Tribe Profile
Season Africa
Namesake Tribe of people in Kenya.
Tribe Type Starter tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s)      Boran
Tribe Status Merged with Samburu on Day 20
Challenges Won 3
Lowest Placing Member Roland (16/16)
Highest Placing Member Ingrid (Runner-Up)

Samburu was a tribe from Survivor: Africa. The tribe wears red.
The tribe appeared much weaker at the beginning of the game, losing challenges consistently, with several members falling ill in the game. A clear alliance emerged early on in the game, ousting the weaker members of the tribe. After the swap, Soledad of Boran took control of the tribe along with Mary, picking off Briallen, but sparing Adela in favor of Kris. On day 20 the Samburu tribe merged with Boran to create the Moto Maji tribe.

The tribe holds the distinction of being the first tribe to have someone quit the game.


Adela AfricaBriallen AfricaDavid AfricaIngrid Africa
Luigino AfricaPhoebe AfricaRenato AfricaRoland Africa

Adela, a boxer
Briallen, a special effects artist
David, a med-school student
Ingrid, an retired grandmother
Luigino, a chef
Phoebe, a research analyst
Renato, a nightclub owner
Roland, a student

Post-Swap Members

Adela AfricaBriallen AfricaKris Africa
Mary AfricaSoledad Africa

Adela, a boxer
Briallen, a special effects artist
Kris, a model/surfer
Mary, a spiritualist
Soledad, a barrister

Tribe History

Coming Soon