"Potassium Overdose"
Thailand Ep 4
Season Survivor: Thailand
Episode Number 4/13 (056)
First Broadcast December 18, 2017
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Potassium Overdose is the fourth episode of Survivor: Thailand.


Day 9 (Night)

The five remaining Chuay Gahn members return to camp after a lively tribal council, in which Salma called out Harper, resulting in the latters elimination after she swore to target Aaron. Gypsy and Salma both appear ecstatic at the result, whilst the three men appear concerned at both losing Harper and for what was said.

Tonight was by far the toughest night for me in this game so far. I thought I'd been playing this game smoothly, and I had been... but my undoing was trusting Julius with information, only to have him run off and tell Salma everything. I was going to vote Gypsy tonight, as were the other guys and Harper, but instead things were exposed and its all come back to make me look like the untrustworthy one.


Quote1I feel I need to say something...Quote2- Aaron
Quote1About what?Quote2- Salma
Quote1About tonight... Obviously things were said that I don't believe to be true, and I want to clear it up.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Wasn't it all cleared up by us voting her out?Quote2- Salma
Quote1Maybe... but I just want to say that never have I plotted against people here... never have I tried to pit people against one another...Quote2- Aaron
Quote1But you were planning to vote me out tonight, right?Quote2- Gypsy
Quote1I was yeah...Quote2- Aaron
I got lucky just now... had it not been for Salma throwing it all out in the open, I'd have been the one voted out. I'm grateful... I owe her my life in this game right now. What made me laugh is that when we got back Aaron knew he came off looking bad tonight, and had the nerve to suggest he hasn't plotted against anyone here. In the next sentence he admitted to initially planning to vote me out, despite our supposed agreement we made with Rachel (laughs).


Quote1Either way, lets just forget what Harper said... it was her final attempt at saving herself. We're here, and we need to work together to stay in this.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Well said.Quote2- Rachel
Quote1Yeah... lets go Chuay Gahn! (laughs)Quote2- Gypsy
My short lived nemesis has left the building. Harper wanted to get rid of my for my weakness, but it was my strength that flipped this whole tribe on its head. I know this will have created a target on my back, but had I not stuck myself out there I'd have lost a friend tonight, and been the next one out of this group should we lose again. Now, I'm in the most comfortable position I've been in since we arrived. I have both Rachel and Gypsy on my side, and the three boys aren't exactly close to teaming up... especially when both Julius and Aaron have somewhat of a working relationship with me. The girls want to target Aaron after tonight... the boys will likely still target Gypsy... No one is looking at me. Cut off the lips that are speaking your name, and you'll enjoy the silence.


Day 10

Chuay Gahn

Gypsy and Aaron head over to to the tree mail area in order to get news about the upcoming reward challenge. To their surprise, they come across a 250-lb dummy, with a set of paint to be used for decoration.

Quote1Oh my gosh... (laughs)Quote2- Gypsy
Quote1Looks like we've got a Harper replacement already.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Not as big of a dummy though... right... can we get this back? (she tries to move it) ... Nope...Quote2- Gypsy
Bit of a different challenge set up today. First of all we have this giant new tribe member to deal with... and we're meant to decorate it so it'll stand out when we get him to the challenge.


The others come and see the new addition to the tribe, making a group decision as to how they can decorate the dummy. Every member pitches in, opting to go down a route of creating a 'surfer dude' style for their dummy, with Salma joking its through the tribes desire for eye-candy.

A few people have suggested, or at least adopted the mindset that reward challenges are a luxury and not a necessity. It simply isn't true if the last few days have taught us anything. Losing any sort of advantage... whether it's information or food... it'll give a mental and physical boost that undoubtedly effects how the tribe performs in the consecutive immunity challenge. So today... I hope the tribe and 'Greg the surfer' can come together and get us whatever we're competing for... because if we lose for the third time in a row... it would be foolish to presume we'll be going anywhere other than back to tribal council in two days.


Sook Jai

The tribe sit around camp in the morning, enjoying the dry weather that they've recently been experiencing. Karen calls the group over to the tree mail area, having found more than just instructions for their next challenge.

Quote1You guys!Quote2- Karen
Quote1Why's she shouting...Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Maybe its a good one.Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1Guys! Come look!Quote2- Karen
Quote1This better be worth it...Quote2- Rick
Quote1(screaming) GUYS!Quote2- Karen
Quote1God dammit... WE'RE COMIN'! Mad woman...Quote2- Rick
Quote1THERE'S A GIANT MAN HERE!Quote2- Karen
Quote1A what...Quote2- Melissa

Ricardo links Melissa's arm and speeds over to the tree mail area, much to the amusement of his tribe mates. The rest of the group hesitantly follow, eventually seeing the source of Karen's excitement. The group look at the 10 foot dummy, reading the instructions to personalise the dummy for their tribe.

Getting the dummy ready for the group was great fun... I felt like I was giving one of my girlfriends a makeover. Myself, Melissa, Kanda and Ricardo are unsurprisingly the more artistic individuals here... whilst the two wannabe alphas Phillip and Rick sat to the side. Estan also pitched in but he's not really got... the flare for design (laughs)


Quote1You guys she looks amazing...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1Her hair is looking better than mine!Quote2- Karen
Quote1Can't be too difficult in this state... (laughs)Quote2- Ricardo
Our dummy... who is reminding me of a less sexy Jennifer Lopez, is going to bring us luck in the next challenge. She's already done more to get us bonding than anyone with a pulse has on this beach, so I'm already sensing she brings luck...!



Challenge: New Tribe Member
Tribes must navigate a 250-lb., 10 ft. tall dummy across the island. First to complete the task wins reward.
Reward: A plentiful supply of ripe bananas and chickens.
Winner: Sook Jai

Reward Challenge New Tribe Member
Result Tribe Competitors Sit Outs
Won Sook Jai Estan ThailandKanda ThailandMelissa ThailandPhillip ThailandRicardo ThailandRick Thailand
Estan, Kanda, Melissa, Phillip, Ricardo, Rick
Karen Thailand
Lost Chuay Gahn Aaron ThailandGypsy ThailandJulius ThailandRachel ThailandSalma ThailandVince Thailand
Aaron, Gypsy, Julius, Rachel, Salma, Vince

Chuay Gahn

The group walk into the cave silently, disappointed to have lost their third challenge in a row, leaving them without the reward of ripe bananas and three chickens. Gypsy tries to lessen the blow by reminding the tribe that they still have the fishing net, which Sook Jai are still without. However, her attempts fall on deaf ears, with Vince in particular having to bite his tongue so as to not cause a scene. Gypsy feels guilty for having been a factor once again in the tribe losing a challenge, deciding to offer to go and collect coconuts in order to mend the damage she feels she's caused. Aaron and Rachel are sent off to check the fish nets, leaving Salma, Vince and Julius alone in the cave.

Quote1... Not a great one for us today.Quote2- Salma
Quote1No... we just have to hope whatever comes next isn't to do with strength. If its physical, we can't compete with them.Quote2- Julius
Quote1I feel I wasn't any good today... I'll hold my hands up to that.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Not to sound disrespectful... but it is almost acceptable with you. You're a mature individual... that thing was heavy and I found it tough too. But to sound like a broken record there is someone who again... for the fourth time... has under performed.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Gypsy...Quote2- Julius
Quote1I did notice that. Especially how she kept holding onto the doll rather than pushing it...Quote2- Salma
(laughs and shrugs)... Again. AGAIN, I am explaining how Gypsy was a factor in losing us a challenge. The group wasted two tribal councils so far... we voted out West, who would've given us strength in challenges... Harper... who was a freakin' athlete... to keep Gypsy... who on Day 1 struggled to row the boat. Julius, myself and Aaron were all initially on board with voting her out, and Salma was the main factor in saving her with the stunt at tribal council. The only way we can strengthen this group is to get Salma on board, because she holds a lot of the power around here after Harper was sent home.


Quote1We're going to lose again and again unless she goes... stop prioritising personal feelings over what makes the group better.Quote2- Vince
Quote1But what good is me keeping strength around if it just puts me at the bottom of the tribe...Quote2- Salma
Quote1What good is being in a strong position when there wont be a tribe left by the end of it all?Quote2- Vince
Quote1I mean you know how I feel with it all. I trust you both, and I want to work with people in this game... and we need to make sure our tribe is strong alongside all this. The three of us gives us half the votes... we just need Aaron or Rachel on board and we've got the majority. Gypsy can't stay...Quote2- Julius
Quote1... (sigh) I know. Its horrid because I don't ever like to turn on my friends. I'm loyal... but there's a reason we're losing, and we all know deep down what the reason is. Rachel wouldn't do it... after last night I think Aaron and Gypsy wont work together, so it'll have to be him.Quote2- Salma
We lost again... its tiring. I felt so strong after getting my way last tribal council, but the result of today's challenge just highlighted how weak the tribe is. You can't be strong in a weak group... it's an oxymoron. I adore Gypsy, and I know she and I could work together to the very end, but the reality of the situation is that with Gypsy around we can't compete on a level playing field. So do I stick with my known loyalties... and vote out Vince or perhaps Aaron next... or do I turn my back on someone who thinks my word is my bond. I mean it is. I don't know... I just hope that we can somehow pull off a win and not to find myself picking between loyalty or sanity.


Whilst pulling the empty net from the water, Aaron tries to make amends with Rachel, who he can tell feels awkward around him since the controversy at the previous tribal council. Aaron starts the conversation with small talk, but decides to ultimately cut to the chase after he notices Rachel's unusually short replies.

Quote1I just want you to know... whatever was said last night... I don't want it to get between the friendship we had.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1You don't huh?Quote2- Rachel
Quote1(sigh) ... It looks bad. I get it... I just couldn't speak to you about it all because you're so close with Gypsy.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1You were mean't to be close with her too! With both of us!Quote2- Rachel
Quote1I get that! You don't think I don't feel like an ass after it all? But its been blown out of proportion... I wasn't plotting or turning people on each other. I was just doing what I thought was best for our tribe. And looking at today's performance I don't know if I was wrong to think that way...Quote2- Aaron
I'm hurt by Aaron, I really am. He and I were friends and he was almost like the all American guy on our tribe. Everyone liked Aaron. Now, I don't think a single person completely trusts him. I respect that a lot of what was said is disingenuous if it comes from someone on their way out. But there's no smoke without fire... Aaron is going to have to really do better than half-hearted explanations if he wants any of us to take his word seriously again.


Quote1I want us to still work together... I don't want to play this game with people that I can't laugh with, and talk to on a personal level like I can with you.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1But how is this going to work if you're targeting my... OUR friend? I know she's not the best in challenges, but neither am I. Neither is Salma... so once Gypsy is gone should we expect to be your next targets?Quote2- Rachel
Quote1... No, no! Listen if it makes you feel more secure... I'll patch things over with Gypsy. That's how much keeping my loyalty to you means to me. We can stick to our original group... just like it was suppose to be...Quote2- Aaron
Quote1You'll need to speak with Gypsy. Can I forgive you? Absolutely... you know how much I value you as a friend out here... and it hurt that we weren't speaking lately. But Gypsy is the one who has been really hurt by all this, so we need to get ourselves sat down... I'll try my best to bringing her around.Quote2- Rachel
I hope this isn't something I'll live to regret in this game, but if I have to make peace with Gypsy being here in order to have the security of my alliance back. It's a real concern to me that the others might wrongly target me next because of Harper's leaving words... so I need to keep one half of the tribe on my side, whilst making sure that the other side rebuilds its alliance with me. Ironically, I'm almost becoming the two-timing individual that I was made out to be last night...


Am I willing to forgive Aaron? Yes. This game moves too fast to hold grudges, and I don't think Aaron is this evil mastermind like others have tried to suggest. If we can get our original group together, we'll have an easy time deciding who goes next time we head to tribal council... but it rests on Gypsy's shoulders. If we can get her to forgive and forget, then there's nothing to say we wont be back in business by tomorrow!


Sook Jai

The group return to camp with their new reward of bananas and three chickens, excited to have once again found a means of feeding themselves, as well as preventing Chuay Gahn from breaking their losing streak.

We won once again, and just seeing the sadness on Chuay Gahn breaks my heart, but it tells me that we're on the right track as a tribe. We don't need to concern ourselves with their feelings... we need to keep winning, and enjoying the spoils of our wins. (he holds up a banana and peels it).


Quote1Three chickens... and a potassium overdose.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1How is it Kanda?Quote2- Karen
Quote1(covering her full mouth) Très Bien!Quote2- Kanda
Quote1Well guys, to another win... good job!Quote2- Estan
Quote1This is unreal. We should use the chicken for eggs, we could maybe get one or two a day at least.Quote2- Kanda
I don't feel upset when the tribe makes me sit out, especially as I know when it comes to physical challenges I'm not the greatest. As long as we win I don't mind, but apart of me hopes that I can be more involved in the tribes victories... and not remain the first choice to sit out whenever we're forced to pick someone.


The group sit around, each enjoying two bananas from the large bundle they picked up at the reward. After eating, Rick and Ricardo set up an area to place the chickens cage, agreeing as a tribe that before any chickens are used for meat, they should trial the production of eggs, seeing if they can lay a steady amount to keep the tribe satisfied.

Quote1Three days... I'll give it three days. I'm goin' with you guys on this one... but the second these things hold up on the eggs... we're gettin' meat.Quote2- Rick
Quote1We'll use the same policy we use on tribe members... they stop performing, we take them out... (grins)Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Maybe we should name one of the chickens Joan then...Quote2- Estan

The tribe burst into laughter at Estan's comment, with Ricardo even giving half a smile, unable to hold back his amusement at the comment at the expense of his friend.

Life on Sook Jai has really gotten good these last few days. We went from constant bickering, crying and complaining... to smiles, laughter and what I feel is a united tribe. Everyone who had issues seems to have put them behind themselves... and I don't think we're in any position to be heading back to tribal council anytime soon. In hindsight, losing Joan... although it crushed me from a personal standpoint, it does seem to have done the job in bringing us all together.


Day 11

Chuay Gahn

Rachel and Vince head off to collect water for the rest of the tribe, leaving the four others to complete chores around the tribes caves. Salma and Julius stand in the shallow water collecting snails and clams.

Last night I was waking up continuously. I haven't really been sleeping too well... its a mixture of the elements just disrupting any sense of rest, and my nerves for the future of this group being at an all time high. I just worry that if we don't make drastic changes for this tribe soon... it's the end. I can't wait until we lose again tomorrow... I've got to get Salma, Rachel and whoever else on side right now.


Quote1Have you taken any more consideration to... y'know.Quote2- Julius
Quote1About the next vote?Quote2- Salma
Quote1Yeah...Quote2- Julius
Quote1In all honesty, no. I don't think I'll seriously consider it until I actually know we're going to tribal council tomorrow.Quote2- Salma
Quote1C'mon Sal... you're not an idiot. You know better than anyone we've got to always think about these things in advance.Quote2- Julius
Quote1When its concerning voting for a friend of mine... I don't think I do. I'd like to avoid such thoughts for as long as possible.Quote2- Salma
I'm a stubborn old mule. Julius knew today that I didn't want to talk because I simply didn't want to talk... Not because of the blatant lies I told him. I really don't want to think about the vote right now, but I have to. I just wont talk about it until I know we're heading to tribal council. If prior mistakes have shown us anything its that speaking too far in advance gives others a larger window to use your words against you. That was Harper's mistake... hell, that was Aaron's mistake. It wont be my mistake.


Back in the caves, Aaron and Gypsy sweep the area, wanting to keep the tribes sleeping area 'clean'. Gypsy decides to ask Aaron about the two of them talking about the events over the past few days, claiming that Rachel had told her about their chat the previous day.

Even though I'm still annoyed with Aaron, I can't put my personal feelings before what my side of things needs. I need to accept Aaron's apology, no matter how good or terrible it is... because without Aaron's vote we'll struggle with the numbers. Vince doesn't like me, and he hasn't done since Day 1. With one person already dead set against keeping me here, I can't afford to allow Aaron to remain apart of that group... so if I have to smile in his face and give him a hug of acceptance... I will.


The pair talk over the events of the last few days, giving Aaron a chance to explain his mindset behind his initial desires to vote Gypsy from the game. He admits that it was the wrong choice, as he saw what talking to those he didn't have trust in did for his game, and that he was better off sticking alongside the original trio of himself, Rachel and Gypsy, with Salma as a loose fourth. Gypsy responds by telling Aaron that she understands why things went the way they did, and that she understands challenges aren't her forte, but that she feels ultimately without her Aaron will find himself with "one less friend". The pair hug and make up, agreeing to stick together and to instead prioritise trust over strength at the next tribal council the group is forced to attend.

Sook Jai

The group lay in the shelter throughout the day, continuing to enjoy the abundance of food given by the newly won bananas and chicken. Kanda, Karen, Phillip and Rick lay inside the shelter, whilst Estan goes off to check the chicken crate.

Quote1Is he awake?Quote2- Kanda
Quote1Rick? Nope...Quote2- Karen
Quote1I might take a nap too... I just feel tired today.Quote2- Kanda
Quote1Take it... get as much rest as you need.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1I wish the challenge was today. I want to just get out there... do something.Quote2- Karen

Over by the chicken crate, Estan finds two freshly laid eggs, holding them up so those in the shelter can see. The girls both let out a cheer, waking Rick from his slumber.

Quote1Sorry Rick, no meat for us yet...Quote2- Kanda
Quote1Darn... well... why don't you girls make yourself useful and cook me up one of those eggs.Quote2- Rick
Quote1How about you get your lazy butt up and do it... (laughs)Quote2- Kanda
The egg situation is proving itself useful... for now. Sooner or later I want to see one of those chickens cooking on the fire, but everyone is being sentimental about killing them. I don't like the idea of it either... but I think if we eat one the day before an immunity challenge we'll almost be guaranteed a win. Three more wins and that takes us to the merge with seven of us versus three from Chuay Gahn... which guarantees one of us will win this thing. Essentially, the death of these three chickens is for the greater good... my chances of Sole Survivor.


As the five stay by the shelter, Melissa ventures off down the beach in order to find Ricardo, who distanced himself from the tribe during the early hours of the morning. Ricardo sits on the beach looking tearful, with Melissa sitting beside him. She rubs his back, seeing the tears in his eyes.

I uh... um. It has somewhat slipped my mind... these past few days. Today is the anniversary between me and my boyfriend... Craig. He uh, he passed away three years ago. Its not something you really... get over. You can't. He was sick for quite some time... and I was there with him through it all... I dedicated my life... my time... nursing him. We didn't get much support... other than within the community. When his time was up and it came to an end... I never felt regret... because I know he'd have done the same for me. I haven't spoken about it with anyone here... its not something I like to discuss... it has no place in a game like this... but when it came to mind again I just... I couldn't be around them. If it wasn't for Melissa coming to find me I don't think anyone would have known any better.


Ricardo opens up to Melissa about his boyfriends illness and passing, sobbing his way through the story. Melissa comforts him, trying to help him through the moment, understanding it'll be difficult for him being away from his friends during this time.

Quote1You don't need to say anything to the others... just... we'll sit here and take all the time you need. If you want me to go back just say and I'm gone.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1No... no. Honestly, thank you for coming. I appreciate it.Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1Don't even thank me... I just saw in your face this morning that something was up. (she hugs him).Quote2- Melissa
I adore Ricardo. He's always been this kind, gentle soul in a tribe full of nasties... and now with this backstory I just... I can't express how inspirational he is to me. I see it everyday how people are treated like dirt based on who they love... and coming from the era that he did, I'm sure it wasn't easy for him. (she begins to tear up) ... and when he mentioned the lack of help he and his partner received... its not fair. It's disgusting to see how life can be to us when we're at our most vulnerable... its reminded me that this game contains sixteen backstories. I'm not writing down his name... ever. You can't share a moment like this and then turn your back on them... that's not the kind of person I am. If it loses me the game then so be it... because if I'm losing to see Ricardo win then I'll gladly lose the money.


Melissa and Ricardo sit for an hour on the beach, eventually returning to camp with smiles on their faces, not letting the rest of the tribe know about the difficulty Ricardo has been facing. The tribe split the two eggs between them, grateful the the new means of nutrition, regardless of how small the portion is.

Day 12

The warring tribes receive tree mail, indicating that the next immunity challenge will see the groups tested on mental strength, rather than anything physical. Chuay Gahn seem ecstatic by the news, having feared that a further physical task would see them guaranteed to lose a third member just twelve days into the game.

Reading tree mail gave us all a glimmer of hope for today. At first I think we felt that whatever task was ahead we'd not stand a chance... but if its mental then we might just avoid seeing Jeff sat across from us tonight, trying to think what handwriting I'll use when spelling out 'Gypsy' on my parchment.


I'm sittin' out of today's challenge. I didn't do too great last time, and that was because it was one of them puzzles. I mean I can lift things, and run and do all the sport stuff fine... but when it comes to puzzles I ain't the greatest. So I'm fine with sittin' out today, I just hate not havin' things in my control.


Challenge: Tan-dy Gram
Working in pairs, the tribes had to solve two puzzles. Seven distinct shapes were provided, and the shapes would need to be assembled to form an image that perfectly matched the two images displayed in front of them. The first tribe to solve the puzzles correctly would win immunity.
Winner: Sook Jai
Information: For Chuay Gahn, Salma and Julius get off to a good start, completing their image in the fastest time. Whilst for Sook Jai, Estan struggles, Ricardo does somewhat better but opts for their pair to tap out, leaving Phillip and Kanda to step in and make up time after quickly completing their first puzzle. Gypsy and Rachel struggle on the final image for Chuay Gahn, spending a large amount of time on the puzzle without making any progress. The girls lose Chuay Gahn's lead, allowing Karen and Melissa to catch up completely, getting closer to the end of the final image. Aaron and Vince tap in for Chuay Gahn, and despite Aaron's good efforts, it proves too late, with Melissa and Karen completing the final image, winning the challenge for Sook Jai.

Immunity Challenge Tan-dy Gram
Result Tribe Competitors Sit Outs
Won Sook Jai Estan ThailandKanda Thailand Karen ThailandMelissa ThailandPhillip ThailandRicardo Thailand
Estan, Kanda, Karen, Melissa, Phillip, Ricardo
Rick Thailand
Lost Chuay Gahn Aaron ThailandGypsy ThailandJulius ThailandRachel ThailandSalma ThailandVince Thailand
Aaron, Gypsy, Julius, Rachel, Salma, Vince

Chuay Gahn

As expected, the Chuay Gahn tribe return to camp to face their third tribal council, setting in the reality that the group will now need to finalise discussions that have been taking place over the past three days. Rather than to break off into a group, Vince opts to create an open forum, not hiding his vote from the tribe.

I'm not going to use any harsh language. I'm not going to make personal attacks... I'm going to do the decent thing and speak up in front of everyone and say that Gypsy has to go. Enough is enough. Four of the last four challenges have been lost because of her. That's a fact. End of discussion... because no one can say anything on their vote tonight other than G-Y-P-S-Y... surely?!


Quote1Alright, so... can we just all gather round for a second and say something here. We lost another challenge, and Gypsy once again you're one of the people who screwed up. I voted you the last two tribals, and I'm doing the same tonight. Everyone else can act like this decision needs to be thought over, but I'm hoping a degree of logic can be taken here...Quote2- Vince
Quote1That's fine Vince... say what you want. I'll be writing your name down too.Quote2- Gypsy
Quote1I'm sure you will. I'm sure you will Gypsy. But everyone else here needs to decide if your feelings are worth a million dollars... because if you wake up tomorrow on this beach, then that's a further two losses guaranteed, and a majority of those leaving before the merge will come from this tribe. What happens in that case? We get picked off one-by-one because Sook Jai holds all the power. You all came here to play this game for yourselves... not to make friends.Quote2- Vince
Quote1And if they stick with you what happens Vince? Today you didn't do too much yourself... with me Rachel, Salma and Aaron all have a loyal friend...Quote2- Gypsy
Quote1Oh, so I'm not involved in that?Quote2- Julius
Quote1I'm not going to bulls**t and throw your name into that Julius. You know where I stand and I know where you stand.Quote2- Gypsy
Quote1Great... (laughs)Quote2- Julius
I've been fighting for my life in this game every single day since we've got to this beach. This position is one I've known my whole life and it isn't going to change today because Vince decides to play for the cameras with his big mighty speech! Vince thinks this game is all about the challenges and has denied the social aspect of the game, whereas I've made real connections with a majority of this tribe. The votes have and always will reflect that...


Quote1Honestly guys, there's no need for anyone to leave this cave today. Let's just put it out there and all hear.Quote2- Vince
Quote1I uh...Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Aaron, you've been called a liar since the last tribal council. You want to shed that view and look honest... here's your chance. Speak freely.Quote2- Vince
Quote1I'm going to throw my two cents in, and just say that Vince I think you're a great guy, but when it comes down to it I've given my word to one person. I think Aaron if what you want is to shed this image, the best thing is to stick to the initial word you gave... and not to be swayed tonight by anything else.Quote2- Rachel
Quote1But he needs to think about his wider game. You guys have already lost trust in him, and we'll keep losing unless we look at challenge performance. By the time you've got rid of myself and Vince... you will go after Aaron, who you've already got doubts on. These doubts aren't going to be written off by him voting with you girls tonight.Quote2- Julius
Quote1I'll be honest guys. I know what I'm going to do... I thought this scenario through and I'd rather go through this day without being bombarded by both sides.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1So what are you doing? You can just say...Quote2- Vince
Quote1I'm doing what is most in line with my beliefs...Quote2- Aaron
Quote1So you're being vague?Quote2- Julius
I hate how Vince approached tribal council tonight... it was almost like watching him try to intimidate us all into this 'honesty', which I think he thought would sway us over to his side. I didn't like it at all, and although my vote tonight remains the same... I think he did himself no favours in the eyes of the our tribe.


Quote1Salma, you got anything you'd like to say?Quote2- Vince
Quote1Openly? No. I'm going to lay down in the water... anyone is welcome to join me and talk about this vote... I'm not going to sit here and play whatever this bravado is meant to be.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Can I speak with you then Sal?Quote2- Julius
Quote1As I said. I'm going to the water... if you want to join me anyone is welcome. But let me just reflect...Quote2- Salma
When it comes down to personality, Vince is a bit of a jerk. He's very hot-headed and I know a lot of that is because of how much he dislikes Gypsy, but he could easily control his temper and have handled this situation much more efficiently. When we look at challenges, Vince beats Gypsy in almost everything... in terms of what is better for me strategically... I could stick with a more like minded group, and risk depleting numbers even further, which as Vince said would almost put an end to all our chances. Or I take a risk and join a new group, who I have no real trust in, and hope that I can build a secure network which I've already got... but without the constant worry that we'll keep losing. It's a tough one tonight, and I think the key voters are myself and Aaron... I'd love to know where Aaron's head is at, but he's very much in a state of penance right now... So getting through to him is difficult. I may not even have a finalised decision until I put pen to paper, which is sometimes better. Spontaneous writing can lead to brilliant outcomes...


The group reach tribal council, trying to put on brave faces as Jeff grills them for their four consecutive losses. Much of the tribal council discussion is centred around Gypsy and Vince, and whose elimination would be better for the others in the tribe. Aaron and Salma are notably sketchy in their answers, refusing to give any clarity as to how their minds are working. With the conversation running dry, Jeff decides to waste no time in getting to the vote, bringing back the urn minutes later to reveal which faction of the tribe has come out on top.

Quote1First vote... Gypsy.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Gypsy.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Vince. That's two votes Gypsy, one vote Vince.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Vince. That's two votes Vince, two votes Gypsy.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Gypsy. That's three votes Gypsy, two votes Vince... one vote left.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Wow... (shakes head)Quote2- Gypsy
Quote1Sixth vote... Vince. We have a tie.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Oh my God... (covers mouth)Quote2- Rachel

Jeff explains what will happen next, with a re-vote taking place between Vince and Gypsy, in which the two in question will not vote. He informs the group that if a further tie takes place, the vote will be deadlocked, which will grant both Gypsy and Vince immunity, and force the other four individual to draw rocks to determine who will be sent home. Conversations immediately erupt, with everyone wanting to know who voted on which side.

Quote1I'll draw a rock. If I have to draw a rock tonight I will... Salma and Aaron do you really want to put your game in danger like that just to save a liability.Quote2- Julius
Quote1I'll draw a rock too... so I can make this exact same campaign!Quote2- Rachel

After Vince and Gypsy both pitch their cases, Salma leans over to Aaron, telling him that she voted for Gypsy and explains her reasons why. She proposes a plan for the re-vote, which Aaron looks unsure about, clearly on edge after the rock tiebreakers reveal.

Quote1Aaron... remember the perception you're leaving here.Quote2- Gypsy
Quote1Forget about perceptions... this is a million dollar game. Its a rock draw or Gypsy goes Aaron... Salma and Julius aren't changing.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Salma hasn't even said anything to you! And I hope at this stage she can see Aaron's loyalty is more important than giving into your intimidation! So its actually a case of Salma risking a one in four shot of going home... or she returns to her original group of four and doesn't let you order her around.Quote2- Gypsy

The group goes silent, only speaking once more to confirm to Jeff that they are ready to re-vote. Jeff collects the four revotes, leaving both Gypsy and Vince wondering which of them will be sent home, or whether a further tie will grant them both immunity.

Quote1First vote... Vince.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Gypsy.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Gypsy. That's two votes Gypsy, one vote Vince... one vote left.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Last vote... Fourth person voted out of Survivor Thailand... Gypsy, you'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Well, Aaron and Salma... you truly are credible people aren't you. Ridiculous.Quote2- Gypsy

Gypsy hugs Rachel goodbye, holding back tears as her friend breaks down. She takes her torch over to Jeff, telling the other four that they "deserve each other". After Gypsy leaves, Rachel looks over in sadness at both Aaron and Salma, feeling equally betrayed by both at the result. Vince individually thanks the three who votes alongside him, promising that he'll prove they made the right decision. The group head back to camp, with one member feeling totally betrayed by the rest, but the majority feeling stronger knowing that their weakest competitor has finally been ousted from the game.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
Chuay Gahn
First Vote (Tie)
Revote (Gypsy & Vince
ineligible to vote)
Gypsy Thailand
Gypsy (3 votes)
Julius ThailandSalma ThailandVince Thailand
Julius, Salma & Vince
Gypsy Thailand
Gypsy (3 votes)
Aaron ThailandJulius ThailandSalma Thailand
Aaron, Julius & Salma
Vince Thailand
Vince (3 votes)
Aaron ThailandGypsy ThailandRachel Thailand
Aaron, Gypsy & Rachel
Vince Thailand
Vince (1 vote)
Rachel Thailand
Gypsy Thailand Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

I want to keep my word, and I know this could be something I regret, but I'm not turning my back on the girls for a second time. Sorry Vince, I wish this could've worked out better for you.


Vince, you're not a nice guy and you make this all so personal. My friends should pull through for me tonight, showing the difference between you and I; people actually like me.


Please for the love of all things holy... go home. You've outstayed your welcome, and I can't afford to see my dream end because people were scared to break their word to you.


You fought hard, but your bad choice in friends in the early days put you in this position. You took all your anger out on Gypsy rather than looking at your own mistakes.


Gypsy, I am so sorry. You know I love you like a daughter, and I'd have done anything to see us go far had the circumstances been better. Unfortunately, we need all the help we can get at this critical point, and if you stay my chances are finished. Your friendship is worth a lot to me... but it isn't worth a million dollars.


Third times the charm...


Final Words

Ten votes later here I am, they finally got me. I'm upset that I left at the hands of those I trusted and believed in, but it is what it is. I'm bitter, I can't lie. Rather than to use my final moments to talk about the four devils I'd rather say something about the angel of Chuay Gahn... Rachel, I love you so much. I want you to go on and win this whole damn thing, and flip on this group the first chance you get. Love you lots my ginger spice.


Still In The Running

Chuay Gahn
Aaron Thailand
Gypsy Thailand Eliminated
Harper Thailand Eliminated
Julius Thailand
Rachel Thailand
Salma Thailand
Vince Thailand
West Thailand Eliminated
Sook Jai
Estan Thailand
Joan Thailand Eliminated
Kanda Thailand
Karen Thailand
Melissa Thailand
Phillip Thailand
Ricardo Thailand
Rick Thailand