"Karma's A Bizzle"
Borneo Ep 9
Season Borneo
Episode Number 9/13 (009)
First Broadcast May 17, 2014
Episode Chronology
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Karma's A Bizzle is the ninth episode of Survivor: Borneo.


Day 24 (Night)

The final eight return to camp having just blindsided Uri from the game, with Tia, Razzy, Olivia and Sarah all feeling surprised by the outcome, having been under the impression that it was Danni who was going home. Danni puts her arms around Teddy, thanking her old friend for supporting her through the troubles. Danni begins to gloat somewhat loudly about surviving tribal, while Eli and Alice remain gracious, not wanting to rub salt in the wound.

When we got back to camp Danni was acting a little... Rudely? I love the girl to death but I mean she should have acted passively. I understand she hasn't had a tribal like this yet in the sense that she got someone she majorly disliked out without hurtin' any of her friends in the process. She did wind it in after a minute or so but I could see that the others, Tia in particular, were getting annoyed by her behavior.


No one goes immediately to bed, with the four members in shock staying up to get answers, while the other four decided to humor them with answers.

Quote1So what changed guys?Quote2- Tia
Quote1We could ask you the same question.Quote2- Danni
Quote1But what changed to get us to this point?Quote2- Tia
Quote1You guys were coming after us... We had to make a move too, we weren't going to just sit down and wait to get picked off.Quote2- Danni
Quote1You guys had isolated yourselves and were making us feel on edge with your private group!Quote2- Tia
Quote1Tia I walked over and overheard you guys talking about voting out Eli... You then tried to hide it by saying it was Danni, then you tried to get us to vote Sarah, then you guys tried to use Sarah, Teddy and Olivia to your own advantage so you could take out Danni because Eli won immunity... We know everything... I'm not looking for an argument here but I know what I heard and I know what you guys were trying to do. Uri was messy with his strategy and you guys tried to cover it but you couldn't, we can move on from it...Quote2- Alice
Quote1Don't come out being all passive as if we need forgivin' or something... You three wanted to make an issue out of this ga-...Quote2- Tia
Quote1Tia! Calm it. Bring it in man.Quote2- Razzy

Razzy takes Tia off to the side, going into the shelter to sleep, they are not followed by Olivia and Sarah, who instead decide to speak to Teddy alone. Eli, Alice and Danni sit by the fire talking quietly, waiting for Razzy and Tia to fall asleep before they share the shelter.

Quote1Teddy... We're sorry about writing your name down.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1It's fine girls, I know its all part of the game.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Exactly! It's just part of the game. Listen we'll talk tomorrow, I'm tired, I'm sure you are. Get some rest and we can talk tomorrow.Quote2- Teddy
Myself and Olivia realize that we need to take our games into our own hands to do well. It's clear that if we stay in the situation we're currently in that things wont go our way, so its time for us to get our game really going, because after last tribal I realized I don't want to be the laughing stock of the game if I make it to the final few.


Day 25

Upon awakening on Day 25, the Rattana tribe have trouble getting Razzy out of the shelter, for the simple fact that one of his dreadlocks had become lodged between a piece of the bamboo surface. Teddy, Tia and Sarah spend time trying to free Razzy from the shelter, with Tia finding it particularly amusing. Despite acting annoyed, Razzy clearly finds the situation funny himself, even when clearly in discomfort from his hair being pulled when trying to free himself.

Quote1Just try and pull really hard!Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Nah, its pulling on my scalp too hard, it'll rip it.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Raz we're gonna have to cut it buddy (laughs)Quote2- Tia
Quote1No you aint!Quote2- Razzy
Quote1She's right. It's that or we take apart the flooring just to free your hair.Quote2- Teddy
So Razzy wakes up this morning and as he tries to get up to do the water he comes flying back down, because his hair somehow got lodged in the bamboo flooring of our shelter. Now we couldn't just pull him free because it was clearly hurting him, and to get the hair out we would have to take apart the flooring. So we had to commit black murder and cut off one of the dreads. Of course we needed someone heartless and cruel to do the deed, so I was right in there with the knife cutting away at Razzy's hair.


Tia cuts through the dreadlock with one of the tribes knifes, and after a few minutes manages to use the blunt knife to free her friend. Razzy puts on a sulking face in a jovial manner while looking at his half a dreadlock which is left in the shelter floor, Sarah goes below the shelter and pulls it free, bringing it up and handing it over to its rightful owner; Razzy.

Quote1Here you go Razzy...Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Oh my baby! You poor thing! (holds his dreadlock)Quote2- Razzy
Quote1You can bury it over by the tree line (laughs)Quote2- Tia
Today we lost a good member of our tribe. One of my dreads. He was just like Julia, inseparable from the shelter, but because of the nuisance he caused he had to be sent home (laughs)


After the ordeal concerning the dreadlock, Tia decides to take the opportunity to see if Teddy is firmly now with Eli's alliance. Teddy seems somewhat disinterested in talking strategy, feeling that it is getting out of hand, he states that he is willing to talk about strategy before tribal council, as only then will they be sure what moves need to be made.

Quote1As you saw last time guys, things had to drastically change after Eli won immunity. Its mistakes such as assuming an outcome before you even know the details.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Ok, but you will talk with us right? I mean, you get why we want to talk...Quote2- Tia
Quote1Absolutely yeah.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1But Teddy you said you'd talk with me and Olivia?Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Yeah I did, and I will. You want to do that now? If it's about voting people out I really think you'd be wasting your time... I want to enjoy my time out here as well as playing the game.Quote2- Teddy

Teddy walks off with Sarah, meeting with Olivia who is waiting for them by the shore.

Quote1Like we said last night Teddy, we're sorry for writing your name down. We want to move on from this, as the three true Tagi members left.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1It's what Ben would have wanted.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1(laughs) Ok.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1So what we were hoping... Was that the three of us stick together from here on out, we want the winner to come from our tribe.Quote2- Olivia
Quote1As long as that winner ISNT Danni.Quote2- Sarah
Quote1I agree that it'd be nice for someone from our original tribe to win. And if you're both willing to work with me in the future I'm definitely willing to listen, but after the immunity challenge.Quote2- Teddy
Olivia and Sarah seem to want to move on from our previous... Lack of bonding? I don't know what to call it. But if they're both willing to work with me in this game then they'd be the perfect duo, as they both fail to have much chance of winning, and they'd be good to go to the end of this game with. Maybe better then three likeable individuals.


This is where things will change, from this day on. We've got Teddy to talk with us, and we hope that from there things can develop. I gotta get talkin' to Razzy and Tia, as they're like myself and Sarah, free agents. The five of us can go far, and because my only chance to win is to 'go to the end with Sarah'... Then it'll have to be me and her in the finals, because I intend to win this game.


Eli, Alice and Danni spend the day quietly doing chores around camp, seeming somewhat oblivious to the attempts of Sarah and Olivia to turn the game in their favour.

Quote1Do you feel since speaking to your brother you have more morale in this game?Quote2- Danni
Quote1Kind of, I mean it felt great to see him but it almost reminds you about them and you feel... Well...Quote2- Eli
Quote1Saddened?Quote2- Alice
Quote1Yeah, as strange as it seems. We didn't say much about the game, just talked about home and stuff, he said my beard was interesting (laughs).Quote2- Eli
Quote1Oh gosh they haven't seen what we look like! I've barely seen what I look like... I don't have a beard do I? (laughs)Quote2- Danni
I definitely was grateful seeing my family after all this time, but I think it's effected me negatively somewhat. The last few nights I've been thinking about him and the rest of my family more often. It's almost that seeing my family is being taken for granted and now I expect to be able to see them more often... When in reality it'll be another twenty days until I see them... Which is hard. (wipes tears)


Challenge: Survivor Obstacle Course
A web course with 16 legs, each leg had a medallion with the castaways number on it. First castaway to get back to the center of the course with all of their 16 medallions wins. If they fall of the course once, they are automatically out from the challenge.
Reward: A barbecue feast and letters from home.
Winner: Olivia (shared with Sarah)

Reward Challenge: Survivor Obstacle Course
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway Olivia Borneo
Alice BorneoDanni BorneoEli BorneoRazzy BorneoSarah BorneoTeddy BorneoTia Borneo
Alice, Danni, Eli, Razzy, Sarah, Teddy & Tia

After winning, Olivia is given the choice to take one other castaway along with her. She picks Sarah, and the two depart to enjoy the barbecue. At the reward, the girls cease any strategic talk, and spend their first few moments enjoying the food that they have been deprived of for twenty five days.

Quote1Oh my God girl thank you so much!Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Dont thank me! I know you'd have done the same! My God try these burgers!Quote2- Olivia
I am so grateful that my main girl Olivia took me here with her! We had literally every kind of meat possible... Sausage, chicken, hamburgers... I wanted to cry it was so good.


The girls get talking about the situation back at camp, agreeing that they should get Tia and Razzy working with them, and that if they can pull Teddy in then they would be able to vote for one of Eli's group, getting control of the game. Before the girls can finish their talk, Jeff appears, holding two letters. Olivia realizes they are from home, bursting into tears. Sarah begins to cry, reading her letter from her mother, which is in Spanish. While reading her letter out loud in Spanish, while crying hysterically, something Olivia finds heartwarming and hilarious at the same time. Olivia reads her letter, which is from her mother, with her father adding a small section at the bottom.

Receiving a letter was so rejuvenating, and it feels as though this is a sign that I get this moral from my mother while I'm attempting to change this game. I think that we're meant to succeed with this, and that we can get control in this game, something we haven't had in a while.


The two girls finish the reward, before returning to camp, telling the tribe about the good time they had. Olivia briefly speaks with Tia, stating that they need to talk soon, but Tia mentions they wont get time on their own until the next day when other members have gone off to fish or collect water.

Day 26

Day 26 begins with certain tribe members singing happy birthday to Tia, who is turning 26. Razzy sings solo for a while, displaying his talented voice, which causes Tia to laugh and cry at the same time, Teddy hands Tia a bowl of rice with a small burning stick inside it to represent a candle. Danni, Sarah, Olivia, Alice and Eli sing in the background, wanting to allow Tia to enjoy her day.

The guys were so sweet singing for me today, making me feel a bit more comfortable despite not being around my family, who I miss so so much.


Razzy shouts for Tia to blow out her 'candle', which she does, while laughing. The group cheer as she does, before enjoying her 'birthday rice'.

I'm all for celebrating peoples birthdays out here. But it was a bit inconvenient that we have to give someone EXTRA rice on their birthday, despite the fact we're already running out of the limited supply we have left. Maybe I'll say its my birthday tomorrow, maybe I want extra portions of rice (laughs).


Teddy begins to fix the camp in the day, which has deteriorated in the last few days. Tia relaxes on her birthday, with Razzy, Sarah and Olivia sitting with her, silently talking strategy together. Danni sits in the shelter, looking at her cap, which is beginning to fall apart.

Quote1Do you think we can get Teddy in?Quote2- Sarah
Quote1I think we should give him space for now. It'd be a mistake to go on and on at him, he said wait until after the immunity challenge.Quote2- Tia
Quote1That doesn't mean we cant plant some seeds now though.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1How?Quote2- Olivia
Quote1Stir up some trouble, make out that Eli and crew are the threats to win.Quote2- Razzy

Danni somewhat overhears the group, and decides to question them.

Quote1Why are you guys talking strategy?Quote2- Danni
Quote1Because we can...Quote2- Sarah
Quote1I just think its funny that you guys are using Tia's birthday as an excuse not to work, because you want the "day off"... Yet your happy to sit there talking strategy, if you can do that and your happy to play this game then you should be able to get some water for the tribe... right?Quote2- Danni
Quote1Well what the hell are you doing Danni? Sitting in the shelter... Exactly! Exactly! You aint doin' nothing either! So get off your high horse!Quote2- Sarah
Quote1Ummmm no... I'm on a break. Teddy just said I could go on one and I'm using it. Unlike you I've actually been working today.Quote2- Danni

Sarah and Danni begin to bicker, clearly showing their disliking for one another. Tia eventually gets involved, telling Danni that she needs to stop causing problems, to which Danni responds by saying she is simply speaking the truth, and that the four of them cant accept that.

Sarah is horrid... We haven't liked each other for the whole time we've been together. The only way to have someone like her like you is to sit around and gossip about people. I'm slightly frightened as to what I'm becoming, it's like normal nice Danni is out the window and I'm becoming this tough... monster... It's scary that this is what living with Sarah does to you.


Danni is just awful. She did nothing but cry with her old friend and as soon as we got that waste of space out she's been a bitter b***h. She goes after Ben, she goes after Uri, now she's after me and Tia. Well it stops NOW. She can head the hell home because we're sick of her!


Razzy decides to attempt to plant seeds in Teddy's head, discretely walking over to talk with him.

Quote1It sucks to see people fighting huh?Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Yeah, I'm dead tired of it now. It's like we stuck sixteen of the most confrontational humans together to see what happened.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1It sucks because I actually agree with Danni... We need to work harder... It's kind of hard to argue with someone like her (laughs)Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Someone like her?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Yeah man... You know... Like... She's nice, strong and good in this game... We know she has a lot of friends around here and I guess we're just all jealous...Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Right... You really think she has lots of friends? And that she's strong?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Yeah, look what she's overcome since mergingQuote2- Danni
Planted the seed. Praying to God that this can work out now. If it doesn't then it's just my time to go, I cant argue with that.


One of the problems that arise when you work with someone like Danni, Alice or Eli... Is that they're all liked... Where as Olivia, Sarah, Razzy and Tia have strong clear faults about them. I didn't want to think much about strategy since last tribal but I have no choice, if I want to win the game I have to constantly think about the game. Maybe working with the three I joined last tribal isn't wise, I could definitely see them outlasting me in the long run, and easily beating me at the end.


Eli and Alice sit together fishing, discussing their friendship as opposed to the game, which they feel isn't going anywhere other then a likely tie at the next tribal.

Quote1It's great that I've managed to find people in this game like Danni, Eric and others I can get along with. But I just wanted to say I am so happy that I got to meet you, you have kept me going in this game when I felt low and I feel together we've done so much we can be proud of.Quote2- Alice
Quote1I totally agree, I mean whodda thought that the southern dumbass and the smart doctor from the city would end up as the duo? (laughs)Quote2- Eli
Eli has been my rock in this game. I can say it a hundred times and people wont understand how much we've needed each other. I couldn't have got this far without him, and neither him without me. I would give him contact details but the only place he'd be able to write it down is a leaf, and we don't want Sarah getting hold of my contact details (laughs)


Today was a nice day... I think I've decided that winning isn't much to me anymore, as strange as that sounds I'm happy with how I've played, and I'm happy with I've found a lifelong friend in Alice. I hope that in the future we can stay friends, and maybe she can come and visit on the ranch one day, I can go visit her in the city. Of course I'd have to get a change of clothes, I don't want to walk in looking like Woody the cowboy while everyone else is in fancy suits. I was excited to hear Alice saying "y'all" the other day too, she's picking up a little country after hangin' with me.


Day 27

The tribe receive tree mail informing them that they will be facing their third immunity challenge. Tia, Sarah, Olivia and Razzy discuss the challenge, noting that it serves little importance as to who wins, as their votes will be going to either Alice, Eli or Danni. Sarah feels as if she is in trouble, noting that she would like to win immunity to avoid the other four putting her into the tie that she expects will occur. Alice, Eli and Danni also feel little to no importance as to who wins, expecting the same tie that the other group expect. Teddy however, wants to win the challenge, not wanting to take any chances, knowing that things can easily change in the game, as shown by the last two eliminations.

I have a feeling that the other three, maybe even Teddy, want me out of this game. To win immunity would guarantee my safety, something I really need right now.


It don't matter that I don't feel either side want me out, because we know how easily things turn in this game. I am going out today playing as hard as I can, because safety tonight is paramount that I make it through these next few tribal councils, ensuring I can get to the end of this game. Once I'm safe, then I'll start to think as to how I'll be voting at this upcoming tribal.


Challenge: Squared Off
The castaways started on a square and moved one square at a time. As they moved, they had to flip over the square they were just on. Each castaway would go until they could no longer move. Last person standing wins immunity.
Winner: Teddy

Immunity Challenge: Squared Off
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Castaway Teddy Borneo
Olivia Borneo
Tia Borneo
Danni Borneo
Sarah Borneo
Razzy Borneo
Alice Borneo
Eli Borneo

Rattana return to camp, with Teddy pleased that he has managed to win immunity. Danni feels concerned with how the challenge went, with Eli and Alice being targeted by the others, and Teddy not siding with Danni's side, and instead playing on his own and somewhat helping to trap Danni, causing her to lose the challenge.

This challenge was really telling in that everyone helped their own side, trapping people from the other... alliance. Teddy seems to still be taking his position in the middle, for some reason actually leaning more towards helping out Olivia and Tia in the challenge.


Quote1Did you guys see Teddy in that challenge?Quote2- Danni
Quote1What that he won?Quote2- Eli
Quote1No that he abandoned us. The other four stuck together and went for us, apart from Teddy, who they let win. You don't think they're trying to...Quote2- Danni
Quote1Sway him over? Probably. But if he goes it was on his own accord. He was on the other side of the board to us anyway, its not like he could jump over to us without screwing himself.Quote2- Alice

Danni walks over on her own in order to get Teddy on his own, but Tia refuses to leave Teddy alone for them to talk, instead stating that she and Teddy are going to chat in private. Danni and Tia begin to bicker over talking to Teddy, but are interrupted by a snake which has found its way into the camp. Tia backs away from the snake, leaving Teddy to deal with it. Tia decides to take the snake as a sign.

I believe God is good and he is gracious, and I have asked him for strength in this game. Me and Razzy be prayin' to him asking for a way to get back into this game. Today a snake comes into our camp... Funny how the snake comes over just as Danni does. In my opinion, Danni is the snake. Now Teddy removed the snake, this is definitely a sign that tonight we need to vote for Danni, and that Teddy will help us. I don't normally let fate or signs control my game but to me this is one we cant ignore, voting for Eli or Alice would be a mistake, it has to be Danni. She is the 'snake', and it has to go, Karma's a bizzle.


Tia, Razzy, Olivia and Sarah get together and discuss the vote, with Tia mentioning that they should vote for Danni, later explaining about the snake and that it is a sign. Razzy laughs, but agrees to vote for her. Olivia also agrees, hoping to get Teddy on side. Sarah is happy on the vote, but confused on the reasoning.

So Tia says we voting out Danni and I thought that was fine... Then she says it's because God gave her a sign by sending a snake into the camp. Like hello this is Borneo there are snakes everywhere. I believe in God but I'm certain he doesn't give a f**k about something as insignificant as Danni and her removal in the game.


Danni speaks with Teddy, stating that they should vote out Sarah, due to the problems she causes at camp and that things will genuinely get easier once she goes. After speaking with Danni, Teddy is approached by Tia, who states that they should vote out Danni, due to the fact she is a threat to win the game, and that to keep her or to stick with Eli and Alice would be foolish, as he is handing one of them the win. Teddy seems to be considering his options, believing both to have positives and negatives.

Tonight at tribal council I face another tough decision. I'm not enjoying becoming the swing vote as it means I annoy groups of individuals. I can go with Danni, Eli and Alice... Who are more trustworthy in my opinion, but definitely stronger competition. I'd probably end up with fourth place if I go with them. Or I can go with the other four, guaranteeing me at least fifth place... Maybe only fifth place. They're easier to beat, but I'd most definitely be at the bottom, unless they stupidly allow me to infiltrate them. Because the four consists of two duos they'd likely both look to me at the final five... But that raises an issue of me annoying two more people, on top of three if I vote against Danni tonight. (shakes his head)... You can see I've become some sort of strategic mess today in that all I can think about is the game... I might just rely on challenges after tonight because it's the only way I can truly make the end. Do I go with those who aren't as loyal and easier to beat, or the tougher competition who will keep me guaranteed to the final few... It's horrible... Jesus I miss sitting with Larry talking about cigars... (laughs)


At tribal council the group look at Uri, who walks in clean shaven as the first jury member. He glares at Eli as he sits, while Eli smiles and shakes his head. When asked about the tribe they confirm that a split is definitely in existence, with things much clearer then they have been throughout the game. Sarah mentions that it's simply two sides fighting to get the upper hand, and that which ever side does will likely make up the last few in the game, everyone nods their heads at this statement, including Danni. When asked who she thinks the biggest game player is, Tia mentions Danni, as she has flipped in the game and constantly looks for ways to antagonize others. Danni shakes her head, stating "pot calling the kettle black", as she is the one antagonizing people. Tia bursts out exclaiming why race is being brought into it, causing everyone to burst out laughing, while Tia looks confused. Teddy shakes his head, acting in the same manner as he has done at the previous tribal, taking notes in order to pick a side. Alice talks about work ethic, stating that the "other four" don't pitch in and help, making them appear unlikeable in comparison to "her four", causing Razzy to butt in, proclaiming that it "isn't four but three", as Teddy is clearly on the bottom. Eli then mentions that if Teddy was with the other group he would be on the bottom too. Olivia then states "they're not denying it", in response to Eli not stating Teddy wasn't on the bottom. When asked who feels in danger, everyone puts their hands up, apart from Teddy, who wears the necklace. When asked what they feel the outcome will be, all the players say a tie, as they would be surprised if anyone had the bravery to flip. When the votes come in, Teddy proves he has the guts, viewing Alice, Eli and Danni too strong to go to the end with, sending Danni home in a 5-3 vote, as Danni leaves she seems visually disappointed in the outcome, wiping her eyes as her torch is put out. Alice and Eli look shocked, with Alice turning to Eli and saying "back in the bottom old buddy", before burying her face in his shoulder. Teddy purses his lips, not responding to the thanks Razzy, Tia, Olivia and Sarah give him, wondering if his decision was a wise one.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Danni Borneo
Danni (5 votes)
Olivia BorneoRazzy BorneoSarah Borneo
Teddy BorneoTia Borneo
Olivia, Razzy, Sarah, Teddy & Tia
Sarah Borneo
Sarah (3 votes)
Alice BorneoDanni BorneoEli Borneo
Alice, Danni & Eli
Danni Borneo Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Sarah, tonight I hope its you. You have this attitude that is just unpleasant. But good luck and I hope you've enjoyed your time out here.


After I don't know how many days I'm so thankful to be writing your name down for a SECOND time. This time I hope its final.


We haven't really spoke, you seem a bit reluctant to talk to me... Say hi to Uri if you see him.


I hope that the work I've put into these last few days pays off, if it doesn't then at least I can say I tried.


Danni, you're a cool chick. It's a shame we only got to work together for one round. Shame to lose someone so fine. Catch you later.


Bitter is the word that just epitomizes you. Sore loser.


This is not a vote that is in any way personal. It is not because you flipped on me before, it is not because you put me in this position to begin with. It is because you are one of the biggest threats in this game, along with Alice and Eli. The three of you have fought so hard, and to go up against you in the end would be pointless, as you would surely wipe the floor with me. Take this as a compliment, because it truly is one.


I have grown to dislike you these last few days. When I first met you I thought you was really cool and sweet, how wrong I was. Goodbye.


Final Words

Sucks to go home. I made a big move a few rounds ago in getting rid of Ben, its a shame I couldn't do the same for other people I disliked. I don't want to see Tia, Sarah or Olivia do well because all three of them are quite nasty individuals, particularly Tia who is showing her true colors. I'm guessing Teddy flipped on me, I'm disappointed but not angry. I cant condemn him for that, it'd be pot kettle black... Oh wait I don't want to make it a race issue do I (laughs)... I've enjoyed my time out here and I want to wish my friends still in the game luck! Love you all.


Still In The Running

Alice Borneo
Eli Borneo
Eric Borneo Eliminated
Julia Borneo Eliminated
Mandy Borneo Eliminated
Razzy Borneo
Tia Borneo
Uri Borneo Eliminated
Andrew Borneo Eliminated
Ben Borneo Eliminated
Danni Borneo Eliminated
Larry Borneo Eliminated
Ola Borneo Eliminated
Olivia Borneo
Sarah Borneo
Teddy Borneo