Contestant Profile
Age 43 (Borneo)
Occupation English Professor
Race Caucasian-American
Tribe(s)      Pagong
Placement 11/16
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 18

Mandy is a contestant from Survivor: Borneo. Mandy was the third person voted out of the Pagong tribe.

Survivor: Borneo

Mandy was placed on the Pagong tribe, which struggled to unify itself in the first three days. After a fight broke out over leadership between Eli and Uri, Mandy decided to follow Uri, feeling safer to go with the majority of the tribe. During a storm on the first night, Mandy was hurt when Eric refused to give his place in the shelter up, leaving her out in the rain. Mandy became part of an alliance set up by Uri, consisting of Razzy, Tia and herself, with Julia as an affiliated member. After Pagong lost the second immunity challenge, Mandy continued to remain quiet, acting as the tribes mother. Mandy joined her alliance is voting Eric from the game on day 6. After losing the third immunity challenge Mandy was on the chopping block, with Alice attempting to instigate her departure. After tension rose between Tia and Mandy, it became possible that she could be leaving the game, however, Tia got her alliance to go after Julia, not feeling ready to betray them. Despite winning the next two immunity challenges, problems at Pagong still existed, with Mandy and Tia finding it particularly hard to live with one another. Fellow alliance members Razzy and Uri didn't regard the girls disdain towards each other as an issue, with Uri stating it to be "hormonal". When Pagong lost the sixth immunity challenge, Tia went all out in an attempt to get Mandy removed from the game, attempting to save Alice and Eli. Mandy and Razzy both assumed the alliance would hold strong, casting their votes towards Eli. However, Tia had managed to convince Uri that eliminating Mandy was their best bet for the upcoming merge, causing Mandy to leave the game in a 4-2 vote.

Voting History

Mandy's Voting History
Episode Mandy's
Voted Against
1 Pagong Tribe Immune
2 Eric -
3 Julia Alice, Eli
4 Pagong Tribe Immune
5 Pagong Tribe Immune
6 Eli Alice, Eli,
Tia, Uri
Voted Out, Day 18