?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1I'm saying if I go tonight, then you're risking four people coming together and cutting down your group of three, which would clearly hold a lot of influence if you were allowed to progress any further. If you keep me in, I'd never have the girls approach me to work with them... and it guarantees you hold onto your influence.Quote2- Delma
Quote1I see what you're saying... but that's assuming us three have a plan to go to the top three together.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1It's speculation, yeah. But I think if you're not planning on going together then you're mad, because those other four won't take any of you to the end. Not when you'd beat them.Quote2- Delma
Delma being the intuitive woman that she is has thrown out a scenario for us that makes a lot of sense. I don't trust Neasa or Jenn, and I'm still very weary about how things will go down when it's seven of us in the game. Keeping Delma holds that one person around who will take everyone's attention, and it could prevent a potential combination of the other four getting a majority after tonight.


Quote1So your pitch for tonight would be what?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Vote Hall. It leaves Mayson weaker as a player.Quote2- Delma
Quote1And saves our sanity...Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Exactly. It's a win-win. Please, just let me know what you're planning to do... Don't lead me along today.Quote2- Delma

Everyone begins packing their things for tribal, although several people are notably feeling safe enough not to take their belongings. Jenn, Sheamus and Neasa sit together moments before leaving, talking about their thoughts on Mayson winning.

Quote1He kept grilling me yesterday, asking me what plans were. He and Hall are driving me nuts...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1More than Delma?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Delma doesn't even talk to us, so it's better.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1True...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1I just wish he didn't win...Quote2- Jenn
Tonight the vote is going to be decided by myself, Isaiah and Fred. We're in the best position right now, and we've got the biggest say over the others out here. Delma has been in the hot seat since we merged, and has got lucky twice so far... whether or not her luck will continue tonight is up to us. Hall has been pushing people to their limitations, and voting him out would give us an even bigger say, and a clear path to the top three. But we've seen time and time again this season that giving people a second chance can come and bite you in the ass, and I don't doubt keeping Delma could give her the extra energy to take our heads off at the next tribal council.


At tribal council, Mayson starts off by talking about his joy at winning individual immunity, glad to have broken Sheamus' winning streak. Mayson claims he's unsure whether he needed the necklace, but that he wouldn't want to find out by giving it up to one of his tribe members. Neasa is asked about the progression of life at Jacaré, stating it is a constant "up and down". When asked to elaborate, she somewhat jokingly talks about Hall's worsening attitude. Hall denies being "more grumpy", saying he just wants to see "and end to fakeness" around camp. Jeff asks Sheamus about whether the group are basing votes on who is a bigger threat, or who is an easier target. Sheamus tells Jeff that it is a combination of both, although Delma interrupts and tells Jeff that it is "constantly the latter", noting the systematic elimination of the older women. Delma goes into a short speech about people in the game needing to consider their own positions, or else they will regret "doing nothing" as time passes. Neasa commences the voting after Delma's speech, with everyone quickly writing down a name, with no signs of pausing as the final eight write on their respective parchments.

Quote1I'll read the votes. First vote... Delma.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Delma.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Delma. That's three votes Delma.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Fredrick.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Delma. That's four votes Delma, one vote Fredrick.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sixth vote... Ninth person voted out and the second member of our jury... Delma, that's five, that's enough. You'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I can't say I'm shocked. Have fun kiddies...Quote2- Delma

Delma smiles as she takes her torch over to Jeff, somewhat glad to have the weight of the game lifted off her shoulders after spending her last few days without her friends. The final seven grab their things and head back to camp, knowing now that without the older women they must cannibalise one another, leading some to ponder whether going along with the group consensus was the right move for their own games.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Delma Amazon
Delma (7 votes)
Fredrick AmazonHall AmazonIsaiah AmazonJenn Amazon
Mayson AmazonNeasa AmazonSheamus Amazon
Fredrick, Hall, Isaiah, Jenn,
Mayson, Neasa, Sheamus
Fredrick Amazon
Fredrick (1 vote)
Delma Amazon
Delma Amazon Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

I've been fighting a losing battle ever since the merger, and I'm not shocked to find myself now a member of the jury. The others let me know that I was leaving, and it gave me the opportunity to take in this last day and appreciate everything I've seen out here. I am sad that lots of those back at camp haven't had the guts to play the game, which is why I made sure to send my last vote against Fredrick, who I feel is one of the weakest left out there. I am hopeful that Sheamus can reach the end, because I think he's the one person who I'm content in losing to.


Still In The Running

Delma Amazon Eliminated
Edweena Amazon Eliminated
Jayla Amazon Eliminated
Jenn Amazon
Karyn Amazon Eliminated
Neasa Amazon
Subira Amazon Eliminated
Veronica Amazon Eliminated
Ceri Amazon Eliminated
Fredrick Amazon
Hall Amazon
Isaiah Amazon
Jody Amazon Eliminated
Kennedy Amazon Eliminated
Mayson Amazon
Sheamus Amazon