"Put Your Faith In a Rock, Not a Person"
Thailand Ep 8
Season Survivor: Thailand
Episode Number 8/13 (060)
First Broadcast December 26, 2017
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Put Your Faith in a Rock, Not a Person is the eighth episode of Survivor: Thailand.


Day 21 (Night)

The Chuay Gahn four sit in the cave, having stayed up all night in order to see who returns from Sook Jai's tribal council after the fake merge.

Quote1Who do you guys think they got rid of?Quote2- Vince
Quote1It'll be a tie... And unless one of them budged they'll do a random draw.Quote2- Julius
Quote1It could be any of them then...Quote2- Salma
Quote1Yeah...Quote2- Julius
Quote1I don't think they went to the draw. They'll have probably voted Ricardo and ... someone... and I think Kanda will have switched up like we did.Quote2- Aaron
Now that both tribes are living at the same camp, we've got this situation where tribal council feels almost inclusive for all of us. The four of us from Chuay Gahn didn't have to attend, but by living together we also have interest invested in what their tribe does.


Quote1Anyone hoping for someone to be gone?Quote2- Salma
Quote1Honestly, I don't really care who it is... I just want our side to be stronger than them in these challenges.Quote2- Julius
Quote1I'd think of them all I'd feel best with Phillip gone...Quote2- Salma

The Sook Jai five return to camp, somewhat monotonously saying hello to their rivals who have positioned themselves around the fire. Ricardo and Karen both seem eager to celebrate the result, but out of respect for the others at camp they keep their happiness hidden, simply greeting the others and sitting down besides them.

This vote was really key for my game tonight. I made the decision to go with Ricardo and Karen because of the whole tribe they were the two who invested more natural time with me, and weren't as contrived in how they behaved when speaking to me. I did somewhat cause a rift between myself and the two who initially voted against Ricardo... and I don't want that rift to remain much longer because it hurts my game. But I need to remember that we're still not merged, and I've managed to get myself into what is technically a majority... for now.


Quote1So what happened? Why Rick? Was it from a draw or a vote?Quote2- Aaron
Quote1You guys know about the draw?Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1As in the tiebreaker thing? Yeah we avoided it a while back...Quote2- Aaron
Quote1It was a tie between myself and Rick... and on the second vote everyone went for Rick.Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1Wow...Quote2- Salma
Quote1I'm guessing people didn't want to risk their games to save him.Quote2- Ricardo

Phillip and Estan don't talk, and stand over the fire going over the events of the evening in their heads. Estan tells Aaron that they'll discuss things tomorrow, before joining the rest of the tribe in settling down for the evening.

I made the biggest risk I could've at this tribal council. I didn't want my game to come down to a rock draw, especially as in my mind it comes off as the most embarrassing way to leave this game. Also leaving before the jury stage just wasn't an option, so sadly for Rick he became collateral damage tonight. The scary thing now is that I'm in a very bad position with Sook Jai, and either myself or Phillip will go home next if we lose again... so my only option is to try and win immunity, and to pray that the merge isn't too far off.


Day 22

In the early afternoon of Day 22, the three women left in the game sit together to clean and boil the chicken that the group opted to kill in order to feed themselves, leaving just one chicken left for the remainder of the game. The women look over at Aaron, Estan and Phillip, who are laying down on the beach.

Quote1It's nice to see that living out here starving... exposed to nature... us women are still expected to be the ones to cook and clean this place.Quote2- Salma
Quote1I know... but in all fairness to some of them, they're not all laying around.Quote2- Karen
Quote1Did the others go to fish?Quote2- Kanda
Quote1I think so...Quote2- Salma
Quote1It's not useful though. I mean as much as I enjoy eating... we are sitting here getting a whole chicken ready. So why do we need any fish right now?Quote2- Kanda
Quote1They may as well have gone to get water...Quote2- Karen
Last night was a really positive change for me. Rick going home was something I've been waiting to experience for a while... and now as things stand me, Ricardo and Kanda hold the power on Sook Jai. We're just getting on with some basic tasks today, but what annoys me is that I feel people do things for the sake of doing them... and others just don't do enough. The three girls ended up plucking, cleaning and cooking the chicken... the broth... keeping the fire going... and the guys separated themselves into one group of the lethargic... and the other's went fishing. Which at first I thought was helpful... until I remembered we had chicken on the fire.


Over in the "lethargic" group, Aaron, Estan and Phillip lay on the beach discussing the events of the previous tribal council, initially having agreed to vote together in a merge situation to get Ricardo out of the game.

Quote1So you guys handed them the power?Quote2- Aaron
Quote1We didn't hand them s**t... we had no choice.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1You could've gone to the draw.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1I'm not risking my position like that.Quote2- Estan
Quote1But now you're in a minority... Unless we merge tomorrow you guys are in trouble if you lose.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Well that's what I wanted to speak to you about. Would you be willing to lose the next challenge if we're still two tribes?Quote2- Estan
Quote1As in throw it? And go to tribal?Quote2- Aaron
Quote1If you guys lose, you said Salma goes...Quote2- Estan
I want to use my relationship I've built with Aaron to try and keep myself in this game, and the best play I've come up with so far is to try and convince him to perform badly in the next immunity challenge, should it still be two tribes. That way Chuay Gahn will lose, and they'll get rid of Salma... this will get me closer to a merge where we can turn the vote against the three who suddenly feel so powerful on my tribe.


Quote1What if the merge isn't coming soon? And then we lose again and then I'm gone...Quote2- Aaron
Quote1(sighs) It won't be too long until we merge... I just hope you can pull this one out for me. If you don't then he or I go home... and then that's one less ally for you.Quote2- Estan
Quote1But that puts a risk on my place here... big time.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Sometimes you've got to take risks...Quote2- Phillip
Quote1... Like you did when you didn't draw a rock?Quote2- Aaron
Estan and Phillip are two people I believe I can work with when this game goes forward, and in an ideal world we will merge tomorrow. But this isn't an ideal world. This is Survivor. I understand the argument behind me throwing a challenge to keep them safe... but then there's a chance that we don't merge at the final eight, and we go on to lose another challenge... which means I'm going home. Vince and Julius are much closer to each other than either is with me, and my only shield on Chuay Gahn right now is Salma. I'm happy to lose the shield eventually, but now may not be the time.


Out on Chuay Gahn's boat, the other three men relax whilst also fishing at the same time. They joke about their easy role for the day, glad to have the others back at camp to provide the food for them. Ricardo begins to talk about the game, wanting to continue to strengthen relationships with Chuay Gahn members, believing them to be vital for success once the tribes merge.

When we do eventually merge, I know there will be a power struggle down tribal lines, but more so within the Sook Jai ranks. I suspect at least one... or even both... of Estan and Phillip will be around, and they'll make it their priority to get me out of this game now that their power trip has come to an end. Julius and Vince seem to be the ones who people gravitate towards, so if I want them to side with Karen, Kanda and myself ... then I need to make sure that by the time we merge they see me as a loyal friend.


Quote1Do you think we'll merge tomorrow at the challenge?Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1I'm not sure. I don't think so...Quote2- Julius
Quote1I hope we do...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1Even though you've got the votes now at Sook Jai? If I were you I'd hope this merge doesn't happen for a while. You're pretty much safe for your next two losses.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Maybe... but I just want to be able to play the game with you guys now. I want to be able to make new allies for the votes...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1Well I think for us we want it to be soon, just because losing for us knocks us down even more. We want to try and get both our groups on an equal footing.Quote2- Vince
Quote1You boys will be the ones with a lot of the uh... decisions... when the merge comes. I think we know that my tribe will not be sticking together, and I know Aaron seems to have fully invested his time in Phillip and Estan. Will you be following him on that decision?Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1In all honesty, we haven't considered it much. We agreed to talk about it after the challenge, but because it turned out we haven't merged... I don't think now is the time to consider it.Quote2- Julius
I don't trust Ricardo. I like him, he's a decent guy and I think a part of him does want to genuinely connect with us out here. But due to how his game has gone, he's in full game mode right now, and everything he does is to try and keep him in a good spot and to ensure either Phillip or Estan go home. If this was a game about keeping your friends and good personalities around, then I'd be shaking Ricardo's hand... promising him the final three with myself and Vince. But this is anything but that. He's showing himself to be someone who is going to be thinking steps ahead, and he's someone who constantly tries to squeeze information out of people. So I think he should reconsider whether or not he really wants a merge next... because if it is tomorrow then he better fight in the immunity challenge or else he's going home.


The rain begins to pour down over the camp, leaving the fishing trio no choice but to abandon their task and paddle back to shore, eventually taking shelter under the caves with the others. As the rain shows no signs of stopping, the final nine remain inside the caves for the remainder of the day, enjoying the meal prepared for by the three girls.

Quote1Thank you for this girls... it's really great.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1What would you do without us, right?Quote2- Karen
Quote1Cook ourselves?Quote2- Julius
Quote1(jokingly hits Julius) Stop you!Quote2- Salma
Quote1(laughs) I'm kidding. Thanks girls.Quote2- Julius
The girls did a great job today, and I think us six guys somewhat slacked off when it came to doing anything or worth. They all got the praise they wanted though, and I think if anything it has got them in everyone's good books. None of them seem at any risk... and a part of me feels that no matter what tribe loses, Salma, Kanda and Karen will be safe. Initially I thought Salma would be in trouble because of the way Chuay Gahn was going... but these last few days have shown Aaron to be someone working fully for his own interests, and if we are to lose I think both myself and Vince will need to put an end to his efforts swiftly before they have a chance to flourish and benefit him alone.


Day 23

Kanda, Ricardo and Julius lay down be the fire together, feeling tired and wanting to rest before the upcoming challenge. They speculate whether or not it will be immunity or a reward, and whether a merge will be announced or if the game will remain in its tribal phase.

Quote1I just want it to be merge and immunity... I'm tired of this living together without being together stuff.Quote2- Kanda
Quote1Yeah, that's how I feel. I don't even want a reward at this point... anything shared with Phil and Estan isn't a reward anyway...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1I think it'll be reward... still two tribes.Quote2- Julius
Quote1(sighs) You're probably right...Quote2- Kanda

Salma and Karen head off together to collect tree mail, eager to find out what they'll be playing for, and what phase the game will be in for the next challenge. The girls get the tree mail, slowly opening it to read for themselves. Much to their disappointment, the tree mail reveals that it will once again be a tribal immunity challenge, meaning that only one group will go to tribal council to vote out the individual that will become the first member of the jury.

It is frustrating to still be two tribes even though we're being forced to get to know the other tribe, because we've now been sharing a beach for the last four days. I don't want to be made to go to tribal council again with Chuay Gahn, because as the only woman and the oldest person in my tribe I think it's only natural I should be a target. But I can only hope that we win immunity once again, and that the Sook Jai tribe votes someone out... and that when they return that my girls and Ricardo are all safe.


Back at camp, Phillip and Aaron stretch together on the beach, having found sleeping in the cave to be rough sleeping the past few nights. Phillip helps Aaron get a knot in his back, also asking him about Estan's proposal of throwing the challenge that was pitched the previous day.

Quote1If it's immunity are you gonna do it? Make sure he and I can both stay around?Quote2- Phillip
Quote1I don't know... It really just depends on how easily I can do it... and whether or not there's a chance we'll merge at eight.Quote2- Aaron
People seem to forget that I'm here to protect my game before anyone else's, and I don't think that has sunken in for Phillip and Estan. They think me losing today is an easy task that'll pay off for us all without any chance of backfiring, and I know that just isn't the case. I'd rather they gave me honest answers and expectations for what could happen if I do throw the challenge today... because it would make me think they actually care about keeping me safe in return for helping them out today, but instead it's just coming across that they're willing for me to end my own game as long as they're both still here to pick up their merged buffs.


Quote1All I can say is please... please consider this.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1If you guys do end up losing, have you considered how to keep yourself safe?Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Honestly, I think I'll have to go after Estan. Ricardo wants him gone... but I feel the two girls would rather vote me. Ricardo is a weak man and the kind to let women call the shots for him... I think I'm gone if we don't win.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1You don't think there's a chance Kanda could vote Ricardo?Quote2- Aaron
Quote1She was willingly to take the draw for him last tribal. No way she's doing anything other than voting me or Estan...Quote2- Phillip
Quote1If you lose then... do what you've got to do.Quote2- Aaron
Aaron doesn't seem to have the guts to play this game by taking risks, and he's so cautious that it's going to lessen his chance to win. Yes, the merger being postponed has really screwed our games... but we could've adapted to it and found a way out. Instead, I'm fighting for my life because everything is coming down to random draws or someone else holding my game in their hands.


Salma and Karen return to the caves, calling everyone over to read the tree mail. As the mail is read, a sigh somewhat looms over the camp as they realise tribal immunity remains in the game, and that a merge is still nowhere in sight. The group gather their things to head to the challenge, with some feeling secretly elated at the prospect that tribal challenges remain, believing it to be a sign that they will survive the next tribal council regardless of the challenge outcome.

Keeping things how they are is good for Chuay Gahn. We're more united than Sook Jai, and I think we've got the edge going into challenges because of that. If we do somehow lose, then it'll be a battle between Salma and Aaron, likely with Aaron being the one to leave us. Myself and Vince have really turned things around ... we went from the bottom of the tribe, to running the tribe... and running the merge that has yet to happen.


Although I get why some people want us to be one tribe with one color uniting us, this is the best thing for my group. I'm even hoping we lose today because I want to get rid of Phillip or Estan before they have a chance to get the Chuay Gahn members on their side... so if things go well I'll be at tribal council tonight, waving another one of them off.



Challenge: Breathing Space
Using eight individual bamboo snorkels, four for each tribe, the castaways had to submerge themselves underwater and breathe through the snorkel. Once a tribe member came up for air, their time was stopped. The tribe with the longest cumulative running time under water would win.
Winner: Chuay Gahn
Information: For Chuay Gahn, Aaron, Julius and Vince stay underwater for a good amount of time, whilst Salma somewhat struggles, getting an okay time for her tribe. For Sook Jai, Kanda, Karen and Ricardo all score good times, with Estan performing badly by quitting after a matter of seconds, blaming his failure on accidentally drinking salt water. Ultimately, Chuay Gahn scores a higher consecutive time, giving them the win. The total times are as follows:
Chuay Gahn: Aaron (1 minute 42 seconds), Julius (1 minute 3 seconds), Salma (34 seconds), Vince (1 minute 24 seconds). Total: 283 seconds
Sook Jai: Kanda (1 minute 4 seconds), Karen (58 seconds), Ricardo (1 minute 50 seconds), Estan (3 seconds). Total: 235 seconds

Immunity Challenge Breathing Space
Result Tribe Competitors Sit Outs
Won Chuay Gahn Aaron ThailandJulius ThailandSalma ThailandVince Thailand
Aaron, Julius, Salma, Vince
Lost Sook Jai Estan ThailandKanda ThailandKaren ThailandRicardo Thailand
Estan, Kanda, Karen, Ricardo
Phillip Thailand

Combined Camp

The final nine return to camp, with Chuay Gahn having earned themselves immunity once again from tribal council, leaving Sook Jai to vote out another member, bringing their total members equal to that of their rivals. Ricardo, Kanda and Salma place their things down in the corner of the shelter.

Quote1Unlucky guys...Quote2- Salma
Quote1Yeah... Oh well. It's the game, right?Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1That it is... that it is.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Either way, congratulations! You guys did good.Quote2- Kanda
Quote1Thank you sweetie. Just make sure whatever happens you two and Karen come back here tonight. You make sure you know which of those other two are going...Quote2- Salma
Quote1Of course. It shouldn't be difficult for us.Quote2- Ricardo
We lost another challenge today, and we're going to have to vote out either Estan of Phillip tonight. How things have gone, I think everyone on our tribe... and even on Chuay Gahn... is aware that one of the will be going home. If I was to make the decision, I'd go for Phillip... but that is purely on who I get on with the least, and I think there's an argument to be made that we need to look at the strategic implications of leaving Estan in this game.


Laying down in the tribes seating area; Karen and the three men from Chuay Gahn discuss the awkward situation of two tribes returning to the same camp with totally different feelings over the result.

After a challenge win all you want to do is celebrate the win and have a positive feeling throughout the camp. Unfortunately because of Sook Jai also being in our cave, we can't do that. They also can't fully reflect on their loss because I think they don't want to put a downer on the whole atmosphere.


Quote1We'll keep our celebrating to a minimum...Quote2- Vince
Quote1Oh no, don't do that guys. Honestly, be happy! You did good today... well done.Quote2- Karen
Quote1It's still tough though. We like you guys, and don't want to see you all sad like this.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Oh don't worry about me. I'm far from sad (laughs)...Quote2- Karen

Down the beach, Phillip and Estan sit on a rock together discussing the result of the challenge, knowing the likelihood is that one of them will be ousted from the game the following evening.

Quote1I can't believe I screwed it for us.... for me.Quote2- Estan
Quote1I wasn't even allowed to compete. I'm angry man... I don't want to vote you.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1We could try and speak with Kanda?Quote2- Estan
Quote1Honestly, I don't think there's much hope for that. We gotta accept that you or I are going. Vote each other and may the best man win... okay?Quote2- Phillip
Quote1... Uh, yeah. Okay. Good luck.Quote2- Estan
I can't believe that the group made me sit out today, in a challenge that was do or die for me. I'm fighting for my life, and they took it from me to take part on my behalf! I had to be straight up with Estan and let him know I'll be voting for him tomorrow, and that we've got to turn on each other to survive the vote.


Estan rolls his eyes once Phillip walks off, clearly irritated by their conversation. He heads over to the water, wanting to cool off alone after the events of the day, needing to refresh his mind in time for the campaigning that will take place the following morning.

I've screwed this game up for myself, and I regret the decision I made at the last tribal council. I thought a random draw with a twenty-five percent chance of going home felt idiotic, but what was idiotic was thinking I could count on people like Aaron and Phillip to use their brains to better my game and theirs. Here's a lesson for any future players... put your faith in a rock, not a person. People let you down in this game and don't play logically. I need to calm down because in my current mood I'm not going to do anything but dig my grave deeper. I can't speak to any of them tonight, but first thing tomorrow I'm getting up and working my social skills to get the burden that is Phillip out of this game.


The sun quickly sets over the camp, with most of the members heading to bed, tired from travelling back and forth to the challenge. Aaron asks Estan to speak with him, but the latter rejects the proposal, stating he'd rather leave any conversations until the morning.

Day 24

On the morning of Day 24, the three women and Julius remain asleep, feeling relaxed about the day ahead. Aaron and Estan head off in order to finally have their conversation regarding the events of the challenge. Meanwhile, Vince, Phillip and Ricardo sit by the fire, boiling a fish that Ricardo found in the net an hour earlier.

Even though we have tribal council later, I don't feel the slightest bit worried. I actually like this feeling, because I know that no matter what I am safe. Kanda and Karen evidently feel the same, hence them sleeping in with ease. Phillip and Estan both got up early, and I expect it's because they now know they've got to campaign against one another. Phillip came to me almost instantaneously to speak, whereas Estan went off with Aaron. I think Phillip is being wiser about this, looking towards the short term... and Estan is so fixated on a long term goal that he can't fathom he needs to worry about tonight only, because it may be his last on this island.


Quote1So, do you mind Vince if I talk to Ricardo about the vote?Quote2- Phillip
Quote1Sure, you want me to leave?Quote2- Vince
Quote1No, no I'm fine with you being here. Just wanted you to know where this conversation is heading (laughs)Quote2- Phillip
Quote1Go for it brother...Quote2- Vince
Quote1So, I mean tonight uh, I know it's me or Estan. I just want to ask if you've made a decision yet?Quote2- Phillip
Quote1I haven't. It shouldn't come as a surprise where I'm leaning... and I'll do my best to get the girls to vote for him too, but ultimately I've got to go where they go.Quote2- Ricardo
I was just watching the fish boil, and suddenly it was an open forum on Sook Jai's feelings and standings... and I wasn't even asked to leave.


Quote1If you can do whatever is in your power to help me out here man I'll really appreciate it. When it comes to the two of us... he's the one who has lied, and he's the one who really drew the line during the night Melissa went.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1I remember...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1That's all I can give you right now. I accept whatever happens will happen... but I think keeping him here is a mistake... three seconds in the challenge yesterday was pitiful, and I think you've gotta make him pay for it.Quote2- Phillip
I've made the best case I can to Ricardo, and I feel I may be preaching to the converted at this point. I know where his head is at, but I think the smart thing here is to get him fully behind voting Estan so that he can convince the two women. They hold a good bulk of the votes... and I'm worried without Ricardo's conviction towards getting rid of Estan that I'll be the one leaving tonight.


Quote1Okay, I'm going to take this broth over to the girls and Julius... and I'll speak with them now.Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1Please let me know... I don't want to go in thinking I'm good and then see my name come up four times.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1I promise I'll let you know.Quote2- Ricardo
It's funny that the people who were so arrogant and nasty when they held the power are now asking me to be courteous when it comes to deciding their fates. Oh how the mighty have fallen (laughs). I'm going to push for Estan to go tonight, but I understand that the girls do hold the key here... because they do think of things on a personal level, and they feel more irritated by Phillip than they do Estan.


Having their much needed discussion, Aaron and Estan sit in the shallow water. There remains tension between them, as Estan remains annoyed at Aaron's failure to throw the challenge, unaware that by doing so he likely would've sealed his own exit from the game.

Quote1You know why I couldn't do it right?Quote2- Aaron
Quote1... No. I've heard your excuses from Phillip, and it's bull. I'm now sat here almost certainly going home... and no one has my back when I needed it.Quote2- Estan
Quote1You're not going home. Honestly... you can fight through this and get yourself to the next stage, because it's clear to all of us that Karen and Kanda want Phil gone.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Then what? I just wait to lose again? We're now one more person down because of your decision... so you know thanks for nothing. May as well write Ricardo the cheque now.Quote2- Estan
Aaron has no real determination to win this game. He's giving me weak excuses and honestly wasting my time that I should be using to convince my own tribe not to vote me out.


Aaron apologises once again to Estan, ending the talk with a limp handshake before they head back to camp.

I do feel bad that I didn't go through with Estan's plan, because he or Phillip will be going tonight. But I don't think now is the time for me to jeopardise my own position just to save potential allies when the merge comes. The merge might not be until the final five... So worrying about saving people outside my tribe is a waste of time and energy.


Ricardo and the girls sit eating their food together, quietly talking about the vote, knowing they will be the ones to decide who goes home. Kanda and Karen unsurprisingly state that they'd like to vote out Phillip, feeling he's their weakest overall player, and someone who causes irritation amongst the others. Ricardo gives his arguments for voting out Estan, concentrating on him being more of a threat, noting Phillip having a lower chance of swaying people against them later on.

Quote1Why do you not speak with Estan? You heard out Phillip so maybe we should give him a chance too.Quote2- Kanda
Quote1I don't want him to sway any of us.Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1But we should at least hear what he says... He may have a valid argument we can use. If not, then maybe we look at him being more of a threat and get rid of him now.Quote2- Kanda
Quote1But is now really the time to vote out 'threats'? We're still playing as two tribes...Quote2- Karen

As time passes, Ricardo eventually agrees to the girls plea to speak with Estan, going to a private meeting with him arranged by Kanda. At first the meeting seems awkward, as both men seem unwilling to fully commit. However, the need for strategic progression takes over, leading Estan to work hard to convince Ricardo that Phillip needs to be voted out of the game.

Quote1I understand you and I haven't got the best relationship after what happened, but there was a time where we trusted each other and could get on...Quote2- Estan
Quote1Before you turned on me and my friends...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1I never turned on you specifically, I only ended up voting you because of how you took it.Quote2- Estan
Quote1How was I meant to take it?!Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1I thought you'd maybe respect it as a game move and see that I never wrote your name down that night, and that we could've worked past it... You've never had a working relationship with Phillip, and you never will.Quote2- Estan
Kanda and Karen may both feel that they've got it sorted in their minds that Estan needs to stay tonight, when all I can think about is his schemes and lies that he's fed us over twenty-four days. His own argument to me is about trust and how we can rebuild, but I don't think he's aware or even accepting how badly he broke that trust when he voted out Melissa.


Quote1What I can offer that he cant is simple. We're merging soon, and when we do we're going to need some of their side to work with us... because if we don't they'll take control and bump us all off, and with Phillip here he'll just join their side and give them an extra vote.Quote2- Estan
Quote1But you're the one who speaks more with their side...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1Right, and I have better working relationships with them than he does, but I know throwing myself to their side places me in a bad position. Unlike Phil, I can pull at least one of them over, and get us the advantage when the merge comes.Quote2- Estan
Quote1Your word is hard to really take seriously...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1I'll swear on anything dear to me... I'll swear on my mothers eyes right now... If you can save me tonight I'll use every ounce of energy I have to get us to the final few.Quote2- Estan

At sundown, Sook Jai grab their things and begin to say goodbye to the rival Chuay Gahn tribe, all being wished luck for the vote, knowing that one of them will not be returning to the camp later that night.

I've done my best in this bad situation, and I can just hope that Ricardo saw the truth behind what I was saying today. I do think ironically it is in his best interest to keep me here, considering Phillip has nothing to offer beyond being the one that annoys everyone. If they vote me out tonight I'll understand it is nothing but Ricardo getting revenge for his friend... and being vengeful will be the undoing the second these tribes come together.


At tribal council the Sook Jai tribe discusses its disappointment in losing the last two immunity challenges, giving away the numbers advantage they had over Chuay Gahn. Estan points out that no such advantage really existed, as Sook Jai had been "two tribes of three" by the final ten. After a short discussion on tribe performance and life with Chuay Gahn, the group openly admit the vote coming down to Phillip and Estan, giving both the opportunity to make final pleas as to why they should be saved. Phillip talks about Estan losing the tribe the challenge, as well as being someone who strategically will be hard to beat at a merge. Estan uses the same argument he had given to Ricardo, concentrating on what he can do to benefit the group at a merge, whereas Phillip will not have the same connections. Phillip responds by suggesting that Estan himself will flip to Chuay Gahn at a merge, outing his deals with Aaron, also suggesting he has deals with Julius and Vince, and that he had set up a group to take out Ricardo should the merge have taken place at the final ten. Estan denies the accusation, being the final words of the tribal before the group get to the vote. As the five wait for the results, Estan and Phillip are both seen looking uncomfortable, knowing that one of them will likely regret not going to the rock draw at the previous tribal council.

Quote1First vote... PhillipQuote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Estan.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Estan. That's two votes Estan, one vote Phillip.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Unbelievable... (grabs his things)Quote2- Estan
Quote1Fourth vote... Eighth person voted out of Survivor Thailand and the first member of our jury... Estan, you'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Already on his feet, having calculated he was leaving after his name came up a second time, Estan walks over to Jeff, shaking his head and laughing at what he believes is an idiotic decision by his tribe. Estan takes one last look at his tribe, smirking before leaving the tribal council area. Phillip wipes sweat from his face, nervously thanking the other three members of his tribe, who fail to acknowledge his thanks. The final four head back to camp, now knowing they are equal in numbers to their rivals, and that with under two weeks left, things are certainly about to change within the game.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Sook Jai
Estan Thailand
Estan (4 votes)
Kanda ThailandKaren ThailandPhillip ThailandRicardo Thailand
Kanda, Karen, Phillip & Ricardo
Phillip Thailand
Phillip (1 vote)
Estan Thailand
Estan Thailand Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

You going is the only thing that I can see benefiting this tribe for when the merge comes. I hope hindsight doesn't show a one in four random draw being the better option...


Nothing to say but good luck. You're very young and I hope you can mature from this experience.


Not the name I'd rather write, but we've got to think about the danger you pose.


My friend, it came down to an epic battle between us, but you made yourself too big of a target by playing so hard early on. I had hoped that we'd be the last two standing, but things just didn't work out.


Your arguments made some sense, but I wasn't going to let you blind me from what you have been this whole game. This is a little payback for what you did to our games. Enjoy the jury, and use your time alone there to reflect on who you are as a person.


Final Words

Well, I can't say that I'm surprised. I've been playing this game with people who have little to no intellect. Phillip should be here, not me. I think of them all the only one who I can see having a chance of winning would be Kanda, but she's stifled her chances good and proper by going along with Ricardo's plans. He'll continue being the driver for Sook Jai, and I think he's taking them off the edge of a cliff. I made the jury at least... so I can have some say in who does, or in my tribes case... doesn't win the money at the end.


Still In The Running

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Aaron Thailand
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Sook Jai
Estan Thailand Eliminated
Joan Thailand Eliminated
Kanda Thailand
Karen Thailand
Melissa Thailand Eliminated
Phillip Thailand
Ricardo Thailand
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