"Bunch Of Fat Chicks And Old People"
Borneo Ep 3
Season Borneo
Episode Number 3/13 (003)
First Broadcast May 4, 2014
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Bunch Of Fat Chicks And Old People is the third episode of Survivor: Borneo.


Day 6 (Night)

Pagong return to camp having just voted out Eric.

Quote1Well that was interesting.Quote2- Mandy
Quote1It sure was...Quote2- Alice
Quote1I just gotta say.... uh... people... I don't like these claims that Pagong don't want to come together. If there is one reason we are not unified group, it's because of (points at Eli) him.Quote2- Uri
Quote1Him? Him! Do you wanna show me one ounce of respect?!Quote2- Eli
Quote1Guys, guys, just cool it off...Quote2- Mandy
Quote1No I have had it. You've been out to get me since day ONE! And I don't get why, is it because I couldn't swim? Is it because you're intimidated by me?Quote2- Eli
Quote1(smirks) Yeah I am so intimidated by you Eli... Please...Quote2- Uri

Eli and Uri continue to argue, until eventually it dies out and Eli goes to sit alone on the beach. Julia and Uri sit up discussing the situation, while Mandy, Razzy and Alice go to sleep.

Things have once again kicked off here. I do feel bad for Eli, I really do. He don't really do nothin' wrong and Uri just kind of attacks him. Of course my loyalty will be to Uri, but if my morals are tested in this game then I'm screwed... Because every bit of moral good in my body is telling me to get Uri the hell out of here.


I lost my tempter tonight. I just feel so unfairly treated by Uri and it's killin' me. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong to get this kind of hate. It bugs me that Julia is now deciding not to sleep and to sit up talkin' about me with her new leader. Then you have Mandy trying to defuse a situation, like when the hell did you decide to start speaking. I'm tired of being nice to these people if they're not going to show me kindness in return.


Day 7


The day begins quietly, with Uri doing yoga alone on the beach. Razzy makes breakfast for the tribe while talking to Tia and Mandy. Alice and Eli remain in the shelter, refusing to work for a tribe who appear to dislike them, laying next to Alice and Eli is none other then Julia, taking on her usual role of sleeping. Alice and Eli speak quietly amongst themselves, not wanting anyone else to overhear.

Quote1It just annoys me how you and I are possibly the two hardest workers around, yet we're being shafted by this group of individuals.Quote2- Eli
Quote1Do you think they will vote us out though? I can understand the Eric vote, he was a lazy kid who did nothing. What's to stop them from voting Julia or Mandy next, I mean neither of them do much.Quote2- Alice
Quote1No, no I'm pretty sure it's me next. You saw what happened last night.Quote2- Eli
Quote1All we need is for someone else to appear worse then us and we're both good.Quote2- Alice
Quote1And if no one is sticking out badly?Quote2- Eli
Quote1Then we make sure to throw them so far under the bus they cant escape.Quote2- Alice
I told Eli that we need someone to appear worse then us to survive. This is true. What I didn't mention is after last night Eli appeared to be worse off then me, which is good for me in the sense I'm guaranteed to still be here after our next loss, because Eli will always be below me on the totem pole whilst we're at Pagong. However, Eli is my closest friend out here so I do want him to stay. For this reason I'm setting my sights on Julia and 'Mamma Mandy'.


Julia wakes up and glares at Eli, before walking over to Razzy, Tia and Mandy who are still making breakfast.

Quote1Isnt it ready yet?Quote2- Julia
Quote1Not yet.Quote2- Mandy
Quote1Hurry, I'm starving.Quote2- Julia
Quote1Well, you know you're welcome to pitch in. Sleeping isn't going to achieve much Jules.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Jesus Christ calm down. All I meant was when Uri makes breakfast its done much quicker.Quote2- Julia
Quote1Well if you want yours done quicker, make your own fire, boil your own rice.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Whatever, just tell me when its done.Quote2- Julia
Julia is probably in the top three most annoying people ever. I might compile a list while I'm here, it consists of Julia and Rosie O'Donnell so far. She complains rice isn't being made and all she does is sleep, make your own food then you lazy b***h. To top it off she complains the rice is UNDERDONE after I gave it to her earlier because she demanded it. Driving me nuts man. If someone want to talk to Julia after today you'll need Uri to communicate because I swear someone's going to kill that girl before the day is done. If it was anyone else making that rice she wouldn't have an issue, it's because she just don't like me. She is a hater of Razzy... She's a Raazist



The tribe split up from their normal cliques, with Ben going fishing with Larry and Sarah. Olivia works on the shelter with Ola, while Teddy and Danni tend to the fire, taking the opportunity to strengthen their bond.

Quote1If we can win these next few challenges I think we'll just be set up for one of us to win this thing. I mean we seem to be working together better as a group.Quote2- Danni
Quote1Yeah I see what you mean.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1It's just good to see Ola getting stuck into the tasks, and her and Larry aint butting heads anymore.Quote2- Danni

Danni and Teddy continue to talk, with Olivia noticing their friendship arising. Olivia looks out to the raft where the others are fishing, noticing Ben and Sarah are much closer than she is to either of them.

Y'know it sucks that everyone out here seems to have a duo partner other than me. Yes I'm close with Sarah. Yes I'm close with Ben. But neither of them seem to put me before the other, meaning I know who'll be the first to go if we have to turn on each other. Teddy has Larry, and now somewhat Danni. Danni and Ola are also getting along like a house on fire. It slightly does bug me... Not that I want to be friends with Teddy, Larry, Ola or the dog walkers... But with Ben for example... It's quite clear why he values Sarah above me... She's not more interesting, funnier or kinder... But she's not a five foot six fat red head either... Looks matter in life, and life is a big part of this game. It's sad but true. On the plus side it reminds me that I'm here for me, and that I really don't care enough about these people to be completely loyal, I'll turn on them when I have to, any of them.


Out on the raft Larry appears to be doing most of the work, while Sarah and Ben talk in their typical flirtatious manner.

It bugs me how I'm sat here again working my butt off so others can do nothing. I've got use to it though. It's nothing new out here.


Sarah isn't a bad looking girl. I'll happily flirt with her, but it doesn't mean a thing to me, it's all game. If making her think that I like her can help my game then I'll go along with it, definitely.


A treasure chest is submerged 150 yards off the Sand Spit. Each tribe must swim out to the treasure chest. Once the entire tribe has arrived, they must dive down and work as a group to drag the chest along the ocean bottom back to shore. First tribe to haul their chest ashore and open it wins.
Reward: The winning tribe will bring their treasure chest to camp. The chest contains fishing supplies (mask, snorkel, spear, flippers and bait).
Winner: Tagi

Reward Challenge: Treasure Chest
Result Tribe Competitors
Won Tagi Ben BorneoDanni BorneoLarry BorneoOla BorneoOlivia BorneoSarah BorneoTeddy Borneo
Ben, Danni, Larry, Ola, Olivia, Sarah & Teddy
Lost Pagong Alice BorneoEli BorneoJulia BorneoMandy BorneoRazzy BorneoTia BorneoUri Borneo
Alice, Eli, Julia, Mandy, Razzy, Tia & Uri

Day 8


The tribe continue to run their yoga classes on the beach, with the same individuals attending, plus the new edition of Alice, who is attempting to integrate to the majority in order to save herself, and if possible Eli. During the session Tia and Alice bond well, and a potential friendship arises between the two. As the session comes to a close Alice remains on the beach to talk with Tia and Razzy, who let slip that they feel somewhat irritated by Julia. After Razzy leaves, Tia mentions that she doesn't feel majorly close to fellow tribe member Mandy, who tends to be quite a reserved person.

Quote1I just feel quite bad for Eli. Uri was way to rough on his a** recently.Quote2- Tia
Quote1Uri is just one of those people. He wont change, he needs to antagonize someone, as soon as Eli's gone he'll find a new victim... Someone he feels threatened by.Quote2- Alice
Quote1Who do you think? Julia?Quote2- Tia
Quote1No not at all. It will be someone like... yourself.Quote2- Alice
Quote1Me!? Really!?Quote2- Tia
Quote1Well thinking about it logically. I am already screwed, Julia presents no threat, Mandy and Razzy seem to follow him about. That just leaves the most likeable person on the tribe, the one person who could easily beat him at the end of this game.Quote2- Alice
Quote1Me?Quote2- Tia
Quote1Yep, you.Quote2- Alice

Alice goes on to explain that she feels the only way to ensure that Uri can't take out Tia whenever he wants is to take away one of his soldiers, which would be Mandy or Razzy. Tia tells Alice she wouldn't feel comfortable voting out Razzy, as he is one of her closest friends, to which Alice suggests Mandy, who Tia herself stated she wasn't that close to. Tia appears to agree somewhat on the idea, knowing that it would be unlikely for Mandy to keep her over Razzy or Uri.

Alice told me a lot today and helped open my eyes. It is true that Uri is a jerk. It is true that Mandy isn't that close with me. It wouldn't shock me if they came after me once Eli was gone. It may be in my best interest to try and save Eli and Alice and to go after Mandy.


I've started to work on Tia a bit more. It seems logical that we go after Mandy because she is very close with Uri, and someone such as Julia isn't really that tied up with him. Therefore to weaken Uri we really need Mandy gone from this game, and soon. If I can get Tia on board I'm sure we could somehow swing Julia over with us, then Mandy's gone and my game is secured.


Eli sits in the shelter, while a drowsy Julia lays next to him, but disinterested in talking to him. Eli watches Alice at work, aware she is attempting to save their games.

Quote1So do you think once I'm gone Uri will want to keep you around?Quote2- Eli
Quote1... I really don't know.Quote2- Julia
Quote1Because I'm just thinkin' that I'd much prefer you to still be here in a few days over someone like... Mandy.Quote2- Eli
Quote1Yep...Quote2- Julia
Quote1If we lose the next immunity I'm definitely going to send my vote her way... Would you?Quote2- Eli
Quote1I don't know...Quote2- Julia
Eli has to be one of the most irritating guys I've ever met. He tries to talk to me and he knows I don't like him. Lucky for him we have the even more irritating Razzy around who does nothing but talk in third person and make c****y rice for us. If the sea came up and swallowed both of them I think I'd actually get out of the shelter and socialize. But until that day I'll remain under my coat crying about this whole situation.


I did try and see if I could work Julia into helping us, I think she might be willin' to but I'm not so sure. The whole manipulation and deception thing isn't really my style. I'll leave Alice to do that, and sit back and see if she can do somethin' because I sure seem to be strugglin'.



Tagi appear to be having a lazy day, with the tribe all laying down on the beach relaxing, including workaholic Larry. Ola attempts to make use of her skills by massaging Larry and Teddy, both of whom seem to enjoy Ola's contributions.

Quote1Ola, I think after today we'll never ask you to work again. But as long as you can relieve the stress in my shoulders then I'm happy.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1And she's not even a masseuse.Quote2- Larry
Quote1I told you I had hidden talents that could come in handy, but no it was all "Ola get rice, Ola make breakfast".Quote2- Ola
Quote1Trust me Ola, after yesterday you aint gonna be asked to make rice no more (laughs).Quote2- Teddy

Across from Ola, Larry and Teddy is Ben, Sarah and Olivia. Sarah is massaging Ben, who seems less enthusiastic about her abilities.

I have had the worst pain in my back since sleeping on the hard bamboo. Sarah of course claims she can help but in reality it... hurt... it didn't really help at all. All I can hear during it is Larry and Teddy praising Ola which got me quite envious. Then I thought 'Do I really want Ola touching my bare skin?', the immediate answer to that being 'absolutely not'.


It's nice to see as a tribe we are enjoying ourselves, relaxing. I'm shocked that a week in things are better then they were two hours in, hopefully from here things will only get even better. But of course I'm going to be realistic and say s**t is going to go down eventually and someone's going to end up in tears.


Ben eventually stands, asking Sarah to stop. He walks over to Teddy and asks if he would like to accompany him on a walk, to which Teddy accepts. As Ben and Teddy exit, Sarah is left feeling slightly hurt.

Kinda sucks that Ben didn't give me as much praise as I deserved for my handiwork. I mean Ola got freakin' loads and that sucks when she does better then you. But I guess what you lack in the face you have to make up in other parts of your body.


Ben and Teddy take their walk as an opportunity to discuss the game, and their previous deal they struck several days ago. Ben questions Teddy on his new friendship with Danni, worried that it could jeopardize his game. The confrontation however presents Ben as paranoid, and allows Teddy to spot his weakness.

Quote1So you're getting friendly with Danni huh?Quote2- Ben
Quote1Yeah what of it? I cant talk to the people I'm suppose to live with?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1It's just, you know.Quote2- Ben
Quote1No I don't know which is why I responded with a question.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1We made that pact and I need you to stick with me, the thought of you working with Danni and the others is a worry. C'mon man even you can see where I'm coming from.Quote2- Ben
Quote1I see what you mean but I gave you my word, my word is my bond. On my daughters life I will not screw YOU.Quote2- Teddy
Quote1Good. I wont screw you either, we said final four and I meant it. It's just Danni gives Sarah these unnecessarily rude looks and I don't want her around much longer.Quote2- Ben
Quote1What you want Danni out before Ola or Larry?Quote2- Teddy
Quote1In an ideal world, I want all three gone as soon as possible.Quote2- Ben
I had a chat with Teddy to make sure he stays in place. I am aware he is close with Larry and Danni and it is a worry because he could easily flip to either one of them. My goal is to p**s off as little people as possible. The fact the other four members outside of my three are bonding makes this hard. I can vote out Teddy, annoying Larry and Danni. I can vote out Ola, annoying Danni, leaving her as a wild card who could do whatever. I can take out Danni, annoying Ola and Teddy. I can take out Larry, which would annoy Teddy. The only benefit of annoying Teddy is he's the only one of the four that I have a connection with, he swore on his kids life so I don't think he'll go back on that. Meaning to annoy Teddy, might not be annoying anyone really, as he is now part of my group and cant go back on that. Unless he wants to look like the biggest bastard in the world


Ben really revealed his weakness today. He acts confident but in reality he is worried as hell. I swore on my kids life to him and I'm sticking by that. I said I wouldn't vote him out and screw him. I never did swear that I wouldn't vote out Sarah or Olivia though, as far as I'm aware those two haven't bothered to talk much to me. If I get Ola, Larry and Danni with me and keep Ben safe, in my opinion I haven't screwed him, just his original plans. But I don't want to cause too much trouble just yet, if it means sticking with Ben and voting out Ola or someone then I'll do it. As long as I get to the merge, I'll be good.


Day 9

Both tribes receive tree mail informing them of their second immunity challenge, which will involve a rescue mission, in which the tribe must rescue a member of their tribe and return them to a first aid tent will win immunity. Both tribes must select a member to be rescued, and a leader to guide the rescuers. Pagong select smallest member Tia to be rescued, and Uri as the leader. Tagi select smallest member Sarah to be rescued, and Danni as the leader.

I knew my height was going to come into this, we got this... I hope... This many losses in a row is just embarrassing. We're getting beat by a bunch of fat chicks and old people! No offense to them.


We got a good winning streak going, I personally don't think we're going to lose it today. We've got little Sarah to carry, three strong guys and a strong girl, and Danni to lead us. Oh and theres also Ola.


Challenge: Rescue Mission
Before the challenge, both tribes received Tree Mail where they were instructed to make a stretcher and pick one tribe mate (preferably the smallest or lighest) that will be lying on it (Tagi chose Kelly, while Pagong selected Colleen). They are to choose "leaders" as well (Sue for Tagi and Joel for Pagong). Simulating a real plane crash, the smallest members from both tribes (pretending to be plane crash survivors) will be sent to the middle of the jungle and harnessed into a parachute dangling from a tree. Then the leaders will guide the other tribe members to "rescue" the "survivor" and proceed to the "first aid tent". The first team to reach it wins Immunity.
Winner: Tagi
Information (Pagong): Alice and Eli both perform well in the challenge, leading the tribe by themselves. Julia, Mandy and Razzy perform averagely, not moving very quickly through the course. Uri performs poorly, unable to lead the tribe well, causing his strategy to fail the the tribe to lose.
Information (Tagi): Ben, Danni, Larry, Olivia and Teddy all perform well as a group, leading the tribe to an easy win. Ola performs averagely, clearly the slowest member, but manages to go fast enough so the tribe can steer ahead of the disastrous Pagong tribe.

Immunity Challenge: Rescue Mission
Result Tribe Rescued Rescuers Leader
Won Tagi Sarah Borneo
Ben BorneoLarry BorneoOla BorneoOlivia BorneoTeddy Borneo
Ben, Larry, Ola, Olivia & Teddy
Danni Borneo
Lost Pagong Tia Borneo
Alice BorneoEli BorneoJulia BorneoMandy BorneoRazzy Borneo
Alice, Eli, Julia, Mandy & Razzy
Uri Borneo


Pagong return to camp after their fourth consecutive loss, and their second immunity loss. The tribe stand as a group on the beach, all wondering what to say before tribal.

Quote1Good job Alice and Eli, y'all killed it today.Quote2- Tia
Quote1Yeah good job guys.Quote2- Mandy
Quote1Thanks...Quote2- Eli
Quote1Thank you.Quote2- Alice
Quote1This sucks, we've lost so much.Quote2- Julia
Quote1And what's even more surprising is you do nothing at camp Julia yet you still manage to suck in challenges.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Wow really impressive Razzy, discretely call me out. I definitely lost this for us today.Quote2- Julia
Quote1You contributed to the loss, as did I, but at least I work around camp. Work like I'm gonna do now, excuse me. (walks away)Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Oh go burn some rice you untalented leech.Quote2- Julia
Razzy and Julia once again clashed today. It's getting to the point where one of them needs to go just so we can have silence. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that Julia needs to be that one to go.


This argument broke out as soon as we get back to camp, I don't know what to do so I just stand there quietly, lookin' at Alice like 'this is good'. I just hope now this mess can result in someone going home, as long as it aint me or Alice I'm happy. We gone try our best to take out Mandy. But thinkin' about it we could easily get Julia to vote for Razzy, but the problem is Tia wouldn't do that. It's hard for us to work out who we want to go, because it needs to be Razzy or Mandy in order for us to keep some sort of stable situation where Uri doesn't own everyones vote.


On the beach, Alice and Tia are speaking about the vote, with Alice pushing for Mandy's elimination, but Tia seems against the idea, unsure as what to do.

Quote1So can it be Mandy? Are you in?Quote2- Alice
Quote1I don't know...Quote2- Tia
Quote1You don't know?Quote2- Alice
Quote1I don't know seriously. It's hard. I don't want to flip on my group you know.Quote2- Tia
Quote1Right.Quote2- Alice
Quote1It might just have to be Eli tonight, but from tomorrow I can easily find a way to bring you in.Quote2- Tia
Quote1Are you sure there isn't anything you can do to save him?Quote2- Alice

Alice returns to the shelter, sitting with Eli, knowing that she has done everything she could to save her friend.

Quote1So is it good still?Quote2- Eli
Quote1She said she doesn't know.Quote2- Alice
Quote1What? So its me?Quote2- Eli
Quote1She doesn't know, but it's out of our hands. All we can do is hope that she pulls through. I'll make sure to speak with Julia again, get her on board.Quote2- Alice
I've done all I can now. I just need to hope Tia pulls through and votes for Mandy. If not then I guess Eli will be gone and it's me and myself tomorrow.


Down the beach, Uri gathers Mandy, Razzy and Tia together to discuss the vote. Their different opinions soon come out in the open, revealing the group isn't as united as they hoped.

Quote1So we all still good on Eli?Quote2- Uri
Quote1Nope, Julia.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Julia!?Quote2- Uri
Quote1Yep, that girl is so awful. I want her ass gone YESTERDAY.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1I want Julia gone for the sake of silence, but we need to think logically, Eli is a big threat out here. With him gone the tribe is ours and this game comes with it.Quote2- Mandy
Quote1Exactly, Razzy listen to Mandy and understand what I... what we all want.Quote2- Uri
Quote1Fine whatever... I aint promising silence, and you best make sure she stays the hell away from me.Quote2- Razzy
Quote1Wait guys... couldn't we just keep Eli? We're losing challenges like there is no tomorrow and I don't wanna lose no more. He was one of the only people workin' hard today. I mean Uri you sucked out there, no offense but you blew it! But if theres one person who doesn't help at all its Julia! We don't need her! I speak with Alice and she likes me she trusts me! If we can get her on board who cares about Eli, he is easy pickings.Quote2- Tia
Quote1Tia honey your argument is just invalid, I mean if anyone is easy pickings its Julia.Quote2- Mandy

The group finish their discussion, with Tia doing her best to help out Alice, knowing that without her and Eli she could be the next on Uri's hit list. As the conversation comes to a close, Tia is unsure where her groups votes and her own lies.

So we're going off to tribal and I still don't know where things are going. I tried my best to sway things off of Eli but I don't know if it's workin'. If I don't think it will then he's going home. I still have the option of taking out Mandy who proved that she wont listen to me in any situation, she really doesn't have that bond with me and I don't feel like I'm doing wrong by voting her out. I'll go off the vibe at tribal, if I feel things are going one way, I'll go with it.


At tribal council the tribe once again discuss the issue of laziness, with Julia stating she isn't worried despite Eric being voted out for his lack of effort. Julia admits she honestly doesn't care about staying in the game, as it isn't the adventure she hoped for. Razzy acts disgusted by Julia's claims, stating he would shed blood in order to stay around, as he is playing for personal reasons and Julia should just step down because the money would mean a lot to most individuals in the game. Julia then responds by stating that the only reason she'd want to win is so "Razzy cant". Before an argument breaks out Tia diffuses the situation, stating that things are complex in the tribe due to isolation, laziness and a blurriness on loyalty, but that after this vote things will be much clearer. As the votes come in Julia proves herself to be a lone soldier, sending her vote to Razzy. Eli and Alice are disappointed to see Tia didn't join them in voting for Mandy, leaving them once again in the minority. However, Tia's influence over Uri, Razzy and Mandy clearly appears to be successful, with the four of them sending their votes to Julia, who leaves the game in a 4-2-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Julia Borneo
Julia (4 votes)
Mandy BorneoRazzy BorneoTia BorneoUri Borneo
Mandy, Razzy, Tia & Uri
Mandy Borneo
Mandy (2 votes)
Alice BorneoEli Borneo
Alice & Eli
Razzy Borneo
Razzy (1 vote)
Julia Borneo
Julia Borneo Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Sorry Mandy but you're close with Uri and I aim to weaken him somehow. Nothing personal.


Mandy, you don't really do much to certain people, good or bad. Sadly it's worked against you because it's the reason you're getting votes tonight.


You are probably the most irritating and pathetic person out here. I thought you were funny for like one hour then the gimmick wore off. You say you'd love to go into TV work, hopefully it's for naïve children or brain dead vegetables. If I go tonight it'll be a blessing to never see you again.


I personally didn't want to vote you out but my friends do, so I'll go with them.


I hope you go home in tears, I hope you go home regretting everything about this experience. You called me a leech? Pot kettle black my friend.


Sorry Julia but I need to save Alice and Eli. Your demise is necessary. I hope you enjoyed your time out here and get some sleep in a proper bed, it's what you need.


I want Eli gone so badly but for some reason I'm writing your name down. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the a**. If it does, I'm sorry Julia, this shouldn't have happened.


Final Words

I'm quite happy that I don't have to live with the annoyance that is Razzy and Eli any longer. Both of them are worse then an illness. I don't really wish any of my tribe luck considering they were all pretty annoying, so I hope the other tribe take them out.


Still In The Running

Alice Borneo
Eli Borneo
Eric Borneo Eliminated
Julia Borneo Eliminated
Mandy Borneo
Razzy Borneo
Tia Borneo
Uri Borneo
Andrew Borneo Eliminated
Ben Borneo
Danni Borneo
Larry Borneo
Ola Borneo
Olivia Borneo
Sarah Borneo
Teddy Borneo