Tribe Profile
Season Borneo
Namesake Named after one of the beaches on Borneo.
Tribe Type Starter tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s)      Tagi
Tribe Status Merged with Tagi on Day 20
Challenges Won 4
Lowest Placing Member Eric (15/16)
Highest Placing Member Tia (3/16)

Pagong was a tribe from Survivor: Borneo. The tribe wears yellow.
The Pagong tribe appeared to be at an advantage compared to their generally older rivals. However the tribe proved to be unable to unify itself at challenges or camp life, resulting in many loses and poor connection between tribe members. The tribe seemed to have a change of luck at the merge when they convinced a member of Tagi to flip sides. However the poor relationship between tribe members was Pagong's downfall, and before they could secure their victory they fell apart into multiple sub-alliances, allowing Tagi members to take control of the game once again. On day 20 the Pagong tribe merged with Tagi to create the Rattana tribe.


Alice BorneoEli BorneoEric BorneoJulia Borneo
Mandy BorneoRazzy BorneoTia BorneoUri Borneo

Alice, a doctor
Eli, a ranch owner
Eric, a student
Julia, a retail assistant
Mandy, an English professor
Razzy, a software developer
Tia, a waitress
Uri, a paranormal investigator

Tribe History

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