"Some Are More Dangerous Than Others"
Marquesas Ep 12
Season Survivor: Marquesas
Episode Number 12/13 (051)
First Broadcast January 7, 2017
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Some Are More Dangerous Than Others is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 33 (Night)

The remaining Soliantu members return to camp having just blindsided Ashley from the game, leaving both Ibrahim and Daisy surprised by the result, having expected the former to be the one to be voted out. Daisy looks over at Lotus and Duana, holding back her anger after the two betrayed her trust only minutes earlier.

Throughout this game myself, Lotus and Ashley have been unbreakable in our bond, and we agreed to go to the end of this thing together. After thirty-three days I've lost everything I thought I knew. Ashley was stripped away from me, and it all came down to Lotus betraying us both. On top of that Duana, someone I helped save in this game decided to play a part in that...


Quote1Even though I'm as shocked as Ashley was... Thank you to those who ended up saving my ass tonight.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1You're welcome brother.Quote2- William
Quote1Definitely a big night...Quote2- Duana
Quote1Most certainly was... You guys played it well. Gotta say I'm shocked in you girls for doing it but... (shrugs)Quote2- Daisy
Quote1It was just about splitting up a pair, and we all got to play our own games.Quote2- William
Quote1A pair like you and Duana? Ib and Lotus? I mean with all due respect to Ibrahim if you guys wanted to split up a pair then he shouldn't be here... Someone who has another individual clearly looking out for them and will beat any of us in that final two.Quote2- Daisy

Lotus remains quiet, knowing that whatever she says will only evoke anger from Daisy. Attempting to prevent any arguments from erupting, the group head to the shelter to sleep one by one. Lotus stays awake for around an hour after the others go to bed, reflecting on her decision to turn on Ashley and Daisy.

Making the call to vote out Ashley wasn't an easy move regardless of how it may look to Daisy right now. I had to split up that pair so that their final two deal was broken up. Ibrahim seems really grateful that I helped save him, and now maybe he and I can work together a bit longer. We both know we don't want to take the other to the end, but we can definitely use each other for the next vote. For me the next big thing is to try and break up Duana and William, who are the only other pair in the game who I know who have the intention to sit at that final two together. If I can have time to speak with Daisy then perhaps she'll see Duana as someone who has flipped on others throughout the game, and then join me in voting her out at the next tribal council.


Day 34

The group attempt to begin the thirty-fourth day as normal, trying not to dwell to much on the previous nights events, wanting to prevent any arguments from occurring during their last week of the game. Ibrahim, William and Lotus sit together in the shelter discussing Ibrahim's shock at surviving the vote.

Quote1Honestly I was ready to take my bags up. I owe you guys...Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Just wanted to show you that your friendship still meant something to me.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1You guys think Daisy is going to try anything?Quote2- William
Quote1She wont give up easily...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Wait, you guys are voting her next?Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1I mean I don't know. But I cant see it being too safe leaving someone like that in the game.Quote2- William
Quote1Well uh, I think you guys should be more worried about Duana.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Duana?Quote2- William
Quote1She's had the biggest story getting here, and she seems to stay off everyone's radars. People want to point me and Lotus out as being the threats out here... but we need to see the hidden ones too.Quote2- Ibrahim
Last tribal council I was saved by Lotus, Duana and Will... I'm grateful to all three of them for doing what they did, but I just feel that voting out Ashley was a wasted move. They absolutely should've voted me out last night, and they could have made that move tonight... but the problem is out of everyone it feels like Duana is the one who will slide her way to the end, and she's not exactly got no chance to win neither. At the next vote I'd like for all of us to come together and vote her out, and this is with or without immunity around my neck. Lotus is still the biggest competition I have... but getting rid of her at the final four without William and Duana as a pair will be easier than trying to break up William and Duana if they controlled half the votes.


On their way to collect tree mail, Daisy decides to question Duana on her decision to blindside her by voting Ashley at the previous tribal council, despite their seemingly close relationship.

Quote1I just really want to know why.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Right.Quote2- Duana
Quote1You know, I mean... I thought us girls had something good. We had all those talks on sticking together until the end and making sure a girl finally won this thing. But to me right now it seems you're more interested in handing this thing to Ibrahim or Will.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Its not like that. I love William... but I know how it is. I know a guy at the end of this beats a girl every single time.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Uh, so why vote out Ashley? You're agreeing with everything I'm saying... so it makes no sense to vote her out and betray us like that.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1As I said last night, it was just about making sure my path to the end was easier... and to make it easier either you or Ash had to go. You had my back more in this game than she did, so that's why you're still here right now. Her going doesn't mean anything needs to change between me, you and Lotus.Quote2- Duana
Duana feels as though voting out Ashley has somehow bettered her game and that all is still well in the girls alliance. She even had the nerve to say that I'm only here because of how I treated her earlier in the game. She's making out that she calls all the shots and is really giving me good reason to write her name down at the next opportunity.


The final five arrive to compete in their next reward challenge, which Jeff tells them will involve replaying particular challenges from their time in the Marquesas, and that the winner will be rewarded with a brand new sports utility vehicle.

Quote1(screams and covers her mouth)Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Oh my God... (laughs)Quote2- William
Quote1Worth playing for?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Absolutely!Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Yes Sir.Quote2- Ibrahim

Challenge: Second Chances
Firstly, each Survivor had to construct a Tiki. Next, they had to race to a pile of coconuts, crack them open and drain the juice, filling a bamboo tube. They then had to continue through the jungle to find stilts tied to a tree. Once the stilts were untied, the Survivors had to successfully walk ten feet on the stilts without falling. After completing this leg of the challenge, they would have to find another pile of coconuts and crack them open to find a key that would be used to unlock a crate. Inside the crate would be a slingshot. Finally, with the slingshot in hand, the Survivors would have to find their specific hourglass-shaped structure with a wooden Tiki underneath. Using the slingshot, they must break a tile, releasing sand which will cover the Tiki. The first contestant to cover their Tiki wins the challenge.
Winner: Ibrahim

Reward Challenge: Second Chances
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway Ibrahim Marquesas
Daisy MarquesasDuana MarquesasLotus MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Daisy, Duana, Lotus, William

Returning to camp after winning his new SUV, Ibrahim is unable to hide his happiness, holding back tears of joy as his tribe mates congratulate him on his win. They sit around the fire, boiling up some water and the little food they have around camp to celebrate the win.

A brand new sports utility vehicle. I just won a car on the islands of Marquesas... (laughs) I hate to swear but f***ing amazing. Sorry Lord to use that language but I am just so freaking happy right now. I personally don't drive to work or really desperately need a car. My parents before I came out actually were in the middle of trying to raise some funds to fix their current one... and my mum recently had surgery on her hip so for her to be without a car isn't ideal. Now knowing I can return home and say I've at least won them something... that's special. I owe my parents a lot for giving me so much in this life, and raising me through a really difficult period. I know at times I may not be perfect to them, but they love me and I love them... its something you can never take away from a parent and their child. So today this win was for them... and hopefully I can get a million dollars to go with it.


Quote1Great job Ib...Quote2- William
Quote1You smashed it today. As soon as I saw the stilts again I nearly cried. They were hard enough before...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1How many rewards is that now Ib?Quote2- Duana
Quote1Four I think.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Damn, we need one of us to win those more often.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Too bad it aint immunities though. That's your forte.Quote2- Ibrahim
I think everyone is a little bit envious that Ibrahim has won so many rewards in this game. He earned most of his wins so we cant say he doesn't deserve them, but it definitely turns people on him that he's had feasts, scuba diving, nights on yachts and now a car. Ibrahim may have survived the last vote but I think the only thing that'll get him to day thirty-seven is if he can win the next challenge. But I wouldn't put that past him.


The group continue their relaxing afternoon, as some members tease Ibrahim on his consistent wins in reward challenges, clearly trying to point out his position as a threat in the game. As conversations ensue, William abruptly heads back to the shelter, admitting that he is feeling unwell. The group continue to check on him throughout the day, telling him to keep resting and to keep himself from losing too much energy on camp chores.

Day 35

William is seen sitting alone on the beach for most of the morning, complaining that he still feels unwell. Duana and Lotus sit by William to nurse him, concerned that he is looking "spaced out" and feeling numb all over his body. Whilst the three sit down the beach, Ibrahim and Daisy talk together in the shelter, keeping an eye on the trio and the fire, not wanting it to go out during the health scare.

Quote1You think he'll be ok?Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1I hope so. No one wants to get ill out here. None of us have really been eating... I just hope that he can last these last four days.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1You want him in the final two?Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1No... No. You know what I mean. I don't want anyone to not be able to finish this due to the food and drink situation.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Yeah, I get you. I guess if he does get better he'll last far anyway... seems that its either you or me next.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1You think they'd still vote me even without my "partner"?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Absolutely. Its why I proposed that we vote Duana next... No one seems to be saying her name. She's gonna work her way to the end without any of them thinking otherwise.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1She's much more cunning than they're giving her credit for. People are mad at her for flipping back and forth but... I could see her getting votes to win.Quote2- Daisy
Myself and Daisy both know that we're in trouble going into the next tribal council. Personally I feel I'm the one who is more likely to go, but Daisy cant assume she's in a good position... not after the last vote at least. Our best bet is to stick together as a pair, and to try and pull Lotus over to get Duana out of the game.


Back down the beach, the girls try to get William to drink some water, but he tells them that it is making him feel nauseous, failing to hydrate himself.

These past few days have drained all of us of the little energy we had left. We're covered in bug bites, dehydrated and starving. Since day thirty or so we've all felt as though we cant wait for this to come to an end just so that we can get back to feeling alive. William has really taken it hard since yesterday, and he's increasingly deteriorated from his typical chatty self. When we got up today and found him sitting on the beach feeling nauseous we knew that there wasn't something right...


As William tries to stand with the help of the girls, he quickly collapses to the ground, lying on the beach with his eyes closed as the girls panic and call in the medical team. The medics quickly run over to assess William, getting the rest of the tribe to leave the area and to return to the shelter. Duana bursts into tears, terrified as to what has come over William to make him so unwell.

(crying) When William collapsed I just felt sick. My heart dropped and I was so frightened that something was wrong with him. This is a game and all but these conditions are real... and I you could easily become very sick out here.


The medical team assess William's condition, getting him to talk them through how he's been feeling, deducing that he is dehydrated due to failing to drink much water over the past few days, and that he should begin to feel better with rest and fluids. William is eventually allowed to rejoin the group, receiving tight hugs from each member, having caused them to worry about his condition.

We may not all be close friends or allies out here, but we care about each other enough to worry about scares like this. You know this could happen to everyone's biggest competition or worse enemy, but you'd still fear for that individual because no one wants to see someone out here in pain.


Going down today was scary. I just lost all my vision, feeling in my legs... I've never felt fear like that before. I just lost control of my body and everything was going black. I tried to pray to God to just keep me safe, make sure medical could do their thing. Thanks be to God that I'm ok, and thank you to the medical team for helping me on my feet. To see the others welcome me back so warmly was touching... you might be writing each others names down out here but there's no denying that we've made true bonds with each other. Its a beautiful thing.


Later on in the evening, the tribe head to their next immunity challenge which will take place under the cover of darkness, in which the contestants must answer questions on folklore based on a Marquesan tale told by Jeff. Ibrahim and Daisy both go into the challenge feeling as though if they dont win they will likely be targeted by the other three at tribal council.
Challenge: Marquesan Folklore
The Survivors would listen to Jeff narrate an ancient Marquesan tale. Then, trying to retain all of the information they just heard, the Survivors would answer a series of questions about the story. Each question was located within a private kiosk in which multiple-choice answers were made available. Correct answers would correspond to a basket that would reveal a mini idol. Survivors who guessed the correct answer would then attach the idol to a necklace with which they had been provided. The first person to answer five questions correctly and race across the finish line with five idols would win.
Winner: Lotus

Immunity Challenge: Marquesan Folklore
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway Lotus Marquesas
Daisy MarquesasDuana MarquesasIbrahim MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Daisy, Duana, Ibrahim, William

Day 36

Having won immunity the previous night, Lotus sits confidently around the camp, knowing that she has secured herself a place at the final four. Ibrahim joins her by the fire, quietly asking her if she'll be writing down his name. She tells him that it would be "illogical" for her to vote him out having saved him at the previous tribal, agreeing that they should go forward in splitting up Duana and William as a duo.

Last night I won immunity for myself so I don't have to worry about anyone turning on me, which is amazing considering the moment we merged I was being called out as a threat who needed to be voted out. I think we all know at the final four it would be dangerous allowing both William and Duana to be present, because having their two votes at the final four means they hold half the power... I think Daisy sees this to so the three of us should be voting Duana out tonight.


As the group try and prepare breakfast for themselves, Ibrahim decides that his best way to ensure either Duana or William go home is to expose the pair for playing multiple sides.

Quote1So uh, can I ask you Duana whether you'll be voting me or Daisy tonight?Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1... Huh?Quote2- Duana
Quote1Well I mean both myself and Daisy know you guys want us out, so I just think it would be fairer to tell us publicly which of us is going.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Well considering you're the biggest threat left... I'd say yourself. Don't know why I'm being asked to make the call here though... (laughs)Quote2- Duana
Quote1I was just confused because yesterday Will was saying how Daisy needs to go, so I wasnt sure if packing my bags was that big of a deal.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Whoa, whoa. When did I say Daisy should go? I said Daisy was a dangerous player. But I think all of us are...Quote2- William
Quote1But some are more dangerous than others, right? (laughs)Quote2- Ibrahim
I hate to stir the pot like this, I really do. I'm not a malicious person who likes to play divide and conquer. But sometimes this game makes you play dirty. If exposing Duana and William playing us off on each other gets Daisy to lock in her vote for one of them, then I'm gonna have to play that way.


Quote1Didnt you say you wanted Duana gone though?Quote2- William
Quote1Yes sir I did... But as I said she's played this game well and I think if she doesn't go tonight she'll be at that final tribal council. Taking the spot from one of us.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1After how almost the entire jury has blasted me before leaving? You think I'm a threat (laughs) ... Ib, everyone here knows they cant sit next to you at the end.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Maybe, but the fact is if Daisy and Lotus want a chance to guarantee themselves a spot at the end of this game then both you and Will cant be here after tonight. If you are then y'all played it well.Quote2- Ibrahim
Ibrahim is doing me really dirty right now (laughs). Fair on him, he's trying to get my name out there so he can save himself. I know he's managed to cheat elimination several times so far, but I really don't see him pulling it again tonight. A cat only has so many lives. I am worried that my decision to betray the girls last tribal could count against me... but at least I'll know my own risks are what took me out.


Quote1Daisy, Lotus and Will... you all know how I feel about you guys and I've worked with you through this game. I hope that tonight we make the right decision and stick to our agreement...Quote2- Duana
Quote1... Its just... Sticking to an agreement is all good to preach when you're the one in danger. I mean what happened to girls strong until the end?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Exactly. But Daisy you know you can always go back to them and be screwed over next tribal council.Quote2- Ibrahim
Despite Ashley going last tribal my name seems to be in the clear right now, and its coming down to Ibrahim and Duana. Ibrahim is the biggest threat in the game, and we all accept that. But that is making him more appealing to keep around, because no one in their right mind will let him get any further than the top four. Duana... she's been playing this game unpredictably and she's cut so many deals with people that I'm finding it hard to trust her. Going to the final four with both her and William there means they hold almost all the power, and it'll be harder to make a move against them at that point. But I don't want to keep someone who could go and win these last few challenges, which we know Ibrahim is capable of. Whatever vote I make tonight needs to be what I feel is right to get me to the end, and to the end with someone who I know I'll win against.


At tribal council, Daisy looks over as a glamorous Ashley enters as the newest jury members, sending a cold stare over to Lotus and Duana for betraying her. Lotus talks about winning her third immunity challenge, admitting that she feels as though she needs to keep winning to make sure the others don't turn on her for being "too threatening". Much of the tribal council is spent talking over the open discussion the group had, admitting that almost no one on one conversations occurred due to Ibrahim forcing conversation out in the open. Duana points out that Ibrahim has survived many occasions in the game, and that they need to finally "lay his game to rest", whilst Ibrahim continues to use his argument that Duana and William as a pair will be too powerful to keep at the final four. Lotus shocks the others by coming to Ibrahim's defense, confirming to Duana that she'll be voting her out of the game, leaving Daisy as the sole swing vote. William then makes the argument that Lotus and Ibrahim are as much a pair as he and Duana, so to side with them would be no different, and even suggests that Daisy would lose the vote sitting next to Lotus or Ibrahim, so overalls he'd be better to vote with his side. As the two pairs argue as to why Daisy should vote alongside them, the jury are seen smiling as Daisy sits meekly in the middle, clearly amused that she has become such a desired ally after someone on either side betrayed her. As the debate is drawn to a close, Lotus commences the start of the voting, leaving both Ibrahim and Duana feeling unnerved as they try to get a feel as to which way Daisy will vote. Daisy doesn't hesitate when voting, suggesting she feels confident in the decision she is making. Jeff collects the urn, getting ready to read the votes that will confirm who has made it along with Lotus to the final four.

Quote1First vote... Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Ibrahim. That's two votes Duana, one vote Ibrahim.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Ibrahim. That's two votes Duana, two votes Ibrahim. One vote left.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Last vote... Twelfth person voted out of Survivor Marquesas and the fifth member of our jury... Ibrahim. You'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Ibrahim smiles and nods, knowing that his time would eventually run out after his bad positioning throughout the merged phase of the game. Lotus hugs her friend goodbye, holding back tears as he leaves the game for good. He wishes the other three luck, not wanting to show any hard feelings as he takes his torch over to Jeff. The jury is seen reacting disappointingly to the result, with three of its four members having been rooting for Ibrahim to reach the final tribal council. After Ibrahim leaves the tribal council area, Jeff gives the final four a small pep talk, wishing them luck as they head into the final three days of the game, which will see two of them fall at the final hurdle, and confirm which two will face the jury.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Ibrahim Marquesas
Ibrahim (3 votes)
Daisy MarquesasDuana MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Daisy, Duana & William
Duana Marquesas
Duana (2 votes)
Ibrahim MarquesasLotus Marquesas
Ibrahim & Lotus
Ibrahim Marquesas Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

You know none of us can go to the end with you...


Played one hell of a game, and if you get to the end you'll have my vote.


Tonight my vote is for Duana. You played back and forth, it got you this far but the others need to see how much power you really have.


Love you like a friend, but your game is more and more threatening by the day.


My brother, you and I have shared some good times out here. Although we ended up on different sides I hope you and I can still share in our experiences after this game. God bless brother, catch up soon.


Final Words

This has been one of the craziest experiences of my life. From being an outcast at the beginning, to all this game playing and survival. I've made some amazing friends out here, and hopefully I've done some good by playing this game. Mum and dad, sorry I can't bring you back some money but hopefully a car will do. I wish the other four luck, they're all great people... any one of them would make a worthy winner.


Still In The Running

Ashley Marquesas Eliminated
Daisy Marquesas
Hillary Marquesas Eliminated
Ibrahim Marquesas Eliminated
Lotus Marquesas
Randy Marquesas Eliminated
Ryan Marquesas Eliminated
Troy Marquesas Eliminated
Alistair Marquesas Eliminated
Duana Marquesas
James Marquesas Eliminated
Martin Marquesas Eliminated
Tish Marquesas Eliminated
Ursula Marquesas Eliminated
William Marquesas
Yuzuki Marquesas Eliminated