"Bring the Regime to its Knees"
Thailand Ep 6
Season Survivor: Thailand
Episode Number 6/13 (058)
First Broadcast December 20, 2017
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Bring the Regime to its Knees is the sixth episode of Survivor: Thailand.


Day 15 (Night)

The final six members of Sook Jai walk back into camp, with certain members ready to butt heads over the biggest blindside of the game so far. Rick and Phillip both act smug, somewhat laughing whilst they talk over the events of the night, rubbing salt in the wound for the two girls and Ricardo.

Tonight we had the best tribal council of this game... I couldn't have asked for a better result, and I think we executed the plan perfectly. Melissa is gone, and the three who voted myself and Rick know that they're in trouble.


Quote1What the hell was that?Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1... Were we all being lied to...?Quote2- Karen
Quote1Pretty much.Quote2- Phillip
Quote1No... really... Estan. What the HELL was that?Quote2- Ricardo

Ricardo walks up to Estan, somewhat squaring up to his face as he demands answers, feeling completely betrayed by Estan after he took part in the vote against Melissa. A big argument breaks out between a majority of the tribe, with Rick pushing himself between Estan and Ricardo, trying to make out that Ricardo is getting "physically aggressive". Karen places herself in front of Ricardo, trying to usher him away from the three men, claiming they're trying to provoke him.

Quote1You're sum. You're complete scum...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1Ok, I'm sorry you feel that way buddy.Quote2- Estan
Quote1Oh I'm not your buddy... I couldn't give a rats ass about you now. Lying piece of s**t.Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1Like you tried lying to the girls? Like you lied to Rick and Phil? Save the tears and the heroic act for someone else...Quote2- Estan
The vote went exactly as planned. Melissa is gone and it was entirely down to me. I expected Ricardo to be sad, but I didn't expect him to act like a little bitch screaming in my face like a madman. He's awful at this game, and he thinks because he's some stereotypical old queer that we're all suppose to love him ... well you're all alone now my friend. He's lost both his close friends... and all he's got now are the two girls who he lied to at the last vote... He's finished in this game. He's the next to go.


Karen and Ricardo speak in Spanish to one another, wanting to keep their conversation private as she attempts to calm him down. Ricardo becomes more and more emotional as the conversation goes on, with his anger transpiring into a stream of tears down his face. Rick decides to provoke the pair by demanding that they speak in English, telling them to be brave enough so that the others can all understand them. Karen responds by shouting Rick down, telling him to walk away before things get any worse between them.

This game... it's too much. I get attached to people, I trust them, I form friendships... and it is used against me. We allowed Estan to fool us, and we could've just voted smart and worked with Kanda and Karen... now Melissa is gone and I'm without anyone really by my side. I like both the girls, but I understand how they'll doubt my word after this... and the other three... they're like three devils. What scares me is how angry they got me tonight. I felt... out of control at some points, and I don't want anyone to ever put me in that frame of mine... no matter how awful they are. Let them vote me out, I don't care. But I can't ever let them sink me to that level again. I won't allow it.


Day 16

Chuay Gahn

Chuay Gahn have a lazy morning, struggling due to the lack of food going around the camp. Aaron and Julius fail at collecting any fish in the morning, leaving the group cutting down to one half meal a day, leaving them struggling to function around camp.

Quote1My hunger is bad today...Quote2- Rachel
Quote1Mine too. I just feel dizzy whenever I try and stand.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Save our energy for the challenge... It'll do us good to win a reward.Quote2- Vince
You don't realise how tough things will be out here until you experience it first hand. We're all having a tough time with the food situation right now. We have the net... and lately we've not been catching much. The repeated clam, snail or coconut meal just isn't doing us any good. It feels like all the knowledge and good stuff is over on Sook Jai... and I just pray these next few days go faster so that we can merge before we starve to death.


Julius and Aaron return with some picked clams for the group, apologising for the lack of fish. The tribe each eat a small clam, drinking the remainder of their water in order to be as prepared as they possibly can for the reward challenge.

We've got to win today. It'll boost our physical and mental strength, and being in the position that I am we've got to avoid tribal council at all costs... If we win today our chances of winning the immunity will be even better. A lot of us are suspecting that it'll be the last challenge before we merge... which means if we win... I should have a chance at fixing my game.


Sook Jai

Ricardo and Karen lay together in the shelter, deciding to sleep in rather than to deal with the rest of the tribe. Estan and Kanda sit on the edge, watching as Rick and Phillip take a chicken from the crate, breaking its neck and then plucking its feathers, getting ready to boil it for the tribe to eat.

Now that me and the other guys are goin' to have more power round the tribe... we're gonna do what we want, when we want. Yesterday they stopped us eatin' one of the chickens, and today when we woke up I said to Phillip... let's just do it. He agreed, Estan said yes... Kanda sat there and didn't say nothin'... so we took that as a majority sayin' yes. Ricardo and Karen sat in the shelter not wantin' to get involved, so we just cut their bits of meat and put it to the side. If they wanna starve... let em'.


After the chicken has cooked, the three men and a reluctant Kanda begin eating, leaving two bowls of meat to the side for Ricardo and Karen.

Quote1Mmmmm mmmm. Damn its good.Quote2- Rick
Quote1Best chicken I ever tasted...Quote2- Phillip
Quote1I swear to God. Ain't never goin' this long without proper meat again.Quote2- Rick
The current dynamics of the tribe are pretty divided. We've got myself, Phillip and Rick on one side, with Ricardo and Karen on the other. Kanda has somehow ended up in the middle, and I think she's someone who wants to just skate through this game without causing too much impact. Having her sit and eat with us was an indication to me that she doesn't want to leave a three-three divide, but rather jump over and save her own skin. It's a smart move for her... I mean I'd call it cowardice... but I'm not complaining if it benefits me.


Not wanting to leave Ricardo and Karen sleeping whilst the group eat, Kanda takes the pair each a bowl of chicken, managing to encourage them to eat, telling them to keep going despite their disappointment with recent events.

After the last vote, it feels almost as though we've had this coup in our tribe, and we went from having a laughable 'leader' in Phillip, to this dictatorship run by Estan with his two goons... even Castro would look at their wannabe regime and say it's unstable and crazy. They're now cooking food without consulting the rest of us... thinking that they run this whole game because of one successful vote. The reality check they deserve is that they're only three people in a tribe of six... if we can find out the rules of a tie, I don't think the boys are going to stand much of a chance. I fled to America to escape one lunatic... this time there's no fleeing, and I'll do whatever I have to to bring the regime to its knees.



Challenge: Wicker Flicker
Each tribe would have select a person to be a ball launcher, while the others were situated at four different stations spread out along the beach. Using giant wicker baskets attached to poles, the Survivors would have to catch balls from their own launcher while trying to keep opposing tribe members from catching balls lobbed from their own launcher. First tribe to have caught five of their balls would win.
Reward: An authentic Thai feast
Winner: Chuay Gahn

Reward Challenge Wicker Flicker
Result Tribe Competitors Sit Outs
Won Chuay Gahn Aaron ThailandJulius ThailandRachel ThailandSalma ThailandVince Thailand
Aaron, Julius, Rachel, Salma, Vince
Lost Sook Jai Estan ThailandKanda ThailandPhillip ThailandRicardo ThailandRick Thailand
Estan, Kanda, Phillip, Ricardo, Rick
Karen Thailand

Chuay Gahn arrive to the location of their reward, seeing a table laid out with a variety of Thai dishes. The group hurry over to the table and immediately begin eating, wasting no time getting started on their first substantial meal in days.

Quote1My God... try this y'all.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Pass me some of that...Quote2- Vince
Quote1We needed this. I'm actually gonna pass out how good this is...Quote2- Aaron
When we got to reward there was this huge spread laid out for us, with all these different dishes. Pork, shrimp, chicken... everything we could've hoped for was by some means on that table.


The group spend time talking whilst they eat, laughing and getting along well for the first time in several days. As the group eat, several men approach and begin playing Thai instruments, whilst a group of women perform a traditional Thai dance routine. The group attempt to multi-task, wanting to both enjoy the performance and the food.

Any break from the game is always welcome... and today's reward gave us just that. We've had a pretty rough time since our last tribal council, so the food and entertainment gave us a chance to bond as five individuals... rather than five players in this game.


Day 17

Chuay Gahn

The tribe separate to take part in their daily chores, feeling refreshed after their reward the previous day. Vince and Rachel go off to collect the tribes water, leaving the other three to work around the camp. Whilst cutting open coconuts, Salma considers the tribes current dynamics, speaking about her thoughts with Julius and Aaron.

Right now our tribe is in the best place its been in since we lost Gypsy. Things were awkward, particularly between myself, Aaron and Rachel due to the circumstances that led us to this place in time. Rachel hasn't really done anything wrong this game. She's likeable, she works hard and she's very honest and loyal... she's the best person on our tribe. But if we lose, I can't see a way she gets out of the firing line, and I'm in no position to swing my loyalty again. I want us to win for her in some ways... because she deserves to reach the merge. I'm trying to remember that there is a danger of her swapping allegiances... but I think I'd feel like too much of a bitch if I've played a role in ending Rachel's time here.


Quote1I don't want to lose... tomorrow.Quote2- Salma
Quote1Do you ever want to lose?Quote2- Julius
Quote1No, but you know... when we had West... Harper... even Gypsy for some of us... there was someone there who was obviously a target. How it is now I don't want to see any of us go. None of us deserve to leave...Quote2- Salma
Quote1No, but... it's just how the game goes.Quote2- Julius
Quote1I mean it'll be Rachel if we lose again.Quote2- Aaron
Quote1Yeah, it's tough because she's so young... and I do have this protective relationship with her still. I don't know how I'll be able to do it...Quote2- Salma
When we were talking in the caves today, I did become slightly concerned about Salma's comments. She essentially revealed to us that she struggles with the idea of voting out Rachel. It could simply mean that she's going to find it tough but will go through with it, but there's still the worry that she might struggle to do it... so she'll be voting for one of the rest of us. I think of all the relationships Salma has formed out here, hers with Rachel is on a different level to the rest of us. It's very much a mother-daughter... or grandmother-granddaughter as she puts it. That'll impact dramatically what she decides to do, and we've seen before how persuasive Salma can be when she wants to change the course of this game. It has made me consider the possibility that over the next day, if we do end up losing... that I may need to look into an alternative vote, and maybe one that see's Salma the next to go.


Vince and Rachel reach the island of the water source, heading up through the jungle until they reach it and begin filling up the tribes canteens. The pair head back towards the boat, taking a break on the beach before making the return journey.

Quote1So uh, I've been meaning to ask if you've considered any further what we talked about?Quote2- Rachel
Quote1I was meaning to bring it up to you... It's tough because I'm just one vote, and to get a majority at this stage you'd need at least two to join you. But, because of where we're at and how close to the merge we are... I'd rather make the next vote unanimous, if it comes to us attending tribal.Quote2- Vince
Quote1And you don't see there being any unity unless I'm the target?Quote2- Rachel
Quote1In a sense.Quote2- Vince
Quote1I think if you and Julius made a call, you could easily sway Salma or Aaron over to your side... it would hand you guys the power to call the shots at that point.Quote2- Rachel
Quote1Do you have any preference... between voting Sal or Aaron?Quote2- Vince
Quote1Whoever you guys would be more comfortable voting. I don't get the luxury of choice (laughs)... it's entirely your decision and I'll go along with it.Quote2- Rachel
My pitch to Vince is trying to somewhat massage his ego. I don't think he's an arrogant guy or anything, but I know he'll love the chance to finally have some power after his poor start on this tribe. If I can convince him that he'll be able to get Julius and whoever else to target one of Aaron or Salma... I think I'm in with a chance of staying. It is a good potential plan for him, because if he and Julius can do this for me I'm going to stick by them... if not then I go home and they've got the uncertain wavering loyalty of Aaron and Salma to deal with.


Sook Jai

Phillip and Rick both head off in order to collect the tribes water, with Kanda volunteering to collect clams from the shallow water. Estan follows Kanda, wanted to spend time around her in order to eventually sway her over to his side of the tribe in order to get a majority of the votes. Karen and Ricardo are left sitting by the shelter, watching the two remaining chickens.

Quote1I'm half tempted to let them go...Quote2- Karen
Quote1Same, but... as much as I want to make things difficult for those boys, I don't want to do something that will negatively impact Kanda.Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1I don't think she'll care...Quote2- Karen
Quote1We don't need them getting any ammunition to try and get her against us...Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1She won't ever go against us. She can't stand them...Quote2- Karen
Quote1I'm not so sure. I think she would rather play with us, but she's out here for herself... we all are, I understand she wants to protect her own game.Quote2- Ricardo
Ricardo is getting paranoid that Kanda may decide to vote with the guys if we lose again. I disagree. She and I have grown quite close over the last few days, and I think being the kind of person that she is, she's not going to put her morals on the backseat just to advance further. I could be wrong, but I usually get a gut feeling on someone and it's not turned out to be wrong... at least not yet. I mean I disliked Rick the first moment I met him, and clearly... well clearly my gut feeling was ahead of its time.


Quote1What can we do... Whilst they're gone I want to f**k with them.Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1You're becoming so crabby... I love it (laughs)Quote2- Karen
Quote1Shall we take the wine?Quote2- Ricardo
Quote1And drink it?! It's three bottles!Quote2- Karen
Quote1No, not drink it. We can just hide it. Then we can sneak off and drink it whenever we want. Like a private party... no a******s allowed.Quote2- Ricardo
People might think I'm being petty. I probably am. But if the boys want to eat chickens and take whatever they want thinking it belongs to them, then I'll play that game too. I've hidden the wine with Karen, and we'll save it for the two of us and Kanda... we can have a bottle each and celebrate. Kanda's birthday is in a few days... we can party like we're back in Miami right here in Thailand. Rick, Phillip and Estan can then enjoy their own alone time in the shelter... Rick can sleep, because that's all he likes doing. Phillip can talk about himself... and Estan can erect a golden statue of himself in Sook Jai centre to commemorate his eternal glorious leadership (laughs).


Ricardo and Karen start gathering the wine bottles, laughing as they try to sneak them out of the camp. The pair run down the beach, hiding the three bottles in a small crevice, agreeing to go back and get them later on when they want to "enjoy themselves". Kanda and Estan see the pair walking off in the distance, but are unable to see the wine bottles in their hands.

Quote1Where the hell are they off to?Quote2- Estan
Quote1Je ne sais pas...Quote2- Kanda
I'm trying to stick myself to Kanda, because I know that she's the one vote that matters come next tribal council. As bold as my move was for my game, I can't risk losing too many numbers to Ricardo... Karen has firmly aligned herself with him, and seems to have forgotten all about his lies that he told her about... two days ago. Kanda is someone with more brains than Karen... and she's being very hesitant to spend too much time with anyone since Melissa left. Personally, I'm confident that I can bring her over...


Estan continues pitching his plans to Kanda, who seems non-responsive, clearly fed up with being pestered about the next vote. She generally replies with "mmhm", to show that she is listening, whilst also requiring minimal effort in doing so.

I don't like Estan's continuous need to speak to me about the vote now that I'm important to him. I've not been relevant to his game for the first fifteen days, but as soon as he needs me he wants to be my best friend. I don't know if he thinks I'm stupid... but... it's all so fake. He's the most contrived person I've met, and if he talks to me again about the vote before we've even lost an immunity challenge... I might just ask him how exactly to spell "Estan".



The group head over to the challenge, with it occurring in the late afternoon of Day 17, rather than the following morning. Chuay Gahn hope to avoid the vote due to the calm atmosphere the tribe has found itself experiencing over the past few days, whilst Sook Jai remain split, somewhat wanting to go to tribal council to determine which side will come out on top, but also worrying that such a result will confirm their places in a minority of the tribe, or see them voted out just before the expected merge.

We think this will be the last challenge before the individual portion of the game begins, and I don't think any of us want to lose for the fact we genuinely all like each other... and losing means we're down two people at the merge. The main reason for voting out Gypsy was to make our tribe stronger, and so far it has seemingly worked out for us... I just hope we can pull off a third straight win, because all our games are riding on this.


I want to succeed as a tribe, and I want to win. I don't like losing. But, you know today we're all thinking lets see this split come to an end. I've spoken to Estan, and he's confident that Kanda will join us in voting out Ricardo... so if we lose today it could be for the best again. It's somewhat safer than taking someone like Ricardo to the merge where he'll undoubtedly jump over to Chuay Gahn.


Challenge: Thai 21
There were 21 flags placed in a circle. Alternating turns, the tribes were allowed to gather one, two, or three flags at a time. The goal was to be the tribe to get the last remaining flag. The tribe to get that flag would win immunity.
Winner: Sook Jai
Information: Foor Sook Jai, Rick once again proves incapable of participating well in mental challenges, whilst Estan also takes somewhat of a back seat. Alternatively, Kanda, Karen and Ricardo work well, keeping the right number of flags taken each time in order to get the group to a strong position. For Chuay Gahn, Salma, Vince and Aaron make good suggestions, whilst Rachel and Julius count incorrectly when collecting the flags, making a suggestion that ultimately costs the tribe immunity.

Immunity Challenge Thai 21
Result Tribe Competitors Sit Outs
Won Sook Jai Estan ThailandKanda ThailandKaren ThailandRicardo ThailandRick Thailand
Estan, Kanda, Karen, Ricardo, Rick
Phillip Thailand
Lost Chuay Gahn Aaron ThailandJulius ThailandRachel ThailandSalma ThailandVince Thailand
Aaron, Julius, Rachel, Salma, Vince

Day 18

Chuay Gahn

Rachel wakes up early sitting alone on the beach, having failed to get the opportunity to speak to anyone the night before after the tribe arrived back late from the immunity challenge.

Knowing today could be my last day out here is pretty rough. I decided to get up early and just take some time alone to watch the sunrise... I don't want to forget my time out here, and its moments like this that I'll take with me, rather than sitting around planning votes with people who I might not even see again once my torch goes out. I'm not giving up. By no means am I giving up... but I decided today whilst I was sat there that I'm going to give my argument in a calm manner, and let what will be go on... because no matter how hard I push today it's not in my control... and I've always said I'm not going to let this game change me. I've got to stay true to myself...


Salma is the next to arise, coming down the beach to join Rachel. She sits beside her former close friend, talking about the beauty of their beach and the sunrise. The conversation eventually slips onto the topic of the looming tribal council, which Salma apologises to Rachel about, claiming she wishes the situation was different. Rachel understands this is Salma preparing her for the supposed fact that she will be voted out in a matter of hours, 'confirming' that this is in fact her final day in the game.

I want to be straight up with Rachel. One thing I've been criticised for in this game is my inability to be completely straight up before I get to tribal council, which understandably has made quite a few people view me as untrustworthy. I don't want the same to be done to Rachel, and I think we should respect her honesty and loyal characteristics by emulating the same honesty surrounding the vote tonight... she will be going home. So let her know this, and prepare herself.


Quote1Even though I know what the result will be... I'm not going to write your name down.Quote2- Salma
Quote1You're not?Quote2- Rachel
Quote1No... I... I know it isn't much, but I just don't think I can bring myself to do it to you.Quote2- Salma
Quote1... Thanks?Quote2- Rachel

The pair sit alone for another hour, talking about their time in the game, voicing regrets about how lots of the initial plans went awry. After some time, the rest of the group wake up, joining one another on the beach to relax in the day, all seemingly displaying the same sense of certainty about the upcoming tribal council.

I was prepared tonight to turn the vote on Salma if I had to, but today the mood seems to be quite calm. I don't think anything is going on, and that we can just relax and stick to voting Rachel, keeping the rest of us as a strong four. Unless I'm given a legitimate reason to be worried... I won't need to think any further about the vote tonight.


The group spend most of their time talking and sharing stories, with very little strategy talk going on, somewhat to the annoyance of Rachel, who although is accepting of her fate, wants a chance to try and stay in the game. Eventually an opportunity offers itself to Rachel, after Salma and Aaron tend to a cut on Julius' foot over in the cave, leaving Vince and Rachel on the beach.

Quote1Could be my last chance to speak with you...Quote2- Rachel
Quote1At this point... there's really nothing I can see that could be done.Quote2- Vince
Quote1You know Salma isn't voting for me?Quote2- Rachel
Quote1She isn't?Quote2- Vince
Quote1Nope, she said she'll vote for one of you guys instead... that she'd rather be responsible for one of you guys leaving than be apart of my demise (laughs)Quote2- Rachel
Quote1Well that's... interesting. Did she say which of us she'd vote?Quote2- Vince
Quote1Any of you... I don't think it mattered to her. I'm not sure if she was going to give me a name now or later...Quote2- Rachel
In this game you're never sure what is something to be noted and afraid of, and what is just a harmless fact not to be paranoid over. Salma's rogue vote is concerning for multiple reasons. Firstly, it does break up the unity we need moving forward as a four... and secondly, she's basically telling us that she'd rather one of the four is easier to get rid of... than the person who we are meant to vote out. So, I don't know if Salma is as strong in our group as we thought she was... and maybe this is something that needs to be looked at before any of us fully commit to taking out Rachel. As Rachel had said yesterday... she's looking for a new group to be loyal to... Salma supposedly has one, but never seems to be able to stick with one!


Later on in the day, Vince approaches Julius with Aaron off to the side. Vince tells Julius about Rachel's information on Salma, admitting that it worries him for the future of their game.

Quote1Can we really rely on her?Quote2- Vince
Quote1(sigh) ... I don't know. Let's just vote her tonight because we've got Aaron too... it's enough and we can be a cohesive unit once its done.Quote2- Julius
Quote1You sure?Quote2- Vince
Quote1I think we have to be in the next five minutes or else this is all falling apart.Quote2- Julius
We've lost our chance at a majority at the merge, and that could mean our chances of winning are already over... but we can at least give ourselves the best chance by keeping the strongest four as a unit together for the merge. If we go in with anyone not committed ... then we may as well lose two people tonight.


The Chuay Gahn five reach tribal council, talking about Rachel's position as an outsider. Rachel talks about her argument to keep her in the game, without naming anyone specific as being "a potential loose cannon". The group note that although Gypsy's elimination caused division, it may have ultimately helped the tribe grow stronger, feeling as though they could've won any other type of immunity challenge had they not made "a small miscalculation". Most of tribal council is then used to speak about everyone's concerns towards merging, feeling that a 6-4 disadvantage will make it difficult if Sook Jai are a united group. However, the tribe universally agree that giving up isn't an option, and that they'll fight until the last person remains. Jeff compliments the tribes turned around attitude from their last tribal council, suggesting it shows a strength in character that the group went from a tied vote to a group of five, all of whom seem to get along. When the vote commences, the group each write their name with a sense of sadness in their eyes, giving one another half smiles as Jeff returns with the urn.

Quote1First vote... Rachel.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Salma.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Third vote... Aaron. That's one vote Aaron, one vote Rachel, one vote Salma.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Rachel. That's two votes Rachel, one vote Aaron, one vote Salma. One vote left...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Final vote... Sixth person voted out of Survivor Thailand... Rachel, you'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Rachel nods and wipes tears from her facing, laughing and giving the tribe a group hug, wishing them all luck for the future of the game. Salma also breaks down, feeling responsible for the destruction of her original 'alliance'. Before leaving, Rachel turns to the tribe, telling them to "go get 'em", wanting Chuay Gahn to overcome the odds and defeat the majority of Sook Jai at the expected upcoming merge.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Chuay Gahn
Rachel Thailand
Rachel (3 votes)
Aaron ThailandJulius ThailandVince Thailand
Aaron, Julius & Vince
Aaron Thailand
Aaron (1 vote)
Salma Thailand
Salma Thailand
Salma (1 vote)
Rachel Thailand
Rachel Thailand Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Still In The Running

Chuay Gahn
Aaron Thailand
Gypsy Thailand Eliminated
Harper Thailand Eliminated
Julius Thailand
Rachel Thailand Eliminated
Salma Thailand
Vince Thailand
West Thailand Eliminated
Sook Jai
Estan Thailand
Joan Thailand Eliminated
Kanda Thailand
Karen Thailand
Melissa Thailand Eliminated
Phillip Thailand
Ricardo Thailand
Rick Thailand