"Tonight I Will Soar"
Outback Ep 13
Season Survivor: The Australian Outback
Episode Number 13/13 (026)
First Broadcast November 14, 2014
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Tonight I Will Soar is the season finale of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Day 36 (Night)

The final four return to camp, engaging in a group hug, having finally removed Curt from the game, who had cast negativity over his tribe mates since the very beginning. The tribe celebrate by feasting on some of their remaining rice, all laughing and making jokes, feeling as though they are finally free to act how they please.

Quote1Now that its done, I have no idea why we waited thirty six days to do it...Quote2- Victor
Quote1I don't understand why you guys at Ogakor didn't rid him day nine when you had the chance...Quote2- Alia
Quote1The others were idiots that's why... Instead they wanted to target myself, Johna and Laurencia...Quote2- Victor
Quote1But you made it past all of them, so... Worked out ok in the end.Quote2- Carlson
Quote1(laughs) Suppose it did.Quote2- Victor
Tonight we turned on Curt for the simple fact that I didn't want to bring another Ogakor member forward, as I knew Victor would side with him at the final four. Why wouldn't he? Curt was the perfect person to take to the end of this game... I think keeping Reniero around is better because other then his physical game he has nothing going for him... Come next tribal council I hope that our plans wont have to change again, and I'll be able to send Victor to that jury.


Losing Curt is bittersweet. We rid ourselves of the cruelest person to participate in this season... But at the same time I lose someone who I think could have been a good ally going into this final four... No one on the jury liked Curt, and that is what made him so attractive to pair up with. I hope that the trio of myself, Alia and Carlson can vote out Reniero next, as I'd like to end this game being loyal to those I like... The same way I started it.


The final four head to the shelter, all trying to get as much rest before heading into their final immunity challenge.

Day 37

The tribe slowly arise from the shelter, appreciating their surroundings, with the weather for once not being too hot or too wet. Victor and Reniero make breakfast for the tribe, while Alia and Carlson stay by the shelter, discussing which member they plan to vote off next.

Quote1You know its got to be him next...Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Who?Quote2- Alia
Quote1Victor...Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Of course I know that... Its all you went on about before tribal...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Well I'm glad it got through to you then...Quote2- Carlson
I think both myself and Carlson are fed up with one another. He talks strategy all the time and its frankly boring me now... We don't need to keep rambling on and on about who we "need" to vote out. Cant I just get up and enjoy my breakfast before you start shoving your ideas in my face?


Alia's lack of interest in the game is frustrating and promising. She's always taken a back seat in decision making, but this really allows me to gain the upper hand... I feel as though I'm giving it one hundred percent out here... Whilst she's only really giving about half of what she's got.


Whilst making breakfast, Reniero ponders whether he should attempt to strategize with Victor, as he knows both Carlson and Alia will stick together when voting, leaving Victor as the only other free vote in the game. Reniero attempts to lead Victor into a conversation about votes, but Victor attempts to steer the conversation away from the topic, feeling confident in his current position. The two get on with making the breakfast in silence, calling Carlson and Alia over when its ready. The four sit down to eat, with Reniero irritated at his lost opportunity.

Victor is relying on others to take him further in this game, and it really does annoy me. He cant expect to win by waiting for Carlson to tell him what to do! I tried to give him the lifeline he and I need but he basically refused... Tried to change the topic. So I've come up with my own plan now... I will rely on MYSELF to win the final two immunity challenges, getting me to the end of this game... That's all I need to do. I don't need to strategize with any of them... It doesn't matter who is with me in the end... If I can make it there I'm confident I'll win the million dollars.


Reniero knows he's the next one to leave the game, and sadly there's not much he can do about that. Maybe I should consider his plans, but if I'm in a good position I don't see why I should jeopardize my own game for his.


Alia, Carlson, Reniero and Victor discuss being apart of the final four, and whether they had expected to make it this far in the game.

Quote1In all honesty before arriving here I thought that I'd make it to the end...Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Really?Quote2- Victor
Quote1Yeah... But, I mean... Once we got out here... I didn't know how long I'd really last because it was so different to what I had imagined... Especially considering I ended up on this crazy tribe of people.Quote2- Carlson
Quote1As soon as the no-strategy thing came into play I was like "Ok... I'm done"... The fact I'm sitting here right now is... It's just weird.Quote2- Alia
Quote1I feel the same. Watching both allies go home and then to lose for a third time... Had Georgia not said that short sentence about having votes, I would have gone that night...Quote2- Victor
Quote1And it would be a completely different game... The Ogakor alliance would have decimated us.Quote2- Carlson
Carlson made an interesting comment, saying that had I gone before the merge then Ogakor would have ran this game and then one of the 'nasties' would get the money at the end... I took it as a positive in that I am single handedly responsible for how this game turned out... I controlled what happened really... Or maybe its a bad thing... Because based on that logic I'm responsible for four individuals sitting on that jury.


Quote1What about you Reneiro?Quote2- Alia
Quote1Obviously back on Kucha I assumed that things would go my way, and that I'd be late in the game with Neil, Rose and maybe Cindra.Quote2- Reniero
Quote1How did that work out for you? (laughs)Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Not too good (laughs) ... So after I failed back then I thought it was a done deal that I'd be leaving. Then we lost it at the merge so I was ready to go again... Then last tribal I thought I might be going... Its been this constant assumption that I was going to head home... So no... Didn't see myself getting here at all.Quote2- Reniero
Although things never really went my way in this game, to sit here right now is amazing. The fear of going home gave me that boost in immunity challenges. So hopefully the fear that its me next can propel me to win again... If not then, I've had a good ride.


Sitting down with three others, discussing our thoughts on making it this far... It was a nice way to really appreciate what we've done and how far we've come.


Carlson heads off to collect the tree mail, informing the group to leave camp and to head to their next individual immunity challenge. The mail informs the tribe that the challenge will test their memory, which immediately worries Victor, who claims his mind is too jumbled to remember anything. The four head off, knowing that whoever wins will grant themselves a position in the final three, getting them even closer to the final tribal council, and the chance to win the million dollars. Challenge: Memory
This challenge requires memory rather than physical strength. 36 covers have been placed over 18 matching pairs of items from the Outback. Each Survivor must uncover two baskets, revealing their hidden items. The object: match the items and win a point. The person who matches the most items wins immunity.
Winner: Reniero

Immunity Challenge: Memory
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway Reniero Outback
Alia OutbackCarlson OutbackVictor Outback
Alia, Carlson & Victor

The final four return to camp, getting ready for tribal, with Reniero wearing immunity around his neck for the fifth time since merging. Victor stands silently, observing the others, aware that the worst case scenario has occurred for himself. Carlson walks past Alia, discreetly tapping her hand before nodding, giving her the signal that they will be voting for Victor. Alia however doesn't react, and simply stares towards Reniero, who isn't hiding the big grin on his face.

When we got back to camp Alia and Victor both looked like they had been hit by reality... I had the same grin as Reniero because now I can vote Victor out without feeling as though I've betrayed him, which is a load off my conscience. I went up to Reniero quite quickly to inform him what I was going to do... But I am worried... Reniero can easily cause a tie right now because we all know how badly he wants me out of this game. I've had four past votes, and Victor has had... Two or three I believe. That means I'm going if things don't fall into place. I feel confident, and I have no idea why... I think its because Reniero isn't stupid enough to take Victor any further in this game if he wants a shot at winning.


A nervous Victor approaches Alia, asking her what to do, wanting to know what she is planning on doing, aware that he is in danger heading into tribal council.

Quote1You know why I'm talking to you right now...Quote2- Victor
Quote1I do...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Are you voting for me? If you are then let me know now... I'd rather not have any surprises.Quote2- Victor
Quote1I don't know if I can turn on Carlson... He's been there for me since the start.Quote2- Alia
Quote1Curt looked out for me and I turned on him... For you... For us... You cant do the same for me?Quote2- Victor
Quote1It's a bit different...Quote2- Alia
Quote1You're right its different... Curt wasn't winning the game... He was the perfect goat for me... Carlson is winning this game, giving us more of a reason to vote him out.Quote2- Victor
Quote1You really think Carlson is winning?Quote2- Alia
Quote1If he makes it to the end he's receiving a basically every single jury vote, including my own if I'm on that jury...Quote2- Victor
I have to vote out a friend tonight, which would be either Carlson or Victor. Victor pitched to me why he should stay, saying that Carlson is winning this game if he makes it to the end. I feel Carlson and I played the same game, so I don't know if Carlson is definitely the winner... I'd give myself just as good a shot as he has. But maybe this is a warning and I need to make my move tonight... There are good reasons to take Carlson out of this game... But then again I don't know if I want to turn on my closest friend out here in order to take Victor to face the jury, a jury made up of HIS old tribe! A jury that would know more about his game and his struggles then they'd know about mine.


Victor heads over to Reniero, who is lying in the shelter relaxing, knowing that he has no need to strategize (despite having already spoken with Carlson). Victor pitches to Reniero why he should stay, stating that they finally have the chance to take Carlson out of the game, who Victor admits is an individual likely to win if he gets to the end. Reniero nods along to what Victor is saying, claiming that he has known all this since the beginning, and that he wishes they all saw it earlier. Victor tells Reniero that all they need to do is to cause a tie in order to oust Carlson from the game, before leaving to pack his bag.

I've done all that I can. I've given, in my opinion... very good reasons as to why it needs to be Carlson going home. I've worked so hard to get here and to fall out now would be a tragedy, especially if its to allow Carlson to easily get to that final two... If it happens it happens... It would be the fault of Alia and Reniero for handing him the win. My only worry is that I was so confident Reniero would go home, that I didn't bother to talk about back up plans... So now I'm coming across quite desperate and false... That's not going to sway many people...


After thirty four days I have the chance to take out my 'nemesis' Carlson... But part of me just doesn't want to take it. I gave these people the chance to vote him out several tribal councils ago and all they did was laugh and make me out to be a fool, when maybe its time to turn the tables on them... I can beat Carlson in an immunity challenge, I might not be able to beat Victor... Taking Victor out could guarantee me a spot in the final two, where I'd happily go with Alia, who in my opinion hasn't played a game as good as mine. On the other hand Carlson does annoy me greatly still... he is someone who could worm his way into the end... And the thought of him doing so gets to me... So why don't I just prevent that from happening by taking him out tonight?


At tribal council Reniero gloats about being safe, claiming that he knew he'd be next to go, and now he has the opportunity to make the others squirm. Alia claims that she feels safe, as Victor and Carlson are going for one another as opposed to targeting her. Jeff asks Alia whether she feels they don't perceive her to be a threat, hence the fact no one is aiming for her. Alia states she doesn't believe this to be the case, as she knows she is as threatening as everyone else. This comment is met by shaking heads from the jury, particularly from Clarity and Curt. Victor and Carlson are given the opportunity to plea for their safety one last time. Victor claims that Carlson will win if he makes it to the end, telling both Alia and Reniero that they will lose if he stays in the game, and they shouldn't pass up the opportunity to prevent this. Carlson then claims that Victor himself is a threat to win, as he has the underdog story going for himself, and that he has fought his way up from the bottom. Carlson then goes on to say that Victor was confident that Reniero was going home, and that only because Reniero is safe does he decide to act like he "cares" about Alia and Reniero's games, and that he hopes his ex-Kucha members wont be fooled by "trickery". The group goes up one by one, casting their votes.

You're a good friend, and I'm sorry it has to be like this. I know you thought I'd vote with you tonight, but at the end of the day you are a big threat.


Victor, you're one hell of a guy, and a brilliant player. It's a shame to have to vote you out tonight... But you knew this would happen eventually, and you waited to long to fight it.


(says nothing, simply gives a smile before placing the vote in the urn)


Carlson, you're a good kid and a good player. I do think you'll win if you make it to that final two... I wish you the best of luck if I do go home, but hopefully its you... and not me.


As the votes are revealed, Victor see's his name come up twice, whilst Carlson comes up once. The final vote to be removed is Reniero's which is cast against Victor, sending the magician home in a 3-1 vote. Victor smiles and nods his head, accepting that his fate was sealed after Reniero won the immunity challenge. Alia stands and hugs Victor goodbye, who hugs her back, but whispers "you should have voted him...". Victor places a hand on both Carlson and Reniero's shoulders, carrying his torch over to Jeff. Victor wishes the final three luck, before leaving the tribal council area as the sixth member of the jury, leaving only ex-Kucha members in the game. The final three are told that tomorrow they will face their final individual immunity challenge, where one of them will grant themselves a position in the final two to face the jury, giving them a 50/50 shot of winning the title of Sole Survivor, and the million dollars that goes with it.

Tribal Council 13:
Victor Outback
Victor (3 votes)
Alia OutbackCarlson OutbackReniero Outback
Alia, Carlson & Reniero
Carlson Outback
Carlson (1 vote)
Victor Outback
Victor Outback Eliminated

Thirty seven days ago I thought that I'd be going home early... But here I am, fourth place... That's not bad right? I have had the experience of a lifetime here, and I wouldn't change it for anything. My only regret would be waiting until things went wrong to come up with a back up plan, that was my downfall. My loyalty got in the way I guess, but to say I played this game with my friends, and remained loyal to those friends, that's something I feel I can be proud of. I am walking away from here with my head up high, and I wish the final three all the luck in the world.


Day 38

The final three awaken, receiving tree mail which informs them that they will be taking part in a rite of passage. They are told to make small idols to take with them on this passage, and to pack their bags, as immediately after they will head to tribal council where they will face their final immunity challenge. The final three sit together making their idols, discussing their thoughts prior to the final challenge. Reniero openly admits that he knows he will go if he doesn't win the immunity challenge, and that he is somewhat at peace with that. The three begin laughing after talking about days at Kucha before the merge, feeling good at getting three representatives of their tribe to the end.

I might not like Reniero that much as a player in this game... But I feel that having come so far with him around that I've grown to appreciate who he is as a person. There is a lot of... love... between us all right now. We're in this peaceful state where we're so proud of what we achieved that it doesn't matter what happens next... (laughs) Although it does matter because we all want to win... But the feeling we have isn't the same feeling we're use to in this game... its nice.


Having finished their idols, the group pack their things and get ready to head off to tribal council, with all three getting emotional knowing that one of them wont be returning back to camp.

This could be the last time I look at Barramundi camp... I might not see any of this ever again... It sucks because this was my home for so long and now I might be saying goodbye to it.


At this point our priorities are making idols, and now we've had this change of mood where the reality hits us that someone isn't coming home tonight. I hope that I can win this final challenge... But I'm worried for what it might be... If its something physical, I know I'll win it... There's no way that I'd lose to Alia or Carlson... If its a puzzle... Then I'm a little worried.


The final three reach the top of a waterfall, all placing their bags down upon seeing Jeff waiting for them.

Hey guys. One of the things I've gathered from chatting with you guys for thirty eight days, is that this has been a life changing experience for the three of you, and part of that growth comes from examining the past. That was the purpose of the walk you just took, the chance to think about your former tribe members, how they played the game, what you learned from them. Now I want to give you the chance to reflect on your time here in the Outback. How you played the game, the highs, the lows, and what you'll take back with you from this experience. This is the last waterfall before tribal council, a fitting spot to reflect on your time out here. So take the idols you made this morning, find a quiet spot and just reflect on your time here in the Outback. Then when you're ready, come back to this spot and offer your idols by tossing them in the river. This is your chance to give something back to a land that has given so much to you. When you're finished, you'll make the trek together to tribal council for the final immunity challenge. I'll be waiting for you there. Enjoy.

–Jeff Probst

The final three go off separately, sitting alone to reflect on their time in the game, staring off into the water whilst holding their idols.

Coming into this game it was just about winning the money and screwing everyone else over to get there. But now I feel money is almost this futile reward after an experience that is worth so much more. Its told me how much I love my family, how lucky I am to have what I have... Its shown me the best and the worst in people and what this experience can make us into. It is scary when you realize how basics such as food and water are so precious, yet its not until you're starving and dehydrated that you really realize this. If I don't win the money I'll be sad but I feel I've gained a new life experience, and ultimately some really good friends.


This experience has really opened my eyes on how I am, and who I am as a person... I assumed coming out here I'd rely on everyone to keep me fed and watered... And that my only saving grace would be my strategic game... Although I wasn't the best athlete or the greatest outdoorsman, I now know I truly did underestimate myself as a person. I can put up with so much more then I realized... I've met people I wouldn't have met in the real world... I've seen things I wouldn't have been able to see back home... I think there is much more to life then what you read in a book or learn in a classroom.


I don't think I've learnt too much about myself as a person, other then I shouldn't be too confident in my abilities to play the game (laughs). What I've learnt is really about family and loved ones... Seeing them everyday isn't something I should take for granted anymore, its a luxury to have who I have in my life... It's a luxury to be blessed with such beautiful people around me. I might be at the end of this game with people who I don't necessarily get on with, but I can respect them as people now that we've gone through the exact same path.


After throwing their idols into the water, the group head off to tribal council, where Jeff and the jury are sat waiting for them. The final three are told that their final immunity challenge will be "Fallen Comrades", a question based challenge in which the survivors must answer questions on the jury sat across from them, testing who has truly taken in information from the others they spent their time with. All three seem worried prior to the challenge beginning. Reniero falls out of the challenge quickly, getting the first few questions wrong. In the end, Carlson is proved to have taken in the most, getting the most correct, winning the final immunity challenge and a spot in the final two. After winning Alia leans over and hugs Carlson, confident that this is a good sign for herself. Reniero looks annoyed, looking down at the ground and shaking his head whilst congratulating Carlson.
Challenge: Fallen Comrades
Each remaining Survivor is asked several personal questions about their fellow tribe members who have been voted out before them. The person who answers the most questions correctly wins.
Winner: Carlson

Immunity Challenge: Fallen Comrades
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway Carlson Outback
Alia OutbackReniero Outback
Alia & Reniero

After winning the challenge Jeff informs Carlson that he will cast the final vote, eliminating either Reniero or Alia, deciding which of them attends the final tribal council with himself. Both are given the opportunity to plea for their safety. Reniero tells Carlson that he should take him, as he hasn't been successful strategically, which Alia has, and strategy is "the single most important part of this game", meaning Alia could gain votes easily for this. Alia then states that she doesn't feel she needs to give a plea, as thirty-seven days ago herself and Carlson made a deal, and she believes he'll stick to it. Carlson heads up and confidently writes his vote, handing the urn to Jeff before sitting between Alia and Reniero. Jeff then flips the final vote, revealing that Carlson decided to vote Reniero out of the game, taking Alia with him to the final two. Reniero nods, having expected to go home. As he stands he congratulates Carlson, shaking his hand before handing his torch over to Jeff. Jeff informs the final two that the power will now shift to the jury of seven, and that tomorrow evening, they will be facing them in order to decide who will win the title of Sole Survivor, and the million dollars that comes with it.

Tribal Council 14:
Reniero Outback
Reniero (1 vote)
Carlson Outback
Reniero Outback Eliminated

I am annoyed to have won so many challenges only to have the very last one be some silly questionnaire... Maybe I should have paid more attention, I don't know. I just don't see how such a challenge takes the best to the end... I think I could have won had I made it to the end, so I'm not shocked to sit here now. It is what it is...


Day 39

Alia and Carlson wake up as the final two, getting their things ready to face the jury. They are informed that they will be leaving the camp for good, and must burn whatever they leave behind. They tear down the shelter, adding their fishing gear, pots and empty rice tin to the pile, before setting it all alight. The duo embrace, knowing that after thirty-nine days they must finally turn on one another whilst facing the jury.

I hope things don't turn ugly tonight, because I do like Carlson and don't want to damage our friendship this late in the game. I do worry what the jury are going to be like because there are several individuals on it who I know don't like me...


I'm so happy that myself and Alia are the last two sitting here because we really were the force of this season. I feel confident going into this final tribal council that tonight I will soar, but for all I know things will go wrong and I might lose out... Hopefully not but, I'm ready for whatever the result may be.


Final Tribal Council

Alia and Carlson take their places at the final tribal council, before the jury walk in one by one. Neil, Clarity, Ned, Farrell, Curt, Victor and Reniero, all looking at the final two, some with blank expressions, other with cold glares. Jeff informs the final two that they can both make opening statements about their game, and why they should win the million dollars. The jury then will ask questions or make statements, helping in their decision making process. Then the jury will vote, granting one of the final two the title of Sole Survivor.

Quote1Alia, start us off.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Ok, so I know some of you might be sitting there resenting the site of me over here... I'm fine with that, but I don't feel that any of you are justified in disliking me enough to ignore me tonight and to ultimately give Carlson the million dollars. From the beginning of this game I knew what had to be done in order to get myself further, starting by making an alliance with Carlson, to getting the right people out at the right time. When we got to the merge I feel that I was one of the main factors in changing up the game, as without me I don't feel that things would have really shifted... So despite this outcome causing most of you to be sitting there, I do feel I deserve credit on being one of the biggest players before and after the merge. I uh, guess that's everything for now, but I'll happily give any more information to you if you have any questions.Quote2- Alia
Quote1Thanks Alia. Carlson?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1It has been a wild ride getting here, I'm sure we're all aware how difficult it truly was. I feel both myself and Alia did play somewhat similar games before the merge, in that we did control what went on in our tribe when it came to voting... But I think once we hit the merge I distanced ourselves in terms of what we were doing. I may not have had the biggest hand in changing up this game, but I think I was part of that, and that's not something that can be ignored... I also feel that unlike Alia I really made an effort in getting to know you all, playing a strong social game, which was shown yesterday in the challenge which I was able to win... Uh, so I would like to say I'm so glad I did get to know you, as if I didn't I'd have easily lost that immunity challenge... But its not all because of that... It's also because I was able to share an experience with you all, getting to know you as people, as oppose to viewing you all as blank players that I could knock out of the game. People have said that I was controlling this game from Clarity's elimination, and I'd like to think that was true. There were countless comments made saying I'd win if I got here, and I hope those comments are proven right tonight, because it was a mistake for certain people to let me get this far, and I don't think their mistakes should be rewarded.Quote2- Carlson

Farrell's question:

Quote1Hey guys, congratulations... You both did good in your own ways I suppose. I don't know if I have a question or not, but just respond if you feel this is one. Alia, you're quite annoying... You've actually been the most annoying person since we reached the merge...Quote2- Farrell
Quote1(laughs nervously) Uh, ok? If you think I'm annoying you're allowed to I guess...Quote2- Alia
Quote1I do, and I know I'm not alone in that. I feel in this game you cant say you outplayed Carlson, because he really did control things in this game, and on top of that he managed to have good relationships with others, something that you didn't really manage to do. For that reason I most likely will be writing down 'Carlson' tonight when I cast my vote... Any reason I should change that?Quote2- Farrell
Quote1I did have good realtionships in this game... I had a good relationship with Rose, uh... Chelsie...Quote2- Alia
Quote1You didn't always get on with Chelsie though...Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Ok thanks for that... I got on with Neil... Carlson obviously... Victor... Reniero... I uh...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Ok, I think I'm done.Quote2- Farrell
Quote1Thanks Farrell.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Neil's question:

Quote1Alright you two, I know enough about you before the merge to have an idea about who I'm voting, because lets be honest... I saw nothing about your games after we put on those orange buffs. I'm disappointed to be honest... Alia, I'm disappointed to know that you were running off making alliances before the merge despite my rule I put out for us to live by... You were deceitful... You played myself, Reniero, Carlson, Rose and Cindra... You tried to get Chelsie out from what I'm hearing... You weren't loyal to anyone but yourself... You're friendship with Victor was purely gameplay on your part... What's worse is I liked you... I grew to really like you as a person. When I went home I was wishing you and the other Kucha guys the best of luck. But I hear from others that you actually campaigned to get me out in order to save yourself, because you felt I deserved to go?Quote2- Neil
Quote1Neil first of all I'm sorry you feel the way you do, but I want you to know that I didn't want you out of this game... I just felt of the Kucha members left you were the most deserving of the boot because you somewhat did cause us to be in the position we ended up in after the merge.Quote2- Alia
Quote1Really? (laughs) Do you think that Carlson?Quote2- Neil
Quote1Uh, no. No I don't. I think we ended up in that position because of the tiebreaker rules, it wasn't single handedly your fault.Quote2- Carlon
Quote1Oh my God... I really cant believe what you're saying (laughs and shakes her head)Quote2- Alia
Quote1Thanks Neil.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Clarity's question:

Quote1(stands in silence grinning for several seconds) ... Ok, hello. I've been looking forward to this moment for some time, because I think once I left the game I was sure you two would be sitting here. You both take credit for changing the game, but I don't think we can go any further without giving a little bit of glory to the idiots that are Curt and Victor, two goats who signed their games away in order to give it to ... you... Carlson. What I want to know from you Carlson, because I think its clear you're winning tonight... Why did you take out Curt? I mean he wasn't going to win (laughs) ... You could have guaranteed yourself the million dollars... Alia isn't going to beat you don't worry, but I am concerned we'll have a pity vote going her way as opposed to the zero votes she deserves.Quote2- Clarity
Quote1Why did I take out Curt? I felt Curt was a player who really could have changed things up again, where as Alia and Victor were very predictable in what they'd do, and they were both very loyal. If I didn't vote Curt that night I'd have had to turn on Alia, which I wasn't going to do. Its as simple as that.Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Ok, that's fair. Alia, we don't like each other. When I saw you and Chelsie come strolling into our camp I wanted to leave then and there, because I could see what kind of a person you are. You're not liked by anyone on this jury... and you're -...Quote2- Clarity
Quote1- Clarity I don't really care what you have to say. I know I'm not getting you're vote tonight, and for you to berate me for being who I am when you're one of the worst representatives for women everywhere is just laughable. So please either sit down or say something constructive for once...Quote2- Alia
Quote1I'm done...Quote2- Clarity
Quote1Thanks ClarityQuote2- Jeff Probst

Curt's question:

Quote1Hello...Quote2- Curt
Quote1(mumbles) Oh God...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Well its nice to see you both s****ing yourselves tonight because you both deserve a bit of grilling from the seven of us, as you wronged us all at some point. Carlson, you took me out when I thought you had my back, and it hurt to see you do that to me. You did play a good game, but I think you should have played it with me by your side. Part of me wonders, did you vote me out because you saw, very much like yourself... That I was running this game? (smirks are heard)Quote2- Curt
Quote1That wasn't the reason I voted you out no. It was because I wasn't turning on Alia who you wanted out, and because as I said earlier... I knew you had the ability to change things if you wanted to... You were very... Destructive when you wanted something gone... And it worked because whatever you didn't like would go.Quote2- Carlson
Quote1So you think I was running the game too? Because I could change it if I wanted to?Quote2- Curt
Quote1I... I think you had the ability to change things.Quote2- Carlson
Quote1I'll take that as a yes. Now... Alia... Care to spit any nails? No? Not even one? For once I agree with Farrell... You're annoying... Not as annoying as Clarity but you're still very annoying. You jumped on Carlson's back and had him carry you to the end, and if it was up to me you'd be sitting on this jury.Quote2- Curt
Quote1You're right Curt... but it wasn't up to you, because you never ran anything. I'm not going to sit here and brown nose you like some others...Quote2- Alia
Quote1I don't want you to brown nose me! You s-... (shakes his head) I'm not going to waste anymore of my time on you. I want tonight to hurry up so you can disappear back into your little world that is so unimportant... And it will continue to be unimportant when you show your family you have no money... That you failed them... And they have to sleep in the same crappy conditions... I hope you enjoyed starving thirty-nine days for nothing.Quote2- Curt

Ned's question:

Quote1Hi guys, congratulations to you both, you deserve it. I'm standing here right now quite angry and upset. Not because I didn't get further, not because I'm not happy for you both... But because of the way these bitter and sad individuals are treating you Alia. I spent time around you, and in no way are you annoying. So ignore what these people around me are saying... If you're called nasty by Hitler, you're not going to let that get to you right? You had a good strategic game, and I feel unlike Carlson, you come across quite genuine and real... You didn't hide behind an act that you were perfect or anything, and instead you really showed us who YOU were. What I saw of you I loved, you're the fun person we needed to overshadow the negativity that my old tribe was forcing over us all. So for that I truly do thank you. Carlson, I think you played a good game and I think you do deserve credit... But I don't like what I'm seeing tonight. I don't like you brown nosing these people, feeding their egos just to get you some votes, it just makes you seem like the biggest game player, and tonight I wanted to see the real you. I wish you both luck, and hopefully the final two speakers wont embarrass themselves like those previous.Quote2- Neil
Quote1Thank you Ned (wipes tears from her eyes)...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Thank's Ned.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Reniero's question:

Quote1Hi guys... Well done... You did it. I wish I could say that I did it, but sadly I will never have that opportunity. If I was voting tonight based on who I liked more... Alia, you would get my vote. If I was voting on who played a good strategic game... Carlson, I'd vote you. I wont talk about physical games because lets be honest... You both did suck in those challenges.I'm still trying to work out in my head how to vote... Do I base it off who I want to win, or who deserves to. Carlson throughout this game I wanted you out, because I could tell that you were a player who would weasel his way to the end... Lo and behold... I was right. Now do I give you my vote tonight for this reason, because despite my warnings you managed to control everyone... You managed to get them all to keep you in.Quote2- Reniero
Quote1I think you're right in what you're saying Reniero, and you were the only person to ever see what I was doing, and it worried me... I do think I deserve your vote just to prove yourself right in a way... If I lose tonight then maybe I didn't deserve it and you were wrong... If I win, then we'll know who the one right person was... you.Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Reniero throughout this game I feel I took the time to really bond with you, something that Carlson didn't do... Because you and him just didn't get on. Carlson didn't like you, and I don't want to see you reward someone who didn't care for you as opposed to someone who genuinely did. That's all I have to say...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Ok, thanks guys. I'll keep thinking.Quote2- Reniero
Quote1Thanks Reniero.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Victor's question:

Quote1Hi guys. Congratulations to you both, I feel I saw your post-merge games quite closely, and I can confidently say that you both deserve to be there right now. My questions are a bit different but its all I have. Alia, was our friendship real? You and I.. in my opinion... grew close out here, and you're someone I hope I can be friends with outside of this game. We're such different people but I still find you incredibly fascinating to be around. When it came to that final four you turned on me, but you didn't have much choice... You had to pick between myself and Carlson... And you picked the person you were with first, to me that shows your loyalty. However, knowing that a lot of people felt Carlson would win... why did you risk going further with him as opposed to keeping myself and Reniero?Quote2- Victor
Quote1Victor our friendship was absolutely true and I will prove that to you by keeping in touch outside of this game. The reason I voted you out over Carlson is because I felt you were making those comments to save yourself, as opposed to be giving a truthful warning. Also I don't believe going with you to the end would be any different, as you were one of the better players in this game, and I felt less confident going to the end with you... You had a different story to me and you deserved a lot of credit, whereas Carlson played a game similar to mine... And I think whatever credit he got I'd get too... I guess I thought wrong.Quote2- Alia
Quote1You played a good game, and that's not something that anyone here can take away from you. Carlson... my question to you is... If you had to sit next to someone tonight who you think would beat you, who would it be?Quote2- Victor
Quote1Wow... someone I think could beat me. I'd say the person who would make me feel the least confident would be... you.Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Thanks guys. Once again congratulations and good luck.Quote2- Victor
Quote1Thanks Victor.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Jeff thanks the jury for a lively final tribal council, giving them several minutes to gather their thoughts before the voting. Alia and Carlson sit in silence, with Alia staring down certain members, whilst Carlson sits and gives half a smile to those he feels might vote him. Jeff signals the start of the voting, beginning with Clarity.

Good job Carlson. You dragged her along with you.


You and I had this thing man... Easy vote here, easiest vote all season.


Carlson, you played the game better then any of us, and hopefully its you winning tonight.


Alia, voting you like I said. You played the game well, just as well as Carlson did... You're a real person and you didn't suck up to people tonight. You kept your cool most of the time, and proved you're one classy individual.


Was never sure who I'd end up voting... Picked you because I feel you were less deceitful I guess. No real reasoning, I don't think your game was anything special... You dealt with things well tonight, and I commend you for that.


Picked strategy over a social game... It pains me to write your name down, but as you said... I was right (laughs)


I hope you and I can be friends after this, you played the game well, and this is your reward. I liked your answer to my question and the others. Even if you don't win, I feel comfortable that voting you is the right decision.


Jeff collects the urn, stating that he will not open it until they return to the United States. Jeff departs the tribal council area, leaving Alia and Carlson alone, face to face with the jury.


Jeff enters the tribal council area, with the jury and the final two dressed up for the reading of the votes. Alia and Carlson hold hands, stating that their friendship has continued, and that they are comfortable with either outcome, although Alia claims she wont be winning, aware that "at least four voted Carlson". Jeff wishes Alia and Carlson luck, before reading the votes for the final time.

Quote1In here I have seven votes, it takes four to win. For the final time... I'll read the votes.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1First Vote... CarlsonQuote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second Vote... AliaQuote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third Vote... CarlsonQuote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth Vote... Carlson. That's three votes Carlson, one vote Alia... It takes four to win.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth Vote... The winner of Survivor The Australian Outback... Carlson!Quote2- Jeff Probst

Carlson leans over and hugs Alia, with the two embracing, congratulating one another. The seven members of the jury walk over and congratulate Carlson, with only a few members acknowledging Alia, with Clarity and Curt still taking a disliking to her. Carlson frantically runs down to his family and friends, who embrace the winner of a million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor.

I know I felt confident in my odds going into the final tribal council, but I still had that doubt inside me whether I would or wouldn't win. I'm so glad that in the end things worked out how I wanted them to... I owe so much to Alia, Victor, Neil... all my allies in this game... Without them I'd have not been able to win... I might have controlled the game but you cant do that without loyal players by your side. Hopefully I can stay in touch with all those I've bonded with in this game, and now maybe I'll go out and see more of the world. The Outback has left me thirsty for more.

–Carlson (on winning the title of Sole Survivor)

Tribal Council 15:
Carlson Outback
Carlson (6 votes)
Clarity OutbackCurt OutbackFarrell Outback
Neil OutbackReniero OutbackVictor Outback
Clarity, Curt, Farrell,
Neil, Reniero & Victor
Alia Outback
Alia (1 vote)
Ned Outback
Alia Outback Eliminated
Carlson Outback

Still In The Running

Alia Outback Eliminated
Carlson Outback
Chelsie Outback Eliminated
Cindra Outback Eliminated
Mitchell Outback Eliminated
Neil Outback Eliminated
Reniero Outback Eliminated
Rose Outback Eliminated
Clarity Outback Eliminated
Curt Outback Eliminated
Farrell Outback Eliminated
Georgia Outback Eliminated
Johna Outback Eliminated
Laurencia Outback Eliminated
Ned Outback Eliminated
Victor Outback Eliminated