"Ladies Night"
Marquesas Ep 13
Season Survivor: Marquesas
Episode Number 13/13 (052)
First Broadcast January 9, 2017
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Ladies Night is the season finale of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 36 (Night)

The remaining four return to the almost empty Soliantu camp having just earned themselves the opportunity to play in the final few days of the game. William takes the girls belongings and puts them away, letting the girls warm themselves by the fire.

Quote1Final four guys... Who'd have thought right?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Its crazy. You know startin' this thing out sick and now sitting here thinkin' that one of us is gonna win. Mad... mad.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Only two days away from knowing who will be sitting in that final two.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1I know... I wonder which of you guys will be there next to me (they all laugh)Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Well its gotta be a girl...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Oh great... (laughs)Quote2- William
Quote1I'm joking William, its me and you until the end.Quote2- Daisy
Being the only guy left at camp isn't something that worries me. I mean I did choose to align with an alliance full of girls, so I can't complain about being in this position. My only concern is that there is this rhetoric that keeps repeating of a girl needing to win... and it does make me wonder if they'll just vote me out next to guarantee this achievement for themselves.


Quote1In terms of the vote tonight... I get it. I just want to say I hope you guys don't take it personally.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Oh girl, you know I wont. Its a game and we know it. We're good. I was a little shocked though, y'know when you said you was voting me I nearly cried because I hadn't even packed all my stuff... thought it would be unanimous against Ib.Quote2- Duana
Quote1For me it was just about knowing you and William would hold half the votes now... and I guess you do. Maybe its two against two.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Maybe... I don't think anything here is set in stone but we'll see.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Let the best person win...Quote2- William
Voting to keep both William and Duana here was a calculated risk I was willing to take. When it came down to which name I was writing down I just felt that Ibrahim was too big of a threat to be left in the game any longer. Its evened up the playing field a little more, and now I'm in position where I could force a tie against William or Duana, or stick with them and point out Lotus as being the next biggest threat. There's only 48 hours between now and finding out which of us is going all the way, and that's more than enough time to carry out my final moves that will hopefully make me the Queen of Marquesas.


Day 37

As the sun rises on the Soliantu tribe, the final four head down to prepare their morning meal of fried taro, with the girls ensuring that William keeps getting fluids and nutrients after his recent health scare.

Quote1Got to make sure you drink today Will... Don't want you going down again.Quote2- Duana
Quote1I'm sure y'all wouldn't mind me leaving this on a stretcher (laughs)... It'll get you to the final three.Quote2- William
Quote1Don't say that!Quote2- Lotus
Quote1I'm kidding. I know you girls wouldn't want that. No one gonna drag me out of here, not after how hard we've all worked for this.Quote2- William
All through my life I've felt a strong connection to my loved ones, and having such amazing inspirations to lead me to Christ just propels me through any struggles I may have faced. In this game I've had some real lows, and I struggled to come to terms with how I needed to deceive and break my word with some individuals to advance... (he begins to tear up) ... You know growing up as a black man in America wasn't easy for me. I've faced judgement from people just for how I look, and even though I know we have seen progress... its always in the back of my mind that people will look at me and just think I'm an 'unworthy negro'. Coming out here I had that worry... I thought that maybe people might just take that one look at me and throw me to one side. Instead I found such amazing people... and the bonds we've made in thirty-seven days are so strong that it would be a huge shame to see that not last outside the game.


After eating, the final four walk together to collect tree mail in order to find out what their next individual immunity challenge will entail. Daisy reads the instructions out loud, which imply that the four of them will be answering questions on their fallen competitors in the game, testing how well they paid attention to the details of those around them.

Seeing that tonight the questions are going to be on everyone else who is out of the game worries me. I mean, I do listen to people... and I can tell you basic things about most of them. But I just feel as though with certain people I maybe didn't pay as much attention as I could? If anyone is going to get this tonight I think it'll be William or Lotus... they're both really perceptive and just like... seemed to spend the most time with those sitting on the jury.


William and Duana sit together going through details, happy to help one another on anything they remember about the others out of the game. They both admit to feeling confident that they can win the challenge, feeling as though their biggest competition will be Lotus.

Quote1If we can keep one of them from winning immunity then maybe rather than going to a tie they'll just vote with us and take their chances?Quote2- William
Quote1I think so. Between them I don't know who we could flip easier...Quote2- Duana
Quote1I'd rather take Daisy forward if I'm being honest. Lotus in the final challenge is a scary enough thought...Quote2- William
Quote1That's what I'm thinking. Lotus beats any of us at the end...Quote2- Duana
Between the four of us I think tonight will be quite a close competition. I feel as though Lotus, William and myself have the edge, but I wouldn't be surprised if Daisy won either. For strategic reasons I want both Daisy and Lotus vulnerable tonight... because I think if they feel they're both in danger they're more likely to just side with William and I in order to save their own asses. If not then we're going to a tie... and I don't want thirty-seven days out here to come down to trivia.


Over in the shallow water, Daisy lies relaxed facing up at the sun with her eyes closed, giving everyone the impression that she's feeling confident for the challenge.

(lying in the water) I just feel worrying about it is pointless at this stage. None of us know what the questions will be, and I could sit around stacking my mind full of information that I wont even need. If I don't know bits of information now then there's no point in trying to learn it... this challenge is something we should've been prepping for the last thirty-seven days.


Lotus sits alone by the shelter, mumbling information on the others to herself in hope that she remembers key points about the others in the game. She looks up at the others, noticing the clear three way divide in the group.

This challenge is so-so-so important. It's happening at tribal council in front of the jury, and the questions are going to be on those people. They already feel betrayed by us all... and to perform badly and show them that you didn't even take an ounce of care into their private lives would be salt in the wound. I need to win tonight to save myself from what I think could be my likely elimination, and because I need to show certain jury members that conversations I had about them were important enough for me to remember.


After several hours of revising, the final four grab their belongings and torches, heading off to tribal council, knowing that for one of them this will be their final time seeing the Soliantu camp. Upon reaching tribal council, the group watch as the jury take their seats, with most eyes on cleanly shaven newest juror Ibrahim, who smiles at the final four. Jeff tells the final four that they will be answering questions on other players in the season who they all spent time with (meaning Yuzuki, Alistair, Ursula and Hillary are excluded), as well as particular moments in the season, and that the first contestant to score ten points will win themselves a spot in the final three. The group wish each other luck, picking up their notepads in order to get ready for the first question.

Quote1First question... What was the first challenge that Maraamu lost after the swap, and for an extra point who did they vote out? Reveal... The answer was the tapestry puzzle, with the voted off player being Hillary. Everyone got Hillary right, but only Lotus and Duana got the challenge right. Lotus and Duana both have two, Daisy and William have one.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second question... who wore a Gemini necklace whilst out on the island?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Gemini as in the star sign?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Yes... Ok reveal. Daisy, Lotus and Duana say Tish, William says Troy. I can reveal the right answer was Tish. Duana and Lotus on three, Daisy on two... William still on one.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third question... what excuse did James give people for being away from home whilst he was taking part in the game? Reveal. Daisy says writing music... William says finding inspiration to write songs... Duana says making music... Lotus says taking a holiday. I can reveal the music answers are correct. Duana on four, Daisy on three, Lotus on three, William on two.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Question four... who as their first job worked as a fast food employee? Reveal. Everyone says Troy, everyone scores a point.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Halfway to winning the challenge, Duana wipes some sweat off her forehead, feeling the pressure as the scores stay so tight between the four of them.

Quote1Fifth question... for two points what were the names of Randy's pet cats? One point per name.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(laughing as he writes)Quote2- William
Quote1Reveal. Daisy says Garfield and Fluffy. William says Ulysses and Garfield. Lotus says Ulysses and Gary. Duana writes nothing. I can reveal the cats are called Ulysses and Garfield. Everybody tied on five.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sixth question... what branch of Islam is Ibrahim apart of? Reveal. Lotus and William say "Sunni", Duana once again writes nothing... Daisy writes "Sunny", which I will accept despite the spelling mistake. Lotus, William and Daisy on six, Duana on five.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Question seven... what is the name of Ashley's boyfriend? Reveal. Everybody says Tom, everybody scores.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Next question... what was Martin's luxury item? What did Martin bring with him to the Marquesas. Reveal. Duana, Daisy and William all say brush... Lotus says photos... the correct answer is a brush for his mustache. Daisy and William on eight, Duana and Lotus just behind on seven.Quote2- Jeff Probst

For the next question Jeff hands out a photo of two young girls, asking the group who's nieces they are. Daisy and Lotus both quickly write down an answer, whilst Duana and William remain hesitant. The three girls guess correctly with Ashley, whilst William guesses Troy.

Quote1After that Daisy is in the lead with nine points, whilst the rest of you are just behind on eight. That means if Daisy answers this next question correctly, she wins immunity. Next question... true or false, before competing on Survivor, Ryan had never left his home state of Michigan? Reveal. Daisy and Lotus say true, Duana and William say false. I can reveal the answer is ... true. Before leaving for the Marquesas Ryan had never gone further than the borders of Michigan. Daisy wins immunity!Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1(clapping her hands in excitement)Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Good job girl...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Great work Daisy...Quote2- William

Challenge: Fallen Comrades
Jeff would ask the contestants questions about the eliminated contestants and about events that had occurred earlier in the season. The first contestant to get ten questions right wins Immunity.
Winner: Daisy

Immunity Challenge: Fallen Comrades
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway Daisy Marquesas
Duana MarquesasLotus MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Duana, Lotus, William

Having won immunity, Jeff walks over and places the necklace around an extremely overjoyed Daisy, whilst the others three sit awkwardly as they await to hear how the vote will be going, with Daisy once again holding much of the power. Daisy admits that she felt she needed to win immunity over Lotus, as not doing so would guarantee both Duana and William voting her way. Lotus interjects by pointing out she is now the one in that situation, asking Daisy to vote with her against William. Lotus tells both Duana and Daisy that it is typical for men to win at the final tribal council, and due to William being a good orator and someone who worked his way out of the minority he will win against either of them at the final tribal council. William defends himself by stating he is disliked by most of the jury for his decisions, and that he back stabbed more of them than Lotus did. Daisy asks Jeff if they are allowed to talk privately, but he refuses her the opportunity, expressing that whilst in front of the jury all talks have to be public. Daisy looks at Duana, getting little to no guidance as to how she should vote between Lotus and William. Lotus turns to Daisy, promising her that if she sends the vote to a tie she would take her to the final two, going as far to say that if Daisy wins the final immunity challenge she would have her permission to vote her out, but that first they must guarantee that a girl is winning the game. Daisy tells Jeff that she has made up her mind, and is the first to go up and vote, leaving Lotus to give William a small hug as they wish one another luck.

As it was said tonight, you're a threat. I think you beat any of us at the end...


(writes Lotus, placing a heart next to the name)


William, hopefully you go tonight so we don't ruin our chances of finally having a girl win this game (laughs). No hard feelings.


Lotus, you're a lovely person with a beautiful soul. Its you or me... God bless.


Quote1Once the votes are read the decision is final, person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Here we go...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1First vote... Lotus.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Lotus. That's two votes Lotus.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... William. That's two votes Lotus, one vote William. One vote left.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Last vote... thirteenth person voted out of Survivor Marquesas and the sixth member of our jury... Lotus. You'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

A teary Lotus nods and stands, waving goodbye to the final three as she takes her torch over to Jeff, laughing as the wipes the tears from her face. Several members of the jury are seen shaking their heads in disappointment as her torch is snuffed, particularly Ibrahim. The final three nod to one another in congratulations as they realize they will be competing in the last of the challenges, hoping that they will be the one to earn their spot in the final two to face the almost complete jury.

Tribal Council 13:
Lotus Marquesas
Lotus (3 votes)
Daisy MarquesasDuana MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Daisy, Duana & William
William Marquesas
William (1 vote)
Lotus Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas Eliminated

Two days short. That'll sting for a while. I think had I got to the final two I'd have had a great shot to win it all, no matter which of them I was sat against. Oh well, I guess I should take this as a compliment. I won't hold any bitter feelings, I knew had I not kept winning this would eventually happen. Experience of a lifetime...


Day 38

The final three sleep in the shelter when they are suddenly awoken by Jeff in the early hours of Day 38.

Quote1Morning guys, time to get up. Its day thirty-eight and you've got a long day ahead of you all.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Oh my God Jeff... what time is it?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Its early. Very early. Quote2- Jeff Probst
Jeff turning up in the pitch black disturbing our sleeps was such a fright. I was having a nice dream then suddenly I'm woken up and see this man standing over me. We only saw Lotus leave a few hours ago and now its suddenly time to get going again... this really is the end for all of us.


Jeff informs the remaining tribe members that they will assemble a canoe together before taking it over to a beach, where as a group they must undergo a native tradition by tattooing themselves before paying tribute to those that fell before them in the game. This will lead them to their final immunity challenge, in which one of them will earn themselves a spot in the final two, as well as having the right to pick who joins them to face the jury. The girls and William assemble the canoe, eventually paddling out as the sun rises over the Soliantu camp.

Never has it felt so daunting going away from the camp for something that wasn't a challenge. I think its because we're undertaking so much today. Paying tribute to this amazing place that has housed us for thirty-eight days, looking back at those we may have deceived throughout the game... and then finally facing the last challenge that will really determine which of us leaves this game a millionaire.


As the group paint on their tattoos, they speak of the individual meaning behind each of their unique patterns, with all three paying tribute to the other contestants in the game. William decides to incorporate his faith in Christ on the tattoos, trying to show how his beliefs outside the game have clashed with those inside, causing a lot of personal battles for him throughout the journey. Duana decides to paint two female gender signs overlapping one another, deciding to let her sexuality be something to remain proud of, knowing that something she's battled with throughout her life should no longer be hidden. Daisy keeps her tattooing simple, trying to do Marquesan patterns across her to show that she feels close to the land, as well as wanting to respect the history of the place that she's been calling home for over a month.

Sitting alongside William and Duana is really tough right now because I know their goal is to go to the end together, and even though this is really a bonding session for the three of us it isn't a process that can help save me. I don't need to be concerned anymore about making alliances or playing a social game... this game is now one hundred percent physical for me, and all I can do is prepare myself mentally for whatever the final challenge will be.


Once finishing their tattooing, the three head across the Marquesan landscape, passing the torches of each member voted out of the game, starting with Yuzuki and ending with Lotus, they become emotional upon seeing the names of their friends and adversaries from the past, letting it sink in how far the three of them have truly come. After finishing the hike, the final three find themselves at the purification site, where they must cover themselves in a mixture of oils and ginger. William says a prayer over the oil as the three stand circled around it, before they pour it over their heads and smother it over their skin.

The purification oil just smelt so damn good. I mean after having all sorts of nasty smells up your nose for forty days... it could've been a bowl of anything for all I knew. The fact was it just smelt so good and I had to get it all over me... not just for the spiritual motives behind it... but because I wanted to smell beautiful once again (laughs)


To have the final three made up of a preacher... a dancer... and a training lawyer... Its such a bizarre combination, but it just goes to show how your background coming into Survivor doesn't count for a thing. Its about who you are as a person and how you play. No one would've expected us to be the final three at the start of this thing. We're not the biggest people or the athletes... but we did it, and I think this should be a message to anyone out there in life who feels they can't do something. Surprise yourself. I sure did... I think I've surprised everyone by getting this far.


Quote1Well we look pretty native now...Quote2- William
Quote1Duana and I are gonna put flowers in our hair. Do you want one Will?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1(laughs) Go on then... I'll put it in my top pocket.Quote2- William
Quote1Don't we look so pretty? Maybe we can get dates once again. Apart from Will... you can drive us to the dates (laughs)Quote2- Duana
Every aspect of the game is about lasting just one more day. Each time you make a decision its to get forward further and further... the problem is unless you win the final immunity challenge your ability to make decisions is gone, and everything you did falls into the hands of someone else. They can look at how you played and think 'yeah I can beat this person'... Or maybe they'll feel 'I haven't got a chance against them'. For me I feel no matter how I've played that William and Duana will both vote for me if they win, so the odds are really stacked against me... I don't even know if I'd win against either of them. I think Duana would have a better shot against me but... that doesn't matter to her anymore it seems. I'm playing for myself today, whilst they're playing for each other.


After a long day, the trio arrive at their final immunity challenge; 'hand on hard idol'. The last individual left with their hand touching the idol and both feet on narrow stumps will win immunity and hold the power to vote the final member out of the game. All three take their positions, staying quiet for most of the challenge, not wanting to lose concentration.

Quote1... It's been one hour guys. One hour gone. How are you all feeling?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Great Jeff.Quote2- Duana
Quote1I'm... I'll be honest. Still not feeling fully recovered from the other day. My legs are a little shaky...Quote2- William
Quote1Daisy?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Good... I'm just good.Quote2- Daisy

More time passes, with all three still remaining in the challenge. The sun begins to go down, leaving Jeff to light the torches around them so that they may still see the idol. William begins to tilt his head down, causing his glasses to slip forward off his face. As he tries to grab them, he loses his balance, slipping off his stumps and losing his place in the challenge.

Quote1And just like that... after three hours William is out of this challenge, no shot at immunity.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1My damn glasses... (sighs) Hold on in there Duana.Quote2- William
Quote1Duana, if you drop I'll take you.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Huh?Quote2- Duana
Quote1You go with him then you lose. Step down and I swear I'll take you.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Sorry girl... playing this one out.Quote2- Duana

William continues to give Duana words of encouragement throughout the challenge, knowing that if Daisy wins either he or his closest ally will be cut at the final hurdle. After another hour and a half, Duana complains of cramp in the back of her leg, trying to rearrange herself to relieve the pain. In doing so, Duana unknowingly lifts one of her legs off the stump, causing Jeff to point it out and announce that she is out of the challenge, giving Daisy the win. Daisy cheers in excitement, finding the strength to jump down and walk over to Jeff to collect the individual immunity necklace.

Quote1Great job Daisy. Great job.Quote2- William
Quote1(sighs and hugs William) Sorry... I tried.Quote2- Duana
Quote1It's fine. It's all good...Quote2- William
Quote1Daisy, safe tonight from tribal and a guaranteed spot a the final tribal council. Tonight you will be deciding whether to take Duana or William with you, and which of them will become the last member of our jury.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Challenge: Hand on Hard Idol
Each tribe member held on to the Immunity Idol while standing on a small pedestal. The person who lasted the longest wins Immunity.
Winner: Daisy

Immunity Challenge: Hand on Hard Idol
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway Daisy Marquesas
Duana MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Duana, William

Due to the challenge running into the night, the group make their way to tribal council immediately, where Daisy will vote one of the two to become the final member of the jury. At tribal council, Daisy is unable to hide her overwhelming emotions at guaranteeing herself a spot in the final two, hoping that she will have done enough to earn her the title of Sole Survivor. Jeff asks William and Duana if either wants to make a case as to why they should be kept in the game, but both politely reject the opportunity, not wanting to campaign against each other this late in the game. Daisy claims that she has made up her mind already, and that even had they campaigned it was unlikely to change her decision. Jeff then signals Daisy to go up and cast her last vote of the game, leaving William and Duana to hold hands as it is eventually brought over for reading.

Quote1Good luck... (kisses Duana on the head)Quote2- William
Quote1You too... (sighs)Quote2- Duana
Quote1I'll read the vote. Fourteenth person voted out and the seventh and final member of our jury... William. You'll need to bring me your torch...Quote2- Jeff Probst

Duana quickly breaks down in tears, shaking as she hugs her friend goodbye. Daisy remains seated, simply wishing William well as he takes his torch over to Jeff. He keeps a large smile on his face as Jeff snuffs his torch, claiming "God is good" as he takes one last look at the final two. Jeff tells the final two girls to enjoy their final night on the island, as tomorrow they will face the jury of seven, which will ultimately decide which of them goes on to become the first female Sole Survivor.

Tribal Council 14:
William Marquesas
William (1 vote)
Daisy Marquesas
William Marquesas Eliminated

Coming into this game I tried to play coinciding with my Christian faith, and I'll admit I did a terrible job (laughs). I realized to really have a shot I had to come out here and be someone I really wasn't, but that's ok. It's a game, and I'm sure everyone knows that. At the end of it all we have two young beautiful souls sitting there at the end, either of whom would make a worthy winner. I'm so glad to have done this, and I'd do it all over again if you gave me time to put back on some weight. God is good... this was his world and its tough... but mostly beautiful. Yeah, mostly beautiful.


Day 39

Duana and Daisy sit together watching the sun rise on Day 39, knowing that they will spend no more days living at the Soliantu beach. As Duana rubs the sleep out of her eyes, she walks over to Daisy, hugging her fellow finalist and wishing her a good morning.

Quote1Today's the day...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Yeah. I feel weird. I mean we was paddlin' into the beach not so long ago and now we're leaving as the last two.Quote2- Duana
Quote1You excited to leave? I feel... sad... (laughs)... But the more people got voted out the more I cant wait to go home.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Hell yes I'm excited. Gonna burn this camp down just so we never gotta come back (laughs)Quote2- Duana
To have gone through this experience in its entirety is something that only myself and Duana got to experience this time around. Coming out as a young pretty girl people think you're going to be dumb, naïve and just go along on someone else's coattails. I hope that even if I don't win I showed that girls can be powerful, and I think if anything we ran the game. We became this sort of dangerous alliance that everyone was scared to go up against, and that's so different to the typical male dominated games we've seen before. Overall I'm just stoked that we guaranteed ourselves a girl winner tonight... its ladies night, and I hope I've got enough support on that jury to make it Daisy's night (laughs).


The girls sit in the shallow water rubbing sand on themselves to bathe for one final time, eventually finishing up and starting to take down their shelter, placing it in their fire to burn.

Quote1Ugh its Randy's pants...Quote2- Duana
Quote1Quick throw them in the fire.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Oh God... why did he leave these behind?Quote2- Duana
Quote1So we could enjoy burning them.Quote2- Daisy
I started this game really sick... throwing up on the boat as we made our way in, and being one of the people who could've been voted out early. Now to be sitting here as one of the last two people eligible to win this thing... I'm in shock. The two smallest girls out here overcame everything and we fought off people almost twice our size. This experience was everything and more than I had hoped for... and the only thing that could make it even better is if I'm the Sole Survivor.


The girls grab their belongings and walk away from the smoldering campsite, saying goodbye to the beach as they head to tribal council, getting ready to face off against the jury they played a hand in voting out of the game. As they are shown heading to the final tribal council, clips of the jury are shown, where each member discusses their thoughts prior to going into the final tribal council.

Seeing this come down to Duana and Daisy really gives me pleasure in knowing that whatever happens a girl wins. The only problem I have is feeling that girl could be Duana... throughout this game she lied and played everyone off on each other. If she comes into this tribal council and tries to keep playing the victim she'll crush any shot she has of winning.


The game is tough... none of us knew what we'd be experiencing when we got out here. Overall if I was to be asked is this the two individuals who played the best game? No. I don't think I can honestly say that looking at the others on this jury. Are they deserving? Absolutely. But being the best and being deserving don't go hand in hand.


People may assume that tonight I'll be going in there pushing for Duana to win. She and I share a Christian bond and that is something that goes so much deeper than this game. But... it doesn't mean she has my vote locked down. Daisy played a formidable game... and if she does a better job overall then I may well write her name down instead.


Am I mad? Of course I'm mad. I got played, and I got played by the two girls who'll be sitting at the end. I don't want to be that person who goes in salty and making a fool of myself, but I'm not going to blow smoke up anyone's asses to make them feel better. Not after what they did to the rest of us.


The others seem to be going in with this mindset that we hold so much power and the jokes now on those still in the game. That's a load of s**t. As a juror I don't see myself as picking the winner, because I came out in ninth place. I didn't get to decide who came eighth, seventh, sixth ... et cetera. All I get to do is pick between two individuals, neither of whom would have been in my top three picks to win.


I know both Daisy and Duana quite well... I wouldn't call either friends. I spent more time with Duana overall in the game, and I feel she burned me more. But I feel I know her game better... so Daisy really needs to tell me tonight what she did that I didn't see, because as an individual I don't know if she really had to fight as hard as Duana did.


It's devastating to be returning to the final tribal council as anything other than one of the final two. Yes I made it to the top four... but you cant help but go over what ifs in your mind. The fact is the girls placed themselves better than I did... and I need to accept that. My vote is totally open tonight, and I think both of them have things they need to apologize for... and things they need to highlight, because both of them really killed this thing. May the best girl win.


Final Tribal Council

Daisy and Duana take their seats at the final tribal council, watching as the jury of seven who will decide their fates follow in after them. Jeff informs the final two that they must make opening statements to the jury, and that after each juror will be given the opportunity to ask questions or give a verdict on the final two, before voting for one of them to win the million dollar prize.

Quote1Alright... Daisy, start us off.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I just want to say that this experience has been so much more thrilling than I could have ever expected. The challenges, the survival, and most importantly being able to play alongside all of you guys. I hope that we're able to take away positives from this game, most importantly the friendships we may have made with one another. In terms of my game I think I was able to show myself as a threatening player, and each time I was in danger I was able to work my way out of it. I tried to display a strong physical game despite being one of the smallest people out here... and in doing so I won three immunity challenges by myself. Socially I tried to get to know all of you even if you weren't in my alliance, which I hope I proved by winning the challenge the other night based off all of you guys' personal lives. Strategically, I think we all know about our girls alliance, and how we controlled almost the entire merged phase of the game. I don't think I ever held back, and always gave everything I had to fight my way forward... and even when it came to people turning on me and my closest ally Ashley, I found ways to overcome it and got myself to this spot. Hopefully that's convincing enough of you that I deserve to win, and if not then maybe I can change your mind by answering any questions you might have.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Thanks Daisy. Duana, please make your opening statement.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1From day one out here I was in a pretty bad position. I don't know if y'all remember but on the boat ride in I was the only person out of sixteen that was throwing up into a bucket. I started this game of really sick, and I honestly thought I cant do this... and I was ready to be the first one out. Thirty-nine days later here I am as one of the last two... and I think the reason for this was my ability to adapt and change throughout the game. I don't think I played a clean game... I know some of you are probably sat there thinkin' I owe you apologies and what not. The fact is I don't regret anything I may have done... I did what I had to and when I had to, and that's what got me as far as you can get in this game. Out of everyone here I feel like this journey was the biggest for me, and I've come to terms with a lot of feelings and thoughts I had... and I know I'll leave this game a better woman. I hope none of you have too many hard feelings about this game, and feel as positively about the experience as I did... and most of all I hope that tonight I can give you what you're looking for to grant me your votes to win.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Thanks girls. Ok... I'll give the jury a moment to gather their thoughts, then we'll start this off.Quote2- Jeff Probst

William's question

Quote1William, start us off...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1With pleasure... Alright girls, congratulations to you both. Firstly, I want to start with you Daisy... You played one really strong game. At no point did I look at you and think that you were flying under the radar of following someone else. You were one of the key figureheads in the alliance that took most of this jury out of the game, and for that you are owed a lot of respect... but you probably are going to get resentment for that too. When we merged we knew you were one of the biggest threats and we tried to take you out, but alas we failed... and here you are. Duana, similar situation... you came from being in a tough position throughout this game, and you fought your way out of it. You have such an amazing spirit that got you into that powerful alliance, and even though both Lotus and Daisy got much of the heat, it was clear you were just as powerful in that group. To me that's greatly illuminated by the fact unlike both Daisy and Lotus, you were on the right side of ALL the votes made... and unlike both Daisy and Lotus, you can say confidently that you knew where each vote was going before it was made. So for that reason, despite having the upmost respect for you Daisy... my vote is going towards Duana. So Duana, to you I say answer these questions carefully, and win this for fighters everywhere.Quote2- William
Quote1(tearing up) ... Love you man.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Thanks William.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Ibrahim's question

Quote1Ladies, congratulations. Tonight one of you will have their lives changed by seven people you helped take out of this game. Its a strange thing to think about, that people will now reward one of you for lying and playing deceptive games... but that's Survivor. The night I was voted out I thought to myself that I'd like to see Lotus go all the way, as I felt out of everyone she truly was the most deserving. When Lotus was taken out, I looked at William and realized that he had made such a smart move in taking himself out of his old alliance and into yours... because had he or Duana won that last challenge he'd likely be a millionaire in waiting. Alas... Lotus and William are gone, and its down to the both of you. I think you both played strong games, but I don't want to overlook something that's important to me outside of the game in voting tonight... I want to know from the two of you one act of genuine kindness that you did that helped you move forward. Daisy if you wanna go first...Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Right, sure. For me one act of kindness would be... I think back on Maraamu after the swap. I felt bad for Duana, and I saw she was feeling quite low... it got to a stage where me befriending Duana and making her feel welcome also coincided with me aligning with her, and that helped get another number into my alliance to take control at the vote.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Alright... Duana?Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1This isn't exactly complete kindness, but more me standin' up for good natured people in general. At the merge Randy was showing himself off for being a bigot... you know I had heard how he spoke about you being a Muslim and I was disgusted. On top of that his attitudes towards me as a black woman just weren't something I could tolerate. Another thing you guys might not know about me is that I am gay, and uh throughout my life I've had a lot of prejudice for that as well as everything else. So seeing someone like Randy display such hateful views was something I had to put an end to, and its why I pushed so heavily for him to be the one voted out first at the merge. Is that an ok answer?Quote2- Duana
Quote1Yeah, yeah that's fine. I get what you're saying there. Ok, I'm uh, satisfied with both those answers. Congratulations to you both.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Thanks Ibrahim.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Ryan's question

Quote1Ladies... Congratulations. You managed to cut throats all the way to this final tribal council. I'll be flat out honest... I'm disappointed that I have to vote for one of you tonight. I'd much rather be writing down almost anyone else's names... but I guess that just shows life's a bitch huh? Daisy, we were on the same tribe for twenty-four days. Twenty-four days! In that time I don't feel we ever had a genuine relationship in which you really wanted to just get to know me.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1... I'm sorry if you feel that way.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1... Please, I don't need to hear anything from either of you right now. No disrespect, but I just need to say what I've got to say. Duana, you came to our tribe late and felt like the obvious person to leave... but instead you were saved and the most hard working person was voted out instead. It feels ironic that someone who was a hard working honest person was voted out for someone who didn't pull her weight as much... and was certainly more duplicitous. What upsets me is that neither of you really gave a damn about me... and that it left me with no choice but to try and make a move as soon as the merge hit. The move went wrong thanks to the laughably bad decisions made by others, and I was swiftly taken out. To you guys I was nothing more than a number you had to get rid of... and as a self-confessed nerd I love numbers. So lets give numbers a chance to play a role tonight after they were so important to you all game. Pick a number between one and thirty-nine... closest to the number gets my vote. Duana you can pick first.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Oh God... Ummm... five.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Daisy?Quote2- Ryan
Quote1... Six.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1(laughs) Good thinking...Quote2- Duana
Quote1Thank you for that. Good luck.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Thanks Ryan.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Ashley's question

Quote1Girl power! Finally we will see Sole Survivoress (laughs). Listen, I'm hurt by how I went out in this game. I'm hurt that you Duana decided it was right to vote me out, but I understand how you came to that decision. I hope this isn't seen as a bitter decision on my part, but there is no other way I can vote tonight than for my island bestie... hey Daisy.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1(laughs) Hey Ash.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1You played the best game out of everyone here on the island, and I hope that the other six jury members can look at you and think that you overcame every pre-notion that people hold against young pretty girls like yourself. You won so many challenges, made so many bonds, and in me you've made a friend for life. I cant wait to hang with you outside of this game... and hopefully we'll be doing lots of shopping with all the money you're about to win. Love you girl.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Love you more.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Thanks AshleyQuote2- Jeff Probst

Tish's question

Quote1Alright lets get this over and done with. I don't know which of you I'm voting for. I don't really want to vote either of you. You're lucky to be sat next to each other tonight, because had it been anyone else I don't believe you'd have a shot in hell. Daisy, you played the flirt. You was using your charm to try and lure in Troy, and then you did the same to James. Funny thing is both of that counted for nothing. Your boy Troy went before the merge, and James wrote your name down the first chance he got. So tell me, was that genuinely you having feelings for either of these guys, or was it just manipulation?Quote2- Tish
Quote1Well I personally don't think it was in vain... was I a flirt? Yes. With Troy I needed someone to lock myself onto, and I found him attractive alongside it all. So yes, I flirted and I kissed him. I'm not ashamed of it and I'd do it again if I had to start this all over. Flirting with James was just harmless fun between the two of us. Do I think he's attractive? Yes. He's a nice looking guy. But I don't feel I degraded myself to the point of playing him, because James is far too smart to be taken in like that... you said it yourself, he wrote my name down as soon as he could. So I don't really feel flirting with James was relevant to the game, but more just the two of us passing the time.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Hmm. Ok. Duana... Miss Duana. I think you're fake. I'll be honest you and I had an alright relationship back on Rotu, and we was the only two girls left once Ursula was gone. But you spent most of your time moping around feeling sorry for yourself. You preach being this underdog, but in reality you put yourself in that role. The most ironic thing of all was you were the one calling lots of the shots out here. You voted on the right side every single time at the merge... So I want you to own up in these last few questions, and admit that you're quite happy to deceive and break trust with people because that's what you did... and you did it at my expense... at James' expense... you even did it to William's expense, the one guy you were supposedly so close to out here. You convinced him to drop everything and flip over to your side. You're the snake in the garden of Eden, and you corrupted the man who likes to live his life in God's image. Not something I'd like to be, but it got you here. Own it, and you can still get my vote.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Thanks Tish.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Lotus' question

Quote1Hey girls, good job to you both. I'd love to be sat up there but it just so happens you outplayed me. I don't know how I'm voting tonight, and that's the complete truth. Daisy, I know your game more because we spent so long together... and what I want to know from you is do you think your game was individual, or was it completely reliant on the core alliance you, Ashley, Troy and myself had from the very beginning?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1I feel my game was very reliant on the alliance the four of us made, and I think without you girls I wouldn't have got so deep into this thing. But in the alliance we all brought out own individual plays that got us further than one another. My individual moves such as bringing in Duana and you bringing in Ibrahim is what I feel got us the majority at the merge, and from there we were able to run this thing together. There was no need for any of us to step up and go power crazy, because as you knew being a threat meant your head was constantly on the chopping block. When it came down to Ashley going home I had no choice but to play as an individual, and that's where I had to make the choice to go against yourself and Ib, because I knew had either of you got to this final two that you'd be the ones winning.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Ok, got it. Duana, I feel I get your game but it really confuses me. I understand you're someone who has come through so much adversity, and I respect that. I know what moves you made, but I want to know why. Why at the merge did you stick with our alliance, when it seemed unlikely that Ashley and Daisy would take you to the final two, and had you gone with me it felt like you'd have lost?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1After the swap I really felt at home with you girls, and I had this confidence in the alliance that I had never felt back at Rotu. James and Tish were the two most strategic members on Rotu, and they clearly had a tight alliance between them. Had I gone back to Rotu I felt I was with people that would have just placed me at the bottom, and I never understood why they expected me to side with them. You guys had saved me, and were willing to target Randy... they had been the side to vote out one of my closest friends Ursula, and were now asking me to vote Daisy, who had been so good to me since I met her.Quote2- Duana
Quote1So does that mean Daisy befriending you was really what kept you in line?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1No... no. Its a combination of everything. After we took out Ryan I expected to vote out Tish and James due to everyone noticing their gameplay. That would leave William, who at that stage was more likely to vote with me, and then we would dismantle our alliance and the end plan was to get myself to the final tribal council with Will.Quote2- Duana
Quote1... Ok. I still feel a bit confused.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Think of it as what actually happened was my plan, with the only difference being William or I winning that final challenge. But being honest I don't think sitting next to Daisy is something that'll lose me the game. As people keep saying, it was you who everyone was most nervous of.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Right. I'm uh, satisfied. Once again congratulations and good luck.Quote2- Lotus

James' question

Quote1James, wrap this up.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Ok, here we go. Congratulations to the pair of you, I don't have an ill feeling and I think you are both deserving of sitting up there tonight. Neither of you pretended to be angels tonight, and I am so thankful because if there was one thing that was losing my vote it was to sit there and preach Bible verses or to say how you're a good person. Lets be honest, if you can lie and cheat and break trust you're not a divine individual. You're both good people though... but just none of that bull was nice. Like so many others I don't know which of you is getting my vote, but I have a fair idea. One of you had to work harder in the game... taking themselves into a power position and trying to hold it, whilst the other person fell into their position more easily, but at the final hurdle nearly lost it all. I don't really know what'll sway me strongly to either of you, and I just hope one of you can sway me strongly one way or the other with the answer you're about to give. What is the one thing you regret most of all in this game and why? Also just for fun, who was the person that left before the jury that you feel most deserved to make it, and who should they replace?Quote2- James
Quote1(laughs) I'll go first uh. Oh God. Ok, so the thing I regret the most in the game is voting you out at the final seven. This isn't me trying to be an ass kisser, but I just wish I had done something to get myself and Ashley further because she was my final two. Maybe at the tribal you left we should've paired with yourself and Ibrahim and targeted Lotus, and then I'd have tried to work my way forward with William and Duana to take you boys out.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1So your biggest regret is not doing more to save Ashley? Is that because you'd have beaten her? Just say it if its true. Honesty is important tonight.Quote2- James
Quote1(sighs) I think I'd have beaten Ashley yes. Also it would be nice to have sat at the final two with someone I started this game with. In terms of replacing a juror I'd say... bring in Troy because he and I were close friends and he really did care a lot about the game, and I'd put him in Ryan's place, just because Ryan was the lowest placed out of everyone on the actual jury. I think everyone got to where they were meant to, so no one should be replaced... but that would be my answer if you really need one.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1The one thing I regret was probably not making it clearer to you guys that I wasn't interested in voting with Rotu. I tried to hint it, but I wasn't explicit in saying that I was voting on the other side. I needed to try and keep it split for strategic reasons, but I think there would have been a lot less animosity between myself and Tish in particular had I just been straight up to begin with. The person I'd bring on the jury is definitely Martin. I love Martin and think he's a great guy... and it hurt not being able to save him just before the merge. The person I'd replace would be Ashley, because I think out of everyone on that jury Ashley road coattails the most...Quote2- Duana
Quote1Ouch... (laughs) Ok, you both gave really good answers there and I still don't know which way I'll go on this. Good job to you both, and just know that you played it hard.Quote2- James
Quote1Thanks James.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Jeff thanks the jury for the entertaining final tribal council, giving the jury several minutes to gather their thoughts and to finalize their votes. Duana and Daisy congratulate one another, happy to have made it through the tough evening, now knowing that they've both done all they can to sway the jury. Jeff gets Ashley to commence the voting, with each juror now prepared to write the name of who they want to name the Sole Survivor.

Tonight is your night Daisy. You played the strongest game out of everyone, and make an amazing rep for any girls who play this game.


You answered stronger tonight, and you played a tough game. Your act of kindness was a little too centered on the game, but I know your intentions were good.


First female Sole Survivor... one hell of an achievement. Great job, and hopefully we can talk things over after tonight.


I wasn't sure if I'd be casting this vote tonight, but I can't deny that you played a good game, and that you were able to explain your game clear tonight to all of us.


I'm surprised to be voting for you because you tried calling me out in one of the questions ... but uh... twenty-four was the magic number. Now let one million be yours.


(shown writing a "D" down on the paper) ... Wouldn't want to be your friend, but you owned it. That's all I wanted.


A lot of people are concentrating on the first female Sole Survivor being cast tonight... and its gotta be you Duana. God bless you for everything you did, and I hope that you're given the reward for all your hard work. Much love sister.


After William sits down, Jeff goes up and collects the urn with the seven jury votes. Despite both Daisy and Duana desperate to know the result, Jeff tells them that they wont be read until the group return to America. Jeff departs the tribal council area, boarding a helicopter before flying away from the Marquesas islands, leaving Duana and Daisy sat opposite the jury in an eerily silent tribal council.


Jeff enters the finale set, with the audience cheering as he places the urn down before a now replenished and glamorous looking final nine. Jeff asks the girls how they're both feeling, to which they both reply "nervous", not sure as to which of them has won. Both the girls comment that they felt disappointed to have been perceived as unworthy by some, feeling as though they made the end because they played stronger games, whilst others took credit for gameplay but also put targets on their back, which Duana called "foolish". Jeff agrees with the girls, stating that despite what people say they must both be the best players as unlike the fourteen others they were able to make the end, evoking roaring cheers from the audience. Jeff opens the urn, preparing to read the votes to win.

Quote1Before me I have seven votes. It takes four to win... for the final time this season, I'll read the votes.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1First vote... Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Daisy.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Daisy. That's two votes Daisy, one vote Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Daisy. That's three votes Daisy, one vote Duana.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... The Winner of Survivor Marquesas... Daisy!Quote2- Jeff Probst

Both girls jump up and hug one another, with Duana taking defeat graciously, congratulating Daisy before she runs off to hug her family. The jury come over and cheer for Daisy, having voted her to win in a 6-1 vote, with only William casting his vote for Duana. Daisy returns to the stage to stand by Jeff, looking out at the audience with tears in her eyes as she has been declared the first female Sole Survivor, and the recipient of the one million dollar prize.

Tribal Council 15:
Jury Vote
Daisy Marquesas
Daisy (6 votes)
Ashley MarquesasIbrahim MarquesasJames Marquesas
Lotus MarquesasRyan MarquesasTish Marquesas
Ashley, Ibrahim, James,
Lotus, Ryan & Tish
Duana Marquesas
Duana (1 vote)
William Marquesas
Duana Marquesas Eliminated
Daisy Marquesas

Reunion Notes

  • Daisy admits to being shocked by winning the vote with such a big margin, having expected the vote to be much closer. When asked, the jury admit to feeling that Daisy played a stronger game, and one that was less "dirty" than Duana's.
  • When asked about relationships, Daisy denies being in a romantic pairing with either Troy or James, simply calling both "good friends of hers". Troy jokes that he could easily fight James for any girl, but is then mocked by Tish who insists that girls "like James more", much to Troy's amusement.
  • In checking whether or not Duana would have won against William, the jury are asked to hypothetically vote between the pair. Ibrahim, James, Tish and Ryan state they would vote for William in that situation, whilst Lotus, Daisy and Ashley claim they'd have voted Duana, meaning William was one placement short of becoming a millionaire, although he insists that the right person won.
  • William mentions inviting certain tribe members to his services, showing a picture of himself, Ursula, Duana and Martin at his latest one. Martin admits that being friendly with William hasn't made him any more religious, but he sees that religion can be good for some people, joking that he still doesn't understand how prayer got the fire going.
  • Ashley is revealed to have married her long term boyfriend Tom, and announces that she recently discovered she is pregnant, much to everyone's excitement.
  • The "racism" within the season is explored, particularly the controversy between Ibrahim and Randy. Ibrahim receives loud cheers from the audience as he talks about his patriotism, even showing his T-Shirt displays the logo for a charity to help American servicemen. He mentions being disappointed that he is still judged by many due to his religion, and wants people to look at him no differently to anyone else on stage. Randy tries to defend himself, blaming the edit on his portrayal, but is quickly silenced by boo's from the audience, and Lotus interjecting with "an edit cant put words in your mouth".
  • The rest of the cast are checked in on, with Yuzuki saying she forgives the others for voting her out, and hopes they can all remain friends, Alistair admitting he wishes he was "less grumpty", Hillary feeling her experience was cut short but still life changing, and Ryan speaking of the experience giving him the confidence to open up in life, now joining a public speaking group to help younger individuals with confidence issues.
  • The group are then told that the results of the "Player of the Season" will be announced, with the winner being awarded $100,000. The top four in the poll are revealed to be Lotus, James, Ibrahim and William. In the end it is announced that Ibrahim has been awarded the title, much to the happiness of his friends in the game.

Still In The Running

Ashley Marquesas Eliminated
Daisy Marquesas
Hillary Marquesas Eliminated
Ibrahim Marquesas Eliminated
Lotus Marquesas Eliminated
Randy Marquesas Eliminated
Ryan Marquesas Eliminated
Troy Marquesas Eliminated
Alistair Marquesas Eliminated
Duana Marquesas Eliminated
James Marquesas Eliminated
Martin Marquesas Eliminated
Tish Marquesas Eliminated
Ursula Marquesas Eliminated
William Marquesas Eliminated
Yuzuki Marquesas Eliminated