"How Things Have Changed"
Outback Ep 11
Season Survivor: The Australian Outback
Episode Number 11/13 (024)
First Broadcast November 1, 2014
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How Things Have Changed is the eleventh episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Day 30 (Night)

The final six return to camp having just voted out Ned, leaving Farrell alone against the alliance of five. The group place their belongings down by the shelter, all getting ready to go to sleep, having little to discuss amongst themselves.

Quote1Before we all pack it in, I just want to say good job to everyone for making it this far...Quote2- Victor
Quote1Good job guys...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Made it past day thirty... If that's not something to be proud of then I don't know what is...Quote2- Victor
We've leveled out with Ogakor in terms of numbers now, so if anyone is going to mess about its probably at the next tribal council... I hope that our alliance can stick together to send Farrell home next... But I do worry that things could change. Reniero knows that he wont go to the final if Carlson or myself win the final challenge... Victor and Curt know they're at the bottom of our alliance... The three of them could take fate into their own hands and gun for myself or Carlson, because we are the power duo in this game.


I find myself alone for the first time in this game... Ned got voted out tonight, and I have to try and work myself back into the game because if things keep going the way they have been... Then I'm out of here next. No one from Ogakor can go home because the three ex-Kucha members are just laughing at us... We gained the upper hand, we had this game... And just handed it back to them... It's embarrassing... But hopefully I can be the one to redeem the mistakes that they made.


Day 31

Carlson, Reniero and Victor head down to the river in order to catch some fish, leaving Alia, Curt and Farrell alone at camp. The three at camp sit around the fire, all remaining silent, not looking one another in the eye. Curt mindlessly prods the fire, slicking flicking ash up in the air towards Farrell, who is sat opposite him. Alia bites her nails, spitting them out into the fire, which angers Curt, who decides to break the silence.

Quote1That's disgusting... stop it...Quote2- Curt
Quote1What? They've overgrown horribly...Quote2- Alia
Quote1So biting them down to a jagged mess then spitting them at me will help?!Quote2- Curt
Quote1I'm spitting them in the fire Curt... C'mon its not like I'm being revolting here...Quote2- Alia
Quote1You are being revolting... I don't want you to spit your nails at me! What should I shave the dead skin off my feet and then flick it at you!?Quote2- Curt
Maybe its just me... Nails... Hard skin shavings... Very different thing... They're my fingernails, they're not coming anywhere from the bacteria ridden feet we all have right now... And they were going in the f***ing fire!


Quote1Because it bothers you so much, because I'm so "disgusting"... I'll stop it... Just for you sweetie.Quote2- Alia
Quote1Thank you... "sweetie"...Quote2- Curt

Alia stands and walks off to the shelter, putting on Reniero's hoodie before lying down. Farrell and Curt are left alone by the fire, giving Farrell the opportunity to bring the old alliance back together.

Quote1What happened Curt? We had something good going on man... Our alliance worked with you...Quote2- Farrell
Quote1It was a mess Farrell... I don't want to be rude but you guys were just an accident waiting to happen...Quote2- Curt
Seriously...? I mean... This guy isn't with it... But I cant do what Ned did. I cant just give my opinions on the matter... I need to kiss his ass and make him feel like he's this God of the game...


Quote1Yeah, we were a mess. I'm glad you did what you did because it really did show me that things were better before, when you told us what to do.Quote2- Farrell
Quote1Well, I'm glad you see that now.Quote2- Curt
Quote1We use to run this game, now look at us... How things have changed (sighs)Quote2- Farrell
Quote1Well its not over... You seem to be willing to cooperate. We could... turn things on the other guys..Quote2- Curt
Quote1That would honestly be brilliant. We could get to the end of this game, and I'd owe it all to you.Quote2- Farrell
Had an interesting chat with Farrell. I know he's trying to work me because he realizes he's terrible at this game and he doesn't have a chance in hell of winning. But if he's in this awful position he will follow what I do... Maybe its time for Kucha to start going home again.


Alia lies in the shelter with her eyes closed, but able to hear everything the other two are talking about.

After nail-gate I decided to hide in the shelter away from the other two... I mean of all the people I could have ended up with back at camp it had to be the sociopath and the bore... But I got to hear what they were talking about... I got to hear Farrell trying to suck up to Curt which was funny.. I thought it was amusing when Carlson did it but this was ten times better. I'm glad they took the time to entertain me, that was nice of them...


Down by the river, Carlson, Victor and Reniero notice that it has swollen following the heavy rainfall during the last few days. The three hope that the river will return to its previous size, as the wider river makes it more difficult to find a suitable spot to fish from, and that the fish have a larger area to move in.

Quote1Hopefully it'll like... drain away soon.Quote2- Reniero
Quote1Yeah... Dang it... You don't think it'll swell any more do you?Quote2- Victor
Quote1If it rains again... maybe it will. But for now the sky looks clear enough I guess.Quote2- Carlson
Quote1You want to move the camp a bit higher just in case? I mean we are on low ground...?Quote2- Victor
Quote1No, don't bother wasting our energy. The camp will be fine. I'm just worried about the fish.Quote2- Reniero
When we saw the river this morning we were all quite shocked. It had swollen quite substantially. It wasn't like a small bit higher, it had really gotten big... I mean where I normally sit to get the fish was completely underwater. I suggested maybe it was wise to take this as a warning and to move our camp higher up for now, but Reniero said he thought it would be fine... I'll take his word for it because I know nothing about rivers and water levels... (laughs)


Carlson, Reniero and Victor return to camp empty handed, informing the others about the swelling of the river. Alia speaks with Carlson about Farrell trying to work his way back into the game, which Carlson states isn't surprising. Alia voices her concerns about Curt and potentially Victor jumping ship once again, but Carlson tells her not to worry, and that things will work in their favor.

Farrell is trying to get the old Ogakor members back together, which doesn't surprise me because it's what I'd be doing if I was in his position... Granted I would do it a bit better then he does (laughs). I am worried that at the next tribal council things could go wrong, but I didn't want to tell Alia this. You never want to let your troops know you're fearful... If she knows I'm scared then it could let morale slip away... Morale is something that truly is vital in the game, and I think myself and Alia almost thrive off it. So I'll keep hopeful, and by next tribal I should be walking in knowing the result before Jeff even reveals the votes... If I go in with concerns then... Myself and Alia haven't played the game right.


Day 32

Challenge: End of the Line
Each Survivor must follow a rope that will lead to 4 checkpoints. The Survivors will use 2 carabiners to traverse the rope course. One must be attached at all times. Survivors must clip onto a rope before they unclip to proceed through the race. The first Survivor to reach each checkpoint and cross the finish line first wins.
Reward: A horseback ride, food, Budweiser, and an overnight stay on a cot, followed by breakfast at an Outback Cowboy Camp.
Winner: Victor

Reward Challenge: End of the Line
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway Victor Outback
Alia OutbackCarlson OutbackCurt OutbackFarrell OutbackReniero Outback
Alia, Carlson, Curt, Farrell & Reniero

Victor departs on horseback immediately after winning the reward, with his tribe mates waving him off. As Victor rides off into the distance, the rain begins to come down heavily on the camp. The other five members of Barramundi rush back to camp, hoping that the rain will die down quickly before causing any flooding. As the tribe return to camp, they are horrified to find their greatest fears have come true, and that their camp has seriously flooded, with lots of their belongings missing. The shelter itself partly collapses under the strain of the flowing waters, leaving the survivors without a home. Carlson, Reniero and Curt manage to find several supplies lodged against a fallen tree, preventing them from floating off, including their supply of rice they had obtained at the reward challenge.

The fact we managed to keep the rice is just beyond lucky. Carlson spotted it so he, Curt and myself ran over to grab everything we could. We didn't get much, but it was at least something. I thank God for this... I thank him that we managed to find the rice despite the odds really being against us.


After the rain dies down, the five tribe members walk in the waist deep flooded camp, making their way over to the shelter, which has partially collapsed on one side. Reniero claims there's nothing they can do for the time being, and that they'll have to wait until the water reseeds. The group grab their wet blankets and head off to a patch of higher grass parallel to their camp. Alia, Carlson, Curt and Farrell lie in a big heap, whilst Reniero searches for firewood in order to keep the group warm.

I think Reniero felt guilty about the whole 'don't move the camp' thing... It's ultimately really screwed us over, and he's come across as an idiot for it. Reniero isn't someone I particularly feel close with, so I'm not upset about others seeing him this way.


After the destruction of our camp I couldn't help but cry... again! (sighs) I'm an emotional wreck right now. I look as though I've gone through an awful trauma... which I suppose in a way we as a tribe have. Our camp is in ruins, our things are all wet... We ended up sleeping in this pile without a fire... Relying on wet hoodies and jumpers to keep us warm.


Quote1Do you guys think Victor is going through this too?Quote2- Farrell
Quote1Not a chance...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Lucky bastard is probably sleeping with a roof over his head, warm blankets...Quote2- Reniero
Quote1Dry blankets...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Yep, they're definitely dry...Quote2- Reniero

Completely oblivious to the chaos back at camp, Victor sits with Jeff Probst enjoying a beer, taking time to discuss the game and his experience. Jeff departs just as Victors dinner arrives, allowing him to tuck in peacefully.

Today's reward was brilliant because it gave me a chance to rest my body and my mind. The food was delicious, the bedding looks extremely comfortable... But I also don't have to think about a strategic game whilst I'm here. Had a chance to talk with Jeff which was... fun? The only downside to this is that the others could be bitter that I'm away... The last reward I went on with Alia made several individuals distrust me... So I could return to the cold shoulder, but I hope the group aren't like that.


Victor heads off to bed, where he is able to get an undisturbed night sleep, whilst his tribe members barely get any, all bunched up together on the grass mound, without fire or a camp.

Day 33

Victor arrives back at camp, shocked at the site of what use to be Barramundi's shelter. As the water levels have drastically gone down, the tribe work together in order to put the shelter back together, making sure the foundations wont collapse again. The group consider moving the shelter all together after the next tribal council, worried that more rain could see more damage done. The final six receive tree mail informing them that they will be facing their next individual immunity challenge. Farrell realizes that he is the most in danger of going home, hoping to win in order to prevent what he feels is his inevitable elimination. Several other tribe members wish to win in order to prevent Reniero from winning his fifth straight challenge, feeling as though he has the potential to make it all the way to the final two simply by winning immunities.

This is the biggest challenge so far for me. If I lose today I'll have to work my butt off trying to get someone from Kucha out of here, but I'd much rather do it with immunity around my neck.


I want to win today to make sure that neither Reniero or Farrell win. If Farrell wins it means he holds a bit too much power for himself... I want to help him because it was my choice, not because I had no choice... Reniero has won far too many challenges so far, so he might need to be departing soon just to make this better for myself.


Challenge: Blue Plate Special
Each person has three plates with his or her name on them hanging from a tree. Using a slingshot with macadamia nuts as the ammunition, each Survivor must try to break everyone's plates before his or hers are entirely broken. The person with a plate still hanging at the end wins immunity.
Winner: Victor

Immunity Challenge: Blue Plate Special
Result Winer 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Castaway Victor Outback
Farrell Outback
Curt Outback
Alia Outback
Carlson Outback
Reniero Outback

The final six return to camp, with Victor wearing the immunity necklace with pride. Reniero appears angered upon their return, realizing that almost every other contestant aimed for his plates first in the challenge.

Quote1Nice ganging up guys...Quote2- Reniero
Quote1Oh c'mon its just a challenge...Quote2- Carlson
Quote1I know its a challenge. I just think its quite pathetic that you all felt the need to come after me because you're so threatened.Quote2- Reniero
Quote1That's the point! We are threatened! So why are you getting p***y!?Quote2- Carlson
Reniero has this self righteous attitude that he is this challenge beast that cant be touched. Its because he's so good in the challenges that we all took this ample opportunity to take him out! Yet he's angry because we did so? But his ego is so large this should be a compliment for him! He's just digging himself a grave right now...


I said I was biding my time... And I feel its finally arrived. Today the old Ogakor members and Carlson targeted me in the challenge, so it's time to once again shake this up around here. Tonight I'm getting Carlson out of here, which is something that should have happened day six.


Farrell takes Victor to one side in order to get votes on his side, leaving Alia, Carlson and Curt alone to talk amongst themselves. Carlson mentions his disliking towards Reniero, which Curt claims he also feels, citing Reniero as "an aggressive nonentity". Alia tries to cut off the slandering of Reniero, not wanting to lose someone who she feels is somewhat on her side.

Carlson and Curt were talking about why they disliked Reniero, and I panicked, as it easily could have led to them sentencing Reniero to death... Y'know voting him out. I don't want to lose Reniero, he's someone that I like and someone who I feel wont vote me out. Thankfully I hushed things up, and kindly turned the target back onto Farrell...


Quote1Are you voting me tonight? I'd rather just know.Quote2- Farrell
Quote1Well I don't want to... I've seen how things are going and I don't like it. Curt is being led by Carlson...Quote2- Victor
Quote1So lets vote him out? Unless you want to just hand him the money...Quote2- Farrell
Quote1I don't, I really don't. But I feel as though he's someone I'd... have a hard time screwing over...Quote2- Victor
As hard as it is to say... Victor is loyal. Yes he turned on my alliance... But he was never really a member... He doesn't want to turn on those he has a genuine connection with, and that makes him a difficult person to play this game with.


Farrell is then approached by Reniero, who tells him about his wish to get Carlson out of the game, as he feels like others are blindly following him. Farrell appears eager to join Reniero, claiming he'll go and speak with Victor, and that they'll try to pull Curt in too.

I went and spoke to Farrell about my plan to get Carlson out of this game, and he seemed like he was willing to join me. It makes me happy to know that I'm not the only one who dislikes Carlson around here, because he is just an unkind person... He's sly... and he has to go.


Quote1I've just spoken with Reniero, and he said he wanted to get Carlson out.Quote2- Farrell
Quote1He did?Quote2- Victor
Quote1Yep (smiles) ... So would you be willing to do that? You cant be loyal to him forever Vic..Quote2- Farrell
Quote1Well... why don't we use this? Go to Carlson now and tell him that Reniero is doing this... That way I don't feel bad, and we get Reniero out tonight.Quote2- Victor
I was worried that I wouldn't have the opportunity I was comfortable with... but I think I've found a way to make it happen. Reniero is campaigning against Carlson, so I think its possible for us to turn this on Reniero, get him out tonight. He's a threat, he wins a shed load of challenges... and he's someone that has no loyalty to me. He's the perfect candidate to go home.


Victor walks up to the shelter, with Alia, Carlson and Curt sitting inside waiting for him. Victor climbs in and sits opposite them, getting ready to tell them about Reniero's tactics. Farrell sits alone by the water, knowing that his fate is out of his hands now, hoping Victor can get the others along with him. Reniero collects firewood, feeling confident that Victor and Farrell will join him, getting ready to talk to Curt as soon as he's alone.

Quote1It's Farrell tonight... obviously.Quote2- Alia
Quote1Well here's the thing... It cant be Farrell.Quote2- Victor
Quote1Oh God... (sighs) Why not?Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Reniero's going round trying to get you out...Quote2- Victor
Quote1What? You're being serious?Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Yep, he's come to myself and Farrell, says he's coming to talk to Curt about it soon... Feels as though you're running the show too much.Quote2- Victor
Quote1Well that's surprising... not... When is he going to get over his vendetta against me?Quote2- Carlson
Quote1Well he wont. Which is why tonight we need to take him out. Remove someone who isn't even loyal to us, and someone who for the first time doesn't have immunity around his neck!Quote2- Victor
Victor definitely was onto something good. Reniero is someone who hasn't ever been fully loyal, and we have the chance to finally vote him out of this game. I do worry though because... Farrell isn't a bad player, and if we give Ogakor the numbers again who knows what could happen... I do think Curt is with me... But again... Its taking a major risk... But this game is all about making risks, so maybe its time to send Reniero to the jury.


Quote1I don't know about this...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Why not?Quote2- Victor
Quote1Because Farrell is... It just seems odd to turn on our own.Quote2- Alia
Quote1What you mean old Kucha? So what you're saying come final five if Farrell goes tonight its me or Curt going...?Quote2- Victor
Quote1No, no that's not what I'm saying...Quote2- Alia
Quote1Well it sure is feeling that way. I don't want to get paranoid. I'm comfortable in this alliance with you guys... But I don't want us to lose the best opportunity to take out someone who has done little damage to people, and could easily go back on another immunity streak... If he can win four challenges, who is to say that he cant go on and win the last three?!Quote2- Victor

Victor leaves the shelter, with Curt going off to collect his things, giving Reniero the opportunity to speak with him. Carlson and Alia spot this, observing Reniero trying to sway votes against Carlson. The group pack up their things, going off to what they all know will be an eventful tribal council.

At tribal council the group talk about the storm, with Carlson somewhat blaming Reniero for assuring them their camp would be fine in what they've worked out is a dried river bed. Reniero barks back at Carlson, bringing up all off Carlson's negative attributes, which all the other tribe members feel has come out of the blue. Farrell admits that seeing other members argue brings him hope, and that he knows they're not a tight unit. Alia talks about new strategic plans, stating that she doesn't agree with some that are likely to come into fruition. Reniero talks about his disappointment in the tribe for ganging up on him in the challenge, which causes Carlson to laugh and sigh, much to Reniero's annoyance. Curt makes the group laugh by claiming that for once there are arguments that don't involve himself. Jeff signals the start of the voting, beginning with an eager Reniero. All six castaways write down their votes with no hesitation, all confident in who they are sending home. Reniero smiles as the first vote is pulled, reading "Carlson". Reniero's smile is quickly wiped off, after the next two votes are revealed to be against himself. The next two votes are revealed to be for Farrell, leaving himself once again concerned, while others are confused as to how split the votes are.

Quote1That's two votes Farrell, two votes Reniero, one vote Carlson... One vote leftQuote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Please God...Quote2- Reniero
Quote111th person voted out of The Australian Outback and the fourth member of our jury... (flips vote) Farrell, you need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Farrell smiles, feeling as though he did all he could, wishing the others luck as he leaves the game. Reniero looks over at the other four members of his tribe, realizing he is completely out of the loop. Victor shakes his head, disappointed at the decision his alliance members made, feeling as though they will regret not sending home Reniero. The final five return to camp, with Kucha outnumbering Ogakor for the first time in the game.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Farrell Outback
Farrell (3 votes)
Alia OutbackCarlson OutbackCurt Outback
Alia, Carlson & Curt
Reniero Outback
Reniero (2 votes)
Farrell OutbackVictor Outback
Farrell & Victor
Carlson Outback
Carlson (1 vote)
Reniero Outback
Farrell Outback Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

We've not spoken about a thing since getting here... You've been rude to me in the past, so I don't feel bad about turning things on you.


I'm not going to make the same mistake that you guys did... Turning on your own people when the other tribe are ALWAYS the enemy... No matter where they claim their loyalties are.


I've decided to rid myself of you after thirty three days. You couldn't make decisions back on Ogakor, and your poor leadership helped me do this to you. You wanted to bring back an alliance that was dead and buried... You never could accept that the game had changed.


Hopefully its you tonight and not me. If I'm alone in voting for you then the others are good liars... You're a good competitor, and your arguing with Carlson led me to vote for you tonight.


I really cant stand you. You have this attitude that is just horrible to be around, and its a shame that not everyone can see it. You're not the leader of this tribe, only the leader of Alia's mind.


Glad to have got immunity today, because it meant we could finally vote you out of here. You're a threat in terms of your physical game, but your strategic and social play is poor.


Final Words

I am upset to be sitting here right now, I really felt as though I had a shot of staying after Reniero's breakdown today. Hopefully Victor can get to the end of the game because I do think he is a deserving candidate to win... That is if he was the one to stick by me (laughs). I have regrets in the game, of course I do... One of them being voting out two women who had my back much more then my own alliance did... If I could go back and do it again what would I do differently? Not go into the leader role so quickly... Its not a role I think helped me at all...


Still In The Running

Alia Outback
Carlson Outback
Chelsie Outback Eliminated
Cindra Outback Eliminated
Mitchell Outback Eliminated
Neil Outback Eliminated
Reniero Outback
Rose Outback Eliminated
Clarity Outback Eliminated
Curt Outback
Farrell Outback Eliminated
Georgia Outback Eliminated
Johna Outback Eliminated
Laurencia Outback Eliminated
Ned Outback Eliminated
Victor Outback