Luigino Africa Big
Contestant Profile
Age 59 (Africa)
Occupation Chef
Race Italian-American
Tribe(s)      Samburu
     Moto Maji
Placement 3/16
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 9
Day(s) Lasted 38

Luigino is a contestant from Survivor: Africa. Luigino annoyed several of his tribe mates early on with his abrasive personality, being a self described "grumpy old Italian". Despite this, Luigino found himself apart of the majority alliance on Samburu, becoming close with alliance member David. Luigino argued often with Phoebe due to her laziness, and rejoiced when she eventually quit the game. Luigino ended up on the Boran tribe after the swap, alongside David and Ingrid, annoyed at still being in the present of the latter. At the merge, Luigino was apart of the Boran/Samburu alliance, voting out Mary at the first tribal council, with the girls alliance targeting Luigino, perceiving him to be an easy target. Luigino then went along with his alliance as they turned on Boran, voting them out consecutively. At the final five, Luigino became annoyed at David for his close bond with sole remaining Boran member Abbas, leading him to jump ship and partner up with Ingrid, who along with Abbas voted out David's close friend and ally Adela, before turning on David himself. After Abbas won the final immunity challenge, Luigino admitted defeat, but claimed he still wanted to go to the final tribal council, despite knowing he wouldn't win. However, Abbas opted to vote out Luigino, viewing him as the easier one to beat, but less worthy of the runners-up prize than Ingrid. Bitter about his departure, Luigino decided to credit Ingrid at the final tribal council, berating Abbas for his laid back personality, ultimately casting his vote to win for Ingrid.

Survivor: Africa

Voting History

Luigino's Voting History
Episode Luigino's
Voted Against
1 Roland Briallen, Renato, Roland
2 Renato -
3 Samburu Tribe Immune
4 No Vote
5 Boran Tribe Immune
6 Boran Tribe Immune
7 Mary Adela, Mary,
Marsha, Soledad
8 Phillis -
9 Soledad -
10 Don -
11 Marsha -
12 Adela -
13 David David
Ineligible Abbas
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted For
Sole Survivor