"Loyalty Is Finite"
Marquesas Ep 11
Season Survivor: Marquesas
Episode Number 11/13 (050)
First Broadcast December 29, 2016
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Loyalty Is Finite is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 30 (Night)

The final six arrive back in camp just as the rain begins to pour down on the Soliantu camp. The group place their torches down by a tree and head under the shelter, able to get more space in it with so few contenders left in the game.

James left the game tonight and it really lifted the weight off a lot of our shoulders. Whilst James was walking around and strategizing no one could feel safe, especially myself and William. Now that he's gone its left us in a strange position where our group of five is left with only Ibrahim on the outs. Ibrahim cant make the end of this game, but I don't know if it would be better for myself and William to make a move against one of the girls soon. These next few days are going to test whether or not my moves thus far have been the ones to get me to that final tribal council.


Quote1We're lucky we got back when we did... Doesn't look like its gonna let up.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Guys the fire is gone...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Nothing we can do about it now.Quote2- William
Quote1Just got to leave it and tomorrow we'll see if any wood is dry enough to use.Quote2- Ibrahim
Losing James has left me virtually alone in this game. I have no more allies, and if things keep going forward as they have been then I'm the next one on the jury. If I'm to look for an ally in this group the only person I have a close relationship with is Lotus... I suppose people would expect me to side with her from now on... but instead I'm sticking to my plan. Lotus is the biggest threat in this game, and I cant now side with someone who could potentially beat me at the end of this game. Instead I need to find a side with either Daisy and Ash... or Duana and Will... and hopefully one of those pairs will let me ride with them to the end of this thing.


The group try to sleep through the rain, knowing that in the morning they'll need to find dry wood to get a fire going, or they'll be without water.

Day 31

The group spend their morning searching around the camp for any dry wood after the rainstorm throughout the night. Duana and Ibrahim spend an hour searching the woods, but find very little to get a substantial fire going.

Water is our life out here... and without a fire going none of us can drink a thing, and when you're already feelin' weak... not having water just sends you down even further. My hands are shaking, my lips are cracked and dry... I feel like we're in hell today.


Due to the rain damaging the upper layer of the shelter, William and Lotus get to work trying to repair it as best they can.

Quote1You think this'll hold?Quote2- William
Quote1I hope so... Last night I kept getting dripped on. Maybe if we move the cover higher up?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1We may have to... it gives us less cover to the sides, but if it keeps us dry we may as well do it.Quote2- William
Last night the rain came down hard on us, and it managed to dislodge part of our roofing and of course I ended up being the one to get drips on my face. Uh, William and I decided our best bet was moving the raft cover from the side of our shelter onto the top, so it would act as a better tarp than what we had up there already.


Daisy and Ashley head into camp having collected tree mail, letting the other four know that they must get ready to head off to their next reward challenge. The group speculate as to what the reward could be, with most assuming it could be a vehicle or a online chat with their family.

Going out to a reward is always in my opinion more nerve wracking than immunity challenges. Rewards last more than a single night of tribal council... its a morale boost that could give you three days of strength that immunity just cant give you. I'm hoping that today we get some food and cocktails... or maybe a car to show off back home (laughs).


Upon arriving at the reward challenge, the tribe see a large board ahead of them, looking over to Jeff eager to find out what they'll be playing for. Jeff asks the contestants how they've coped with being away from home, evoking sadness from the players when they answer, with Duana particularly upset talking about being separated from her family for so long. Jeff then reveals that the group will be playing to spend time with their love ones, but rather than the contestants themselves playing, their loved ones will be playing in their place. Daisy and Ashley begin screaming, working out that this must mean their loved ones are on site. Jeff then brings the loved ones out one by one, giving them each a chance to quickly greet their partner before standing to the side.

Quote1Lotus... here's your dad Chen.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(crying) ... Daddy!Quote2- Lotus
Quote1(running out towards Lotus, he hugs her and speaks Chinese as they embrace)Quote2- Chen

The pair hug one another and continue speaking in the fathers native dialect, causing the others to break down knowing their loved ones are just metres away.

Quote1Duana... here's your mum Bernice.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1(running towards Duana) ... D!Quote2- Bernice
Quote1Momma... (hugs her mum)Quote2- Duana
Quote1Duana, what is it like to go one month without seeing... even speaking to your mum, and then to have her come out here?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1My mum is honestly my best friend in this world. She's had my back all through life... and I just hope that she can be even prouder seeing me out here.Quote2- Duana
Quote1I am baby. I am.Quote2- Bernice

Bernice heads over to stand by Chen, blowing her daughter several kisses on the way. Ibrahim's dad Louis is the next one brought out, hugging his son before breaking down into tears whilst Ibrahim remains composed, trying not to get too upset. Daisy's mum Verity is the next called out, screaming with joy as she sees her daughter as one of the last six left in the game.

Quote1Ashley, you ready to see your sister Julie? Julie come on out!Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(running out)Quote2- Julie
Quote1(sobbing) Jules...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1(hugging her sister) You did it girl... you did it.Quote2- Julie
Quote1Julie, are you surprised to see that after a month your sister is still out here in this game. Still competing for a million dollars?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I am... I mean I don't want to knock her down but at home we were ready to hear she'd quit in the first week from not having her makeup and appliances... (laughs)... But I'm so proud she made it.Quote2- Julie

William steps forward, knowing his loved one will be the next one out.

Quote1William, I know you're ready for some love...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yes Sir...Quote2- William
Quote1Here's your wife Coretta...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(running out) William! Oh my God William!Quote2- Coretta
Quote1(bursts into tears and falls to his knees)Quote2- William

Coretta falls to her knees beside her husband, kissing him as they crouch together and cry. William continuously says "thank you God" over and over, overwhelmed with emotion after seeing his wife. Coretta joins the other five loved ones, leaving Jeff to explain how the challenge will work, and that the loved one to win will spend the night at the Soliantu camp whilst the others will be sent back home.

Being told that our time with our loved ones was all in their hands really made it so difficult. I mean if we screw up at least we know its on us... it was our fault and we controlled our own destiny. This time we just have to sit and watch... and I don't want my mum to ever feel like she let me down. If I'm losing today I wanted it to be on my watch.


Challenge: Turtle Roll
The loved ones (not the Survivors) would stand around the far edge of a large puzzle, comprised of six-sided individual pieces. One at a time, the competitors would step from one piece to the next. As they stepped off a piece, they had to flip it over, revealing the color green. Taking turns, they would continue moving on to new pieces without the option of stepping back on a green piece. Once a person was trapped, unable to step on an "open" piece, they were out. The last person left on the board would win.
Reward: An overnight stay with loved one at Soliantu beach.
Winner: William

Reward Challenge: Turtle Roll
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Castaway William Marquesas
Ashley Marquesas
Duana Marquesas
Ibrahim Marquesas
Daisy Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas

William jumps with joy after Coretta wins the reward challenge, securing her spot as the individual to spend a night at the Soliantu camp. The others say goodbye to their loved ones, not being given a final hug goodbye. The group then head back to camp with Coretta as their newest member, trying to appear happy for William whilst all feeling somewhat envious.

Having Coretta come back to camp with us was this bittersweet moment because I think all of us were happy for William, and no one was going to act miserable when his wife just got here.


Giving William some alone time with his wife, the other five contestants sit around the shelter, not wanting to intrude on Coretta's tour of the camp. Ibrahim decides to go off alone in order to locate some food for the group, leaving the girls alone in the shelter whilst William walks down the beach with Coretta.

Quote1I cant believe you're here...Quote2- William
Quote1I cant believe I'm here. Baby, I cant believe you're still here... (laughs and kisses her husband)Quote2- Coretta
Bringing my wife out here... Seeing her, being able to kiss her, hold her... It was a blessing. Throughout this game I've always had my relationship with God to give me comfort when I felt alone, and to finally have a time where loneliness was impossible. It's humbling. My wife is my best friend in this whole world, and I love her more than anything else. She's been through a lot in her life, and I know that's why she and I just understand one another. Having her just see how far I made it and to let her know I still have a shot at winning the money for her... (he stumbles on his words, holding back tears) ... I uh, I gotta do this for her y'know.


Quote1So you think you can win this? My husband the jungle man (laughs)Quote2- Coretta
Quote1I hope so. I mean right now its tough... I been struggling this game with my morals, wanting to present myself as a Christian and follow Christ's teachings.Quote2- William
Quote1Oh please... Come on baby you out here to play a game. You're not here to please anyone. I know you're a good man. The whole church knows you're a good man... You need to come out here and win this.Quote2- Coretta
Quote1(laughs) Well at least one of us is ready to be cutthroat.Quote2- William
Quote1Trust me. You good with these people?Quote2- Coretta
Quote1Duana I like a lot. She's who I want to go to the end of this with. Just tough because the other girls are strong players.Quote2- William
Quote1Women always are. Be careful of those white women... You know just because they all bikini bodies and extensions doesn't mean they haven't got anything going on up here (she taps her head)Quote2- Coretta
Quote1No one is underestimating those girls... They're all tuned in. Then there's Ibrahim... He gets to the end then he's won.Quote2- William
Quote1Well then you got to get him out nextQuote2- Coretta
Talking strategy with my wife was a new experience. She's very much like me... We both love our church community, try to live clean lives... But the way we differ is she's ready to go all guns blazing when it comes to this game. At home during past seasons she would scream at the television saying "cut her loose" or "betray him he's gonna win"... (laughs) Whereas I'm out here worrying to vote out people who dont have any loyalty to me.


Quote1It would be the easiest vote. But I've got to think what gets me to that final two... and those girls all being here isn't comforting.Quote2- William
Quote1Well you've been out here since the start... Trust your gut, and keep doing what you're doing. It got you this far... and you know no matter what we're all so proud of you doing this.Quote2- Coretta

After giving his wife a tour of the camp, William and Coretta rejoin the girls, and eventually the group is brought dinner by Ibrahim. Coretta admits that she's shocked how little the group eat, and how they're able to stomach such unsavory meals. Once the group finish talking, they all head to sleep in the shelter, giving Coretta and William extra space so that they may sleep next to one another comfortably.

Day 32

As the sun rises on Day 32, Ibrahim and Lotus sit together boiling some water for the tribe. Eventually both Ashley, Duana and Daisy join the pair, leaving William to sleep in with his wife by his side. The group whisper amongst themselves, giving Daisy and Ashley a chance to discuss their plans for the upcoming vote.

Quote1We need to make sure Lo votes for Ibrahim...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1She will. She knows if he gets any further he can wipe us all out.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1He cant win the challenge tomorrow...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1What if he does?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1We uh, vote Will?Quote2- Ashley
Quote1(nods) Yeah... We've got to get all us girls to the final four.Quote2- Daisy
In three seasons of this game there hasn't yet been a girl to win the game. Every time a girl makes the end of this thing she comes second to the man next to her. You could argue that girls just have a disadvantage out here. I know that after all this time I want to see one of us four girls win the game, and the only way to ensure that is to get two of us sitting at the final tribal council. My ideal outcome would be both myself and Ashley sitting together at the final tribal council... that way I either win a million dollars or finally have a millionaire best friend (laughs)


Back over in the shelter, William watches the sunrise over Coretta's shoulder, knowing that once it has risen a boat will come to take her away from the Soliantu camp.

Quote1Why you gotta leave...?Quote2- William
Quote1You know why. Come on don't get upset... One week. That's all it is. One week and you're out of here.Quote2- Coretta
Quote1One week out here... it feels like an eternity.Quote2- William
Quote1Well be thankful you're playing for a million dollars. Some people live like this and don't even have that to look forward to...Quote2- Coretta
Quote1True... true.Quote2- William

After sitting down to drink her last bit of water before leaving, Coretta wishes the others at camp luck, asking them to "take care" of her husband. She promises to keep them all in her prayers, telling them that she'll pass their love onto their family members who lost the previous days challenge. The group see the boat coming in to collect Coretta, prompting tears to pour from both hers and William's eyes, knowing they must now say their goodbyes to one another.

Quote1I love you... You stay strong ok?Quote2- Coretta
Quote1Mmmhm... (he cries into her shoulder)Quote2- William
Quote1Pray, think of us... Keep strong. One week. That's all it is.Quote2- Coretta

Coretta steps onto the boat, waving goodbye to the tribe as the boat pulls away from the shore. Duana begins crying as she comforts William, feeling touched by the pairs love for one another, reminding her of her family she left behind to play the game.

Although Coretta wasn't any of our family members... It touched all of us when she left, because other than being an amazingly kind lady... it reminded us all of what true love is. The love we have with our boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, parents, siblings... all the people in our lives who we're out here for. I may have not seen my mother today... But I felt her love inside me when Coretta left, and I'm using that love to get me through these last seven days.


Hours later, the group continue working around camp, trying to keep their minds off their loved ones after Coretta left the camp, not wanting to let their emotions get them down. Lotus and Ashley sit on the rocks by the water, collecting small crabs along the edges. Ashley decides to question Lotus on the upcoming vote, wanting to ensure that the girls alliance will remain strong.

Knowing that tomorrow one of us will win a spot in the final five is a huge deal. If that individual is Ibrahim we have a problem, because he's the only person left who has a jury made entirely up of their friends. He'd guarantee himself three votes straight away... and if Lotus is on that jury then Ibrahim is a millionaire.


Quote1Hopefully the challenge isn't something too physical...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1What makes you say that?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Ibrahim... he cant win.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1If he does then... we vote William?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Uh, maybe. I spoke about it earlier with Daisy but like... We want to just make sure Ibrahim goes alright? I mean yes there is a back up but lets not worry about it... Come on, help me take these crabs back...Quote2- Ashley
So uh, I had a really unusual chat with Ashley this afternoon. Ashley said the vote was Ibrahim... which I know. Then she said there was a backup but wouldn't tell me who. I feel its obvious that William is the backup vote, but its how Ashley put it all I'm getting a bit paranoid. I know people keep calling me out as a threat in this game, and I know that eventually the girls will come after me. The fact Daisy and Ash would rather make plans together and keep me out of the loop is a worrying sign that this day is coming soon... and if its coming soon then maybe I need to draw blood first.


Day 33

The final six prepare for their next immunity challenge, knowing it'll have something to do with using a slingshot. The group take turns practicing with the device, all proving to be less than capable on their first few goes. Upon leaving, Ibrahim tries to keep a steady head, knowing that if he loses the challenge his demise will be the most likely outcome.

If I don't win today then you're probably looking at the fourth member of the Marquesas jury. I hate that its come down to my side being picked off one by one, but I don't see this vote going any other way.


Today we need to make sure that Ibrahim doesn't win. Whatever happens Ibrahim cannot win... If he does then we'll have to get Duana to vote for William... But this could prove difficult and for all I know it'll be a three-three split. Ibrahim winning will screw up all our plans.


Challenge: Sands Of Time
Each Survivor recognized their name emblazoned on an hourglass-shaped structure dotted with different shaped tiles. Behind those tiles were piles of sand. At the base of each structure was a small tiki. Using the slingshots, the Survivors had to fire rocks at the tile panels of another tribe member's structure, releasing sand, which would cover the tiki. Once a Survivor's tiki was completely covered with sand, that person would be eliminated from the game. The Survivor whose tiki remained uncovered would win.
Winner: Duana

Immunity Challenge: Sands Of Time
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Castaway Duana Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas
William Marquesas
Ashley Marquesas
Ibrahim Marquesas
Daisy Marquesas

The remaining six return to camp with Duana wearing the individual immunity necklace for the first time in the game, leaving Ibrahim vulnerable at tribal council. Ibrahim walks over to gather his things at the shelter, clearly emotional after losing the challenge. The other five stand by the fire, quickly trying to cement their loyalty to one another without alerting Ibrahim.

Quote1Just to quickly lock it in... Ibrahim?Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Its done.Quote2- William
Quote1He knows it... No reason for this to go any other way.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Yep.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Lotus you're not going to chicken out are you? (laughs) Nah I'm just kidding girl...Quote2- Ashley
Everything went to plan today, and we thankfully got a challenge that gave us the power to take out whoever we wanted. Of course everyone went for Ibrahim straight away, and he was one of the first ones out. Now we can relax and just take things slow before he leaves us...


Several minutes later, Daisy and Ashley head off to bathe by the waterfall, whilst Ibrahim goes down the beach to spend some time alone. Lotus and Duana sit by the fire as William puts his belongings away, giving the three a chance to discuss the vote in further detail.

Quote1... How do you see things going if Ibrahim goes tonight?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1I thought about it earlier... either y'all gang up as a three and take out Will... then they probably get me to vote you, then they try to take me out at the final three.Quote2- Duana
Quote1You feel that way too?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1It feels kind of obvious. I mean they're not voting against each other.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Right... Will come over here quick. I uh, I just want to say... This has nothing to do with me liking Ibrahim as an individual... But I don't think voting him out tonight is wise for any of us three.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Whoa, why?Quote2- William
Quote1C'mon... if he goes tonight then we're forced to turn on each other.Quote2- Lotus
After the way Ashley and Daisy have been speaking I've felt that the time has come for me to make a move, and the only way I can pull this off is if I bring William and Duana over to my side. Realistically Ibrahim could go tonight and then next tribal council the three of us could target Ashley and Daisy without a problem... but for me this isnt practical. If I can show Ibrahim I saved him tonight, he may be inclined to help me out once again... So I need to convince William and Duana that unless one of the girls go tonight, I'll vote one of the two of them out next tribal. That way they feel tonight is the one and only chance of getting themselves to the top four. On top of all this I need to break up those girls so that their new number one ally... is me. (shrugs and laughs)


Quote1Well which of them would you rather vote?Quote2- William
Quote1On a personal level I'm much closer to Daisy...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1As am I.Quote2- Duana
Quote1But from a game point...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1... Daisy is the stronger of the pair.Quote2- William
Quote1Exactly.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Its a toss up between them. But I just don't know if its any smarter than voting Ibrahim... the guy could win the next three challenges and get himself to the end.Quote2- William
Lotus has decided out of nowhere that she wants to take out Ashley or Daisy tonight because she feels as a pair they're too dangerous to be kept together. I completely agree that as a twosome they will not vote each other out, and that's not good for any of us in the group. Knowing Lotus she's got a strategic plan as to why this vote will benefit HER game. As much as I also want to break up the pair... I don't want to make the move to benefit Lotus, but rather to benefit myself. Would doing this mean myself and Duana become the last pair in the game and the same happens to us next tribal?


Lotus goes off to join Daisy and Ashley by the waterfall so as to not arouse suspicion, leaving William and Duana by the fire. Several minutes later, Ibrahim returns to camp and places his packed bag by the torches, giving William and Duana a slight smile as he comes over to join them.

Quote1How you feelin'?Quote2- Duana
Quote1Not great. Not great...Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1You know you're a tough competitor... You know its uh, not a personal thing. Its because you're just so damn good (laughs)Quote2- William
Quote1Doesnt feel like that... I mean if you wanna vote out the biggest threat, then write Lotus' name down...Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1(sighs)Quote2- Duana
Quote1Sigh all you want. You and I both know she's got an easier path then I do to get to the end of this game. The longer she's kept around the better her chances are of reaching that final two... If she gets there then its a done deal.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1But uh, if we vote her it'll only tie it up.Quote2- Duana
Quote1I'll speak with Ash and Daisy. But even if they don't flip... if tiebreakers stick to what we think, she's going home. Then you four can vote me out no problem at final five.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1And if you win immunity?Quote2- William
At this stage of the game everyone likes to tell themselves they're voting out a threat, and its complete trash because each and every one of us is a threat in some way. But the biggest threat to win the game is Lotus, and no one else even wants to think about voting her out. I'll speak with each and every one of them and try to get them to write her name down... but they'll probably just keep in line and vote me out, and in a few days I'll be helping hand my girl a million dollars. If I can just get it to a tie... then I think there's a good chance it'll fall in my favour.


With only a few minutes until the group leaves for tribal council, William and Duana scramble together to discuss their options, having been offered three separate votes by the others in the game. They agree to go forward with the decision that gives them the best chance of going to the final two, and how the vote will effect those left out of it.

William and I feel like tonight we're in the middle of three different plans. We can play it safe and take out Ibrahim, and risk the likelihood of the three girls aligning against us at the next tribal council. We can go with Ibrahim and take out Lotus who everyone keeps congratulating before they're sent to the jury. Or we can break up Ashley and Daisy... I almost feel as though we should just say yes to all three of these votes, and then even after we betray two of the voters... We'd expose their plans publicly and set them up badly for the next tribal council. At this point I'm confident William is safe tonight, and that however I vote will be the decider in who leaves the game.


At tribal council, the final six smile as they see the jury walk in, although most of the jury don't reciprocate their smiles, with only James giving a slight grin to the group three days after his elimination. Ibrahim talks about how he feels at risk, as the past votes would indicate he is the next to leave the game. Jeff asks Ibrahim who he feels the vote should be over him, to which Ibrahim openly paints a target on Lotus, claiming that of everyone left in the game Lotus has the easiest path to the final two that would see her win the game. Duana admits that despite having individual immunity, she doesn't feel she needs it, although she refuses to give it up to anyone else, not wanting to be "too cocky". Lotus speaks of the game undoubtedly needing to be shaken up, but claims she is unsure as to how or when this should occur, as no one wants to make moves alone as it would place you in the minority. Daisy and Ashley's closeness is called into question, but the pair claim they are as close to each other as they are with "Duana and Lotus", leaving William's name out of their answer, much to his amusement. Ashley tries to save her answer by adding "and William" to the end, but it is apparent by the laughter of those around the tribal council area that it is too late. Lotus commences the voting, heading up and seeming sad as she writes down a name. The others head up one by one, with Ibrahim using the final moments of the tribal council to look over at his friends on the jury and giving them a half smile. Jeff returns with the urn, prompting Ibrahim to place his hands on his bag, showing that he expects the five to stick together.

Quote1First vote... Lotus.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(mumbles) At least you put a heart...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Second vote... Ibrahim.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Ibrahim. That's two votes Ibrahim, one vote Lotus.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(sighs)Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Fourth vote... Ashley. That's two votes Ibrahim, one vote Ashley, one vote Lotus.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Ashley. That's two votes Ibrahim, two votes Ashley, one vote Lotus. One vote left...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1... (looks around)Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Last vote... eleventh person voted out of Survivor Marquesas and the fourth member of our jury... Ashley. You'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Ashley is seen gasping, with her mouth hanging wide open, letting out a laugh of anger as she looks at the rest of her tribe. Daisy is seen exclaiming "oh my God" as she tries to comfort her friend, also feeling blindsided by the result. Ibrahim frowns, clearly stunned at the result, looking over at the jury before shrugging. Ashley stands to grab her torch, tutting at Lotus and Duana as she heads over to Jeff. Daisy continues to glare at Lotus, miming "what the f**k?" at her once close ally. The final five stand and head out of the tribal council area, as both Ibrahim and Daisy appear stunned by the result.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Ashley Marquesas
Ashley (3 votes)
Duana MarquesasLotus MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Duana, Lotus & William
Ibrahim Marquesas
Ibrahim (2 votes)
Ashley MarquesasDaisy Marquesas
Ashley & Daisy
Lotus Marquesas
Lotus (1 vote)
Ibrahim Marquesas
Ashley Marquesas Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Sweet guy but you'll win this if you make the end.


Ib, you and I have been on the same tribe. Thank you for saving me at the merge, but I cant repay that beyond tonight...


Ashley... you know I have so much love for you in this game, but we gotta break you and Daisy up. Daisy was the one to pull me in, and me repaying her is what'll save her tonight.


If your name is the last one I write down... then it'll only be fitting if I write it down to win the game too.


I'm sorry to turn on you like this, but we need to break up your pair. If this move doesn't go the way I think it will then I'll be joining you on the jury soon... So the joke will be on me.


As my wife said... you've got to get your hands dirty playing this game... and right now I consider them filthy (slightly laughs)


Final Words

Well, I guess Lotus and Duana are extremely conniving players. I trusted them both a lot that we'd go four girls strong to the end, and tonight they decided to destroy that trust... all to save Ibrahim. Uh, I wish my sister out there Daisy luck because she's gonna need it playing with those two faced individuals. Now I think its time for a shower...


Still In The Running

Ashley Marquesas Eliminated
Daisy Marquesas
Hillary Marquesas Eliminated
Ibrahim Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas
Randy Marquesas Eliminated
Ryan Marquesas Eliminated
Troy Marquesas Eliminated
Alistair Marquesas Eliminated
Duana Marquesas
James Marquesas Eliminated
Martin Marquesas Eliminated
Tish Marquesas Eliminated
Ursula Marquesas Eliminated
William Marquesas
Yuzuki Marquesas Eliminated