"Fiction Becomes Reality"
Thailand Ep 13
Season Survivor: Thailand
Episode Number 13/13 (065)
First Broadcast January 6, 2018
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Fiction Becomes Reality is the season finale of Survivor: Thailand.


Day 36 (Night)

The final four return to camp having just ousted the final ex-Sook Jai member from the game, being the first tribe in Survivor history to consecutively take out the other tribe after the merge.

Quote1Good job guys... we set a record there.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Chuay Gahn reigns supreme...Quote2- Julius
Quote1Who'd have thought, right? We thought we were merging down in numbers... and now here we are... all four of us sitting together for these last three days.Quote2- Salma
With Phillip's elimination tonight, only Chuay Gahn members are left in the game. It's bizarre to know that we are the last four here, considering how we've all had quite unstable positions at some point in the game... but we made it. There is a slight feeling that this is really where the game will now get tough, because at the next tribal council we'll all have to vote for a member of Chuay Gahn for the first time in about nineteen days.


Julius proposes a toast for the tribe, congratulating all four of them for making it this far, and wishing them luck in the days to come. The group all begin heading to sleep, wanting to get enough rest for the upcoming immunity challenge, knowing that with only four people left and no more expendable Sook Jai members, that there is nowhere left to hide other than behind an immunity necklace.

Voting for Phillip wasn't my goal tonight, especially as I think had he stayed that both myself and Vince would be deciding between him and Salma to be voted out next... instead we've got Aaron and Salma both here, and I'm concerned the two of them may pair up at the next vote and force a tie. As much as I am close with Vince, I want to make sure I get to the end against someone I can beat... and if I think he's posing a threat to that, then maybe he'll have to be the next to go.


Day 37

The final four awaken to watch the sunrise, taking in the beauty of the landscape that has been their home for thirty-seven days, knowing that by tonight one more of them will have been sent to the jury.

I've been a big fan of this game since I first saw a group of strangers on a beach together... seeing them undergo an adventure that was unlike anything else out there. I thought to myself... that's what I want to do. I never dreamed that it would become a reality for me, or that I'd be sat here near the end of the game with a real chance to win it all. Working in the film and television industry I've always told my clients that they need to dream big and go for it... but I never really stopped and looked at my own life in that way. But now I can see that I went for my dream... and I can't regret that at all. All I want to do is return home and remind my kids to go for whatever they want in this world... nothing is beyond your reach if you want it badly enough.


Vince and Aaron find a flower kit by the tribes cave, with instructions laid out informing them that they must make krathongs in the style of the Loi Krathong celebrations that take place in Southeast Asia. The four look through the instructions, taking different arrays of flowers for themselves to begin building their krathongs.

This morning it was nice to be able to make our small flower floats... and we needed to make one for each of the twelve people who have left this game before us. It's a good way to really appreciate and remind yourselves that other people had the same goal you did in this game... to reach the end, and for them it didn't happen. You spend so long looking at other people as players, and sometimes you forget that behind everything they're a real person with a family... bills that need paying... they're not just pieces of this crazy game.


Quote1I've only got one earring left after this... and I'm going to put it on West's. I remember one of the only conversations we had was how much he loved "bling"... I wasn't sure what "bling" was but he explained it to be shiny stuff.Quote2- Salma
Quote1(laughing) I can't believe we've waited thirty-seven days to hear you say "bling"...Quote2- Vince
Quote1Well I'm glad it's been worth it.Quote2- Salma
Some of us were making krathongs for people that we maybe didn't know that well or get along with, but it was interesting to see who had really made an effort to get to know people based on how they can personalise their displays.


Quote1What do I put on Karen's?Quote2- Julius
Quote1I'm not sure... maybe something colourful? Maybe some reds to show off her Latin blood?Quote2- Aaron
Quote1I was doing red for Melissa though... because of her hair.Quote2- Julius

Eventually the group finish their krathongs, placing them all together by the cave before gathering their things to head off to the next individual immunity challenge, all eager to win their way into the final three.

I've not won an individual challenge yet in the game, and I am concerned that if I don't get immunity today my name will come up at tribal council. Both Vince and Julius seem to be working together still, and I think between myself and Salma they'll be targeting me tonight. Uh, so I've got to win... if I don't then I'm going to have to hope Salma and one other person is willing to vote alongside me.


Upon reaching the immunity challenge, Jeff informs the final four that they will undertake a 'second chance' themed challenge, taking on elements from previous challenges. The challenge would begin with a balance beam, followed by pushing a wicker ball through a fishnet. The next stage consisted of the slide puzzle from the first immunity challenge, releasing a knife that they'd use to retrieve a bag of materials in order to obtain a key to release the contestant from a jail cell door. The final stage would involve eating a boiled tarantula, previously seen in the loved ones reward challenge, with the first individual to do so winning themselves a spot in the final three, and the right to compete in the last immunity challenge of the season.

Quote1Sound easy enough?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Even if I wasn't starting... at my age I'm not going to remember all this Jeff (laughs)Quote2- Salma
Quote1Let's do it...Quote2- Julius

On Jeff's go, the four race their way to the balance beam, all struggling on their first few goes, trying to get the hang of balancing across the bamboo. Aaron and Salma eventually get across first, shortly followed by Vince, leaving Julius behind struggling on the beam. Aaron quickly negotiates his ball through the fishnet, just as Julius manages to reach the second stage of the challenge. Julius makes quick work of the fishnet, with Vince finishing around the same time, as Salma continues to struggle with it. As the two men reach the puzzle, Aaron manages to release his knife, moving on to the penultimate stage of the challenge. As another few minutes pass, Salma finds herself starting on the slide puzzle, whilst both Vince and Julius finish and move onto the jail cell segment, seeing Aaron struggling to find his way out. As time passes, Aaron and Julius both manage to unlock their jail cells only seconds apart, racing towards the final section of the challenge. As they unveil their baked tarantulas, Aaron somewhat hesitates, whilst Julius quickly tips the spider into his mouth, chewing frantically to try and get it down. Despite Aaron's efforts to do the same, Julius quickly shows Jeff an empty mouth, granting him immunity and a spot in the final three.

Quote1Julius, great job. Quite a comeback after struggling on that beam... You are safe tonight at tribal council and will have a one in three shot of winning this game. As for the rest of you, someone will become the sixth member of our jury. Head on back to camp, I'll see you guys at tribal. Congratulations...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Thank you Sir... (shakes Jeff's hand)Quote2- Julius

Challenge: Try Again
The Survivors would compete in an obstacle course that used elements of past Challenges. First, they would have to dig deep into the sand to retrieve a wicker ball and race over a bamboo balance beam. Next, they would have to push the wicker ball through a fishnet and place the ball on a pedestal. The next stage consisted of solving a puzzle, which would release a knife. They were then to take the knife and cut a rope that released a bag of material that would help them negotiate their next task of retrieving a key from inside a jail cell. The final stage was a surprise Thai delicacy, and the first person to consume it would win Immunity, thus ensuring themselves a spot in the Final Three.
Winner: Julius

Immunity Challenge: Try Again
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway Julius Thailand
Aaron ThailandSalma ThailandVince Thailand
Aaron, Salma, Vince

The final four return to camp with Julius wearing the immunity necklace, meaning either Aaron, Vince or Salma will become the sixth member of the jury, and the first Chuay Gahn member to be eliminated from the game in almost twenty days.

Winning immunity tonight is exactly the outcome that I needed. It's going to come down to both Aaron and Vince, with Salma acting as the swing vote. I've spoken with Vince about this outcome, and he's sure that between the two of them she would rather keep Vince in the game... so if all this is correct then Aaron should be leaving tonight in a unanimous decision.


Once the standard congratulations have been given to Julius, the group begin to walk around the beach, all trying to have their one on one conversations to sway votes in their desired direction. Vince approaches Salma who is washing one of her shirts in the water, wanting to confirm that the vote is still on Aaron as previously planned.

Quote1We're good right?Quote2- Vince
Quote1Hmmm?Quote2- Salma
Quote1We're good? On voting Aaron?Quote2- Vince
Quote1If that's what you two are doing... you think he knows?Quote2- Salma
Quote1He has an idea... his body language is quite shut off. He hasn't tried speaking with Julius yet... or me... So I'm guessing his hope is you'll take it to a tie.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Well, that would mean what a rock draw?Quote2- Salma
Quote1I don't even know...Quote2- Vince
Quote1Don't worry about it. We should be fine.Quote2- Salma
I wanted to just confirm that tonight there wasn't any reason to be concerned, and that keeping Aaron an extra round wouldn't hurt any of us. Salma said she's good with voting Aaron still, and as far as I know Julius is still open to going to the end of the game with me. So right now I'm just going to relax... keep an eye on things... and hope that nothing comes up.


Aaron sits alone by the fire, watching Salma and Vince talking down by the water, then looking over at Julius who is hanging his immunity necklace from the rock wall of the cave. He begins to feel concerned that things may not be going his way, and that Salma may take the easier route and join up with Vince and Julius to vote him out of the game.

There is a chance that tonight I'll be gone with three votes against me, and that Salma will just play it safe. She's been known for avoiding risks throughout the merge, and a lot of her thought process is based on what protects her own game. I understand her mindset, and I'm half expecting her to just take me out tonight... but she and I have spent a lot of time together the past week, and we have spoken through plans and deals that get us to this stage, and we both agreed to keep our votes together to take out either Julius or Vince... if one of them doesn't go tonight then they'll probably be the final two... and I need Salma to realise this before it's too late.


With thirty minutes left before tribal council, Aaron is forced to ask for time alone with Salma, as both Julius and Vince have made an effort to keep the pair apart, wanting to prevent them from having any chance to force a tie and instead to get Salma to join their final three. However, they eventually concede and accept Aaron's request, leaving the caves so that Aaron has a chance to plea his case to Salma.

Quote1Some babysitters today...Quote2- Aaron
Quote1I know. I'll be honest, I don't like being stood over all day...Quote2- Salma
Quote1So uh, are we voting for Vince, or is it me tonight? I'd rather just know.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1It's not you... at least... I haven't fully committed to voting with them if that's what you're asking. But, I am somewhat unsure that voting for Vince and forcing a tie is good for my game... because the tiebreaker could be something that gets rid of me.Quote2- Salma
Quote1But if it isn't?Quote2- Aaron
Quote1If it isn't then we'll need to consider voting Vince... I don't want to go with them to the final three and be seen as a tag along... I want to show that I wasn't just their groupie.Quote2- Salma
Quote1This is our last real shot to do that... it's easier for me because I'm the one with the noose around my neck... but if it was the other way round I think I'd know that it's do or die for our games here.Quote2- Aaron
The good news is that tonight I won't be getting any votes, and Vince and Aaron are the two vying for my support. My worry is that I need to pick between a safe easy route to the final three, that could result in my game being tarnished and criticised as being nothing more than a coattail rider... or I can attempt to force a tie, and either lose Aaron anyway... and guarantee myself third place... or maybe face a tiebreaker that sees my torch snuffed tonight... even without a single vote in my name. I'm trying to draw some courage from all the strong women I've created over the years in my books... what would they do... how would they get through this situation. Fiction becomes reality tonight for me... and I've always been a proponent of controlling your own stories, writing your own fate... and one of the paths I can take seems to me the one that shows greater control for my own game.


At tribal council, the final four discuss the emotions they felt making the krathongs earlier that day, particularly in remembering the bonds they've made over the past thirty-seven days. Vince admits that despite the hardship in voting others out of the game, nothing will compare to the vote that awaits them tonight, highlighting how close the four of them have become during their time in Thailand. Aaron talks about his nervousness in coming to the vote, feeling that lots of doors were closed for him after Phillip targeted him at the previous tribal council. Salma mentions both Julius/Vince and Aaron coming to her to gain her vote, and goes on to joke about Vince and Julius' attempts to prevent her from speaking with Aaron during the day. Julius and Vince both deny doing this, apologising to Salma for feeling that this was the case. Once the vote is complete, the four sit together and seem in good spirits, knowing that they've only turned on one another when no other options were left, preparing to see who will be the sixth member of the jury.

Quote1First vote... Aaron.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Aaron. That's two votes Aaron.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Vince. That's two votes Aaron, one vote Vince... one vote left.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Final vote... Vince. We have a tie.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Vince and Julius both seem in shock, looking over at Salma for an explanation at causing a tie. Aaron immediately thanks Salma, looking over at the jury, who seem somewhat excited at the result.

Quote1Sal... what are you doing...?Quote2- Julius
Quote1Playing the game.Quote2- Salma
Quote1(sighs) It doesn't make sense for your game. Honestly Salma... if we vote Aaron, we're good... We're in the final three!Quote2- Vince
Quote1Where I'll probably get third. If the last challenge is something physical there's a good chance you both beat me... Julius if you win will you take me to the end? Vince if you win will you take me to the end?Quote2- Salma
Quote1I can't exactly say... I mean I haven-...Quote2- Vince
Quote1You won't! I know neither of you will take me... and that's fine... because even if you did I'm sure that jury will just say I was dragged there. I don't want to be seen as someone taken to the end of this game, because I've had to fight to get here... I don't want third or second... I want the million dollars and I want to be the Sole Survivor.Quote2- Salma

Ricardo and Kanda are both seen smiling on the jury, with Ricardo restraining himself from clapping Salma after her short speech. Aaron tells Salma she's making the right decision, to which the group ask Jeff what will happen if a decision can't be reached. Jeff explains that if a tie remains, that everyone but Julius (who has immunity) will be forced to draw a rock. Julius smiles at this, telling Salma that she needs to protect her own game rather than to draw a rock for no reason, telling her that rather than second or third she could end up in fourth place.

Quote1At this stage I'm the only one who needs to worry tonight. Vince and Aaron are both in this tie, one of them goes if a decision is agreed on... Julius, you're not drawing... so you're not changing your vote?Quote2- Salma
Quote1Nope. I'm sticking on Aaron. So you can draw if you want but you're putting yourself in danger... for no reason.Quote2- Julius
Quote1If I'm going in danger then... so be it, I'll make that call. I'm keeping my vote on Vince, Jeff...Quote2- Salma
Quote1(holding Salma's hand) Thank you...Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Wow...Quote2- Vince
Quote1Alright, so Salma... you're willing to draw rocks?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yes... we've avoided it a few times but tonight they're coming out to play.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Okay, here's what will happen... in this bag there are three rocks, two are yellow... one is purple. If you draw the purple rock, you are out of this game. Each stick your hand in and take a rock, keep it in your hand and do not look at it.Quote2- Jeff Probst

One by one, Salma, Aaron and Vince take a rock, all hiding their fear at going out of the game due to a lottery draw. The jury sit in awe watching the events unfold, eager to see who will be the first person ever eliminated from the game of Survivor due to a rock draw. On Jeff's command, the three drawers open their fists, revealing what colour rock they hold in their possession. Salma lets out a sigh of relief upon seeing the yellow rock in her hand, but is saddened to see it is Aaron who is holding the purple rock, eliminating him from the game. Aaron drops his head for a few seconds, letting out a laugh before hugging the final three, wishing them luck.

Quote1Aaron, it has been a one of a kind tribal council... but the tribe has spoken (snuffs torch), it's time for you to go.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Thank you for this amazing journey guys... and good luck for the last challenge! Love you all...Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Bye Aaron...Quote2- Salma
Quote1See ya Aaron...Quote2- Vince

Vince looks over at Salma, giving her a half smile before mouthing "you're tough", causing her to laugh and give him a slight hug. Jeff informs the final three that they will now return to camp, preparing for their final immunity challenge, which will grant one of them a spot at the final tribal council, and the right to decide who it is that comes with them.

Tribal Council 13:
Chuay Jai
First Vote (Tie)
Rock Draw Tiebreaker
(Julius exempt from draw)
Participant Result
Aaron Thailand
Aaron (2 votes)
Julius ThailandVince Thailand
Julius & Vince
Salma Thailand
Vince Thailand
Vince (2 votes)
Aaron ThailandSalma Thailand
Aaron & Salma
Vince Thailand
none Aaron Thailand
Aaron Thailand Eliminated

I've enjoyed every moment out here in Thailand. The game is so much bigger than all of us, and it's hard to try and stick in there when you're being battered by the elements and those you're trying to live with. It does suck to go home from the rock draw considering I tried to avoid it for so long, but Salma really showed me her courage by giving me the shot... Any one of the three left would make a good winner, and I can't wait to see which of them manage to get to the end.


Day 38

The group arrive back at camp in the early hours of the morning, putting their things away in order to get to sleep so that they're rested for the final immunity challenge. Due to the intense nature of the tribal council, the group can't help but speak over the events that just took place.

Quote1Salma... I'm not mad... You're either the bravest person out here or completely insane.Quote2- Vince
Quote1I think it's a combination of both... (laughs)... I'm sorry... You know I love all of you, but I had to make my play... Sadly it didn't work out but I just had to try. Good job to you guys.Quote2- Salma
Quote1It's fine... I'm still here so I can't be mad...Quote2- Vince
My God... Salma... the sixty year old soon to be grandmother turns out to be the real cutthroat player once again. She had me fooled that she would be on both mine and Julius' side should we get rid of Phillip last tribal council... but instead she made a huge move and forced rocks on us. Her stock just went up in the eyes of the jury for sure. Thank the Lord that Julius won immunity because without that the draw wouldn't have been in our favour. We're so close to the end now, so either he or I need to win tomorrow and send Salma on her way to the jury.


Both Vince and Julius quickly go to sleep, leaving Salma sitting awake looking up at the moon, thinking over her decision to draw rocks at the previous tribal council.

The draw didn't go how I wanted it to, and I know I've got to somehow beat these younger fit guys in the final challenge tomorrow if I want to get to the end. I didn't want to leave this game with any regrets, and had I just voted out Aaron I think the result today would be the same... so I'm not going to regret what happened tonight, and just accept that luck wasn't on my side.


As the sun rises over Chuay Jai's camp, the final three wake up and make their way over to the side of the cave, where they find a new krathong to be put together to represent Aaron, with all thirteen of the krathongs to be taken out into the water during a rites of passage.

Quote1One for Aaron guys...Quote2- Julius
Quote1Aww... to think he was here making them yesterday and now he's gone.Quote2- Salma
Quote1It makes me feel a bit weird, thinking tomorrow another one of us is gone... then in two days we're all out of here.Quote2- Vince
Quote1In a strange way... I don't want to go... but I also can't wait for it.Quote2- Salma
After putting together Aaron's small display, we saw Jeff approaching and we knew that it was because our next challenge awaited us... My heart was pounding out of my chest because I knew that this was the biggest challenge of the whole game, and to lose it could be a million dollar loss.


Jeff arrives on the tribes camp, informing them to gather up the krathongs they have made, and to take a gold canoe down a small river where they'll release the krathongs, eventually leading them to the location of the final immunity challenge. After Jeff departs, the group follow suit in their golden canoe, laying the krathongs out onto the water one by one as they do so, occasionally saying a few words for each of their fallen competitors.

Quote1Rachel... she deserved to get further.Quote2- Salma
Quote1She really did...Quote2- Vince
Quote1Always had a positive outlook...Quote2- Julius
Quote1Rick the cowboy... Didn't really know him... but I liked his hat.Quote2- Vince

Once all thirteen krathongs have been set adrift, the group continue following the direction of the river, eventually reaching the mouth of a cave. The three walk inside, finding Jeff stood by three small wooden structures, informing the group that they will now take part in their final immunity challenge. The challenge requires each member to stand in a specific Thai pose, holding three coins between their fingers in each hand. Over time, as the pose becomes more painful, the contestants will let the coins slip through their fingers, with the last person with a coin remaining between their fingers winning immunity and a spot at the final tribal council. The group each stand in their structures and take their stances, holding the six coins between their fingers. After five minutes, Jeff notes the sweat already pouring off each member.

Quote1It is extremely hot in here... and this position can't help. After thirty-eight days you are going to have to find that last bit of strength to get through this. You'll feet it in your legs, your back... and soon your hands will become numb.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Mmmmhm...Quote2- Salma
Quote1Where is your mind at Salma?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Thinking about my family...Quote2- Salma
Quote1What about you Vince?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Just thinking about when this will end... it's temporary pain.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Julius?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Not thinking about anything.Quote2- Julius
Quote1Everyone trying to find their own way through this... for one of you it will be enough.Quote2- Jeff Probst

After ten minutes, Salma tries to stretch her back, clearly finding herself in a lot of pain. Suddenly, Salma winces in pain due to the movement, causing all six coins to drop from between her fingers, signalling that she is out of the challenge.

Quote1Salma drops her coins, take a seat by your structure...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Damn... I couldn't do it. Good job guys... (sighs)Quote2- Salma
Quote1(looks up) Julius how long can you keep doing this?Quote2- Vince
Quote1A while...Quote2- Julius
Quote1You want to fight it out? Or one of us just take it?Quote2- Vince
Quote1Let's fight it out...Quote2- Julius
Quote1Vince trying to make a deal here... but Julius wants to keep going.Quote2- Jeff Probst

A few minutes later, Vince continues to struggle, looking over at a static Julius. Feeling he has no shot to win, Vince seems to willingly drop his coins, congratulating Julius on his win.

Quote1Julius wins the final immunity challenge and a spot at the final tribal council!Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I did it?Quote2- Julius
Quote1Good job man.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Well done Julius!Quote2- Salma

Julius walks over to Jeff, wearing the immunity necklace for the second time in a row, this time granting himself a spot at the final tribal council, as well as earning the power in deciding who will sit next to him to face the jury.

Challenge: Slip Through Your Fingers
Castaways must hold a Thai pose while holding coins between their fingers. If they run out of coins, they are out of the challenge. Last person standing wins immunity.
Winner: Julius

Immunity Challenge: Slip Through Your Fingers
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd
Time Elapsed 13 mins 10 mins
Castaway Julius Thailand
Vince Thailand
Salma Thailand

The final three return to camp, once again with Julius wearing the immunity necklace, but this time knowing he alone will decide who will become the final member of the jury. Vince and Salma both congratulate Julius, looking at the already setting sun, knowing that there is little time before tribal council.

Julius won today, and I'm just glad it wasn't Salma. Had Salma won either myself or Julius would have been cut short, and I think anyone resentful towards us as a pair would've voted for Salma should she have made it to the final tribal council. Julius now has to chance to make sure he and I both stick to our original alliance and go to the top two, and to have two people who played similar games fight for the votes of the jury... between myself and Julius I think I do have a good chance, because from what I've heard people do like me more on a personal level... but if they're going off game play, there is a misconception that he was the one totally in charge... so I've got to find a way to put that view to rest.


Quote1You did great Salma...Quote2- Vince
Quote1Thank you hun... you both did great too. My old bones just couldn't keep up with that pose... It wasn't a challenge made for me.Quote2- Salma
When I dropped the coins my mind immediately went to... I'm out next. Julius and Vince have been working together since early on in this game, and after last night I separated myself from them... as much as I think Vince will be a tough competitor at the end, I believe Julius will honour his word to him and take me out tonight. That doesn't mean I'm going to lay down and die... but I know it'll be an uphill battle, much of which will have to be fought at tribal council. But tribal council has become my battleground, and all throughout this game it has been the place where I have made my boldest moves... So tonight should be no different.


Quote1You two if you go forward just know that you've done amazing, and I really respect you both.Quote2- Salma
Quote1I don't think I can see you go without getting teary tonight... but I don't want to cry in front of the jury (laughs)Quote2- Vince

Salma laughs and hugs Vince, who is clearly getting emotional at the prospect of seeing Salma voted out. Julius watches on, saying very little, thinking hard about the vote he is about to make.

I've won my way to the final tribal council, and the excitement inside me is bursting, ready to come out so I can celebrate... but first I need to make a key decision between my two friends here, sending one of them to the jury and bringing the other to the end. I want to win this game, and I do believe I've played a stronger game than anyone else out here. My concerns with Vince is that he is very personable, and watching him speak to Salma tonight I know he's trying to get her warming up to him even more so that tomorrow night she votes for him to win this game... Vince could beat me if I take him to the end. Looking at Salma, she hasn't in my mind played as big of a game as the rest of us... but she's got a lot going for her in that she is an older woman who overcame so much, and anyone bitter towards myself and Vince would be dying to vote for her to win. She's almost guaranteed to win Aaron's vote... and maybe the votes of the girls... that's three votes there Salma could sweep up without even giving a speech. I've told Vince that tonight I'll be voting Salma out an honouring our alliance, but until I hear final pleas from both of them at tribal council I don't think I'll be certain who is leaving tonight.


The final three reach tribal council, with the jury of six giving mixed emotions to seeing Julius with immunity, suggesting that Salma is the easy final boot before the final two. Julius speaks about his admiration for his competitors, particularly in how tough it has been to reach the final tribal council, feeling as though he now needs to make a decision that will increase his odds of winning.

Quote1Alright, so now we come to you Vince... and you Salma, the two people who are vulnerable tonight. What case would you both make to Julius so that he brings you to the final tribal council?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Well for me... it's a simple case of loyalty. Julius and I have been working together since the start of this game, and we've played very similar games. Anything you fault about Julius' game you can fault with mine, so it gives a more equal playing field in that sense than if he were to take Salma.Quote2- Vince
Quote1That's not necessarily true. I mean by that logic everything positive about Julius' game you can also praise about Vince's game... in the eyes of the jury neither will be held higher for a strategic or physical game because as Vince said, they were very much the power duo. So what I'd look at as a jury member is their social games... and in terms of a social game Vince has played beautifully. He's become my adoptive son out here... he's been like a brother to Aaron... he struck up a bond with Kanda over matters of their backgrounds... these are relationships that go well beyond this game, and in my mind will win Vince the game in the end.Quote2- Salma
Quote1But Salma, you've got these same bonds with people. You were a mother to all of us out here, and I think a lot of those votes you just said I'd get... you'd be picking them up yourself.Quote2- Vince
Quote1So which votes will I be getting? None? (laughs)Quote2- Julius
Quote1I think if you go with me it'll be a tough race, but the fact you were seen as the leader between us will give you an edge. If you go with Salma you're playing against a completely different player, and one that'll be harder to criticise because her game was varied.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Alright, well Julius you've got a big decision to make... as both Salma and Vince's votes cancel each other out you will be the only person casting a vote tonight. So for your last time in this game Julius... you're up.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Julius sighs and stands, heading over to the parchment where he writes down the last vote he'll cast in the game, looking at it for a few seconds before agreeing with his own decision.

Sorry, you played an amazing game, but I need to think about who I'm sat next to, and what arguments I can make both against their game, and for my own... I need to give myself the best chance to win.


Julius returns to his chair, placing his hand on both Vince and Salma's shoulders. After the urn is eventually brought over for reading, Vince and Salma look on, waiting to see which of them is about to be ousted from the game.

Quote1I'll read the vote... Thirteenth person voted out of Survivor Thailand and the seventh and final member of our jury... Vince, you'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Ouch, that stings...Quote2- Vince
Quote1I'm sorry man...Quote2- Julius
Quote1I'll be needing an explaination tomorrow... Good job you guys.Quote2- Vince
Quote1(covering her mouth) ... Bye Vince..Quote2- Salma

Jeff snuffs Vince torch, accepting a hug off the final jury member who seems to be in mixed emotions after being betrayed by his closest ally at the final hurdle. Vince opts not to look at either of the final two as he leaves, instead heading straight out of the tribal council area with tears flowing down his face. Salma turns around and hugs Julius, thanking him for taking her to the end. Jeff congratulates both Julius and Salma, telling them to get some rest on their final night, as all that awaits them now is to face the jury of seven, who will decide which of them will be the fifth recipient of the million dollar prize.

Tribal Council 14:
Chuay Jai
Vince Thailand
Vince (1 vote)
Julius Thailand
Vince Thailand Eliminated

Thirty-eight days of trust down the drain... I uh, I feel pretty hurt right now. I knew that as much as I wanted to win this game, I wouldn't have taken Julius out because I gave him my word, and in this game I wanted my word to mean something. He uh... he thought differently I guess. He thinks he took me out because I'd have won, and maybe he was right. But if he thinks he's going to have an easy time against Salma, he's in for a rude awakening.


Day 39

Before the sun rises on Day 39, Salma and Julius begin dismantling their camp, throwing left over clothes and old containers into a pile to burn.

Quote1Here's where my inner pyromaniac takes over... I'm going to throw my spare top in... It's covered in stains and I want to look my best for tribal council.Quote2- Salma
Quote1(laughs) I think it's a bit late for either of us to look our best...Quote2- Julius
Quote1So Salma what are you wearing tonight? Well Jeff, I'm wearing thirty-nine days of starvation, desolate living and deprivation... it's an immersive piece that anyone in a one mile radius can enjoy if they use their nostrils.Quote2- Salma
To start this game as the oldest person, select my tribe and now be sat here thirty-nine days later as one of the last two in this game. A sixty year old woman has the chance to be the Sole Survivor... that's just remarkable. It's unbelievable to me, and is something that if I was to ever write down for a story I'd scrap it immediately, and tell myself it's beyond belief. Sometimes real life is stranger than any fiction, and I'm not complaining about it. I do know that tonight aspects of my game will be questioned, but I'm prepared to fight my corner and tell the jury why I deserve to win this game. I've got a shot at this, and Julius needs to be on his guard because I'm not going to be the mother figure he's come to know out here.


The pair begin burning the contents of the camp, before heading down to the canoe, burning the boat that has been of use to them since they arrived in Thailand.

Quote1No more will this boat take us to get water...Quote2- Salma
Quote1No more will any of us paddle that far just to get water...Quote2- Julius
Quote1Very true. Would you like to do the honours my darling?Quote2- Salma

Julius places the lit torch down on the boat, leaving it to burn as the pair go off to grab the remainder of their things, preparing to leave the camp in several hours so that they may take part in the final tribal council.

This morning I thought back to that time on Chuay Gahn when we kept losing the challenges, and I was sure that we were out of this thing. I questioned why I came out here, and why I bothered putting myself through this. I would love to send myself a message back then, and say that any doubt I was having will be completely wiped out. You get to the final tribal council, and you play one hell of a tough game. My life has always been about pushing others to the front, and highlighting where others are strong and giving them all the limelight and credit, but tonight is my time. I'm now going to work for myself and make sure I get the glory here... because I can say I deserve it. I've worked hard for so long and this is the first thing I've done for myself... and I'm going to make sure it's all worth it.


As sunset begins, the final two grab their things and head off to tribal council, taking one last glimpse of the Chuay Gahn caves that housed them for thirty-nine days, both seeming emotional to leave their beach behind. They continue their journey towards tribal council, knowing that ahead of them lays perhaps the toughest night of their games, in which they must convince the jury that they are the one worthy of the title of Sole Survivor.

Final Tribal Council

Julius and Salma take their spots at tribal council, looking over as the seven members of the jury enter and take their spots opposite them. The final two note some of the friendlier faces, also seeing others with cold glares. Jeff gives the nine members present a rundown of the evenings events, which will begin with an opening statement given by the final two, followed by questions or statements by the seven jury members. Once every jury member has spoken, they will cast their votes for who they want to win the game, deciding who out of Salma and Julius will become the fifth Sole Survivor.

Quote1Okay, Julius please start us off.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1No problem. So, jury... I get that this is going to be an uncomfortable night for some of you. I know there will be resentment, and perhaps even jealousy towards myself and Salma for sitting here. Please know that from my point of view this was all a game, and the rules of the game are that there will be winners and losers... I wanted to make sure that no matter what, by the end of this game I was sat where I am now, with a shot to win. I think I've done that, because clearly... I'm sat here, and from what a lot of people have said throughout this game you were all aware that I had a lot of power and control over who went home. So I hope that you can reward the person you think played the best and not come in here with any sore feelings... and I hope to answer the questions you may all have to aid you in your decisions.Quote2- Julius
Quote1Thanks Julius. Salma, make your opening statement.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Alright, so as many of you know in games such as this us old folk don't exactly start out on an equal playing field. We look weaker, we can't keep up with the younger generations and we're easy first pickings should a tribe go to tribal council. I'd like to think that despite these stereotypes, I have been someone you can look at as an equal in this game. In challenges I felt I always kept up, and won two immunity's and a reward challenge once we merged. Around camp I always put in hard work and didn't slack, and I don't think anyone had to make up for any burden my age may have caused... because I didn't let myself ever become a burden in thirty-nine days. I look at my social game... but I don't want to call it that... because for me making social bonds is something I enjoy, it's not just about making friends to help you along the road... I feel I can call lots of you in this game and call you my friends, and I got to know you all as best I could. My strategy in the game will need some explanation, and rather than to give a complete rundown on it now, I'll let you guys ask me which areas need clarification. So yeah, I hope tonight I can use your questions as a guide to what information you all need to crown me the person more deserving to win. Thank you.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Thank you Salma. Okay, jury I'll give you each a moment to prepare, then we'll get started.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Aaron's question

Quote1Aaron, you're up first...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Cool... okay, congratulations you guys. You made it to the end of this game, and everyone owes you respect for doing that. I'll admit tonight I am leaning towards voting for you Salma, but that doesn't mean you can't convince me throughout the night that you are more worthy of my vote Julius. Salma, I don't have a question for you, but I just want to say thank you. You gave me a shot in this game when no one else had, and you risked your own game in doing so. Some people may be looking at you tonight and thinking that your strategic game wasn't as impressive as Julius', but I think a lot of them are unaware how amazing you really were. Several times you turned tribal council on its head, and flipped votes from going one way to the way you wanted them to go. You risked your game so many times doing this, and it's a shame that people think you played it safe or under the radar... because that's far from how you played it. Julius may have seemed in control at the merge, but I don't think he took any more risks than you did... and overall you're definitely the person who stuck their neck out more.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Thank you hun...Quote2- Salma
Quote1Julius, I have just one question for you tonight. What have you done that Salma hasn't that means you should get my vote. Me as an individual. Not what about your game was better, but what did you do that particularly deserves my respect.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Uh, what have I done to get your vote? I'd say that when we were back on Chuay Gahn, you and Salma had the slight falling out... and I was one of the few people who had your back. Salma even wrote down your name and could've had you voted out before the jury... but I... and Vince... had your back fully at that point.Quote2- Julius
Quote1Okay, thank you. I'm satisfied with that. Good luck guys, I'll be listening.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Thanks AaronQuote2- Jeff Probst

Karen's question

Quote1Salma... Julius... congratulations. I'm not certain who I'll be voting tonight. Julius, you and I never really got to know each other, and I think your social game outside of your own tribe was pretty poor. Salma, where Julius' game lacked yours found its strength... you spent time speaking to us girls, and you made us feel like you were our friend. However, you also hurt me more. The night I went home I thought you'd make your move and take the control that you badly needed to show that you were more than a follower... instead you let me go home, let Phillip go home next... and then you made your big game move... you went to rocks... Aaron still went home, and you got to the final tribal council thanks to being less of a threat than Vince. To me there's nothing here that says 'Sole Survivor'... but rather a nice older lady who got lucky.Quote2- Karen
Quote1I'm sorry that you think my being here was luck, but I can assure you that getting to where I am in this game took hard work and careful planning. Had I changed my allegiances the night you left... I was putting myself in a position where my stability in this game was no longer guaranteed.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Yet even voting me out you only just barely got here, and in my mind through no merit of your own.Quote2- Karen
Quote1I'm afraid you're ill informed if that's what you believe.Quote2- Salma
Quote1We'll have to agree to disagree then. Julius, what I want from you is why you deserve my vote when you didn't really try to get to know me?Quote2- Karen
Quote1I deserve your vote because I played this game in such a way that I wasn't doing anything unnecessary. I won challenges, I played my strategy... and I spoke to who I needed to speak to. As bad as it sounds, I didn't need to make bonds with people I knew I would be voting out... because then I'm betraying the bonds I make... In this game Aaron and Salma were two players called out for voting people out after seeming like their friends... and I didn't want to be seen doing the same thing.Quote2- Julius
Quote1And then you voted out Vince... but I'll leave that for his question. Good luck to you both.Quote2- Karen
Quote1Thanks KarenQuote2- Jeff Probst

Kanda's question

Quote1Kanda, you're up...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Bon soir! At this point I think it is clear to me who is the more worthy winner. I like you both, and I think you are both good people... but in this game you were liars. Salma, you gave false hope to us all as we left one by one, and it felt like you just wanted to make friends who were going to the jury. Like Karen, I think a lot of luck was on your side in getting to the end of this game. Julius, you did seem like the leader to us all... and we said if you get to the end you would win. The rest of your tribe ignored us... and as much as I wanted to vote for Vince to win, you cut that option away last night. So I want to stick to my word and give you my vote... if nothing more than to prove a point to future players of this game. If someone is pointed out as the biggest threat, take them out! Don't let them do what you did and sit at the final tribal council.Quote2- Kanda
Quote1Thanks Kanda... Appreciate it.Quote2- Julius

Estan's question

Quote1Hello. I've been on this jury for a while now, and if I'm right I am the only person to ever sit on the jury without being in the merged tribe. So at least I can leave this game with a record of some sort. I didn't get much time with either of you, and I feel I barely know you Salma. All I can say is you must have loved the delayed merge... because had it happened right at the start there was a plan for Julius, Vince, Aaron, Rick and myself to come together and take the rest of you out of this game.Quote2- Estan
Quote1I have since heard about this yes...Quote2- Salma
Quote1So... anything to say? Acknowledge how lucky you got on that?Quote2- Estan
Quote1Uh, no I don't believe it was luck. For me you see I think that scenario likely sees Ricardo and Karen voted out... but I believe in my heart that myself and perhaps Kanda would still be around long enough that you boys would turn on each other... I think you'd recognise that both Vince and Julius had a lot of power... and they'd recognise that you were holding power, and us girls would become votes you would all fight over.Quote2- Salma
Quote1(shakes head in confusion) Okay... it does seem like a bit of denial there. Julius, what I want to know from you is a flat out yes or no then... Had the merge happened at ten who was going home?Quote2- Estan
Quote1Ricardo would've gone home first, and I believe that things would have gone as you saw them.Quote2- Julius
Quote1As I said... Salma, had you acknowledged the luck aspect of you being here more you could've won my vote, but you seem in denial. You can't fess up to the weakness in your game... and for that I have to vote the person who played the game that doesn't need as much explaining. Julius, I hope you win.Quote2- Estan
Quote1(shakes head)Quote2- Salma
Quote1Thank you Estan.Quote2- Julius

Phillip's question

Quote1Alright you two, let's cut all this talk about game and what not. When it comes to game, you're both liars. Salma, I feel less betrayed by you... but that doesn't mean you're getting my vote. When I left the other night I thought to myself that you were who I wanted to win, but I can't help but feel that what others have pointed out is shining a light on the weakness of your game. Julius, you hurt me... I thought we were going to go forward to the end together... but I guess it all worked out okay for you, because you got rid of Vince. You stuck the knife deeper in him than you ever did to me, or anyone else for that matter. Now you're sat at the end with the flashy game... and I think you could win this. But I've decided I want this money to matter more than the title... and I want to know what the money means for you Julius, because as we all know you're not struggling to put food on your table.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1I may be someone who is comfortable in my financial situation, but my children are still young, and I'm getting older. Eventually I want to cut back on working, and I need to find a way to send my kids to college and make sure they get the education they deserve.Quote2- Julius
Quote1Good answer... Salma, same question to you. Do you deserve the money? Julius has a young family, and you don't... You've had a good career writing, and you said yourself you're now heading into retirement... and no one financially is relying on you.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1This simply just isn't true, and I'm glad you asked this because it's something I want to address in front of you all. I am sixty years old... I am heading into retirement... but someone's life just doesn't come to an end when they get to my age! I have a daughter! I have a husband! I have a son who has his own child on the way! I want to provide for them as they do for me... and I set out in this game partially to show people that when you're in your later years you don't just lay down and get weighted on and forgotten ... You can grab control of the situation and be the provider, you can go out on an island for thirty-nine days and keep up with people half your age... sometimes even kick their asses... and then you can win the money and continue your life because it isn't yet over! (becomes emotional, choking up somewhat)Quote2- Salma
Quote1(nods) ... Well, I'll make sure to take that into account. Good luck you guys.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1Thanks Phillip...Quote2- Jeff Probst

Ricardo's question

Quote1Hello beautiful lady, and gentleman... let me begin by saying well done to you both, you deserve all the praise for getting here, which the rest of us couldn't do. Now, Salma like you should apparently be... I am grateful for the delayed merge, because without it I apparently wouldn't be on this jury. I want turn to you first Julius, because you said you'd have voted me out first had we merged. That does upset me because I thought you and I were striking up a bond, and I really saw you as a good guy... but you wanted to jump into bed with the devil just to get to the end here, and even at the very end when you didn't have to... you cut your friends throat. You had my vote to win up until that moment, and instead you brought Salma here. So we have someone who would have done anything to win the game... and the person who I feel had to do everything to get here. Salma, you are an inspiration to everyone... not just older individuals... not just women... but you are just an amazing individual who simply being out here and getting this far deserves admiration from us all. You voted me out, and I was saddened by it... but I saw how you needed to play this game, and how despite seeming under the radar you were ready to flip everyone on their heads the second you needed to... and you did... your speech at the last tribal council in my opinion swayed Julius' mind...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1It didn't.Quote2- Julius
Quote1Oh it didn't?Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1No.Quote2- Julius
Quote1So now what you're saying is... before you left for tribal council, before you heard their pleas... you knew you were going to coldly turn on your closest ally in this game? Either way you spin this in my mind, you make yourself look bad. You were either convinced by Salma, as so many people were at this very spot... or you calculated in your own mind that you would be sending Vince to the jury, even after making a deal to go to the end with him. You are the weaker person sat there tonight... Salma, you to me are the winner. (blows a kiss) Good luck...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1Thank you... thank you so much.Quote2- Salma

Vince's question

Quote1Vince, wrap this up...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Okay... uh, so this is fun. Seeing you two sat there, when twenty four hours ago I was convinced I would be in your place Salma. All through this game I had calculated moves ahead... but the one thing I didn't see coming, was you Julius. Thirty-eight days we had a bond, and you sold me out for a spot in that final tribal council. You sent a message to everyone here, that I am worth less than a million dollars to you... your word is worth less than a million dollars. Is that correct?Quote2- Vince
Quote1(sighs) You are not worth less... my word is not worth less... But please understand I have a family out of this game that I need to look out for... before anyone here...Quote2- Julius
Quote1I have a family! Salma has a family! We all have families! My dad when he came here asked me if I could win against you, and I said "maybe"... but I wasn't sure. I believe I could've won against Salma... But had I won that challenge last night I can say on everything I hold dear that I would have NOT written down your name! I would have honoured the agreement we made and sat there against you win or lose! So do I honour my word and never write your name down... including tonight? I promised myself I'd never be bitter in this game if I make it to the jury, but I've got to tell you... I am hurting. Salma, coming to you... I think your game is less obvious to everyone here, but Aaron put it best when he said you were playing hard from the word go out here, and there were plenty of moments where you made dangerous moves that got you further along. You saved me at the fourth tribal council... you have done more than enough to warrant the belief that you did play a strong game, and unlike Julius you didn't believe talking to everyone was unnecessary. I don't think you bonded with me, Karen, Kanda or anyone for that matter... just to get our votes at the end, because I think a part of you didn't believe you'd ever get here. You made connections because that's the kind of person you are... and that is a major part of this game. I don't know which of you I'm going to vote, because I don't know who deserves it more. I think you'll both make good winners, I won't deny that. But I want a satisfying winner... someone who we can all look at and say deserved it and we're happy to see take home the money. Before I finalise my decision... I want one word or a few words from each of you that sums up how you feel about me... Julius if you'd like to go first.Quote2- Vince
Quote1I think you're an incredibly loyal guy.Quote2- Julius
Quote1Too trusting... You know your own kindness and the kindness that your father installed into you, and you expected others to have the same respect for you that you had for them.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Thank you... may the best man or woman win.Quote2- Vince
Quote1Thanks Vince.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Jeff thanks the jury and the final two for an interesting final tribal council, understanding that it is always a tough thing to be confronted by those who you have crossed paths with in a game full of deceit. After giving the jury a moment to gather their thoughts and reflect on all that was said, Ricardo is selected to commence the final vote.

Salma, you and I started this game by picking both tribes, and after thirty-nine long hard days I am so honoured to be able to write down your name. You have inspired us all.


You played the stronger game, and I think tonight that's the one thing that was made clear from all the back and forth comments. Good job.


(shown writing Julius) I will keep my word, I hope in the future you learn to keep yours.


(confessional not shown, instead shown standing over parchment writing a name)


Felicitaciones! You outplayed us all, and you deserve this money.


Not a difficult vote for me at all. Salma was full of denial, you knew where things were at... and held onto your power the whole way through.


Not who I thought I'd be voting for tonight, but you convinced me otherwise. I can't believe it ends with this, but good job. I hope you enjoy the money and use it to support your family.


Once Phillip sits down, Jeff goes off to collect the votes, telling the group they will be read once the group has returned to the United States. Jeff leaves the tribal council area with the urn in hand, leaving the nine contestants sat together in silence, knowing it will be a long wait until the results are revealed.


Jeff enters the studio to an excited audience, heading up to the final two, both of whom are dressed up for the big night. The jury sit across from them, equally dressed up for the evening despite having no shot at claiming the grand prize. After a small introduction to the final two, the lid of the urn is lifted, leaving both Julius and Salma to wish one another luck, ready to see the game wrapped up by the seven jury votes.

Quote1I have the seven jury votes... it takes four to win. For the final time this season, I'll read the votes!Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1First vote... Salma.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Salma. That's two votes Salma.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Julius. That's two votes Salma, one vote Julius.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Julius. That's two votes Julius, two votes Salma.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Julius. That's three votes Julius, two votes Salma.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sixth vote... Salma. That's three votes Julius, three votes Salma... it all comes down to this final vote.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Final vote... and the Winner of Survivor Thailand... Salma!Quote2- Jeff Probst

Salma's mouth drops, she stands shaking in shock at seeing she has overcome the odds and won the game. A disappointed Julius hugs her, congratulating her on the win. Salma rushes down to the audience, hugging her husband, daughter, son and grandchild, who was born two days after the final tribal council. Jeff formally announces her as the fifth Sole Survivor, and oldest winner yet in the five seasons of the show.

Tribal Council 15:
Jury Vote
Salma Thailand
Salma (4 votes)
Aaron ThailandPhillip ThailandRicardo ThailandVince Thailand
Aaron, Phillip, Ricardo & Vince
Julius Thailand
Julius (3 votes)
Estan ThailandKanda ThailandKaren Thailand
Estan, Kanda & Karen
Julian Thailand Eliminated
Salma Thailand

Reunion Notes

  • Salma mentions her gratitude towards those that voted her to win the game, as well as the show itself for giving her the chance to compete and prove to people that women over a certain age can still "pack a punch". The jury members that voted for Salma compliment her gameplay, feeling she was underrated compared to Julius, who didn't have the same personal connections that Salma did (although it is noted that these personal connections ultimately lost Salma certain votes).
  • Julius mentions his sadness in losing the game, feeling as though he didn't come across how he intended to, feeling as though he is being regarded as a disloyal individual due to "one case of breaking my word". Vince agrees that Julius is getting an unnecessarily hard time, claiming that his final move was a game move, and that over time he learned to forgive him. He facetiously admits to being pleased that his vote ended up costing Julius the game, but insists that he would've voted for Salma in most cases due to her "impressive" final tribal council performance.
  • Aaron talks about being the first person ever eliminated due to a rock drawer, admitting that it didn't upset him too much due to having already received votes at that tribal council, meaning that the rocks were his "last shot" at staying in the game. Rick and Gypsy are then heard joking that they too wish rocks came out at their final tribal councils, as they would've saved their games.
  • When discussing the main "villains" of the season, Phillip and Estan claim to be nice individuals at heart, with Estan feeling that a lot of what was shown was "clever editing", but accepts that he entered the game to be ruthless. When asked about the feuds on Sook Jai, several members admit to having buried the hatchet, including Ricardo and Phillip, who have since met up and exchanged emails. Melissa mentions that she has yet to speak with Estan, Phillip or Rick since the game finished, feeling that they're just not meant to be friends, but supports Ricardo's claims that no one in the game is a "truly bad person".
  • West and Gypsy are also shown to have moved on from their in game feud, claiming to have gotten on well during the pre-merge vacation, with West stating that he and Gypsy educated one another on their backgrounds in order to better understand one another.
  • Jeff then checks in on Karen and Kanda, two of the more under the radar players after the merge. The pair admit that they wish they had pushed harder in the game, feeling that they allowed others to break away and cost them the game. However, Karen claims that she wasn't cut out for the game, admitting that lying and living in the outdoors didn't work as a good combination for her.
  • The final few members of the cast are then spoken to. Rick talks about returning to his normal life, feeling as though he would've been more successful had his alliance not turned on him. Estan admits that they should've drawn rocks that tribal council, but Jeff points out that is an easy thing to say in hindsight. Joan talks about staying friendly with Ricardo, claiming she cant regret signing up for the game where she made "a friend for life". Harper talks about getting engaged to her boyfriend, as well as planning to do more travelling, feeling that she loves the landscape of Survivor, but despised having to "play the social and strategic game". Finally, Rachel is named one of the more popular players who got cut early, receiving a large cheer from the audience. She states that even though she didn't make the jury, she feels satisfied with her time in the game, and that she was extremely happy to see her tribe members go on to become the final four.
  • To end the reunion, Jeff gathers the results of the "Player of the Season" poll, in which the winner will receive $100,000. The top three are revealed to be Ricardo, Salma and Vince. Ricardo is announced to have finished in third place, with Vince coming in second. Salma seems shocked once again, earning a total of $1.1 million in a single evening, being the first winner in five seasons to do so.

Still In The Running

Chuay Gahn
Aaron Thailand Eliminated
Gypsy Thailand Eliminated
Harper Thailand Eliminated
Julian Thailand Eliminated
Rachel Thailand Eliminated
Salma Thailand
Vince Thailand Eliminated
West Thailand Eliminated
Sook Jai
Estan Thailand Eliminated
Joan Thailand Eliminated
Kanda Thailand Eliminated
Karen Thailand Eliminated
Melissa Thailand Eliminated
Phillip Thailand Eliminated
Ricardo Thailand Eliminated
Rick Thailand Eliminated