"Three To One"
Borneo Ep 2
Season Borneo
Episode Number 2/13 (002)
First Broadcast May 3, 2014
Episode Chronology
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Three To One is the second episode of Survivor: Borneo.


Day 3 (Night)

Tagi return to camp having just voted out Andrew.

Quote1That sucked.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Yeah that wasn't fun at all.Quote2- Ola
Quote1Well at least its over now, good job everyone.Quote2- Teddy
We get back to camp and its all like "oh that sucked" or "oh I miss Andrew"... It's quite frustrating to hear that when people made it quite clear that they wanted Andrew gone, his presence in general. At least maybe come back and say "Thank God Andrews gone, lets not lose again"... But no its immediate fakeness from them.


Danni, Larry, Ola, Olivia and Sarah all go to sleep, leaving Teddy and Ben awake on their own by the fire. Ben attempts to draw Teddy into his alliance, wanting to use him as an extra vote.

Quote1Sorry we had to do that, I know you liked Andrew a lot.Quote2- Ben
Quote1It's fine, as long as I'm still here y'know.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1That's why I wanted to talk to you. As you can probably see our tribe is kinda all over the place, I want to bring us together as a unit. At this point I cant see Ola or Danni really wanting to help, so I was hoping maybe Larry, and more specifically you, would want to join us.Quote2- Ben
Quote1Join "us"? You already got something going then? OfficiallyQuote2- Teddy
Quote1Well... yes... It's not strong enough yet but I think we need more people in order to get things really goingQuote2- Ben
Quote1Ok I hear you. If you think that myself and Larry are good enough then I'm in. I'll shake your hand now, my word is my bond.Quote2- Teddy

The two shake hands, making their deal official.

We just brought in Teddy, I think as a guy he's loyal. He doesn't seem to be playing too hard which is good because I don't want much competition. If he knows what to do and keeps his place he can go home feeling chuffed at a top four spot.


I just made a deal with young Ben. Poor kid thinks he's running things a lot better then he is, for all he knows I'm about to get Larry, Ola and Danni all together to take him and his clique out. I told him my word is my bond and it is, but things will have to work differently here. I'm not here for second, third, fourth... I'm playing this game for my daughter and I will win this game for her.


Day 4


The tribe begin their day in a relaxing manner, with Uri taking a small yoga class on the beach, although only Razzy and Tia attend. Mandy sits on the sidelines watching the class, but doesn't physically get involved. Eli and Alice spend the morning working around camp, while Julia and Eric take their usual spots inside the shelter sleeping.

Funny how we need things done around camp but we're getting yoga classes and lay ins.

–Alice (on her tribes work ethic)

Uri's yoga class has to be the funniest thing that happened so far out here. Which one says a lot for the quality of laughs here at Pagong, and two, it says a lot about my ability in yoga... I couldn't get my body to fold up when he wanted me to... Uri could get his leg up and... all round his head... And I'm like rollin' round in the sand unable to freakin' move. But it was fun, I enjoyed it... Didn't have to pay for it, that's always a bonus.


As Tia is unable to do a majority of the stretches the four attending the class burst into laughter, enjoying themselves for once. The laughter wakes Eric, who walks off in a strop towards Eli and Alice who are down the beach.

I'm trying to sleep, I cant at night so I need to have a lay in here. And all I hear are Uri and his group laughing so loud and it's really bugging me. Like can't you do that somewhere else?


Quote1Oh look... He's walked all the way down over to them to complain about us.Quote2- Uri
Quote1Why? What did we do?Quote2- Tia
Quote1Probably woke him up from his hibernation or somethingQuote2- Uri
Quote1What are we suppose to do? Pussy-foot around him until he decides to move his ass for once?Quote2- Razzy
I think I've got to a stage where I don't even want to look at Eric anymore. He can waddle down the beach AWAY from us... I actually encourage it now. He can tell on us to Eli who'll give one of his speeches on building shelter, well if he wants to sleep somewhere away from us then he can. They built their own shelter on day one, maybe they can do it again and leave us alone.


Eli and Alice spot Eric walking towards him, and the three have a discussion about the others work ethic.

Quote1I'm sorry but can you have a word with them Eli? They're shouting and screaming and myself and Julia are trying to sleep because neither of us can at nightQuote2- Eric
Quote1Eric I'm going to be honest. You need to just suck it up and work harder round camp. I would have a word but their reasoning would be it's late in the day and you really shouldn't be lying around sleeping, you should be helping us tend to the fire, fix the shelter.Quote2- Eli
Quote1I just want to say that we need to just let Julia bury herself, because if she does then its one less of them, preventing them from teaming upQuote2- Alice

The three return to camp to see the others no longer doing yoga, but sitting as a group talking, bar Julia who is still lying in the shelter. Eli attempts to raise a point about everyone pitching in but Uri lashes out, stating that there is nothing more to be done and they need to sit and relax as a group. Eli raises a point that they cant let individuals sleep round all day, to which Julia begins to get involved in the argument, stating that Eli needs to get off his high horse and accept he isn't their boss. Eli, Julia and Uri break out into a three way argument, leaving the others in silence. Razzy up and tries to defuse the situation, asking Eli and Uri to separate and tells Julia to get out of the shelter. All three obey and listen to Razzy, accepting that things wont be resolved.

The behavior of my tribe members is just disgusting. They're not six years old they're grown ass people. Julia needs to get the hell out of her bed and do something for once, Eli needs to just shut the hell up because he aint employed us... This tribe is just dysfunctional


Eli, Eric and Alice go off fishing, but return empty handed. Razzy, Uri, Tia and Mandy spend the day working around camp, while Julia somewhat assists them.


Larry and Teddy wake up early to go fishing, trying out some fishing poles they crafted back at camp. Danni and Ola tend to the fire while Ben works around camp, waiting on Olivia and Sarah who seem to be doing little to help. On the raft Larry and Teddy discuss their lives, wanting to get to know each other a little better knowing it'll likely help their friendship.

Quote1So you live in Macon right?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Yeah, you said your brother lives in Macon?Quote2- Larry
Quote1Yeah he moved there from Atlanta about... Must've been about eight years ago now.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1So what does he do?Quote2- Larry
Quote1You know the Tubman African American museum? He works there (laughs). I don't wanna tease him though, its a nice place.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Macon is a nice place though, we could use more cigar lounges there though. (laughs)Quote2- Larry
Quote1Listen man I could use more people WANTING cigar lounges around... In Philly my place aint doing so well, its why I'm here, gotta provide for my wife and daughter.Quote2- Teddy

Teddy goes on to explain how his wife and daughter are his priority in life, and how for a period of time they were basically homeless. Teddy had managed to borrow money from his brother in order to get back on his feet, revamping his cigar lounge and managed to get financially stable for a few years. His goals are to be able to ensure his wife and six year old daughter don't come that close to poverty again, and he hopes to make enough money to pay his brother back soon. Larry shares his story, and it is shown behind his tough exterior that he is hoping to get money in order to pay off some medical bills that piled up over the years after Larry's wife had been diagnosed with cancer, although now cancer free and healthy Larry still worries for his wife, and is attempting to pay off any bills and loans from the medical care.

Myself and Larry shared a little bit about our lives together... It's something that I haven't really been able to do with the others out here, they're still quite young and naïve and don't seem to understand what life really is. Larry is someone I can relate to, and shed a little tear with from time to time. So even though Larry may appear to be lacking empathy occasionally, he still brings much more to this game for me in his maturity and understanding.


I do worry every day throughout this game... Worry about my wife, my kids, the tribe... It's non stop worry... But knowing there is someone else here who understands and feels the same as you do is a real... It's just something you can appreciate. I refuse to lose Teddy in this game... He's the guy I intend to stick around with me, if he goes then I don't see how I'm going to survive amongst these kids.


A reward challenge takes place, each tribe must select three members to hold a certain among of weight, which every tribe holds on the longest wins reward, a map to a closer water source.

Reward Challenge: Keep Holdin' On
Result Tribe Competitors Sit Outs
Won Tagi Ben BorneoLarry BorneoTeddy Borneo
Ben, Larry & Teddy
Danni BorneoOla BorneoOlivia BorneoSarah Borneo
Danni, Ola, Olivia & Sarah
Lost Pagong Eli BorneoRazzy BorneoUri Borneo
Eli, Razzy & Uri
Alice BorneoEric BorneoJulia BorneoMandy BorneoTia Borneo
Alice, Eric, Julia, Mandy & Tia

Day 5


The tribe continue to go their separate ways during the day, with Eli spending his time fishing, managing to catch a few. Eric walks around camp attempting to look busy, but in reality is doing very little. Julia has left the shelter, but spends a majority of her day sitting by the fire, tending to it occasionally. Alice attempts to bond with Tia and Mandy, but it becomes awkward when the silence takes over during their conversations.

I tried to bond a bit with a few of the other girls today. I've said it to Eli, we need a few others on board with us because there seems to be a case of isolation going around, and that isolation is either self inflicted in the case of Julia, or forced in the case of Eli, Eric and somewhat myself. In fact I wouldn't call it isolation I'd say we've been exiled by the group. When I say by the group its mostly Uri, but sadly Tia, Razzy and Mandy all share Uri's brain so whatever he thinks they think too.


Uri sits on the beach with Mandy, Razzy and Tia, discussing his profession.

Quote1So you hunt ghosts?Quote2- Tia
Quote1I'm more of a paranormal investigator, I don't exactly hunt ghosts down. If you feel something paranormal or unexplained is going on, you'd call me and my company in and we'd attempt to sort out the situation for youQuote2- Uri
Quote1Jesus man, so we got us a genuine Ghostbuster up in here?Quote2- Razzy
Quote1In a sense (laughs)Quote2- Uri
Quote1At the school I teach at we have this rumor that one of the girls lavatory's is haunted. Now I know it sounds silly but I went into one of them and I just felt all eerie, I swear there was this massive BANG as I went to do my business. I nearly crapped my damn panties.Quote2- Mandy
Quote1See Big Mamma this is why we love youQuote2- Razzy
I love Big Mamma Mandy. She is like a teacher which is odd because growing up I hated my teachers... But Mandy is just a star, she can cook rice like no other. It's funny what you come to appreciate out here because back home you just take stuff for granted. I love that we have a resident mum here.


Razzy begins to sing for the group out of boredom, his own rendition of the Ghostbusters theme song. Mandy, Tia and Uri are entertained by their ally, while the rest of the tribe bitterly look on.

Sometimes Razzy will just do the funniest things... He wont even build up to it it'll just happen. I've decided to call them Raazisms... Actually no that sounds horrible... I haven't thought of a name for what I'll call them then. But point is I think we're getting on much better as a group now, I'm really close with most people, the lord is good giving us sunshine... Things are goin' well.


I think our group is thoroughly cemented now. Myself, Razzy, Tia and Mandy are definitely the top of this tribe. We have Alice and Julia below us, and Eli and Eric clawing at the walls of their cesspit. They can stay there, their fate is sealed.


Eli and Alice discuss their problematic future, clearly realizing their chances are getting slimmer. They both accept they may have to cut Eric loose in order to survive, while throwing Julia under the bus with him.

I really worry about my game now. It seems Uri is controlling a group of people and this group of people wont talk to me as long as Uri wont. Its myself, Eric and Alice against Uri basically. Three to one. Except that one is a REALLY big one...



Teddy, Ben and Larry tend to camp work while the girls all appear to be lying around doing close to nothing. Ben continues waiting on Olivia and Sarah, wanting to keep both of them happy, enjoying the fact they are doing little.

The two girls are so lazy, but they're in my alliance so I cant call them out for this. It's actually much better for me in the long run, I can easily bring up the fact these girls did nothing around camp, gossiped all the time... It'll just make me look much better in the long run. It almost makes me regret pulling Teddy into my group as he is a major threat to win this thing, I'd be much better off hanging around with Ola and her protégée.


Ola and Danni sit inside the shelter, they are discussing Ola's life back in Moscow. Ola explains about her mansion and her husbands business, revealing to the group that Ola is from a wealthy background and doesn't particularly need the money. Larry becomes enraged that Ola is sitting around, and in his opinion, flaunting her wealth.

I was sitting around with Ola talking about life, and I could see Larry glaring, getting REALLY annoyed. I was thinking 'Ola shut up, Ola be quiet!' But of course she kept talking, and talking, and talking... And I love the woman to death but she really should have stayed quiet, then of course Larry comes over and...


Quote1Ola, what are you achieving?Quote2- Larry
Quote1I don't understand...Quote2- Ola
Quote1You've literally sat here, and I've watched you, for about the last two hours, doing f**k all... While I bust my a** off working so YOU can eat and sleep tonightQuote2- Larry
Quote1I don't see why you're just saying to me, there are others sitting here and...Quote2- Ola
Quote1I couldn't care less about who else is doing f**k all! The point is since Day 1 you've done little close to nothing around here.Quote2- Larry
Quote1Jesus Ola way to try and pass the buck on that one...Quote2- Sarah

Ola stands up shaking her head, waving her hand in Larry's face before walking away, cursing in Russian. Danni cant help but laugh, covering her face with her cap. Ben signals for Olivia and Sarah to get out of the shelter and start working, to which they obey.

This is just getting crazy, I cant help but enjoy it though because Larry and Ola are both hilarious people. Screw Survivor I want to see the Larry and Ola show.


Ola stands up wearing her bikini, walking round camp mimicking Larry, picking up random objects acting as if she is working in an attempt to wind him up.

Quote1So do you want me to start working then Larry yes? Like this? YesQuote2- Ola
Quote1Yep... (not looking at Ola, continues working)Quote2- Larry
Quote1Is it so you can look at my body Larry? My boobs which are so obviously fake? Right Sarah?Quote2- Ola

Ola continues to have a go at those who have made comments towards her, leaving Sarah feeling particularly awkward. Danni calms Ola down before they both go off to collect firewood and water. Ola then makes rice for the tribe, and although slightly overdone the tribe generally seem to appreciate her apology.

I'm beginning to think it's just sexual tension between Ola and Larry. Maybe they're going to surprise us and f**k. That'd be gross, put me completely off my food. Which would be great because I'm f***ing starving (laughs).


Day 6

Both tribes receive tree mail informing them of their second immunity challenge, which will involve eating various bugs. Pagong are informed they must sit one tribe member out, they select Razzy, who admits he'd be weak in a challenge involving eating.

I gotta sit myself out today. There is no way in hell I can eat bugs... If I have to maybe, but I know I'll be the weakest out of our team.


I'm really confident for todays eating challenge. We've got Ola, the queen of the gag reflex.


Challenge: Buggin' Out
Bug-eating competition. The bug of choice was a butok, or beetle larvae. The live butok is three inches long and a half-inch round. If one castaway refused to eat, his/her tribe will automatically lose the challenge.
Winner: Tagi
Information (Pagong): Alice, Eli, Eric, Mandy and Uri eat their bugs with ease. Julia and Tia both seriously struggle in the challenge, both unable to get their bugs down completely, costing the tribe the challenge.
Information (Tagi): Ben, Danni, Ola, Sarah and Teddy eat their bugs with ease. Larry and Olivia both slightly struggle to get theirs down, but both eventually manage to.

Immunity Challenge: Buggin' Out
Result Tribe Competitors Sit Outs
Won Tagi Ben BorneoDanni BorneoLarry BorneoOla BorneoOlivia BorneoSarah BorneoTeddy Borneo
Ben, Danni, Larry, Ola, Olivia, Sarah & Teddy
Lost Pagong Alice BorneoEli BorneoEric BorneoJulia BorneoMandy BorneoTia BorneoUri Borneo
Alice, Eli, Eric, Julia, Mandy, Tia & Uri
Razzy Borneo


After losing their first immunity challenge, Pagong return to camp feeling deflated. Tia apologizes to the tribe, with tears streaming from her eyes, feeling as though she cost them the win. Julia however doesn't seem bothered at all, and simply returns to her spot by the fire. Razzy and Mandy both comfort Tia, insisting that she isn't going to get votes for this. Alice seizes the opportunity and tries to work the others to get Julia voted out.

Quote1Tia you really shouldn't worry. You've kicked butt in the other challenges and you work hard in general.Quote2- Alice
Quote1Exactly, see Tia I told you people aint gonna hate you for this.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Thanks guys...Quote2- Tia
Quote1If anything you being upset just shows to us that you really care about this, and us as a tribe. Unlike some others who just sit back down sulking.Quote2- Alice

The threesome look in Julia's direction, fully aware that she is who Alice is referring to.

I'm trying my best now to get the Julia hate flowing. She does nothing round camp and just doesn't help at all, if we can get her out its perfect for myself and Eli. Although Eric does little and isn't exactly helping, we still need him around


Alice goes to Eli and Eric, who are sat by the shelter. She informs them that she is almost certain that Julia can go home, as long as the three of them vote for her, and that Tia, Razzy and Mandy likely will too.

Tonight I could be going home, but I hope what Alice says is true and I can stick around. If I go this early it wouldn't be good, but I wouldn't be that mad... I don't know how much abuse I can take off Uri, and his yoga classes are driving me up the wall.


This is a big one for us. Julia can go home, but I think we need Uri on board, if Uri's on board so are his sheep. He herds them, it's simple. But Alice swears to me that it's all good and I got nothin' to worry about. I think I'll stop worrying when I see Julia gone tonight back at camp... Until then I'll remain as nervous as I am.


Uri and Razzy stand on the beach talking about the vote, discussing who they feel should be sent home.

Quote1Imma be real with you man, I'm thinking we take out our girl Julia tonight.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1No.Quote2- Uri
Quote1Why? She does NOTHING... Sittin' around looking like she dead or summin'.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1We don't want to give Eli any leverage in this game. Sadly we cant just vote Eli because we do need him for now, I agree we take out some dead weight. So we take out Eli's dead weight, which is EricQuote2- Uri
Quote1But Julia man... She does nothing...Quote2- Razzy
Quote1She does nothing apart from vote with us.Quote2- Uri
Quote1And how do we know she'll even do that?Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Trust me, she will.Quote2- Uri
Tonight is the night we need to take out someone. I feel it's best we take out Eric, who does nothing round camp. Razzy is insisting we vote out Julia, but I feel we need Julia. I promised Razzy that Julia was with us, so I need to make sure that is true because I don't want to leave tribal looking like a fool tonight.


Uri heads over to Julia, the two of them discuss the tribal council. Julia insists she does help the tribe, and tells Uri about her disdain towards Eli. Julia mentions she will vote for Eli because she doesn't like him, but Uri attempts to sway her vote onto Eric. After several minutes of persuasion, Uri leaves Julia, unsure whether his attempts have been successful.

We now head off to tribal, where I'm still a little unsure whether things will go my way. If they do, perfect, the game is ours. If not... then things are going to be wild.


At tribal council the group discusses the clear divisions, with Alice claiming that Uri has isolated people in the game. Uri disputes these claims as "rubbish", stating Eli has caused problems from the start with his attitude, which Julia states she agrees with. The laziness of Julia and Eric is also brought up, but both insist they are not as lazy as they are perceived, and the claims against them are unfair. When asked if there is a tribe leader, Razzy states there are two leaders, Eli and Uri, one for each tribe, as Pagong is split into two groups that hardly interact. Tia states that she hopes after the vote the groups can come together, as its uncomfortable living within another persons "war", believing that Eli and Uri are causing camp life to be uncomfortable. As the vote comes in, it appears that Uri has won the battle, as Julia, Mandy, Razzy and Tia all vote for Eric, sending him home in a 5-3 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Eric Borneo
Eric (5 votes)
Julia BorneoMandy BorneoRazzy Borneo
Tia BorneoUri Borneo
Julia, Mandy, Razzy, Tia & Uri
Julia Borneo
Julia (3 votes)
Alice BorneoEli BorneoEric Borneo
Alice, Eli & Eric
Eric Borneo Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

You have a poor work ethic and a bad attitude.


Julia, you give rude glares, and that's basically your daily contribution. Goodbye.


We seemed to slightly bond, but not well enough to prevent me from doing this...


There's only room for one of us in the shelter I guess?


We just haven't bonded. Sorry hun.


You didn't really make no effort with any-bod-eee... Catch you later.


If only you worked as hard at camp as you try in challenges, then I wouldn't have to do this. Bye, you're a sweet guy!


Step 1. My enemies right hand man, take out his force and expose him to danger!


Final Words

Hey I had fun, sorta. I mean this doesn't really surprise me but it is what it is. I wish Eli and Alice the best of luck, hope you guys vote out Uri, that guy is on something I swear. Good luck to everyone and I hope they enjoy their experience, I sure didn't...


Still In The Running

Alice Borneo
Eli Borneo
Eric Borneo Eliminated
Julia Borneo
Mandy Borneo
Razzy Borneo
Tia Borneo
Uri Borneo
Andrew Borneo Eliminated
Ben Borneo
Danni Borneo
Larry Borneo
Ola Borneo
Olivia Borneo
Sarah Borneo
Teddy Borneo