Tribe Profile
Season Borneo
Namesake Named after one of the beaches on Borneo.
Tribe Type Starter tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s)      Pagong
Tribe Status Merged with Pagong on Day 20
Challenges Won 7
Lowest Placing Member Andrew (16/16)
Highest Placing Member Teddy (Winner)

Tagi was a tribe from Survivor: Borneo. The tribe wears orange.
The Tagi tribe appeared to be at a disadvantage in comparison to their generally younger and more athletic rivals. However the tribe managed to prevail and overcome this, managing to win a majority of the pre-merge challenges. The Tagi tribe is also notable for having the first contestant flip on their tribe come merge, despite an agreement to stick together. On day 20 the Tagi tribe merged with Pagong to create the Rattana tribe.


Andrew BorneoBen BorneoDanni BorneoLarry Borneo
Ola BorneoOlivia BorneoSarah BorneoTeddy Borneo

Andrew, an attorney
Ben, an student
Danni, a dog walker
Larry, a construction worker
Ola, a socialite
Olivia, a hairdresser
Sarah, a student
Teddy, a cigar lounge owner

Tribe History

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