Jenn Amazon
Contestant Profile
Age 24 (The Amazon)
Occupation Spa Worker
Race Caucasian-American
The Amazon
Tribe(s)      Jaburu
Placement 2/16
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 39

Jenn is a contestant from Survivor: The Amazon.

Mostly remembered for her partnership with Neasa, Jenn found herself in a troublesome position early on after close friend Subira was voted out of the game. However, after the tribe swap she became part of a final five alliance. The new alliance went on to dominate the game, reaching the end together where Jenn and Neasa successfully coaxed Fredrick into siding with them. After winning the final immunity challenge, she kept her loyalty to Neasa and together they went to the final two. However, Jenn was criticised for being seen as a follower, and for having less of an impact on the game than others, only receiving one vote (of seven) to win.

Survivor: The Amazon

Voting History

Jenn's Voting History
Episode Jenn's
Voted Against
1 Jaburu Tribe Immune
2 Karyn Karyn
3 Subira -
4 Jaburu Tribe Immune
5 Jaburu Tribe Immune
6 Jaburu Tribe Immune
7 Veronica -
8 Edweena -
9 Delma -
10 No Tribal Council
11 Mayson -
12 Sheamus -
13 Isaiah -
Fredrick Individual Immunity
Jury votes
for Jenn