"Just the Right Level of Arrogant"
Amazon Ep 7
Season Survivor: The Amazon
Episode Number 7/13 (072)
First Broadcast April 12, 2018
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Just the Right Level of Arrogant is the seventh episode of Survivor: The Amazon.


Day 18 (Night)

The four remaining Tambaqui members return to camp after a heated tribal council that saw youngest player Ceri ousted from the tribe. Hall jokes about the events of the night as the group sit inside the shelter, wanting to make light of the awkward atmosphere.

Tonight was not a nice experience for any of us, because it exposed how quickly things can change in this game, and how one second you're safe and the next you're watching your torch go out. I ultimately made the choice to go with Hall and Mayson because they do have the better connections for the suspected merge, and I partly gave in to Mayson's childish threats that he'd side against us should we have voted for Hall.


Quote1I'm glad that as a four we can stick together, and take control of this merge.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Absolutely.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1And hopefully this is the final four here...Quote2- Delma
Quote1We'll see... but I'm happy for that if we can make it. We've just got to get Isaiah and Veronica.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1And we go after Neasa, Sheamus and Jenn first.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Neasa should definitely be our first target. She's extremely intelligent, and between her and Jenn there's about a kilometre of brain cells.Quote2- Delma
My game tonight was put to the test, and thankfully I outlasted Ceri, who proved himself to be an untrustworthy rat. Myself and Mayson are in complete control right now, because we've got an alliance with Delma and Edweena, as well as an all-male thing going on with the three guys on Tambaqui. The only people right now we have no link to is Neasa and Jenn, so I'd like to get them out first so that no one in the game has any reason to be voting for us... I'm the perfect example of how you play Survivor, man.


The group head to sleep, excited to see if by the morning the speculated merge will arrive, taking them into the individual phase of the game.

Day 19


The group are awakened with the delivery of tree mail, raising the apprehension in camp as to whether or not the groups will finally merge into one. The group go as a six to collect the mail, wanting to all be present to read out its contents. Fredrick opens the basket, pulling out a single key, which the group quickly realise is for their locked box that both tribes arrived with on Day 1.

We wake up today and we're all feeling ready to get our individual games on, and we find the key to the mysterious box that both tribe had in our crates from the first day. Being an eternal optimist I figured we'd open it up and there would be new buffs or some sort of food in there... I mean the food would have to be long lasting, but I thought something cool was going to be uncovered.


The group open up the box, finding a single scroll of paper inside, leaving them in somewhat disappointed silence.

Quote1Oh... let down.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1What does it say?Quote2- Veronica
Quote1'You started as men and women, then mixed it up for fun. For those who survived nineteen days, it's time to live as one. Paddle to your new location, leave your old life behind. Take your water, machete and personal pack. For a brand new world, you're about to find.'Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1... It's a merge people!Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Wait, by new life does it mean we've got to build everything again? For f**k sake...Quote2- Fredrick
To read the words 'live as one' spurred everyone into action. We've been desperate to get out of the tribal phase and get into the individual game for a while now, but because Jaburu was doing so well I think none of us would've been to disappointed should we have been forced to keep knocking Tambaqui down.


Quote1My nerves are suddenly going out of control.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Same! I don't want to see our winning streak end.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Well, we could always keep knocking them out...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1I'd love to (laughs)Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Who do we think just missed out from their tribe? Edweena or Delma?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1I'd say Edweena.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Maybe they figured there would be a merge next and decided to take out the attorney?Quote2- Fredrick
We don't know what to expect when we come together with Tambaqui. Us guys have got an alliance of sorts set up, but obviously with recent events Sheamus and Isaiah have become... invested... in Neasa and Jenn. I've got a good relationship with Veronica, so I'm going to keep my vote free for now, and I'll make sure whatever happens I'm on the right side of the numbers.



The Tambaqui tribe read through the same scroll as their competitors, excited to finally reach the merge and get out of their endless losing streak.

Quote1'For a brand new world, you're about to find.'Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Finally, thank God.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1We're out of here...Quote2- Delma
Quote1I just hope there's some sort of food waiting for us, man.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Don't you start... (laughs)Quote2- Delma
I am ecstatic to have made the merge. Myself, Veronica and Edweena are the three older women out here, and the three oldest players this season... and we're all still here. We've overcome so much stigma about older women playing these physical games, and I think we've once again proved all the doubters wrong.


Quote1If they ask why Ceri and Jayla got the boot, should we just say Jayla asked to go and Ceri was stirring up problems? Keep them from guessing that the four of us are working closely?Quote2- Delma
Quote1I think that would be best. But only mention it if they ask, don't push it too much to look like we're lying.Quote2- Mayson
Going to the last two tribal councils has undoubtedly made us strong as a foursome that Jaburu could possibly be. We've had to test our loyalties to one another, and they haven't... they'll be doubting any deals they've made in the past week. Our losses have given us an edge going into the merge.


The group head out to their boat, glad to leave the Tambaqui camp and to start the next stage of the game.

I've been at Tambaqui nineteen days, but I'm happy to see the last of it. I've reached this next point, and it'll really test how strong we all are, and see the weak ones taken out.


The Merge

The two tribes paddle in on their respective boats, exiting and standing opposite Jeff on their tribe mats. Jeff informs the group that after nineteen days they will become one single tribe, living together at a new campsite which they must build up from scratch. Jeff ushers the group of ten onto a new single boat, handing them ten new red buffs as he does so. The group once again paddle away, heading towards their new camp to officially begin life as one tribe.

When we all got onto the boat, it finally hit me that we were now one tribe, and all the scheming will officially begin. If people thought the last nineteen days of gaming was tough, then I think they'll be the first to fall in the coming days. As we got to the new camp, I looked over at my Jaburu tribe, and then towards Delma and Edweena, who I'm certainly not happy to see again. There's no hiding for me here, and I'm going to work fast to make sure the older women don't get a taste for the same power they enjoyed during the first days at Jaburu.


The group see a large clearing ahead of them, with an array of food and drinks laid out for their enjoyment as a celebration of the merge. The ten remaining contestants sit around the picnic area, helping themselves to the first large meal of the game so far.

There was so much good stuff there for us. We had sandwiches, condiments, chips, soda, beer... literally everything we've been crying out for the past three weeks.


Quote1You finally happy to eat Hall?Quote2- Delma
Quote1I am... so... freaking... happy, man.Quote2- Hall
Quote1He hasn't shut up the past week about the food he wants to eat... (laughs)Quote2- Edweena
Quote1Nice to hear he was just as much a pain in the ass with you girls as he was with us.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Hey, screw you man...Quote2- Hall
Quote1(laughs) I missed you buddy.Quote2- Isaiah
The feast was a nice way for all of us to chill, and just take in some good conversation and food. But we're all sat there scoping each other out, not sure what is the right thing to say and who is on your side anymore. This game is now individual... Jeff said just that, but you've gotta have a group to get through. I want to link back up with Mayson and Hall, but I don't know whether they're now working with the old ladies... and it's hard to get a feel from sitting together as a group because everyone's acting at that point.


The group spend up to an hour enjoying themselves, with many eager to continue the first taste of relaxation since arriving in the Amazon. However, Delma and Veronica become keen to get to work on the shelter, not wanting to waste the daylight they have left.

I think a few of us were somewhat taken aback by Delma and Veronica, both standing and packing up the remaining food and drink so that the rest of us would start building. As much as I agreed with their goal of building the shelter, I think their way of going about it could have more finesse. This is the first chance the whole group has of seeing one another together, and anyone making themselves stand out isn't doing our alliance any favours.


Quote1We should use the ice to keep the food cool.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1What about the beer?Quote2- Hall
Quote1You'll have warm beer...Quote2- Veronica
Quote1Well I'd like to use some of the ice on the beers...Quote2- Hall
Quote1To be honest, the beer shouldn't be a priority.Quote2- Fredrick
People spent time bickering about what to do with the ice and leftovers. Some people wanted to keep the beers cool, and others thought it wasn't a priority. I'm probably more on the side of keeping the food cool, but I don't see why we couldn't throw some beers in there too.


Delma decides to take leadership of the group, suggesting that they spread across the new campsite in order to get as much work done before sundown. Veronica, Sheamus, Mayson and Isaiah are selected to join Delma in building the shelter, whilst the others are picked to collect supplies and weave palm fronds.

Of course Delma decided to take over in her dictatorial style, telling one half to join her and the rest of us to do something else. I don't mind her doing this so much now that we've merged, because it'll just make it easier to vote her out first. But, I just hope that no one is intimidated into siding with her.


Those building the shelter work quickly and efficiently together, getting a large portion of the shelter complete so that the group can guarantee themselves a dry and comfortable night. During the building, Sheamus and Isaiah spend time talking with Delma, wanting to get to know one of the two individuals they've yet to live with so far.

I haven't heard the most positive things about Delma from Jenn and Neasa, and I saw for myself today that she can be quite a bossy individual. But it's always important to talk to someone for yourself and get to form your own opinion on them. I actually found her pretty friendly, and being an attorney it's in her nature to be a forceful woman.


Quote1So you're not a model?Quote2- Delma
Quote1(laughs) No...Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1You should definitely consider it. You younger guys are handsome and need to embrace it. It'll make a lot of money these days too.Quote2- Delma
Quote1That's sweet of you to suggest, but I'm not into having cameras pointed at me.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Hence why you're on Survivor... (laughs)Quote2- Delma
The building exercise allowed me to get a good read on my competition that I haven't met in this game. Isaiah and Sheamus both seem like nice enough young men, but the vibe I get off them is one that is uncomfortable on their part. There's no doubt that the past week Neasa and Jenn have poisoned their minds and opinions on myself and Eddie, and it'll be too tough for me to undo those misconceptions before the next tribal council. So, my plan as of now is to continue with my alliance, and to hope that either Isaiah or Fredrick will come over to our group... but that'll only happen if Hall and Mayson are able to pull one of them in like they've been claiming to be able to do.


Later on that evening, the group relax inside their newly built shelter, although taking drastically different methods to find their relaxation. Delma, Edweena, Fredrick, Mayson, Sheamus and Veronica lay sleeping, whilst Jenn, Neasa, Hall and Isaiah sit up drinking beers and socialising.

Quote1I'm just mad I didn't have you two on my team... because you are both smokin' hot.Quote2- Hall
Quote1(laughs) I know, right?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Are you single?Quote2- Hall
Quote1Am I single?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Yeah...Quote2- Hall
Quote1Maybe.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1You gotta watch out brother... Sheamus has made claim to that ass.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1No one is or will be 'claiming' me.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Guess I'll have to vote Sheamus out then... (laughs)Quote2- Hall

The foursome continue joking amongst themselves, becoming louder and louder as the alcohol starts to kick in. Neasa eventually pressures Isaiah and Jenn to share a kiss, telling them that she wants to be "entertained", which they comply to. Hall screams as the two kiss, laughing and clapping his hands, telling Neasa that she's "a manipulator". The noise ultimately wakes several tribe members, causing Veronica to turn and tell the four to "have some consideration".

I'm not a young woman, and I can't deal with just one to two hours sleep per night. I don't want to stay up laughing and talking trash with these younger people. They have no thought for anyone in this game, and I'm becoming tired of how they all behave. Hopefully by the time we get to our first tribal council, we can vote for Neasa and get her out of this tribe, and pull the boys' heads out their asses.


Day 20

Veronica and Delma get up early to paint the tribes new merged flag, having selected a name for the new group.

Our new tribe is called 'Jacaré', which is Portuguese for alligator. I feel like I'm the one building this new camp so I suppose it's fitting I should also name it and decorate the flag...


The group slowly start getting up, wanting to ensure their camp is fully completed by midday. A majority of the tribe compliment Delma and Veronica's work, glad to see that the tribe flag has been completed.

Quote1Looking good ladies...Quote2- Hall
Quote1Thank you kind sir...Quote2- Delma
Quote1Because you've been so helpful, I'll go and get us the water for today...Quote2- Hall
Quote1Don't hurt yourselfQuote2- Delma
Quote1(laughs) I'll try not to...Quote2- Hall

Hall gets Isaiah to come and help him, with the pair heading down to collect the tribes water for boiling. On the way, Hall decides to try and quiz Isaiah to see whether they will be working together now the groups have merged.

Quote1You and I are still good, right?Quote2- Hall
Quote1Absolutely... us guys are all good still.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Who are we thinking to go first? Neasa?Quote2- Hall
Quote1Nah, probably Delma.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Why her?Quote2- Hall
Quote1Because Neasa and Jenn are pretty much on their own, so Sheamus and I kinda pulled them in and now we're tight, y'know.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Wait, you guys are serious about all that? Man...Quote2- Hall
Isaiah was my main target in who I would pull into this new alliance we set up after the swap, but it's proving more difficult than I thought it would be. He has become strangely tight with Sheamus, Jenn and Neasa... and he wants to vote Delma out of here. I don't know how I'll go about getting through this, but it's gonna be tough... because it leaves a group of five and a group of four, and the only person who I'm not certain on is Fredrick.


Upon returning to camp, Hall takes Mayson to one side, relaying to him the information he learnt off Isaiah, now doubting that they would be able to bring him over into their new alliance.

Quote1He said they're basically working with the girls now?Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Yeah. I mean, he still thinks you and I will be with them, but that's sketching bro...Quote2- Hall
Quote1It'll just put us at the bottom... Maybe we ask Fredrick about the dynamics?Quote2- Mayson
Quote1From what I can see, Fred is on the bottom of that group there. If anyone is coming with us it's him... the only other option is we go with them and hope to turn it at a later time. Play it safe...Quote2- Hall
Quote1(sighs) This could've been so much simpler.Quote2- Mayson
Myself and Hall did think coming into the merge that we held a lot of the power, and as it stands we do have five votes on our side. But in a group of ten we need at least six to create a majority, and I think both of us really want to feel safer than we now do. I'm second guessing whether or not the Tambaqui alliance is the right place for me to be... or if going back to the boys group would be the best thing, but that means sticking the knife into Delma and Edweena after they helped us out at the last vote.


Back at camp, Fredrick, Edweena and Veronica sit talking by the fire, leaving Sheamus and Neasa lying together in the shelter. Sheamus rubs Neasa's hair as they talk, combining their mutual flirting with a game play talk, wanting to plan ahead for the first merged tribal council.

Quote1You're still okay with voting Delma?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Yeah... and Veronica can be backup.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1To be honest, I'm fine with either of them leaving. But I just think it would be funnier if Delma missed out on the jury.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(laughs) You really don't like her, do you?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1No, she's a horrible old bint. They were arrogant when they had power over me, and now it's shifted I'm going to enjoy it. Line them up and off with their heads... one-two-three... all in a row.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1You're like the Queen of Hearts out here.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1If she was a hundred pounds lighter and better looking, then sure... (laughs)Quote2- Neasa
I'm really looking forward to the next tribal council, because it's my first opportunity to try out my new found power in the game. We have a majority of the votes on our side, and it'll be easy to pick off Delma or Veronica first. I despise having them around, especially when they spend every waking moment trying to micromanage everything... or complain about how some of us behave. Last night, Veronica tried to hush us when we were socialising... the funny thing is she sees sleep as a priority in a social game, and I know that the social bonds I create will be what get me ahead of her. Maybe if she spent less time sleeping and more time trying to make friends... she'd actually have some.


Quote1Are you not worried if we keep lying like this they'll come after us?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1I could flip my hair off my shoulder and I'd have Delma accusing me of trying to prostitute myself to you boys... the target is already on me, and I'm not going to hide from it now. I'm going to enjoy myself every second...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1I just don't want things to go against us... even when I see Fred sitting with them I get a bit paranoid.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Then make sure later on, you and him have some guy on guy time, and reel him back in. Maybe I'll wash his hair again... remind him why he should keep me... (laughs)Quote2- Neasa
Neasa is extremely relaxed about everything right now, and it is both a turn on and extremely worrying. Her confidence in her ability to play this game is huge, but I don't want it to turn into an arrogance that causes her or I to go home.


Over by the fire, Edweena and Veronica take the opportunity to speak with Fredrick, able to do so without interruptions due to a majority of the group being away from camp.

Quote1Have you thought about how you might vote?Quote2- Edweena
Quote1Of course. Anyone who says they haven't is a flat out liar at this stage.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Can we ask who you're thinking of voting?Quote2- Veronica
Quote1Right now it does look like Delma, but things can change at the drop of a dime. You're voting Jenn or Neasa?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Neasa, if she doesn't win tomorrow.Quote2- Veronica
Getting someone from Jaburu to vote alongside us three women, Hall and Mayson is critical if we're to be a successful alliance. Delma had told me that Isaiah was their main goal, but I told them that of the men it would be Fredrick who is the best to go after... as he and I have a solid relationship, and he's clearly frustrated with Neasa's behaviour.


Quote1Honestly, I'd much rather see her go than Delma... Delma gets things done...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1And she'll always be a bigger target than any of us.Quote2- Veronica
Quote1She's the perfect shield to keep around (laughs) ... But I just don't see how the votes can change.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1If you vote Neasa tomorrow, she goes home. We'll have six...Quote2- Veronica
Quote1Who are the other two?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Hall and Mayson... when we said Jayla asked to go and Ceri caused issues, that wasn't completely true. As a foursome we agreed to work together, on the notion that when we merged we would get Veronica and one of you guys to join a group of six.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1Wow... okay... this is starting to sound good then.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1After the challenge tomorrow, we all just need to come together and agree, and the six of us can control the outcome of this game.Quote2- Veronica

As the conversation closes, the others return to camp, leading the group to celebrate their now complete shelter by having a group meal, consuming the remaining food and drink from the previous day.

Day 21

The tribe head out of camp in order to face their first individual immunity challenge, excited as to what the new competition will be. With two sides preparing to go to war together, everyone is determined to win the necklace, wanting to guarantee they wont be the first casualty of a cutthroat individual game.

I'm unsure as to how the votes; or more importantly my own vote, will go tonight. Delma and Neasa are the two names floating around, and I suspect that somehow we're all at risk because of the complicated layer of relationships that have been built over three weeks. I don't stand much of a chance because the challenges aren't always to my strengths, but I'm going to give it my all and hope I can relax tonight.


I've been told that one group of individuals is coming after me tonight, and I want to spoil their plans by winning the necklace. I have faith in my group that I do have at least half the tribe supporting me, but I don't want to take any chances.


Upon reaching the challenge, Jeff informs the group that they will each be stood on a narrow perch above the river, with the last person standing being granted individual immunity from the first merged tribal council. Each of the ten players take their spots, with their excitement growing after Jeff reveals that there will be "temptations" offered throughout the course of the challenge.

Quote1You've been out here now ten minutes. The sun is beaming down... could be a long challenge.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yo, if you bring me a steak and a cold beer... I'm off this thing.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Hall, you're saying you'd step down for steak?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1And beer, yeah.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Unfortunately, no steak coming...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1F**k...Quote2- Hall

At the thirty minute mark, Jeff comes out holding a large glass of milk, along with a plate full of chocolate cookies. Several tribe members show interest, debating whether it is worth giving up immunity for the reward.

Quote1If you want this, you can jump down now.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I'll take it... (jumps)Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Captain America out first... I'm shocked!Quote2- Hall
Quote1I'll join him...Quote2- Edweena
Quote1No, don't...Quote2- Veronica
Quote1My knees are shaking... if I stay I risk getting nothing...Quote2- Edweena

Edweena jumps off her perch, swimming over to the river cruiser and joining Sheamus in the temptation. Ten minutes later, the sky above the contestants quickly turns dark, with a sudden downpour making the challenge even more difficult. As the wind picks up, Jenn opts to jump from her perch, finding it too strenuous to put up with. Moments later, Delma tries to readjust her pants leg, causing her to lose her footing and fall into the river, much to Neasa's pleasure.

Quote1In about fifteen seconds you guys will have been out here for an hour. I promised you something interesting... We've got the rain making it more tempting to get down.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Whatever it is I want it... I want out.Quote2- Hall
Quote1I think I'm done too... I'm so cold.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1It's a piping hot pizza!Quote2- Jeff Probst

Almost instantaneously, Hall and Neasa jump down from their perches, followed soon after by Fredrick, who gives in to the physical hunger he is experiencing. Fifty minutes later, once the rain has died down, Jeff once again brings out a temptation, offering the three remaining contestants a large plate of buffalo wings and a blue cheese dip. Mayson decides to take the deal, claiming that he feels "safe enough". At two hours and forty minutes, Jeff brings out a final temptation, offering Veronica and Isaiah a large bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.

Quote1Nah he done bring out the pasta...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1(sighs) What do you want to do?Quote2- Veronica
Quote1I want the necklace...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1So do I...Quote2- Veronica
Quote1You want the food?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Veronica
Quote1Rock, paper, scissors? Winner picks necklace or food?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1I'm okay with that... on three?Quote2- Veronica
Quote1One...Quote2- Isaiah

Isaiah reveals paper, whilst Veronica reveals rock, giving Isaiah the choice. Isaiah claims the necklace, leaving Veronica to jump in the water and take the food. As Veronica enjoys her food, Jeff places the necklace onto Isaiah, granting him safety and a guaranteed spot in the final nine.
Challenge: Perch
The survivors must stand on a perch as long as they can, while certain food items are offered to tempt them to bail out. Furthermore, they cannot touch the perch's structure. Last person left standing wins immunity.
Winner: Isaiah

Immunity Challenge: Perch
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Time Elapsed 2 hr 40 mins 1 hr 50 mins 1 hr 45 mins 30 mins
Castaway Isaiah Amazon
Veronica Amazon
Mayson Amazon
Fredrick Amazon
Hall Amazon
Neasa Amazon
Delma Amazon
Jenn Amazon
Edweena Amazon
Sheamus Amazon


The final ten return to camp with Isaiah the only individual with guaranteed safety at the upcoming tribal council. The group congratulate Isaiah, with some lamenting at their failure to win anything during the immunity challenge.

Quote1I can't believe I got nothing...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1You gave up! That's why!Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1It was raining!Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Well, I didn't get nothing either. Can't say I'm not pissed about it though.Quote2- Delma
Today's challenge was great for quite a few reasons. Firstly, Isaiah won... which means that no one we would be targeting is now safe. Secondly, Delma actually managed to fall off her perch and won nothing. It's cruel of me but I couldn't help but laugh, and it's a fitting last day for her to spend out here. A few people asked me why I gave up so easily, and the reason is that I knew I wouldn't last much longer up there. I had no shot of winning, so I wanted to at least come out of the challenge with something.


As the tribe begin to scatter around, Veronica pulls Fredrick, Mayson, Edweena and Delma over to one side, wanting to confirm that the five of them (plus Hall) will be targeting Neasa in the vote.

Quote1We're all voting Neasa, correct?Quote2- Veronica
Quote1Yep...Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1That's it then, the six of us vote for her, and she's gone.Quote2- Delma
Quote1You're okay with it now, Fred?Quote2- Veronica
Quote1Uh, yeah. I mean if we've got six then there's no issue.Quote2- Fredrick
Neasa gave up too easily today, and I think her arrogance has blinded her to the reality of this tribe. She's getting six guaranteed votes tonight, and I don't think she has a clue it's happening... (laughs)


Whilst collecting water, Hall, Sheamus and Isaiah talk about the upcoming vote, wanting to work out whether or not they'll be on the same side in the battle between the older and younger women.

Things are going crazy at camp, and it's pretty much a fight between the old girls and the models, and they're asking red blooded males which side of the vote they're going to fall on. I mean, it doesn't take a genius to know where I'll be going ... but either way, I'm glad to be wearing this necklace tonight, so I can sit back and just do my thing.


Quote1So what we all sayin' about tonight?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Uh... I don't know.Quote2- Hall
Quote1'Cos yesterday you was on Neasa, and I'm just wondering if you're changing your mind or anything.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1I think it's best we all vote Delma... she's annoyed the two girls, and if we take her out tonight then us five guys can just go all the way to the end together.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Uh, it's tough man... I like Delma a lot, and she was one of the people to tell me when Ceri was scheming so I don't want to immediately screw her. I mean I'll vote her out whenever after tonight, I just don't want to be like 'thanks' then shove her out of the camp.Quote2- Hall
Quote1From what we're hearing though, a majority of us are going for Delma, and it'll be best for you and Mayson to just jump on that.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Right, I would just find it hard to vote for her or Edweena after what we had to go through on Tambaqui.Quote2- Hall
Sheamus and Isaiah are both firm on voting for Delma tonight, and there's no budging either of them. It sucks because I had banked on Isaiah being the one to come over to give us the majority, but now I'm unsure if he's now more Team Sheamus than Team Hall... I'm going to have to go back to my Tambaqui members and see what we're going to do, because an even split isn't going to cut it tonight.


An hour later, Sheamus' alliance gather by the shallow water, wanting to confirm between the five of them who the vote will be. During the conversation, the group take turns trying to solidify Fredrick as one of their members, having sensed his uncertainty about which side he will join.

Fredrick was my closest ally in this game, and to a degree he still is, but lately he's been somewhat down and dragging his feet around behind him as he walks. It's frustrating because in my mind he doesn't get involved in our group, but acts as if he's being purposely excluded. It's paramount that he votes with us tonight, or else we'll lose Neasa and likely be taken out one after the other...


Quote1If we're just a five though, how can we have any hope? Hall and Mayson seem more with them anyway...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1They'll come around, they want the all boys thing more.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1They're asking me to vote with them against Neasa though, and they seem more put together about it.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1So wait, Hall isn't voting with us? Neither is Mayson?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1No, Hall said he wouldn't feel comfortable voting Edweena or Delma...Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1What about Veronica?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1He didn't say anything about her.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Tell him to vote her then, and we'll do it too...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Wait, we're now changing?Quote2- Isaiah
Sometimes I feel like people aren't as game savvy as I would like them to be, and I have to force ideas onto the group. If someone says they won't vote two out of the three of our targets, you offer them a vote against the third person! It's not rocket science. In future I'll just do all the work for these boys, because clearly they can't win this game without me... (laughs and shakes her head)


Sheamus and Isaiah leave to try and speak to Hall and Mayson, with Jenn telling Fredrick to stay with them by the shallow water, wanting to ensure that he stays apart of their five. After talking for several minutes, Fredrick admits to the girls that he feels like "the fifth member" of their alliance, which they assure him he isn't.

Quote1If anything, Jenn and I are the ones at the bottom here. We're two girls without much say, and if Hall and Mayson come back to you guys I'm sure you'll all want to bro-down... or whatever it is you guys do.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Nah, I think Sheamus and Isaiah will both want to protect you girls the most.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Frankly, if it makes you more comfortable, I wouldn't plan on going to the end of this game with someone like Sheamus... I think we all know how well liked he is, and it may bite me in the butt saying this to you... but if it came down to our group, he'd be the first person I'd look to be voting against. Trust me, vote for Delma... or Veronica... or whoever it is we agree to vote... and you'll find yourself in a much stronger position than if you hand those arrogant women the power.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Would you not class yourself as arrogant too? (laughs)Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1I'm just the right level of arrogant... not too much, not too little. (she winks and tassels his hair)Quote2- Neasa
Neasa is an extremely astute player, and I think she may be the strongest player out here strategically. She's very much aware where things are going, and she's constantly trying to put things into place so that she can move forward. I appreciate her honesty, especially that it means if we do get down to our five, six or seven... that she wouldn't go along with a plan to vote me out. But, the more Neasa talks the more I see how dangerous she is... and this vote tonight is the perfect chance to remove that danger.


The final ten gather their things, heading out to their first merged tribal council, knowing that one of them is about to miss out on the jury phase of the game.

I am nervous going into this tribal council, because it could be my final moments in the game. My gut tells me that everything will be okay, and the six of us will vote Neasa without fail and she will be sent home. But, a lot of our goals rest on the shoulders of Fredrick, who I only met two days ago... I don't trust him, and from what I've seen he's very frantic and has scrambled eggs for brains right now. He doesn't know if he's coming or going... and if he does bottle it then we'll be looking at a tie, in which case I know my allies and I would be willing to go to rocks. We've got a stronger loyalty than the other side, that's for sure... and I think that'll be what wins it for me tonight.


At tribal council, Jeff congratulates the final ten for making it to the merged stage of the game. Mayson speaks positively of the new group, stating they have worked well together to rebuild a camp and live as one. Sheamus compliments Delma for her hardwork around camp, citing her as the primary reason things were completed so quickly, but admits that he has noticed her leadership rubbing people the wrong way. When asked whether or not he needed the immunity necklace, Isaiah admits that he "wouldn't want to find out", but claims his gut told him he would be safe either way due to the "women's civil war". The women are asked about the so-called "civil war", with Veronica explaining it is a "continuation" of the issues between the older and younger women on original Jaburu. Neasa talks about her personal issues with the older women, stating that it is due to their "bossiness, personalities and harshness", pointing out that they have already "cannibalised" one of their own alliance members (Jayla), revealing a lack of loyalty outside their core three. Delma rebukes these claims, telling Jeff that from her point, much of the issues are down to Neasa and Jenn failing to "do much of use, other than expect others to serve them". Much of the tribal is spent watching the two sects of women argue with one another, with both sides denying they are at fault for the severe divide between them. Fredrick admits that the divide is "brilliant" for the men, as it offers them the chance to divide and conquer should they need to. Hall is given the final word, telling Jeff how he struggled with the new dynamics of the merged tribe, but hopes that the vote will bring clarify for him and the group as a whole for future tribal councils. During the vote, Delma is shown writing down Neasa's name, whilst the other nine votes are left a mystery. Jeff brings back the urn, ready to reveal which contestant will be the first casualty of the new Jacaré tribe.

Quote1First vote... Neasa.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Neasa.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Veronica. That's two votes Neasa, one vote Veronica.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Veronica. That's two votes Neasa, two votes Veronica.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Veronica. That's three votes Veronica, two votes Neasa.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sixth vote... Veronica. That's four votes Veronica, two votes Neasa.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Seventh vote... Neasa. That's four votes Veronica, three votes Neasa.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Eighth vote... Veronica. That's five votes Veronica, three votes Neasa...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Ninth vote... Seventh person voted out of Survivor the Amazon... Veronica, you'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Veronica laughs, turning and hugging a stunned Delma and Edweena goodbye, aware that only her older female alliance stuck by her side. Neasa holds Fredrick's hand, thanking him for sticking with their alliance. Hall and Mayson avoid looking back at Delma and Edweena, not certain how their old tribe members will respond to the betrayal. The final nine return to camp, knowing that they have now at least guaranteed themselves a spot on the jury, giving them all the chance to have a say in who will win the game.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
Veronica Amazon
Veronica (7 votes)
Fredrick AmazonHall AmazonIsaiah AmazonJenn Amazon
Mayson AmazonNeasa AmazonSheamus Amazon
Fredrick, Hall, Isaiah, Jenn,
Mayson, Neasa, Sheamus
Neasa Amazon
Neasa (3 votes)
Delma AmazonEdweena AmazonVeronica Amazon
Delma, Edweena, Veronica
Veronica Amazon Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

You're an extremely manipulative young woman, and it would be a shame to let you go any further.


You've got a lot to give to this world, but winning this game shouldn't be one of them.


I need to think about how I can get further in this merger, and right now you leaving is the safest option for me. Sorry.


Hate to turn my back on you girls, but things weren't clear for our new group, and I don't want to risk a tie.


Game's up mama Veronica. The tables turned on you older ladies, but you did good to control the first half of this thing.


The first time I get to write down a name of someone I dislike and know they're going home... let me just enjoy this for a moment.


Veronica, you're the only person from our side that I'm comfortable voting right now. I hate to do this because of how it will make Delma and Edweena feel... but we've got to take this game one vote at a time.


You've had it in from me since the start, and you've made no effort to be anything but unpleasant since the second we arrived at our camp. I'm not sad to see you go, and I'm ecstatic that you'll be missing out on the jury, so you'll have no say in who wins this game.


You've been pretty mild mannered around me for this game, but I sense that you dislike me because of who I choose to spend my company with. You weren't even our first choice to leave, but you're the smartest choice. Good luck...


Neasa, I've got no sympathy for voting against you, because you don't like me and I don't like you.


Final Words

I'm glad that I left without expecting it, because it meant I didn't blow up at anyone before leaving. I want to thank Edweena and Delma for staying true to me, and wish them both luck going forward. The others are extremely deceitful, and it's sad to know that they hold the upper hand right now. I'd advise older women who feel they can't do games like this to take the chance and apply, because more often than not we surprise ourselves.


Still In The Running

Delma Amazon
Edweena Amazon
Jayla Amazon Eliminated
Jenn Amazon
Karyn Amazon Eliminated
Neasa Amazon
Subira Amazon Eliminated
Veronica Amazon Eliminated
Ceri Amazon Eliminated
Fredrick Amazon
Hall Amazon
Isaiah Amazon
Jody Amazon Eliminated
Kennedy Amazon Eliminated
Mayson Amazon
Sheamus Amazon