Ceri Amazon
Contestant Profile
Age 20 (The Amazon)
Occupation Ivy League Student
Race Caucasian-American
The Amazon
Tribe(s)      Tambaqui
Placement 11/16
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 18

Ceri is a contestant from Survivor: The Amazon.

Although he started out poorly on the Tambaqui tribe, Ceri managed to form better relationships with the rest of his tribe than the other outsiders. After the swap, he found himself apart of an all-male alliance and with a clear path to the merge. However, his eagerness to play strategically and vote out Hall led to his elimination, with Delma and Edweena leaking his plans hours before the sixth tribal council.

Survivor: The Amazon

Voting History

Ceri's Voting History
Episode Ceri's
Voted Against
1 Isaiah -
2 Tambaqui Tribe Immune
3 Tambaqui Tribe Immune
4 Hall -
5 Jayla -
6 Hall Delma, Edweena,
Hall, Mayson
Voted Out, Day 18