"When Girls Come Together No Man Is Safe"
Thailand Ep 10
Season Survivor: Thailand
Episode Number 10/13 (062)
First Broadcast December 30, 2017
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When Girls Come Together No Man Is Safe is the tenth episode of Survivor: Thailand.


Day 27 (Night)

The final seven return to camp having just experienced their first tribal council after the merge, in which Ricardo became the second member of the jury. Kanda and Karen look around at the others, knowing that Phillip flipped to join Chuay Gahn, leaving the pair in the minority.

Coming back to camp after Ricardo just left the game I tried my best not to lash out and start calling everyone out on their lies. I'm annoyed at both Aaron and Salma for not joining us in the vote against Julius... but most of my annoyance is concentrated towards Phillip. I've had my issues with Phillip for twenty-seven days now... and I don't know why I expected us saving him last tribal council would've somehow changed what kind of a person he is. Kanda and I are screwed unless something changes in the next few days...


Several conversations begin to take place, all straying away from the topic of the tribal council vote, not wanting to spend too long dwelling on an event that will likely cause arguments.

Quote1Well, that's that I guess. Congratulations guys...Quote2- Kanda
Quote1I do want to say... girls, I hope you know why I did what I did...Quote2- Phillip
Quote1I owe you thanks Phillip... I know we're all feeling that the wounds of this tribal are still open, but I honestly am thankful.Quote2- Julius
Quote1Why don't we leave all this talk for tomorrow... Let's just acknowledge us seven are all still here, and let the game continue in the morning.Quote2- Vince
Tribal council couldn't have gone any better for my side tonight. Aaron managed to get Phillip to join us, and both he and Salma didn't fall for the pitch put out there by Ricardo and the girls. I do feel sorry for the girls because I know it can't be easy coming back here when you've voted in the minority... Oh wait, that's exactly what happened to me... on day three! I'd love to tell them don't give up and things can always change, but it's in my interest to keep them both at the bottom and send them on their way. There is a concern now that people are pointing out who may be calling the shots here... but if we can focus on taking out Sook Jai then that's my tribe down to the final four, and then all I need to worry about is getting myself to the final tribal council.


Day 28

Salma and Karen spend the morning checking the tribes fishing nets, noticing that they remain empty, and have done since the tide has risen and made it more difficult for the group to catch fish.

The last few days the water around our beach has been pretty rough, and the result is that we can't go fishing like we use to, and when we've tried it has been a waste of our time... or we've had events such as me nearly losing the net. We can't risk something like that happening again because we've only got one chicken left, and we're running short on almost everything else in our food supply.


Quote1I don't want to go back to eating the snails...Quote2- Karen
Quote1Oh God, neither do I.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Can I ask... why did you stick with them? Last night I mean.Quote2- Karen
Quote1(sighs) It was tough... but I just felt coming with you guys I was a guaranteed fourth at best. If I stick with the boys I think I have a genuine shot...Quote2- Salma
Quote1Is that it then? Am I gone next with Kanda?Quote2- Karen
Quote1I wouldn't count yourself out. If this game tells us anything time after time it's that you never lay down and die. If people did that then this final seven would look very different.Quote2- Salma
I do appreciate Salma giving me at least a glimmer of hope, and even though it could just be the safest answer for her to give, I felt there was a bit of sincerity in her words. I adore Kanda, but this is an individual game now... so if I need to find a way into a good spot I can't be thinking about bringing her with me.


Back at the caves, the others sit around waiting for their next reward challenge, hoping to win some sort of food in order to fix the hunger sweeping over the tribe. Julius seems distant during the conversation, with his mind still on the last tribal council.

Now that I've been singled out as the supposed control freak of this tribe, I'm going to be more cautious about how I play the game. Situations like the one we're in now usually end with someone such as myself going home... and it'll happen when Salma and Aaron wise up that they'd have a better shot at winning if they go against me. I am glad that it didn't happen last night, and I think they're both playing it smart so that they get the numbers down so that when they do flip... it'll grant them the best shot of making the final two. So all I know is I need to maybe tone things down, or even reach out and try to make closer deals with them in order to smooth things over... if I do catch a scent that they'll be turning anytime soon, I won't hesitate to throw Karen and Kanda a lifeline and send one of my group to the jury.



Upon reaching the challenge, Jeff informs the players that they will be taking part in a challenge that requires them to work together in order to win. The rules are explained, with the group realising that as soon as the challenge begins, the individual who fails to pair up will automatically be eliminated, and that the two quickest pairs to move themselves successfully across the wooden planks will move onto the next stage of the challenge. The remaining four will then race under a course, with the three fastest moving onto a wall in which two must work together to get over. The final two will then race one another, with the first to get across a balance beam earning themselves a trip to mainland Thailand where they will enjoy an elephant trek and a large feast.

The challenge is interesting in that it's going to force a lot of us to show who we do and don't want to work with... and maybe it'll aid us in seeing who is on the bottom of what is currently a majority alliance.


On Jeff's "go", the group rush to pair up and get going on the wooden plank course, with the pairs predictably being Aaron & Phillip, Julius & Vince and Kanda & Karen, leaving Salma as the automatic elimination in the challenge. Kanda and Karen make quick work of the course, having good balance, with their smaller physiques allowing them to pass from post to post more easily than their competition. The two male pairs struggle, with Phillip often falling off the planks, causing his pair to fall behind and ultimately fail to cross the first section of the course, eliminating them from the challenge. The final four of Julius, Kanda, Karen and Vince then take part in the belly crawl under the bamboo course, which both boys complete first due to their speed, with Kanda finishing close behind, leaving Karen struggling in the middle of the course. Unsurprising, the two boys work together to get over the wall, completely ignoring Kanda as she stands next to them, knowing she isn't someone the tribe would welcome winning the reward. During the final section of the challenge, Vince proves to be the better at moving with speed, finishing the challenge and winning himself the reward. The tribe congratulate Vince, who is then given the task of bringing one other person along with him.

Quote1Oh God... Uh, this is tough. I think the fairest thing is to uh, pick the person who I couldn't have won this without... So Julius, you deserve this one too.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Thank you buddy... (he hugs his friend)Quote2- Julius
Quote1Alright, Julius joining Vince on a elephant trek through the jungle, followed by an authentic Thai feast. You'll be collected tomorrow from your camp, you can all head on out.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Challenge: Knock-Out
Competing in pairs, the Survivors would have to race in a four-stage obstacle course. Each stage was designed to eliminate players. In the first stage, the castaways had to pair up, with the remaining player instantly eliminated. Then the pairs had to negotiate their way across towers using two wooden planks to bridge the gaps. The first two pairs to successfully make it across would move on to the next stage, a belly crawl under a bamboo course. The first three Survivors to finish the belly crawl would move on to the third stage, a wall climb in which they had to use the aid of another competitor to help each other over. First two to climb over the wall would move on to the final stage, a race along a bamboo balance beam. First person to complete the balance beam and cross the finish line would win.
Reward: A trip to the mainland for an elephant trek through the Thai jungle, along with an authentic Thai lunch.
Winner: Vince (shared with Julius)

Reward Challenge: Knock-Out
Result Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Castaway Vince Thailand
Julius Thailand
Kanda Thailand
Karen Thailand
Aaron ThailandPhillip Thailand
Aaron, Phillip
Salma Thailand

Chuay Jai

The group return to camp, some feeling bitter about the challenge, particularly Salma, who noted that when it came to pairing up, she was left alone.

The irony of me saying this challenge would show who is on the bottom, only to be the person left out of all the three pairs... I guess that means I'm on the bottom. I'm not shocked, and I half expected it, but it's a different thing when it becomes a reality before your eyes. I might have to look at whoever is voted out next, and link up with the partner they've left behind... I need someone to watch my back for when I'm not around, because as of now it doesn't seem like anyone is doing that.


Kanda also seems annoyed by the result, feeling that Julius and Vince ignoring her at the wall portion of the challenge showed a weakness in their own games. The three girls end up together by the fire, discussing their annoyance at some of the results.

Julius and Vince didn't go about things very well... with me at least. I knew the second Karen didn't make it through the crawl that I wouldn't be getting over that wall, because the boys are always going to pick each other over me. But there is such a thing as managing the votes of those who will make up the jury... and right now I'm looking to be one of the next ones who'll be a jury member. If Julius and Vince keep disregarding others so blatantly then a lot of us may second guess voting them to win if they're sat there at the end.


Quote1It was a bad move...Quote2- Kanda
Quote1What was?Quote2- Karen
Quote1Picking Julius... they're making it too obvious that they want to stick together until the end.Quote2- Kanda
Quote1I did think that... Half of me thought that maybe they'd take me, Aaron or even Phillip for holding things together at the last vote.Quote2- Salma
Quote1That would've been smarter.Quote2- Karen
Quote1Or even taken me or Karen... give us a nice day before they send us to the jury.Quote2- Kanda
Quote1Well, if they keep it up then maybe this is one of their last days before they join the jury...Quote2- Salma

The three girls laugh by the fire, all somewhat excited at the prospect that Julius or Vince may be voted out at the next tribal council, viewing it as a fitting event to repay them for what the others see as a disregard to the others around camp. Off checking the nets, the men of the tribe discuss the reward, feeling it'll be a nice break of the game for Julius and Vince.

Last tribal council I made a big move by siding with Chuay Gahn and saving Julius' game, and one of the things he said to me after was that he owes me... and I think that extends to Vince as well, because his game is very much reliant on Julius still being here. So when it came to Vince selecting someone to join him on the reward, I thought it would be an ample opportunity for the repayment to be made, and some gratitude to be shown. Instead he selects Julius, and makes it seem as though what I did means nothing...


Quote1I hated having only one person to pick. I mean ideally we can all go on these things... but then it wouldn't be much of a competition.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Nah, it's fine. You won and the reasoning made sense...Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Personally, I will admit I'm a little disappointed.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1I know man, but I had only one other spot and I think based on how it went... Julius really deserved to go.Quote2- Vince
Quote1What about last tribal? I just feel I put my game out there for you guys and this could've been a nice way to repay that decision I made for you.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1(sigh) If it means that much you can have my spot...Quote2- Julius
Quote1No, no. It's fine... I want to earn my place on reward anyway.Quote2- Phillip
When Julius went to offer up his spot I nearly thought damn, let me offer mine up to Aaron then. I'm grateful to Phillip for helping out my game, but to spend hours alone with him isn't high on my bucket list.


Quote1Okay, how about next reward we rotate then. Make sure we all get a shot at going on them?Quote2- Julius
Quote1Sounds fair...Quote2- Vince
Quote1I'm good with that.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Phil?Quote2- Julius
Quote1Yeah, yeah sure.Quote2- Phillip
Initially when I was selected to go on the reward I wasn't too phased, but it's starting to show that maybe it is another way others can pin a target on my back. Phillip in particular seemed upset, and the girls all went off and started talking, which as we all know usually leads to trouble because when girls get together no man is safe (laughs). Last season we saw the force women can be when they put their interests together, so I think a bit of damage control is needed... Or else me and Vince will find ourselves back in the minority we were in on day three.


Day 29

The group get up in order to see both Julius and Vince off on their reward, not wanting to put negative impressions on them before they leave for the day. They see a boat approaching to pick the boys up, all gathering as it draws closer to the beach.

I think everyone wanted to just show some sort of kindness in waving Vince and Julius off, but there was definite jealousy in the air. Everyone was saying "have fun" and what not... but I think we were all wishing it was us.


Julius and Vince climb aboard the boat waving goodbye to their tribe mates as they go off for their reward, leaving five individuals envious back at camp.

Looking back at the group I was nervous to be leaving them all together in their current state, because neither myself nor Vince are present to try and prevent anyone from getting any ideas into their head that a move should be made. It's going to be hard for me to switch off and enjoy the reward when all I can think about is that my demise could be underway back at our beach.



The pair head off for their reward, eager to put their minds at ease in order to enjoy the day, but somewhat cautious that their leave may entice others to plot against them. They arrive at the helicopter that will fly them to the mainland, with the ride quickly distracting them from the paranoia of the game.

I've never been in a helicopter before, and I was a little nervous at first. But thankful because when nerves take over my attention was solely on me being in the helicopter, and to worry about something that doesn't involve tribal council for once does feel like a release.


Quote1My God...Quote2- Vince
Quote1This is incredible.Quote2- Julius
Quote1I'm just in awe that we're doing something other than sitting on the beach (laughs)...Quote2- Vince
The helicopter ride could've been a reward in itself, because we got to see ourselves leave the confines of the island and head towards the mainland, and below you could see sandy white beaches and then suddenly this lush greenery. After what felt like thirty minutes or so we got back on the ground and headed in this bus, and I'm just thinking how long until we get the food...


Eventually the private bus pulls up to a small area of the jungle, with both the men being ushered out towards an elephant and guide, waiting for them to begin the jungle trek.

Quote1Holy s**t... (laughs)Quote2- Vince
Quote1No way... no this is crazy.Quote2- Julius
Quote1When I say all I've ever wanted to do was see elephants in the wild... I never expected to be getting on one. Who gets on first? You go first I want to see how stable it is...Quote2- Vince

The duo get on the elephant, sitting on the seat places on its back, before heading off along the path for their jungle trek towards the feast. Both men laugh constantly throughout the journey, whilst also enjoying the beauty of the landscape around them. Julius admits he isn't a huge animal person due to their "unreliability", which Vince jokes can be extended to "half the people back at camp". They finally reach their destination, sitting around a small table where they are brought an array of authentic Thai dishes.

The food was one of the best things I've ever tasted. I'm sure that has a lot to do with the fact I've eaten bland boring foods the past four weeks, and that Asian chefs are simply the best out there. It reminded me of growing up with my dad, who is Japanese... he'd always cook for us and be so conscious of flavour and the enjoyment around food... and having this meal really took me back to that.


Quote1So uh, what do you think we should do about the trouble brewing with others?Quote2- Vince
Quote1As in how they're viewing me... or us?Quote2- Julius
Quote1Yeah, I think we've got to find a way out of it fast.Quote2- Vince
Quote1My biggest worry is Phillip because of how all over the place he is. Aaron I'm not too worried about... Salma is... (sigh)...Quote2- Julius
Quote1I can see her pulling something off. Salma and Phillip are the two I've got marked.Quote2- Vince
Quote1So what, do we try and pull in Karen and Kanda ... vote for Phillip or Sal next?Quote2- Julius
Quote1Uh, I just see Kanda being smart enough to use that against us. She'd use it to create a divide and get one of us out. Karen would probably take it because she's more about getting safety regardless of how she does it... Kanda is methodical.Quote2- Vince
We need to really work out a plan that can keep both myself and Julius safe, because we're not ignorant to the fact that others at camp will be talking about voting us out today. I came up with the idea that we could maybe make a political move by bringing some of the food back for the tribe, and maybe even sneaking specific things back and giving them to individuals in private... Maybe telling them that we only got this back for them, and that could potentially create an idea in that persons head that both Julius and I hold them above others, and will therefore feel the need to keep loyalty with us.


Chuay Jai

Back at camp, the others get on with chores around camp, with Aaron and Salma going off to collect water for the tribe. The other three ex-Sook Jai members sit around the fire, not saying much until Phillip proposes that they eat the last remaining chicken.

When the guys went off to eat their reward and enjoy their day without me... I wanted to find a way to make this day a little bit better. I'm stuck at camp with Karen and Kanda, who both hate my guts for voting against them last tribal council... and the only thing that can unite us all for a bit of peace would be a meal... so I said screw it, why not eat the chicken between the five of us.


Quote1I don't think we'll really get away with eating a chicken without the guys...Quote2- Karen
Quote1And? They're eating now on a reward. We can just say the truth... we're starvin' and wanted to enjoy ourselves.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1As much as I understand where you're coming from here, I think it's just a step too far in the wrong direction.Quote2- Kanda
It doesn't surprise me at all that Phillip throws his toys out of the pram after he's left out of the reward, because he has a sense of entitlement. So it's only natural that someone so selfish then requests to eat the chicken between those of us left at camp. He pulled this c**p back at Sook Jai, and he's not changed a day since then... I haven't spoken to him really since last tribal council because I can't stand to look in his face without feeling the need to scream.


Quote1So what, we're going to just sit here and starve?Quote2- Phillip
Quote1You're welcome to go and look for clams by the rocks... it is what I'm going to do in a bit.Quote2- Kanda
Quote1(sighs) You guys care too much about what others think...Quote2- Phillip
Quote1Well I mean this is a game where others decide your fate... (laughs)Quote2- Kanda
Phillip is a joke, he's a complete joke. He spelled it out for us today when he accused me of caring too much about others opinions. Phillip hasn't cared what people thought since the start of this game, and that's precisely why he'll never win a game like this. You can break your word, lie and cheat your way to the end... but when you look into the eyes of seven people you treated like dirt, and now ask them to vote for you to win a million dollars... they'll laugh and karma will have its way.


Later on in the day, the five sit around the cave, with the girls sitting close together to discuss Phillip's actions that took place earlier.

Quote1So he just wanted to eat the chicken?Quote2- Salma
Quote1Yeah, he's just always out for himself in this game. That's what you guys don't understand... he's with you now but soon he'll find a way to cut your throats.Quote2- Karen
Quote1Oh don't worry hun, I know his type.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Then why keep him around? Karen and I are more than happy to vote for him next... if you do it... all we need is one more, and I don't think Julius and Vince will be too happy to keep him around when they hear how he's been talking today.Quote2- Kanda
Kanda and Karen do want to keep themselves safe, and I know they'll try anything to make that happen. We're all becoming fed up with Phillip, which I understand is his life story within this game... and I'd be more than happy to see him voted out next, but what remains the priority is that we vote out the biggest threat to my game. Is that person Phillip? I don't know, but if the girls can convince me that it is... then I don't think it'll be too difficult to persuade the boys that Phillip needs to be sent to the jury.


At sundown, the boat bringing Julius and Vince back to camp arrives on Chuay Jai's beach. The two men walk through the shallow water to their tribe members who greet them upon their return. The two men reveal that they have brought back a small pot of shrimp soup for the entire tribe, much to everyone's delight.

I think all the bad feelings towards the boys evaporated as soon as it was made clear they had brought us some food back... Which of course was extremely generous of them. Had they not done that I think people would have been questioning their position on the tribe...


Karen and Kanda are picked to reheat the food for the five that stayed behind, giving both Julius and Vince a chance to carry out their plan of giving 'individual' food/drink for those they want to keep within their alliance, attempting to win it through bribery. Vince gets Salma to help him with his things, at which point he quietly passes her a flask with some beer, telling her that he snuck it back specifically for her.

Quote1It's all I could get...Quote2- Vince
Quote1Oh my gosh... Oh my gosh! I've gone on about how much I've missed beer... I might cry (laughs)Quote2- Salma
Quote1Because it's not much I thought I'd just slip it to you... the others have the soup still but I wanted to look out for my friend here.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (she kisses his forehead)Quote2- Salma
I'm completely aware that this is a way to buy favour with me. The boys know I love beer, and I've said all I want is some wine or beer or a nice spirit to make me feel good out here, and they've pulled through. I appreciate the gesture... but I can't always be bought. But it does make me hesitant... when someone looks out for you in any way, you don't want to respond to it by sticking a knife in their back.


Simultaneously, Aaron and Phillip are pulled aside by Julius, who takes the boys for a walk down the beach, where he presents them with dumplings taken from the reward. He tells both boys that they are just for them, and that the girls can't know as it will "remind them that they are the next three to go".

Vince's plan was ingenious... we've buttered up two different sides within the group, and hopefully they'll both think they're the one highest on our totem poll. Phillip and Aaron ate up and will shut up... the looks on their faces said it all. Salma may be a bit more weary, and is the one I'm concerned could talk about the 'extra' gift. If they all put together what we've said then this plan falls to pieces... but until then, everything seems to be going smoothly.


The group sit down to enjoy the meal brought back by Julius and Vince, who abstain from eating any more, feeling as though it would be unwise to do so given the soup was meant for the five that didn't go on the reward.

Day 30

After a day of waiting around, the group eventually receive tree mail informing them that they must head to their next individual immunity challenge, knowing that it will take place in the evening, giving them very little time to strategize once the challenge is over.

Today I still feel that either myself or Karen will be voted out should we lose, so I've got to go in today and try my very hardest to make sure that I win immunity. If not, then the plan we're going with is to target Phillip... I'd love to take the chance and target Julius again, but I'm struggling to see how we'd pull it off. We've got to go for the safest option, and right now it's to get them to turn on the rat.


Right now Karen and Kanda are the targets, and we know one of them will be leaving tonight. It's great to be in a position where we don't have to worry about challenges because if one of them does win we'll just send the other home. My personal preference would be to vote Karen out, as she and I get on far less than Kanda and I... But if Karen does win immunity then so be it, she's only got another three days until she's guaranteed to be on that jury.


The tribe arrive at the next immunity challenge, being told that it will involve the group answering questions on Thailand and its culture, with those answering questions correctly being given the right to snuff another's players torch.

Quote1Each of you have three torches, and when all three have gone out you're out of this challenge, no shot at immunity tonight. Last person with a torch alight, wins immunity, guarantees themselves a one in six shot of winning this game.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Well that's us screwed... (looks at Kanda)Quote2- Karen

For the first question, all seven get the question right, giving them each the chance to snuff someone else's torch. Karen goes first, snuffing one of Phillip's three torches, causing him to laugh and promise payback. Salma follows suit, also snuffing one of Phillip's torches, claiming it is "nothing personal".

Quote1Julius, you're up next...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I'd say this is random but... (snuffs Karen's torch) it's not.Quote2- Julius
Quote1Ha... (rolls eyes)Quote2- Karen
Quote1Karen down to two torches. Phillip, you're up next.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Phillip decides to give payback to Salma, clearly more annoyed that she snuffed one of his torches than he is with Karen, having expected it from his consistent nemesis. Kanda is the next to snuff her first torch, deciding to knock Phillip out of the challenge.

Quote1Wow... not surprised there.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1Phillip is the first one out of this challenge. Take a seat on the bench. Aaron, you're next.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Aaron snuffs one of Kanda's torches, whilst Vince snuffs Karen's second torch, leaving her with just one remaining. The second question is then asked, with everyone but Julius getting the question right. Karen snuffs one of Aaron's torches, which Salma also does, saying she is just trying to "share the love". Kanda then copies the other two girls, knocking Aaron out of the challenge, with Aaron using his final snuff to take a hit at Salma, much to both of their amusement.

Quote1Salma now down to her last torch, and Aaron is out of this challenge. Vince, make the last hit of the round.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I want to be the last one with all three so... Sorry buddy. (snuffs Julius' torch)Quote2- Vince
Quote1Damn... coming back for you (laughs)Quote2- Julius

The third round then takes place, with only Salma and Kanda getting the answers correct. Kanda tells Salma if she doesn't snuff her torch, she'll promise to do the same, which Salma swiftly agrees to. Salma does however snuff Karen's torch, knocking her out of the challenge, whilst Kanda concentrates on bringing Julius down to one torch remaining.

Quote1And then there were four. Here's where we're at... Vince has all three torches remaining, Kanda has two, whilst both Julius and Salma are left with one each.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Everyone wanna go for Vince?Quote2- Julius
Quote1(laughs) Sure... lets do it.Quote2- Salma

After the fourth question, everyone but Kanda is shown to be right, causing her to look nervous, feeling as though she's about to be put out of the challenge. Salma and Julius follow through with their 'plan', snuffing two of Vince's three torches, whilst Vince decides to snuff one of Kanda's, bringing all their totals equally down to one.

Quote1Just keeping things fair...Quote2- Vince
Quote1If things were fair we wouldn't be doing this challenge...Quote2- Kanda
Quote1Alright, next question... if all four of you are correct, I will ask another, as you'll simply all knock one another out.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Only Kanda and Vince get the question correct, leading Kanda to request that Vince spare her torch and she'll spare his, instead recommending that they both take out Salma and Julius and then "battle it out" between themselves. Vince agrees, much to the concerns of his tribe members. Kanda walks over and snuffs Julius' torch, apologising as she does so, knocking him out of the challenge.

Quote1Alright, Julius take a spot on the bench. Vince, make your decision.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I know what I said... and I'm so sorry... but I think you could win this one... So... (snuffs Kanda's final torch)Quote2- Vince
Quote1A**hole...Quote2- Kanda
Quote1And just like that, Vince goes back on his word and Kanda is out of this challenge. We are down to two... Salma and Vince, the first one of you to get a question right wins immunity and is safe from tribal council tonight.Quote2- Jeff Probst

After two questions where both answer correctly, Salma eventually answers one right whilst Vince gets it wrong, granting her immunity, much to her delight after being automatically eliminated in the last reward challenge. The group congratulate Salma, before heading back to camp in the dead of night, being told they have just thirty minutes to talk before they are needed at tribal council.
Challenge: Snuff It
This challenge tested the Survivors' knowledge of Thai culture, as each castaway had to answer a multiple-choice or true-or-false question. Each tribe member who answered a question correctly was permitted to snuff out a competitor's torch. The last Survivor left with a lit torch wins Immunity.
Winner: Salma

Immunity Challenge: Snuff It
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Castaway Salma Thailand
Vince Thailand
Kanda Thailand
Julius Thailand
Karen Thailand
Aaron Thailand
Phillip Thailand

Upon reaching camp, the group find themselves packing their things, trying to quickly get ready for tribal council. Kanda and Karen panic due to the little time they have to try and turn the vote on Phillip, speaking with Salma quickly in order to try and solidify her vote so that she can convince the others to follow.

We really have very little time after the challenge to get our minds set on voting somebody out, and for me that's a dangerous thing because I am already so far on the outs of this group. Phillip has annoyed people the past few days, and has made himself out to be untrustworthy, but as we've seen so far... these things haven't got Phillip out of the game yet, so I don't know why tonight would be any different.


Quote1Me and Karen will be voting for him... We just need you and then one of the boys and he's gone. And if you can do it then you know you've got our full support...Quote2- Kanda
Quote1I'll see what I can do, but please don't expect too much because my priority here is keeping my game in tact.Quote2- Salma
Quote1I just don't see how you'll get to the end right now and be able to say you commanded this game, when it seems to outsiders like us that you're just going with the flow, a flow which they command.Quote2- Kanda
Kanda's words do hold some weight in my mind, especially this close to the end of the game. If I don't make sure that I can point moves out as my own, no matter who I sit next to at the end I could be criticised for being a follower. I don't know if tonight really is that night, because Phillip is just an irritant... and I can't say he's a threat to me in any obvious sense. But there always is the risk that if I get rid of Karen or Kanda tonight... the boys could band together and vote me out easily.


As time goes on, the group all line up ready to leave, with Salma spotted trying to whisper to Vince moments before setting off the tribal council.

Tonight the vote was originally going to be between Karen and Kanda, and it's tough deciding which of them should be the next to go. People like Karen less, and her leaving camp would mean that we all get on a little better... but Kanda is the bigger threat of the two. She's shown herself to be strategic when needed, good at making deals as we saw in the challenge... and she performs well on a regular basis. If we're playing it smart then Kanda will go tonight, but my heart does come into these decisions... and my heart is telling me that Kanda staying is what she deserves and not something that will dramatically effect the game. However, things have got more interesting... because we now have these new pitches being made that Phillip should go tonight, and it's a relief to know that the backup plan put in place wasn't one against myself or Julius. Is Phillip going to go? If the numbers want it... he's served his purpose... and if an extra vote is required I'd much rather go to one of the girls to get it.


At tribal council, the group look over at newest jury member Ricardo, who seems in good spirits despite his recent elimination. Karen and Kanda speak about their position as outsiders in the tribe, feeling as though they would be the easy vote offs if the tribe want to play safe, eventually claiming that such a path would lead to certain individuals being easily picked off. Karen decides to illuminate what she's saying by claiming that both Julius and Vince will likely be ousted by the other three should they reach the final five, with Aaron and Phillip probably becoming the final two. Aaron and Phillip deny such an event would unfold, with the latter claiming that the girls are just looking for a way to shift attention off themselves, and that anyone would be unwise to help out underdogs, as "underdogs will always win". Jeff gives the group a final opportunity to speak, knowing that they had little chance to do so after the challenge. Kanda and Karen individually give a plea to vote out Phillip, feeling his disloyalty has been shown, and that eventually he will be utilised to end some of their games should they allow him to stick around. Phillip is given the chance to respond, simply saying that his vote remains with Chuay Gahn, and that he will not write any of their names down until both Karen and Kanda have left the game. After the vote, Karen looks over at Salma, Julius and Vince, trying to read their facial expressions to work out if they've made the move against Phillip.

Quote1Once the votes are read the decision is final, person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(mouths to Karen) 'Good luck'...Quote2- Kanda
Quote1(rubs Kanda's shoulder)Quote2- Karen
Quote1First vote... PhillipQuote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Phillip. That's two votes Phillip...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Kanda.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(sighs)Quote2- Kanda

Kanda looks over at her friend, knowing that it will now either be her final moments in the game, or a blindside against Phillip, knowing the former is the more likely outcome.

Quote1Fourth vote... Kanda. That's two votes Kanda, two votes Phillip.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Kanda. That's three votes Kanda, two votes Phillip.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sixth vote... Tenth person voted out of Survivor Thailand and the third member of our jury... Kanda, you'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Kanda nods before giving Karen a hug goodbye, as she grabs her torch, the Chuay Gahn members go to give her a reassuring touch, but she swiftly moves past them, clearly disappointed that none of them made the move against Phillip. Now alone in the tribe, Karen heads back to camp with the tribe, frightened that with Kanda's elimination there are no more potential shields to hide behind, and that her safety can only be found in immunity or the break up of the dominant alliance.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Chuay Jai
Kanda Thailand
Kanda (5 votes)
Aaron ThailandJulius ThailandPhillip Thailand
Salma ThailandVince Thailand
Aaron, Julius, Phillip,
Salma & Vince
Phillip Thailand
Phillip (2 votes)
Kanda ThailandKaren Thailand
Kanda & Karen
Kanda Thailand Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Nice enough person, but just on the wrong side of the power in this game.


Between yourself and Karen, I think we all feel that you're the bigger threat. Sorry.


Phillip, you proved yourself to be all the negative things others have labelled you in this game, and I pray to God that you go home tonight. I don't wish to spend another minute around you.


I half wonder how the people of Baton Rouge are managing without your expertise... Probably just fine.


You're the only person who I do regret having to turn on from Sook Jai, but you surrounded yourself with the wrong individuals. This was your own doing.


Kanda, I love you like a close friend and you have so much to offer this group in both personality and game. Sadly, that's exactly why you need to be voted out tonight. I hope we can grab some coffee ... or maybe something stronger ... when this game is all done.


One of the few people out here who I felt I could connect with on a personal level. Sorry we didn't start this thing together, because we'd be a force heading right for that final tribal council. I can't wait to speak to you when we're back in the States.


Final Words

Well, I gave it my all! Nobody can say any differently. I blame a lot of my elimination on Phillip, he really sold Sook Jai out... including himself. I wish Karen luck, but I don't think she'll be getting much further unfortunately. To those who will regret not siding with me tonight ... ha! Should've listened. Au revoir!


Still In The Running

Chuay Gahn
Aaron Thailand
Gypsy Thailand Eliminated
Harper Thailand Eliminated
Julius Thailand
Rachel Thailand Eliminated
Salma Thailand
Vince Thailand
West Thailand Eliminated
Sook Jai
Estan Thailand Eliminated
Joan Thailand Eliminated
Kanda Thailand Eliminated
Karen Thailand
Melissa Thailand Eliminated
Phillip Thailand
Ricardo Thailand Eliminated
Rick Thailand Eliminated