250px-Kucha flag 1
Tribe Profile
Season Outback
Namesake Aboriginal word meaning "kangaroo".
Tribe Type Starter tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s)      Ogakor
Tribe Status Merged with Kucha on Day 20
Challenges Won 4
Lowest Placing Member Mitchell (16/16)
Highest Placing Member Carlson (Winner)

Kucha was a tribe from Survivor: The Australian Outback. The tribe wears blue.
The Kucha tribe appeared dysfunctional due to its strange approach to the game, with Neil enforcing a "no strategy" rule over his group, attempting to control them, hoping that they wouldn't self destruct. This caused the tribe to have several split votes, weakening the groups overall morale. The tribe was also physically weaker then their competitors, losing a majority of the pre-merge challenges, despite managing to win enough immunity challenges to merge evenly. On day 20 the Kucha tribe merged with Ogakor to create the Barramundi tribe.


Alia OutbackCarlson OutbackChelsie OutbackCindra Outback
Mitchell OutbackNeil OutbackReniero OutbackRose Outback

Alia, a dental nurse
Carlson, a student
Chelsie, a lifeguard
Cindra, an adventure guide
Mitchell, a retail assistant
Neil, a lawyer
Reniero, a carpenter
Rose, a computer programmer

Tribe History

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