Tribe Profile
Season Africa
Namesake Tribe of people in Kenya.
Tribe Type Starter tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s)      Samburu
Tribe Status Merged with Samburu on Day 20
Challenges Won 8
Lowest Placing Member Neville (14/16)
Highest Placing Member Abbas (Winner)

Boran was a tribe from Survivor: Africa. The tribe wears yellow.
The tribe worked together well, with the only individual annoying the entire tribe being Neville. Through the leadership of Soledad the tribe managed to dominate the challenges pre-merge, losing only one of six immunity challenges. After the swap, Phillis took control of the tribe, making a deal with the three new players from Samburu. On day 20 the Boran tribe merged with Samburu to create the Moto Maji tribe.


Abbas AfricaDon AfricaKris AfricaMarsha Africa
Mary AfricaNeville AfricaPhillis AfricaSoledad Africa

Abbas, a yoga instructor
Don, a semi-retired lawyer
Kris, a model/surfer
Marsha, an accountant
Mary, a spiritualist
Neville, a nut factory owner
Phillis, a physicist
Soledad, a barrister

Post-Swap Memebers

Abbas AfricaDavid AfricaDon AfricaIngrid Africa
Luigino AfricaMarsha AfricaPhillis Africa

Abbas, a yoga instructor
David, a med-school student
Don, a semi-retired lawyer
Ingrid, a retired grandmother
Luigino, a chef
Marsha, an accountant
Phillis, a physicist

Tribe History

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