"Love Conquers All"
Marquesas Ep 9
Season Survivor: Marquesas
Episode Number 9/13 (048)
First Broadcast December 19, 2016
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Love Conquers All is the ninth episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 24 (Night)

After Ryan became the first member of the jury, the final eight return to camp, all feeling particularly on edge after a tense night. The group stand by the fire as they begin to put their belongings away in silence, waiting for someone to speak up to break the awkwardness.

Quote1... So uh, anyone else feel like an open discussion about tonight? (nervously laughs)Quote2- Lotus
Quote1What is there to discuss?Quote2- Tish
Quote1I don't know... Maybe how that was so split. I mean we'd all like to know what happened.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Well your girl over there lied to us again... So congratulations on winning this thing girls. You got what you wanted... a girl winner.Quote2- Tish
Duana is a straight up snake. She flat out tells William tonight that she's going to vote for Ashley... we don't go with Ibrahim and Ryan because they lied to us before, and it all goes downhill from there. We look like idiots right now.


Quote1Dont try and pass this up on me. Y'all could've voted as a five and one of us would be out of the game.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Yeah, I mean guys how did you not get that right... (slightly laughs)Quote2- Ashley
Quote1(sighs) Because we're idiots...Quote2- William
Quote1Guys I mean what the hell. If this is an open discussion lets keep it open. What was the point in voting Ashley instead?Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1So you did vote me Ib?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Yeah. Honestly I did.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Wow... Ok. At least we're being open about where we all stand.Quote2- Lotus
James, William and Tish... what a joke. I mean these three voted against us because they said they didn't trust me... me. They had nothing to lose last tribal council by voting Lotus, and instead for whatever reason they decide to go after Ashley, and screw it up for all of us. Now Ryan is gone, I'm having to explain myself to Lotus. I dont get openly angry as a person but I could've just slapped some sense into them all.


Quote1Ibrahim how could we vote with you when you lied before!? You was playing both sides and we thought if we couldn't count on you two then at least we could count on the girl who was with us at the start...Quote2- Tish
Quote1The girl who spent more time with her new tribe...Quote2- Duana
Quote1Oh be quiet girl. Save your words. You'll need them when you're cut off at the final four. Or hell maybe you'll be taken to the end just because you aint winnin' nothing.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Tish... just leave it.Quote2- James
Quote1Tish why don't you just calm down... None of you guys have particularly been treating Duana that good since you got back and saw her as nothing more than a vote you all deserved. So lets all just pack it in and end it for tonight...Quote2- Lotus

Lotus takes Duana off to make sure she's ok, and is slowly followed by Ashley and Daisy. Ibrahim looks over at the Rotu three and shakes his head, walking over to the shelter in order to get some sleep. The three sit around the fire, feeling as though they truly may have made a million dollar mistake by trying to play without Ryan and Ibrahim.

Day 25

Ibrahim stands over the fire, having gotten up early in order to pray and tend to the fire. He looks disheartened due to his new found placement in the game, having timed his attempted game changing move badly, costing him trust in his fellow contestants. As the others begin to awaken, Ibrahim gestures for Lotus to come over and speak with him.

Even though this game is individual and I don't feel I owe anyone anything, I did want to make sure I hadn't personally offended Lotus. You can play against someone in this game and still feel some sort of personal loyalty towards them. I want her friendship in and out of this game, but I wont be trying to get it by working alongside her. At this point I want her gone as soon as possible, because if she's stays for too much longer she could easily win this game.


Quote1Hey...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Hey you. Uh, I just want to say if there's any personal offence here... You know I didn't do it to hurt you.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Its just a game thing. I get it. Doesn't make it any less painful though. Honestly Ib I wanted us in this to the end...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1And what I'm suppose to stay somewhere where I'm not treated fairly? You know what you said to me yesterday? I should vote Ryan to make sacrifices as we all gotta do that. What sacrifices you made? Voting Hillary and not telling me? Making decisions without me? Telling me to vote out my only other friend?Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1... I uh...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1You got nothing. You know for me it didn't make sense. I'm gonna be straight with you because you deserve it. I cant work with you girls anymore, and I'm going to go for the biggest threat in your group; you.Quote2- Ibrahim
(wiping tears from her face) I realized that I haven't been the best ally for Ibrahim, and he's not had it easy through this game. I mean he was treated like s**t by the other guys, and then I vote out those who were genuinely nice to him and expect him to stick by me. I've been really foolish... and its lost me a close ally. I'm glad that as a friend we can still be there for each other, but it just hurts knowing someone you care about is going to be writing your name down each chance they get.


Quote1Ok, but we're still friends right?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Right... (he gives her a hug)Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Good because I cant lose my sleeping buddy... (she laughs and cries at the same time)Quote2- Lotus

Out in the woods on their way to collect tree mail, James and William discuss the previous nights events, concerned that they're now waiting to be picked off by the other side.

Quote1Its a joke...Quote2- James
Quote1It is. I had to pray this morning just to keep my mouth shut.Quote2- William
Quote1How did we screw this up so badly? We tried to play it big and now look at this... I'm worried about Tish man. Swear to God she looked like she was going to assault Duana this morning.Quote2- James
Working on a game plan after last nights tribal is going to be difficult. The other side is much more united, and they don't have so many big egos trying to throw in their plans. The difference between them and us is we tried to play too complicated, and now we're paying for it. There's still hope if we can get Ibrahim on side, and then maybe tie things up... but judging on our luck so far I don't see it playing out too well. (sighs)


The pair grab tree mail, heading back to camp in order to read it to the other six contestants. The tree mail informs the group that they will be randomly put into pairs, competing for a chance to have a day trip to Marquesan tribe for a feast. The group head off to the challenge, hoping that a challenge may help bring the group together and to take down any hostility brewing between people.
Challenge: Coconut Juice
The castaways would be split into pairs and would gather coconuts. They would split open the coconuts and let the coconut milk run into a tube to raise a ball. The first pair to raise their ball to the top would win.
Reward: An authentic Marquesan feast.
Winner: Ibrahim & William

Reward Challenge: Coconut Juice
Placement Winning Pair Pairs
Castaway Ibrahim MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Ibrahim, William
Ashley MarquesasJames Marquesas
Ashley, James
Daisy MarquesasLotus Marquesas
Daisy, Lotus
Duana MarquesasTish Marquesas
Duana, Tish

After the challenge, the group return to camp pleased for both Ibrahim and William, who wont leave for their day trip until the following morning. Rather than to dwell on the challenge, William suggests that the group start to get on with their daily chores, not wanting to fall behind after taking the previous day off. William and Tish stay behind to tend to the fire and boil some water, whilst the others go off to complete other chores. After the others leave, Tish continues to talk about the challenge with William, citing her frustration with ending up alongside Duana.

Quote1As long as I saw her as my partner I knew I was screwed... I mean she kept getting in my freakin' way.Quote2- Tish
Quote1It is what it is.Quote2- William
Quote1I cant stand her ass to be honest. Good news is that you can use the reward to make sure Ibrahim votes with us and we can maybe tie this thing up. If that happens is the tiebreaker past votes?Quote2- Tish
Quote1I uh, I think Jeff would say what it is if that happens.Quote2- William
I feel the more this game goes on the more trashy I'm becoming. You know I'm exhausted out here, and to have someone lie to you so blatantly after you install all your trust in them just sets you off. Honestly if Duana had hair I'd be tempted to grab it and throw her down... No, that's mean of me. I just want a nice shower, some food and to see her leave this thing before me. I cant deal with people who get through by playing sly, and that's exactly what she's doing.


Winning today's reward is going to be great for both myself and Ibrahim to bring our spirits up. He and I have this bond in that we're both labeled the religious ones by the others at camp. He's apart of the Islamic faith and of course I'm a Christian... but we have an understanding of each other. I feel the four of us who voted wrongly last tribal all are to blame for some reason, and we need to accept that and move on to find a way to turn things around for ourselves. What annoys me is the attitude Tish is taking. She's making quite personal attacks and threats against Duana, and I just feel that she's showing her character to be someone who is quite... unkind. That's not someone I want to help in this game, but fate has it that I'm stuck for other options.


Day 26

On the morning of Day 26, Ashley and Daisy sit together on the beach watching the sunrise, talking about how they're surprised to have both made it this far in the game. Daisy admits that she initially believed she would be out early, and is impressed that as girls they've managed to become the "biggest threats" in a game usually dominated by men. Over in the shelter, Ibrahim and Lotus lie together as they talk about Ibrahim's upcoming trip.

Quote1It sounds amazing... I'm just jealous you get to leave this place for the day. I'm bored of looking at the same view every morning.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1We're nearly there. Today is what, two thirds of the way through this thing?Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Yeah. F**k. Its going fast now... Just to think these next thirteen days will see most of our games come to an end...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Well, hopefully for me that wont be the case. (slightly laughs)Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Bet we're all thinking that. Have fun today though. It'll be good for you to just get your head out the game for a bit.Quote2- Lotus

After waiting for an hour, the helicopter arrives to collect both Ibrahim and William in order to take them to the mountain summit. The pair say goodbye to the group before departure, both excited to take what will be their first helicopter ride in their lives. The group all wave them off as it flies away from camp, leaving just six individuals to get on with their island chores. Tish looks over at James, not looking forward to a day surrounded by her four in game adversaries.

Quote1Well this'll be fun.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Yeah... maybe we can sort things out. Or at least come up with a plan...Quote2- James
Quote1I swear if anyone starts on me today. God help that person. That's all I'm saying.Quote2- Tish
Having things go as badly as they've been going for my side in this game, you see the cracks appearing in each individual. Tish these past few days has gone from her cheery fun self into this vindictive monster (laughs). I'm mad at Duana. I'm mad at Ibrahim. I cant lie and say I'm not mad at the people who screwed us over, but I just feel you don't help yourself by showing people how angry you really are. The other four girls really don't like Tish at this point, and it wont surprise me if she is their next target simply because they want to vote on personal feelings.


Daisy decides to approach James and Tish whilst the group is together, wanting to try and have a calm day whilst the others are out of camp.

Quote1Do you guys want to go hang out by the pool? We've already got enough wood and stuff... So uh, we were thinking of just hanging out today.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Uh... (looks at Tish) ... Sure.Quote2- James
Quote1I might just lie down for a bit. I'm tired as hell today. You go ahead though.Quote2- Tish

Tish goes back to the shelter, not wanting to socialize with the people against her in the game, leaving James to go off alone with the girls to the waterfall. After the group leaves, Tish sits alone at the camp, looking particularly annoyed at her solitude.

I know there's an element of having fun out here alongside surviving and playing the game. I get it. I just don't understand why James wants to go and chill with those girls when they're going to be voting us off every single tribal council. Its because he's got a thing for Daisy... guys don't think with their heads. He's putting his own wants and needs ahead of the groups, and I'm disappointed in him for doing it. Although, maybe he can somehow convince her to vote off the snakes in the group...


After swimming and lounging by the waterfall, the girls begin to compliment James on keeping his mood positive despite his setbacks in the game, all criticizing Tish on her obvious negativity. James defends Tish, saying that she simply doesn't appreciate being lied to by the others after promises were made, aiming his comment towards Duana. The conversation turns away from gameplay, leaving James and Daisy to continue talking to one another about their personal lives, causing the other girls to assume that the pair are flirting.

James and Daisy... (sighs and laughs)... I think they like each other. Its strange because strategically they cant work together at all, but socially they just click. They're both good looking, and he's a hell of a lot less douchey than Troy. No offence Troy. I wouldn't be surprised if they somehow hooked up, but just not in this game. There is a slight worry in that what if she becomes reluctant to vote for James, and they become a powerful pair. Ashley and Daisy together is a big enough worry, and now there's James and Daisy featuring Ashley? I mean that's not a combination you want to feel tight. On the plus side if they do work together then we can maybe deter James' vote from our group, and somehow get him to concentrate on one of the others... disabling any possibility of a tie.


Quote1James, you aren't hating me right? I just feel that everyone else seems to hate me for playing the game.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Hate you? No. I'm mad and it sucks you lied... But I'm not going to sit around and attack you. It is what it is. Ibrahim lied before too so... I'm getting use to it.Quote2- James
Quote1Well, you could vote Ibrahim next...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Why would I do that?Quote2- James
Quote1Well think about it. He lied to you guys, its hard to know where his loyalties are... He's the kind of person who would snatch this thing if he got to the end.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1And it would save any of you guys from going if there's a tie...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1(laughs) But what would stop you guys from voting one of us, then we've split our votes and one of us goes home anyway. Guys listen... you wanted to relax then lets relax... You want to talk strategy then you need to come up with something better than Ibrahim getting our votes.Quote2- James
What benefits me as a player is that I'm able to generally get on well with people, and I think the girls truly do like me. But they're trying hard to get me to flip my vote to Ibrahim. They make a case in that Ibrahim hasn't proven himself to be trustworthy... but why I'd bother to vote for him over one of the four of them... (shakes head)... There's going to be a tie at this next vote, unless someone is extremely stupid and moves from their side... and we all need to be ready for the tiebreaker.



Ibrahim and William look out the window of the helicopter as it flies over the island, taking them to the mountain summit where they'll begin their day trip to a Marquesan tribe for an authentic feast. The two men laugh and cheer in happiness as they look at the islands from above, clearly taking in the once in a lifetime opportunity.

Flying over those islands, seeing God's creation. It was breathtaking. Truly, truly beautiful.


After leaving the helicopter, the two men head towards awaiting Marquesan tribesmen and their horses, who tell the pair that they will be their guides to the nearby village. Ibrahim is somewhat reluctant to get on his horse, concerned that he's too big to ride on its back.

We had these beautiful horses in front of us with these really friends tribesmen, and they were telling us to get onto one of the horses. At first I was trying to say that I'd be happy walking. I'm six-five, pretty heavy guy... I didn't think it fair to force some horse to carry my big self down the mountain. They assured me though that the horses were use to carrying big loads, so I managed to just firm it and get on.


The tribesmen lead the horses down the mountain towards the village, keeping both William and Ibrahim on their rides. William sings as the horses make their way down, unable to continue with the typical subdued attitude he's expected to show when at camp. Upon arriving at the village, both men are led by two young women towards a cooking pit with different meats inside. As one of the tribesmen blesses the food, both William and Ibrahim are invited to do the same, each carrying out a Christian and Islamic prayer in thanks for the meal they are about to enjoy. The men are able to take what they want from the feast, using their time to speak with different members of the Marquesan tribe. Both are questioned on their different religions, with lots of the tribe interested to learn more about Ibrahim's Islamic faith, being the first Muslim the group have ever met in their lives.

The feast was amazing. The meat and vegetables and fruits ... it was all prepared with such love and care. The sheer basic set up of the feast just made it that much more special, and to share it with these beautifully humble people is undoubtedly one of the greatest moments of my life. What's funny is that lots of these people had never heard of Islam before, and they had a genuine interest in finding out more. To meet people who didn't have this fear when hearing I was a Muslim, and instead to show interest in learning more about it... It just confirmed to me that people aren't bigots... it just so happens that the media helps to turn people into them. We're all created loving and caring by Allah... and sadly there's a lot on this Earth that will corrupt that inherent love within us all. Telling them about my religion wasn't me enacting Da'wah or anything (laughs)... I don't need to convert anyone to Islam so they can learn how to live a life full of love and kindness... because these people showed that without even uttering the word God to us. All in all its been a real eye opening experience today, and if today is the one thing I'll take away from this experience... I'm leaving a bigger and better man.


After the meal, the two men continue to socialize with the indigenous Marquesans, intrigued to hear more about their day to day lives. Despite the language barrier, the group appear to be acting in good faith, smiling and laughing with one another throughout the evening. As the day draws to a close, the two men are escorted out of the village and back to the helicopter in order to be flown back to the Soliantu camp. The men ensure that they sneak some food into one of Ibrahim's clean socks, taking it back on the journey with them so that they may supply it to the other six Soliantu members. When arriving, the pair are welcomed back by all their tribe mates, eager to hear what the two got up to during the reward. Before telling the long story of their day, Ibrahim supplies the group with the food they managed to bring back with them, much to everyone's delight. They spend the rest of the evening enjoying the story of the pairs adventure, as well as quickly eating the meats brought back with them.

Being able to feed the others and share the tale of our day was just amazing. Something about being able to feed others brings me such joy, and sharing the knowledge of the Marquesan people is the least we could do for their hospitality. The other side to all of this is that apart from doing the Christian thing and sharing some of our reward, we may buy some favour with the girls back at camp. That way when it comes to voting at the next tribal council, they may think to themselves "Who brought us food?"... Its a shame for James and Tish, but I need to do whatever I can to keep my name off the ballots.


Day 27

The final eight get ready for their next individual immunity challenge, feeling as though the four-four split in the tribe means that any of them could go home at the next tribal council, leaving everyone desperate to win immunity for themselves.

If this vote tonight goes how I'm expecting then it'll be my name coming up. The girls all show that they don't like me, and I know they want me gone as soon as possible. I'm a threat to them. If I don't win the necklace today then I know I'm going to be in whatever the tiebreaker is.


I know Tish wants me gone, and I know if she tries hard enough she can get the others to write my name down. I've never gone into a challenge feeling so confident that if I don't win I could be going home... but today that's changed. There's going to be a lot of worried people going into this challenge... and I gotta just hope that I'll be the one to pull through.


Challenge: High Stepping
Contestants would face off rounds. While on stilts and would try to keep their balance. The first contestant to fall would be out, and the other contestant would move on to next round. This would continue until the final round. In this round, the last contestant to fall would win.
Winner: Lotus

Immunity Challenge: High Stepping
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 5th
Castaway Lotus Marquesas
Duana Marquesas
Ashley MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Ashley, William
Daisy MarquesasIbrahim MarquesasJames MarquesasTish Marquesas
Daisy, Ibrahim, James, Tish
Round Breakdown
Round Winner Loser
Round 1 Lotus Marquesas
Ibrahim Marquesas
Ashley Marquesas
Daisy Marquesas
Duana Marquesas
James Marquesas
William Marquesas
Tish Marquesas
Round 2 Duana Marquesas
Ashley Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas
William Marquesas
Round 3 Lotus Marquesas
Duana Marquesas

The group return to camp, congratulating on Lotus for securing individual immunity and a spot in the final seven.

Wearing my jewelry... (laughs). I'm over the moon to have won another individual immunity and to ensure that it wont be me tonight. I am concerned that maybe I'll make myself look too threatening in this game if I keep winning, but I'd rather do that and be safe then keep losing and float my way through.


Without needing to sneak away discretely, the two groups of four split up at camp, each going to decide on their target for the evenings vote. The Rotu three and Ibrahim get together in the jungle, talking back and forth as to who they want to target, knowing they cant doubt each others loyalty if they want to survive the vote.

Quote1You guys know I'm with you tonight. One hundred per cent. Lets not repeat what happened last tribal council and screw this up because if we fail tonight then... We're a laughing stock.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Exactly, we haven't got time to doubt each other. I'll be honest I wanted to vote Lotus but it doesn't look like that's happening...Quote2- James
Quote1Lets just vote that snake out the game.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Daisy is the other head... I mean if we cant vote Lotus lets just go for the next best thing.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1I think Daisy is the best choice.Quote2- William
Quote1Nah, c'mon you guys. Y'all know Duana is just going to cause us paranoia the longer she's here.Quote2- Tish
Quote1I agree. I mean Duana has this big underdog story. If there's a tie... if the tiebreaker is to answer questions on this place. We saw yesterday Daisy was good at that stuff, she won the challenge. I'd much rather go against Duana in a tiebreaker.Quote2- James
Duana didn't win immunity... Thank God. We've got to push for her to get the hell out of this game tonight. The longer she's around the longer we have William sure he's able to pull her back to us, and she'll keep spreading her lies to just destroy any chances my alliance has of making the end game.


Quote1What if its on past votes? Daisy has four.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1How many does Duana have? She didn't get any back on Rotu I don't think. She got one from Randy at the first merge tribal council.Quote2- Tish
Quote1She has four. She got three off me, Hillary and Ryan after the swap.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Right, so she's the best choice. She's got more votes then all of us... she's less likely to win at trivia... Lets just vote Duana and make sure we come out on top today. They're screwed at this point... None of us have more than one vote. We've got this.Quote2- James
After two botched rounds of voting and seemingly handing this game over to the girls, we've finally pulled ourselves together to find a plan that guarantees the four of us can survive tonight. Duana is the only sane vote any of us can make tonight, and if we can take it to a tie then she's going home. This time tomorrow James, Tish, William and myself will finally taste complete control in this game.


Quote1So we're all good with Duana right? Lock it down now?Quote2- Tish
Quote1I'm good.Quote2- James
Quote1Yep. Don't be worried if you see me talking to any of those girls... They'll probably try and pull me over. I'm willing to swear on everything I love right now I'm with you guys.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Don't even feel the need to swear. This is all we've got to do and I know we all see it. Will?Quote2- Tish
Quote1Huh? Uh, yeah. You know I would rather vote Daisy but if its Duana then... we write her name down.Quote2- William

Back on the beach, the girls sit and discuss who they want to vote. The unanimous decision is quickly arrived at that Tish will be their vote, with all the girls stating they'd rather keep the three boys in order to have a harmonious tribe. They also suggest that by voting out Tish, they'll have a better chance of getting the boys to turn on one another. As the other four arrive back at camp, people begin to have individual conversations. James and Daisy stand by the shelter to speak with one another, packing their bags so as to not arouse suspicion.

Quote1So uh, is it gonna be me tonight? I just want to know how badly I need to pack.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Honestly? Don't worry about packing. Some of the others wanted to write down your name but... I helped push for Duana.Quote2- James
Quote1Why?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Because I like you and would rather you stuck around. Plus I owe you for the other night...Quote2- James
Quote1Well, you'll be glad to know no one even pushed for you. Tish's attitude hasn't exactly helped her.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1You know you guys would all be better off voting for Duana tonight.Quote2- James
Quote1Why's that?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1The way the tiebreaker will go... she cant beat anyone. On past votes she has the most... If you guys vote her out and make it a clean unanimous vote, I can almost guarantee you'll be helping your own games.Quote2- James
Daisy and I do get on, and I want the two of us to be around for a few more rounds in this game. If for whatever reason I need to turn on William or Ibrahim in a few votes time, I'll have a much better time doing it if Daisy is around, because I know she'd side with me over them. I told her tonight that Duana really has little to no hope or survival, and I know it registered with her that if she doesn't switch sides and be apart of this vote... that she'll have no argument to save herself once she's in the minority. I'm not too worried if she does or doesn't heed my advice... but as I said, I'd much rather she did take it into account.


Going against the advice of his tribe mates, William joins Duana on the edge of the beach, looking out at the sunset as they talk together.

Quote1I uh, I know you guys are probably writing my name down tonight...Quote2- Duana
Quote1Well, you know I don't want to. But you've left us with no choice...Quote2- William
Quote1Of course you have a choice William. You know it in your heart that the group you're in now is miserable.. I can see it on your face that you're just sapped of energy from being around them. I mean Tish... the most negative person out here. I'm voting her tonight and the girls are too. If you'd rather keep someone like that over me then fine... But don't tell me our friendship meant a lot to you if you cant even hear me out.Quote2- Duana
Quote1What am I doing now? I'm listening. You know I cant help you. All I can say is... if you promise tonight that you'll vote for Daisy then I can do my best to get the others to change their votes.Quote2- William
Quote1(laughs) ... There's no guarantee there. Why would I just turn my vote to play with someone who is trying to verbally attack me? Tonight either she goes or I go... and I'm happy that no matter what I don't have to spend my time around her.Quote2- Duana
Trying to get through to William is one of the most painful things I have to do out here. He's someone who I love so dearly and I know he does care about me. The fact is that I cant join his side because the others in his group want me gone, and they'll want me gone until I or they are out of this game. On the other hand William can join my side, get away from the negative attitudes of those he plays with... be in a group where we can get to the final six or five, and then work together to get to the end of this game. I'm going to keep fighting for his vote, even though I'm not so sure there's much hope left.


Quote1(sighs) ... Remember how simple this game was back on Rotu?Quote2- William
Quote1No (laughs) ... I remember being sick. But I know what you mean, things were just... nicer.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Talking about our lives, our family. I just want to go back to that.Quote2- William
Quote1I never felt I could do that. Talk about my life I mean... being open out here isn't the easiest thing for someone like me.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Someone like you?Quote2- William
Quote1Well I'm uh... I'm gay. I never said anything because its that whole worry about how y'all would react. I... I didn't want to lose you guys as friends... and what hurts is that happened anyway.. (she tears up)... I lost people all through my life for just being who I am, and I didn't want it to happen out here.Quote2- Duana

William puts his arms around Duana, hugging her tightly as she cries into his chest. He tells her that she shouldn't have ever felt she couldn't have been open with him, and that despite his strong Christian faith he choses not to judge people for simply loving someone other than the opposite gender.

Quote1I may not fully understand it... and if I don't understand it how can I make a judgment? I know love when I see love... and you show so much love, so much heart. So you tell any people who judge you if they know what love is, and if they say yes you tell them they're a liar. "Above all, love each other deeply..."Quote2- William
Quote1... "Because love covers over a multitude of sins"... (laughs and wipes her tears)Quote2- Duana
Quote1Exactly... (he kisses the top of her head)Quote2- William
Quote1I'm sorry I lied. I am. But you just vote how you feel tonight. If I go then I go, but I know I tried to play this game for what was right for me, and I think if you did the same you wouldn't be playing this game for James and Tish.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Even if I try to help you... I just feel that its so far gone there's nothing I can do.Quote2- William
Quote1Its fine... (sighs)... Just make sure you pray for me before we go... (laughs)Quote2- Duana
(He goes to speak, but quickly breaks down in tears, removing his glasses and covering his eyes) ... I... I feel this game is just too much for me. I try to play it selfishly, I try to play it morally... No matter what I do I'm criticized and told that what I've done is wrong. Duana is the one person left who I just have so much love for, and knowing that if I write her name down tonight she'll probably go home... it kills me. But when the alternative is to condemn one of my own side to elimination. (shakes his head) I want to win this game, and I want to keep my friends and allies safe. Tonight I cant do those things... and in some ways I'd rather be the one to go off to the jury.


The group head off to tribal council, sitting down in their two groups of four. Ibrahim smiles as Ryan walks in, winking to his friend who is now apart of the jury. Jeff asks the group how the last vote changed the game, causing a very emotional Tish to speak up about the "lies" spread by Duana, attacking her for her gameplay and betrayal of the original Rotu members. Duana defends herself by pointing out that she and the others had a majority of the votes, but failed to unite it, and have no one to blame but themselves. Jeff questions the group on a lighter topic, quizzing the final eight on their personal relationships with each other. Lots of the group point out the flirting going on between James and Daisy, but the pair deny liking one another, simply saying they get on as friends. For once, the group openly talk about the vote being a four-four split, and that much of the strategy has come down to who can win a tiebreaker. Ibrahim, James and Tish admit to feeling somewhat confident about the vote, suggesting a tiebreaker will work in their favour. Duana and Daisy confirm that they both feel at risk, with Tish intervening in their speeches by telling Duana she should "pray for trivia", hinting that if the tiebreaker is on past votes that one of the girls' alliance will be going home. During the vote, only William appears hesitant, standing for several moments over the ballot, wiping tears from his face as he places it in the urn. He sits down next to James, who reassures him by placing his hand on William's shoulder, knowing it would be hard for him to vote out Duana. Jeff collects the urn, giving Daisy and Duana a final moment to wish one another luck.

Quote1First vote... Tish.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Tish. That's two votes Tish.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Tish. That's three votes Tish.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Mmmhm...Quote2- Tish
Quote1Fourth vote.. Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Duana. That's three votes Tish, two votes Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sixth vote... Duana. That's three votes Duana, three votes Tish.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Seventh vote... Tish. That's four votes Tish, three votes Duana. One vote left...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Last vote... ninth person voted out of Survivor Marquesas and the second member of our jury... Tish. You'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Everyone's mouths drop in astonishment, looking at the Rotu three and Ibrahim for a clue as to which of them flipped their votes. Tish turns violently, glaring towards the three men in her alliance.

Quote1Who did it? Ib? (she stands to grab her torch)Quote2- Tish
Quote1(shaking his head)Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1(sighs and looks down)Quote2- William
Quote1... Wow... Will.Quote2- James

James stands and hugs Tish goodbye, both in shock that after twenty seven days William flipped to vote one of them out the game. Duana silently cries in shock, grateful that her relationship with William is what saved her. Lotus and Ashley look at each other in disbelief, trying to contain their excitement at miraculously surviving another tribal council. Tish takes her torch over to Jeff, wishing James luck as she leaves the tribal council area. Before the group depart, William continues to keep his head down, trying not to turn and acknowledge the glares both James and Ibrahim are burning into the back of his head.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Tish Marquesas
Tish (5 votes)
Ashley MarquesasDaisy MarquesasDuana Marquesas
Lotus MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Ashley, Daisy, Duana, Lotus & William
Duana Marquesas
Duana (3 votes)
James MarquesasIbrahim MarquesasTish Marquesas
James, Ibrahim & Tish
Tish Marquesas Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Awful attitude...


James said its not me tonight, I can only hope that if there is a tie that you're the one who goes from it.


At one point in this game I thought you were my friend, but it became clear to me that you only befriend people so you can use then. Now you know I'm not here to play for you... you want to just attack me at every opportunity. You said pray for trivia, maybe you should pray for some kindness to enter your heart.


You've had a rough ride getting here, but you proved you're one of the more threatening players on the other side.


Considering you could've gone home day three for being sick, count yourself making it this far as a positive. Sorry D... you played hard.


This isn't a hard vote. You shut yourself away, make rude remarks about Duana... if there's any justice you'll go tonight... but I think we all know there's no justice in the game of Survivor.


As a child I always had a fear of snakes. Same thing follows me into adulthood, and I refuse to sleep in a camp whilst there's a snake infestation. Bye boo.


(holds back tears as he writes down Tish) ... This uh, this wasn't an easy decision. But I'm going to follow my heart... and I'm trying to find my way in this game. If this doesn't get me to the end of the game, then I will personally apologize for this move.


Final Words

Well I mean... what the heck happened. Haha. I'm shocked. I am just so speechless over this. William turned. The guy who preached honesty and integrity is the one who screwed us all big time. No wonder Duana and William got on so well... they're both liars, and they both showed their true colors. My homeboy James, go and win this thing. Tish is gonna go get her hair done and eat some comfort food... get rid of this evil Tish that's been sneakin' her way out these last few days (laughs)


Still In The Running

Ashley Marquesas
Daisy Marquesas
Hillary Marquesas Eliminated
Ibrahim Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas
Randy Marquesas Eliminated
Ryan Marquesas Eliminated
Troy Marquesas Eliminated
Alistair Marquesas Eliminated
Duana Marquesas
James Marquesas
Martin Marquesas Eliminated
Tish Marquesas Eliminated
Ursula Marquesas Eliminated
William Marquesas
Yuzuki Marquesas Eliminated