"Mussels Over Muscles"
Marquesas Ep 5
Season Survivor: Marquesas
Episode Number 5/13 (044)
First Broadcast December 4, 2016
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Mussels Over Muscles is the fifth episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 12 (Night)

The Maraamu tribe return from their first tribal council, with most of its members experiencing a vote off for the first time since arriving on the island. After blindsiding their tribe leader Hillary, the girls of original Maraamu comfort one another after the extremely nerve wracking experience.

Quote1Tonight was tough, but I hope we can all see it was for the best...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1You ok Lo? You're looking a bit meek...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1I'm uh, I'm good. Just a little shaken up...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Oh you're shaken? (scoffs and shakes his head)Quote2- Ibrahim

Ibrahim walks over to Ryan, who feels equally as betrayed by the result of their first vote, having been led to believe that Duana would be leaving the game over Hillary. Lotus tries to speak with Ibrahim about the result, but he fluffs he off, insisting that he needs time to think and come to terms with the result. Ibrahim leaves to sit alone on the beach, whilst Ryan retires to the shelter, not wanting to speak with the rest of his tribe mates.

Tonight, uh... Tonight did not go the way I anticipated at all... at all. I thought me and the girls were good, and that we'd stay Maraamu strong moving forward. I feel pretty betrayed by Lotus, as she's someone I though I had something with. You think you know the people you play with out here and then they reveal their true selves when you're made to cast a vote. I no longer know where I stand with this group, and right now I don't want to speak with any of them. If I talk tonight I'll just be speaking from hate and anger, and that's not a place I want to be talking to any of them from. I'll sleep on my thoughts, and tomorrow I can hear what people have to say... the worst thing to do would be to call them all out, because I still need these people to work with.


Quote1I just want to say thank you guys for keeping us here and believing in us tonight.Quote2- Duana
Quote1You guys really did us a solid, and I hope we can prove it was the right move... for all of us.Quote2- Martin
Quote1Don't you worry guys... 'Killary' had to go... She put a downer on every situation.Quote2- Ashley
Surviving tribal council tonight is one thing, but both me and Martin surviving is a miracle. The moment we lost yesterday I thought that was it, that one of us would be forced from this game. Thankfully, Hillary had done enough to turn the girls on her and all I needed to do was secure us together and she was gone... It was surprisingly easy, I think? I just hope that Daisy, Ash and Lotus really do want to work with me, and this wasn't a one time thing... I don't do one night stands (laughs).


Exhausted from their day, Duana and Martin both join Ryan in the shelter, leaving the three girls to sit by the fire to talk about their game changing move.

Quote1I truly think this was the best thing guys...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Oh so do I, her not being here is already a breath of fresh air.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1I'm just worried that we've put a rift between ourselves and the boys... What if Duana and Martin wise up and now go with the boys? They reduce the numbers in a group and better their chances even more.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Lo you're being paranoid... Just stop, take a rest?Quote2- Ashley
Quote1I'd rather be paranoid than surprised Ash... Duana is a tough girl, and Martin might prefer to hang with the boys... Those two flipping this on us would be in their best interest. For all we know the other three at Rotu are waiting for their return so at the merge they take control and we all look like idiots.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Which is why you need to get Ibrahim back... He trusts you the most... and if you can get him back on your side then Ryan should come with him. Then if we lose again its goodbye to Martin.Quote2- Daisy
My fear is that tonight was somehow a mistake for my game, and although Daisy and Ash keep assuring me that it wasn't, they need to realize that the groups game isn't the same as my individual game. I've damaged my relationship with Ibrahim for the sake of taking out Hillary... and if Ibrahim doesn't forgive me, which he has no real reason to, then I could be in serious trouble come next tribal council. A lot of this now weighs on how forgiving a person Ibrahim is...


The girls eventually go to sleep, leaving Ibrahim alone on the beach to gather his thoughts on his position in the game.

Day 13


The tribe steadily begin their day, with everyone pitching in with camp life, trying to ensure that Hillary's exit wouldn't bring about a failure to complete tasks. Ashley, Daisy and Duana begin by clearing up around the camp, removing stray twigs and rocks from their seating area. Martin takes the fishing gear in order to attempt to catch some food, with Ryan offering to help him on this venture. Ibrahim and Lotus are sent off to collect the tribe some more water, giving them an ample opportunity to talk over the previous nights events.

Quote1I know you're mad, and I knew it would make you mad...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Yet you still went ahead with it. It doesn't hurt so much that this was at Hillary's expense, but that you didn't even have the decency to talk to me about it... I mean I thought you and I could trust each other.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1It isn't like that. Last night we had to make a choice, and I didn't want you to be forced into voting for someone that you liked. My game was also at stake, and if I told you I didn't know if you'd try to intervene...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Dont try and pass this off as you were doing me a favour. I get how this game works, and if it came down to you or Hillary I'd have one hundred percent sided with you... but maybe this trust was a one way thing.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1It wasn't! It isn't! I swear Ibrahim, out of everyone here you're still my rock and I know I have a lot to prove after last night. But please, please give me the chance to show you that this wasn't me screwing you in any way...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1I'm not exactly in a position to be saying no to you. I mean I know I'm on the bottom of whatever kind of hierarchy this tribe now has.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1You're not on the bottom... Don't think like that, please. Me and the girls all agreed that you're still as much apart of this group, and that if we do have to go back to that place... it'll be Martin going.Quote2- Lotus
During Lotus' apology I had to show her I was mad, I couldn't be false and not say a thing because I don't want to let her think she can go behind my back again in this game and expect me to keep taking it. What she revealed during the chat was that she, Daisy and Ashley have control of this tribe, and that they've already 'decided' that Martin will be leaving. I'm not playing this game for others to agree on who does and doesn't go... You know I want to win this, and to win I need to be apart of these discussions. If Martin has to go then he has to go, but as soon as this merge hits I'll be looking for whatever opportunities that are presented to me...


After their conversation, Ibrahim offers Lotus a hug of forgiveness, which she eagerly accepts, hoping that the two can continue their bond and work together further into the game. The pair head back to camp, with the tribe all getting ready to face their next reward challenge.


The tribe are sat around their fire, having been cooking some snails for the past few minutes in order to eat before facing their next reward challenge. Tish, James and Troy make jokes between themselves, with Randy and William both remaining largely silent during the meal.

Quote1I tell you what though... Snails startin' to taste kinda good.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Your taste buds have probably died off by now.Quote2- Troy
Quote1Or James is just SUCH a talented cook...Quote2- Tish
Quote1I'm gonna say its the latter. Snails are definitely my forte.Quote2- James
Quote1Yeah, forget music you should write a Survivor cookbook. You can forget the music honey your voice isn't even that good...Quote2- Tish

The younger trio laugh as they continue to tease one another, with the sarcastic humour not enticing Randy or William to get involved. Whilst in the midst of their jokes, Tish starts playing with Troy's hair, eventually sitting on his lap, winding the others up that she is attracted to him.

Quote1James I think its time Troy and I told you that we're actually going to have a mocha baby, and we'd like you to be its God parent. I know you've got a lot of competition because William is the Godly man here... but we felt you were just a suited to the position.Quote2- Tish
Quote1(laughs) That poor child... dealing with you two as parents...Quote2- James
Quote1Its going to have good genes, and that's all he or she will care about.Quote2- Tish
I really do enjoy my time with Troy and James right now, especially because we're all the young ones at Rotu, we kind of get the same jokes. On the other hand William and Randy are kind of cranky... you know they both seem quiet... especially William, who has kind of shut off since the swap. I know he always preferred Martin and Duana to myself and James, that was always clear. But like, I didn't realize he just had nothing to say to us... It is worrying because it makes me wonder if Rotu were to lose a challenge with the original five, would myself or James have been sent packing? Perhaps William isn't as with us as we may have originally thought. It makes our bond with Troy that much more important, because it gives us a path to a new group come merge.


Randy eventually interrupts the constant flow of jokes, asking how they can be so happy "eating crap" everyday. Randy's sudden comment throws everyone into an awkward silence, before he continues to talk down the situation at Rotu, saying that he misses the fruit and "supply of fish" found at Maraaamu. Troy tells Randy if he wants fish, that nothing is stopping him from going out and attempting to catch something other than snails. During the conversation, William stands and walks off from the group, heading into the shelter of the trees so he can be alone.

I... (clears throat, clearly getting emotional) ... These past few days I, uh... I haven't been feeling so good. Today is my wife's birthday, and since the swap my mind has been going back to my family, and the people I've left behind to come out here and play this game. Its been rough making the transition from one group to another after the swap, and I just feel that I cant be as open with my tribe mates now Troy and Randy are here. I don't want to burden James and Tish with how I'm feeling as I know right now their spirits are high, and I don't want to be the one to put negative energy into the group. A part of me feels I'm not ready to play a game like this, and it just goes against everything I believe as a person to lie, cheat and steal... I need to decide soon whether or not I can keep going because as much as I want to win this for my family and my community, I don't know if I have it in me to carry it out.



Challenge: Tiki Towers
Each team had to pick one member to be the "eyes" of the group, while the others were to be blindfolded. The Caller had to direct the other members to collect randomly scattered segments of four Tikis that had been deconstructed. Once collected, the blindfolds were to be removed, and the first tribe to reconstruct their four Tikis would win.
Reward: The winning tribe will have the right to raid the losing tribe's camp. However, the winning tribe must leave at least a pot, a machete, and personal items behind.
Winner: Rotu

Reward Challenge: Tiki Towers
Result Tribe Caller Blindfolded Competitors Sit-Outs
Won Rotu William Marquesas
James MarquesasRandy MarquesasTish MarquesasTroy Marquesas
James, Randy, Tish, Troy
Lost Maraamu Martin Marquesas
Daisy MarquesasDuana MarquesasRyan MarquesasLotus Marquesas
Daisy, Duana, Ryan, Lotus
Ashley MarquesasIbrahim Marquesas
Ashley, Ibrahim


After losing the reward challenge, the seven Maraamu members sit apprehensively around their camp, waiting for the Rotu members to begin their raid. The group spot the boat approaching in the distance, with the Rotu members taunting Maraamu by waving and cheering as they head towards the beach.

Today was a big ol' reward on offer... I mean heck, they could come and take almost anything off our beach and go back to Rotu with it. I just knew as soon as we lost this beach was going to go from luxury to lousy in a couple of seconds.


Quote1We have come for your belongings! (shouting from the boat)Quote2- Randy
Quote1(mumbles) Oh f**k off Randy... (she rolls her eyes and turns away from the approaching tribe)Quote2- Ashley

The Rotu five jump off their boat, heading towards the Maraamu camp, knowing they have a finite amount of time to grab as much as they want. James and Randy run towards the shelter, taking the comfort items previously won by Maraamu, collecting some cutlery items whilst on their way back to the boat. William searches the beach for the fishing gear, nodding his head to Martin and Duana as he passes them, thrilled to see his friends both miraculously survived the previous tribal council.

Seeing both Duana and Martin show up at the challenge, I almost dropped down to my knees and thanked God out loud. I mean, I was ready to see one of them had left the game... Clearly they're both here to play, and it really struck me that I need to up my game, because if these people can do it then so can I...


Quote1The spear William, grab the spear!Quote2- Tish
Quote1Tish take anything we're allowed from over by the fire...Quote2- James
They were just not leaving ANYTHING... James and uh, Tish? They were taking things for the sake of taking things. They wanted to make sure when they left we only had the things they weren't allowed to steal... (sighs)


Troy moves over towards Daisy, trying to communicate with her quickly whilst his tribe mates snatch all they can.

Quote1(whispering) What happened?Quote2- Troy
Quote1... Hillary went... She uh, didn't see it coming.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1You're good yeah?Quote2- Troy
Quote1I'm really good. Do you need us to lose?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1No, no. I'm good too... Randy is my shield...Quote2- Troy

Troy gives Daisy a quick peck on the cheek, before turning and heading back to the boat with his raided items. Despite thinking he was discreet, Tish looks in awe, having noticed Troy kissing Daisy on the cheek during the raid. She goes to say something to James, but decides to wait, wanting to speak privately back at camp rather than at the Maraamu beach. The Rotu tribe leave with their raided items, leaving Maraamu with a bare beach, knowing that most of their luxury comforts have now been stolen.

Quote1Oh my God they took everything...!Quote2- Lotus
Quote1I know... For a second I thought they were going to try and snatch my implants too.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1We need to win this next challenge just to send them a big screw you.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1I was going to try and fish again today... Darn. Ryan it looks like we're going crab hunting instead...Quote2- Martin
Knowing that we've lost our ability to fish, sleep comfortably... it was really disheartening. We're on a losing streak already as a new tribe, and this just sets us back even more. I found it interesting that when the original Rotu members saw Duana and Martin none of them really said or did anything ... They either really didn't have a good bond, or they're hiding how close they all really are. The safest bet still seems to take one of them out before we merge, just to reduce their members so they'll struggle to get a majority if we merge.


Quote1Oh my God you guys... They damaged the shelter when they were pulling out the pillows...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1(laughs) Can it get any worse...?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1No this isn't funny... It was Randy and that guy James.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Oh God did you see Randy running round like this was some sort of military operation? Why couldn't he stay at Rotu and not come on the raid.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1I've got to say this just because... but Duana is James single?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1(laughs) Why?Quote2- Duana
Quote1He is such a cutie. He's got that island hotness going on with his messy hair and stubble...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Lotus you are honestly just after any man out here... Martin watch your back because Lotus will be coming for you next (laughs)Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Alright, but you're going to be fighting off my wife... and trust me that lady knows how to do battle (laughs)Quote2- Martin

Despite the set back, the tribe keep up their high spirits, trying to make the most of the bad situation. Martin and Ryan manage to catch several crabs with their hands, whilst Ibrahim and the girls try to fix the damage done to the shelter, giving the tribe an opportunity to bond closer as a unit.

Day 14


The tribe awaken to tree mail informing them that today they will face their fifth immunity challenge, which will take place a day earlier than expected. Lotus reads the rules to the camp, which state that both tribes must put together an SOS signal, with the tribe that has the clearest signal in the eyes of a passing boat being crowned the winners. Knowing that two members must sit out, Duana and Daisy volunteer themselves, feeling as though they need the physically larger individuals to be seen during the challenge.

Both myself and Daisy volunteered to sit out of the challenge today. I think if we need to be seen by a boat off in the distance then two small girls aren't going to be too useful. We just had to sit off to one side whilst the group got on with it... For me it was nice as we got to just chill, and it gave me an opportunity to talk game and ensure that the girls at Maraamu know I want to keep working with them in this game.


Quote1So uh, have you girls had a chance to speak much since tribal?Quote2- Duana
Quote1No, we just like, um... I think we're going to just keep doing what we said. I mean Ash and Lotus both love you and we're all so stoked to have you with us... its just we've got to make sure us girls stay together.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Yeah, absolutely. I don't want you guys to feel that I'll be scramblin' around the place. I feel good with you guys and I want us to really stick it out through the merge.Quote2- Duana
Having a chance to speak to Duana has really made me a lot less anxious about the idea she could run off and work with the boys against us. From what I heard Lotus says Ibrahim and her are good again, and now it seems Duana doesn't plan on going anywhere. So right now everything couldn't be better, and us three girls are just running the show.


Back at camp, the five competitors discuss how they will put together an SOS signal strong enough to be spotted by the boat. Martin recommends incorporating movement into the signal, and that simply running around waving clothing in the air could be enough to help them stick out. Ibrahim disagrees with this, suggesting they should use fire and smoke, as it will contrast with the green jungle situated behind them.

Quote1What can we use as fire? We cant exactly burn the trees...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Well no, but we can use the debris from the parts of the shelter we discarded yesterday... Then all we need is to collect some more firewood, throw as much as possible onto that, and get it burning so that they spot it a mile off...Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1What if it don't work? Then we've got nothing.Quote2- Martin
Quote1If it doesn't burn big enough then we can all start running around waving clothes... It cant help to at least try.Quote2- Ibrahim
It annoyed me that Martin seemed to think putting effort into building a fire was a waste of time. I mean, his idea was care free and the easy route, but it wouldn't be one that would get us a guaranteed win. If we can erect a fire what passing ship wouldn't be looking in our direction?


Quote1I vote fire.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Yeah, fire sounds good...Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Fine, lets do this fire thing then. Better get to work as we've got loads to do...Quote2- Martin

The tribe get to work with creating a large pile of wood and leaves, erecting it so that the smoke should rise clearly enough for a passing ship to see. After several hours of building, the tribe light their pyre, which they have surrounded with trunks of smaller trees found by Ryan. As the boat passes, the group incorporate Martin's recommendation alongside the fire, trying to keep both men happy that their ideas played a role.


The Rotu tribe awaken to the same tree mail as their rivals, knowing that they must put together an SOS signal in order to gain the attention of a passing boat. Before starting, the tribe seem in high spirits, having slept and eaten well after stealing the comforts and fishing gear previously held by the Maraamu tribe.

It was amazing to be able to really make the Rotu tribe a bit more livable, and to add the items that I helped win from my time back at Maraamu. It is by no means an accident that the two strongest members of Maraamu, Troy and myself, once again find ourselves in possession of these items... We were the main reason in that tribes success, and together we're playing a big part in the success of this new Rotu group.


The tribe decide that their strategy in making an SOS signal will be to build letters out of medium sized logs, which the group will then hold up for the ship to see. Both James and Tish feel skeptical about the plan, but agree to go forward with it rather than to argue with their tribe mates. The group split up to begin collecting logs, with James and Tish going off in one direction, and the other three going off in another. Whilst alone, Tish decides to fill James in on what she saw during the raid.

Quote1Ok so... I wanted to say something last night but I couldn't because I was too distracted by the pillows... But basically during the raid yesterday I was grabbin' some stuff, and looked up to see Troy... talking with one of his old tribe mates. One of the girls with the tight bodies... Andrea? Daisy? Some generic name or something.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Daisy.Quote2- James
Quote1Yeah that one, I think. Anyway after talking with her he gives a kiss...Quote2- Tish
Quote1A kiss?Quote2- James
Quote1A kiss. On her cheek, not the lips. But she was all blushing and he was smiling away...Quote2- Tish
Quote1(fake gasps) He's cheating on you...Quote2- James
Quote1No come on be serious for a second. This isn't something we can just ignore.Quote2- Tish
I'm there trying to tell James about Troy and his little girlfriend over on Maraamu, and he just kept making jokes as if it was nothing. I don't know if he realized that this was much deeper than 'oh Troy has friends'... Its that Troy is almost too close to his old tribe for us to rely on him as an ally.


Quote1What, did you not expect him to have friends before us?Quote2- James
Quote1Listen, if a guy is kissing some girl that aint no friend. Lets say they're a 'couple' out here. That's his boo, you know that's his number one out here. He's going to make sure him, his girl and all her friends are safe long before he even gives you or I a second thought.Quote2- Tish
Quote1So what do you want to do about it?Quote2- James
Quote1Well... Maybe we ask him flat out what is going on. Act like we're just joking... If he can argue up a reason as to why we can still consider working deep with him then... it'll all be forgotten. If not, then... we go off and discuss what to do with him.Quote2- Tish
When Troy first came to our camp I never completely trusted him, and I've always felt as though he's someone I'd rather take out sooner rather than later. But Tish seemed to really like the guy, and kind of forced me into this friendship with him where we've been planning our games with Troy as a potential ally for us... I mean this whole time Tish and I have been saying we'd use Troy's connections at Maraamu to give us a clean majority at the merge... But now she suddenly feels that him being in a relationship of some sorts means he's no longer of use to us. I really don't know what to say to it... I think its time we got William back in the loop because we cant just abandon our relationship with him, especially now we're questioning our partnership with Troy.


On the other side of the beach, William, Troy and Randy sit together arranging the logs they've found, all talking about their reactions to seeing Hillary was voted out at the previous tribal council.

Quote1I've got to admit I was shocked... I thought for sure Duana or Martin were gone.Quote2- William
Quote1To be honest so am I. Those two must be real game players right?Quote2- Troy
Quote1Must be...Quote2- William
After seeing Hillary was voted out at the last tribal council I was ready to dance and cheer... just to show my appreciation to her being gone and my girls taking charge of things. What worries me is what kind of people Duana and Martin are, so I tried my best to get information out of William... He was keeping his mouth shut. William plays this game as if he's the quiet nice guy but I can tell he's a lot more tuned in than he lets people know.


Quote1Well I've got to say this... I am so happy to see that nasty woman gone.Quote2- Randy
Quote1You didn't like Hillary then...Quote2- William
Quote1Not-at-all! Let me tell you Billy, she did nothing but talk down to me every single day at Maraamu. I mean just between us, we were working together to get rid of her and Ibrahim the second we lost... I mean this swap is probably the best thing for you right now, because if you want to join up with us... you know you're welcome. Us three right here, and then some of the girls on Maraamu... We can just run this thing at the merge, and then in the end I'd love to see three strong men battling it out.Quote2- Randy
Quote1(laughs) First we need to win this challenge, then we can start planning our end games.Quote2- William
Quote1I agree... (he glares at Randy, clearly wanting him to stop talking)Quote2- Troy
I was so close to slapping Randy across the damn face... I mean this guy is sat there telling William how he and I were working together at Maraamu, and that the three girls back there are with us. He's basically just told William 'Oh hey Billy, we got us a five person alliance and we want you as number six'! Is this guy for real!? I've spent my entire energy on Rotu distancing myself from the Maraamu name because I need these guys to trust me, and Randy is blowing it up in my face. I just need to make sure both Tish and James stick by my side and we can boot Randy from this group... He's outlived his purpose... Even though he never really had one.


Extremely interesting. You can always count on Randy to spill the goods and supply me with information that'll help me move forward in this game. He outright just told me how well connected both he and Troy are back at Maraamu, and its clear that both these guys will be dangerous if still present at the merge. Between the two of them I feel I can control Randy, whereas Troy is much sleeker and more in tune with James and Tish.


The tribe eventually come together, having made the letters "HEL" with their logs, unable to make the "P" due to running out of rope. The group hold up the letters whilst the boat passes, with Tish somewhat struggling with the weight of the "E". The boat passes, with the five eagerly awaiting the news on whether or not they've been successful.

Immunity Challenge

The boat returns to the Maraamu camp, with the captain ringing the ships horn, alerting the tribe that they have won. The five competing Maraamu members cheer together as a group, with Duana and Daisy running in to join the celebrations.

To win a challenge as a tribe was really just amazing. I mean we had a bit of bickering today over what we should do, but in the end we came together and won together... and nothin' can take that away from us right now.


At Rotu, the group sit and watch the sunset, worrying with each passing moment that the boat wont be returning. After being plunged into darkness, the group make the call that they lost the challenge, all deciding to retire to the shelter, knowing they have a full day of strategizing ahead of them before they head to tribal council.

I uh, guess we lost today. Its my first immunity loss and it doesn't feel good. I know both myself and Troy are worried given that we're both the only ex-Maraamu members here. Something tells me that William will listen to me, and that maybe I can convince him that tomorrow we need to vote Tish out the game. She's our weakest member physically, and with her gone we'll be almost unstoppable.


Challenge: Distress Signal
Tribes were instructed to build a distress signal on the shore of their beach, using materials in and around camp to catch the eye of a rescue boat that would pass by in the water a few hours later. The tribe with the more eye-catching distress signal would win immunity.
Winner: Maraamu

Immunity Challenge: Distress Signal
Result Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
Won Maraamu Ashley MarquesasIbrahim MarquesasLotus MarquesasMartin MarquesasRyan Marquesas
Ashley, Ibrahim, Lotus, Martin, Ryan
Daisy MarquesasDuana Marquesas
Daisy, Duana
Lost Rotu James MarquesasRandy MarquesasTish MarquesasTroy MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
James, Randy, Tish, Troy, William

Day 15


The tribe spend their morning trying to avoid the inevitable, that they soon must begin discussions as to which of them will be voted out of the tribe later that evening. Tish decides before strategizing she should interrogate Troy on his relationship with Daisy.

Tonight we've got to vote someone else out of this game, and it feels c**p knowing this is my fourth time going to tribal council in fifteen days. I'm not really too worried that tonight it could be myself, James or even William. This vote is definitely between Troy and Randy, and I'd personally much rather we send Randy out of this game. He's annoying, grumpy and he hasn't really bothered to get to know me in the five days he's been here. But first I need to speak with Troy, because I need to feel him out after seeing how close he was to his old tribe... I don't want to just flat out say to him what I saw, so I'm going to try and ease into the conversation with our typical sarcastic way of talking to one another.


Quote1(throwing some sand at Troy) You two timing bastard...Quote2- Tish
Quote1(laughs) Huh!? I swear if this is about me sleeping next to Randy last night it was just a fling... He's not my type.Quote2- Troy
Quote1No, I'm talking about that girl you been kissin' behind my back.Quote2- Tish
Quote1...Quote2- Troy
Quote1Look you're going red... No I'm kidding. I just wanted to let you know I clocked you giving kisses to that girl back at the raid (she laughs and nudges him with her elbow)Quote2- Tish
Busted. I thought I was being discreet talking with Daisy during the raid but I guess Tish couldn't keep her eyes off me. There's no way I could really play down what she saw, so I felt coming clean was the best thing. The only danger in all this is Tish thinking that I'm not going to ever show her loyalty because I've got better allies from earlier in the game.


Troy tells Tish that he and Daisy grew close earlier in the game, and that its just nice having someone to "keep warm with". Tish then jokingly asks James if he wants to "keep warm" with her later that night, evoking laughter from the tribe. Troy then asks Tish about the vote, worried that he could be in jeopardy due to being one of two old Maraamu members. James tells Troy he needs to campaign for himself, as it shouldn't be hard to make a case against Randy. The three hold a quick private conversation, with Troy assuring them that he's willing to make a deal that will last throughout the merge. Troy also tells the group that he feels it will be ideal for them to keep him due to his strength, as it will ensure Maraamu lose the next immunity challenge, guaranteeing the group they'll reach the merge.

Troy's speech as to why myself and Tish should save him tonight wasn't bad but like, he didn't give concrete reasons as to why it should be Randy. I mean Troy's offering of an alliance at the merge isn't bad, but I'm sure Randy is just as useful in that scenario, although a lot more unpredictable. He also said his strength guarantees we'll make the merge as we can win the next immunity challenge. The awkward thing with that is... I don't think I wont make the merge at this point. I mean we could lose the next challenge and I don't see myself going ANYWHERE. Unless William somehow flips, which I don't see happening... Troy should've promised us something more useful... Like saying he can get us some fish or something. We need mussels over muscles right now.


Overhearing the group talking about Troy and Daisy's relationship, Randy walks over to interject.

Quote1Are you guys talking about Troy's girlfriend? (laughs)Quote2- Randy
Quote1She's uh, she's not my girlfriend... (nervously laughs)Quote2- Troy
Quote1Oh no? You two sure acted like you was boyfriend-girlfriend. They were together all day and night ... kissing in the shelter (laughs)...Quote2- Randy
The recurring theme of this game seems to be that every time I try to talk, Randy somehow screws it up for me. Waiting fifteen days to lose is far too long, and tonight voting Randy out for good will give me a much better standing in this game. If he's around any longer he'll just put one too many nails in our joint coffin.


William calls Tish and James to help him with the water, which is ultimately an excuse to talk strategy with the pair, hoping to work out where his vote will be going for the evening. The pair tell William that they're leaning towards voting out Randy, feeling as though he's the weakest of the two new arrivals, and that it'll help the tribe to keep Troy for the time being.

It doesn't surprise me that both Tish and James want to keep Troy around, and I cant help but feel they're looking to make a deal with him for the merge... We're at day fifteen right now, and all of us are expecting one to occur sometime soon. I know the pair of them will be thinking about themselves, and now its time for me to do the same. Troy doesn't benefit me, he hasn't come to me for anything ... Randy on the other hand is someone that I know I can keep a leash on, and perhaps steer his vote in whatever direction I please. Its for that reason I'm going to do my best to switch things up, and get rid of Troy tonight...


Quote1Before you guys set your mind on voting Randy, I want you to just hear me out...Quote2- William
Quote1Go for it...Quote2- James
Quote1Yesterday, the three of us were prepping for the challenge, and Troy was trying to get all this information on our old tribe out of me... Whilst Randy was just spilling stuff without knowing.Quote2- William
Quote1Troy is definitely more savvy... I mean just now Randy was outing Troy's 'romance' with an old tribe mate.Quote2- James
Quote1Exactly! And yesterday Randy offered me a deal... He wants him, Troy and myself to work together with an alliance the two of them have BACK at Maraamu.Quote2- William
Quote1What?!Quote2- Tish
Quote1Randy and Troy were working together I guess... But between them Troy is the key. There's no way Randy has a friendship with those young girls.Quote2- William
Quote1So what, you want Troy gone?Quote2- James
Quote1More than anything right now. I'm telling you if we keep Troy, it bites us in the butt. The point is I cant do this alone, and I think our biggest test will be if I can sway Randy to our side...Quote2- William
William drops this huge piece of knowledge out of nowhere about Randy and Troy offering him a deal, and now we know that Troy's relationships back at Maraamu are even stronger than we originally thought. Both myself and Tish are totally at a loss as to who we should be voting ... Do we go selfish and try to better ourselves by siding with Troy, or do we trust in Randy. Trusting in Randy is like trusting in someone off the scale insane, and we're suppose to view that as the option less damaging for our game.


After returning to camp, Randy approaches William by the shelter, telling him that he and Troy agreed to vote for Tish (unaware that Troy was just appeasing him), asking William if he can try and swing James over to their side. William tells Randy that things are not as he believes, and that both Tish and James just told him that Troy is campaigning to get Randy out of the game.

My mind is just racing... is Troy coming after me? I don't understand why! William is a straight up guy and he swore on his Bible, his literal Bible... He took it out and swore on it that Troy was voting for me tonight. Perhaps Troy thinks I'm too big of a threat now, and wants take out the competition before the merge?


James and Tish sit together before tribal council, frantically going through their plan, still assuring Troy that they'll be voting Randy with him. James tells Tish that he too is now leaning towards voting for Troy, but Tish worries that they'll be passing up the opportunity to take the game into their own hands. The pair agree that if they go forward with the plan they'll be breaking trust with William, but wonder whether or not his vote will matter much to them once the merge hits.

This is by far the biggest vote for myself and James, because we really are going to decide where this all falls. On one side we've got William and Randy, two people I don't have end game deals with, and one person who has apparently been throwing my name out there (rolls her eyes). On the other side we've got Troy... Someone I've genuinely bonded with, and someone I do think I can work with ... But is Troy just a player? Is he taking us all for some ride before he cuts us off at the merge. If I make the wrong call both James and I will be paying for this down the road ...


At tribal council the group admit they've been bonding well, with William pointing out that the three younger tribe mates have become close over the five days. Randy admits he's more nervous for tribal council given that he's waited fifteen days before attending, whilst the Rotu members are "experts" on how to handle it. Troy tells Jeff that he feels the tribe doesn't care too much about tribal lines, but rather about who they can work with going towards the merge, as they need to have ways to connect with the other tribe due to their numbers disadvantage. Tish and James both speak of how this vote will be their toughest yet, as it will have the greatest bearing on how their games turn out later on, particularly after the merge. Before the vote, Troy once again tells the tribe that they need to consider their votes carefully, as they will either help themselves make bonds with the Maraamu tribe, or shatter any chance of building up numbers. After the voting, Jeff collects the urn, with Troy looking nervous for the first time in the game, whilst Randy watches with a blank stare.

Quote1First vote... Randy.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Troy. That's one vote Randy, one vote Troy.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Troy. That's two votes Troy, one vote Randy.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(breathes heavily)Quote2- Troy
Quote1Fourth vote... the fifth person voted out of Survivor Marquesas... Troy. You'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Troy sighs loudly, clearly devastated at his departure from the game. Tish turns, offering Troy and apologetic look, but he gives her no response, shaking his head as he takes his newly lit torch over to Jeff. Tish looks at James, biting her lip as she wonders whether or not the pair made the right decision. As Troy leaves the tribal council area, William and Randy watch with faint smiles on their faces. The remaining four Rotu members return to camp, looking forward to starting a new day after a tense tribal council.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Troy Marquesas
Troy (4 votes)
James MarquesasRandy MarquesasTish MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
James, Randy, Tish & William
Randy Marquesas
Randy (1 vote)
Troy Marquesas
Troy Marquesas Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

My boy Troy. I wanted you gone the second I met you, but after spending these last five days by your side I saw you're a pretty cool dude. Uh, it sucks it came down to a kiss but... that's that.


I trusted you, I thought you were my friend ... You lied, you straight up lied to me, and tried to do me in. Well I strike back, and this will be your death blow.


Putting up with you for these past fifteen days has been a nightmare, and I'm voting you out before you have a chance to ruin this game for me just like you constantly ruin it for yourself.


I hate... HATE... having to do this. At the last second it became clear you were just too dangerous, and we've got to take care of you before you can hook back up with your girls on the other side. I really do love you as a person and I wish we started this thing together, because then this would turn out differently.


If you do go tonight then I'll take it as a sign my game is working. You're not making an effort to work with me, and you'd only benefit James and Tish... Perhaps you should try talking to the whole group rather than putting all your eggs in one basket. God bless brother.


Final Words

So mad right now. Ugh, I come out here and play what I think is a really good game, only to go home because a swap screwed me over. Or was it the fact that I kissed a girl on the cheek? I don't know. These people are crazy if they think Randy will do them any good, and I wont be shocked if he's out next after they lose... For my sake please win and keep yourselves in the game away from me (laughs). Tish and James made a big mistake tonight, as I genuinely would have worked with them up to the final six or so... Yeah I would turn on them eventually, but I expected them to do the same to me... Just not this early.


Still In The Running

Ashley Marquesas
Daisy Marquesas
Hillary Marquesas Eliminated
Ibrahim Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas
Randy Marquesas
Ryan Marquesas
Troy Marquesas Eliminated
Alistair Marquesas Eliminated
Duana Marquesas
James Marquesas
Martin Marquesas
Tish Marquesas
Ursula Marquesas Eliminated
William Marquesas
Yuzuki Marquesas Eliminated