Contestant Profile
Age 36 (Borneo)
Occupation Cigar Lounge Owner
Race African-American
Tribe(s)      Tagi
Placement Winner
Challenge(s) Won 10
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 39

Teddy is a contestant from Survivor: Borneo. Teddy was well liked by his tribe, with his strong work ethic and empathetic personality making him a threat in the game. Teddy proved to be a strong strategist in the game, playing alliances against one another, working from the bottom of each one in order to make it to powerful positions in the game. At the merge, Teddy found himself as the swing vote, deciding between two alliances, eventually turning on long time friend Danni. At the final five, Teddy once again held the deciding vote, siding with Olivia and Sarah, who he felt he could beat in the final two. Teddy went on to become the first ever Sole Survivor, beating Olivia in a 5-2 vote, thus making Teddy the first African-American to win, as well as being the first winner overall.

Survivor: BorneoEdit

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Voting HistoryEdit

Teddy's Voting History
Episode Teddy's
Voted Against
1 Andrew -
2 Tagi Tribe Immune
3 Tagi Tribe Immune
4 Larry -
5 Ola -
6 Tagi Tribe Immune
7 Tia -
8 Uri Olivia, Sarah
9 Danni Individual Immunity
10 Alice -
11 Eli Eli
12 Razzy -
13 Sarah;
Olivia, Sarah;
Tia Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Teddy
Danni, Eli, Razzy,
Sarah, Uri
Sole Survivor, Day 39