"Massacre Of The Inept Strategists"
Marquesas Ep 7
Season Survivor: Marquesas
Episode Number 7/13 (046)
First Broadcast December 12, 2016
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Massacre of the Inept Strategists is the seventh episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 18 (Night)

The remaining six members of Maraamu return to camp having just unanimously voted Martin out of the game. The group feel positive about their new found unity, speculating that they will all awaken tomorrow to news that the two tribes are merging.

Quote1Tomorrow may be the day guys. New tribe for all of us.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1I'll be glad to get rid of this buff... I'm tired of green.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Is it green or yellow?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Green.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1I thought it was yellow... Maybe like a yellowy-green.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1(laughs) Maybe...Quote2- Lotus
Tomorrow we're all expecting the tribes to merge into one, and the individual portion of the game will begin. I don't want to assume this is definitely happening, but if tradition has told us anything its that it'll happen. The perfect scenario is that the six of us here at Maraamu stick together and take out the other four who have spent their time on Rotu since the swap. Although something tells me that Ryan, Duana and even Ibrahim will be weary about going forward with us three girls...


The tribe all sit down in the shelter together, preparing to get an early night in order to be ready for what they believe to be the merge. Before going to sleep, Daisy jokingly tells the group to "stick together", prompting nods of reassurance from her tribe mates.

Day 19


The tribe awaken to tree mail, informing the group that they must select a representative from their group to reach a location given on a map. The entire group stand around confused, unsure as to what the representative will be doing, and whether or not a merge will be happening at all.

We all looked around to one another and really couldn't work out what this tree mail meant. Some people theorized that whoever left would go to Rotu and whoever came from Rotu would be joining us, and that this was more some kind of swap... After that was assumed I don't think any of us really wanted to do it.


Quote1If that's what is happening I don't want to go...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Neither.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Well I mean... (sighs) ... Someone has to go.Quote2- Lotus
I really didn't think that whoever left would be facing a single swap to Rotu, as that would be a twist too far... even for the likes of Survivor. Personally I wanted to go, but I couldn't volunteer because whenever someone puts themselves forward it'll be something that would likely paint a target on your back.


The group decide that the fairest option would be to draw sticks, with the individual that draws the shortest stick being the one to go forward and represent the tribe. Everyone goes up to draw from the pile, looking around and measuring up their sticks once everyone is ready. It is revealed that Daisy drew the shortest stick, meaning she will be the one to take the map and leave the Maraamu beach.

Quote1Dammit...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Aw Dais... It'll be fine hun don't worry.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Yeah, yeah. If I go to Rotu its been fun guys. Uh, hopefully Randy is the one to come here so I don't have to see his face again.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1(laughs) We'll throw it if he comes back...Quote2- Lotus
Seeing Daisy draw the short straw really made me nervous for how this game was going to go forward. If a merge isn't happening then we've just lost Daisy, and I've just lost an ally. Of the girls I'm working with Daisy is definitely the person I feel closest to, and I don't know how I'll fair now being alone with Ashley and Lotus.


Daisy gathers her things, before hugging her tribe goodbye whilst leaving the beach. She holds the map close, unsure as to where she will be taken and what her mission may be.

Being the one to leave the tribe isn't ideal... Well, its not ideal if whatever I'm being signed up to do is bad. There's still a chance this is actually a great opportunity for me to keep developing my game, and to maybe set me up on a path to winning this thing.



The Rotu four sit around the fire, having just read the same tree mail that was delivered to the Maraamu tribe. The group seem perplexed, unsure as to what it may mean for the individual game of whoever volunteers to leave.

Quote1What the hell!? No merge?!Quote2- Randy
Quote1It doesn't say there's no merge, just that we gotta send someone off somewhere.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Well I aint going. Not fallin' for whatever trick this is.Quote2- Randy
Quote1You think its a trick? (laughs)Quote2- James
Quote1I'd respectfully like to also request that I don't go. I'm not feeling adventurous today.Quote2- William
Quote1I'll go... if you guys don't mind?Quote2- James
Quote1That's fine with me. Tish?Quote2- William
Quote1Yeah, fine. I cant be bothered to go nowhere either. Just make sure you come back with good news.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Alright... kind of nervous for whatever I just agreed to but I'll try my best.Quote2- James
I really wanted the opportunity to get out of camp and just go for whatever this event was going to be. Everyone else played it safe, and maybe they'll have played it smart... But this whole game is going to include risks and unless I take some of my own I wont increase my personal chances of winning. Right now we're at a numbers disadvantage, and rather than assuming the old Maraamu's and Randy will vote with us, I've got to ensure I'm safe by putting myself forward and getting the job done myself.


James goes and gets his things ready by the shelter whilst Tish helps him, giving him some words of advice before he departs for the hike.

Quote1If for whatever reason it isn't a merge, and you have to make some choices... Please don't screw me.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Why would I screw you? I said it before, its us two in this thing till the end.Quote2- James
Quote1Like, if you have to be picking new tribes or giving out perks... Make sure you don't forget me.Quote2- Tish
Quote1You know if I have to make any big choices I'm going to do what benefits both of us... and of course that means sticking together.Quote2- James
For some reason I got really upset seeing James leave camp today, as he's been my best friend throughout this game. He is such a great ally to have because we're on such a similar level that I don't feel we'd ever screw over each other. I am concerned that if this isn't a merge or a swap that James and I could be separated... and that really would just break my game up.


Tish and James hug one another goodbye, before heading over to Randy and William so that James can give them his departing words. The three wave James off as he heads off on the hike, looking at the map in order to speculate as to where he may be going.

Ambassador Meeting

James reaches his intended destination, seeing a large rectangular area surrounded by statues and platforms, with a large hut opposite him. Daisy enters from the opposite side, seeing James walking towards the centre. The pair smile as they see one another, each letting out a short burst of laughter as they awkwardly greet each other. In order to break the awkwardness, the pair make jokes as to why they've ended up at the Tohua.

Quote1Hey you... (he hugs her)Quote2- James
Quote1Hey James (she laughs and hugs him back)... Nice to see both tribes sent their prettiest member...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Absolutely... its all just a popularity contest and we won.Quote2- James
When James turned up I was pretty relieved because of all the people on their tribe, he is the one that I would most like to be spending time with. He seems like quite a cute guy, and his confidence really helped me relax about why the hell we were both here.


Quote1So uh, we drew the short straws right?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1What? To be here?Quote2- James
Quote1Yeah... I mean we actually drew straws. Literally...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Oh... no I volunteered. No one else wanted to come.Quote2- James
Quote1You think we're merging?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1(he shrugs) ... Maybe. I don't think it'll be too bad. Whatever it is...Quote2- James

The pair are drawn into silence after Jeff Probst enters the Tohua, standing parallel as he gives them a much needed run down as to what they will both be doing over the next few hours. Jeff tells the two that they will both act as ambassadors for their respective tribes, and that they will both be responsible for the upcoming merge that will take place on Day 20. James and Daisy both give a sigh of relief, ecstatic to receive the news that they will in fact be merging, rather than any twists taking place that will see their games thrown into jeopardy.

Merge. The word merge just took any butterflies in my stomach and set them free. I could almost see them flying around the Tohua as Jeff gave us the rest of the information. There were definitely a few more trapped inside me, because when I realized that we really were merging... it was still a question of 'Ok then, but why are we here?!'


Jeff instructs the pair that they will spend the night at the Tohua, each getting comfort due to their ambassadorial positions. He also reveals that they must both select a tribe name and paint a new tribe flag, handing the pair a set of ten new magenta buffs. Before leaving, Jeff surprises the ambassadors by taking them to a picnic area, where they can feast on pizza and beer before setting down to their task. Daisy and James scream in excitement, hugging each other and Jeff before both sitting down to eat their fill.

This all came at us like a rush. One second we were standing waiting to hear some awful news that we'd be swapped and our games would be ruined... then the next we were ambassadors for the merge, deciding what the new tribe name would be... and eating pizza alongside bottles of Coors light. I think maybe, just maybe... the best night I've had out here so far.


James and Daisy talk about trivial topics whilst eating, before both gradually steering the conversation towards information on the game, agreeing that they shouldn't pass up the opportunity to gain an advantage over the other competitors in the game.

Quote1So... what uh... happened when Troy went?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Yeah I thought you'd ask about that.Quote2- James
Quote1Why?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Weren't you and him an item?Quote2- James
Quote1Who said that...?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Uh, Randy I think. He kind of outed all you guys' secrets to us...Quote2- James
Quote1Oh really... well what do you think of him? Please don't say you guys like him...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1He's uh, I don't know how to say it. Lets just say he isn't still here because he's a better player than Troy. I think its probably the opposite.Quote2- James
It felt only right to talk game with Daisy. I gave up some information and so did she, and it is a risk that the information could be used against us... but I feel that there was this uh... almost a respect between us to use the information for our own games. I decided to give information to Daisy that really only could come back to Randy... That way if for whatever reason all of Maraamu target us at the first merged tribal, they'll be going for Randy rather than myself, Tish or William.


Quote1So other than Randy you guys are all good at Rotu?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Yeah, we're all good. Tish and William are both great... So I haven't asked yet, but who is gone from your tribe? I would guess Martin or Duana but after the last result I didn't want to even presume they were in danger...Quote2- James
Quote1Oh God yeah... Basically Martin went last night.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Oh no... poor Martin. He was such a nice guy back on Rotu...Quote2- James
Quote1Yeah, we all liked him but... he was the only obvious choice. We knew he would be tight with you guys once we merged.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Well it was a smart move for you all. He was someone we were counting on seeing again (laughs). The lady who left... Hillary right? Was she just rubbing you all the wrong way?Quote2- James
Quote1So, so much. We all just wanted her gone by the first tribal council.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Randy said how domineering she was. I would've guessed that Ibrahim was mad though because Randy said how they were tight... (takes a sip of beer)Quote2- James
Did Randy just spend his entire time at Rotu telling them each and every relationship on our tribe? I would say 'Hillary had to go because she was overbearing' and James would just be like 'yeah I know'. His big mouth got Troy out of the game, and now he's doing the same to the rest of us.


The pair eventually stop talking game, instead taking a break from strategizing and sharing information, drinking the rest of the beer at the picnic before moving over to the hut to get settled down and discuss a tribe name. After an hour or so of drinking, both James and Daisy find themselves getting tipsy, with little in their system to absorb the alcohol. As they move over to the hut, Daisy continuously falls over, using James to help her balance whilst laughing. After reaching the shelter, James and Daisy lay down next to one another, talking about what tribe names they like. After passing around several facetious names, they coin together the word "Soliantu", which they suggest will mean sacred allegiance to the sun. James gets started on painting the flag, whilst Daisy perches next to him, complimenting his artistic skills whilst playing with his hair. The two continue their flirtatious tipsy behavior, eventually falling asleep after finishing the flag, with Daisy moving her bedding closer to James so that they can "keep warm".

Day 19 (Night)


The tribe waits up, having expected to see Daisy return by the evening, or that another individual would be joining their tribe. As the beach is plunged into darkness, the group begin retiring to the shelter, feeling as though they wont hear any news until the following morning. Ashley insists she stays up, wanting to see her friend return safely, worried that a bad twist may be coming their way.

(wiping tears from her face) ... Daisy is like my sister out here, and she's been gone for ages... I, I don't want to be alone in this game and everyone else is far too calm about it all. I'm worried that she's out of the game for good or something... and the fact they're all like 'oh whatever' is starting to p**s me off! Maybe they all have a secret alliance or something. Its getting me so paranoid I cant take it!



The Rotu tribe take a more relaxed approach to the absence of James, lying in the shelter to try and sleep in peace. With Randy asleep, William and Tish talk about whether or not they think James will return to the camp, or if the game will change into the expected merge.

Quote1I just hope he's here tomorrow morning...Quote2- Tish
Quote1He will be. Don't worry. I just want to know if he's gone to a new beach to build the merge shelter. Or maybe he and someone else had to pick a new tribe like you said.Quote2- William
Quote1God... I don't like not knowing.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Me neither. But no point getting worked up, just try and rest.Quote2- William
Right now all we can do as a tribe is get some rest, and hope tomorrow we find something good waiting for us. William is trying to keep the spirits high, but I'd rather prepare for the worst... that way I cant be too disappointed when I learn what the truth is.


Day 20

Ambassadors Meeting

Daisy and James wake up early in order to gather their belongings and to reach the Maraamu camp, where they will gather the tribe and paddle on their raft to Rotu beach, which will act as the merged tribes camp. Daisy feels awkward waking up so close to James, feeling as though drinking made her overly flirtatious.

I woke up and immediately we had to rush and get our things up and out of the ambassadors hut. I uh, ugh. I don't know what I did last night apart from drink and eat way too much, and today my body is paying for that. I remember rubbing James' hair and the drink just made him even cuter than he already is and... (she blushes and buries her face in her hands) ... its all strategy I swear... kind of.


The pair leave the Tohua, carrying their belongings back to the Maraamu tribe in order to deliver the news of the merge.


After waiting for several hours, the Maraamu cheer when they spot James and Daisy heading down the beach sporting two new magenta buffs.

Quote1Oh my God... Daisy oh my God!Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Is it the merge? They've got new buffs! Guys its happening!Quote2- Lotus
The merge has finally come and I want to just scream in happiness! Seeing Daisy and James coming towards us I couldn't hide my excitement because the biggest goal I had in this game has been checked off. Now is the time I use the decisions and relationships I've made to take control, and after the next tribal council there cant be any looking back.


The entire tribe surround both James and Daisy, giving both hugs and screams of excitement.

Quote1Alright guys, we haven't got long to explain but we are merging...Quote2- James
Quote1(screams of excitement)Quote2- Everyone
Quote1... We've all got to grab what we want because we're paddling to Rotu.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1We're leaving now?Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Right now.Quote2- Daisy
The news that the merge had arrived sent us all into a frenzy, even though I think we were all slightly expecting it. I would've loved a chance to speak with Daisy and find out what she and James got up to in terms of talking during the night... but I didn't have the chance because we just had to grab what we wanted and get out of Maraamu.


The group all work together to pack their belongings onto their tribes raft, pushing it out into the water so that they can paddle towards Rotu's beach. The original Maraamu members look back at their now stripped campsite, sad to see their home for the past nineteen days now behind them.


The three members left at the Rotu tribe look out into the water, seeing a raft full of individuals quickly approaching their beach. Tish immediately begins screaming in excitement, understanding that this means the merge has begun. William and Randy wave out to the approaching tribe members, with everyone unable to hide their joy at reaching the merge.

There was never any doubt in my mind that I would reach the merge, especially after I saw the competition that was my peers on Maraamu. This game is about to take a turn, and only the strong will survive what is going to be a massacre of the inept strategists.


The raft reaches the shore, and is pulled onto the sand by William and Randy, whilst the Maraamu members and James all hop off and greet the tiny Rotu tribe. Interrupting the cliché introductions, James pulls out the bag of magenta buffs, handing them out to his fellow tribe members.

Quote1We are now all one color!Quote2- James
Quote1Oh my God I love it! (she sniffs her new buff)Quote2- Tish
Quote1They smell so clean don't they!Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Yes! Oh God I miss fabric softener... I don't want to lose this comfort.Quote2- Tish
Quote1We also have a tribe name guys...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1What's the name?Quote2- Duana
Quote1Soliantu... It means uh...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Sacred allegiance to the sun.Quote2- James
Quote1Oh my God its beautiful I love it!Quote2- Ashley

After the excitement dies down, the group agree to prepare a meal for themselves to celebrate the arrival of the merge. Due to the depleted levels of food around the camp, Ryan, William and Duana agree to go and fish. The rest of the tribe walk around and get to know their new home, whilst others take the moment to begin their critical post-merge conversations. Over by the water, Ryan takes the first attempt at catching some fish, using the snorkel and spear to try and gain favor with the group. William and Duana stand above, holding a bag open in case Ryan is successful in his venture.

Quote1Its good to see you again...Quote2- William
Quote1Same here, its been tough over on Maraamu. I'm surprised I managed to make it back considering we went to tribal twice...Quote2- Duana
Quote1Absolutely. I was hoping both you and Martin would make it, but I'm guessing he-...Quote2- William
Quote1There was no chance for him. He didn't really try too hard to save himself.Quote2- Duana
Coming back to the people I started the game with is a semi-uncomfortable experience. I mean I've found new bonds in this game, but I cant just act like myself and William weren't ever friends. As dark as it seems I need to play the role of someone who hasn't got any standing in the Maraamu tribe, and that I'm good with working with the others again. That way when I work out where the numbers are going I can make sure I'm not on the wrong side. I started this game on the wrong side of numbers, and for once I want to make sure I'm confident each time I walk into a vote.


Ashley, Daisy and Lotus sit by the fire, having agreed to keep it going whilst the rest of the tribe take on duties away from camp. The girls begin quizzing Daisy on what she learnt from her time with James, knowing that as soon as the rest of the tribe return they'll not have a chance to speak privately.

Quote1Alright so tell us... Just everything what happened?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Well, we got a picnic... and I got way too drunk.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1(laughs) Oh my God... I'd give anything to just have a cocktail right now. What is he like? James?Quote2- Ashley
Quote1He's uh, he's really sweet. Like just a nice guy... (she slightly blushes)Quote2- Daisy
Quote1You didn't kiss him did you?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1No! No! (laughs) ... I don't think I did. I mean we just spoke about the game. I found out that the old Rotu are pretty tight and Martin going was good for our side. They cant stand Randy, which shouldn't surprise us.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Right, I mean who can stand that man. I forget how awful he is and then I see his face and just remember how grating he is.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Well this will really send you mad. Apparently... Randy has been spilling ALL our tribe dynamics since he got here, and he wants to screw us all over like he did with Troy.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Shut up...Quote2- Ashley
Randy is someone I've known since the start will be like a virus to our tribe. He managed to sneak through going to less tribal councils than anyone else, and now this virus is going to make us all sick unless we just rid him from our lives... and who better to take out the virus than your resident nurse... (smirks)


Quote1The thing is I don't know if anyone will work with Randy. Shouldn't we stick to our plan and go for the old Rotu?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1If we did which one would it be?Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Not James...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Why not James?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1I can connect with him and he may be of use to us later. The easiest option would be Tish right?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1I'm good with Tish...Quote2- Lotus
No one wants to jump to conclusions on the day they merge. We went from celebrations to planning who we're going to try and vote out, and I really just wanted to relax and observe how everyone was acting. But being the game that it is, we had to have a quick five minute discussion on who we were thinking of targeting... the names that came up were Tish and Randy. James is exempt because Daisy "connects" with him or something... (she laughs and rolls her eyes)


Around an hour later, the entire merged tribe of ten sit down to a meal of fish caught by Ryan, congratulating him for proving his worth with the spear. The group talk amongst themselves, discussing their unanimous dislike for the no-no flies and the struggles they've faced since starting the process. During the meal, Randy continuously bad mouths those out of the game, much to the annoyance of his fellow tribe mates.

Randy is the only person I haven't had the opportunity to play with in this game, and I feel I probably had a lucky escape to have avoided him for nineteen days. He seems to be a combination of everything I dislike in a person... I've heard about his racist and sexist attitudes, but on top of that he just never shuts up about people behind their back. He's the quintessential male b***h.


Quote1Why are you so hateful Randy?Quote2- Duana
Quote1... Huh? Wha... What you mean girlie?Quote2- Randy
Quote1Well you seem to be complaining about everyone out of this game, and from what I've heard you have issue with people here... I don't know maybe its just me but you seem pretty hateful.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Is this really appropriate? You trying to start something on our first night at the merge?Quote2- Randy
Quote1I think its perfectly appropriate. When I hear someone with your supposed views has been belittling people and keeps doing it I'm going to speak up...Quote2- Duana
At dinner I wanted to just stop everyone from speaking... I love Duana, I really do. She's a very strong character, and she couldn't let the game get in the way of her morals in this instance. I haven't heard of Randy's supposed racism, but I have seen hate escaping from his mouth... I personally try to keep it cool because I don't want any targets on my head...


Quote1Right and you're the person who has been to tribal council five times... Girlie if you think you're being big you best stop right now.Quote2- Randy
Quote1You're right I've survived five tribal councils. That's more then I'll say for you with your attitude... if I ever hear you making comments about any of the girls here, or if you bring up Ibrahim's race... you can believe I'll be 'big' then.Quote2- Duana

Duana finishes her food and drops her bowl, thanking Ryan for the food before storming off to the shelter. Despite the majority agreeing with Duana, they remain quiet, although pleased that someone finally spoke up against him.

Putting up with Randy's racist attitudes in the early days of Maraamu really brought me down. I felt lower than I ever have my entire adult life, and I've wanted to say what Duana said since I first was subjected to his hate. Frankly, I haven't had the balls to do it... and I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of saying how aggressive I would come across because I'm a big guy. The fact the smallest girl here did it is another story, because he cant pass that s**t off on us that she's somehow aggressive.


Quote1You see what happens when you give too many people like her a platform... they think they can just speak out like that.Quote2- Randy
Quote1What do you mean people "like her"?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1It doesn't matter. Just lets all do ourselves a favor and make six the magic number for that one.Quote2- Randy
Quote1(scoffs and walks off)Quote2- Ashley

Ashley goes to join Duana in the shelter, leaving the other eight Soliantu members around the fire, awkwardly finishing their meals in silence.

I'm tired of people like Duana running around this game acting like they run the damn place! How dare SHE! If she were a man I'd have smacked her round the face. Her parents did some screwed up job raising manners into that one. Its fine though, because all she did was show herself up to be the first one out of this group. I'm gettin' my new alliance with William, James and Tish... and I'm going to make sure Troy's girls all join us, and we're voting Duana out this game. Ibrahim is a lucky man that someone else had to be his shield, but that's only bought him another three days out here.


Day 21

The final ten arrive at their first individual immunity challenge, seeing ten platforms floating on the water before them. Each contestant gets on a platform, which they must stay on for the longest possible time without falling off or touching the platform with anything but their feet. The group quickly find the platform is unsteady, moving frequently with the tide, forcing many of them off balance early on. Within moments of the challenge beginning, Tish falls forward off her platform, evoking laughter from James. Tish flips him off as she swims back to the shore, more upset with getting her hair wet than being the first one out of the challenge.

Quote1Sorry you came last Tish...Quote2- James
Quote1Yeah well I hope you're out after me...Quote2- Tish
Quote1I think it'll be me ... my legs wont stop shaking.Quote2- Daisy

Seconds later, Randy suddenly slips backwards into the water, causing several tribe members to silently celebrate. After seeing Randy swim back to shore, Ibrahim willingly jumps off his platform, content with the knowledge that Randy wont beat him in the challenge.

Quote1Not a challenge for the big guys it seems...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Oh wow then James has a chance...Quote2- Tish
Quote1(laughs)Quote2- James

Several minutes pass, and the remaining seven begin looking at their competition, trying to determine their chances of winning. As she tries to look around her, Daisy loses her balance, falling forward and touching her platform with her hand.

Quote1Daisy's hand touches her platform, and she is out of this challenge...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Thanks for snitching on me Jeff... (she jumps in the water)Quote2- Daisy
Quote1(wobbles and falls off) Oh shi-...Quote2- James
Quote1And just like that James falls of his platform, and we are down to five. Not the five biggest people out here, but maybe the five with the best balance.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Jeff I have trouble standing up straight... this is the flukiest result for me.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Come on Ryan you can do this.Quote2- William
Quote1I honestly think I'm gone in the next minute...Quote2- Ryan

More time goes by, with the five seemingly managing to avoid slipping. Ashley is suddenly heard exclaiming that she "cant do it", before lowering herself onto her platform, sliding into the water carefully so as to not go fully under. Ryan dramatically follows, causing a large splash to nearly hit William.

Quote1Whoa... watch it brother.Quote2- William
Quote1Ryan now out of this challenge, and we are down to three.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(whispering to others) Damn Ashley lowering herself like that made poor Ryan faint...Quote2- James
Quote1(laughing)Quote2- Daisy

The final three in the challenge talk amongst themselves, asking each other how they're feeling. Lotus admits she is starting to tire, whereas William states he can keep going if need be. Soon after their conversation Duana falls sideways into the water, causing both Lotus and William's platforms to violently sway side to side. William leans forward, trying to keep his balance, but eventually follows Duana into the water. Lotus gasps and looks up at Jeff, who in turn announces that she has won the first individual immunity, prompting her to jump off her platform and collect the immunity necklace.
Challenge: Sea Legs
Each player must stand on a floating platform at the sea. If any part of their body besides their feet touch the platform, or if they fall of the platform, they are eliminated from the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity.
Winner: Lotus

Immunity Challenge: Sea Legs
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Castaway Lotus Marquesas
William Marquesas
Duana Marquesas
Ryan Marquesas
Ashley Marquesas
James Marquesas
Daisy Marquesas
Ibrahim Marquesas
Randy Marquesas
Tish Marquesas


After Lotus won the first individual immunity of the season, the final ten return to camp in order to begin strategizing for the looming tribal council, in which one of them will be the last individual voted out before the jury phase of the game. The group congratulate Lotus, who doesn't hide her happiness in knowing that she has been guaranteed to remain apart of the game until the end.

I pulled through today and only went and won myself individual immunity after thinking I was pretty un-athletic and didn't have a chance in hell when I'm competing against the studs we have out here. Thankfully I don't have to worry about my own safety tonight, but I still have concerns for Daisy, Ash, Ibrahim and to some degree Duana. I even want Ryan safe at this point, because we need to be certain that the four from Rotu don't get any power after tonight's vote. We've narrowed our choices down to Tish and Randy. Strategically, Tish needs to go. It wont rock the boat too much, and she actually has game from what I can tell. But for the good of mental health everywhere... Randy needs to leave this game for good tonight. I feel after his display of complete arrogance last night at our first meal we need to put him out of his misery... or is it our misery? I cant even tell right now.


Lotus, Daisy, Ashley and Duana walk off down the beach, sitting together to talk about the vote. James, Tish and William watch the girls walking off, concerned as to why Duana is apart of the girls strategic chats.

Quote1You don't think she's with them?Quote2- Tish
Quote1Wouldn't surprise me. I mean Daisy said Martin was the obvious choice for them... So if Duana wasn't even an option then maybe she's apart of whatever they've got.Quote2- James
Quote1No, no... Duana will be with us. We spoke yesterday and she said all was good.Quote2- William
Seeing Duana walk off is nerve wracking, because she's been gone for ten days, and in that time she could've easily formed a new alliance. If we've lost Duana then our only hope is to somehow find new members to our alliance. Ugh, and we'll have no choice but to use Randy...


Ryan and Ibrahim are subtly called over to the trio, who use the absence of the girls and Randy to try and work out where the boys will be voting. Ryan admits that he's open to ideas, and that he doesn't feel he has any allegiances to his old tribe, much to the surprise of Ibrahim. William asks Ryan if he'd be willing to vote out Ashley or Daisy, which Ryan states he'd be happy to do, delighting the three ex-Rotu members.

Quote1Which of them would you rather vote? Ashley or Daisy?Quote2- Tish
Quote1Well if you want to vote for the less likeable of the pair, Ashley will be easier to vote... If you want to play it smart, then Daisy...Quote2- Ryan
Quote1I think we should play this safe and just go Ashley then.Quote2- James
Quote1No... lets just cut the head off their damn leader. We cant go for Lotus so lets take second best out.Quote2- Tish
Quote1I uh, I just don't...Quote2- James
Quote1Listen I know you and her spent time at that summit thing, but you need to keep your head in this. She'd write your name down if she had to.Quote2- Tish
I really didn't want to vote for Daisy this early in the game. She and I made a slight connection at the ambassadors meeting, and we agreed to mutually benefit each other in the game. I cant argue against the wishes of the others, and especially because we need Ryan and Ibrahim's votes badly. I hate to do it but I've got to keep the loyalty to those I was with first.


Randy comes back from using the "aquadump", walking over to the group just as Ryan and Ibrahim are leaving. William asks Randy if he's still "with them", which Randy confirms he is, and that he's decided they should be voting out Duana for her poor attitude. William quickly interjects, telling him that they need to vote out Daisy due to being a greater strategic threat than Duana, but Randy doesn't seem interested. Randy tells the group that he can get the three ex-Maraamu girls to vote for Duana, and that as a group of seven they can control the game. Tish and James sit in disbelief, looking over at William in hope that he'll be able to save the situation, but it is quickly apparent that he too has lost control of Randy.

Tonight Duana is going to get a lesson in not how to play Survivor. I'm going to get all the allies I've created in this game, and bring them together to slaughter any chances she had of making it past her SIXTH tribal council. William and the others are a little off the idea, but its important that they show me trust by voting someone out they were once playing alongside. I showed them my trust by voting Troy, and now its time my loyalty was repaid.


The only reason Randy is here right now is because I saved him several tribal councils ago, all with the intention of using him for this very vote. The almost Biblical moral of this story is don't keep around hate to manipulate it for your own needs, because hate has no loyalties... he's turned on any hope we had of using him, and now I need to hope we can pull Duana back to our side... because right now we only have five votes, and that isn't enough to guarantee Daisy is leaving this game.


The girls of the Maraamu tribe sit together on the beach to discuss the vote, which they previously assumed would be the logical decision of ousting Tish from the game. Lotus states that she'd rather see Randy go for personal reasons, feeling as though they could convince the others to vote him too, but that she is ultimately happy to vote for Tish if necessary. Duana is seen tearing up, and is quickly comforted by the other girls. When asked what's wrong, Duana gives an emotional response as to why she feels so strongly that Randy should be their vote.

Quote1Ever since I was young I've always had people you know, like make fun of me... treat me like I wasn't worth s**t. I'm tired of it... you know I had it from people like him my whole life, and I want it to be different here. I don't care about what is seen as strategic, or what is seen as the slickest move... bullies don't deserve rewards out here. This is a message we've got to be sharing with all of them, and everyone who watches this thing.Quote2- Duana
Quote1... I uh, I'm sorry D. I didn't know you felt so deep about this.Quote2- Lotus

The girls all agree to vote for Randy, happy to rid themselves of his negative energy once and for all. Lotus says she'll speak with Ibrahim, getting both him and Ryan to join them in writing down Randy's name. Duana also says she will likely speak with William, and can possibly get all the ex-Rotu members to vote Randy out, making it a unanimous vote against him.

Hearing Duana's personal reasons as to why Randy should be the vote tonight really got to us girls, and in all honestly she swayed this whole thing. Maybe this is one big game and she's saving her old friends at Rotu... or maybe its just someone looking to win a personal battle they've got going inside them. If it brings our alliance closer together then voting Randy shouldn't be an issue... for any of us.


Minutes later, the girls return to camp, and Duana is pulled to one side by William. James, Tish, Ashley and Daisy sit together at camp, and are eventually approached by Randy, who tells the four of them that the vote will be for Duana. Ashley snaps back at Randy, telling him to stop bothering them. After a small bickering episode between the two, Ashley walks off, asking Randy not to speak to her for the remainder of their time. Elsewhere, William gets to work asking Duana about her intentions in the game.

Quote1You're definitely with us?Quote2- William
Quote1I am yeah.Quote2- Duana
Quote1You're sure? Tish and James are having doubts because you keep going off to speak with the girls.Quote2- William
Quote1So what I cant have friends outside the original group? (laughs)Quote2- Duana
Quote1Of course you can, but you know how it looks. Anyway, we uh, we decided to vote for Daisy...Quote2- William
Quote1Daisy? Daisy?! Over Randy?Quote2- Duana
Quote1We've got to separate those girls. Speak to anyone on this beach and they say those three girls have so much control. If we don't all do something tonight we'll pay for it down the line.Quote2- William
Quote1(sighs) ... If that's what you guys want to do then go for it.Quote2- Duana
Duana really didn't give me much hope after I spoke with her today. Its painful seeing a friend swap sides, but I need to remember she's spent more time with them than she did with us. I'm going to keep doing my best to sway her to our side, but if need be we just pray our five votes are enough. If not, then we may need to consider going with Randy's plan, and sending Duana home tonight.


I felt pretty betrayed by William today... His whole attitude was the same one the girls had, that these logical votes have to happen because in this game you cant play emotionally. The only difference is that the girls understood my case and changed the vote to Randy, whereas William just got more insulting in his demeanor. I love the guy but I just cant bring myself to appease him tonight. I said I'd be looking for which side to go with, and I think its time to cut my ties to Rotu...


With only an hour to go before tribal, Lotus approaches Ibrahim to cement his loyalty to the girls' alliance.

Quote1Ok, so tonight you'll be pleased to know that Randy is out of here.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Another decision without me? (he gives a slight laugh)Quote2- Lotus
Quote1I thought this was agreed between all of us? Randy's behavior just turned us all of and we had to convince Ash and Daisy to vote him out.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1And you have the numbers?Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1We do once you and Ryan confirm.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1I don't think you can count on Ryan tonight. He's already agreed to vote against Daisy.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1What!? When was this?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Earlier... with the Rotu people. Said how you guys haven't really included us, and that tonight he wants to vote out the person who is the most threatening between the two girls.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Well you'll be voting with us right? Ib please... I know we betrayed your trust before... but this is different now. This is about us and them and I cant do this without you by my side.Quote2- Lotus
The tables have turned massively from myself and Ryan being the backseat members of Maraamu, and now I'm suddenly this core vote that the girls need to stay alive. If Ryan really does flip then the best the girls can hope for is a five-five tie... and I think that'll mean that whoever has more votes between Randy or Daisy goes home... which to my knowledge is Randy. The good side to this is that I know whoever I side with is going to come out on top tonight. Do I carry out my revenge on uh, Randy. You know fulfill my ideas of outlasting those who treated me like dirt. Or maybe I look at the game in a bigger picture... and take the girls out of their powerful position. Either way I'm really in the middle of all this, and I don't think wherever I side I'll be planning to ride it out with those people... because even after this vote a lot needs to change in the layout of alliances for me to really feel secure.


At the first merged tribal council, Jeff asks the group whether tribal lines are going to carry on into the vote, or if the tribe swap has diluted any sense of tribal loyalty. William claims tribal loyalty no longer exists, as he feels multiple people will vote against someone they have played with at some point in the game. When asked about the harmony of the group, Duana admits that things have been rough between herself and Randy, prompting laughter from Randy, who labels Duana a "trouble maker". Ashley comes to Duana's defence, mocking Randy for being the most "hated" person in the tribe, pointing out that he has made enemies with several individuals. Jeff asks the group who feels personally in danger of leaving the game, causing only Daisy to raise her hand, much to the amusement of the group. Duana states that she feels more people are probably feeling vulnerable, but don't want to show that they're doubting their allies. Ibrahim tells Jeff how he is still unsure as to what the right vote is, although he admits he knows how he will be voting, but isn't sure whether the consequences of this vote will be good to his game. Tish is shown whispering "do we change?" to William, who doesnt immediately respond, clearing trying to run by numbers in his own head. When everyone suggests they're ready, Jeff allows James to commence the voting, feeling as though this may be one of the biggest tribal councils in the history of the game. During Randy's vote, he is heard saying the name "Duana" loudly, prompting laughter from some, whilst others shake their heads in disbelief. After Daisy sits back down as the final voter, Jeff goes to collect the urn, leaving the group with thirty seconds of paranoid silence as one of their fates is sealed.

Quote1I'll read the votes...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Oh God...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1First vote... Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Wonder who wrote that... (she glares at Randy)Quote2- Duana
Quote1Second vote... Randy.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Randy. That's two votes Randy, one vote Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Randy. That's three votes Randy, one vote Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Randy. That's five votes Randy, one vote Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Several individuals give off relieved body language, quickly feeling as though they wont be in danger tonight.

Quote1Sixth vote... Daisy.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(mumbles) Here we go...Quote2- James
Quote1Seventh vote... Daisy. That's four votes Randy, two votes Daisy, one vote Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Eighth vote... Daisy. That's four votes Randy, three votes Daisy, one vote Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Ninth vote... Daisy. That's four votes Daisy, four votes Randy, one vote Duana. One vote left...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(grabbing Daisy's hand)Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Last vote... seventh person voted out of Survivor Marquesas...Quote2- Jeff Probst

Daisy and Randy both sit in fear, hoping that their name isn't about to be revealed as the one to just miss out on the jury.

Quote1... Randy. You'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(laughs) ... Wow.Quote2- Randy
Quote1(lets out a large sigh of relief, holding her chest)Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Randy, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Randy watches as his torch goes out, feeling as though he was too threatening to be kept in the game. He turns and takes one last glare at the final nine, scowling at those who didn't vote alongside him at this crucial tribal council. Ashley sticks her middle finger up at Randy as he leaves the tribal council area, glad to see the back of him as his game comes to an end. The final nine are congratulated by Jeff for guaranteeing their spot at the final tribal council, but reminds them that only two will still be eligible to win, whilst the other seven will be making up the jury.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
Randy Marquesas
Randy (5 votes)
Ashley MarquesasDaisy MarquesasDuana Marquesas
Ibrahim MarquesasLotus Marquesas
Ashley, Daisy, Duana, Ibrahim & Lotus
Daisy Marquesas
Daisy (4 votes)
James MarquesasRyan MarquesasTish MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
James, Ryan, Tish & William
Duana Marquesas
Duana (1 vote)
Randy Marquesas
Randy Marquesas Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

You're a disgusting bigoted man... and if you don't learn from your behavior out here, then I truly pray for anyone who has the displeasure of meeting you.


Let this be a message to anyone who tries to bully their way through this game.


I've always advocated strategic decisions over personal ones... but this is one hundred percent a personal vote, and all offence to you is meant.


You treated me like dirt during the first few days, and it gives me so much pleasure knowing you'll be joining your boy Troy out of this game before the jury even begins. The good will prevail my man.


Daisy... (sighs)... I didn't want to cast this vote after our agreement at our picnic, but I've been left with very little other choice. Maybe we can get a drink after the game... if you're not too mad at me.


It feels overdue having to have waited twenty-one days to cast this vote.


I'm voting you ... DUANA!


We've been on the same tribe since Day one, and all that time you never bothered trying to work with me... Don't be surprised that this move is being made.


Sticking with my side against yours girl... you're a bigger threat than Ash, and we cant have you use your charm on James.


Tough call, and I don't feel too positive that this vote will be going our way.


Final Words

I should've seen this comin'. The merge is where the big threats at targeted, and stupidly I thought the others would go for Duana because of how inept she was. It was a good move on their part, because I had a lot of connections in this merge... What pains me is that not one other person voted Duana alongside me, and instead they targeted myself and Daisy. I have no idea which of them voted for me, but I hope those people are taken out next... a little bit of vengeance from me to them (smirks).


Still In The Running

Ashley Marquesas
Daisy Marquesas
Hillary Marquesas Eliminated
Ibrahim Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas
Randy Marquesas Eliminated
Ryan Marquesas
Troy Marquesas Eliminated
Alistair Marquesas Eliminated
Duana Marquesas
James Marquesas
Martin Marquesas Eliminated
Tish Marquesas
Ursula Marquesas Eliminated
William Marquesas
Yuzuki Marquesas Eliminated