"The Honeymoon is Over"
Amazon Ep 12
Season Survivor: The Amazon
Episode Number 12/13 (077)
First Broadcast May 14, 2018
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The Honeymoon is Over is the twelfth episode of Survivor: The Amazon.


Day 33 (Night)

The final five return to camp having just unanimously voted Mayson out of the game, leaving the new-Jaburu alliance successfully in tact. The group celebrate their victory together, congratulating one another for being one of the few large alliances to remain loyal to one another until the very end of the game.

It does feel good to know that as a five we've stayed loyal to one another, and systematically taken out our competition. There is that bittersweet moment when we all sit back and realise that this is it, and now we're going to vote each other out. For me it's pretty straight forward. Myself, Isaiah and Fred agreed to be the top three, and we'll be voting out Jenn next followed by Neasa. It's strange because we're all aware this is the pecking order, and the girls just went with it... I think deep down they're both just happy to have got further with us than they'd have done on their own, and to say they were the last two girls standing.


Quote1And so it begins... time to start killing each other.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Have you boys decided which of you will be taking third?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(laughs) Don't start...Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1I'm kidding... I'm actually surprised we pulled this off.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1I think it was the Veronica vote. After that it was a done deal unless one of us cracked...Quote2- Fredrick
Making it to the top five; thirty-three days into the game... it's incredible. We've all overcome such huge odds and it says a lot about how as a group we've been strong together. My only worry now is that there's two obvious pairs in this next vote... the boys are who I've given my word to, and we can easily become the top three. The girls have also hinted and had some conversations that when we got to five they wanted to finalise a deal with me... I feel like my days of playing in the middle aren't over, and I might be saying this too soon... but the decision on who becomes the top four solely rests in my hands at this stage. So these next three days are giving me a lot to think about.


Day 34

Fredrick and Neasa collect tree mail, bringing it back to camp where they read it to their fellow tribe members, revealing that the upcoming reward challenge will be the final one of the season.

The final reward is always speculated to be something big, and at this stage any moral boost... whether it be through food, loved ones or a trip of some sort... it's going to have a profound effect on how you perform in these coming days. I wouldn't be surprised if whoever wins this challenge is able to get through this next vote, because they'll have an advantage unlike those who leave empty handed.


Quote1Final one... wow... It just shows you how long we've been here.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1I look down at my waistline and get reminded how long I've been here...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Do you guys all still feel like you've got it in you to compete? I just don't know if I'll have the energy to win anything.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Girl, you ain't won a damn thing on your own in thirty-four days so how you saying now you've not got the energy... (laughs)Quote2- Isaiah

The group head off in their boat to the reward challenge, excited to see what will be on offer for their final reward challenge of the season.

If I win today I'll be so damn happy. I want more wins under my belt so I can say at the end that I was a competitor. I'm always showing good performances, but it's the wins that are remembered. This is the final reward challenge, and I expect the prize is going to be the biggest yet... and I want it.


Challenge: Try Again
The contestants must untie a series of knots to open a gate, flip over seven puzzle pieces and arrange them to form a traditional image, rope swing across a gully, decode a wheel puzzle, grab the corresponding key, unlock a flying fox, and slide down to retrieve the final key.
Reward: A brand-new Saturn Ion, along with a tailgate barbecue lunch.
Winner: Sheamus (shared with Fredrick)

Reward Challenge: Try Again
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway Sheamus Amazon
Fredrick AmazonIsaiah AmazonJenn AmazonNeasa Amazon
Fredrick, Isaiah, Jenn, Neasa


Sheamus and Fredrick head off in the new Saturn Ion, excited to both be experiencing the final reward of the season. Sheamus pulls up near a small opening, getting out his vehicle before bringing out the barbecue supplies from the boot.

I've had a good showing in pretty much all the challenges throughout my time here, but nothing even comes close to comparing to the feeling of winning today. It's pretty much the best thing you can get out here other than winning the game, and the sad fact for the others is I think my odds of going on and winning the game are pretty high too... (laughs). To be able to share this moment with Fredrick, the first friend I made out here in the game... it's a special moment, to know that thirty-four days into our friendship we're still going strong, and that we've had trust unlike anyone else out here... and it'll be trust that we keep until day thirty-nine.


Quote1Should we do chicken first? Steak?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Lets just throw it all on... eat it all together...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1(laughs) Good call.Quote2- Sheamus
Having Sheamus bring me out on the final reward is kind of bittersweet. I'm able to experience this amazing barbecue and have a great time with a friend, but I'm also sat right next to this amazing new car that he's just won... and it just reaffirms that Sheamus is the golden boy out here. Everybody loves him, and he seems to have all the luck in the world. But, I need to look at the deeper meaning of him bringing me here. He trusts me implicitly, and I trust him. Over everyone else he's always looked out for me, and bringing me on the final reward was definitely his way of saying that it's him and I to the end. It makes our pact just so much stronger.


Quote1I'm glad out of everyone here I got to share this one with you.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1(covers full mouth) Same...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1You know, we started this thing together... I'm hoping we can finish it together.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1So we're still on for final two?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Absolutely. Isaiah is going to be mad, because I think he thinks it'll be me and him... but if I win I'm going with you.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1And if Isaiah wins you think he'll take you?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Uh, I think he would... I don't know. I'll be honest I don't think he could win... I mean just my feelings would be that if he took me then I'd get you, Neasa, Mayson and Hall... he'd have Edweena and maybe Jenn. But either way, I think both of us playing to take one another is the best shot we've got.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Well for you! I mean you're going to the end either way in that scenario... (laughs)... You don't think the girls will try and talk Isaiah into something for the next vote?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Uh, nah. He's loyal to us... he wants it to be the guys at the end.Quote2- Sheamus

The pair continue eating, going between discussing their admiration for the barbecue, and talk of what they plan to do in the upcoming vote, agreeing that Jenn should be their primary target, with Neasa as the backup should Jenn win immunity.

Based on how things have gone I don't think any of us guys need to worry about winning immunity to keep us safe at the next challenge. It's pretty much come down to a case of Jenn needing to win or she goes... and Neasa being the backup. I'm surprised because I expected to be more at risk in this game than I've been throughout, and only Mayson has taken a clear shot at me. Both Fred and Isaiah want to go to the end with me... and I'm starting to wonder if it's too early to start preparing what I'll say at the final tribal council...



Back at camp, Isaiah, Jenn and Neasa sit down around the shelter, openly disappointed to both have lost the final reward challenge and to have not been selected by Sheamus to join him at the barbecue lunch.

Shock horror... Sheamus wins yet another reward and once again takes one of his bros to join him. He had promised me that the next reward he won he'd take me and we'd have our first official date, but I guess now that we're down to five it's about keeping his 'boys' together. He's not got anymore time for his lady friend. The honeymoon is over... so that's my cue to start working on a way to get Isaiah or Fredrick to turn on the guys. I know Fredrick is smarter than Isaiah and can see how dangerous Sheamus is, but whether or not he'd destroy thirty-four days of trust in front of the whole jury just to win a game... I'm not sure.


Quote1Are you feeling okay?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Me? Yeah... why?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Just makes you wonder. Why he picked Fredrick over you. Is this a sign for what he'll do if he won the last immunity?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Pfft... stop. He and I have already made our agreement to go to the top.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1You and Sheamus?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Or me and Fred... Stop asking damn questions, I ain't spilling anything.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1To be honest, out of all of you I knew I didn't have a shot to go... I'm the only one who hasn't really bonded with him since we got here.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1But he has bonded with most of us. Which is why he'll win if he gets to that top three... So I hope for your sake Isaiah that your deal is with Fredrick, because if it isn't then I hope you're content with second.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1If I get second then I get second... it's still two spots higher than y'all will see.Quote2- Isaiah
The girls are trying their best to stir the pot, it's all they can do at this stage. They've not really got a shot in hell at making it to the top, unless one of them can somehow outperform us in physical challenges... which ain't gonna happen. I'm coming off cocky to them, but I don't want to put up with their games anymore. They got further than the other women, that's what they wanted... they can be happy with it and now both quietly go.


Neasa and Jenn leave the shelter and head down to the water together, sitting on the riverbank as they discuss their plan for the coming days, realising that if they fail to get someone to flip that their chances of reaching the end are unlikely.

Quote1Isaiah wont switch.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1He's too stupid...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1So we keep on with Fredrick?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1That's all we can hope for.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1But like, what if Sheamus wins immunity?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Uh, then we target Isaiah. Convince Fredrick to vote him out.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1There's no way he'd do that... would he?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Make Isaiah sound like more of a threat than he really is. We just spin the truth and add a bit of fiction and he'll see Isaiah as being the next biggest target to Sheamus... but ifit doesn't work then I just hope which ever of us survive the next vote keeps winning these challenges. As much as I like him... I'd hate to see Sheamus win more... he's so use to having things go his way and it's time someone else felt victory.Quote2- Neasa
Neasa and I know this will be our toughest fight in the game yet. We thought getting the older women out was hard, then getting rid of Mayson ... this is ten times more difficult. It's so obvious to us that if Sheamus reaches the end then he wins the game, but people haven't really shown interest in voting him out. Fredrick is the only shot we've got, and if we can continue the conversations we've had with him over the past few days then I think we have a chance to take control again... but that's a big if.


Day 35

Isaiah and Sheamus sit over the fire, rubbing their faces as they struggle to find the energy to continue with normal daily activities. Jenn lays behind them in the shelter, also feeling fatigued after going without basic nutrition for over a month.

Today is probably the worst day I've had out here so far. My whole body aches from sleeping on a hard shelter, and generally being unclean just isn't good for you mentally or physically. It seems like a silly complaint, but my beard is hurting my face... I like to be clean shaven, and having this rough hair growing and your pores being open to all the bacteria.. it's painful. I keep telling myself that it's four more days until we can all shower and start getting back to normal. I've loved being out here, but I couldn't do it for much longer.


Quote1Do you think you could do it again?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1What?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1This. If you were told you can do it again, would you?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Hell no...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1(laughs) ... I think I'd need a long time before I'd be willing to starve myself again.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1And smell like s**t...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1You smell worse...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Yet you been sleeping next to me...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1So sympathise with me here... (laughs)Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Jenn, how badly do you want to stay here?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1... Badly enough, I guess.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Would you vote Neasa to stay?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1No.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Wow, you're loyal.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Yep... same as you, saying you wouldn't vote Sheamus because you and him are going top two or whatever.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I never said that! (laughs) ... I said I've agreed with one guy I'm going top two, didn't say which one.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1It doesn't take a genius to work out who you were talking about.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Evidently.Quote2- Isaiah
Between Jenn and Neasa, I think it would be smarter for us to vote Neasa out first, because Jenn is kind of pathetic how she plays. She doesn't compete well, she doesn't have a great social game... she never makes any strategic play other than to stick to someone stronger than her. She's super easy to beat at the end, but the other guys want to vote her first because they think Neasa deserves it more. I'm here thinking the fact she deserves it more means she should go first! I just don't want to vote Jenn out tonight and then for some reason see Neasa is still here at the top three... that is my big fear. I don't think she'll manage to do it, but if any of the girls can pull it off it's her.


Elsewhere, Fredrick and Neasa collect firewood to bring back to camp, which Neasa volunteered to do so that she and Fredrick could have time to talk privately without Isaiah and Sheamus overhearing.

I was slightly surprised that I was able to get Fredrick to go off on his own without Isaiah or Sheamus stepping in. Either they think getting firewood was a real priority, or they're just so confident that they'll be the top three that allowing me to speak to him won't do any harm whatsoever. Maybe thirty-five days of this game hasn't taught them anything... you can never let yourself feel too safe, because that's when someone will swoop in and slice your head off.


Quote1I don't want to spend too much time talking nonsense just to get to the point, because I think you're like me... You like it straight up without any of the bulls**t.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Absolutely...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Me and Jenn know we're in trouble... we get that you guys have the numbers. We talked about how we could've gone with Mayson, but didn't because we were banking on you voting for Sheamus or Isaiah next.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Yeah...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1And we just want to know if that is still an option.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Uh, I mean... it's tough because I don't want to be this completely heartless bastard.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Mmmhm...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1And I've had this friendship with Sheamus since the start... he's been there for me... he's looked out for me and taken me on all these rewards...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Mmmhm... (nods)Quote2- Neasa
I wanted to just say 'Fredrick, I don't care save me all the nonsense and get to the point, are you voting out Sheamus or not?!'.


Quote1I get that he's a threat.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1He's a HUGE threat. I said from the second I got to know him that if he's at the end he wins. If he's against you then you're going to get absolutely battered by that jury. I'll do it too because I'll ask you as my red headed brother why you were so stupid! (laughs)Quote2- Neasa
It's extremely difficult for me right now, because there's no chance after tonight I can keep playing this middle ground game. I'm either going to be exposed as being with the guys until the end, or as a horrendous backstabber who went with the girls because they were the easier ones to beat.


Quote1You don't think I could get to the end with Isaiah?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1I think you'd still lose that...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1What?! Really?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Yeah, I mean he's got his friendship with Edweena and Hall he could use. Jenn would definitely vote for him... Delma seemed to see you as the male equivalent to me so I think she'd follow Edweena's wishes... and to get to the end with Isaiah you need to be the one to vote out Sheamus, which means you lose him at the last minute too.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1... (sighs) You're making me think I can't win this.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1It'll be impossible for any of us to beat either of those two guys at this stage. Impossible. I'm not going to lie to you, if you come with us it'll be her and I fighting to get to the top two together, but all you have to do then is win that last challenge and you've won the game... because you made the move you needed to make and go with two people who are seen as followers.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1I don't see you as a follower though. Jenn maybe.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Then take Jenn if you win, vote me out. She'd have my vote, and maybe Isaiah's. I think the others... especially the women... wouldn't want to give her a million dollars. I love the girl to pieces but even I don't think she deserves it.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1I don't know what to even think right now. It's a lot to take in... I'm thinking about it though, and you know I've had this in mind for a while. But I want to see how the next challenge goes before I confirm anything, because I don't want to say yes then have you girls run back to them and try to sell me out.Quote2- Fredrick

The two laugh and then head back to camp, leaving Fredrick pondering which of the pairs to go with in order to give himself the best chance of reaching the final tribal council.

Maybe playing in the middle wasn't the best strategy, because it leaves you powerless eventually with something to prove. I know there are people on the jury that don't think too highly of me despite the crucial role I've played out here. I can make the most important move of the game and vote Sheamus or Isaiah out next, or I can continue with the path I'm on and safely find a way to finish in the top two, but with little chance to win. I like that Neasa speaks honestly, and I think out of everyone here she's not going to sell me a plan that isn't genuine... Sheamus, as loyal as he is, knows he beats everyone here, but he can't explicitly tell us that because he's not an idiot. I'd almost feel better if Sheamus did win tomorrow, because voting out Isaiah would be an easier task... maybe this is a move that should've been made earlier. I don't know if I've waited too late.


Day 36

The final five prepare for their next individual immunity challenge, knowing that whoever wins guarantees themselves a spot in what would be the final few days of the game. Both Jenn and Neasa feel nervous, knowing that unless something changes one of them will become the fifth member of the jury.

I haven't had much luck in challenges so far, and if I don't win today it has been hinted to me that I'm going home. I think Neasa would be the bigger threat between us, but my loyalty to her means I won't be campaigning to get her out tonight. She's like a sister to me, and if I can't win this then it's not even a question as to who I'd be rooting for.


The decisions tonight rest in my hands, and I can't say for sure right now which way I'm going to vote. The perfect outcome for me would be I win immunity, because that way there's no one out of the question to leave, and I won't be forced to go with one group.


Challenge: Out On a Limb
The five Survivors must maneuver through a ropes course. There are five obstacles – a rope tunnel, rope swing, disc walk, swing steps, and a V tunnel – each heading outwards from the center. They must retrieve a colored feather at each and hang it around the center pole. First to get all five wins.
Winner: Neasa

Immunity Challenge: Out On a Limb
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway Neasa Amazon
Fredrick AmazonIsaiah AmazonJenn AmazonSheamus Amazon
Fredrick, Isaiah, Jenn, Sheamus

The group return to camp with Neasa once again wearing the individual immunity necklace, giving her a guaranteed spot in the final four. The group congratulate Neasa, with close friend Jenn also seeming pleased despite her strong beliefs that her fate in the game may now be sealed.

The result today was probably the worst possible result I could face if I wanted to stick around in this game. As happy as I am for Neasa, I know that it gives the boys no choice but to vote me, and I know unless we can get through to Fredrick that these are my last few hours. I'm not going to tribal without my things tonight... I don't feel confident about this plan at all.


Quote1Good job babe...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Thank you... (hugs Jenn and whispers) We'll do this.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Neasa, you are a beast.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Three in a row now...Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1I'm trying to catch up to Sheamus' wins.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1We all are...Quote2- Fredrick
Neasa won again and I'm saying now that this girl deserves some credit. She's good. I know she's more dangerous than Jenn, and I wanted to change the vote onto her... but now that's out of the question. We've got to just sort that tomorrow. I'm gonna miss Jenn because, you know... a guy likes the warmth of his girl at night... but I can deal with the next three nights alone.


Sheamus takes Neasa to one side, somewhat flirting with her as he compliments her immunity wins. He quietly tells her that Jenn will be going home, and that had she not won he'd still have "protected her" up until the final four. Neasa laughs, telling Sheamus that she will be fine without his protection. The pair briefly kiss, before Sheamus promises to repeat the action when they are separated in the game.

Sheamus is gorgeous, and I'd definitely want to see where things can go between us outside of this game. But, I can't help but detest how cocky he is getting. He's becoming very certain that things will be going his way, and he might be right. Fredrick may be another blind follower. But Fredrick might also be the one he didn't see coming. To be honest, I think Sheamus doesn't see any of us coming... he's blinded by his own success so far to even contemplate going home. Promising to kiss me on my way out was the last straw... I can't give him that satisfaction (laughs).


The group begin preparing for tribal council, although only Jenn packs all her belongings, being the only person to majorly feel in danger. Sheamus, Isaiah and Fredrick talk together, agreeing to keep their target on Jenn, and to focus on winning the next immunity challenge so they can become the top three.

Quote1What if Neasa wins again?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1She can't... four in a row ain't possible.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1If it happens then we just work out which of us are the best two going forward to beat her... we can't let her win her way to the end.Quote2- Sheamus
As a five we've had an amazing relationship together since the swap, and it's a shame to know that it all comes to an end tonight. One of us is going to see their game completely end, but two others will have the same soon. We knew we couldn't all go to the end together... and either way I think we can look back on this positively. I'll miss Jenn... and I'll really miss Neasa... but there's three days left after this... so I don't need to worry about the five being separated for too long.


As the boys head down to the boat, Neasa grabs Fredrick's arm, whispering to him that they need to go forward with their plan to vote for Sheamus. She reiterates her concerns at Sheamus winning the game automatically, as well as Fredrick having an easier path to win should he go with the girls. Isaiah turns around, forcing the pair to finish their conversation. The group get onto the boat, heading towards tribal council where one of them is about to become the fifth member of the jury.

Tonight it's a decision between voting Jenn, which is the loyal and easier option... or voting Sheamus, which is the smarter option... but the move that will forever have me painted as a complete bastard in the game of Survivor. I'll be the most hated person in America. I'll be the one who took out the Golden Boy... who also happens to be my best friend in the game. I don't want to do it, but I didn't sign up to go through all of this just to see someone else win. But if I make this move and it goes wrong then I look like the biggest jackass... and with Neasa winning I can't even guarantee that I'd have a shot in the final three immunity against her. I might not even make it out the top four if she wins and the other guys decide I've got to go because I'm the only one who hasn't won a challenge yet. (sighs ... I don't know what I'm going to do. This is the first time I'm heading into tribal completely uncertain as to who won't be here when I come back.


At tribal council, the group look on as both men on the jury sit with big smiles seeing Neasa wearing the necklace for the third time. Jeff begins by questioning Neasa on her recent wins, asking if it leaves her a threat. She admits that she is a threat in challenges, but questions whether she'd have a chance to win against any of the three boys, feeling as though her social bonds haven't been good with those that currently make up the jury. Jenn talks about being the only person to bring all of her belongings, which she claims is a result of the boys being "comfortable". Isaiah agrees with Jenn's suspicions, confirming that she and Neasa will likely be the next two to go unless Neasa is able to continue winning. When asked about chances to win, the group seem unanimous in pointing out Sheamus' chances, which causes Sheamus to stir, telling Jeff that the compliments are not a positive this late in the game. Fredrick is asked what is more important between friendships and game-play, but he proves unable to answer, stating that it is a "case by case basis", and that whilst he is loyal to some he wouldn't extend the loyalty if it proved futile to his chances of winning. This response causes a slight smile on Neasa's face, although she quickly wipes it off, not wanting to read too heavily into what Fredrick may be revealing. Despite his earlier worries, Fredrick confidently writes down his vote, with the other four doing the same.

Quote1Once the votes are read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately... I'll read the votes. First vote... Jenn.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Sheamus.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Sheamus. That's two votes Sheamus, one vote Jenn.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Jenn. That's two votes Jenn, two votes Sheamus... One vote left.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Last vote... Eleventh person voted out of Survivor The Amazon and the fifth member of our jury... Sheamus, you'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Sheamus smiles, trying to hide his surprise at being voted out of the game. He takes a moment before standing, walking over to Jeff whilst trying to register how he has found himself in this position. Isaiah removes his hat, repeatedly shaking his head and looking at Fredrick, who spends his time looking at the fire. Neasa and Jenn both show their delight openly, smiling at Mayson and Hall, who are seen smirking on the jury.

Quote1Sheamus... the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(calling over) Do you not want your goodbye kiss?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(laughs) ... Good job you guys...Quote2- Sheamus

Sheamus departs the tribal council area, leaving the other four in mixed emotions over seeing the biggest threat finally taken out of the game. Jeff explains to the final four that they will now face two further immunity challenges, which will see the last two members of the jury determined at tribal council, leaving two of them to reach the final tribal council. The four grab their torches and head back to camp, with Neasa and Jenn's grinning faces taking much of the attention off the burning anger on Isaiah's face.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Sheamus Amazon
Sheamus (3 votes)
Fredrick AmazonJenn AmazonNeasa Amazon
Fredrick, Jenn, Neasa
Jenn Amazon
Jenn (2 votes)
Isaiah AmazonSheamus Amazon
Isaiah, Sheamus
Sheamus Amazon Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Sheamus, you are honestly a friend for life... and you've been the one person in this game that I bonded with since the start. But you're just too threatening, and I need to remember that my passion for winning came before my friendship with you. I'm sorry.


Uh, I want my space in the shelter back. Maybe when we both clean up we can get dinner or something.


I hope this works... if not then you've probably just won a million dollars.


My Amazon romance. You're an amazing guy both inside and out, and I really hope that this doesn't somehow break whatever connection we've got. See you on the other side.


Jenn... you're a real sweet girl, and you should be proud of how far you made it. Unfortunately we have to vote for one of our five, and you're the only real option we had here.


Final Words

Wow. I uh, wow. I always use to think that people claiming they were in shock after the vote must've had some sort of idea it could go wrong, but sitting here now I can safely say that isn't the case. They got me good. Based on the reactions I'd say it was Fred that turned... which hurts, because I really thought he held our friendship to high regard. Says a lot about people's characters though when a million dollars is on the line. I had an amazing time in the game, and I hope that the other four cherish the last few days remaining. I know I would.


Still In The Running

Delma Amazon Eliminated
Edweena Amazon Eliminated
Jayla Amazon Eliminated
Jenn Amazon
Karyn Amazon Eliminated
Neasa Amazon
Subira Amazon Eliminated
Veronica Amazon Eliminated
Ceri Amazon Eliminated
Fredrick Amazon
Hall Amazon Eliminated
Isaiah Amazon
Jody Amazon Eliminated
Kennedy Amazon Eliminated
Mayson Amazon Eliminated
Sheamus Amazon Eliminated