"Where Did He Come From?"
Borneo Ep 13
Season Borneo
Episode Number 13/13 (013)
First Broadcast May 21, 2014
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Where Did He Come From? is the season finale of Survivor: Borneo.


Day 36 (night)

Rattana return to camp having just voted out Razzy from the game. Sarah doesn't hide her excitement for both Razzy's exit and her spot in the final four, jumping up and down upon reaching the shelter. Olivia begins laughing, while Tia remains silent, feeling alone as the last Pagong member.

When we got back to camp the two Tagi girls celebrated. They celebrated the fact that they had got Pagong down to one member, feeling as though they'd both won the game. I looked at Teddy and he kind of did that passive shrug he always does, as if to say 'Oh poor you, I feel so bad, I'm so empathetic'... Like no. You helped vote Razzy out too after leading me on to believe that you were voting WITH me. I now know that I'm pretty much the next to go, unless I can do something magical and work my way to the end.


Quote1So I guess Eli was right.Quote2- Tia
Quote1Right about what?Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Tagi having a final three deal.Quote2- Tia
Quote1Come on don't be bitter about it.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1I ain't being bitter... But I think you all should know... And Teddy I hope you're listening too... That this three cant go to the end together, after you send me home think about it... Do you want to play with someone who WILL beat you in the end? Or with two others who are definitely going to vote you out over each other. Goodnight.Quote2- Tia
Tia decided to throw her thoughts out there back at camp, saying that we need to all think about what we're doing because... Well basically what she said was 'Girls don't go with Teddy, he'll beat you. Teddy don't go with the girls, there's two of them, you wont have the chance to beat them.' People keep raving on about this Tagi final three... It's not even a thing, had Olivia and Sarah been on Pagong I'd probably have voted with them still. I have known for a long time I'd like to separate the two girls before the final three, because that way going into the final challenge its every man for himself... Not two against one.


Day 37

The tribe lay in on day 37, enjoying the calm morning weather. Teddy gets up and begins making some breakfast, noting there is only enough left for three more meals. He watches the sunrise as the rice boils, and is soon joined by Tia, who is eager to save herself from the next elimination. She sits down next to him, bringing up that if he goes with the other two, he will have two people to beat in order to make the final tribal council, where as if he takes her, he will have one person to beat, as she is willing to take Teddy to the end with her.

Quote1I was going to actually approach you about this. I think you and I both know that those two are joined by the hip.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1So lets take one out...!Quote2- Tia
Quote1Exactly. We take one of these two out, and we can take top three.Quote2- Teddy
Tia and I both made this agreement that we'd vote for one of Sarah or Olivia next tribal, and I'll stick by that. It's just safer for me to have one of them present, because with the two of them it lowers my chances of making the final tribal council. Tia has said she'd take me to the final two, so I'll be going with her deal. However, I never offered Tia final two myself, as its risky to take her over Sarah or Olivia, when both are proven to be disliked by the others in the game.


I think I might have just saved myself by telling Teddy I'll go with him. I don't intend to fully keep my word to him in this game. I don't want to go to the end with Teddy, but its better to have him present in the final three as he'd take me to the end, that way I don't have to rely on myself solely to win the challenge.


Olivia and Sarah get up from the shelter, sitting with the group as they have breakfast. The group briefly discuss being in the final four.

Quote1I never would have thought that I'd be sitting here right now.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Me either, back on Tagi I thought that I'd last maybe ten days before I quit...Quote2- Sarah
Quote1I had this period on Pagong where I thought that everyone was coming after me, so I had this paranoia and I had to scramble like hell! If someone told me then I'd be here twenty days later, I wouldn't have believed them.Quote2- Tia
Quote1But we're all sat here.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Exactly, something I'm proud of and y'all should be too.Quote2- Olivia
To have gotten this far is amazing, and to know that I'm inches away from the final two is even better. The plan is to take out Tia and then Teddy, and for myself and Sarah to make this final two. If that happens then this time next week I'm a hell of a lot richer.


It's all quite bittersweet right now. I'm the last of my tribe, which is an accomplishment and a saddening fact at the same time. I'm in the final four, but this could be as far as I go. It sucks to think you've got this far just to slip now.


Sarah goes off alone to collect tree mail, finding photo's of the fallen comrades. Sarah spends several moments looking through the photo's, finding them amusing. She returns to camp, informing the tribe that the next immunity challenge will be at tribal council, and that they will have to answer questions based on those who have left the game.

Quote1Well I'm screwed...Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Oh God me too...Quote2- Olivia
Quote1I don't even remember these peoples names...Quote2- Sarah
Quote1It's not going to be that hard though... I mean... They'll just ask about their kids and stuff right?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Probably... Or just facts about them in general.Quote2- Tia
I feel confident going into this challenge, I've gotten to know other people in the game quite well, and it looks like that'll pay off for me in the long run, because it helps you socially, strategically... and now it helps you in a challenge.


Myself and Olivia don't have a chance to win this competition. It's a bit unfair because now I was obliged to speak with Uri or Danni or the other guy... Our hope is that Teddy can go into the challenge, win it, then we vote out Tia. If Tia does win immunity, then myself and Olivia have stated that we'll vote out Teddy.


If Tia wins tonight then I know I'm on the chopping block which isn't great. The good things about that is that it means I can get away with voting out Sarah or Olivia without seeming as though I went for them before they came after me. It would however be nice to not have the girls voting me, because to go home at four would truly suck... If I wanted fourth place I'd have stayed with Eli, Alice and Danni.


The group depart for tribal council, where they are about to face their penultimate immunity challenge, before immediately voting someone from the game.
Challenge: Fallen Comrades
The final four castaways will be quizzed about their fallen cast members. Most correct answers would win Immunity.
Winner: Tia

Immunity Challenge: Fallen Comrades
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway Tia Borneo
Olivia BorneoSarah BorneoTeddy Borneo
Olivia, Sarah & Teddy

After winning immunity, Tia cheers out loud, while Sarah and Olivia look awkwardly at one another. The group are not given a chance to discuss the vote, having been expected to have done that before tribal. Teddy admits to feeling as though he is about to go into a tie, with Olivia and Sarah stating they know one of them will likely also be in the tie. Olivia speaks up, stating that it'd be best for Tia to "remove a threat", before looking at Teddy. The group go up one by one, casting their votes.

Worst outcome occurred, sorry about this Ted!


Hey, your a threat... So this isn't all bad. You did good though.


It's been fun.


God knows how many this is now...


As the votes come in, the tie becomes a reality, with both Saran and Teddy receiving two votes. Teddy and Sarah both nod, having expected this to occur. Olivia breathes a sigh of relief, knowing she has made the final three. Jeff then gives both Sarah and Teddy a chance to speak, before Olivia and Tia revote, as Teddy and Sarah are both now ineligible to vote.

Quote1Sarah?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Ummm... Well... Tia... I hope that you can change your vote because you know going with me and Olivia would be, uh, much better for you because... Well neither of us are a big strong man who is liked by people (laughs)... It would be better to go with us because... You can beat us easier?Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Thanks Sarah. Teddy?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Ok lets put it out there. Olivia if you vote for me again, there is another tie. We go into a tiebreaker, now think logically... Who is going to win in a tiebreaker, myself or Sarah? No offense to Sarah.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1None taken.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1So you can either side with us now, or you side with Sarah and alienate yourself going into the final three.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Ok, thanks guys. Tia, if you'll grab the urn for me.Quote2- Jeff

Tia grabs the urn, taking it back to the voting area, writing down her revote. Olivia goes up next, standing for several seconds before writing a name down. As the re-votes come in, Olivia is revealed to have jumped ship, voting long time ally and friend Sarah out of the game. Sarah laughs, muttering "unbelievable" as she walks over to Jeff, holding her torch. Jeff snuffs Sarah's torch, and she leaves the tribal council area, with a jury of happy faces watching her exit. Teddy turns to Sarah, giving her a single nod, which she doesn't respond to. The group learn that they will be facing their final individual immunity challenge the next day, and that one final contestant will be voted out of the game, leaving two to face the jury on day 39. The final three depart tribal council, all apprehensive as to what is coming their way.

Tribal Council 13:
First Vote (Tie) Revote (Sarah & Teddy
ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Sarah Borneo
Sarah (2 votes)
Teddy BorneoTia Borneo
Teddy & Tia
Sarah Borneo
Sarah (2 votes)
Olivia BorneoTia Borneo
Olivia & Tia
Teddy Borneo
Teddy (2 votes)
Olivia BorneoSarah Borneo
Olivia & Sarah
Teddy Borneo
Teddy (0 votes)
Sarah Borneo Eliminated

Hate to have gone before Olivia and Tia... Neither of them really did much... At least I brought beauty to the game. I don't have much to say other than I wish Teddy good luck.


Day 38

The final three are woken up early by Jeff, who has come to inform the group that they will be facing their final immunity challenge momentarily. The group gather their things, and head off to take part in the 'rites of passage'. The group arrive at a sand spit where they are greeted by tribesmen and women who shower the group in paint while they take part in a spiritual activity.

Today, really is for you guys. It is the final rite of passage, of this entire Survivor experience. At the other end of the sand spit is the final immunity challenge, to get there you must first walk through these pawn fronds. The natives are chanting 'the spirit is around you'. Then you all must pass the staffs of your fallen comrades, and as you go, take a moment to reflect on them. You will then pass through the bamboo curtain and walk barefoot across a fire pit where the ambers are burning at twelve hundred degrees Fahrenheit. For thirty nine days this island, sometimes a paradise, sometimes a nightmare, has embraced you as one of its own. We have some mud from the mud volcano, because I feel its important a little piece of the island goes with you in this experience.

–Jeff Probst

The group walk through the passage, reflecting on each contestant as they pass their torches, before reaching the end of the spit.

There have been so many steps along the way that you've stepped through one door into another area. What we want this to be, right now, is a way for you guys to take everything that you've become over the last thirty eight days, and channel it into one powerful experience.

–Jeff Probst

The group begin the challenge, all remaining silent for the first half an hour. Eventually the group briefly talk to one another, trying to put each other off in hopes that they will let go. Jeff asks who feels at risk if they don't win, causing all three contestants to reply with "me". Olivia puts her free hand up while saying "me", nearly slipping off in the process, causing Teddy and Tia to slightly laugh. After two and a half hours, Tia's back leg gives in, and she slips from the podium, leaving Teddy and Olivia as the last two. Tears stroll down Tia's face as she goes to sit down in the sand, knowing her place in the game is now in another contestants hands completely. Four hours into the challenge, Olivia begins to make it clear that she cant last much longer. Before dropping down, Olivia mentions to Teddy that "remember I'm hated", slipping off into the dirt, granting Teddy immunity, and a spot in the final two.
Challenge: Hand on a Hard Idol
Each tribe member held on to the immunity idol while standing on a small log. The person who lasted the longest wins Immunity.
Winner: Teddy

Immunity Challenge: Hand on a Hard Idol
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd
Time Elapsed 4 hr 2 hr 30 mins
Castaway Teddy Borneo
Olivia Borneo
Tia Borneo

The final three return to camp, with Teddy now immune from tribal council, guaranteeing him a spot in the final two. Tia and Olivia both feel bad about the situation, especially Tia, who feels that Teddy would be tough to go against in the end. However, Tia holds out hope that Teddy will take her to the final two, assuming that their deal for the previous tribal meant he would take her to the end and vice versa (although Tia admits she wouldn't have lived up to her end of the deal). Olivia feels as though she has a chance, believing that she could get the votes of Alice, Eli and Sarah if she is to face the jury, and Tia, if she is the one voted out, meaning she would be the winner of Survivor: Borneo.

Tonight Teddy holds the power, but it doesn't worry me too much. I do feel that if I'm given an opportunity I can get him on side with me, and if Teddy takes me to the end I definitely think that there are four individuals on the jury who will vote for me to win this game. I'm actually feeling so excited! Teddy is under the impression I wont win, and I'll play that up, all in hope that he takes me over Tia.


Sucks that Teddy won because I'd have voted him out... easily. Facing Olivia in the end would be an easy win for me in my opinion, it just sucks that now it'll be me in third or me facing Teddy. Teddy doesn't seem like the kind of guy to go back on his word when it was a blatant deal, so I hold out hope that he'll be keeping me in this game.


Teddy decides to give the girls instructions before scrambling begins.

Quote1Ok girls, I know you'll probably both want to talk with me about stuff. Could you both just give me five minutes to myself? Just to think things through?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Sure Teddy, good job againQuote2- Olivia
Quote1Yeah good job Teddy.Quote2- Tia

Teddy goes off to the shoreline, sitting to think about different outcomes that could occur depending on who he picks to face off against in the final two.

To be confirmed as a member of the final two is far greater than anything I've felt in this game so far. I do feel like my odds are really good going into this final tribal, its not just because I'm facing off against Olivia or Tia, but because I genuinely feel I've played a very good game. Yes people will be hurt, but I'm hoping that in the end things can go my way. When I sit up in the final two I don't want 'Where the hell did he come from?' ... I want people to know why I'm up there, and why I deserve the million dollars.


Olivia comes to join Teddy on the beach, giving herself the opportunity to speak with him about taking her to the final two.

Quote1Go ahead.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Ok, so as you can probably tell I'm not liked by many people in this game. As much as that hurts, it's probably going to help me a bit today, because clearly taking me to the end seals your win. I mean... I know I sound like I've got no hope but lets be honest, I don't. Just reaching the end would mean a lot for me, even if I don't win. Tia has friends on that jury... Uri, Razzy are guaranteed to vote for her... And maybe even me if I go home, and if I'm voting Tia then Sarah will probably join me.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Threatening me like that wont really help... (laughs)Quote2- Teddy
Quote1It's not a threat... I'm being truthful. Tia your not guaranteed to win... With me, you ARE!.Quote2- Olivia
I've done all I can. I've given some truth to Teddy... Well the kind of truth he'd believe. I still keep faith that I can wrangle in quite a few votes when it comes to the final tribal council.


Tia comes to join Teddy on the beach after, checking to see if Teddy will be taking her to the end.

Quote1So Teddy... We're still good?Quote2- Tia
Quote1Good?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1The deal...Quote2- Tia
Quote1What you'd have taken me to the end had you won immunity today?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Well yeah... Obviously...Quote2- Tia
Quote1Swear to God you would have.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1I... I... Well, swear on your daughter that you'll take me to the end!Quote2- Tia
Quote1What? (shakes his head) That weren't what I asked...Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Teddy don't even think that taking Olivia is gonna help... She has Sarah, Alice and Eli all loving her from what we saw... That's three...Quote2- Tia
Teddy is acting all shady now, I swear if he screws me right now I will flip my s**t!


Quote1Plus you if I don't take you right...?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Yeah!Quote2- Tia
Quote1So you propose I vote out Olivia and what... beat you?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1I think you'd have a hell of a lot better shot then with her, yeah.Quote2- Tia
Quote1Ok, I hear you.Quote2- Teddy
We're now headin' off to tribal and I've got my bags all with me and its getting really emotional. I don't want to go home. Not now. Not after all I've been through out here (wipes tears)


Both girls made similar arguments in that the other will beat me in the final two. Maybe they're right... Maybe not socializing with certain people will be my downfall, which is fair enough. But the fact I could lose to one of these two is just... unthinkable. Neither one gave a better argument for me to oust the other, so I need to use the only reliable thing I have out here, my own head. I wont make my mind up until the last minute of tribal, at which point I'll take whoever I feel I can beat in the final two.


At tribal council the jury look on, seeing that Teddy will be one half of the duo facing them at the final tribal council. The only juror showing visible emotion is Sarah, who smiles as she sees Olivia and Tia on the block. Teddy mentions that he is over the moon to be granted a spot in the final two, and that he asked both girls why he should take them over the other, revealing that they both feel they'd be personally easier to beat. Due to not having a clear answer as to who is the least threatening, Teddy admits that he is still undecided on the vote. This causes Tia to become visibly frustrated, stating she thought she and Teddy had made an agreement, although Teddy claims this was only for one tribal. Olivia then begins to speak up, stating that Tia has friends on the jury, as Olivia speaks, it becomes apparent that Sarah, Danni and Uri are rolling their eyes, which Teddy picks up on. Jeff announces that neither Olivia nor Tia will vote, as both their votes cancel each others out. Teddy goes up to the voting area, writing down the name of the contestant he wishes to remove.

I feel overall you are the bigger threat, although I do honestly think I could probably beat you... Which is why you lasted longer than your 'duo' member.


Jeff collects the single vote, flipping it over to reveal that Teddy has decided to vote Tia out of the game. Tia shakes her head, standing abruptly and leaving the tribal council muttering curses. As Tia leaves, Olivia shakes her head laughing, feeling the same relief Teddy did when he won the immunity challenge. Jeff informs the final two that the power will now shift to the jury of seven, and that tomorrow evening, they will be facing them in order to decide who will win the title of Sole Survivor, and the million dollars that comes with it.

Tribal Council 14:
Tia Borneo
Tia (1 vote)
Teddy Borneo
Tia Borneo Eliminated

(while crying) I... I... I just feel so s**t right now that I worked so hard just to go this close to the end. F**k Teddy and f**k his lies. Olivia can win it now just to make me feel better that we're not rewarding a lying pig... I wish I could go back in time just to change a few things but I can't... And I have to live with that now.


Day 39

Teddy and Olivia wake up as the final two, getting their things ready to face the jury. They are informed that they will be leaving the camp for good, and must burn whatever they leave behind. Teddy brings the raft towards the shelter, adding the cooking pots, rice bin and cutlery to the pile, before Olivia sets it all alight. The final two hug one another, knowing that they will now be fighting to earn the jury's vote that will grant one of them a million dollars.

This is it, day thirty nine. Everything we've done up until this point is for this one day, and to be here is completely terrifying... Out of sixteen people I'm one of two to make it to the very end.


I'm going in feeling good tonight... I think after last night I've gained another vote on the jury for sure. I know there are several members who are quite annoyed at Teddy for the way he played, feeling strategy needed to overrule everything else. It feels quite immoral for him to have done this but... We'll see what gets rewarded.


The two depart the old Tagi beach, both shedding a tear as they head to the final tribal council.

Final Tribal Council

Olivia and Teddy take their places at the final tribal council, before the jury walk in one by one. Uri, Danni, Alice, Eli, Razzy, Sarah and Tia, all looking at the final two, some with blank expressions, other with cold glares. Jeff informs the final two that they can both make opening statements about their game, and why they should win the million dollars. The jury then will ask questions or make statements, helping in their decision making process. Then the jury will vote, granting one of the final two the title of Sole Survivor.

Quote1Olivia, start us off.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Hi guys. I know you all know enough about me as a person so I'll leave all of that out of it tonight. I think you should judge me for who I am and who I was in this game, because it doesn't matter what you are outside, we're judged on how we present ourselves in the relevant time. I felt at the beginning of this game I took it easy, finding two good friends in Ben and Sarah. I tried my best to get along with everyone, helping out when I needed to. I realized that playing easy wasn't going to work after we lost Ben, so I stepped up, and I got myself and Sarah in a good position that allowed us to cease back control with Razzy and Tia, while Teddy came along for the ride. By the end I do feel I made strategy when it was needed, not for the hell of it. And I earned my place in this final two, having been in a bad position multiple times.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Thanks Olivia. Teddy?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I'd just like to start off by saying I'm glad Olivia has a speech that mirrors her overall game... Deceitful and full of s**t. (Uri, Razzy and Sarah burst into laughter)Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Continue Teddy.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Ok. So, as you all know coming into this game I've mentioned my daughter a lot, I'm playing this game for my family, I need the money for my family. I told myself round about the time Larry went home that I'd play this game strategically, making sure that I was never on the receiving end of votes, or at least not to get enough that would send me out of this game. Clearly I succeeded in that, as I'm sat here, while a majority of those who tried to get me out of this game at any point, are either on that jury, or not even around anymore. Although I have broken my word several times during this game, I feel as though I came up with a strategy that got me to the end of this game, looking forward rather then in the present, being aware of what could occur or what would occur depending on what moves I made. If I was to take strategy completely out of this game, and say I had none just like Olivia... I still feel my 'game' as it were, is much better then hers. Around camp I worked harder than anyone else, and I know you would all admit that as you said it time and time over during the course of the game. I got to know you guys as best I could, even when I didn't have much in common with the person, such as Uri, who I'd consider one of my friends out here. Overall I hope you look at the big picture here, you're rewarding someone you feel deserves to win this thing, not someone who hurt you less than the other just because the other wasn't afraid to make use of a strategic game.Quote2- Teddy

Razzy's question:

Quote1Hi guys. I just wanted to say congratulations, you both did work hard for this in your own ways. I just wanted to know what would be your biggest regret in this game and why?Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Teddy?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I feel if I have any regret in this game it would be... It's not so much a regret, more something that bothers me... It's how I turned on Danni, Alice and Eli... I felt out of everyone left in the game they were serious players and for me to stick with them would put me on that jury because there wasn't a chance I would beat any of them. Because I really liked all three of them it made the process of eliminating them tough.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Olivia?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I feel my biggest regret in this game was probably how we alienated Danni a bit back on Tagi... I feel that it was the main reason for her flipping at the merge, and maybe we should have done more to avoid that.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Ok... Thanks guys.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Thanks Razzy.Quote2- Jeff

Alice's question:

Quote1Ok guys I really don't have much to say tonight other than this, Teddy, I don't think you can sit there and say for having a 'good strategic game' that your entitled to the million dollars more so than anyone else. I was so wrapped up in strategy. So wrapped up in it. That it actually spoiled the game for me, because there are aspects about all these people around me, all these amazing and interesting people, that I will never know... All because I was busy talking about how to spell 'Uri' while fishing with Eli. You out of everyone else seem to think strategy hasn't harmed you, well tonight I want to put that to the test. I want you to show me that you got to know me and aspects about my life during the ten days we spent together, considering you 'liked' me so much, as you claimed earlier. I want you to tell everyone here what the name of my girlfriend is.Quote2- Alice
Quote1Your girlfriend?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Yes, my girlfriend. My sexual partner, if that makes things clearer for you.Quote2- Alice
Quote1I... I don't know... Chrissie? (shrugs)Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Wrong, on so many levels. Teddy had you spoken to me more you'd know that I'm not in a relationship with a woman... I have a long term boyfriend called what Olivia?Quote2- Alice
Quote1Chris.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Chris, right. See Teddy you can slate Olivia for not playing the game, but she did... Olivia bonded with me enough for what must have been two days... Finding out this information about me. She might not have cared, but I can get the impression she cared enough to listen to me. Where as with you I can make up the most ridiculous claims about my personal life, and you wouldn't be able to tell me what is fact, and what is fiction. For this reason Teddy, you will not be getting my vote tonight, but I wish you luck, as you did play a good strategic game... Even though it was, in my opinion, the only game you played.Quote2- Alice
Quote1Thanks Alice.Quote2- Jeff

Eli's question:

Quote1Don't worry, I'm gonna go much easier on y'all. I have one question for you both, then another question for Teddy. First of all, what did you both miss the most while out here, and why?Quote2- Eli
Quote1Teddy?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Man you know my answer for this one... My wife, my daughter, my brother... I missed everyone in my family so much. You and I spoke about this together and we related through it. So I don't think I need to tell you much more about that because you know what they mean to me.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Of course man. Olivia?Quote2- Eli
Quote1I missed basically everything.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Everything?Quote2- Eli
Quote1Yep, like... Food... Family... Everything.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Ok... Teddy... I want you to explain to me... Why you picked Razzy to go on the reward with you, when you and I had spoken about how much we missed our family... And that we said we believed whoever went on the reward might be able to see someone they love.Quote2- Eli
Quote1Eli, I didn't take you simply because had I done so I would have got a lot of hate from the group, they'd all think I was with you... And that would be bad for me. I had also spoken to Razzy about similar things we talked about, and I felt he would be just as deserving as you to get a reward in this game.Quote2- Teddy

Sarah's question:

Quote1No questions only a statement... Olivia, you were someone who I felt was my friend in this game... You are someone I thought I could trust... You shoved a knife so deep in my back that I can still feel it there. You had NOTHING to lose in that revote... Had we gone to a tiebreaker and I lost Teddy would still have won the next challenge and you would still be in that final two position... Because you suck... You suck in every way possible that you were locked for a final two position. You voted me out because Teddy inserted fear into you, and you crumbled under the fear.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Sarah I just want to sa-...Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Be quiet Olivia! If I wanted to hear you talk I'd go to the zoo! Having sad all that, I hope that you go home without the title of Sole Survivor... Because the person who really deserves it is sat next to you. I hope everyone on the jury sees this too, and doesn't make a joke out of what otherwise was a competitive and fun game.Quote2- Sarah

Uri's question:

Quote1I'd just like to make a point. Olivia, you did nothing... You lazed around and didn't do a thing until after I was gone, even then from what I hear you were limited in your actions. I can only judge you on what I saw, and I saw nothing. You wont be getting my vote tonight. Teddy, just like me you're a very clever man, and I think you redeemed yourself by turning on Alice, Eli and Danni... Knowing that Alice was a very good competitor. So for that reason you will get my vote, good luck.Quote2- Uri
Quote1Thank's UriQuote2- Jeff

Tia's question:

Quote1I'm hurtin' right now. Teddy you lied... You lied to my face. You made a deal with me... that we would...Quote2- Tia
Quote1Tia, we didn't make no deal.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Yes we did Teddy! Yes we did! And don't you sit there denying it!Quote2- Tia
Quote1Tia, the deal was that we'd stick together in the final four tribal where we BOTH needed each other! There was never an agreement that it was going to final two!Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Comin' in here tonight I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt, let you maybe argue your case. But the fact your still lying, making me out to be some kind of idiot, like I'm dumb. Nuh-uh, aint happenin'. Olivia, you didn't do a thing and you don't deserve anything more then ten dollars, but somehow I'm voting for you to get a million, good luck.Quote2- Tia
Quote1Thank's Tia.Quote2- Jeff

Danni's question:

Quote1Sadly I don't really have a question for you guys. But you can respond if you feel the need to. Anything you say will effect my decision. Olivia, you were cruel... Maybe not as cruel as Sarah was... But you were cruel. You sat around doing nothing, gossiping, bullying individuals and making me feel like... making me feel the pain I haven't felt since high school when other kids would be mean to you... You're not a nice person. Maybe you didn't backstab or break deals like Teddy did, but Teddy played the game holding a good personality forward, something you failed to do. It doesn't matter that you never broke a deal with me... What matters is you made my life hell out here, and you sat back, and partook in the bullying and isolation of fellow Tagi members Larry and Ola, something I will never forgive you for, and no one else here should forgive you for either. I may be going home with a lower placement than you, but in life, I am much higher then you sweetie, because you are truly a sad, sad individual, and I hope that you aren't rewarded anything tonight. In fact I'll make a further plea to the jury... I will donate any money I make from this experience to charity if we can refuse Olivia the win, we're not only setting an example in this game, but one in life, how would your family, friends or co-workers feel to see that bullying is rewarded? Please consider that when you all vote tonight. Teddy... It hurts to speak to you right now because you broke my group up and ruined my chances of winning. Arguably I did that myself (laughs)... I cant hold a grudge, I screwed Tagi, you screwed me. Screwing me is why, I hope, you're winning tonight... Because it got you to the end, going up against competitors who clearly you were far superior to. I hope you put the money to good use, and spend it helping your wife and child who you love so much. Thank you.Quote2- Danni
Quote1Thank's DanniQuote2- Jeff

Jeff thanks the jury for a lively final tribal council, giving them several minutes to gather their thoughts before the voting. Teddy and Olivia sit in silence, looking at the jury, not wanting to make eye contact with certain members. Jeff signals the start of the voting, beginning with Alice.

As I said, I'm voting you Olivia. Probably not for the right reasons though.


Good job buddy.


Congratulations... You managed to change my mind tonight. Other totally blew it...


Peace, much love... You've upset people, but you were harmless to me.


Surprised I ended up doing this in the end... Congratulations.


(says nothing, but places vote aggressively in the urn)


If only I could vote myself. I guess your the second best choice.


Jeff collects the urn, wishing both Olivia and Teddy good luck, before reading the final votes. The jury sit eagerly and watch on, all hoping for their personal choice to win the game. Jeff removes the first vote, and begins the ready, he reminds the contestants that it takes four votes to win
Jeff: First vote... Teddy
Jeff: Second vote... Teddy
Jeff: Third vote... Olivia
Jeff: Fourth vote... Olivia
Jeff: Fifth vote... Teddy
Jeff: Sixth vote...
Jeff: The winner of Survivor Borneo... Teddy!
Teddy jumps up with his hands over his hand, not able to believe that he has just gone on to become the first ever Sole Survivor. Teddy hugs Olivia, who looks visibly disappointed. All seven jury members walk over and hug the final two, with some only going as far as a hand shake. Teddy is left alone at the tribal council area, the winner of a million dollars, a new car, and the first ever Sole Survivor.

I can't believe it. I know I told myself time and time over that I could win this, but until it happens you can never be sure. Despite winning there will always be regrets, I just hope I'm able to keep the friends I made out here, and I hope my family can be proud of what I achieved. Just want to thank everyone for making this an amazing experience, I couldn't have asked for anything more.

–Teddy (on winning the title of Sole Survivor)

Tribal Council 15:
Teddy Borneo
Teddy (5 votes)
Danni BorneoEli BorneoRazzy Borneo
Sarah BorneoUri Borneo
Danni, Eli, Razzy, Sarah & Uri
Olivia Borneo
Olivia (2 votes)
Alice BorneoTia Borneo
Alice & Tia
Olivia Borneo Eliminated
Teddy Borneo

Still In The Running

Alice Borneo Eliminated
Eli Borneo Eliminated
Eric Borneo Eliminated
Julia Borneo Eliminated
Mandy Borneo Eliminated
Razzy Borneo Eliminated
Tia Borneo Eliminated
Uri Borneo Eliminated
Andrew Borneo Eliminated
Ben Borneo Eliminated
Danni Borneo Eliminated
Larry Borneo Eliminated
Ola Borneo Eliminated
Olivia Borneo Eliminated
Sarah Borneo Eliminated
Teddy Borneo