"If Looks Could Kill"
Marquesas Ep 10
Season Survivor: Marquesas
Episode Number 10/13 (049)
First Broadcast December 22, 2016
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If Looks Could Kill is the tenth episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 27 (Night)

The final seven return to camp having just attended their most surprising tribal yet, in which Tish was blindsided from the game by ally William. The group begin to put their belongings away, looking over at James and Ibrahim for a reaction. For several minutes the pair remain silent, both glaring at William, knowing that he has condemned them both to the minority.

Uh... (laughs and shakes his head) ... tonight it feels like its game over. Every single tribal council of this merge something has happened to screw with my game, but we've always had a plan B in place. There's no more plan B's. William screwed us big time, and he's guaranteed that both he and I are probably not winning this game.


Quote1James... Ib... Can I have a moment just to talk with you guys and expl...-Quote2- William
Quote1I have nothing to say to you. I don't want to hear whatever it is you think is good enough. Honestly, just stay the hell away from me tonight.Quote2- James
Quote1Yeah uh, save it. I don't want to hear excuses...Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1If you want to be like that then ok. I understand.Quote2- William
Voting out Tish was undoubtedly one of the hardest things I've done in this game. It was the hardest thing I've done. James and Ibrahim feel betrayed, and rightly so. I had to make the decision whether to go forward with a group who I felt I couldn't trust, or to play selfishly and try to better myself. Obviously I chose the latter path, and I hope that this is what can take myself and Duana to the final tribal council.


Most of the group go to sleep early, wanting to avoid any of the tension to develop into an argument. Daisy, James and Ibrahim remain the only tribe members awake, sitting together by the fire to speak privately whilst the others rest. Being in the minority, James and Ibrahim look towards Daisy in hope that they may find cracks in the majority alliance, swaying the target off themselves and onto another.

Quote1You two must be feeling pretty s**t huh? I don't suppose you can feel too good after that...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1You think? When someone screws you like that after twenty-seven days... Am I suppose to be smiling?Quote2- James
Quote1Of course not. I mean tonight was great for me... but I was shocked as hell. I thought it was you Ib... that switched.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Nope. It was the "loyal" guy... (sighs)Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Someone like that, maybe its a blessing to have them work with you guys. He'll rot you from the inside. You know he's no threat to win this now... but if you want to keep him around so that he and Duana hold the power later on... Be my guest.Quote2- James
Quote1Nah, if you guys have anything to worry about its Lotus. I mean you know when it comes down to it she'll have to split you and Ash up.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1You can play this the easy way and vote us out next, or you can think ahead and prevent yourself from going out like Tish did.Quote2- James
Quote1True... but you guys know keeping you both around isn't a much better option for me either. You're both likeable guys and now you're underdogs. If you get to the end of this then God help whoever you're with. I'll speak with you guys tomorrow...Quote2- Daisy

Daisy stands and heads over to the shelter, leaving James and Ibrahim to sit silently by the fire as they ponder what plan they can develop to save themselves from a difficult minority position.

Day 28

Whilst getting on with their early morning tasks, it is apparent that the group is all low on morale, feeling as though they are glad to be in the final stretch of the game. Despite having been asked to help clear up the main area of camp, James sits on the beach doing nothing but looking out at the water. Ashley asks James to help her with the task, but he openly refuses, citing the reason as "feeling unwell".

James was someone who I liked in our camp. He's cute, generally a nice guy... interesting to talk to... but since his buddy got voted out he's turned into such an ass. He's in the minority and he's just giving me more and more reason to vote him out. He should be running around doing whatever we want, kissing our butts so we spare him. Instead he's just sat there moping and doing himself no favours.


Ashley is shown continuously nagging James to help her work, but each time he gives the same excuse, smiling to himself as he winds her up more and more. Ashley is seen sighing heavily before storming off, with James silently laughing to himself as she does so.

Since finding myself at the bottom, I've decided that there's no point in me playing worker bee for the good of the tribe. Why should I keep working my ass off for the people who will vote me out the second we go back to tribal? Strategically its better that I save my energy for the challenges and come out with immunity. I know this is risky and could make them hate me... but what have I got to lose? (laughs)


Over in the woods, William and Duana pick taro from the ground, getting it collected so that the tribe may eat something since they've been struggling to catch fish and crabs. Duana continuously thanks William for switching sides at the previous tribal council and saving her place in the game. Despite William clearly questioning his move, Duana tries to assure him that his decision will benefit both of them in the long run.

Quote1I know you been thinkin' all about it. Don't worry about what James and Ibrahim say, they're just being sore losers. All we gotta do is vote them both out, and then you and I can run this thing.Quote2- Duana
Quote1It'll just take some getting use to. Understanding what I did and how to accept that.Quote2- William
Quote1Well you best accept it fast because this game aint about to slow down...Quote2- Duana
Last night my game was hanging in the balance of William's hands, and he shocked everyone... including myself. He turned this game on its head and made the biggest move of this game. I intend to go all the way with William, but I just worry that his attempted moral code of gameplay will drag us both down.


Daisy and Lotus go to collect tree mail, speculating as to what the reward could be. Lotus mentions that she just wants a food reward, feeling that a diet consisting of crab and snails has taken its toll on her energy. Daisy points out that her ribs are sticking through further than ever, and that if the reward is anything but food she may not compete out of exhaustion.

Today everyone is feeling pretty down, especially in terms of the food situation. The last few days we've struggled to catch much food, and last night we all went to sleep without eating a bite. Knowing that today is the reward we're all hoping for some food... as horrid as it sounds love from home isn't exactly what I'm craving. Unless that love is edible and smothered in calories.


The girls take the tree mail back to camp, informing the tribe that they must head out to their next reward challenge. As the group leave, it remains clear that everyone is hoping for the biggest reward yet, feeling anything less will only break their morale further.
Challenge: Rock Bottom
For the first three rounds, contestants would dive under water to find a shell and bring it back. The last contestant to do so would be eliminated. For the fourth and final round, the four remaining contestants would dive into the water, grab a rock and swim back to shore with it. The first contestant with the rock at Jeff's feet wins.
Reward: A dinner and shower on a cruise ship.
Winner: James (shared with Ibrahim)

Reward Challenge: Rock Bottom
Round 4 3 2 1
Placement Winner 2nd 5th 6th 7th
Castaway James Marquesas
Ibrahim MarquesasLotus MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Ibrahim, Lotus, William
Daisy Marquesas
Duana Marquesas
Ashley Marquesas

James and Ibrahim go off for their reward, arriving on the Princess to enjoy a night away from camp, along with a meal and a chance to freshen up for the first time in twenty-eight days. Ibrahim thanks James for picking him once again, whilst the captain shows them to their en-suite rooms.

Winning the reward today helped confirm that my ... strategic laziness... has ultimately paid off. I felt as though there was no real competition today, and I blew the others out the water. Deciding who to bring with me wasn't a hard decision at all. Apart of me thought I should treat this as a game move and bring Daisy along with me... but I'm at the stage where so many people have turned on me, that I'm not going to follow them and turn on the only person who has been loyal to me these past few days. The only person I felt good about taking on this with me, and the only person I really want to spend time with is Ibrahim.


The two men are shown their private bathrooms, both unable to contain their excitement at finally gaining access to hot water. Ibrahim wastes no time getting in his shower, making use of the body wash on offer. James also gets into his shower, singing to himself as he uses conditioner for the first time in nearly a month.

James bringing me onto the yacht with him today. I'm so grateful. He's someone I only properly met a week or so ago, and already he's one of the most genuine trustworthy people I've met out here. It really is unfortunate that both of us are in the minority, and that this is probably the last reward one of us will go on. Its nice that we can just take some time to get our heads out of the game and enjoy ourselves, and replenish our souls after being beaten down so much.


After cleaning themselves up, James and Ibrahim sit down to their luxurious meal, toasting to one another before they enjoy it. The two talk about their lives back home whilst eating, not dwelling on their bad positions in the game. Only after they finish eating does James quickly ask Ibrahim what he feels their best bet of survival would be. They agree that despite their mutual dislike of Duana and Ibrahim, that a smarter move would be to target Lotus, who in their eyes is the biggest threat to win the game, and the one person left without a close partner.

Targeting one of the others in the game is tricky at this point, particularly because if we set our sights on the wrong person it could be the difference between both of us staying or one of us being the next one to the jury. As much as I'd like to go after William, I feel that after flipping he's bought himself a few more days. The obvious choice to me and Ibrahim is to go after Lotus because she's proven herself to be a triple threat in this game. On top of that she doesn't have any close deals with the other four back at camp, so she wont have someone desperate to keep her around as the others do... It'll be tough no matter who we go after, but Lotus feels like our only hope.



Immediately after the challenge, the other five contestants return to camp with the knowledge that they wont be getting the feast they had all hoped for. William tries to raise their spirits by offering to cook them a meal of the taro they had gathered earlier in the day.

Quote1I'm so tired of eating this c**p...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Then don't eat it...Quote2- Duana
Quote1Yeah like I'm gonna starve even more...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Dont complain then girl. We all wanna eat somethin' else but we gotta take what we got.Quote2- Duana
Quote1I'm sure William will make the taro taste like a five star luxury yacht dinner... (she fake cries then laughs)Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Of course. James and Ib are gonna regret missing out on this one (laughs)Quote2- William
Lost another reward and again we're going without good food. The worst thing we can do after this is complain about the small positives, and that's just what Ashley keeps doing. William... bless his heart... says he's going to cook us up some taro and give us a lil' bit of nutrients. I think spending this long starving on an island you start to get annoyed by small aspects of people that at first you didn't even notice.


Quote1Have you guys noticed that Ibrahim has been on every single reward...Quote2- Duana
Quote1Yeah, I thought James would pick someone else because of that. I mean Daisy was the one I thought he'd go for the second he won.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1No wonder Ib doesn't ever complain about being hungry...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1I wouldn't either if I ate well every few days.Quote2- Duana
A lot of people are starting to feel that Ibrahim winning rewards each time is verging on an unfair advantage. He's getting these treats that so far the rest of us haven't had. The more people spoke about it and the hungrier they're all getting... its going to make people that much more eager to write his name down next tribal council. Jealousy is definitely going to start playing a part in how people play this game. Personally I still cant fathom having to write down his name... because I feel that I owe him that promise I made earlier on in this game. I've broken every single deal I made with him... and even though he happily wrote mine down before I cant bring myself to spell out that name on the parchment.


The group begin eating their taro meal, with the conversation growing closer to the notion of Ibrahim being the next person voted out of the game due to continuously going on rewards. To change the conversation, Lotus asks Daisy what she'd have done had she been picked by James. Daisy insists that the two are just friends, laughing at the "desperation" the others have to set her up with someone romantically.

The others kept going on about how James should've picked me and that we'd somehow become a couple if we were on a yacht together. Honestly its frustrating for two reasons. Firstly I would have LOVED to been picked because who is passing up a day on a yacht!? Secondly... the more people act like James and I are somehow linked, people might feel he and I have an alliance. If they get that in their heads then I could easily be targeted at the next tribal council. So as much as I do like James... and as much as I want Ibrahim gone for his daily feasts... James going might be the best thing for my game.


Later on in the evening, James and Ibrahim return to camp and greet their tribe members. The girls begin smelling both the boys after their showers, pleased to finally have a positive aroma in the camp.

Quote1Oh my God... (sniffs Ibrahim's skin)Quote2- Lotus
Quote1This is uncomfortable... (laughs)Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1(rubs James' hair) Its so soft...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Did you guys bring us any food?Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Food?Quote2- James
Quote1Well William brought us back food from the last reward. Did you guys?Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Uh... no. We wouldn't have been able to get it off the boat.Quote2- James
Not bringing back food was an intentional move made by both Ibrahim and myself. Eating gives you an advantage out here, mentally and physically... We didn't want the others to get any strength from a reward we went on. So we left that yacht and any food we didn't finish stayed on it. Ashley will have to get full off William's bulls**t.... (smiles)


Quote1(whispering to Daisy) ... I have to say this to someone. But James and Ibrahim coming back smelling that good and looking clean. I'm getting all... (she fans herself)Quote2- Lotus
Quote1(laughs) They both look good. I'm not going to even deny it... James is looking good and I'm sleeping right beside him tonight.Quote2- Daisy
James is... (sighs)... Having an attractive guy smell nice and be all soft and clean and... ugh. I feel so bad going against my inner strategic independent woman, but I would give in tonight.


Quote1So you don't have anything for us?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Ib and I would give you both a kiss but now that we're clean... You know...Quote2- James
Quote1Oh wow... they've moved on from us...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Sorry, but I've got my eyes set on the only clean girl on the island. Where's Tish at? (laughs)Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Well fine. Come on Daisy we'll just work it out together... If they wont appreciate your beauty I will... (grins and drags Daisy away laughing)Quote2- Lotus

Whilst the two girls joke around with James and Ibrahim, Duana and William watch on, not getting too involved knowing that the boys are angry at them. The pair head to the shelter, not wanting to stand around watching a conversation they're not apart of.

Quote1Does it worry you? How close they are?Quote2- Duana
Quote1I guess so. I mean they've always gotten on better than I did with them. Hasn't stopped them from voting against each other before, so I don't see it changing now.Quote2- William
Quote1I'm just worried the girls wont be thinking straight now their crushes are all groomed. I feel more and more we're being pushed to the side-lines out here.Quote2- Duana
James and Ibrahim both haven't spoken to me since the last tribal council, and they've made it clear that they don't even want to acknowledge me for a strategic move I made to better myself. Myself and Duana need to be careful these next few days because those boys are playing hard. I wouldn't be surprised if they did manage to pull the votes against me, but I cant voice these concerns to Duana as I don't want paranoia to spread between us.


Day 29

William and Daisy sit together to prepare the tribe a breakfast meal of watery porridge. Ibrahim comes over to help them dish it up for the others, offering not to eat as he still feels full from the previous nights meal. Despite feeling the same, James eats anyway, hoping to take in as much food as possible so as to help him in the next immunity challenge. After the group eat, people begin to separate around the camp, taking the day slowly as most of the necessary camp chores have already been completed. Ibrahim walks down the beach alone to pray, wanting to clear his mind before going into his next challenge. Back at camp, James and Daisy lie in the shelter together, sleeping through the afternoon. Lotus, William and Duana sit together cleaning the camp pots, talking about the pair.

Quote1Is she still rubbing his hair?Quote2- Lotus
Quote1(looking over) ... YeahQuote2- Duana
Quote1(laughs) I mean they're brave to show it so openly.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1So are they together?Quote2- William
Quote1Not officially but... (gestures to them) ... they're lying together like that. You cant call that a brother-sister friendship.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1I feel that she's growing closer to him. He's playing her...Quote2- Duana
Quote1As much as I think they're cute together... it worries me too.Quote2- Lotus
James and Daisy together is a cute and I wish them luck if they want to actually do more than stroking each other in the future. In the game its terrifying because James could say to her to vote whoever next tribal, then Ibrahim and Ashley vote with them... suddenly that stroking fest becomes a majority alliance and any one of us could be taken out. Ibrahim and James have both vocalized how they feel I'm the biggest threat in the game, so I know I'll be who they'd come after. Thankfully William and Duana both see it too, and they're getting on board with voting James at the next tribal council. We need to cut him loose before Ibrahim so that Daisy isn't coerced into siding with them... which is what I think James could be capable of.


Daisy and James continue lying in the shelter, keeping their voices low as they speak. James asks Daisy if he'd be the next to go, but she ensures him that Ibrahim is higher on the groups "hit list" due to his reward wins. James tries to defend his ally, claiming that Lotus is someone who has to be taken care of before its too late, as she'd "sweep in all the votes" at the final tribal council. Daisy is seen rolling her eyes, telling James that the same applies to him and Ibrahim. Ashley returns to camp with tree mail, letting the group know that they'll be facing their next individual immunity challenge in the evening. The group speculate as to what the challenge could be, feeling it'll have something to do with fire due to it taking place in the darkness.

After making the boldest move of my game at the last tribal council I know I've brought my neck on the line. James and Ibrahim want revenge, and even though it isn't best for their games I expect that my name will be brought up for the next vote off. The only way I can guarantee myself safety is to win the immunity necklace... and then I'll be at the final six, which should make moving forward into the game easier with James or Ibrahim on the jury.


I've had luck in reward challenges, but so far immunities haven't gone my way. I can only hope that whatever is going on tonight will be one of my strengths. We all assume it will have to do with fire, so I took some supplies off down the beach and practiced getting a flame quickly. The others all just sat around and spoke... so I can only hope that my efforts prove to be worthwhile.


Challenge: Virtues Of Fire
In the dark, the contestants would gather supplies to make a fire. They would make their fire under a stove with oil and popcorn kernels on it. Once a contestant popped a popcorn kernel, they would take burning embers to a brush pile, and light the pile on fire. The first contestant to have their fire reach the top of the brush pile would win immunity.
Winner: Ibrahim

Reward Challenge: Virtues Of Fire
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway Ibrahim Marquesas
Ashley MarquesasDaisy MarquesasDuana MarquesasJames MarquesasLotus MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Ashley, Daisy, Duana, James, Lotus, William

The group return to camp in the middle of the night, as Ibrahim has secured himself individual immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final six, leaving James feeling vulnerable as the only member of the majority eligible to leave the game.

Day 30

The tribe get up late despite tribal council looming ahead, with most of the group feeling confident that James will be voted out after Ibrahim won himself individual immunity. James lies by the fire, throwing small sticks in it as he tries to think how he’ll approach the others to vote someone else. William walks over, sitting opposite James and giving him a half smile. James doesn’t reciprocate the smile, and continues throwing sticks before him.

Quote1I uh, just want to say… This probably isn’t going to be much of a shock. But I’m writing your name down tonight. I gotta play my own game now and this is how I move forward.Quote2- William
Quote1... Ok. (laughs)Quote2- James
Quote1Just wanted to be up front and honest.Quote2- William
Quote1Don’t worry about it… Seeing Tish go last tribal was as up front as you needed to be. Honest on the other hand isn’t the word I’d put with your name.Quote2- James
Quote1You’re mad, I get it. I’ll explain myself whenever you want to hear it… whether that be me at the final tribal council, or both of us on the jury.Quote2- William
Quote1I’m not mad. Pretty much over it…Quote2- James
Quote1You sure? Because uh, if looks could kill. Brother you’d be a murderer…. (nervously laughs)Quote2- William
Quote1I think you killed yourself out here Will. Didn’t need me for that… (stands and walks off)Quote2- James
James and I have become somewhat adversaries out here in the Marquesas. We started this game on good terms and played through it together, but I suppose to him I’m the Judas of this thing. I don’t believe I am at all. I made a move I needed to against negative individuals and I’ve confirmed I want to go to the end of this game with Duana. I can’t have James still around in this game knowing he despises me so much, so I need to get moving in telling the others to be spelling out J-A-M-E-S tonight.


William is seen going over to each individual on the tribe apart from Ibrahim, confirming with them all that James needs to be the one to go home due to his ability to charm people in the game. Daisy shows some hesitation in agreeing to the plan, worrying her alliance, who question whether or not she would vote one of them out over James.

Quote1I said I’m with you guys, so I’m with you guys. What reason do I have to keep him?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1You two do seem pretty close…Quote2- Duana
Quote1So do you and William… Lo and Ibrahim… me and Ashley are like sisters. Why is it only me and James that’s an issue here?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Well none of those other pairs stroke each other.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Daisy it’s just us being paranoid… We just need to hear you say you’re good.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1So thirty days of my loyalty means nothing to you guys? Just because some people are willing to flip so easily doesn’t mean I am…Quote2- Daisy
My alliance questioning my loyalty really just felt unnecessary on their part. Its as if they want a reason to doubt me so they can write my name down… or guilt me into voting James out. I’m happy to vote him out, I’ve made that clear time and time again. Maybe next tribal council I’ll make Duana swear she’s voting William... (rolls her eyes)


Daisy walks off from the group, meeting up with Ashley to complain about the others questioning her. Ashley admits she’s feeling tired with the way the group is being run, and that she’d rather spend her time with “people like James”. Almost on cue, James walks over to the girls, sitting beside them to plead his case as to why he should stay. He makes sure to point out that if he leaves the game that Lotus will exploit her relationship with Ibrahim to control his vote, and that it risks Ashley and Daisy being split up at the next vote off.

Quote1Ultimately I’m saying we’ve got to vote Lotus tonight. The four of us do it and she’s gone, then we can vote Duana out… You two then control Will, get rid of me or Ib… Guarantees you guys the final four, and most likely the final two.Quote2- James
Quote1Jeez… you’ve thought it all through.Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Unfortunately when you’re stuck on a beach all day this is what you think of…Quote2- James
Quote1How do we know you’d even stick to this?Quote2- Ashley
Quote1I swear on my mother’s life I will not write either of your names down until the final four if you save me tonight. Realistically I’m not going to lie and say I’d never vote you guys beyond that, because I want to win this thing too… But I’m willing to say for the next three tribal councils my votes will go to Will, Duana and Lotus.Quote2- James
Quote1… I mean I have worried about what happens when it comes down to three pairs.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1I mean for all I know I could go, and you’d both be fine next tribal. But if you’re willing to weigh thirty days of hard work on a risk then go for it… or you can guarantee the safety you want right now.Quote2- James

James leaves the girls to think about the decision, clearly triggering something in both their heads. He sits with Ibrahim for the final hour before tribal, watching the sunset before letting Ibrahim say a prayer for him. The two hug one another before departing, pleased to have developed a strong friendship in only ten days of knowing one another.

Tonight could be my last night out here on the Marquesas Islands as a player in this game. I hope it isn’t. I hope somehow I got through to Daisy and Ashley. The deal I offered them wasn’t the best thing in the world, but I think if they took it then they’d set themselves up nicely for the final tribal council. I feel so tense going in with my torch knowing that in a few hours my flame could be out and I’ll be nothing more than a member of the jury… (sighs) … I’ve got to hope that Ibrahim’s God is the one who’ll play a bigger role tonight… not William’s… (laughs)


At tribal council, the group look on as Ryan and newest jury member Tish glare across at them. William fails to keep eye contact with Tish, evidently feeling guilty for ousting her from the game. James wastes no time announcing to Jeff that he expects realistically he'll be leaving the game, but hopes that the others realize that it may be their last chance to take out a big threat. Lotus then responds by admitting that she knows she's the threat in question, claiming that by leaving James in the game they would be "preventing what they set out to achieve", as James is "one of the biggest threats left". The situation at tribal becomes awkward after Ibrahim calls out William for betraying their alliance, feeling as though he's placed himself at the bottom of "the other side". William interjects, letting Jeff know that he felt had he stayed with his old alliance that James would win the game by going to the final tribal council with Tish, and that the best he could hope for was third place. James then tells William that he'd be lucky to find himself "in the final three now". As the group go up to vote, James looks over to Tish, who cant help but smile at the sight of her friend stirring up tribal council. Jeff collects the urn, giving Ibrahim one last chance to wish his friend luck, placing his hand on his shoulder in reassurance.

Quote1First vote... James.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... James. That's two votes James.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... James. That's three votes James.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Lotus. That's three votes James, one vote Lotus.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Lotus. That's three votes James, two votes Lotus.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sixth vote... tenth person voted out of Survivor Marquesas and the third member of our jury... James. You'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Dammit... (sighs and smiles)Quote2- James
Quote1Ma'salaam brother... (he stands and hugs James)Quote2- Ibrahim

James grabs his torch in high spirits, wishing the others luck as he leaves the game. Daisy appears emotional at the exit, being comforted by Ashley as her sleeping buddy exits the tribal council area. The final six grab their things and head back to camp, now assumed to be split into three separate pairs.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
James Marquesas
James (5 votes)
Ashley MarquesasDaisy MarquesasDuana Marquesas
Lotus MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Ashley, Daisy, Duana, Lotus & William
Lotus Marquesas
Lotus (2 votes)
James MarquesasIbrahim Marquesas
James & Ibrahim
James Marquesas Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

I'd love to keep you around, but you're just too much of a threat.


It's going to be a cold night ahead. I'll definitely meet up after this thing is done, but hopefully I don't have to speak to you again for another nine days.


You and I never had that close of a relationship, and I think you tried to sideline me from the start.


Got a lot of love for you Lo, but you know if I don't get you out you're winning this whole thing.


Me or you tonight... the irony is they'd be stupid to keep either one of us. To which ever of us stays... congrats.


You're a cutie James. You know this is coming, and if for whatever reason you managed to sway some people... then you best go all the way.


You were one of my close friends for most of this game, and I'm sorry our relationship turned so bitter these past few days. I hope that after this game you and I can hear each other out and continue what was a true friendship on my part.


Final Words

That's thirty days of starving down the drain. In all honesty I'm heartbroken to be out at this stage, and I wanted to see myself make the final five at least. It is what it is... I'll wish them all luck, and I guess I'd like to see Ibrahim win this thing. Now to get way too drunk on the jury...


Still In The Running

Ashley Marquesas
Daisy Marquesas
Hillary Marquesas Eliminated
Ibrahim Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas
Randy Marquesas Eliminated
Ryan Marquesas Eliminated
Troy Marquesas Eliminated
Alistair Marquesas Eliminated
Duana Marquesas
James Marquesas Eliminated
Martin Marquesas Eliminated
Tish Marquesas Eliminated
Ursula Marquesas Eliminated
William Marquesas
Yuzuki Marquesas Eliminated