Ingrid Africa Big
Contestant Profile
Age 64 (Africa)
Occupation Retired Grandmother
Race Caucasian-American
Tribe(s)      Samburu
     Moto Maji
Placement 2/13
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 9
Day(s) Lasted 39

Ingrid is a contestant from Survivor: Africa. Being the oldest member in the game, Ingrid struggled to fit in initially, but due to her nurturing ways, she found herself in the majority alliance on Samburu, with three other individuals perceived as the weak outsiders over herself. Ingrid held a close bond with Phoebe, whom she cared for whilst she was unwell, although she would eventually quit the game. After the tribe swap Ingrid found herself alongside allies David and Luigino, who kept Ingrid out of strategic planning out of fear she would screw up their plans. Ingrid formed a bond with Boran outsider Marsha, who was being excluded by fellow tribe mate Phillis. At the merge Ingrid wished to join the all female alliance, but due to Soledad's advice was left out of the group, forcing Ingrid to stick with the Boran/Samburu alliance, voting out Mary. After the Samburu alliance began taking out the old Boran members, Ingrid formed a final three with Adela and Marsha, wanting to see a girl finally win the game. However, due to Adela and Ingrid not wanting to turn on their allies so soon, the alliance fell apart, with Marsha being voted out over sole remaining Boran alliance member Abbas. Ingrid then found herself in danger after Abbas won immunity, with David and Adela targeting her for elimination. Despite Ingrid wanting to go after David, she voted out Adela, due to Luigino not wanting to blindside David first. Abbas would once again win immunity, leaving Ingrid as the swing vote again between David and Luigino, voting out David, whom she felt was the bigger threat and least deserving of the two. With Abbas winning the final immunity challenge, Ingrid made her plea to stay, claiming that although she couldn't win the game, the runners-up prize of $100,000 would pay off her debts, whilst giving her family comfort. Abbas accepted Ingrid's plea, and took her to the final two, where the jury berated her for her somewhat disloyal and lackluster gameplay, although several jury members defended her (with Abbas himself speaking positively about Ingrid's game). In the end Ingrid received votes from Luigino and Marsha, losing to Abbas in a 5-2 vote.

Survivor: Africa

Voting History

Ingrid's Voting History
Episode Ingrid's
Voted Against
1 Roland -
2 Renato Briallen, Renato
3 Samburu Tribe Immune
4 No Vote
5 Boran Tribe Immune
6 Boran Tribe Immune
7 Mary -
8 Phillis Abbas, Soledad
9 Soledad Abbas, Don, Soledad
10 Don -
11 Marsha -
12 Adela Adela, David
13 David -
Ineligible -
Jury votes
for Ingrid
Luigino, Marsha