"Man Down"
Amazon Ep 10
Season Survivor: The Amazon
Episode Number 10/13 (075)
First Broadcast May 1, 2018
Episode Chronology
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Man Down is the tenth episode of Survivor: The Amazon.


Day 27 (Night)

The final seven return to camp after a tribal council that saw Delma finally voted out of the game. The group acknowledge that all three of the older women have been systematically eliminated, leaving them now with no option but to turn on one another.

Tonight, Delma went home and now it's just those of us left who was voting her group out. I feel good about it though, because I think I'm in a position where no matter what I'm going to stay in control. Our plan is to go after Mayson next, but we're going to keep our ears open in case we need to turn on one of the girls and keep it five guys strong. My main loyalty is to Sheamus and Fredrick, and I feel a bit arrogant but I think we're going to be the top three...


Quote1I'm surprised she didn't like scream at me or something before she went.Quote2- Hall
Quote1She left with her head held high...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Well, she's known it was coming for days. I'm a little confused why she voted me though...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Probably just a throw-away.Quote2- Jenn
I do feel bad that myself and Hall had to turn on the older women, because there's a chance working with them would have been better for us. We'll find that out really quickly in the coming days. I think things will be okay though, because people can see who here are the big threats, and if Sheamus doesn't win immunity I'd expect him to be feeling some heat.


Quote1Is your leg doing any better?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1It freakin' kills tonight man... like an intense burning.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Try and sleep it off... in the morning maybe ask for medial to check it again?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Nah, it's not that bad. I cut myself deep bro... it's bound to sting a bit... (laughs)Quote2- Hall
It does feel good to know that Neasa and I are the last two girls in this game. We had it bad on the original all-women tribe, and now we're the only two still with a shot to make it to the end. Delma was our main adversary I guess, and we outlasted her. Now we need to concentrate on keeping our group together, and targeting Mayson at the next vote... he's annoyed a few of us recently, and I don't think anyone other than Hall really cares to keep him around any longer.


Day 28

Mayson and Hall walk together to collect tree mail, opening the basket to find a wallet inside containing seven lots of $500 dollar envelopes. Mayson reads the mail, excited at discovering the group will be taking part in an auction for food rewards.

An auction was something that I had been looking forward to for a while, because it gives us all a chance to win something, and you can actually select what it is you want out of the rewards on offer.


The duo run back to camp, although Hall struggles and lags behind due to his leg, begging Mayson to slow down. Mayson reads the mail to the other five tribe members, causing the energy in camp to quickly raise, with everyone just as excited to be taking part in the auction.

I ain't never been to an auction before. People usually go to bid on expensive s**t like paintings and jewels... but we've got something more precious up for grabs today; food. I want something good, and I don't want to feel screwed over by anything today.


Quote1Hall, you're happy about this right because you can finally eat something?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Absolutely. Guaranteed too.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Maybe you can bid on a bone saw for that leg... (laughs)Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1How about I use it on your neck first?Quote2- Hall
For days I've been saying how I need to eat, man. Sheamus has been winning pretty much every reward, and it sucks that again today he's got a chance to eat again... but I'm not gonna complain if it means I can eat too. I want a steak or a burger... something big... I don't want to be left with any of this money because I'm buying everything I want.


Challenge: Survivor Auction
Players will be given $500 to be used for the auction. Auction will end without notice. The items bought were:

Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction
Fredrick AmazonHall AmazonIsaiah AmazonJenn AmazonMayson AmazonNeasa AmazonSheamus Amazon
Fredrick, Hall, Isaiah, Jenn, Mayson, Neasa, Sheamus
Purchase Breakdown
Item Winner(s) Bid
Piece of Cheesecake Neasa Amazon
Covered Item
(Plate of Manioc Flour)
Isaiah Amazon
Covered Item
(Burger and Fries)
Fredrick Amazon
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Isaiah Amazon
Breakfast Meal
(Additionally a Fold Out Mattress and Pillow)
Sheamus Amazon
Protein Bar Mayson Amazon
Protein Shake Isaiah Amazon
Piece of Chocolate Cake and Milk Jenn Amazon
Covered Item
(Steak and Baked Potato)
Hall Amazon
Letter from Home Neasa Amazon

After the auction, the final seven return to camp in higher spirits. Neasa and Jenn walk off together, with Neasa wanting privacy when reading her letter from home.

I didn't get exactly what I wanted at the auction, but it was good enough to me overall. I'll take a protein shake and some candy... I've got some extra manioc too, so hooray for me.


Quote1I got food! (screams)Quote2- Hall
Quote1(laughing) You're finally gonna shut your ass up about it now?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Not a chance... but I need to lie down after that steak.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Keep rubbing it in buddy...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Sorry, I mean I'm jealous of your manioc bro...Quote2- Hall
Quote1If you want I can send it your way after the game? Cos Lord knows you ain't gonna have no million to live off... (laughs)Quote2- Isaiah

Hall and Isaiah continue jokingly teasing one another as they both lay down in the shelter, with the other three men standing by them. After a few minutes, Mayson decides to question the men to see whether or not they are sticking together as one.

Quote1So we're all good right?Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Huh?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Us five... to the end... we're still doing that?Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Of course, man.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Any idea which of the girls you want to do first?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Neasa is smarter... I'd say go after the competition, which would be her. No offence to you Isaiah...Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Huh?!Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1He's calling your girl dumb, bro...Quote2- Hall
It's interesting to me that Mayson is asking whether the five of us men are still good to go to the end together. I really think he's totally unaware how in danger he has really been the past few rounds, and how close he was to going home instead of Delma last night had he not been immune. As far as I'm aware he is still the next to go... but if for whatever reason the guys do need to work together it's nice to know myself, Isaiah and Sheamus have that option. We're the three people deciding which of the two duos to work with.


Over in the stationary canoe, Neasa and Jenn are sat together whilst the former reads her letter from home. Neasa smiles throughout her letter, but fails to shed any tears.

Neasa asked me to join her when she went to read her letter, and I figured it was to be some sort of moral support and to hold her hand whilst she bawls. But she remained really composed throughout it... and I was kind of confused because I wasn't sure why she spent so much on a letter that didn't seem to do much to her.


Quote1How are you not sobbing!? I cried when Jeff said the words "letters from home" (laughs)Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I don't know... I guess I just don't get that affected by it.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Who is it from...?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1My best friends, and I have one from my cousin.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Oh, yeah... Sorry I forgot about your family stuff.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1It's fine. Anyway, it was mostly to stop Mayson from getting it. You couldn't outbid him, so it was up to me... It sucks but we can't play fair with the competition.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1I can't help but feel maybe this is too cold... (laughs)Quote2- Jenn
Quote1(shrugs) He can read his letter in two days anyway.Quote2- Neasa
I'm not playing this game with any sense of care for what is right and what is wrong. I'm going to play like a b***h because that's playing smart... any woman who plays hard is a b***h out here, so why not embrace it? If Mayson got his letter it could give him more of a boost to win a second immunity challenge in a row, and then there's a bigger chance that my plans go south... because convincing people to vote out Hall, who can't compete... isn't going to be as easy. I'm grateful for getting my letter, and I'm sure it'll give me a small advantage going forward... but I'm more grateful that Mayson didn't get his.


Day 29

Isaiah and Jenn leave camp in order to check tree mail, with the group surprised to be receiving it a day earlier than usual. Hall lays inside the shelter, having complained all morning about feeling unwell. Mayson cares for his friend, concerned that his health may be deteriorating due to the leg injury he sustained several days earlier.

Hall hasn't been feeling too good today, and all night said he couldn't sleep due to a throbbing headache and general pains going through his body. This isn't a good environment for anyone to be in with any sort of open wound, and being so deep his is bound to get infected sooner or later. I'm beginning to worry that an infection may have formed, and that if he doesn't get help soon he could be in serious trouble.


Quote1Do you want more water?Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Nah... I just want to sleep...Quote2- Hall
Quote1I think we should get medical.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1No! I'm fine. Honest, it's because I'm just a bit sick today. Ain't nothing to do with my leg, bro....Quote2- Hall
Quote1But it's swollen... and the heat coming off it is crazy!Quote2- Mayson
Quote1I swear if it was my leg I wouldn't be f***ing around! I'd be out of here fast because I know the dangers... I'm just tired and a bit sick.Quote2- Hall
I love Mayson like a brother, and he's really my main friend I've managed to make out here in the game. But like a brother he's also annoying as hell at times, and he likes to think I need taking care of all the time. It got worse because of my leg, which I think is doing fine... I mean it's bound to hurt, man. But, I think it's slowly getting better, and me being ill is just an unrelated thing that happens when you're sleeping out in this cold, wet, dirty place.


Over by tree mail, Isaiah and Jenn read the instructions, finding that all seven members must fill out an individual survey on their fellow tribe mates. The pair return to camp, handing each member a survey to be filled out in private.

I'm looking forward to this challenge, because I'm guessing it won't be anything too physical... Which helps because as each day goes on we're becoming more and more exhausted. My ass is tired... it's been nearly thirty days of staring and my ribs are looking more prominent each day. If this is something that we can do and then just chill and not compete too hard I'm here for it.


Quote1So we just answer honestly?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Honestly, and keep it private.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1... And here comes the rain... If we do it in private we can't all be in the shelter.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Well, I'm not sitting in the rain...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I'll go find a tree to sit under... (laughs)Quote2- Fredrick

The group separate to fill out their surveys, answering all the questions given to them with their own opinions. Several members are seen laughing as they complete their questions, noting the competition may become personal if the answers are to be made public.

When you have questions like the ones we were asked today, you start to wonder how people are going to feel when they hear that they're not really held in such a high regard by the people they've been living with. I know for a fact that Hall, Isaiah and probably Mayson aren't going to take this well... (laughs)... It's going to be entertaining in a dark way.


After completing their surveys, the group gather round the shelter, wanting to take shelter from the rain. Neasa lays in Sheamus' arms, whispering to him about the upcoming votes. Neasa seems concerned that things may not go as planned, unsure whether Fredrick is "completely" with the Jaburu five. However, Sheamus assures her not to be worried, claiming that there is nothing that will sway anyone over to save Mayson.

I want to assure Neasa that we're fine with the next two votes, because she is rightfully worried that either the guys will all stick together, or someone may target me because I seem to be regarded as the bigger threat out here. I can't completely come clean and tell her that I have a top three deal with Isaiah and Fredrick, because it'll alienate her from our alliance... and then she and Jenn would probably team up with the other guys to take control... So I've got to just keep her relaxed and make her think our Amazon romance is going all the way to the end. I don't like feeling that I'm playing someone out here, but if I want a chance at making it to the end I've got to embrace the lies.


The group arrive at their next individual immunity challenge at nightfall, where each contestant stands behind their own podium, holding a series of boards containing the names of everyone remaining in the game. Jeff instructs the group that they will once again be asked the questions from their surveys, but this time must guess what the majority said.

Quote1The first person to score five points wins immunity, earning them a one in six shot of winning this game. First question... 'Who would you trust with your life?'Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1This one is easy...Quote2- Isaiah

Everyone but Hall holds up Sheamus' name, with Hall holding up Mayson's. The correct answer is revealed to be Sheamus.

Quote1Everyone on one point, apart from Hall.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Thanks guys...Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Next question... 'Which tribe member uses sex appeal as a weapon?'Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(breaks down in laughter)Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Somehow this one feels weighted against two people...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Reveal... Hall says Neasa... Mayson says Jenn... Neasa says herself... Sheamus says Neasa... Fredrick says Neasa... Jenn says Neasa... Isaiah says Jenn. Neasa is correct. Neasa, Sheamus, Fredrick and Jenn on two... Hall, Mayson and Isaiah on one...Quote2- Jeff Probst

For the question 'Who is the most honest?', a variety of answers are given. Hall says Mayson, whilst Neasa, Isaiah and Mayson say Jenn. The correct answer is revealed to be Fredrick, which was correctly stated by Sheamus, Jenn and Fredrick himself.

Quote1Sheamus, Jenn and Fredrick on three. Neasa on two. Isaiah, Hall and Mayson still on one. Next question... 'Who would never survive on their own?'. Reveal... Hall, Sheamus and Isaiah say Jenn. Fredrick says Hall. Neasa, Jenn and Mayson say Fredrick... they are correct. Jenn is leading with four points... Neasa, Sheamus and Fredrick on three... Mayson on two... Isaiah and Hall on one.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1At least I'm the nicest though, right?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Next question. Who most needs therapy...? Reveal... Hall, Neasa, Fredrick and Isaiah say Hall... Mayson, Jenn and Sheamus say Isaiah... Hall is correct. Hall, feel good to know they think you need therapy?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Uh, yeah... It's a caring thing right? I just guessed me because they refuse to admit Isaiah is crazy...Quote2- Hall

The next question is 'Who would you most like to see pose nude?'. Everyone says Neasa accept Isaiah and Mayson, who answer Jenn. Neasa is revealed to be correct, giving Neasa, Jenn and Fredrick the five points needed to win. The trio are then taken into a further round in order to decide which of them will win individual immunity.

Quote1'Who on the tribe do you have a crush on?'Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1If you don't say me I'll be hurt...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Reveal... Neasa says herself... Fredrick says Jenn... Jenn says Sheamus. One of you is right. Neasa, a modest answer from you?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1You said what the majority thinks...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1You think the majority of guys here have a crush on you?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I think Jenn does too, yeah... (laughs)Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Why did you say me?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1I thought maybe like man-crushes... you guys have those right?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Hell no, I ain't gay...Quote2- Hall

Jeff congratulates Neasa, placing the immunity necklace around her neck, informing the group that she has earned herself a guaranteed spot in the final six, whilst one of the others will become the third member of the jury. The group head back to camp, getting ready for immediate rest after the challenge went late into the night.

Challenge: Q & A
Answer questions about the players in the game, then try and guess the answers most commonly given for the same questions. First to five points wins.

Immunity Challenge: Q & A
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Castaway Neasa Amazon
Fredrick Amazon
Jenn Amazon
Sheamus Amazon
Hall Amazon
Isaiah Amazon
Mayson Amazon

Majority Answers Per Round
Question Majority Answer
Who would you trust with your life? Sheamus Amazon
Which tribe member uses sex appeal as a weapon? Neasa Amazon
Who is the most honest? Fredrick Amazon
Who could never survive on their own? Fredrick Amazon
Who needs therapy? Hall Amazon
Who would you most like to see pose nude? Neasa Amazon
Who do you have a crush on? Neasa Amazon

Day 30

During the early hours of the morning, Hall is seen being restless inside the shelter, sitting up and struggling to contain his groans of pain. Fredrick and Mayson try to comfort Hall, but find very little to relive him of his suffering.

This morning I feel rough as hell. It's the second night in a row I can't sleep. I feel like I'm just burning up man... my leg hurts so bad and laying on the hard shelter is killing me... I don't know what I can do at this point.


Quote1I'm saying it has been two bad days for you, and you've gotten worse each day since it happened... You need medical.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1I agree... you're looking bad.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1What can they do? They're just gonna bandage it up...Quote2- Hall
Quote1I'm not so sure that is all they'll do... I wouldn't be shocked if they give you some medicine or something.Quote2- Fredrick
I'm a doctor... not one who will specialise in leg trauma... but I know an infection when I see it. You sometimes see people come in with abscesses in their mouths or impacted wisdom teeth, and it can cause pretty nasty infections that spread around the body. These things if untreated in the worst cases can turn fatal, so I knew there was no way that Hall could keep laying off having medical come in and check him out. I had to put my friends health before his desires as a player, and had medical come and check on him...


Members of the medical team come into the camp, using torches to guide Hall from the shelter and to take him off to a private area for examination. Mayson and Fredrick both sit up and wait for his return, whilst other tribe members also begin to wake up as the action takes place.

Quote1(yawning) What's going on?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Hall isn't doing good...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Oh... s**t... They can probably give him something, right?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Probably...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1My opinion is... it's not good. Staying out here isn't going to help him. It's at that point that I think voting him out tonight could be what saves his leg or his life...Quote2- Mayson
A part of me was wondering whether or not Mayson was suddenly saying we should vote out Hall because he's caught drift that he is the next to go, and he's sacrificing his friend to save his own butt? I'm not sure... I'd like to think that he's really looking out for Hall's well being... but when there's a million dollars on the line people say anything. I should know because I'm one of them, and if I'm becoming one with the deceptive nature of the game then I'm sure others are too.


Away from the shelter, several members of the medical team surround Hall and begin examinations on his leg.

Quote1Right Hall, I'm just going to take a look at the area of trauma, and make an assessment as to how it is doing out here.Quote2- Team Doctor
Quote1It's sore, man... I'm feeling like complete trash too...Quote2- Hall
Quote1Mmmmm... to me it is very swollen, and the heat coming off the area is really apparent before I even put my hand on it. This might hurt a bit, but we're just going to slightly separate the wound here...Quote2- Team Doctor
Quote1(grinds his teeth in pain)Quote2- Hall
I think for me the biggest worry is injury out here. We forget that even though this is a game you can get hurt... I don't want to do any long term damage to myself, y'know. But I also don't want to have an injury or sickness take me out of here... not when I'm so close to the end.


Quote1Alright, Hall... I can see just by separating the wound here that there is an unpleasant discharge, and that is pus coming from the wound. This along with the fact you've become unwell, with a high temperature and body cramps is a real reason for concern. There is an infection, which was likely due to the nature of the injury and the fact you're out here in this environment. It's not something that is getting better on it's own, and it will require strong antibiotics and perhaps minor surgery in order to eradicate any problems caused here. This is not something I can let you make the call on unfortunately... because the risks are an infection going deeper into the leg tissue, resulting in an amputation. Worst case scenario is an infection in your blood stream which ultimately could prove fatal.Quote2- Team Doctor
Quote1(says nothing, cries into his hands)Quote2- Hall
Quote1I'm very sorry about this Hall, but this will be where we take you out. We'll get this bandaged up quickly now, and take you back to camp so you can grab anything you need and say goodbye to the rest of your tribe mates.Quote2- Team Doctor
Quote1I thought I had this, man... I thought I had it...Quote2- Hall

The medical team assist Hall in getting back to camp, where the other six contestants sit around waiting to hear what news his check-up will bring.

Quote1Hall! You're back!Quote2- Jenn
Quote1How is it?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1(crying) ... I'm out guys...Quote2- Hall
Quote1What!?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1No!Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1(sighs and puts his head down)Quote2- Mayson
Quote1They said uh... it ain't getting better... So I've gotta go and get proper medical attention out of here.Quote2- Hall
Quote1You can't stay?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Nah... they said there's no chance...Quote2- Hall

Hall is hugged by each of his tribe mates, all of whom show sympathy in his forced removal from the game, realising the severity of the situation. Hall collects his bag, before being walked by his tribe and the medical team over to a boat, climbing aboard and waving goodbye to his tribe mates as he is whisked away in an evacuation.

Quote1I can't believe they're actually taking him...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Everyone make sure to keep your cuts clean...Quote2- Neasa
Seeing Hall get pulled from the game because of his leg really was an eye opener for me. Like, you realise how dangerous this place is. We haven't got the luxuries we're use to at home, and any injury can come back to bite you in the butt... it did with Hall, and now he's gone. I didn't fully get on with him, and he was one of the more annoying people out here... but it's never nice to see someone in pain having to go out like that.


The group return to the shelter, sitting around together as the sun rises over their camp, wondering what Hall's evacuation will mean for the scheduled tribal council. The group spend much of the morning talking, unsure as to whether or not they should be talking strategy as normal. After an hour or so, Jeff surprises the castaways by walking into camp and joining them by the fire.

Quote1Hey guys... why don't you all gather around the fire here... I've got some news for you all.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Is Hall okay?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I've just been told that Hall is en route to the hospital where he will be taken care of well, getting the proper medical attention that he needs. Hopefully, in the next few days he'll start to make a recovery, and will be joining us as the third member of our jury. As I'm sure you're aware, something like this has never happened before in Survivor, and it leaves the question as to what happens to tribal council tonight.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1... Not two people going...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1You'll perhaps be pleased to know that tribal council tonight has been cancelled... and that you are now officially going forward as the final six. That means over the next few days you'll take part in another reward challenge and another immunity challenge... but for now, you've got the rest of today off. I'd suggest you all take care, because you've seen what any damage in this game can do to you. Enjoy guys...Quote2- Jeff Probst

The group sit somewhat in awe, feeling a mixture of emotions; somewhat glad to have made it to the final six, whilst also feeling guilt over how the position was reached. Neasa jokes at her immunity proving to be useless, vowing to try and "make it count" for the next tribal council.

Quote1I think the important thing here is that we all keep Hall in our minds... and hope that he's good.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Absolutely... he was my closest friend but I'm glad he's getting help.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1He's a pain in the ass but I feel I'm going to miss him... Don't tell him I said that though (laughs)Quote2- Isaiah
I'm still in shock that we've lost someone without going to tribal council. I would have never thought that someone in this game could go because of an injury, which seems ridiculous given the circumstances. I think we all to some degree have felt invincible recently, and this has given us the wake up call we needed. Hall may have been someone I labelled crazy, or a chauvinist... but I do hope he's okay and able to recover, because I think past all his faults he really did care about playing the game. It's an interesting position for us now because we're down to six, and because Mayson is still here there's a chance he could win the next challenge and turn this whole game upside down... all the dangers that could happen at the top six are now very much alive because Hall left unplanned... I'm dreading the fallout from all this but raring to go. We're in the final nine days now and this is where we're going to have to start pulling the knives out.


The group spend the rest of the day relaxing and talking, paying tribute to Hall, who has earned himself the distinction of being the first person to ever leave the game due to a medical emergency.

Removed from camp
No Vote
Hall Amazon Eliminated

Final Words

I came out here to test myself, and this game threw me around like a rag doll at times. I thought I had a shot to get to the end, but my injury just got worse and it took me down, man. I loved every second out here, and I can't help but feel that I didn't see my game to it's proper end. Life is cruel though, and I just hope now that I can keep getting better and then have my say in which of those crazy people win the million.


Still In The Running

Delma Amazon Eliminated
Edweena Amazon Eliminated
Jayla Amazon Eliminated
Jenn Amazon
Karyn Amazon Eliminated
Neasa Amazon
Subira Amazon Eliminated
Veronica Amazon Eliminated
Ceri Amazon Eliminated
Fredrick Amazon
Hall Amazon Eliminated
Isaiah Amazon
Jody Amazon Eliminated
Kennedy Amazon Eliminated
Mayson Amazon
Sheamus Amazon