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Original CBS Located Seasons

List of Survivor (U.S.) seasons
No. Season title Location Original tribes Winner Runner(s)-up Final vote
1 Borneo Pulau Tiga, Sabah, Malaysia Two tribes of eightTeddy Olivia5-2
2 The Australian Outback Herbert River at Goshen Station, Queensland, Australia Carlson Alia 6-1
3 Africa Shaba National Reserve, KenyaAbbas Ingrid5–2
4 Marquesas Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French PolynesiaDaisy Duana 6-1
5 Thailand Ko Tarutao, Satun Province, ThailandSalma Julius 4-3
6 The Amazon Rio Negro, Amazonas, BrazilNeasaJenn6-1

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