"Allies Today, Enemies Tomorrow"
Marquesas Ep 8
Season Survivor: Marquesas
Episode Number 8/13 (047)
First Broadcast December 18, 2016
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Allies Today, Enemies Tomorrow is the eighth episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Day 21 (Night)

The final nine return to camp having all just guaranteed themselves a spot at the final tribal council, either as a jury member or as one of the final two. The three Maraamu girls seem in high spirits, glad to have blindsided Randy from the game. Duana remains somewhat cautious to show to much celebration, knowing that her old tribe members feel betrayed by her change of allegiance.

Quote1Well that was a big vote... good job guys on all making it past.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Yeah, for a second I thought it was me. I guess some people decided to try and shake things up...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1You can say that again... Good job guys, you played it better than we did.Quote2- William
Tonight was a bad result for my alliance, and it came to our attention that Duana has shifted her loyalties since the tribe swap. Myself, James and Tish have ended up on the wrong side of the numbers, and there are too many reasons as to why it went wrong... both Ryan and Ibrahim didn't pull through like we had hoped, and Randy proved to be too much of a loose cannon. I feel most betrayed by Duana though, and I thought she'd maybe come around to our side after we spoke before the vote... I don't think she's going to stand a chance of making the end with these girls on her side.


Ryan sits quietly by the fire, looking down at the flames as he contemplates his failed move to blindside Daisy from the game, knowing that his closest friend Ibrahim didn't go along with the plan.

Well uh, that didn't go as planned. Ibrahim decided to go against my plan and voted with the girls, and really just left me in the dark about the whole thing. I wouldn't have minded had he just filled me in and then I wouldn't look like a rat in the eyes of my old tribe mates. The worst outcome of all of this is that myself and the three Rotu members are picked off for being the new minority... the best outcome is that Ibrahim comes back to our side now he's done his duty by voting out Randy... who really was awful to him. If Ibrahim comes back to us then we can be the new majority of five, and pick off the stronger girls. I just need to speak with Ibrahim tomorrow and hope he hasn't totally become Lotus' pushover buddy.


Day 22

The majority of the tribe awaken early, having been unable to sleep due to the strong winds sweeping through the camp. Tish sits crouched under the shelter, trying to shield herself from the sand and twigs being blown towards them.

This mornin' was hell. We woke up to damn twigs flying around the camp and sand hitting me up in my face. The only plus side to all of this was it made me forget how bad last nights tribal council went, because I was too worried about my weave being blown off my scalp.


James, Ashley and Duana begin to put up material in order to create a protective shield around the shelter, so that those inside may be free from the flying debris. After a further hour of poor weather, the violent wind eventually passes, giving the remaining nine a chance to get on with their daily chores. Daisy and James are selected to go off and collect crabs for the group, giving the ex-ambassadors a chance to discuss their feelings on the previous tribal.

Last tribal council we really drew a line in the sand as to how the different sides and alliances would play out for the rest of this game. Unfortunately for me... I've ended up on the wrong side of the numbers, because both Duana and Ibrahim decided to play with the girls. What's even worse is that myself and Daisy made a mutual agreement to help each other for the early stages of the merge, and rather than utilize that I screwed her in the biggest way possible... by writing her name down. Granted I wanted to vote for someone else, but we had to appease Ryan and Ibrahim... which didn't even appease them because only Ryan went with us. Ugh, I need to do a lot of damage control with Daisy today because if somehow I keep screwing up, I'll rightfully be the next out of the game.


Quote1So, I take it you weren't the lone vote for Duana last night...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1You want to know why I voted you...Quote2- James
Quote1Well I'm glad you're so eager to talk about it. What happened to us watching out for each other?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Last night was a mess. I mean, truthfully I wanted to vote Ashley. But I couldn't because we needed to get the others on board...Quote2- James
Quote1What does that mean?Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Well Ryan and Ibrahim both talked with us guys from Rotu... and they said they'd happily vote with us, but only if you were the vote.Quote2- James
Quote1What?! Why me (she laughs)Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Well lets be honest... compared to you Ashley isn't exactly the smart vote.Quote2- James
I feel pretty betrayed by James after the last vote, as I did honestly think the two of us would look out for each other. I mean when it came to me and the girls deciding who we wanted to vote... I pushed for Tish rather than James, and I was going to try and keep him around as long as possible so that when it comes time to turn on our own that I'd have him on my side. His word doesn't really mean too much anymore... but it was interesting to find out that Ryan and Ibrahim were the ones forcing the vote my way.


Quote1Well, I'll be honest I cant guarantee much help coming your way from me right now...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1... Yeah, I get that. I'm just surprised you guys are going to be comfortable keeping people around you who already proved they're quick to turn on people...Quote2- James
Quote1That's rich coming from you (she laughs)Quote2- Daisy

The two head back to camp, clearly still getting on well personally, but both aware that strategically they don't trust one another. Over by tree mail, Ibrahim and Lotus sit and talk whilst collecting information on the groups first individual reward challenge. Lotus thanks Ibrahim for voting with the girls, knowing that his vote flipped the balance in their favour.

Quote1I'll admit I was worried. I mean I thought maybe you'd try and get a bit of vengeance on us for the Hillary vote.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1No, you don't have to worry about that. It wasn't much of a choice when Randy's head was on the chopping block. No way I was keeping that bigot around or give him the chance to outlast me.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Well you made the right choice, and I honestly love that you and I are back in this thing together... The girls didn't think I'd be able to pull you back over, but I'm glad they can eat their words now.Quote2- Lotus
Voting out Randy was more for my own personal game than anything else. I needed to remove one of the demons who was going to constantly send aggression my way. Lotus is convinced that I'm back with her, and what concerns me is that she'll take credit for my vote last night because she feels she's the one who convinced me to vote either way. The girls need to realize that they all screwed me earlier on, and that means I'm at the bottom of their little group. I need to rebuild bridges with Ryan and the guys on Rotu, but I'm sure with a little ground work we can see big changes in the group after the next tribal council...


The pair return to camp with material for the first individual reward challenge, in which the final nine must make their own kites, with the first contestant able to unspool the line of their kite winning said reward. The group all sit together and begin putting together their kites, finding the process quite tedious after twenty-two days without proper nutrition.

When you've been starving for twenty odd days your mind just stops seeing things logically. Every small action becomes a huge task, and I don't think any of us could be bothered to put much effort into our kites, even though we all wanted whatever was being offered as a reward.


The final nine head off to the reward challenge, all hoping that their kite will be the one to carry them to victory. Most of the group credit Ibrahim with having the best looking kite, whilst Ashley is mocked for having put little to no effort into hers, with most assuming it wont even get off the ground.


Challenge: Go Fly a Kite
Tribe members must fly a kite. First person to have their kite 300 feet from the ground wins reward.
Reward: A king-sized Snickers candy bar, and a day scuba dive trip at an exotic coral reef.
Winner: Ibrahim

Reward Challenge: Go Fly a Kite
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway Ibrahim Marquesas
Ashley MarquesasDaisy MarquesasDuana MarquesasJames MarquesasLotus MarquesasRyan MarquesasTish MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
Ashley, Daisy, Duana, James, Lotus, Ryan, Tish, William

The final nine return to camp, congratulating Ibrahim on his expected win as he enjoys his king sized candy bar. The group turn down his offer of sharing the reward, stating the he should enjoy the reward as he won it alone. Knowing that he will be out of camp for much of the following day, Ibrahim goes off on a walk with Ryan, wanting to fix their relationship before strategizing for the next tribal council.

I needed to speak with Ryan for almost the whole of today, but I can tell he's been feeling pretty down after I wasn't wholly honest with him last tribal council. I don't regret voting out Randy, because I think that how I've set this group up we'll be able to make our big move in a clean and effective fashion... and that is that at the next tribal council we'll be voting out one of the girls.


Quote1First of all I want to just say sorry for last tribal... it was just something I had to do for myself.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1I get it, I just wish you'd told me to change up my vote... Now I look like an ass and the girls wont even speak with me.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1I needed you to gain the trust of the Rotu guys, that way they'll be happy to vote with us next tribal...Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Next tribal?Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Now Randy is gone things are simpler, and we can get our five votes together to get rid of one of those girls from the game.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1What if the Rotu people aren't up for it?Quote2- Ryan
Quote1They will be. Don't worry. I mean its five against four, they cant pass up that chance.Quote2- Ibrahim

The two continue talking, hugging one another after agreeing to stick to their plan and side with the Rotu voters to oust one of the girls at the next tribal council. The pair mutter "final two", shaking each others hands before heading back to camp.

Ibrahim has proven me wrong. Last tribal he wasn't just climbing onto Lotus' lap, he was playing his own game and set this whole thing up so well that if others were aware of this he'd be the next one to go... He's much smarter than people give him credit for. All we need to do is make sure that William, James and Tish keep working with us, and that we vote Daisy out at the next tribal council.


Day 23

Ibrahim leaves camp early in order to take part in his sea diving reward, saying goodbye to William and Ryan on his way, the only two tribe members awake. Whilst on his reward, Ibrahim worries that being away from camp may hurt his chances in the game, but decides to take his mind off of things in order to enjoy the experience.

Whilst on the boat today I was worried that the others back at camp could maybe be banding together to target me as I wouldn't be around to defend myself. I need to just let the paranoia leave my mind and enjoy today for what it is... a once in a lifetime experience to really see the land and the water that's been around me for the last three weeks. Seeing the natural world so raw and beautiful... it just really gave me this feeling that I was seeing the works of our creator... that I had this closeness to Allah, or God... or whatever you want to call Him. It would've been great to share this experience with someone else, but it is what it is... Maybe I need to stop thinking this game should reward the many rather than the few.


Back at camp, the group try to adjust to a day of chores without Ibrahim at camp, all feeling somewhat awkward knowing how truly split the group is. William, Ryan and James sit by the fire, clearly wanting to speak about the prior tribal council events in which the three of them voted in the minority. They wait until the girls leave camp, all of whom head towards the waterfall in order to "pamper themselves".

Quote1You guys know I was still with you ... Ibrahim is still with us too.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Odd way of showing it. Your boy voted with them, now we're on our own.Quote2- James
Quote1You guys have to realize that Randy was just a plain old bully back on Maraamu. He treated Ib so badly that the guy had no other choice but to write his name down.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1You don't think we realized how odd Randy was? We lived with the guy for ten days.Quote2- James
Quote1I agree Randy was a loose cannon. I just wish things went differently last night.Quote2- William
It's devastating that this merge is quickly falling apart for my game. I thought that somehow everything I did up to this point would put me in a position where I could control how these votes would be going. I have a lot of people counting on me to bring this money back... and I just don't feel my current path is the one that's right. If we can pull Ibrahim or Duana back into the alliance we seem to be apart of then I'll have a bit more faith... but I know James no longer trusts anyone from Maraamu, so uniting our side feels less and less likely each day.


Quote1I've spoken with Ib last night, and he said he was down for voting Daisy at the next tribal council.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1He's three days late on that one...Quote2- James
Quote1I don't see what the problem is!? We've got five votes, they've got four.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1We could have six if Duana saw this logically and came back to us...Quote2- William
Quote1(sighs) These guys saved Duana... there's no way she'd even consider turning on them at this point. She's comfortable, I'm not. That's why I came to you guys and she didn't... Just get it in your heads because being stubborn is going to drag us all down... (he stands and walks off)Quote2- Ryan
William and James are doing my head in today. I feel like because I'm the youngest one here that I just get ignored whenever strategy is needed to be discussed. They both seem to think they don't need mine and Ibrahim's votes... and they can somehow get Duana back over with them and they'll be this powerful group. (sighs) ... I mean can they work out the numerical probability of the four of them somehow getting to the end with a plan that ridiculous?!


Quote1He's p***ing me off...Quote2- James
Quote1Does he not realize that we cant rely on him anymore? He had last night to prove to us we could do this... and we all left lookin' stupid.Quote2- William
Quote1The girls want him gone... saying he's a rat.Quote2- James
Quote1Better him than us... But maybe we just take up this offer... Get Daisy out the way, and sever Duana's ties with that group.Quote2- William

At the waterfall, the girls swim in their bathing suits, giving themselves the nearest thing to a "spa day" whilst on the Marquesas islands. Tish clearly looks uncomfortable, having not developed a strong relationship with any of the girls since the start of the game.

Quote1Whilst we're all here lets just do it... All girl final five!Quote2- Ashley
Quote1(laughs) Well it would be nice for a girl to finally win this thing...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Yeah, I'm tired of the boys taking the prizes at the end of these things...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Well we just have to get Tish to side with us and it'll all work out... (laughs)Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Uh, I mean... (pauses) ... Its just... Well I don't even know what is what with you girls. I mean Duana the boys thought you were with them, but you clearly aint... How can I side with people I cant even read.Quote2- Tish
Tish trying to call me out when the other girls were all just having a laugh and joking around was just low. I mean no one really took this girls thing seriously... but Tish could have used the opportunity to pull herself out of her position... and instead she basically said she wouldn't work with the girls because she cant trust me? Or something along those lines. Its on girl... (laughs)


After the mood at the waterfall turns stale, Tish grabs her things and heads back to camp, leaving the other four girls to swim alone.

Quote1Well that was uncomfortable...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1What the hell is her problem? Tish is honestly the most emotionally unstable person I've met in this game. Back on Rotu one day she would be your best friend, the next she acts like she don't even know your name...Quote2- Duana
Quote1Yeah, I don't get a warm vibe off her at all...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1No wonder she just hangs with the boys...Quote2- Ashley
The game has reached the stage where things quickly start turning personal, and we saw that today when Tish became quite aggravated by a small joke made between us girls. She took the opportunity to vent her frustration with Duana for being on our side of the vote... and understandably she feels betrayed by someone she thought was with them... but perhaps she needs to see this game as being one that is no officially individual, and to worry about saving herself rather than her whole alliance. The Rotu group is a sinking ship, and Tish just lost her chance to get safe passage off it.


Tish arrives back at camp, rolling her eyes to William and James as they catch her eye contact.

Quote1What's up with you? We were gonna come join you guys at the pool...Quote2- James
Quote1Dont bother. I swear they're just a bunch of mean girls or something.Quote2- Tish
Quote1What happened?Quote2- William
Quote1Making jokes about how they're going to be an all girl final five if I want to join them...Quote2- Tish
Quote1Oh great. Well William it was nice knowing you...Quote2- James
Quote1Nah for real, bunch of b****es. Duana is just such a joke in that group... follows them round like a lost puppy.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Give me a chance to speak with her later... I don't want to give up on her just yet.Quote2- William

Eventually the girls return from the waterfall, joining the tribe for their dinner. Ibrahim joins the group later that evening, having returned from his reward. He is welcomed by the group, who sit down to listen to his story as to what he got up to during the day.

Day 24

The final nine arrive at the immunity challenge area, all glancing over at Jeff as he welcomes them in. After taking individual immunity off of Lotus, Jeff informs the castaways that they will be taking part in a trivia challenge, in which they must answer questions on the Marquesas islands as well as survival. Each contestant that answers correctly may cut the rope holding up a bundle of coconuts, with each contestant having three ropes holding up their bundle. The last individual with a bundle wins individual immunity, evoking laughter from the final nine, who know the challenge will expose peoples true relationships.

Quote1I may as well sit down now Jeff...Quote2- Tish
Quote1(sarcastically) I may as well take immunity now Jeff...Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1(laughs)Quote2- Everyone

The first question is answered correctly by Ashley, Daisy, Lotus, William, Ibrahim and Ryan. The three girls unsurprisingly all cut one of James' ropes, taking him out of the challenge.

Quote1Ouch... (goes to sit on the bench)Quote2- James
Quote1James, first person out of this challenge.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Just a bit of revenge for last night there...Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Its ok, I'll get you back. (smiles)Quote2- James

William then goes up and cuts Lotus' rope, stating that he wants "someone else to win immunity". Keeping with the trend, both Ryan and Ibrahim go up and cut Lotus' rope, not wanting to annoy anyone else in the challenge. Lotus heads over to the bench, somewhat confused as to why Ibrahim would cut her rope. For the second question, Ryan, Tish, Daisy and William answer correctly, giving them each the chance to cut a rope. Daisy cuts Ryan's rope, causing him to roll his eyes. Working together, the other three all target Ashley, cutting all three of her ropes and sending her out of the challenge.

Quote1Why did you go for me... I'm not even getting these all right.Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Don't worry your friends will join you soon...Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Oh, Ryan growing some nuts out here...Quote2- Ashley

After the third question, Duana, Ibrahim, Ryan and William are given the chance to cut a rope. Ryan and William continue the trend of targeting the girls, cutting two of Daisy's ropes. Ibrahim then goes and cuts Tish's first rope, as Duana follows and does the same, leaving her with one rope remaining.

Quote1I say all on Ibrahim... y'all can see he's playing both sides in this cutting-fest.Quote2- Tish
Quote1Just trying to spread the love...Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Well lets spread some love in your direction.Quote2- Tish

After the fourth question, Tish, Duana and Ibrahim are the only three to get a question right. Tish follows through with her earlier comments, cutting the first of Ibrahim's three ropes. Duana responds by walking over and cutting Tish's final rope, sending her out of the game. Ibrahim goes and cuts William's first rope, trying to ensure that everyone has at least one rope out of the game. All five of the remaining contestants score on the fifth question, leading to a hesitant group, knowing that several of them may be cut out of the challenge.

Quote1Right... I'm gonna just go and get us all on a level. (he cuts Duana's rope)Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Everyone now with two ropes remaining, apart from Daisy... who only has one rope left.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Ryan follows his friends lead, cutting the next of Duana's three ropes, whilst William gets revenge for the previous round, cutting the second of Ibrahim's ropes. Duana goes and cuts the last rope, sending Ibrahim out of the challenge. Having managed to avoid getting a single blow against her, Daisy walks over and cuts the second of Ryan's ropes, trying to get him out of the challenge. The sixth question proves more difficult, with Duana and Daisy the only two to score from it. The girls agree to spare each other, cutting both William and Ryan's ropes. The final three in the challenge remain nervous, knowing they each have only one rope left. Duana is the only one to score in the seventh round, having to pick between eliminating Daisy or William.

Quote1(whispering) This should be interesting...Quote2- Tish
Quote1... Yeah.Quote2- James
Quote1Sorry William... (she walks over and cuts his rope)Quote2- Daisy
Quote1Wow... So much for early bonds. (he laughs, walking over to the bench)Quote2- William
Quote1Alright Duana and Daisy, you each have one rope remaining. How this'll work is the first one to answer a question right when the other answers wrong wins immunity, guaranteed spot in the final eight.Quote2- Jeff Probst

After two questions both answered correctly by both girls, the tenth question reveals itself to be the decider, as only Daisy answers the survival question correctly, giving her the final hit against Duana, earning herself individual immunity.
Challenge: Parang Swing
The castaways were asked a series of questions relating to both the Marquesas Islands and survival, topics which they should have learned quite a bit about at this point. Each person had a station with three ropes tied to three bundles of coconuts strung up in the trees. Every time someone answered a question correctly, they would be given the opportunity to chop down one bundle of coconuts of any Survivor's of their choosing. Once a Survivor's three ropes have all been cut, they would be out of the game. The last person to have any bundles of coconuts remaining would win Immunity.
Winner: Daisy

Immunity Challenge: Parang Swing
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Castaway Daisy Marquesas
Duana Marquesas
William Marquesas
Ryan Marquesas
Ibrahim Marquesas
Tish Marquesas
Ashley Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas
James Marquesas

The group return to camp, congratulating Daisy on her much needed win a the challenge. Several conversations quickly ensue, with people asking one another why they chose to cut their rope during the game. One of these conversations involves Lotus and Ibrahim, who go off to one side in order for Lotus to question her friend as to why he helped knock her out so quickly.

Quote1It honestly wasn't anything malicious... just thought that by not going for any particular group I'd be able to do little damage and sneak through.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Oh... right. Yeah, I thought that was the case but its just my paranoia started doing flips in my head.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1(laughs) Don't sweat it... I mean I thought it would work until Tish called me out.Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1Yeah, seems to be her forte... calling people out (laughs)Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Yeah, Ash told me about her supposed outburst at the rock pool. Is she the vote tonight?Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1I uh, I don't know. I'll be honest people are really mad at Ryan... and Daisy is annoyed with James for voting her too for some reason.Quote2- Lotus
Not winning todays challenge was definitely something that bothered me for a short while... but I suppose that its a compliment the others felt the need to target me first. Of all the girls I know I am the most threatening in some ways, especially because my connections are the most widespread in the group. After clearing things up with Ibrahim he asked me who was the vote for this next tribal council, and although it hasn't been fully discussed yet... I'd say it comes down to Ryan and James. It would definitely be easier to go for James given that he's shown himself to be a big player out here... and none of his friends are on our side... But, I know that people just don't trust Ryan anymore. Ryan is someone who could easily slide his way through, and do some damage... he's been underestimated for so long in this game that I think we should deal with him before he has a chance to really get going.


Quote1Well I cant vote Ryan...Quote2- Ibrahim
Quote1We've all got to make sacrifices though. I know he's your friend but you've got to look at how he played this last night... He turned on us first.Quote2- Lotus
Quote1(sighs) I'm gonna say it now that I'd rather we just vote James... But if y'all wanna vote Ryan then just let me know.Quote2- Ibrahim
Today at the challenge I slightly exposed myself as being someone who these past few days has played both sides, and that by doing so everyone slightly feels I could be voting their way. This will either bite me in the ass or prove to be the strongest move of the game so far... and I've known what I'm doing for some time... tonight I said I was turning on the girls, and the fact they want to vote for Ryan just tells me this is the right move. Daisy was my choice for who I wanted gone... but the fact she's immune saved her, and it left me with the only other realistic choice; voting out Lotus.


Ibrahim walks down the beach with Ryan, informing him that the girls are targeting him or James at the upcoming tribal council. Ryan says he isn't surprised, knowing that by flipping to the Rotu alliance he would be placing a target on his back. He asks Ibrahim who he wants to vote, and the pair agree that Lotus would be the smartest decision, feeling as though she is one of the two main leaders in the girls alliance.

There isn't any surprised feelings within me right now because I knew the girls would try and take out anyone that went after them. I'm so glad that Ibrahim is fully back on board with the plan... There IS surprise in that he's going after Lotus, who I thought was his closest friend. But I think Ib knows she screwed him before, and that now the game is individual he cant be worried about keeping their friendship safe. The only question mark is now whether or not the Rotu three can stop moping around, pull themselves together, and help us all take control of this game.


Back at camp, the girls alliance gather together, making sure to bring Duana with them despite William's attempts to get her alone. Whilst the girls go off, Ibrahim and Ryan return to camp, explaining to the Rotu group that they want to vote for Lotus at tribal council, feeling as though she's the biggest threat in their group. William, James and Tish remain somewhat apathetic in their responses, saying they just want to ensure they have a majority in the vote.

Ibrahim and Ryan tried to get us on side for the vote tonight, but I think the three of us just feel as though we're tired of people letting us down in this game. They both had their chance last tribal council to make a move, and they didn't come through for us. I'm not someone to really give out second chances like that... so we're not going to flip this game on their turns. If we can come up with something that takes one of the girls out, without needing Ibrahim or Ryan to do it... then we should go for it. Its all about making the moves and getting the credit... and those two lost their chances of credit the second they bottled the last vote.


Off by the waterfall, the girls start throwing names back and forth. Despite a general negative feeling towards Tish, the girls agree that taking out a boy would be their best bet, narrowing the names down to James and Ryan. Lotus lets the girls know that although Ibrahim would rather vote for James, he claimed that he would ultimately vote for Ryan if he needed to.

Us girls know that we're now being called out as the dominant force in this game, and that the boys plus Tish could easily swipe the rug from under us tonight and take control of the game. What we're counting on is that Lotus' relationship with Ibrahim is genuine enough to keep him apart of our group. From what we've seen the Rotu members aren't too fond of Ryan either after they failed to take me out last tribal... so rather than vote my fellow ambassador James... Ryan may be the safest decision tonight. The only good thing is I don't have to worry about seeing my name come up.


After managing to eventually get Duana on her own, William takes his old friend to one side, trying to confide in her to rekindle their broken friendship.

Quote1Of everyone you know I'm hurtin'... That like... I thought of everyone at this merge you were my one true friend, and we're not even together.Quote2- William
Quote1I know, believe me... I know. But you guys cant expect after ten days I wouldn't have made decisions for my own game. I wouldn't feel that safe just jumping over to your side and screwing over the girls who protected me when I nearly went home.Quote2- Duana
Quote1You don't think I'd protect you?Quote2- William
Quote1But I don't want anyone to protect me no more... I don't need no one protecting me when I'm in a group with these girls. William your best bet may be to just vote Ryan or James tonight... One of them is going to get votes from the girls.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Well... that's the thing. I'm not turning my back on the others to just end up the bottom of whatever group you're now in. That group is breaking, and I know Ibrahim and Ryan want Lotus gone tonight.Quote2- William
Losing trust in Ibrahim and Ryan has really spooked both James and Tish, and tonight they don't want to work with those two only to be disappointed again if for whatever reason they don't vote how they said. Personally, I think beggars cant be choosers and we need to just vote Lotus with them... I cant play it alone though, so I need to try and swing Duana to us once again... If the four of the ex-Rotu members can vote together, and the vote is as split as we think it'll be... then we can blindside someone from this game. The only viable option is to go for Ashley, who really doesn't have the same kind of bond with Duana that Lotus has.


Quote1The thing is we don't want to vote Lotus just because Ibrahim and Ryan want to improve their games... The three of us want to vote Ashley, separate that Daisy-Ashley duo... But we cant do it...Quote2- William
Quote1... Without my vote.Quote2- Duana
Quote1Exactly.Quote2- William
Quote1(sighs) ... But why? Why would I do it?Quote2- Duana
Quote1Because if you don't people are going to say you're just following those girls to the final four, where they'll cut you off without a second though. Ashley and Daisy will go to that final three... Daisy will take the money. I know they've been good to you... but you need to see this game isn't about repaying debts. If you keep repaying the girls for what they've done you should just hand them the money now... Or you keep playing and make moves down the line. But tonight is the last chance you and I have to keep ourselves in this thing.Quote2- William
These past few days have been the most unusual so far our here on the islands. The relationships we have are just so confusin' that I cant even tell you concretely what'll go down tonight. It feels like three groups are going to be trying to make a move, but only one of these can be successful... Ashley, Lotus, James, Ryan are all the names that I've heard... and I know I'll vote for one of them... But I cant just make moves for the sake of making them. Whatever happens tonight I don't think will weigh too much on the rest of this game, as relationships can be rebuilt... and of course relationships can be broken. Whoever you make happy tonight could be the person whose throat you cut in three days time.


The group head into tribal council, glancing over at the currently empty jury benches, which will soon be filled by its first member after the tribal council ends. Jeff asks the contestants how the first merged tribal council has changed the way the game is being played. William replies by claiming that they're all less trusting of one another, as many individuals broke their word at the vote. When asked who was accused of "breaking" any promises, Lotus states that Ibrahim, Ryan and Duana are the ones in question. Ryan responds by telling Jeff that he decided to turn on his old tribe mates, feeling as though they've been too controlling of the game, and that he simply tried to improve his own position. Ryan goes on to say that unless one of the girls are voted out, they will control the game "until the final four". Duana responds to this by stating that nothing will be certain after the vote, as the desires of the players change with each coming day, and that it could be "allies today, enemies tomorrow". Ashley commences the voting, heading up and confidently writing down her vote. As each member votes, the players look left and right, unsure as to which two groups will be let down once the votes are read. As Jeff collects the urn, William looks at Duana, trying to get an early read as to how she may have voted.

Quote1First vote... Lotus.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Second vote... Lotus. That's two votes Lotus.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Hmmmm...Quote2- Lotus
Quote1Third vote... Ryan.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fourth vote... Ryan. That's two votes Lotus, two votes Ryan.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Fifth vote... Ryan. That's three votes Ryan, two votes Lotus.Quote2- Jeff Probst

James, Tish and William all let out sighs of relief, feeling positive that even if the vote doesn't go their way, that the probability is that the three of them will be safe. Ryan straightens himself up, looking over at the girls, knowing that they're targeting him for his change of allegiance.

Quote1Sixth vote... Ashley.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Seventh vote... Ashley. Thats three votes Ryan, two votes Lotus, two votes Ashley.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1What? (shakes head)Quote2- Ashley
Quote1Eighth vote... Ashley. That's three votes Ashley, three votes Ryan, two votes Lotus. One vote left...Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Oh my God... Guys...Quote2- Ashley
Quote1(looks confused)Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Eighth person voted out of Survivor Marquesas and the first member of our jury...Quote2- Jeff Probst

Ashley and Ryan both look extremely nervous, as the others in the tribe eagerly look on trying to work out who is about to be blindsided from the game.

Quote1... Ryan. You'll need to bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1... Wow... (stands and looks at the ex-Rotu members) ... Guys, dumbest move in the HISTORY of this game. Ladies, congratulations... You all deserve this.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Oh my God... bye Ryan.Quote2- Lotus

William laughs in disbelief, placing his hands over his head as he comes to terms with Duana's decision to remain with the girls. Lotus looks over at Ibrahim and Duana, trying to work out which of the pair opted to switch their votes. The final eight grab their belongings and head back to camp, knowing that although the line has been drawn, that the vote can be turned on any of them in three days time.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Ryan Marquesas
Ryan (4 votes)
Ashley MarquesasDaisy MarquesasDuana MarquesasLotus Marquesas
Ashley, Daisy, Duana & Lotus
Ashley Marquesas
Ashley (3 votes)
James MarquesasTish MarquesasWilliam Marquesas
James, Tish & William
Lotus Marquesas
Lotus (2 votes)
Ibrahim MarquesasRyan Marquesas
Ibrahim & Ryan
Ryan Marquesas Eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Ryan, you tried to take the big boy role... This is what happens when we go against the norm.


You're a nice guy, and I'm sorry if you felt we weren't nice to you at any point. I know you know its just a game.


Sorry William but I cant do anything tonight. Too early. Keeping a low profile is what is best for me right now.


You're one of my best friends in this game, and you and I really could've gone all the way together. You turned on me first, and I hope you and I can go and get a coffee after all this is said and done.


(says nothing and simply shrugs as he places in the vote)


You're a cutie, but scarily dangerous.


One of the most dangerous people in the game, if you somehow don't go tonight then something went wrong. Something went horribly wrong.


Girl you have some funky attitude, and I'm not about to let you slide to the end just because no one will vote for your ass.


You make the least effort of everyone to try and talk to those outside your group, and I just hope that your lack of social game is what convinces others to turn on you tonight.


Final Words

Insane. Absolutely INSANE (laughs). As I said when I left... This will go down as the worst move ever made in this game. I don't know what the Rotu people were thinking, but they buried themselves tonight and handed the win to one of those four girls. I wont wish Ibrahim luck because voting Randy proved to cause a downward spiral for us all (laughs). The only positive I can take away is this game has really brought out my confidence, and I don't feel I'm the same socially awkward skinny guy who stepped onto that beach on Day 1.


Still In The Running

Ashley Marquesas
Daisy Marquesas
Hillary Marquesas Eliminated
Ibrahim Marquesas
Lotus Marquesas
Randy Marquesas Eliminated
Ryan Marquesas Eliminated
Troy Marquesas Eliminated
Alistair Marquesas Eliminated
Duana Marquesas
James Marquesas
Martin Marquesas Eliminated
Tish Marquesas
Ursula Marquesas Eliminated
William Marquesas
Yuzuki Marquesas Eliminated