"Feels Good to Be Cool"
Amazon Ep 2
Season Survivor: The Amazon
Episode Number 2/13 (067)
First Broadcast March 20, 2018
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Feels Good to Be Cool is the second episode of Survivor: The Amazon.


Day 3 (Night)

The seven remaining Tambaqui men return to camp, having just voted their first member from the game. Isaiah speaks loudly to his tribe mates, thanking them for siding with him, as well as reinforcing his beliefs that Jody was untrustworthy.

Tonight we had an amazing result at our first tribal council. Our boy Jody got sent home, all thanks to my campaigning against him. I definitely stuck my neck out there, and in return got a few votes against me. That doesn't bother me though, I welcome the competition. I know I've got a majority of the tribe backing me, and I feel confident in my position right now.


Quote1To those of you who wrote down my name... I ain't holding it against you. You did what you did. It's done.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1I uh, I just did it because I...Quote2- Kennedy
Quote1Listen man, you ain't gotta explain. It's done. Trust me... (he shakes Kennedy's hand)Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Lets just make sure we get ourselves back together and kick the girls asses...Quote2- Hall

Ceri stands quietly, looking down at the fire as he processes the events of the evening. Several of the tribe members climb into the shelter, wanting to rest after a long evening at tribal council. Kennedy joins Ceri by the fire, wanting to clarify what caused the pair to end up in the minority at the first vote.

Quote1(whispering) Fred screwed us... Sheamus voted with them...Quote2- Ceri
Quote1Why?Quote2- Kennedy
Quote1I don't know! It's just stupid... but we can't trust Fred for s**t at this point. Don't tell him anything from now on.Quote2- Ceri
Losing Jody tonight was a huge wake up call for me. I know out of everyone here I'm the person who'll be closely associated with him, so I really need to watch my back because if we lose again I could easily be the next one voted out. Kennedy is weaker than me, but I think they're less threatened by him at this stage. I don't understand what this tribe had in mind by keeping Isaiah, but I know I'm not involved in their future goals.


Day 4


The women begin their day working around their camp, having improved their shelter during the earlier hours of the day. Delma, Jayla and Edweena work on collecting firewood for the tribe, whilst Veronica cooks up some manioc flour. Karyn remains in the shelter, still mentally and physically feeling unable to fully immerse herself into the game. Once a large enough pile of wood is collected, Delma begins to question the whereabouts of the other three tribe members.

Quote1Where are the barbie dolls?Quote2- Delma
Quote1Uh, they all put on their bikinis and took off.Quote2- Veronica
Quote1Sorry, they did what?Quote2- Delma
Quote1Put on their swimsuits and headed off to the water. Said they wanted to bathe...Quote2- Veronica
Quote1(laughs and shakes her head) ... Ridiculous...Quote2- Delma
Quote1Are you going to say something?Quote2- Jayla
Quote1Oh yeah. You bet I am...Quote2- Delma
Quote1Well if you do... would you be able to do it AFTER we eat?Quote2- Jayla
Quote1Of course, I won't make it uncomfortable for the rest of us.Quote2- Delma
There's a lot of tension in our camp right now. At first it was due to frustrations with Karyn checking out of the game, and a few people thinking she might quit and just head off. But now its more a divide between the younger girls and the ... older ones. Delma, Victoria and Eddie are real workhorses around camp, and that just isn't how Subira, Neasa and Jenn do things. I'm someone who is kind of in the middle... I fit in with the younger girls because we have similar interests. But I'm also a mum, and I had my son quite young... so I know what it's like to be a mother and have to work hard to get things done. In that sense I do have an understanding with the older women. I think if we were to go to tribal council both groups would want to approach me to get my vote. It worries me that there could be a blowout between them at some point, because it's clear to all of us that they don't really like one another.


Quote1Well if they want to splash about they better hurry up. Looking at the sky right now I think we're expecting a lot of rain.Quote2- Delma
Quote1Well, the manioc is cooked so should I start serving it up and put theirs aside?Quote2- Veronica
Quote1Go for it.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1Karyn, are you eating?Quote2- Veronica
Quote1Yeah I'll have some.Quote2- Karyn
I have somewhat become a nurse to Karyn, which isn't the position I want to be in at all, but I can't risk having her leave the game voluntarily. It would cripple our tribe to lose someone to such circumstances. Based on how things are going there could also be a battle between the mature members of the tribe and those who want to sit around getting attention all day, and if that happens we would need Karyn on our side to vote one of them out.


Over in the shallow waters of Jaburu camp, the three younger women sit and bathe one another, wanting to keep their hygiene and looks in check. The girls joke about wanting to look good for the boys of Tambaqui, feeling it is "strategy" to distract them in challenges.

Quote1Jenn just has to get her boobs out and they'll all stop competing.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(laughs) I wouldn't in a million years!Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Better you than Veronica... no one wants to see those (laughs)Quote2- Subira
Quote1Oh gosh stop! I don't need that image before I eat.Quote2- Jenn
Myself, Neasa and Subira have really bonded good these past few days. I think naturally as the younger girls we just came together and clicked. We know that the older women don't like us, especially Delma and Veronica. I don't know what their problem is but I think they just have a slight attitude problem because we don't want to spend all day working round camp. This game is meant to be fun, and they just suck the fun out of it.


Quote1You think if we go tribal they'll come after us?Quote2- Subira
Quote1Of course. But thankfully Karyn is falling on her sword first.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1What if they try and keep Karyn over one of us?Quote2- Subira
Quote1They wouldn't! Would they?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1They might. I suppose we could speak with Jayla, and try to get Karyn to put her vote on one of them too.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Who would we go for? I'd wanna send Delma home just 'cos she irritating.Quote2- Subira
Quote1Yeah, I'd say Delma too.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1My choice would be Veronica, but I mean between them I couldn't really care.Quote2- Neasa
The three younger girls definitely have an alliance in this game, and our main targets right now are Delma and Veronica. The two of them have made it their mission to constantly disapprove of the three of us, whether it's because we don't do work, or when we do work we don't do it how they want. It's pathetic. I think sadly a lot of it is down to jealousy because we are three attractive girls, and unfortunately they've passed their prime. It's an all girls tribe, but there's still girl on girl discrimination going on here.


The rain begins to pour down over Jaburu, forcing the three younger women to return to camp, where they find their tribe has already begun eating without them, leaving their three portions of manioc flour in the tribes somewhat rain covered pan.

We headed back to camp to get our food and sit with the tribe, and immediately we see the five of them sat in the shelter with they food in their hands, and our food just sat in the pan with the rain coming down on it. I was ready at that point to kick the hell off because that weren't cool to me...


Quote1Do y'all always eat without everyone here?Quote2- Subira
Quote1Do you three always feel the need to leave camp when the rest of us are working?Quote2- Delma
Quote1We left for twenty minutes to bathe! And you're sat here eating without us leaving our food in the damn rain. How you think that is okay?Quote2- Subira
Quote1We put the food aside for you, and you weren't here to get it. I can't be held responsible for that.Quote2- Delma
Quote1Whatchu' mean you can't be responsible! You were the one's here!Quote2- Subira
Quote1If you girls want to eat with the rest of us then fine, be around camp and do your fair share of work. If not then you can eat what is left over in that pan, and cook for yourselves in future.Quote2- Delma
The rain was coming down hard on our camp, and it really wasn't the time for an argument but both Delma and Subira just went at it. Screaming at one another, and of course others started getting involved and it was one big mess.


Quote1It's not cool Delma...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1You can think of it what you want, but in future you need to be apart of this group or you'll be treated like outsiders.Quote2- Delma
Quote1I cooked it girls, and we left it for you and it's been sat there for a while now...Quote2- Veronica
Quote1Then why didn't someone come get us? Call out for us?Quote2- Subira
Quote1You knew the food was being prepared and you chose to leave camp...Quote2- Veronica
Quote1To wash! Damn you never wash before when someone's cooking and not have them come get you!?Quote2- Subira
Quote1I just think it's all really childish for women of your age to be doing this. It isn't high-school, there's no need to try and exclude people you don't like.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(laughs) You're absolutely right. It isn't high school. So perhaps you three need to stop acting like you're going for prom queen and realise what we're all out here for.Quote2- Delma
The three of them were well and truly exposed today, and I think what accumulated was something that had been festering for the past few days. They don't like us, and we don't particularly like them. It's all personal at this point, and I think should we lose there's a good chance Karyn will be made to stick it out because I'd very much like to send Neasa or Subira home.


Subira walks over and picks up her now drenched manioc pancake, tossing it over into Delma's lap, telling her to eat it instead and that she is "over the meal". Delma becomes infuriated that Subira would throw the food at her, causing the two to continue arguing whilst the others watch on. Eventually the pair stop arguing, sitting at opposite sides of the shelter and the girls try and stay out of the rain. The tribe remain in the shelter until the rain passes, leaving them in a very silent and awkward state.


The men decide to work around camp, particularly in looking for food, having become tired of manioc flour based meals. Fredrick, Mayson and Sheamus go to the shallow water and attempt to use small insects as bait for the fish, although with little success.

It is tough when you've got very little to eat, and that very little is just manioc flour. We've worked out how to best prepare it, but as a meal it's not substantial enough to keep us all physically or mentally satisfied.


Sheamus eventually manages to catch a small fish, although it comes loose as he attempts to pull it from the water, much to his frustration.

Quote1Damn, Captain America almost finding a way to feed the tribe again (laughs)Quote2- Mayson
Quote1We really need to get something better to attract them. If we take the boat out we'll get nothing.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Not much we can do about it right now... Unless you guys want to try?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Nah, we'll leave it. The sky has gone pretty dark too, so we best start heading back.Quote2- Sheamus
Last night at tribal council I made quite a risky decision to side against Kennedy, who was really the first person to have approached me for an alliance of sorts. I think I would have naturally fit in more with the group of weaker males, but I was approached by these bigger guys and I think I just felt logically it would be best to go with them. Within this alliance I do seem like the odd man out, but I also think I can play it to my benefit. Also, it is nice for once to be around the sporty guys. Feels good to be cool.


Back at camp, the other four men sit around tending the fire and boiling a pot of water. Ceri and Hall make an effort to continue sheltering the fire, worried that it may soon rain due to the condition of the clouds.

I'm trying to keep working hard at camp, showing the group that I do earn my keep around here. On a personal level I don't particularly like my tribe, and it's bad to say that on day four but I can just tell. Unfortunately, I think between myself and Kennedy someone is leaving at the next tribal council, and I now have to compete against him so that they'll write his name down before mine.


Quote1You think that should be good?Quote2- Hall
Quote1Yeah, if it rains we've got to maybe add a bit more to make sure it doesn't leak through. But it should hold.Quote2- Ceri
Quote1Good, good.Quote2- Hall
The state of our camp right now is pretty good. I mean yeah, things have got a little uncomfortable now that we know Ceri and Kennedy are the two on the bottom. They both know it too, and I think you can see from their red eyes and pouts that they're not too happy about it (laughs). Ceri keeps on around camp at least though, with Kennedy... I don't really know what he does. He always seems just a bit pathetic and helpless. Apart of me thinks it was a mistake to not vote him out first.


A downpour suddenly occurs over the camp, forcing the entire tribe to rush back to the shelter in order to try and remain dry. Ceri ensures that the fire remains well sheltered, not wanting to lose the groups main source of survival. All seven of the men huddle together under the shelter, waiting several hours for the rain to let up.

When mother nature sends us a message, you really get it loud and clear out here. Everything has to come to a halt once the rain starts, and the seven of us were sitting stuck under the shelter for a good portion of the day. Again we've gone without fish, and we're at risk of losing our fire which could really set us back. The only upside to this is that the women are likely going through the same thing, that way we're on an even playing field.


Day 5

Challenge: Flip Out
Each tribe must designate a caller. The rest of the tribe members are blindfolded, and the caller must guide their tribemates so they can retrieve 30 designated giant puzzle pieces surrounded by obstacles. Once all 30 pieces are collected, the tribe members must remove their blindfolds and work together to solve the puzzle. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins reward.
Reward: Jar of fish bait
Winner: Tambaqui

Reward Challenge: Flip Out
Result Tribe Caller Blindfolded Sit-Outs
Won Tambaqui Hall Amazon
Ceri AmazonFredrick AmazonIsaiah AmazonKennedy AmazonMayson AmazonSheamus Amazon
Ceri, Fredrick, Isaiah, Kennedy, Mayson, Sheamus
Lost Jaburu Edweena Amazon
Delma AmazonJayla AmazonJenn AmazonKaryn AmazonNeasa AmazonSubira Amazon
Delma, Jayla, Jenn, Karyn, Neasa, Subira
Veronica Amazon


The women return to camp after their first loss, all feeling disappointed in the result. Edweena apologises to the group, feeling somewhat responsible due to being the tribes caller. Delma assures Edweena that the loss wasn't her fault, instead blaming the groups inability to follow orders.

After the challenge Edweena apologised to us all for not being as useful as she should've been, and we were all ready to accept her apology. But instead, Delma had to pipe up and rub some salt in the wound, saying it was our fault for not following her instructions. I know the comment was directed towards us younger girls, but I'm not going to rise to it. I'll let Delma burn bridges herself without adding any fuel.


Delma suggests to the tribe that they get to work around camp, not wanting to let the loss effect their tribe morale. Delma decides to invite both Veronica and Subira to come fishing with her, telling Subira it will give them an opportunity to sort out any ill feelings between them. Subira hesitantly accepts, joining the pair as they head off on the tribes boat.

I wanted to sort out the problems between myself and Subira simply because Jayla and Veronica had both suggested that I do so. We've felt that the problems between us may negatively impact our challenge performances, and that's the last thing I want.


The duo talk out their issues whilst fishing, trying to understand both their sides and how they can move forward. Subira apologises for throwing the manioc pancake, whilst Delma apologises for leaving their food in the rain. Both women hug and make up, but Subira is seen rolling her eyes as she does so.

I may have said sorry to Delma, and she may have said it to me, but as far as I'm aware we are both still at war. I can say I forgive without it being true, because I'll still write her name down to send home the first opportunity I get.


Quote1See this is nice! This is the female unity we need today (laughs)Quote2- Veronica
Quote1I'm just glad we can move on from this.Quote2- Delma
Quote1Same, same. You know I don't like the drama at camp and I just want to make sure we fix this all for all our sake's.Quote2- Subira

Subira leans over the boat to check on her line, giving Veronica and Delma a quick moment to look at one another. Veronica shakes her head, trying to let Delma know that she feels Subira is being disingenuous.

Working in a school for most of my life you often have to mediate students who dislike one another, and have them make apologies after incidents. All that time gives you quite a good read on what is and what isn't real, and I completely saw through Subira's apology today. I think she's trying to make peace for the good of her game, and I think she'll be a much more skilled liar than I initially believed. She's a dangerous person to have in your group, and I think the sooner we send her home the better.


Back at camp, Edweena, Jayla and Karyn sit by the fire, talking about the loss and what they feel the fish bait could have done for their survival. Jayla mentions her concerns that if the tribe loses again that the boys will have gained momentum. Karyn tells them not to worry, as she knows if the group lose that she will be voted out, giving the others a "free pass".

Even though I have started to feel somewhat better these past few days, I still know that my heart isn't completely in this game. I miss my daughter immensely, and I know that my time would mean more to me if I were to spend it at home with her. I think the girls understand, and if we are to lose tomorrow they'll grant me my wish.


Quote1You still want out?Quote2- Jayla
Quote1Uh, yeah... I know it's tough on you girls, but my heart just isn't in this.Quote2- Karyn
Quote1There's nothing we can do to change your mind?Quote2- Edweena
Quote1I just don't see what value my staying would add...Quote2- Karyn
Quote1I think because of the problems around camp, that it would be much better for the group if we were to vote Subira off.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1(sighs) ... I just think that I'm the one who needs to make the call on it. Right now I want to go...Quote2- Karyn
Quote1But if you change your mind would you say?Quote2- Edweena
Quote1Uh, of course. But don't hold your breath.Quote2- Karyn
We haven't yet gone to tribal council, but talk of strategy and votes has already started in our camp. The older women are targeting Subira, and the younger girls are probably going after Delma. But this is all being put on hold because there's a concern that Karyn will quit the game if we don't vote her out. Where I stand is still unknown, because it seems both groups would let me ride with them. The older women seem pretty confident that I'm with them right now, and the younger girls haven't made a huge effort to try and talk to me about the vote, so I presume they also think I'm already on board. If Karyn does decide to stay in the game, I think I'll look at which side she falls before I make any decisions about my future in the game.


In the shelter, both Neasa and Jenn sit folding the tribes recently washed clothes. Jenn begins talking about life back home, but is quickly shushed by Neasa, who can overhear the conversation by the fire. Both women stand behind cover listening, with their mouths hanging wide open upon hearing how openly Edweena is discussing the vote.

Quote1(whispering) That b***h...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1(laughs) Oh my gosh...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Do we say something?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1No, no! Just listen...Quote2- Neasa
Whilst myself and Jenn were putting away the tribes washing, we overheard our good friend Edweena talking about the plans of a certain group should we lost tomorrow. It seems that they want Subira gone first, and undoubtedly that means Jenn and I will follow. The middle riders right now; Karyn and Jayla... they're becoming invaluable. Their votes will decide who takes the majority, and we need to make sure that when we go to our first tribal council both of them are on board in voting out one of the three oldies. If people want to pull the claws out this early on then I'm all for it, because I'll make sure I come out the victor.



The men return to camp having just become victorious in the first reward challenge, earning themselves bait to aid with fishing. Sheamus and Fredrick head off to the water to make first use of the bait, with the other five members remaining at camp to work on gathering any dry firewood.

Quote1I told you all my loud voice would come in handy.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Thank God for that... I was beginning to think it was another useless aspect of you.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1(laughs) Not at all...Quote2- Hall
Winning today has given this tribe a small boost in spirit, especially for individuals like myself and Kennedy who know that we're in danger given that we voted on our own last tribal council.


Kennedy and Ceri stand together in the woods talking about their feelings towards the tribe, hoping that in time something will come up to give them both a better shot at staying in the game.

Quote1We might just need a swap or an optional change or something...Quote2- Kennedy
Quote1If you had the chance to switch, would you?Quote2- Ceri
Quote1Of course. Wouldn't you?Quote2- Kennedy
Quote1I don't know. If you did then I guess so.Quote2- Ceri
Quote1I just hope that Fred goes before me... I just don't understand his play at all.Quote2- Kennedy
Quote1He's a backstabber... that's it. But right now he seems tight with the others. I mean he barely looks me in the eye anymore.Quote2- Ceri
Quote1Same... I just hope if it's something physical he can't do then they'll consider sending him out of here.Quote2- Kennedy
I am personally hurt by Fredrick's actions at the first tribal council. I mistakenly thought that he and I had some sort of a bond in the first three days, only to have him screw me over. He's distancing himself big time from myself and Ceri, and I think he doesn't realise he's at the bottom of that group of five. There's no way he'll be able to outlast those big strong guys, and I either need to make him realise it or find a way to send him home.


Out in the boat, Fredrick and Sheamus sit together fishing with the newly won tribe bait, hoping that it will enable them to bring back fish for their tribe members. The pair spend over an hour on the boat, giving them an ample opportunity to bond without the interruption of the rest of their tribe.

Fishing is one of those activities that you need a lot of patience for, and can generally be seen as boring. But out here on Survivor, fishing is one of those activities which allows you to become tight with whoever is out there with you. In this case, myself and Sheamus really got talking and got to know about one another on a personal level, and also got to see where each of our heads were in this game.


Quote1You and I were kind of in the middle of it all last tribal, and I just think that naturally you're the guy I feel more gravitated towards.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Absolutely, same here for me.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1I think if we stick as a five it can work, but within a group we can have each others backs.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1And if we need to we can pull in one other person to keep numbers on our side. It could be Isaiah, or even someone like Ceri. I mean he's going to be pretty desperate to find an alliance soon when Kennedy is gone.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Yeah, that could work. So we're making this official now. You and I going to the end...Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Yep, lets shake on it.Quote2- Sheamus
Fredrick has just become my closest ally in this game, and the two of us are planning on taking this whole thing to the end. We've got security in our group of five, but we feel within that group we'd like to have our own individual deal. We know that Hall and Mayson are quite close, and it seems that if it was to come down to us five then we'd both be fighting for Isaiah's vote. But we can bypass all of that and try to pull in Ceri, and make sure we can strike early if need be. The forward planning is essential, and I think what we're solidifying now will be what helps our group get to the end of this game.


Fredrick and Sheamus bring the boat back to camp, carrying three decent sized fish with them. The tribe celebrate the catch, glad to see that the bait has come in handy. Hall and Isaiah descale and prepare the fish for the tribe, with each member getting a satisfying portion to enjoy for their evening meal. The group thank Sheamus and Fredrick, who in turn insist that it was down to the bait rather than any "skill" of their own.

Things definitely have turned around for our tribe since the reward challenge. The win paid off dramatically, and we're now eating better with the addition of fish to our diets. I feel like I'm really earning my place in this tribe, and my value is showing through both socially and in terms of survival and winning. Most people see the overweight ginger nerd and they count me out, but I'm here to surprise a few people. I'm playing this game hard and I intend to get to the end of this game by doing so. I have no regrets about any of my decisions so far, and with my new alliance with Sheamus I think the two of us are the most powerful people on this tribe.


Day 6

The tribes head to the next challenge, hoping to avoid tribal council, knowing that keeping numbers in the game will benefit them further on.

If we win today I'll be pretty amazed, because right now we ain't working together very well. The only upside to losing is I get to take a shot at Delma, but I know that there's a chance it could backfire and one of my three could be going home.


Right now both tribes sits at one win each, and we're determined that this challenge will tip the scores in our favour. None of us on Tambaqui want to go home, even though we're all pretty sure it'll be Kennedy if we do lose. I'm hoping we get the night off.


Challenge: Total Recall
Both tribes will be given two minutes to observe a traditional Amazon home. After the two minutes are up, Jeff will ask the tribe a series of questions about the Amazon home.
Winner: Tambaqui

Immunity Challenge: Total Recall
Result Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
Won Tambaqui Ceri AmazonFredrick AmazonHall AmazonIsaiah AmazonKennedy AmazonMayson AmazonSheamus Amazon
Ceri, Fredrick, Hall, Isaiah, Kennedy, Mayson, Sheamus
Lost Jaburu Delma AmazonEdweena AmazonJayla AmazonJenn AmazonNeasa AmazonSubira AmazonVeronica Amazon
Delma, Edweena, Jayla, Jenn, Neasa, Subira, Veronica
Karyn Amazon
Round Breakdown
Round Jaburu Score Tambaqui Score Total Score
Round 1 Delma Amazon
1 Kennedy Amazon
1 1-1
Round 2 Jenn Amazon
0 Fredrick Amazon
1 1-2
Round 3 Jayla Amazon
0 Sheamus Amazon
1 1-3
Round 4 Neasa Amazon
0 Ceri Amazon
0 1-3
Round 5 Veronica Amazon
1 Isaiah Amazon
1 2-4
Round 6 Subira Amazon
0 Hall Amazon
1 2-5
Round 7 Edweena Amazon
1 Mayson Amazon
1 3-6
Round 8 Delma Amazon
1 Kennedy Amazon
1 4-7
Round 9 Jenn Amazon
0 Fredrick Amazon
1 4-8
Round 10 Jayla Amazon
0 Sheamus Amazon
1 4-9


The women of Jaburu return to camp having just lost the second immunity challenge, all heading over to their shelter in order to come to terms with the loss, knowing that for one of them it will be their final few hours in the Amazon.

Today we did pretty terribly. Only Delma, Edweena and Veronica scored for us, and the guys really just knocked it out the park. But all of that don't matter, and I couldn't care which of us girls scored. But that's mostly because those that did are the women aligned against me (laughs). The best part is that the older girls all think I've forgiven and moved on since my fight with Delma... but I ain't forgiving nothing until she walks on out this game.


Quote1Tough loss today girls. Good effort though, and I know it isn't a position we want to be in... but we knew eventually this would happen.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1Does everyone want to make a case to why they'd like to stay?Quote2- Jayla
Quote1I mean, I feel I work hard around camp. Today I was the only person to score twice. I don't think I deserve to go at all...Quote2- Delma
Quote1Girls, I'd just want to say... as much as I am feeling in a better state today, and I know you've all been amazing to me... I am ready to go, and I see this loss as the best way for me to depart and let you girls continue on this adventure.Quote2- Karyn
After Karyn confirmed she was going to leave tonight, I think everyone took a secret sigh of relief. Not that I feel I've done anything to warrant being voted for, but you never know in this game. It was nice to know that our first loss is going to be an easy vote for us all.


The girls all individually hug Karyn, wishing her goodbye before departing for tribal council. With no apparent strategy needed, Delma suggests that the women collect firewood so that there is enough waiting for when they return to camp. Edweena and Veronica accompany Delma, leaving the others standing around the shelter.

When we lost today I knew there was a chance that Karyn would ask to be voted out, and unfortunately that does seem to be the case. However, apart of me can't let our first vote be this easy. If there's a chance we can keep Karyn around three more days and instead take aim at Delma or Veronica... then I'm going to take it.


Neasa speaks with Subira and Jenn, wanting to try and influence Karyn to stay in the game. The girls discuss that possibility that the move could backfire, but also note that if they are successful they'll be able to take control of their tribe.

Quote1I think it'd be best to have Jenn approach her. You're the one who'll seem least manipulative.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Me? Okay...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Tell her that if she stays she'll be doing us a better service than if she were to go. Hell, tell her Delma talked bad about vets or something...Quote2- Subira
Myself, Neasa and Subira know that on our tribe we're in a difficult position. There's an age divide going on right now, and both Karyn and Jayla are in the middle. If we sit back and vote Karyn out tonight then all the power is left in Jayla's hands next time we lose, and that worries us. So I'm going to try to convince Karyn to stay, and hope that we can add her to our small group.


Jenn takes Karyn off away from the shelter under the guise of a "private goodbye", leaving Jayla with Subira and Neasa back at camp. Subira continuously speaks about her dislike of Delma, trying to hint that the tribe would be better off without her. Jayla however remains distant, not wanting to engage in such a conversation unnecessarily due to the supposed departure of Karyn.

Sometimes Subira needs to just stop talking. I feel she goes on and on about Delma, and it just feels pointless considering tonight it'll be a clear vote for Karyn going home. I think she's almost trying to manipulate the situation to a different result, and it really makes me question whether Subira is playing too hard for her own game right now instead of what will benefit our tribe.


Karyn begins listening to Jenn's pitch, which entails her staying in the game and voting out Delma at tribal council, stating that it will benefit the tribes harmony and allow them to be more successful. Karyn claims that she feels ready to leave, and doesn't see what she will bring to the tribe.

I pretty much said my goodbyes to the group, and was mentally ready to go home, when Jenn suddenly decides to pitch to me a plan to get rid of Delma tonight. I found the whole thing a little disrespectful, and it made me pretty mad. It's one of those things that shouldn't be happening, and I feel like Delma should maybe be made aware of this...


Eventually, all the women reassemble around the shelter, grabbing their things before heading off to tribal council.

Tonight it seems pretty safe to say that Karyn is going home... but, there's always a but... anything could happen at tribal council, and if somehow I feel that Karyn leaving isn't the most beneficial move for my game, I'll do whatever I can to change things up. Tribal is a live event, and there's no certainty until all the votes are secured into the urn.


The eight women light their torches before taking their seats at tribal council, smiling over at Jeff as he begins to ask what has gone wrong for them the past three days. Veronica blames the losses on the lack of unity at camp, openly discussing the problems between Subira and Delma, as well as some of the friction between the younger and older women. Jenn interjects, claiming that the friction is down to attitude differences, feeling that the older women haven't been "inclusive", which is quickly laughed down by Veronica. Subira mentions her frustrations at the issues, but claims that she and Delma have since made amends. Jayla is asked about being in the middle of the two groups, and whether she feels a harmonious camp is possible. Jayla explains her doubts at harmony, claiming that if it weren't for Karyn asking to be voted out that there would be more efforts made by both sides to gain her vote.

Quote1So no one tonight made any effort to get your vote?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Well... I didn't say that (laughs).Quote2- Jayla
Quote1But if it is Karyn tonight, why would there be any need to campaign for votes?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I guess... some people weren't ready to see Karyn go home.Quote2- Jayla

Jayla's comments gather a big reaction from the older women, speculating that Jayla is hinting towards an effort made by the younger women to switch up the vote. Before anyone can question each other, Jeff begins to probe Karyn about her position in the game, asking if she is "quitting". Karyn states that in a sense she is throwing in the towel, but still wishes to leave via a vote, not wanting to willingly lay down her torch after fighting hard to get a place on the season.

Quote1Forgive me Karyn, but surely by asking your tribe to vote you out, laying down your torch is EXACTLY what you're doing tonight?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I don't see it as being the same. I'm not willingly going to quit this game. But, I am going to ask my tribe to vote me out when my heart isn't in it. They might not do it, and I'll have to stay here until they grant me my wish. But as far as I know I've spoken to the women, and they're reasonably happy to send me home. There were efforts made to keep me in and vote off someone else, but I don't see the benefit.Quote2- Karyn
Quote1Wait, so you too were approached today about voting someone else?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Surprisingly yes. I had figured that everyone was good with sending me home, but maybe Jenn was a little less good than everyone else (laughs).Quote2- Jeff Probst

Jenn begins to blush as she is questioned by Jeff on what conversations went down between herself and Karyn. Although both Jenn and Karyn refuse to name who the attempted target was, the older women begin to look at one another, concerned that they may need to make a strike against the younger women rather than to stick with the original plan. Jeff commends the openness of discussion of a tribal council that initially seemed "set in stone". He asks the women if anyone has any further points to add, but everyone assures him that they are ready to vote. Once the urn is collected, Karyn picks up her bag, not wanting to waste any time before heading out of the game.

Quote1First vote... Karyn.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Jenn.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Karyn.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Karyn. That's three votes Karyn, one vote Jenn.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Karyn. That's four votes Karyn, one vote Jenn.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sixth vote... Second person voted out of Survivor The Amazon... Karyn, you'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Karyn smiles and hugs several tribe members goodbye, leaving the tribal council area quickly after her torch is snuffed. Despite the simplicity and unity of the vote, the women return to camp with uneasy emotions, knowing that the battles between the younger and older women has simply been postponed rather than prevented.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Karyn Amazon
Karyn (7 votes)
Delma AmazonEdweena AmazonJayla AmazonJenn Amazon
Neasa AmazonSubira AmazonVeronica Amazon
Delma, Edweena, Jayla, Jenn,
Neasa, Subira, Veronica
Jenn Amazon
Jenn (1 vote)
Karyn Amazon
Karyn Amazon Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

My advice to anyone thinking about playing this game is don't rush straight into it. Take time to evaluate why you want to play, and if it'll really work out. For me it was a mistake, and although I appreciate the opportunity I feel I may have cheated someone else out of a spot. From now on, any free moment I have will be spent at home with my daughter, around the people that matter.


Still In The Running

Delma Amazon
Edweena Amazon
Jayla Amazon
Jenn Amazon
Karyn Amazon Eliminated
Neasa Amazon
Subira Amazon
Veronica Amazon
Ceri Amazon
Fredrick Amazon
Hall Amazon
Isaiah Amazon
Jody Amazon Eliminated
Kennedy Amazon
Mayson Amazon
Sheamus Amazon