"Daily Diet of Ice Cream"
Amazon Ep 8
Season Survivor: The Amazon
Episode Number 8/13 (073)
First Broadcast April 16, 2018
Episode Chronology
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Daily Diet of Ice Cream is the eighth episode of Survivor: The Amazon.


Day 21 (Night)

The final nine return to camp having just witnessed Veronica's elimination from the game, with Delma and Edweena both stunned by the result, having expected a 6-4 vote against Neasa.

I didn't see tonight coming at all, and I'm in complete shock as to what happened today to change things. We had our faith in the wrong people, and now myself and Delma are on the bottom.


Quote1Well, thank you to everyone who supported me tonight. I am really grateful to all six of you.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(hugging Neasa) I'm so glad to have you still here...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I'm glad to be here still, especially as it means certain people have to keep putting up with me (laughs)Quote2- Neasa
Veronica is gone, and I couldn't be happier. All we need now is for Delma and then Edweena to go and we've got a near perfect tribe.


Hall and Mayson stand awkwardly, unsure how to address Delma and Edweena after breaking their word at tribal council and voting against Veronica.

Quote1Are you mad?Quote2- Hall
Quote1Of course I'm mad... I mean, I give props to those of you that pulled this off because I was confident that things would go differently.Quote2- Delma
Quote1Do you want an explanation?Quote2- Hall
Quote1Not right now, no. I just want to sleep, and tomorrow I'll listen to what you have to say, because right now I could strangle you both. Not so much you, Fredrick... honestly, I met you days ago and I got the impression you were fickle... but you two... I trusted you, and I thought after we helped you guys out that you'd do the same.Quote2- Delma
Quote1Emotions are just running high right now...Quote2- Edweena

The group stand around silently, unsure what can be said to get away from the uncomfortable atmosphere between the members of the new Tambaqui tribe. Delma sits alone, contemplating the events of tribal council and how she will be able to survive the upcoming votes.

I suppose tonight I got a taste of my own medicine. Jayla saved my neck, and I cut her loose to support the men. Ceri threw myself and Edweena a lifeline, and we in turn threw him under the bus to save Mayson and Hall. Now, the two people we fought to save have turned around and put us in the firing line. I'm extremely angry and I want nothing more than to get revenge on them both, but it's how the game goes... I've got blood on my hands, and now I'm feeling what the others felt when I turned on them. I just hope the difference here is that I can come back from this.


Day 22

Fredrick, Jenn, Neasa and Sheamus remain inside the shelter, resting whilst others get to work around camp. The foursome talk about their hopes for the upcoming votes being "straight forward", wanting to oust both Delma and Edweena from the game back-to-back.

Myself and my alliance have taken virtually every ounce of control on our new tribe. Getting rid of Veronica last night was the first and final move we needed to make to claim this game as our own. The new Jaburu tribe now has five votes, and I'd like for us to keep this majority all the way to the top five. The only concern is that Sheamus, Isaiah and Fredrick could stay strong and go to the top three... but that's why Jenn and I are working on different routes. We've got our potential Amazon romances with Sheamus and Isaiah, an agreement with Fredrick to work with him, and if we need to... a deal with Hall and Mayson, to turn the boys on one another.


Quote1I just want these next three days to hurry up.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Make it six days...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1But until then we can just relax...Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Well, if things go right then it'll be what... four more tribals... so twelve days of relaxation before we're the top five?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1It's crazy how easy it'll be for us now.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Do we need to debate between Mayson and Hall? Like, who we vote first?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Hall is more annoying.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1But Mayson is smarter, and less annoying... which means he's got to go before Hall. Plus, he's better in challenges.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Because he's good in challenges... Maybe we should consider him soon? I mean, Edweena and Delma aren't likely to be picking up any wins physically, right?Quote2- Sheamus
Neasa and I definitely control this game right now. Sheamus, Isaiah and Fredrick think they have a big say, but really they're just coming along for the ride with us. They're the foot soldiers and we're the two empresses (laughs). We need to really be careful though, because the boys do outnumber the women... and if they get a sense that she and I are playing tough, they could get rid of one of us anytime.


Quote1Oh God... I can't bare thinking of longer time spent with Delma around. Can we not do Delma first, and then Mayson?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1They'll all be on the jury, so this order just needs to be get the tougher ones out first. I'd say that's Delma and Hall.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1I agree.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Maybe one of the two of them will make it easier for us and win immunity...Quote2- Sheamus

Edweena and Isaiah sit in the tribes boat together, having volunteered to attempt fishing for a large portion of the day. The two talk openly about the dynamics of the tribe, with Delma likely being the next boot, followed by Edweena herself.

There is some relief in knowing openly that you're in a bad position, because then you no longer have to worry 'what if I get turned on'. I know to enjoy every last second I have out here, because any of them could be my last now. To have a shot at staying in this game, I need to make sure my bonds with others are strong... and by others I mean the men, as they make up the largest portion of the votes. Isaiah feels like the right choice, because he and I both share a strong Christian faith, and he has good connections with the other four men. If anyone can buy me more time... it's Isaiah.


Quote1I've got a new name for your group.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1And what's that?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1I refer to you as the four horsemen. We've got the white horse ... Sheamus, the red horse... Neasa, the black horse...Quote2- Edweena
Quote1Me! (laughs)Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1And the pale horse... Fredrick. It's just a bit of fun (laughs)Quote2- Edweena
Quote1What about the others?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Well, Mayson and Hall are their own pair, and I suppose Jenn isn't threatening enough to be her own horseman (laughs)Quote2- Edweena
Quote1Harsh... but true. But if I was you I'd just try and keep doing what you're doing, because Delma is definitely the next one gone. I think by the next vote, people might look past you because you'll be on your own. This whole group of seven isn't made to last.Quote2- Isaiah

Off by the waters edge, Delma sits with Mayson and Hall, who have begun explaining their actions at the previous tribal council. The duo claim the vote was done to "protect" herself and Edweena, as they successfully moved the target onto Veronica in order to save them.

Hall and Mayson had the audacity to try and turn themselves into the heroes of last nights vote. They turned their back on myself and Edweena, and by voting out Veronica they harmed us... it was just as painful as them voting me out, and I can't forgive them... nor can I ever trust them again.


Quote1How can you say that you protected us? Voting out Jayla was protecting you two. Voting out Ceri was protecting you two. You two voting out Veronica was the move of two backstabbers.Quote2- Delma
Quote1Had we wanted two we could've voted you last night!Quote2- Hall
Quote1You basically did! Taking out my ally and leaving two of us on the bottom and handing those five every ounce of power isn't helping... and you both say that you probably can't do anything to save us next time... So what do you want from me?Quote2- Delma
Quote1I think we just want you to be more understanding.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1(laughs) You both honestly made a boneheaded decision, and you'll realise it when you're both gone in the coming tribal councils after me.Quote2- Delma
Delma is understandably angry with us, and as much as I respect her choice to want to see both me and Hall out of this game, I think she needs to suck it up and accept it's a taste of her own medicine. She played this game cutthroat for twenty-one days, and now the tables have turned she can't accept it.


Hall pleads with Delma to remain civil, asking her to remain on friendly terms despite no longer working together. She tells him she'll have to think about it, unsure whether or not she wants to spend what time she has left around "turncoats". The trio eventually reach Isaiah and Edweena, who have arrived back to the riverbank with several large fish. Hall and Delma help the duo across the narrow logs that the tribe have placed in order to walk from the boat to land without getting their shoes wet. However, as Hall walks over the logs he loses his footing, slipping into the water below whilst colliding against the boat. Hall lets out a large scream, grinding his teeth as he pulls himself out of the water, revealing a large gash to his thigh.

Quote1Oh my gosh!Quote2- Edweena
Quote1S**t! Are you okay!?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1(lets out a scream) ... the freakin' machete, bro!Quote2- Hall
Quote1The machete?Quote2- Edweena
Quote1I had it slid down my belt... the freakin' thing went into me...Quote2- Hall

Isaiah helps Hall onto the riverbank, laying him down on the ground as the group inspect his injury. Mayson becomes concerned due to the amount of blood coming from the wound, eventually calling in the medical team to take a look at the injury.

Being the helpful guy that I am, I decided to walk out onto the path we built on the water to get back and forth from the boat easily. It's only like two metres long, and I stupidly didn't look where I was going and ended up falling on my ass... and my damn machete cut my leg open pretty bad. The pain was intense, and I felt dizzy with it and I'm just thinking please don't let this screw me over.


The team have Isaiah and Edweena return to camp, who inform the others of Hall's injury. The group back at camp all seem concerned, not wanting any physical harm to come to anyone whilst they're in the game. The medical team spend some time assessing Hall's wound, assuring him that he hasn't severed any major arteries, and as just undergone a freak accident.

Quote1Can you just fix it up here?Quote2- Hall
Quote1Obviously my concern would be that out here in this environment, even a superficial wound can become badly infected.Quote2- Team Doctor
Quote1I ain't leavin...Quote2- Hall
Quote1No one is saying you have to leave, which is the good news. The bad news is we will need to clean this up now, and bandage it to make sure it stays as clean as possible. We'd advise you to ensure your hygiene out here is as good as humanly possible, and when it comes to challenges if it does hurt, not to push yourself because you will make matters worse.Quote2- Team Doctor
Quote1Okay... no that's fine.Quote2- Hall
Quote1We'll all keep an eye on him...Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Like I'm some damn kid... (laughs)Quote2- Hall

Hall's thigh wound is cleaned up and given a tight bandage, allowing him to be returned to camp along with Mayson and Delma after an hour of absence. The others cheer his return, glad to see that he will remain in the game despite his injury.

This game just ain't no joke at all. We're out here really surviving in the wild, and any of us can be hurt at any second... which we saw today with Hall. When I saw the blood I thought for sure his ass was going, but luckily he didn't hit anything serious and we had the doctors on call to wrap it up. But you know, he's now limping badly and can't do much around camp, so I'm now seeing him as a handicapped player out here who can't win nothing. But I'm also seeing him as a mouth to feed that can't contribute nothing... (shrugs) So I dunno, maybe this bought him more time or maybe this calls his game to an end.


Day 23

Challenge: Mud Bungee
In groups of three, the contestants must retrieve five colored flags in a mud pit while attached to a bungee cord. The winning team moves onto the final round – on their own, they will retrieve three flags.
Reward: Bath, banana split, brownie sundae and ice tea.
Winner: Sheamus (shared with Isaiah)

Reward Challenge: Mud Bungee
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd
Castaway Sheamus Amazon
Isaiah AmazonNeasa Amazon
Isaiah, Neasa
Delma AmazonEdweena AmazonMayson Amazon
Delma, Edweena, Mayson
Fredrick AmazonHall AmazonJenn Amazon
Fredrick, Hall, Jenn

The seven going without reward return to camp, sitting around the shelter before deciding to prepare themselves food for the remainder of the day.

I would have loved to get ice cream... Sundae, brownies... ugh. Anything sweet would make the day feel worth it.


Quote1Anyone want to go fishing?Quote2- Mayson
Quote1I'll come. I need to distract myself from the thought of those two eating brownies and banana split.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1I'll come too...Quote2- Delma
As depressing as it is to sit around camp knowing everyone will be voting you out soon, you've still got to keep going and live your life out here. Fish needs to be caught and fires need to be stacked... I'm not going to become lazy like Jenn just because my days are numbered.


Neasa and Edweena begin preparing the fire, wanting to make sure it is well lit by the time those fishing return. Hall lays down in the shelter next to Jenn, complaining that his leg injury ruined his chances of winning the challenge.

Quote1This damn cut meant I couldn't push forward against the cord.Quote2- Hall
Quote1To be honest, I don't know why you even got in that mud. Is it dry?Quote2- Jenn
Quote1Nah, it got wet. But if it's wrapped up it'll be fine. Just hurts to touch still...Quote2- Hall
Quote1Well then stop touching it.Quote2- Jenn

Edweena offers to get Hall some water to clean off his wound, telling him that washing off any dried mud would be best for it to heal.

Hall isn't a young guy, and sometimes I could strangle him. But I've got to look at him like a child sometimes, and being protective I feel the urge to take care of him. Yes he did screw myself and Delma over last tribal council, but I don't want to see him get any more banged up than he already is.


Quote1There, use this. Be careful though because it's hot.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1You're an angel Eddie...Quote2- Hall
Quote1No don't grab it with your hands. Here, let me do it before you injure yourself some more...Quote2- Edweena

Edweena cleans Hall's leg for him, laughing as he squirms, telling him to "man up" and to stop complaining. Neasa watches from the fire, noting Edweena's actions since she ended up in the minority.

Edweena is pretty well liked in the grand scheme of things out here. She's inoffensive, and we agreed out of herself and Delma that she would go last. But the more I look at it, Edweena is a much stronger social player than she's given credit for, and she gets on with people well without occasionally blowing up in their faces. She's the kind of person who today is in the minority, but tomorrow when completely alone could become the extra vote people need to make a move against myself, Jenn or Sheamus... and that's something that can't be overlooked.



Sheamus and Isaiah arrive at a small open bungalow containing two bath tubs, along with an array of ice creams and a large pitcher of ice tea.

Winning the reward today was exactly what I needed to replenish myself out here, and get a win on my side after jumping down first in the last immunity challenge. I picked Isaiah just because he was on my team, and out of him and Neasa he was closer to beating me, so it felt fair. Obviously, I'd much rather be taking a bath in this private shack with Neasa... but I've got to look out for my boy just as much (laughs).


Quote1Oh my God... they done put the strawberries with the cream. Thank you Jesus!Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1We're gonna eat first?Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Damn right I'm gonna eat first...! Honestly, I could kiss you for picking me right now.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Please don't. Jenn would get mad... (laughs)Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Screw her, she ain't given me no ice cream out here.Quote2- Isaiah
The ice cream was delicious. I don't even eat it much back home, but to get all these different types with fruit, chocolate, vanilla... I think I was on a sugar high for about two hours after it all. Then to get a bath after, it was the perfect break to being at camp with all the drama and fakeness.


The pair put down their empty bowls, each getting in their own bath tub and relaxing in silence. After thirty minutes, the pair begin talking about their feelings on both the reward and the game.

Quote1I think I ate too quick... and I might throw up in my own bath.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Please don't do that...Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Nah, I'll be good. Probably still gonna eat when we're back at camp later though... (smirks)Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1It sucks that we even have to go back. I just want the days to skip by.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1I'm looking forward to these next votes... we all saying it'll be Delma, but maybe it'll change up and go to Mayson... or maybe to save Hall's leg he gotta go.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1True. I think it'll be Delma though. The girls aren't going to want to wait another three days before seeing her off.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Well, it's a good thing the girls ain't controlling nothing. You and I are the ones who make the calls round here. Them two and Fred are our pets... (laughs)... But nah, I like Jenn and Neasa and all... But none of them are worth a million dollars to me. If we're getting through this game I want it to be you and me man, till the end.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Then lets do it. We'll have each others backs, and no one can touch us.Quote2- Sheamus
Isaiah offered me the chance to go to the end of the game with him, and obviously I accepted because to say no would be a fools error. I've already got a similar deal with Fredrick, and I'm sure if I wanted to I could go with Neasa as a couple to the top two. I seem to be the most popular choice to go far with out here, despite the fact they all keep saying how likeable I am (laughs). So either some of these people are bulls****ing me... or I'm not as likeable as they're saying.



Later that evening, Isaiah and Sheamus return to camp to find the other seven tribe members sat around the fire, eating the fish caught by Mayson, Delma and Fredrick earlier that day. The group seem generally pleased to see the boys return, interested to hear about the reward.

Quote1I think the question I want answered is why would you take Isaiah to have a bath... over the fine fiery Irish piece over there? You queer, bro? (laughs)Quote2- Hall
Quote1(rolls eyes) Yeah... surprise! Nah, I wanted to take Isaiah because he hasn't had the chance to have a shower and bath yet... and he came second.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1You don't need to explain. The crippled one just wants to stir it up.Quote2- Neasa

As the group talk, Isaiah picks up some fish and begins eating, much to the horror of several tribe members. Mayson immediately questions Isaiah, claiming it to be unfair that he is eating after going on a food reward.

Quote1What, so now I can't eat?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Well, this is the fish we caught for us... because we haven't had anything. You two ate, so why should you get a reward and then our fish?Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Relax man... I'll go spend all day tomorrow catching you fish if you want.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1I don't care about tomorrow. I'm talking about today.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Yo, chill out man... all this stress gonna thin your hair out.Quote2- Isaiah

Jenn and Edweena are both seen suppressing their laughter at Isaiah's insult to Mayson, with their amusement intensifying as Mayson becomes more and more annoyed.

I think it's complete disrespect to go out on a reward and come back to eat the food the people who got nothing worked hard to catch themselves. What bugs me more is that he made no effort to ask, and made no effort to apologise for his rudeness. He's got absolutely no manners whatsoever.


Quote1Ask next time...Quote2- Mayson
Quote1I ain't gotta ask you for nothing. You didn't birth me. You didn't raise me. You don't pay my bills.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1But I did catch that fish!Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Fred and Delma was with you! Fred, can I eat some fish?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Uh... I guess.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1Thank you! So shut your ass up and tomorrow I'll get you another damn fish. Acting like I went out today and had a buffet. It was ice cream! Ice cream, Mayson! It melts into water in your mouth. You a dentist and you gone tell me that I can have a daily diet of ice cream?Quote2- Isaiah
The Mayson and Isaiah argument was possibly the highlight of my time out here in the Amazon so far. It was two grown men arguing over fish, ice cream and everything in between... and I'm glad I got to see it first hand. I saw exactly where Mayson was coming from, because Isaiah can be extremely rude... but right now I have a better shot of turning things against Mayson than I do Isaiah, so I'm happy for him to blow up at people and turn the Jaburu tribe against him.


Quote1I think tomorrow, me and Isaiah will go out and get some fish, and just put this behind us.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1I'm over it to be honest, fish was burnt anyway...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1(laughs) Thank you both for giving us a fun evening.Quote2- Jenn
When we got back to camp, both me and Isaiah mentioned that we were hungry, because we're big guys and ice cream isn't a stable meal for us to last twenty-four hours. We figured the tribe would share whatever they had cooked with us, but there was a lot of tension between Mayson and Isaiah over it... so I decided to stay clear and go hungry. I don't want to upset the apple cart any further and have our group create a wedge for Delma and Edweena to work through. It's sometimes best to just suffer in silence... but as much as I recognise Isaiah's brashness, I think Mayson is a control freak out here, and needs to cool down and stop condescending others. If someone is hungry, let them eat...


Day 24

The final nine receive tree mail informing them of their next individual immunity challenge, giving them each a large tribal mask to decorate in their own image. The group spend an hour on the task, enjoying the chance to explore their creative sides.

My mask is extremely beautiful, unlike my current state out here. I've given her some red hair, although it's gone slightly brown which is a shame. I'm thinking no one is going to want to smash this, because of how aesthetically pleasing she is... So I'd be very surprised if the boys don't just hand me this win... (laughs)


Fun decorations aside, this challenge is one that I can't afford to lose, because I know tonight either myself or Delma will be going home. If Delma wins I know I won't stand a chance, so I may have to think about playing selfishly these next few hours to guarantee myself another three days out here.



The group arrive at the challenge, where Jeff informs them that they will be undergoing a trivia based challenge on the Amazon and survival. For those that answer correctly, they will be given the chance to chop a section of rope corresponding to another player. Once a contestant loses all three sections of their rope, a large log will be released, smashing their representative mask and placing them out of the challenge. The group laugh at the result, with Delma visibly annoyed to be facing a challenge that almost guarantees she won't be able to win. After the first question, only Delma, Hall and Mayson answer incorrectly, giving the other six the chance to cut a rope.

Quote1Neasa, start this off for us.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Unsurprisingly... (cuts Delma's rope)Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Shocking...Quote2- Delma
Quote1Sheamus, you're up.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sorry Delma... (cuts Delma's rope)Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1Wow, I thought we were aligned guys?Quote2- Delma
Quote1Isaiah...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Three strikes baby... I'm sorry. (cuts Delma's rope)Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1And just like that... Delma is out of this challenge.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Edweena goes next, cutting Jenn's first rope. Jenn retaliates this move by cutting Edweena's first rope. Finally, Fredrick cuts Edweena's second rope, leaving her with just one remaining. Neasa, Sheamus, Isaiah, Edweena and Hall answer the second question correctly, leaving them to cut ropes. Neasa decides to cut Mayson's first rope, and is quickly followed by Sheamus and Isaiah, knocking him out of the challenge.

Quote1Looks like a threesome working together there...Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Mayson, the second person out of this challenge. Edweena, you're up.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Just because she can't get me back this round... (cuts Jenn's rope)Quote2- Edweena
Quote1Jenn, down to her last rope. Hall, finish this round off.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Just some payback for my boy... (cuts Sheamus' rope)Quote2- Hall
Quote1With that round... Neasa, Isaiah, Hall and Fredrick on three ropes, Sheamus on two ropes, Edweena and Jenn on their last section of rope. Next question...Quote2- Jeff Probst

Only Neasa, Edweena and Hall answer correctly for the third round. Neasa cuts Edweena's last remaining rope, with Edweena using her final chop to take out one of Neasa's ropes. Hall decides to copy Edweena, wanting to knock out the person answering the most questions correctly. After the fourth round, Neasa, Jenn, Hall and Fredrick answer correctly. Neasa immediately heads for Hall, cutting the first of his three sections of rope. Jenn copies this move, leaving him with just one rope remaining.

Quote1Hall, you're up next.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Hmmm... which of these girlies do I take out.Quote2- Hall
Quote1Why don't you surprise everyone and cut your own rope?Quote2- Neasa
Quote1(laughs) ... Just for that... (cuts Neasa's rope)Quote2- Hall
Quote1And with that, Neasa is out of this challenge.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Good, my arm was getting tired for all the chopping...Quote2- Neasa
Quote1Fredrick, last chop of this round.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Because you didn't let me have ice cream... (cuts Sheamus' rope)Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1After this round, Fredrick and Isaiah both have all their sections left. Sheamus, Jenn and Hall all with one section left.Quote2- Jeff Probst

The fifth round sees everyone but Fredrick answer correctly. Sheamus and Isaiah both cut Fredrick's rope, whilst Jenn takes Hall out, who in his last move cuts Isaiah's rope. After the sixth round, Sheamus and Fredrick answer correctly, quickly making a deal not to cut one another. Sheamus jokingly cuts Isaiah's rope, which Fredrick also does, quickly taking him out of the challenge.

Quote1Damn you both...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Sorry... I already gave you a reward though.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1True, let the complainer win something.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Who is the complainer?Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1You.Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1That's rich...Quote2- Fredrick

Only Sheamus answers correctly in the final two rounds, first knocking out Fredrick, then finally cutting Jenn's last section of rope, handing him individual immunity.

Quote1Of course he wins a popularity contest...Quote2- Mayson
Quote1It's almost like you're shocked... (laughs)Quote2- Delma
Quote1Sheamus, safe from tribal council tonight and a one in eight shot of winning this game. As for the rest of you, someone will be going home after twenty-four days. I'll see you at tribal.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Challenge: Face Off
This challenge will use questions about Amazonian (and Brazilian) culture. Players each have a mask held in place in front of a battering ram. Three chops of the rope and the battering ram smashes the mask, causing its corresponding castaway to be out of the challenge. The last person remaining with his or her mask wins immunity.
Winner: Sheamus

Immunity Challenge: Face Off
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Castaway Sheamus Amazon
Jenn Amazon
Fredrick Amazon
Isaiah Amazon
Hall Amazon
Neasa Amazon
Edweena Amazon
Mayson Amazon
Delma Amazon


The group return to camp with just a few hours to go before tribal council. Isaiah and Sheamus depart the camp in order to catch fish, wanting to repay Mayson after the argument that occured the previous evening. Neasa and Jenn follow the boys, wanting to bathe themselves before tribal council.

Today's challenge was good fun, and it put all our moods up. I don't want things to continue to be bad between myself and Mayson. The guys an overgrown baby but it is what it is, and I told him I'd go get him a fish to shut him up after last night, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. So now maybe he can pipe down, and we can get back to voting out Delma in peace.


Back at camp, Delma and Edweena sit in the shelter with Hall, talking about their frustrations over the challenge outcome. Mayson and Fredrick join them, agreeing that the challenge was "unfair" on the older women, guaranteeing that they would be out early.

Quote1I had no shot to win. Couldn't even get the opportunity to save myself.Quote2- Delma
Quote1It didn't give many of us a chance to win... just their little group.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Well it opened eyes that's for sure. You saw how the four of them stuck together. They only turned on each other at the last point, which is exactly what they'd do in this game.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1I don't doubt it... and then they go off together in a four as soon as we're back here.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Well, there's five of us here now.Quote2- Delma
Quote1If we can make a name now... we could go for it. Whichever one of them you would vote for... I would vote for.Quote2- Edweena
Quote1I'd say Isaiah after last night.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1Smart move though... would be Neasa.Quote2- Delma
This challenge gave me no shot at earning my safety tonight, so I have to fight for my safety with my words which is what I'm use to in life. The five of us who stayed back at camp are more than aware that the other four hold the cards, and if we're smart we can turn it on them tonight and vote one of them out. If not then I'm gone.


Quote1We could just send a message to them loud and clear.Quote2- Mayson
Quote1So do it! You three would hold the power in your boys group, and we'll just be grateful to come along.Quote2- Edweena
The ladies are fighting for their lives right now, and people in that position will do or say anything to get through the vote unscathed. Luckily for them, I do believe a lot of what they're selling. The two couples on our tribe definitely have the closest alliance right now, and unless something is done soon I could see them getting to the top four. We thought we had an all guys thing secured, but Isaiah and Sheamus have other ideas... so the best thing for us now would be to get rid of Neasa, and bring the boys back to us.


Some time later, Fredrick joins the group by the river, asking them who they'd be wanting to vote at tribal council. The foursome tell him Delma, feeling it is the safest option for them. However, things are quickly thrown up in the air after Fredrick reveals the plan the others have discussed back at camp.

I am being quite two-faced in this game. I'm happy sharing both sides' plans to one another, because then I can get an idea as to which group is better for me long term. I'm looking out for myself, and I think I'm the only person truly playing alone in this game. It is a risky way to go about things, because it could end with me being labelled a rat or deceptive... and I won't deny that... I think it is the smartest way to play this game, because everyone is so preoccupied with voting off each other they'll forget I'm even there, and just see me as an extra vote in their group. But I can't be in both groups... so four people are being horribly lied to.


Quote1Edweena was the one really laying out the cohesive plan for them.Quote2- Fredrick
Quote1I think she's a lot more in tune than we suspected.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1So what are we doing now? Voting Mayson?Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1We could... I mean we could just turn it on him.Quote2- Sheamus
Quote1We can vote any of those four.Quote2- Jenn
Quote1I wouldn't waste a vote on Hall when he can hardly walk.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1And I like Edweena the most of them three...Quote2- Isaiah
Quote1Isn't that worrying though? That she is the likeable one, and the one who will probably slip through votes. Delma isn't a risk to any of us because none of us will want to work with her, and she'll always be the biggest target.Quote2- Neasa
Quote1So what, we're voting Edweena now? I don't know if I can live with Delma anymore...Quote2- Jenn
There's been this constant struggle with the new Tambaqui members. They've clearly bonded in their time together, and we're not sure if tonight they will try and work together again. Fortunately, the five of us from new Jaburu are sticking together, and will control the remaining tribal councils from here on out. When it comes down to this vote we initially thought it would be Delma, but seeing Edweena's likeability benefit her socially is worrying... because I can see an outcome where we vote out Delma and Mayson, and then suddenly by the final four Edweena is still here in this game. I can't see the same thing happening for the other two, because no one really likes them enough to work with them. But we've all become tired of living with Delma, and no one wants to put off her elimination another three days... and Mayson thinks he's far smarter than he really is, and I think of the three him leaving would be the funniest and the most fitting. So we'll have to see what my group decide... or what I make them decide.


At tribal council, the group are asked about the fallout that occurred after the previous vote off. Delma and Edweena talk about being shocked by the last result, aiming their anger at Mayson and Hall for the event, feeling as though trust was broken between them that will be difficult to win back. Jeff then asks about the general dynamics of the tribe, with Delma laughing as she refers to the argument between Mayson and Isaiah over "fish and ice cream". Mayson explains his side of the story, but is interrupted by Isaiah, who tells Jeff he will "set the record straight". Jeff is seen laughing as the pair bicker, eventually calling on Sheamus to act as a voice of reason. Sheamus admits to seeing where both sides are coming from, but ultimately feels the concerned parties should "get over it", which Isaiah insists he has. The group then speak about the challenge, particularly the order in which they were eliminated. Edweena mentions that the elimination order exposed who was working together and who is in control, pointing out that herself, Mayson, Delma and Hall were amongst those targeted early. Sheamus denies that the challenge exposes any loyalties, simply calling it "a bit of fun". However, despite Sheamus' claims, Mayson admits to feeling more concerned about his relationship with certain individuals since the challenge, feeling as though it could have been warning signs for what is to come. Mayson's comment causes Sheamus to look over at Neasa, giving her a slight nod before Jeff instructs him to commence the vote. Once the voting is complete, the group look onto Jeff to see which of them will be the first member of the seven person jury.

Quote1First vote... Mayson.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Mayson.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Edweena.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Edweena. That's two votes Mayson, two votes Edweena.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Edweena.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Sixth vote... Edweena. That's four votes Edweena, two votes Mayson.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Seventh vote... Eighth person voted out of Survivor The Amazon and the first member of our jury... Edweena, you'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Edweena smiles, taking her surprise elimination well, having expected to either see Delma leave or a successful blindside on Mayson, having hoped his recent blow ups would spell the end of his game. Delma hugs her friend goodbye, equally as shocked to have made it through yet another vote. Before leaving, Edweena wishes the group luck, exiting in a calm and accepting manner. The final eight head back to camp, with Delma now completely alone for the first time in twenty-four days, truly finding herself as the underdog of the game.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Edweena Amazon
Edweena (7 votes)
Fredrick AmazonHall AmazonIsaiah AmazonJenn Amazon
Mayson AmazonNeasa AmazonSheamus Amazon
Fredrick, Hall, Isaiah, Jenn,
Mayson, Neasa, Sheamus
Mayson Amazon
Mayson (2 votes)
Delma AmazonEdweena Amazon
Delma, Edweena
Edweena Amazon Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

You turned your back on us when we needed you most, and these last few days you've been unravelling before all our eyes.


Tonight it seems it is either you or my closest friend, and I hope that what people have said is true, and you'll be going.


(says nothing and places vote in urn)


Eddie, you're a cool lady and you're an amazing worker around camp... but I bonded more with Delma, so I think it's fair to leave her until the end.


My Christian sister out here. You kept it real with our conversations, and I wish we got to meet up before the merge. It sucks the others decided you needed to go here, because I tried my best to keep you safe... but one man doesn't have enough power. We'll catch up after this and go to a service together. All the best.


Two down, one more to go.


This is the least personal vote I could be making out here. You're an amazing woman, and you should be proud of how far you've made it in this game. I'll forever be grateful to have your smile cheer me up every morning out here.


Of the women who aligned themselves against me, you are by far the more inoffensive. However, that plus your social bonds you've been making mean you've got to be the next one to go. Don't worry, I'll make sure your friend is there to keep you company soon.


Take this as a compliment for how strong your ability to make friends was becoming.


Final Words

Twenty-four days isn't bad. I'm more than happy to bow out now, and say I got to be the first member of the jury. I'll take my position seriously, and hope that when this all wraps up I'm able to vote one of the many friends I made whilst out here in the Amazon.


Still In The Running

Delma Amazon
Edweena Amazon Eliminated
Jayla Amazon Eliminated
Jenn Amazon
Karyn Amazon Eliminated
Neasa Amazon
Subira Amazon Eliminated
Veronica Amazon Eliminated
Ceri Amazon Eliminated
Fredrick Amazon
Hall Amazon
Isaiah Amazon
Jody Amazon Eliminated
Kennedy Amazon Eliminated
Mayson Amazon
Sheamus Amazon