"Everything Has Come Full Circle"
Africa Ep 13
Season Survivor: Africa
Episode Number 13/13 (039)
First Broadcast April 5, 2015
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Everything Has Come Full Circle is the season finale of Survivor: Africa.


Day 36 (Night)

The final four return to camp, where Luigino, Abbas and Ingrid banded together to blindside David and Adela, by voting out the latter. David places down his torch, awkwardly standing around, unsure what to do with himself.

Quote1So uh, how long before tribal did you two know you were going to screw me?Quote2- David
Quote1About an hour before... Maybe sooner?Quote2- Abbas
Quote1C'mon man... I didn't screw youQuote2- Luigino
Quote1Yes you did (laughs) ...Quote2- David
Quote1How?Quote2- Luigino
Quote1Me, you, Adela and Abbas agreed Ingrid was the vote. Now you guys take out Adela and I'm next.Quote2- David
Quote1Who says you're next?Quote2- Luigino
Quote1Rational thinking does.Quote2- David
I'm really disappointed in Luigino. Tonight he totally turned his back on thirty six days of trust between us, all in favor of keeping Ingrid around longer. It bugs the hell out of me that I'm now on the bottom at this late stage of the game. I had it... I had it! I just pray I can go back on an immunity run, because I would hate to have Luigino get past me in the game... He's shown himself to be disloyal, and disloyalty doesn't deserve to win this thing.


Quote1Dont be mad at Lui... Truthfully I wanted to vote for you. It was only because Luigino said otherwise that we voted Adela.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Exactly... I didn't screw you man.Quote2- Luigino
David reacted badly to being played tonight, although I had hoped that he'd respect my move. I don't feel as bad as I originally thought I would. It makes me wonder whether voting out David will be easier than I had suspected. As a group our main priority has to be voting Abbas out, because he truly is the biggest threat in the group. Once Abbas is gone, I think my best option would be to remove David, and take Ingrid to the final two. I just hope that I can reel David back into our alliance so he'll be on board with voting Abbas out.


Day 37

The final four await tree mail, wondering when their next individual immunity challenge will take place. The group sit around the fire, all occasionally getting up to walk around to trace their thoughts, not bothering to do any chores.

Quote1If Don was still here he'd be moaning at us to get the shelter looking a bit better...Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1He sure would...Quote2- Abbas
Quote1I'm just so done with working.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Mmm... same here...Quote2- David
Quote1All I'll do is cook and that's it. We're out of here in two days so screw the camp.Quote2- Luigino
We're pretty tired today, or at least I am. No one is really leaving camp because we're all paranoid that we'll be the next to go. Personally I feel myself, Luigino and Ingrid are aware that Abbas needs to be the next one to go. He's going to win this thing if he makes the final two, and if we let him get there then we made a serious mistake in letting him outlast the other Boran members. I suppose that was my doing... (sighs) ... I've definitely let things slide too much this last week, and now its got me in a pretty c****y position. If Abbas does win immunity... then I'll go after Luigino. Ingrid isn't a threat and everyone wants her in their final two now... Hopefully after the challenge I can get Ingrid and Abbas alone in that case and let them know what we need to do.


Although last night I voted with the majority for once, I definitely am aware that I'm the next to go. If I was them I'd vote me out next. The jury is full of my friends and they're fully aware of this. Hoping the next challenge is something physical because that gives me a fifty-fifty shot of winning it... If I win then David needs to go next, because he's strategically the most threatening... and in the final immunity challenge he's the only one I could imagine beating me.


Quote1I suppose we're leaving our scheming until after tribal?Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1As always.Quote2- Luigino
Quote1There's no secret who will go next...Quote2- Abbas
Quote1You've got to understand how you look to us...Quote2- David
Quote1I completely get it... But I wouldn't say I'm any more of a threat than yourself. I mean I'd vote you to win if you were in the finals David... You've actually played the game hard, I've floated my way through.Quote2- Abbas
Abbas is clever trying to pass the target onto David, saying that he would beat him in the end. I don't believe that anyone here would beat Abbas in the final tribal council. I agree that David is probably going to... wrongly... get credit over myself and Ingrid... but Abbas still takes the top position for person we all need out.


You cant blame Abbas for trying. I like him, a lot more than I like the other two gentlemen in the final four. But being likeable is almost a poisonous trait out here.


The group eventually receive tree mail informing them that they must head to tribal council, where they will play out their next individual immunity challenge, before voting out the sixth member of the jury.

Going in tonight the other three seem to have agreed that I'm the target. This is the first time for me that I know I'm the one the group wants out, and I haven't had any false hope given to me by David or anyone else at camp. If I don't win I suppose I'll have to keep pushing the target onto David, and hope that Ingrid and Luigino join me. But no one is that stupid.


As long as Abbas doesn't win immunity tonight I feel good about tribal, because Luigino and Ingrid know that they cant let someone like him go any further. If Abbas wins? God help me. I have a backup plan in that case, but I really don't want it to come down to that.


At tribal council, the final four watch the jury of five walk in, all glaring over at them. Jeff informs the contestants that they will be playing out their next individual immunity challenge, in which they must answer questions on their former tribe mates. Luigino sighs, knowing that he's likely to do badly, with David too worried about his performance in the challenge. Ingrid takes an early lead in the challenge, with Abbas and David steadily behind her, whereas Luigino fizzles out, unable to answer a single question correctly. In the end, Abbas manages to catch up with Ingrid, with the two going to a tiebreaker question, which Abbas wins, much to his and the jury's delight.
Challenge: Fallen Comrades
The survivors will be tested on how much they knew about those voted out before them. Eight questions would be asked about the twelve fallen survivors with whom they had spent the past thirty-six days. The person who answered the most questions correctly would win Immunity.
Winner: Abbas

Immunity Challenge: Fallen Comrades
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway Abbas Africa
David AfricaIngrid AfricaLuigino Africa
David, Ingrid & Luigino

After winning immunity, Abbas doesn't hide his excitement, not taking a large grin off his face. David, Ingrid and Luigino look to the ground, knowing they must once again turn on their own. Jeff offers the contestants a single minute to discuss their plans, before they'll move immediately onto the vote. David doesn't waste any time, turning to Ingrid and telling her that they need to vote out Luigino, evoking laughter from his old ally. David tells Ingrid that in order to beat Abbas, they need him in the final three as he's the only one who can act as a threat, whereas Luigino wont be able to win, therefore guaranteeing Abbas a spot in the final two. Luigino tells Ingrid to vote for David, as she "wont be able to beat either him or Abbas" and that she could beat himself in the final. With only seconds to go, David pleas to Ingrid, stating that if she causes the tie Luigino will go home due to past votes, and that she will be guaranteed a spot in the final two as both himself and Abbas will take her to the end. Jeff tells the castaways that time is up, with David sighing, hoping to have had more time to plea for his safety. David starts the voting, followed by Abbas and Luigino, with Ingrid being the last individual to vote, clearly hesitating before she writes down a name.

David, you know I don't think you were careful enough in this game. You felt secure and this is what happens. As you said, you're the only one I need to worry about beating me in challenges, and for that this vote is a no brainer.


Luigino, you and I were together for a long time, and I always thought we'd go to the end together. You screwed me, and now I need to get rid of you. You cant beat Abbas, and taking you to the final three would ultimately be a waste.


I'm sorry. But I feel by voting you out because you are a threat to my desired final two, and by sending you home I think I'll have a better shot at winning.


David, you didn't hesitate to try and get rid of me there, so this vote isn't hard. Its been fun, but your time is up.


Jeff collects the urn, reading the first two votes, both of which are for David, to no one's surprise. David's vote for Luigino is then pulled, leaving Ingrid's vote as the last one remaining. David looks over at Ingrid, as does Luigino, with Ingrid trying to avoid both of their eyes, knowing that she has just sent one of them out of the game.

Quote1Twelfth person voted out and the sixth member of our jury... David, you need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Dammit... (sighs)Quote2- David
Quote1David, tribe has spoken. (snuffs torch) Time for you to go.Quote2- Jeff Probst

David leaves the tribal council area disappointed, with Ingrid feeling as though he was too big of a threat to take forward, and that she would have a better chance of making the final two with Abbas and Luigino by her side. The final three grab their torches, knowing that tomorrow one of them will win the final immunity challenge, guaranteeing themselves a spot in the final two, where they will face the jury of seven, giving them a fifty-fifty chance at the million dollar prize.

Tribal Council 13:
Moto Maji
David Africa
David (3 votes)
Abbas AfricaIngrid AfricaLuigino Africa
Abbas, Ingrid & Luigino
Luigino Africa
Luigino (1 vote)
David Africa
David Africa Eliminated

I'm not going to hold any grudges, you know I helped dig my own grave. I told myself before the game not to get too cocky, but when you've got what you perceive to be a strong alliance, and final two deals all over the place, you cant help but feel a little confident. I should have taken advice from others, and probably voted Abbas out long ago. I guess I wish them all luck, although I feel only Abbas deserves it now, he's played an excellent game and its a miracle that he never appeared on anyone's radars despite being the biggest threat out of the whole Boran group. Sorry mum and dad, I didn't win, but I've had a great experience, and hope I've done you proud.


Day 38

The final three are awoken by Jeff Probst, who has come to the camp to inform the contestants that they will be taking part in a rites of passage, in which they must commemorate their fallen comrades, and that immediately following the ritual they will take part in their final immunity challenge, in which one of them will win a chance to sit before the jury and plea their case for the million dollar prize. The group gather their things, and walk towards their rites of passage, where Samburu tribesmen put them through a ritual in which they are covered with paint and tribal decorations, before walking past the torches of those who fell before them.

Its definitely been a brilliant experience. I couldn't have asked for more in terms of what this game has given me. I'm here on day thirty-eight with a good chance of winning, and it hasn't sunken in. I still feel the same I did at the start, and I think that's what separates me from the other big players in the game who are now sat on that jury.


I've loved this game, and I've loved my time here. To be apart of the Samburu tribe, and to now be in a ritual with the real Samburu people around me. It feels as though everything has come full circle. People didn't expect the grandmother to do well, but I think I kicked some butt...


I don't know how I got this far. Older guy with the bad attitude, and now I'm here in the final three, ready to take this game. I think this season has been unpredictable from the get go, and its what has made the game brilliant... The people everyone expected to win are gone, and its the outcasts who flourished.


As the three walk through the torches, Ingrid becomes emotional, wiping tears from her face. Abbas too becomes emotional, seeing the entirety of the Boran tribe represented by their burnt out torches.

I realized that this game wasn't for me. I'm too immature, and I don't have the social understanding the game requires. The group were justified in voting me out.


Falling out of the game due to sickness wont be something I'll be able to get over. I showed my tribe I was a strong leader, and I think they all held immense respect for me and what I offered. I need to make some lifestyle changes, that's something I learnt. My mind and personality was ready for this game, but my body wasn't, and I should have been more prepared.


Girls are the reason I'm here. The bossiness of the girls just screwed my game, and I couldn't do anything to stop that. Sadly my tribe were weak in the sense they followed blindly and didn't give me a chance. They saw my strength and success as something to fear.


Ending up on the bottom so early on in the game really set me up for an early departure. I'm proud to say I lasted fifteen days, because I could have been gone day three or six. I think that does some a strength of character, and I suppose I am much tougher than I give myself credit for.


I didn't see my boot coming, and I didn't expect my friends to turn on me so early on. Maybe I should have played the game more strategically, but if that meant I took away from my experience of fun and appreciating the landscape, then that's not what I wanted to do.


I played the game with my heart, not my head. It was seen as a weakness, but I think to have made it to the merge being compassionate, and leaving with my integrity, its a strong way to go home. Like fifteen others I didn't win the game, but I've made friends for life out here, and not everyone can say that.


I think I played a great game. I went in hard, and I ran my tribe. I was voted out because I was a threat. There's nothing else to it. Better to lose a threat than win a follower.


Making key mistakes are the one thing I will regret after this game. I proved I could lead, and I earned the respect of others. But I turned my back on my friends, and that's the moment I really ruined my game. If I could do this again I'd definitely view loyalty as the most important factor, and that's something I can take back with me.


I'm an old man. That's what I realized out here. I need to take it easy because I cant run as fast or climb as high anymore. Is that something to be ashamed of? No. I'm proud of myself considering my limited ability, because I outplayed a bunch of these young kids.


I was the outsider from the get go, and I didn't fit in with the 'mean crowd' on my tribe. Being an outcast was just who I was, and it allowed me to flourish and outlast all those who wronged me from the start. Being called a snake and a schemer isn't fair in my opinion, because I was one of the most loyal and honest out there.


First female winner. Yeah right (laughs). I think I could have been, had I worked on that all girls alliance and realized that was my ticket forward. I sided with the wrong people and I didn't put my friends first. Your mind gets clouded out here, and you need to be loyal to yourself. The second you stop doing it you fall flat.


When I began my journey out here I really had it all going for me. I thought I was gonna win and I didn't take into account that there were fifteen other brains in the game. Arrogance is a death warrant out here, and it was my downfall. I'm twenty five years old and I guess the certainty of success propelled me to become a jackass. I definitely regret a lot of what I did. One thing I can take away from this is to remain humble at all times, because being cocky will be my downfall in all aspects of life.


After the walk, the final three are told by Jeff that they will be taking part in their final challenge; 'hand on hard idol'. The last person left on their post with a hand on the idol wins immunity, guaranteeing themselves a spot in the final three. The group get up, standing in silence for the first hour, occasionally making comments about the scorching heat, with the sun slowly reaching its highest point.

Quote1How much longer do you think you guys will last?Quote2- Luigino
Quote1All day.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1... Uh... All day.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1(laughs)Quote2- Luigino
Quote1Everyone looking good. No one has moved so far. Everyone wants that necklace, ensuring their safety and a spot in the final two.Quote2- Jeff Probst

With another half hour passing, Luigino is seen dripping with sweat, complaining that his hand has become slippery. Ingrid too looks as if she is struggling, with Abbas closing his eyes, trying to block out the pain, using his techniques from being a yoga teacher. Suddenly without warning, Luigino drops from his post, sighing as he is out of the challenge, with is fate now in the hands of Ingrid and Abbas. An hour later, Ingrid's legs begin shaking, with Abbas too struggling to stay up, claiming he is feeling "dizzy". Ingrid willingly steps down, stating she can no longer stay on, before collapsing to the ground, covering her face from the sun. Abbas jumps down, finding the strength to walk over and have Jeff place the necklace around his neck.
Challenge: Hand on a Hard Idol
With the tribal Immunity Idol perched between them, the group had to hold their positions without moving their hands or feet. The last person standing would win.
Winner: Abbas

Immunity Challenge: Hand on a Hard Idol
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd
Time Elapsed 2 hr 42 min 1 hr 31 min
Castaway Abbas Africa
Ingrid Africa
Luigino Africa

The final three return to camp, with both Ingrid and Luigino feeling down at the fact Abbas has won immunity, worried what it means for their games, knowing they no longer hold the power.

Quote1Good job Abbas...Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Yeah good job man...Quote2- Luigino
Quote1Thanks guys.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Guess that's you winning the game then (laughs)Quote2- Luigino
Quote1Listen who knows. Maybe the jury respects the fact as older people you guys kicked butt. I thought I'd give you both an opportunity to talk with me, and that'll help me make my decision because I haven't really thought about it so far.Quote2- Abbas
Abbas won immunity today, and I think that means he's won the game. Myself and Ingrid don't stand a chance going to the final tribal council against him. I suppose now we're playing for second place. One hundred thousand dollars would be nice so I'm fine with that. Abbas gave me the opportunity to talk with him first, and I tried to exaggerate the fact that Ingrid has a closer bond with the girls on the jury, whilst I don't have a single friend on it.


Quote1If you take her I think you'll still win, I'll be honest. I just think that you will win more comfortably against me. My only friend on that jury is David, and now he hates me for what I did.Quote2- Luigino
Quote1Right.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1She was... you know... with Marsha, Soledad, Adela... She will definitely pick up votes from some of them.Quote2- Luigino
Quote1I could definitely see that. I mean I don't want to disrespect you but I cant imagine the jury being in your favor.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1No disrespect taken. I'm an ass and they all see that (laughs)Quote2- Luigino
Quote1But yeah I hear what you're saying. So I'll go speak to her and... make the call.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Right. I'll pack my bag for once (sighs)Quote2- Luigino
Luigino raised some good points in that he really doesn't have any support from the jury. Taking him to the end probably guarantee's that I'd receive all seven jury votes. But he has played this game smarter than Ingrid has, because she's got the reputation for making moves that backfired and ignoring opportunities when they were offered to her.


Quote1Hey hey.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Hi, you alright?Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Nervous. I hope that you'd take me over Luigino. I mean, I think the jury will tear me to shreds... I turned on Soledad, Marsha, Adela and David... I ignored Don's advice... Phillis cant stand me... That's basically the entire jury voting for you.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Do you know how the old Boran tribe were with Luigino?Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Again they weren't fond of him. But they isolated me and brought him into the fold so between the two of us they definitely supported him.Quote2- Ingrid
I wasn't sure how convincing I was being with Abbas, so I decided to pull out the emotional Ingrid, and see if that could get me a spot in the final two.


Quote1I think you'll beat either of us. So I'd like you to look at this from the angel that whoever you take will receive a large amount of money too. Between the two of us... I have a lot of debts... I have a large family as you saw... I have grandkids who I want to spoil... Right now in my financial position I cant. Luigino still works, he's still making money... This is my last opportunity to come into some money and I hope you grant me that. That's all I've got to say.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Right... well... I've heard you both. Guess now its time to get ready.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1It sure it. Thanks and once again good job (she hugs him)Quote2- Abbas
I think by connecting Abbas on a human level I could have swayed him in my favor. He's a good guy and a family man, he's got a big heart. I hope he realizes he's winning either way, and that his last decision greatly effects mine and Luigino's lives. Between the two of us he needs to select who he feels is more deserving of the hundred thousand.


Both Ingrid and Luigino gave excellent reasons why I should keep them. The decision is a lot harder than I originally suspected. I keep changing my mind because I think Luigino would be easier to beat, but Ingrid is more deserving of the money. Do I get confident and think I'm winning either way, so I give Ingrid the spot in the finals... or do I play it safe for my family and bring Luigino with me. I've come to a decision, and I think it'll be the one I go with. I just hope that its the one that pays off.


At tribal council, the jury all look pleased at the site of Abbas wearing the immunity necklace, with him reciprocating their smiles. Ingrid and Luigino both repeat their pleas to Jeff, explaining why they think Abbas should take them to the end. Abbas admits he's made a decision, and feels its the right one for the time being, but that he may regret it later when he returns home. Abbas goes up to vote, writing down a name confidently, having decided whether to vote with his head or heart. As Jeff flips the final vote, it is revealed that Abbas voted with his heart, casting the final vote against Luigino, sending the fifty-nine year old chef out as the final jury member. Luigino hugs Ingrid goodbye, before walking over and handing his torch to Jeff. Ingrid hugs Abbas, thanking him for giving her the spot next to him. Jeff informs the final two that the power will now shift to the jury of seven, and that tomorrow evening, they will be facing them in order to decide who will win the title of Sole Survivor, and the million dollars that comes with it.

Tribal Council 14:
Moto Maji
Luigino Africa
Luigino (1 vote)
Abbas Africa
Luigino Africa Eliminated

You know I made it so much further than I thought I would, and I cant be mad about that. Yes it would have been nice to make the final tribal council, but whatever happened, happened. I think Abbas made the wrong move, and I'll be voting for Ingrid. She surprised me. I thought she'd be one of the first out and there she is in the final two. I hope she gets enough to win this thing because she has really exceeded my expectations.


Day 39

The final two sit together and eat breakfast on their final day, both preparing to speak to the jury of seven who they had a hand in voting out of the game. The two gather their belongings, heading out of the Moto Maji camp for good, leaving behind thirty-nine days of memories, knowing they will never return to this place they have called "home".

You know tonight is a big night for me. God I feel like a broken record. Its not only about me winning for my family but there's an element of winning it for myself. I've endured thirty-nine days out here where I've dealt with some pretty wild people, and I don't want it to all be for the runner-up position. I think I outplayed Ingrid, and I'll let the jury know this. I wont play it dirty and slate her because that's not who I am.


I expect the worst tonight. I'm sure everyone will love taking jabs at me, as they have done to every female who makes it to the end of this game. I think its a bit unfair if this happens because I'm not a bad person, and I did treat people with respect. I'll remember to remain classy and turn the other cheek because I'm not there to argue.


Final Tribal Council

Abbas and Ingrid take their places at the final tribal council, before the jury walk in one by one. Phillis, Soledad, Don, Marsha, Adela, David and Luigino, all looking at the final two, some with blank expressions, other with cold glares, and some smiling to Abbas, pleased to see a member of Boran making it to the end. Jeff informs the final two that they can both make opening statements about their game, and why they should win the million dollars. The jury then will ask questions or make statements, helping in their decision making process. Then the jury will vote, granting one of the final two the title of Sole Survivor.

Quote1Ok Abbas, start us off.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Ok, hi guys. First of all I wanted to say playing this game is easily the toughest thing I've ever done in my life. I feel I struggled a lot more then I let on. We can all relate to how tough this was, so I suppose first of all I'm making a plea to respect both myself and Ingrid as, much like yourselves, people who struggled out here. Neither one of us deserve scrutiny, because we've put our hearts and souls into this game, and to have it turn ugly at the end would dampen the experience for us all. I came into this game knowing that I was going to be the laid back guy, and the one who worked hard and said little. Its very much like my character, and I knew that it would allow me to position myself under the radar, where I could slip away from being the target at any tribal councils I might attend. I kept my attention on the social and physical elements of this game, becoming someone who seemed to be well liked at camp, and someone who the group appreciated in that they could rely on me to get things done. It was only when we got to the merge I found myself needing to play this game physically, as my alliance fell apart and I ended up on the bottom. I assumed I'd be the first target of the group, because I had the reputation of being the strong physical threat... despite the fact I actually didn't do too well in some challenges early merge. Thankfully my ability to slide under the radar meant that others were targeted before me. Eventually I made a deal with David, and I hoped to use that to my advantage, which gave me the advantage over Don and Marsha, sending them home before me. In the end my strategic game wasn't brilliant in terms of making big moves, but I feel flying under the radar, and holding back from a lot of decision making is what got me this far, and that in itself is strategy. I took the right people out at the right time, and to prove that I can just say they're sat on the jury, and I made it to the end.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Thank you Abbas. Ingrid?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Well my speech wont be as nearly as good as that. Starting this game I had a lot against me... I'm old... I'm weak... You know I wont beat around the bush, in terms of physical appearance I'm a disaster. I found myself relying on my social game, and I tried to act like the mother to my tribe. I found bonds with David, Adela and Phoebe, which got me into their alliance and I avoided the inevitable early boot that most women my age get. I actually don't think my physical game was bad, considering I never stuck out as a liability. Strategically at the merge I feel I became quite isolated, and I eventually found hope in the all girls alliance. The problems came when Marsha and Adela split up, because I couldn't pick between my two closest allies. I went with the group who I felt safer with, and that was my Samburu tribe... and I feel it paid off, because it got me further to the end of this game, but at the expense of breaking a few bonds. I definitely had things harder than Abbas, because I was constantly put in the position of swing vote, meaning I became the bad guy... Whereas he could comfortably be with one side and not p**s anyone off. Hopefully you all see I did work hard, and I did overcome more obstacles... and hopefully this isn't a blowout in Abbas' favor.Quote2- Ingrid

Don's question

Quote1Alright Don. Start us off.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Hi guys. Both of you deserve a congratulations from all of us because as Abbas said, this was tough, and you two outlasted the rest of us. So you know... be proud of that. You've achieved something although only one of you can officially win. Abbas, I don't have any questions for you. You know I was with you from day one, and I've seen what a hard working, honest, kind hearted guy you are. I'm pretty sure I'll vote for you tonight, because you do deserve this. You got to the end with no blood on your hands, and no one can say that's because you didn't have to make decisions... its because they didn't MAKE you make decisions, and they let you slide by. So you know, great job buddy.Quote2- Don
Quote1Thanks Don.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Ingrid, listen... I think you're great in the sense that as an older woman you overcame the obstacles like you said, and you kicked peoples butts half your age. You got put in tough situations, but I got a sense that you were too scared to make lots of decisions. I know you'd disagree but the night I went you could have taken out bigger threats, and maybe then you'd be in the final with completely different people.Quote2- Don
Quote1The issue I had with joining you guys was that coming to the end with either Marsha or Abbas seemed like an awful idea because I knew both of them would beat me.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Yet, you stuck with that group and look what happened... Abbas is sat there next to you.Quote2- Don
Quote1What can I say... he pulled through in challenges.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Well, you know I think you've done extremely well. But second place is where you belong in my mind. Good luck both, and I hope you've learnt as much as I have from this incredible experience.Quote2- Don
Quote1Thanks Don.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Marsha's question

Quote1Hey you two, good job to you both. I was a little mad when I went home because I told you guys that if you kept Abbas here he'd make it to the end... and I was right. Abbas I think on paper you definitely deserve to win this. You succeeded in the three key areas of the game, and you outlasted a majority alliance when you'd have been the next to go had you lost immunity. But I admit that tonight... I'm undecided. When I was sat alone with my thoughts I remembered my lowest point in the game... It was after the swap, and the Boran alliance decided to alienate me... Phillis went on one of her tirades and wanted to alienate me from the group. The only person... the ONLY person... on the whole tribe to come and comfort me, to see if I was ok, to act like a decent human being... was Ingrid. Abbas you're a good guy and I have no doubt that you don't condone bullying... but in this instance you didn't do anything to stop Phillis, and you happily stood behind her as she treated a lot of us like muck. Ingrid, I don't agree with the moves you made later on in the game, but the fact that your social game felt genuine, and that you showed me compassion... its definitely put doubt into my mind as to which of you I'll vote for.Quote2- Marsha
Quote1Thank you...Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Thanks Marsha.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Soledad's question

Quote1Hey you two. I don't really have any questions. I feel its my duty to vote for you Abbas, but Ingrid if you can convince me otherwise tonight then I'd happily vote you, because I agree with you that you had it tough. Also I hate the perception that a girl is a bitch if she makes hard decisions, but a guy is a strategist... Its inequality at its finest. If you were to say one member of the jury who you feel is the most deserving winner of those sat here... who would it be and why?Quote2- Soledad
Quote1So if I could pick one of you to win who would it be?Quote2- Abbas
Quote1The most deserving yes.Quote2- Soledad
Quote1Hmmm... good question (laughs) ... I think we all played hard... but the person who made the least amount of mistakes and actually could have won... is probably David. I mean yes he made mistakes at the end of his game, but I think had he just tweaked some of his final decisions he'd be sat here with a jury on his side right now.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1For me it would have to be Adela. There's nothing I wanted more than for a woman to FINALLY win this game... I think of us all Adela had the best shot and she worked harder than us all. She came back from being in a bad position after the swap, came back from being in a bad position after the first merged tribal... Socially and physically she was tough... But I think her strategy at the end is what cost her the game. The reason I think she's better than David is if they were both sat in the final two together I believe Adela would win hands down.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Alright, thanks guys.Quote2- Soledad
Quote1Thanks SoledadQuote2- Jeff Probst

David's question

Quote1I'm disappointed in myself. I'm disappointed I let my game slip away as Abbas pointed out. I'm disappointed that I let my allies turn on me. But I'm mostly disappointed that I'm struggling to think of anything to say to either of you. Abbas, you've got my vote hands down. I don't need to explain why I mean you just ran the latter half of the merge. Ingrid, you made an awful mistake. I told you that you should vote out Luigino, and that I could beat Abbas in the challenge, getting you and I to the final tribal council. I think I'd beat you... I mean I planned to go with Lui because I know I'd win there... But at least it would be a fairer contest than tonight will be, because Abbas is going to take this in a landslide. Your mistake means that you come second, and all you had to do was vote the way I said at the final four!Quote2- David
Quote1But by your logic David it doesn't matter... Because you said it yourself, you think you'd have beat me... So either way I come second...Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1But maybe you'd have a better chance against me, do you not think?Quote2- David
Quote1Truthfully no. You made deals with everyone and would have schemed here tonight to get enough votes. Overall if I come second either way it means I'd rather go with the person who I think deserves the win more... which is Abbas.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Alright then... (shakes his head)Quote2- David
Quote1Thanks DavidQuote2- Jeff Probst

Phillis' question

Quote1Congratulations on your win Abbas! You really deserve it and I'm thrilled to be voting for you tonight. I have no questions because there's nothing you need to say to convince any of us you're the more deserving of the two of you. But I'm going to use my time to expose to the jury all the reasons why Ingrid shouldn't win this game.Quote2- Phillis
Quote1Oh this should be fun...Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Ingrid... you're annoying, you moped around and did nothing the time I was with you, and you were probably the worst strategic player in this game. You revealed to us in seconds that Luigino had votes against himself, and could have screwed over your whole Samburu alliance had David not been smart enough to save himself by making a deal with me. In challenges you did suck, because you didn't win any of them...Quote2- Phillis
Quote1But I won the same amount as you.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1No you didn't I think you'll find I was part of a winning team several times...Quote2- Phillis
Quote1Yes before the merge Phillis. BEFORE the merge. Where you had seven other people to carry you.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Either way Ingrid. Socially you annoyed everyone. Strategically you played so poorly that you ended up screwing over all of your allies. Physically you have nothing, because you didn't win a single individual challenge. You are... just a joke in that sense. I'm sorry but you played the 'poor me' victim card too many times, and didn't bother to toughen up, and win this game by yourself. Instead you had to rely on others to get you to this point... and that's why you're here now... because Abbas knows he'll wipe the floor when it comes to the votes.Quote2- Phillis
Quote1Actually, I'm just going to interject. I brought Ingrid because she voiced to me that she doenst think she'll win... but it was mostly due to the fact that between herself and Luigino she needs the money more, and I felt of the two she was more deserving of the money, as she did work hard to get to this stage.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1... Ok well... either way... Abbas, you've got my vote.Quote2- Phillis

Luigino's question

Quote1Abbas, its nice to know that you don't think I'm deserving of the money. Well let me tell you that the feeling is mutual. I wont be voting for you tonight. I think your laid back personality was actually laziness and an inability to care about the game as much as the rest of us. You can pass it off as strategy all you want... But I don't believe you for a second. Ingrid, you surprised me. I couldn't stand you at the start and thought 'oh God, here's the nutter'...Quote2- Luigino
Quote1(laughs)Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1But I really am glad to say you played this game well. You proved yourself to be someone who could play strategically and socially. You're what sixty years old, and you outperformed Phillis... who is supposedly in her late twenties... if anyone's the joke its clear which of you that is. I will vote for you to win, because not only do you deserve it, but Abbas ignored me saying it would be harder to beat you than it would be to beat me... and I want to show him that I was right in that respect.Quote2- Luigino
Quote1Thanks LuiginoQuote2- Jeff Probst

Adela's question

Quote1Hi guys, good job to both of you. Its hard to stand here as a jury member, knowing that so many people believed I could have won this thing had I played it a bit smarter. But hey, I cant go back and change the mistakes I can made, I can only say that the person who won in the end deserved it, and that they played better than me. I do however struggle to say that with confidence because... both of you have faults in your games. Abbas, you were very laid back, but you seemed happy to let David take you on a ride and to follow what he said. During this time you didn't put much effort into trying to swap the game up... and you left that all to Marsha in my eyes. Can you tell me one instance where you feel you did make an effort to change up the game, before my own eliminationQuote2- Adela
Quote1Well first of all I agree with you. Its why I pointed out that my strategic game probably wasn't the best. I am struggling to point out an instance where I was the sole individual leading the charge prior to your departure... because I did rely heavily on others. But I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. It got me to the end. By letting others make the decisions for me it meant they looked more threatening than I did, and I believe that's one of the main reasons why Marsha went home over me.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Good answer...Quote2- Adela
Quote1And one more thing... Before Phillis was voted out, we as a group made a plan to vote for Ingrid. I feel of us all I was the one pushing for this because I said that we needed to rid ourselves of some Samburu players, because you guys would take the numbers and control the merge. Phillis and Don went against me on this vote... and it caused our downfall because we were split... Had we voted with them it still would have been Phillis going... but the fact that I was pushing for Ingrid to go, and defying everyone else who was making a silly mistake... I feel that shows some independence in strategic thinking.Quote2- Abbas
Quote1Thanks Abbas. Ingrid... I'm sorry... I'm sorry I turned my back on you... and I'm sorry that I didn't get me, you and Marsha to the end like we said. I almost feel as though I owe you my vote tonight because I did screw up our plans somewhat. My question is to you... do you think that us voting out Abbas over Marsha would have made a great difference?Quote2- Adela
Quote1Firstly I think if we were sticking with Marsha that evening we wouldn't be voting for Abbas, I think we'd need to vote David and get him out. After that the three of us would have targeted Abbas, but we might have had to vote out Luigino due to Abbas' winning streak. I do honestly think Abbas physically had the advantage and that's the only reason he's at the end, because his social and strategic play only really got him safety until the final five. But if we had you at the final three, I believe you could have won the challenge, and then maybe it would be you and I, or you and Marsha sat here at the end. Then we'd cheer because a girl finally wins this damned game.Quote2- Ingrid
Quote1Ok, thanks guy. I think I know how I'll vote. But I really want to say well done... you both killed it.Quote2- Adela
Quote1Thanks AdelaQuote2- Jeff Probst

Jeff thanks the jury for a lively final tribal council, giving them several minutes to gather their thoughts before the voting. Abbas and Ingrid sit hug one another, congratulating each other for a final time, glad they both kept their integrity during the jury questioning. Jeff signals the start of the voting, beginning with Adela.

Between the two of you, I feel you just had the edge tonight. I'm surprised it was this hard because it seemed as though it could have been a simple straight forward vote. Good job.


Abbas, you took us all on a ride, and really were one of the masterminds in the game. Good job buddy, and hope you spend this wisely.


You're a tough worker, and a good guy. I wish you all the best.


Ben fatto bella.


I'm not surprised I ended up writing your name down. You dealt with the questions well, and you've really done yourself proud.


Abbas, this was the easiest decision any of us have had to make. You're family will be proud.


(smiles and puts vote in urn) Good job... I think you're going to love me for this (laughs)... I wish we could have spent more of our time together, because you really are a great person.


Jeff collects the urn, stating that he will not open it until they return to the United States. Jeff departs the tribal council area, leaving Abbas and Ingrid alone, face to face with the jury.


Jeff enters the tribal council area, with the jury and the final two dressed up for the reading of the votes. Abbas and Ingrid hold hands, with Ingrid claiming that she's excited to finally win her cash prize of "a hundred thousand dollars". Abbas tells her not to jinx it, before the two of them laugh, eager to finally see the results of the juries voting. Jeff wishes Abbas and Ingrid luck, before reading the votes for the final time.

Quote1In here I have seven votes, it takes four to win. For the final time... I'll read the votes.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1First vote... IngridQuote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... AbbasQuote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... AbbasQuote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Abbas. That's three votes Abbas, one vote Ingrid. It takes four to win.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Ingrid. That's three votes Abbas, two votes Ingrid.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sixth vote... The Winner of Survivor Africa... Abbas!Quote2- Jeff Probst

Abbas jumps up, hugging Ingrid, who doesn't seem disappointed at not winning, having expected to lose from the second Abbas won the final immunity challenge. The jury walk over and hug the final two, with only Phillis seeming cold towards Ingrid. Abbas runs down to his wife and young son, who he hugs, with his mother also present, crying at the site of her son winning the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize that comes with it.

I cant believe it. I mean I felt I would win from the moment I made the final two, but I suppose I didn't let the reality of the situation sink in until this point. I'd like to think I've won the game with integrity, and that I didn't need to break any bonds to get to this point, which is a first if my memory is right. The entire cast this season were great, and I feel honored to be the one of us to go on and win, because they certainly were tough competition. Now its time to settle down a bit, concentrate on my wife and son, make sure he has the opportunities in life that I got... and then more, because now I have the means to do so. Survivor will definitely change my life, and for that I am so grateful.

–Abbas (on winning the title of Sole Survivor)

Tribal Council 15:
Moto Maji
Abbas Africa
Abbas (5 votes)
Adela AfricaDavid AfricaDon Africa
Phillis AfricaSoledad Africa
Adela, David, Don,
Phillis & Soledad
Ingrid Africa
Ingrid (2 votes)
Luigino AfricaMarsha Africa
Luigino & Marsha
Ingrid Africa Eliminated
Abbas Africa

Still In The Running

Abbas Africa
Don Africa Eliminated
Kris Africa Eliminated
Marsha Africa Eliminated
Mary Africa Eliminated
Neville Africa Eliminated
Phillis Africa Eliminated
Soledad Africa Eliminated
Adela Eliminated
Briallen Africa Eliminated
David Africa Eliminated
Ingrid Africa Eliminated
Luigino Africa Eliminated
Phoebe Africa Eliminated
Renato Africa Eliminated
Roland Africa Eliminated